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Apple Cider Vinegar Handbook: Nature’s Remedy for Weight Loss, Detoxing, Allergies, Healthy Skin and Overall Health – Benefits, Uses, Recipes & More! (ACV is allowed on Paleo Diet & Raw Food Diet)

by Shae Harper


Lose Weight and Feel Great!

Apple Cider Vinegar is recommended as part of most health programs and diets in particular the Paleo Diet and Raw Food Diet.

Apple cider vinegar is nature’s remedy to weight loss, allergies, healthy skin, healthy hair and lots more! In this book I go in detail what apple cider vinegar is, the benefits, uses, recipes and many other wonderful facts about this amazing life giving vinegar. I highly recommend anyone wanting to improve their health to read this book and purchase a bottle of apple cider vinegar to keep in their kitchen pantry.

The topics that are covered in this book are:


Another one of my books that compliments this book is The 7 Day Detox Diet Plan Book, copy and paste the link in your search bar to read more about this complete detox plan for living your best life:

Defeat Cancer: 15 Doctors of Integrative & Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How

by 13 Cancer Doctors


If you traveled the world for appointments with fifteen cancer doctors, you would discover many of the cutting-edge treatments used to heal the body from cancer. You would also spend thousands of dollars on hotels, plane tickets, and medical appointment fees-not to mention the time that it would take to embark on such a journey.

Even if you had the time and money to travel, would the physicians have enough time to answer all of your questions? Would you even know which questions to ask?

In this long-awaited book, health care journalist Connie Strasheim has done all the work for you. She conducted intensive interviews with fifteen highly regarded doctors who specialize in cancer treatment, asking them thoughtful, important questions, and then spent months compiling their information into organized, user-friendly chapters that contain the core principles upon which they base their approach to healing cancer. The practitioners interviewed are medical, osteopathic and naturopathic doctors, trained in a variety of integrative approaches to cancer treatment.

All aspects of treatment are covered, from anti-neoplastic (anti-cancer) remedies and immune system support, to dietary and lifestyle choices that result in the best outcomes for patients. The book also offers unique insights into healing, such as the pros and cons of different treatments and how to intelligently use chemotherapy. It discusses patient and practitioner challenges to healing, factors that affect healing, treatment outcomes and how to effectively combine multiple medical strategies to obtain the best results. Finally, it offers helpful insights to the friends and families of those coping with cancer. Cancer treatment is complex and controversial, and this book puts the treatment information you need in the palm of your hand.

60 Doctors talk about the Cure and Prevention of Cancer

by Sal DiBella

·How to overcome the negative odds? There are millions of cancer survivors.
·Many cancer survivors tell there stories.
·Learn about effective non-toxic alternative cancer treatments.
·You will discover that there are doctors curing cancer In the USA.
·This book has the latest research on anticancer foods.
·A new MRI that can detect cancer anywhere in your body. But you can’t use it. So much for early detection.
·The importance in having an Alkaline Balance in the body.
·Alternative ways to detect cancer, without the traditional needle biopsy and Radiation ·x-rays.
·A wonder spice that has been shown to reverse cancer, arthritis, and inflammation.
·Supplements that are recommended to help prevent and/or cure cancer.
·Whole Body Hypothermia – Fever Therapy to cure cancer.
·Foods you should not eat if you have cancer.
·Doctors that are curing cancer.
·Why cancer cure rates are on the rise in Europe. And what treatments there taking.
·A wonder spice that has been shown to reverse cancer, arthritis, and inflammation.
·Listen to cancer survivors, hear what they took to cure there cancer.
·The proof marijuana cures cancer.
·How to reduce painful inflammation.
·Stop cancer cells from spreading.
·Learn about guided Imagery and how it helps you cure your cancer.
·You can not read the information in this book in a month. There are hours and hours of information.
60 Doctors talk about the Cure and Prevention of Cancer will provide you with the best alternative treatment information you can find for. Bladder cancer / Bone cancer / Brain / Breast cancer / Childhood brain cancer / Childhood leukemia / Colon cancer / Hodgkin’s lymphoma / leukemia / Liver cancer / lymphoma / Melanoma / Oral cancer / Ovarian cancer / Pancreatic cancer / Prostate / cancer / Skin cancer / Stomach cancer.
This book is for anyone who has cancer, or has a love one with cancer, should get this book and read it from cover to cover. The information talks about, food, supplements, nutritional and alternative treatment that work. And new test to find cancer. And much more.

How to Work Leather. Leather Working Techniques with Fun, Easy Projects.

by Matthew Jones

Learn everything you need to get started with leather craft in one afternoon – even if you are a beginner!

Leather working is a satisfying and fun hobby. With this quick-start guide you’ll discover how easy it is to make beautiful, creative gifts.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get started with leather working, or want to jump back into it, this book is a must.

