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The Dying Breed’s Soul (The Soulstealer)

by Andrew Eyes

Pierce Hawken is the last of a dying breed. Dragonslayers have all but hunted the monstrous beasts to extinction. Tracking a huge, deadly beast through unforgiving terrain, he corners the dragon. And kills it. With the aid of an ancient and mysterious sword. But something entered into him when he killed the dragon. Something that will forever change him. For better, or worse. Because there is no stopping it. He will become the thing he hates most, and it will consume him.

Genre: Fantasy
Reading Time: 20 mins.

Rise of the Witch (The Witch Hunter Series: Book 1) Introductory Price

by G Stewart

What would happen if a supernatural being from mythology arrived in the modern world?

When Peggy Stuart learns she shares her name with a notorious witch from the witch trials of the late 1600s in Scotland, she feels a need to find out more information. Little did she know that her actions would lead to the Resurrection of the witch, who has lain dormant for over 300 years, waiting for the day she was released to once again unleash her powers on an unsuspecting world.

Finding that modern weapons are useless, and unable to control the witch, drastic action is considered by the government to try to stop her. Peggy and her partner, Matt Taylor, a historian at the local university and expert in mythology must work to try to discover the truth behind the witch’s execution in the 1600’s. Only then, can they find a way to stop her and avoid the catastrophic event being planned by the authorities.

Their investigation leads them to shocking discoveries about the past, and present, which will change the world as we know it, forever and thrust them into a new life where they must fight to preserve and protect.

*In response to feedback, this title has been completely revised, extended and re-edited to now be more than double the length of the first edition. Now over 43,000 words*

Book 1 of The Witch Hunter Series.

Also Available:

Book 2 – Rebirth of the Witch

Book 3 – The Demon Blade

Book 4 – A Kindred Friendship

Book 5 due soon

The Falcon’s Last Flight (The Great Epic Anthology of Thailand)

by Axel Alywen

Book Three: of The Great Epic Anthology of Thailand

The Falcon’s Last Flight begins with Phaulkon on the return to Ayudhya after successfully putting down both a native rebellion and convincing the French that taking Mergui by force would be both undesirable and impossible. Phaulkon was elated with the results but was tired and looking forward to a reduced workload and some time off. His wife Maria would shortly deliver their first child and Phaulkon was ready to enjoy his vast wealth and power.

Unknown to Phaulkon but during his short absence from the capital events in Ayudhya had taken a serious and potentially dangerous turn for the worse. The Jesuits withheld the lifesaving medicine from the King confident that his chosen successor would be more likely to convert Siam to the Catholic faith. The Kings declining health set off the predictable battle for his successor. Into this chaos enters General Petraja, a trusted friend of King Narai. Like many influential Thais the General resented the foreign influence the current King nurtured and were determined to return Siam to more traditional values, a time without foreigners in positions of power. The remaining French forces that might be able to help Phaulkon tip the balance of power are unfortunately led by an ineffectual general who is unable to decide which powerful faction to support.

Into this deadly whirlwind of deceit, betrayal, jealousy and hatred Phaulkon’s personal life was about to receive an unexpected shock in the form of visit from a long ago forgotten summer romance. His half way secret love-triangle with his wife Maria and his beloved Sunida was about to explode into a unruly foursome. How Maria his devout Catholic wife and Sunida his consort receive this unexpected newcomer could determine the fate of the legendary Falcon of Siam.

To get a better feel for the final book of The Great Epic Anthology of Thailand please scroll back up the page to the book cover of The Falcon’s Last Flight and click on the “LOOK INSIDE “ button. You will get a quick refresher on Asian geography and the significance of the strategic location of Siam within Asia, and why control of the Mergui Crossing is so vital. You will meet the main characters, and be able to read the whole first chapter. You will be in the hands of a master storyteller as he weaves real history, geography, and culture into an epic anthology of 3 books. The Falcon’s Last Flight may be the final book in the The Great Epic Anthology of Thailand but not to worry as you can start over again from the beginning with The Falcon of Siam and you will be able to continue following the exciting adventures of Phaulkon, Sunida, Maria and Ivatt as The Falcon Takes Wing.

A Quiet Place

by Kelly Fitzgerald

There are places time has forgotten, where old women still sweep their stoops, young women rock their children on porches, and little girls run scattering chickens in their wake. This is such a place, and it’s a good place to die, or perhaps to learn how to live again.


by Leonard Oprea

THE MAGUS and THE ERRANT KNIGHT is excerpted from The Truth, the second book of the Trilogy of Theophil Magus by Leonard Oprea.

“[It] is situated in the strange no man’s land where everyday life becomes truly magical. I consider these writings as splendid expressions of a unique vision of our fragmented but marvelously exciting world. Leonard Oprea’s style combines a discovery of hidden meanings of words with a fabulous sense of secret humor. His works received the highest praises from the most influential critics, who rightly compared his vision to works by Thomas Mann, Borges or Paulo Coelho.” – Vladimir TismÄ?neanu, American philosopher, author, essayist

Leonard Oprea is a Romanian novelist, poet, and essayist. In the late 1980s, he wrote two books of fiction that were banned by the Communist regime and gained him repute among dissidents. Following the 1989 Revolution, the books were published but did not attract significant notice during the political upheaval of the time. He left Romania for the United States in 1999, after which the pair of previously banned works was once again released, this time to acclaim from literary critics and public figures. In the 2000s, he wrote the fictional series Theophil Magus.

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