Matt Jones takes you step-by-step through understanding the basics of leatherworking, to creating your first leather projects. The patterns are classic and hand drawn with details, including: leather bag, leather belt, leather purses and other timeless designs

How to De-clutter and Make Money Now: Turn Clutter Into Cash with The One-Minute Organizer (Decluttering Your Life)

by The One-Minute Organizer

***Another Bestseller from One of America’s Favorite Organizing Experts***

If you’ve got clutter, you’re richer than you think!

Within minutes of getting this book, you can start turning your clutter into cash. Learn how you can make hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the next few days, weeks or months – and enjoy a more decluttered home.

Learn what sells, where to sell it, and for how much…PLUS a whole lot more that may surprise you.

Written by a leading organizing expert, “How to Declutter and Make Money Now” is a simple, straightforward guide that’s jam-packed with practical advice, based on personal experiences.

Whether you need to make some quick cash – or just like the idea of getting paid to declutter – this book is for you.

Worm Composting – Woodworking Plans & Worm Bin Ideas for Use in Organic Gardening

by Jack Pollard

If you’re a new at using woodworking plans and who wants to know to make and build using woodworking plans then you’re about to discover how to get started right now!

In fact, if you want to know how to use woodworking plans to build nice looking worm bin, then this new Kindle Book – ” Worm Composting – Woodworking Plans & Worm Bin Ideas for Use in Organic Gardening”- gives you the answers to five important questions and challenges every First-time container gardener faces, including:

-How to make and build nice looking a Worm Bin Work Station
-You discover just how easy it is to make great looking wooden stacking worm bins
… And more!

So, if you’re serious about having a great looking worm bins made from wood under your patio or garden shed and you want to know all the steps to do it, then you need to grab a copy ” Worm Composting – Woodworking Plans & Worm Bin Ideas for Use in Organic Gardening”- right now, because wood working Expert, Jack Pollard, will reveal to you how every First-time wood worker, regardless of experience level, can succeed – Today!

Taking Flight

by Sarah Solmonson

For the next thirty minutes I was untouchable in my joy. The sky was clear, the sun already tempting me to spend another day at the beach. I had my best friend by my side and a boy who loved me. It was about this same time that you were inching down the runway, lifting off the ground for one of the hundreds of take-offs the FAA required your experimental aircraft to make before you could expand the distance you were permitted to fly. 

It was about this time that everything changed…

David Norton lived for two things: family and flying. With the help of his wife, Jan (self appointed parts manager) and teenage daughter, Sarah (lifelong co-pilot), David worked for six years building his very own airplane in his basement workshop. His dream became a reality in the spring of 2000 when N256DN took its first flight. 

Three months later, David was performing a routine take-off when a fluke change in wind brought his plane down. David was killed instantly. Jan and Sarah were thrown into a whirlwind of grief and depression that nearly destroyed the family David so dearly loved. 

I was unhealthy in every way a person could be, intensified by the fact that I kept pretending to be fine. Or doing my best to pretend, to fit into who I was before. I cared about nothing but went through the daily motions of school, homework, and hanging out with friends, as though these were still the most important parts of my life. I felt like I was outside of my own body most of the time, watching from the sidelines as Sarah smiled. 

Now a grown woman with a family and dreams of her own, Sarah looks back on the depression and darkness of teenage grief and the unthinkable transformation of her family following her father’s death. Taking Flight is a journey through loss, a story of love, and a lesson in following your dreams – no matter what the cost. 

Life is beautiful and brief – get your copy of Taking Flight today and find the inspiration to touch the skies of your dreams.

Home Organization For Stress Free Living: How To Organize Your Home One Day At A Time And Keep It That Way

by Little Pearl

Is Your Home STRESSING You Out?

Do You Feel Like Your Home Is A Mess But Don’t Know Where To Start? The answer you have been waiting for is right here! You deserve a beautiful, organized home and now you can finally have one!

This short practical guide gets right to the point — how to clean and organize your home, one room at a time, in a realistic and easy-to-do way.


  • Where To Start When Organizing Each Room Of Your House
  • Your Personal Organizational Style And How To Utilize It To Tackle Your Most Annoying Dilemmas
  • Creative Solutions To Your Organizational Nightmares
  • Go-To Lists For Help When Organizing The Toughest Rooms (like your entry and kitchen)
  • How To Keep Your Home Organized For Good!

Don’t waste your time sorting through page after page of other organization books that offer impractical suggestions — Perfection Is Not The Goal!

With the help of this book you will discover that keeping your home clean and organized doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, an organized home is the best way to keep your life stress-free and the time you spend with friends and family enjoyable and relaxing.

Buy Your Copy Today And Never Again Let Clutter Control Your Life!

Giving From the Heart: 57 Ways To Show Your Love

by Linda Johnson

Looking for the perfect way to show your love? Understand your loved one’s love style, and give the perfect gift every time!

Love styles are your preferred ways of giving and receiving love and affection.

Giving From the Heart: 57 Ways To Show Your Love helps you understand your love style and the love style of the people around you, and gives you concrete examples of gifts you can give based on love style.

Learn how to leverage the power of love styles to build and maintain stronger, mutually-satisfying relationships with partners, parents, children, and other important people in your life.

The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments: Defeat Lyme Disease with the Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine

by Bryan Rosner

New Lyme Disease treatments are desperately needed. This book provides them. The book identifies ten cutting-edge conventional and alternative treatments and gives practical guidance on integrating them into a comprehensive treatment plan that maximizes therapeutic benefit while minimizing side effects. On the pages of this book you will find the most accurate, current Lyme Disease information available. Discover the tools and resources to reclaim your health using the best of conventional and alternative medicine. Lyme Disease is one of the most stubborn, treatment resistant infections on earth. It is also spreading rapidly on all continents. Borrelia Burgdorferi – the elusive and dangerous Lyme Disease bacteria – can mimic many seemingly unrelated diseases, resulting in frequent misdiagnosis of the infection. Government health officials are beginning to recognize Lyme Disease for what it is: a growing threat to public health and safety. Statistics show that there are over 200,000 new Lyme Disease infections per year in the United States alone. Read this book to find out about the following breakthrough Lyme Disease treatments. Five Core Treatment Protocols: The Antibiotic Rotation Protocol, The Marshall Protocol, The Salt / Vitamin C Protocol, Detoxification, and Electromedicine (Rife Machine Therapy). Five Supportive Supplements: Systemic Enzymes, Mangosteen, Lithium Orotate, Coenzyme Q10, and Magnesium.


From James Schaller, M.D. — Remarkably broad and clearly written, this will be one of the top Lyme Disease books of the decade. Bryan Rosner is unusually gifted at explaining new emerging treatments. He thinks big and offers big solutions. –James Schaller, M.D., practicing physician and author of 16+ books

From Mary Brescia, R.N. — I am a registered nurse, wife, mother, and patient, and for 15 years I have suffered from three tick borne diseases. I have searched the world over on a quest for healing. Hope is a word Lyme sufferers soon learn is not part of their vocabulary. Bryan Rosner opens the door to hope and offers a roadmap to restored health. By turning the pages of this book, you will learn how to turn the course of suffering. A Lyme sufferer himself, Rosner has paved the way, thank God, for all of us. –Mary Brescia, R.N.

From Andrew Cutler, Ph.D. — In this helpful book, Bryan Rosner presents 10 new Lyme Disease treatments and enough discussion of the science behind them to put the information in context and make it useful. Whether you are under a doctor’s care or going it alone, this book will help you make good decisions so you can get better. –Andrew Cutler, Ph.D., author of Amalgam Illness –Diagnosis and Treatment

Crochet Receiving Blanket Pattern

by Michele Gaylor

This blanket is so simple to make! The color combinations are endless…… Or, I personally think they look great in solid colors. Perfect for making christening/baptismal blankets.

The finished blanket measures approximately 29 x 29. You need to know the basics of crochet to follow this pattern.

Materials required: H Hook and approximately 12oz of yarn.

The pattern is novice level.

How to Cure Bad Breath – a Step by Step Guide

by Jou Torras MD

Bad breath – whether chronic or temporary – cannot be effectively treated with “generic” bad breath products, such as mouthwashes, home-made rinses or herbal remedies. Most oral rinses available today – even 2nd or 3rd generation mouthwashes (otherwise known as oxidisers) – are in fact broad-spectrum antibiotics, that is, they do not target specific strains of bacteria and their effects typically last less than an hour. The same goes for home-made remedies, including hydrogen peroxide rinses, baking soda, tea tree oil, or any other natural or herbal “bad breath remedy”.

Because bad breath is often just a symptom of other conditions, infections or diseases that you may or may not be aware of (not necessarily serious), treating bad breath “directly” means you are only addressing a symptom, not the root causes of the problem. Furthermore, the causes of halitosis will be different for each bad breath sufferer, making each particular case unique, with different factors involved, and hence different strains of bacteria (or fungi) involved.

Bacterial imbalances are present for a reason. Determining the root causes of your bad breath, and hence indentifying your particular type of bad breath, is what will enable you to use specific methods, tools, treatments and remedies that will target the actual root causes of your bad breath problem.

“How to Cure Bad Breath – Step by Step Guide” is written by former chronic halitosis sufferer MD Jou Torras, who suffered from bad breath for over twelve years. The author will take you, step by step, through the process of identification of all the root causes (often multiple) of your bad breath problem, and provide you with the methods, tools and specific remedies or treatments that will target your particular type of bad breath.

This is an in-depth, practical self-instructional guide that contains all the information and advice you need to effectively cure your bad breath:

  • Proven strategies, techniques and little-known at-home treatments and remedies that will help you freshen your breath from day 1, whether your bad breath is chronic or temporary
  • Find out what type of bad breath you suffer from and the most likely factors that are contributing to your problem
  • Learn the only reliable methods to test for bad breath at any given time and find out the exact areas where those malodours are originating from
  • Discover the specific remedies you can use at home that will target your particular type of bad breath. Not “broad-spectrum” solutions but remedies that will work for you
  • Get access to the most up-to-date research, plus the invaluable experiences and advice of a former chronic bad breath sufferer who has now been bad breath free for over a year
  • Do popular bad breath products work at all? If so, for how long? Shocking research that proves what works, what doesn’t and why
  • Learn all the tricks you need to use to eliminate bad breath caused by: wisdom tooth infections, tonsil stones, URIs, sinus problems, post nasal drip, runny nose, allergies, gum disease, acid reflux, indigestion, diet… and many more!
  • Find out the precise prevention methods you can use at home to keep halitosis at bay once you have already cured it

Easy to follow instructions that will show you the exact steps you need to take to get rid of your bad breath once and for all.

Ultimately, dealing with the underlying causes of your halitosis is the only approach that has the potential to cure it permanently. You can continue covering up those nasty odours, or you can take action now to finally address your problem.

Farm Fun (Big Beak Books First Learners)

by Peter Lawson

All the noisy animals are hiding on the Farm. Young children will love to journey through this book to discover who is making each noise. This bright, colorful book with simple text is perfect for teaching toddlers and young children about farm animals and the noises they make.
Books in the same series: JUNGLE FUN.

101 Tips and Tricks for Home Organization and Clutter Reduction

by Imitari Books

Do you feel like sometimes your house or workspace is just always disorganized? That means it probably is. In 101 Tips and Tricks for Home Organization and Clutter Reduction, you will encounter the most brilliant and ingenious ideas for organizing the contents around you while reducing all that clutter.

What’s inside:

Part X: An Intro to Clutter, Organization and Cleanliness
Part 1, Tips 1-12: 12 Nifty Storage Ideas for Kitchens
Part 2, Tips 13-15: A Few Extra Tips to De-Clutter Your Kitchen
Part 3, Tips 16-30: 15 Uses for Binder Clips around the Home
Part 4, Tips 31-45: 15 Tips for Creative Organization in the Home Office Room
Part 5, Tips 46-95: 50 Quick Tricks for All Around the Home
Part 6, Tips 96-100: Five More Great Tips for Anywhere in the Home

Get on board now and use some of these incredibly unique ideas to clean up your house and organize things like never before. Start organizing today!

Knitting for Knitwits: The Quick and Easy Learn to Knit Guide (with six easy patterns) (Craft Instructables)

by Monica Van Zandt

Knitting is easier than you think! It can be an enjoyable hobby or can lead to a profitable side business. This knitting guide breaks the learning curve down into easy and manageable bite size portions.

What you can Expect to Learn:
– How to select the right yarn
– How to read knitting directions (abbreviations explained)
– How to properly “gauge” your work
– Differences between “knit” stitches and “purl” stitches
– Five essential “rules of thumb” when knitting
– Examples (with images) of the “garter stitch” “seed stitch” “stockinet stitch” and “rib stitch”
– Step-by-step instructions (with images) for getting started with knitting
– Six easy patterns to complete a project (shawls, scarves, etc..)

This learn to knit guide is intended to take the novice knitter from the first few steps all the way to the intermediate stage. With the knowledge gained from this guide, you should be able to go out and follow most patterns with ease. Learning is quick and easy and to the point.

Beef Recipes To Die For

by Heather Richardson

Following on from the best selling ‘Chicken Recipes To Die For”, the latest book in the Recipes To Die For series offers 28 delicious beef recipes including new twists on some of the traditional favorites. They are all tried and tested recipes and have been selected not only for their wonderful flavors, but also because they are quick and easy to make.

You will find the following recipes in “Beef Recipes To Die For:…..

Beef and Bean Burritos
Beef and Ginger Casserole
Beef and Guinness Casserole
Beef Goulash
Beef in Black Bean Sauce
Beef Ribs with Honey Sauce
Beef Schnitzels
Beef Souvlaki
Beef Stroganoff
Beef Tacos
Beef Teriyaki
Beef Wheels
Boeuf Bourguignon
Chilli Con Carne
Corned Beef in the Crockpot
Cornish Pasties
Cottage Pie
Lazy Days Lasagna
McMummy’s Burgers
Meatball Pizza
Mexican Tortilla Stack
Pot Roast
Rosemary and Lemon Roast Beef
Simply The Best Minced Beef Pie
Spicy Meatballs
Steak with Blue Cheese Sauce
Tex Mex Meatloaf
8 Delicious Marinades To Try

To start cooking these delicious dishes, scroll up and click on “Buy Now” to deliver almost instantly to your Kindle or other reading device.

A Landlord Mentor’s Guide Book to Rental House Investing: 5 CRITICAL lessons for rapid real estate investing success

by Lawrence D. McConnell

Are you ready to get started investing in real estate? Welcome to the first step on your road to success! Investing in rental properties can make you very wealthy, but before you dive in, you need to read this book.

You can read this quick book in just a few hours, but it can save you years of painful trial and error.

It contains critical information that you MUST understand before investing in today’s real estate market. The information in this book applies to you whether you intend to buy 3 houses or 300 houses.

Packed into this mini guide are 5 simple, but essential, lessons. These 5 lessons will form the foundation you need to begin building your own personal real estate empire.

I went bankrupt on my first attempt at investing in real estate. I learned a ton from it, but it was long and painful. The good news is that you can avoid it. In fact, I wrote this book so that you could quickly learn from my biggest mistakes and see rapid success. If you read and understand this guide you can avoid the potential nightmares that await unsuspecting beginning investors. By doing so, you can get straight to the business of making big money with rental real estate.

You Are Greater Than Your Stress

by Sri Vishwanath

You are more important than what a medical report has to say about you. There is power in your hands. It is high time you become aware of it and exercise it.

I know a little bit about stress. I had been admitted to the Intensive care unit of Pittsburgh three times when I was 26 years old. I have been told to keep an emergency stress drug in my front pocket for 24 hours. I had taken high dosage medication for more than 18 months. I have worked for long hours to meet project deadlines. I know where it hurts. I have been in stressful relationships for a long time. I have seen it all closely.. The pain, agony, the frustration and finally the victory..

In my second bestselling book “Shakti- The Greatest Secret to a Stress Free Life” I revealed my personal story and offered a sixty second proven solution for feeling great. I have received tons of testimonials to date of people who have significantly benefitted from that book. “You Are Greater Than Your Stress” takes it to the next level. I want to show you how you can regain your lost splendour, feel cheerful and develop a strong mental attitude that will help you overcome your present obstacles and pave the way for greatness to unfold in your lifeâ?¦

Everything will be ok in the end. If it is not ok it is not the end..

How To Make Soap: A No-Fluff Guide To Sustainable In-Home Soap Making

by Anna Greenwood

Let this book serve as a guide as you learn how to do something most people in the modern world either cannot do or would not do: Make soap. We will cover basics such as materials and safety considerations, move on to the fundamentals of soap making, then show you how you can customize your creations for affordable homemade luxury.

This book will introduce you to two methods of soap making: Making it from scratch, and an easy melt-and-pour method that can be done in a single afternoon.

Soap is something we use every day, yet we don’t pay too much attention to it. It’s so common that it tends to go unnoticed. But it is precisely because soap is a common, everyday item that homemade soap is so beneficial for anyone who seeks a self-sufficient lifestyle.

As with all Simple Self-Sufficiency titles, this book is written in an interesting and readable manner, without all the “fluff”. We aim to publish books in a way that will deliver to you all of the necessary information without going into an extreme amount of detail. We guarantee you will come out with expanded knowledge of the topic without you having to take days to read it. Enjoy!

Busy Machines (Big Beak Books First Learners)

by Peter Lawson

Busy Machines have lots of work to do, on the building site, at the farm and around the town. This book teaches toddlers and young children all about the Busy Machines and their drivers using bright colorful illustrations and simple clear text. At the end of the book there’s a mix and match quiz for the reader to test what they’ve learnt.

Water Garden Installation Secrets: How To Save Time, Money and Agony (Water Garden Masters Series)

by Richard Koogle

This is NOT a step-by-step guide to building or installing a water garden. Instead, Water Garden Installation Secrets is a unique book that reveals the important details those books don’t tell you.

How-To Guides give you the steps. This book helps you avoid problems, challenges, costly mistakes, even total disasters that are common if you lack the tips and advice revealed in this expert interview.

The author interviews Richard Koogle, one of America’s top professional water garden installers. Here’s what people are saying about Richard and his expertise:

“Not only is Richard a great guy, he really knows his stuff when it comes to water gardens. His presentations are full of useful information, and he can help you avoid all the downfalls and pitfalls of installing a water garden.”
Victor Barsky
President, Delaware Valley Water Garden Society
Haverford, PA

“Our members enjoy Richard’s expertise in locating, planning, constructing and landscaping a pond and his willingness to offer expert advice on any area of pond building. Richard is such a knowledgeable resource for water gardeners, he is now the most requested speaker for our group. Anyone who wants to save time and hassle with their water garden should listen to Richard’s tips and advice.”
Jean S. Eason
Secretary, Northern Iowa Association of Pond and Water Gardeners
Cedar Falls, Iowa


* Top 3 catastrophic mistakes pond owners make. Avoid hours of tedious labor, repairs, even total reconstruction

* How to create a kid-safe water garden and what you need to know to maintain peace of mind

* The one spot you should never install a pond (and why this danger zone is the first place most people install their water gardens). This one tip can easily prevent disaster.

* Above-ground Vs. In-ground Designs: What you must know before you begin

* The best and worst pre-formed ponds

* Pond Kits: Potential rip-offs and how to avoid them

* 6 easy ways to camouflage unsightly pond equipment to maintain your pond’s natural beauty

* The most common blunder made by “do-it-yourselfers” and 3 ways to avoid it

* The best way to line your pond to last 50 years

* How to avoid complications by choosing one of a few ideal pond shapes

* Pond Depth: how deep your pond should be and why

* The 24-hour ‘settling’ myth exposed

* Shade. When you need and when you don’t. Plus, simple ways to create shade without trees

* Hose and tubing secrets for hassle-free ponding

* Lightweight, super-strong liners that make installations a breeze

* The “strategic fold” – the simple way to minimize ugly wrinkles when you install your pond liner

* How to avoid costly rips and tears in your liner

* The Rock/Gravel-Bottom Controversy: the truth revealed in gruesome detail

* Electricity: Safety tips you need to know

* Plus, how to choose a qualified professional to do the work for you – without getting ripped off

* And much, much more

The installation is the birth of your water garden or koi pond. And unfortunately, it’s also where the biggest problems can arise. Richard’s interview will arm you with the information you need for a smooth, simple, hassle-free installation, whether you do it yourself or hire a pro.

Scroll up and click on the “Buy” button to deliver almost instantly to your Kindle or other reading device.

Administration and Accounting Guide for the Smaller Business

by Mervyn Mittel

The book is designed to empower and support enterpreneurs throughout their business lifetime.It provides guidance and planning business models and practical assisstance to run a business and in-depth support to develop the business and take it to the next level
The exiting features to be found in this guide include
*Understanding the break even concept
*Internal and accounting control procedures
*Procedures to prevent employee fraud

15 Sure Signs That You Are On The Right Path

by Michael Hetherington

There are two types of people in this world: The first type of person is a person who is walking their path, and because of this they are now inspiring others and helping others to find their path. The other type of person is a person who is lost, confused, and still looking for their path. Which one are you?

The path is unique to every individual in its form, yet it seems that many of the qualities of the path have similar characteristics. The 15 signs listed in this book aim to clarify the most common characteristics found on the path.

The purpose of this book is to help direct you towards your path or for those of you who have already discovered it, this book will surely give you a little extra kick of confidence so that you may continue to walk on it.

When we walk on our path of joy, all beings, including ourselves will benefit.

The Overachiever’s Simple Guide to a Sweeter Life

by A.O. Chiever

Do you know what the difference is between an overachiever and a corpse? What the former calls a résumé, the latter recognizes is an obituary.

An overachiever believes that if he or she only looks hard enough, seek diligently enough, reflects long enough, and, it goes without saying, suffers enough, that happiness and success will eventually come. This book is for the overachiever who has come to recognize the fallacy of this belief, and wonders, what now?

This book is about everything else there is in life, aside from awesomeness and achievement. This book is for the overachiever who knows some really awesome people, and exactly for that reason, doesn’t want to be them. This book is not going to tell you anything you don’t know. It is only going to tell you what you already know but haven’t yet heard. This book is not meant for the fearless daredevil, those unique individuals who don’t care if they die young or old, alone or among loved ones. This book is an investment book, not a how-to-gamble book. Glass of happiness, anyone?

How To Pleasure a Woman In Bed – A guide for the sexually inexperienced male – Buy It Now

by Zak Frost

If you’re a virgin or new to sex this book is for you. Seriously.

Picture your both in bed, the clothes are coming off, your heart is beating fast, you’re starting to get nervous and your muscles lock up. You think to yourself:

– What do I do next?
– Is she enjoying this?
– Will she ask me to stop if she found out I’ve never done this??

After reading “How to Pleasure a Woman In Bed” you WILL learn:

– How to fake being great at sex (even if you’ve never done it before!)
– The common mistakes we make that really turn her off
– Where the woman’s erogenous zones are
– Were to start
– How to initiate foreplay step by step
– Sexual Positions that you’ll both enjoy
– And the risks <~ boring but very important! If your a virgin or new at sex – Empower yourself and really boost your confidence with this book. Don’t deny your masculinity just because your inexperienced in bed – Be a man! Also, always remember “a woman that is pleasured will always come back for more”.
For other Kindle books by Zak Frost, search:

– How Can You To Tell If A Girl Likes You? – 73 Signs that a girl likes you

– How To Get a Six Pack in a Week – The real diet and workouts for six pack abs in just 7 days

How to Gain Weight and Build Muscle in only 90 days – Special Edition for Skinny People – Buy It Now

by Zak Frost

Are you looking to dramatically change your physic by putting on mass and building muscle?

Do you want to be the guy all the girls say “That guy has sexy arms” (â?¦I’m serious).

Well if you are, then this book is for you.

In “How to gain weight and build muscle in only 90 days” you’ll not only learn how to quickly put on mass but you’ll also learn:

– How to develop your own personal diet to build your body
– How to use supplements for your body type
– How to correctly develop your form to ensure maximum benefit and injury avoidance
– What compound exercises you should use that will build your body faster
– How to maximize your gym session with results (this is key!)
– How to you can gain weight in a healthy fashion

This ebook is simple, fun and easy to follow.

If your skinny and tired of the girls around you pointing to other guys and saying, “That guy has sexy arms” or “Wow, he is so hot”. Then buy this book now.

You could be that guy!

Do the 90 day step by step plan inside – it includes everything from nutrition, supplements and a training regiment suited for you.

You deserve the best and it gets no better than “How to gain weight and build muscle in only 90 days”

Growing Juicy Delicious Tomatoes (Rainforth Home and Garden’s Secrets and Solutions)

by Rees Cowden


About the Author

Awesome tomato grower Rees Cowden is:
University of California Horticulture graduate
University of Florida Horticulture advisory board member (past)
President of multi-million dollar Horticulture businesses
Top rated gardening blogger
Lifetime back-yard gardener
Tomato lover (well he clarifies in the book) â?º

One of several gardening books available from Rainforth Home and Garden by Rees Cowden

In his narrative style, Rees walks you through the entire process and tells you “the why” not just “the how”.

This step-by-step guide covers everything you will need to know. Among other things, Growing Juicy Delicious Tomatoes covers:

– Sun, soil and water.
– Common tomato growing problems
– The Best Varieties to select
– This book also has a very in-depth FAQ section
– And lots of Great Recipes too.

If you want to eat the very best tomato you’ve ever eaten, if you want to share these juicy delicious tomatoes with people you love, your friends, your neighbors, and maybe even your co-workers, then you need to learn the secrets known by only a few, dedicated tomato cultivators – secrets shared in this wonderful eBook.

Light Her Fire-How to Arouse Your Woman, How to Keep Her

by Madame X

Are you bombing out with your honey? Is she avoiding sex and you have no idea why?

Forget about all the advice from men. They think they know, but all they really know is what their women choose to tell them.


Learn from me. Learn from a woman what a woman wants. If she’s not happy, you might as well do it yourself. Want fireworks in your bedroom? Learn how to light her fire! If SHE won’t tell you, I will. Let me tell you what women Really want. Let me tell you about women.

READERS ADVISORY: Contains explicit language, photos & drawings.

Facebook Marketing That Doesn’t Suck (Vol.3 of the Punk Rock Marketing Collection)

by Michael Rogan

Facebook marketing may not save your business, but it can certainly be a fast, effective, and rather cheap way to reach new customers and turn those customers into lifelong die-hard fans.

But most small businesses royally screw up their Facebook marketing.

That’s because all the Facebook gurus talk about “engagement” and “being authentic.”

Unfortunately “engagement” doesn’t always lead to sales. And “being authentic” is about as vague as a presidential debate.

Making Facebook marketing work for your business requires a simple, but clear, series of steps.

And in Facebook Marketing That Doesn’t Suck I’ve tried to dispell so much of the bullcrap surrounding Facebook marketing and cut straight to what actually works.

You’lle learn:

Chapter 1: How to Create a FanPage That Doesn’t Suck

In this chapter, you’ll learn the three key things you have to do to make sure your Fan page gets seen, both on Facebook and in the search engines, and how to optimize your Fan Page so it outranks your competition.

Chapter 2: The Ultimate Facebook Fan Page Makeover

This is where you do a little bit of cosmetic surgery to your Fan page. (Without any trips to Rodeo Drive.) We share an easy way to make great-looking profile and cover photos that not only make you look like a high-end company but actully get you a ton of extra business.

Chapter 3: Facebook Apps (Where the Real Money Is)

Here’s where we share four strategies to make proper use of the app real estate on your Fan Page, and how to get your fans to find your other social media propertes easily, and also turn them into email subscribers and eventual customers.

Chapter 4: 7 Secrets to Facebook Engagement

We pull the cover off our in-house facebook engagement strategies and show when to post, what to post, how to get fans to share your posts…and our own weekly editorial Facebook fan page schedule.

Chapter 5: How to Get thousdands of fans (without even trying)

Okay, you gotta try a little. But this is where we share six techniques for finding and acquring new fans easily and quickly.

Chapter 6: Facebook Advertising for Fun and Profit

Facebook advertising is awesome. There’s no other word for it. It’s cheap, effective, and targeted. If you can do it right. In this chapter, we brek down all the forms of Facebook advertising, and show you the best practices for getting the most from your campaigns.

Chapter 7: Contests, Offers, and Events…Oh My!

Here’s where it all comes together. This is where we show you the Facebook marketing tips to turn those fans into customers literally overnight. We guide you through the super viral nature of contests and offers…and how you can use them for instant marketing gains.

So…whether you’re a wisened old Facebook marketing veteran or a total Facebook newbie, Facebook Marketing That Doesn’t Suck can help you cut through the crap…and find serious profits with the most popular social network in the world.

From Three a Day to Zero in Three Years: How I Dropped Diet Pop

by Nicholas J. Meyer

Whether you call it diet “soda” or pop, you can’t hide from the facts: It will wreck your health, as shocking new studies have shown.

So many of us are hopeless addicts, and as a former one myself, I get that. I also used to suffer cravings all day, but managed to overcome them in a way I honestly never thought possible.

In this part-memoir, part self-help book, I’ll share with you the five surprising mental tricks I learned to stamp out cravings for good, as well as the eight delicious natural alternatives that have squeezed diet soda pop out of my life for good, including one that tastes far better and actually helps to bust stress at the same time (it says right on the bottle!)

The clock is ticking. Your health can’t afford to wait. Scroll up and click the “Buy” button now before the price goes back up!

-Nicholas J. Meyer, author

A Zen Trading System: The Stock Market Experiments of A Trader-Philosopher

by Praveen Puri

Praveen Puri, a trading and financial veteran, developed a passion for simplicity, minimalism, and Eastern philosophy. He created a pure Zen trading system that does not use any news reports, indicators, or charts to distract from Now. Instead, it uses a simple calculation to surf in flow with the market.

Revenge of the Skinny Girl

by Tammi Tallyn

Written for every women who is endlessly dieting and getting nowhere. Get skinny and stay skinny with these 8 easy tips. They really work!! Take advice from the skinny girl on how to become one of the skinny girls! This unfiltered guide will get you there. Stay skinny for life!

5 Costliest Mistakes Broke Web Designers Make and How You Can Stop Making Them

by Gene Hammett

Gene Hammett’s ebook, The 5 Costliest Mistakes that Broke Web Designers Make (and how to stop making them), gives his proven and successful strategies for undoing the most common mistakes that professionals in the web design industry makeâ??that keep them broke and struggling. In this easy-to-read and highly motivational 20-page book, Hammett, an engineer turned online business entrepreneur, gives his simple and powerful strategies to turn these trouble areas into profit areas.

Every industry has particular pitfalls that business-owners have to overcome in order to start making money. This book is written just for YOUâ??talented, creative web designers, small digital agencies, and interactive agencies who are struggling financially and are ready to start making more profitsâ?¦ instead of more mistakes.

If you’re working 60+ hours a week just to keep bringing in the same level of business you wantâ?¦. If your bank account doesn’t see the growth you want (or sometimes even a positive balance)â?¦ this book will give you the tools you need to turn your business around.

At his company, Core Elevation, Inc., Hammett has worked with dozens of individuals and firms that make a living building websites. He’s heard it all and has watched web designers struggle as they make these common mistakes and begin to succeed as they implement his strategies. Watching this struggle over and over again compelled Hammett to create strategies specific to this very unique industry.

As he has given both freelancers and small website design firms these strategies to build their businesses, their results have been remarkable. One of Hammett’s clients increased their average website project size from $2900 to more than $9000 in just 90 days. Inside this short book you’ll find the same strategies that allowed this client to grow their business so dramatically in such a short amount of time. Strategies you can begin to use today.

In this ebook, you’ll also learn:
– 5 specific areas of focus that will shift your business from broke mode into “money-making mode”
– Specific steps toward increased revenue that you can start implementing right away
– How getting specific is your game-changer
– How web designers can create passive income
– One simple pricing tip that will change everything
– Basic practices for successful client-management
– And lots more!

Disrupting the Rabblement

by Niall Doherty

Think for yourself, face your fears, and live your dreams. All while pissing off the occasional zombie.

Disrupting the Rabblement is a collection of essays from Niall Doherty, self-employed world traveler and twice-weekly writer at Since 2011 this rabble-rousing Irishman has been on a mission to circumnavigate the globe without flying, working from his laptop as he passes through such countries as Romania, Iran and Nepal. He hopes to make it to Brazil in time for the 2014 World Cup.

The book aims to help readers break free of the status quo and live big, meaningful lives. Niall offers personal anecdotes, shares practical tips, and offers a ton of encouragement.

If you’ve ever felt stuck living a life you didn’t sign up for, Disrupting the Rabblement is sure to resonate. Whether you want to quit your 9-to-5 and travel the world or move back to your hometown and start a family, you’ll find comfort and inspiration in these pages. It’s not about living differently. It’s about discovering what you really want to get out of life and going after it full tilt.

“The world does not reward those who sit idly by. The spoils go to those few crazy heretics who dare to think for themselves. They dig deep and find the guts to chase their dreams. They abandon the safe, secure and ultimately forgettable route, opting instead to take that road less traveled, the one that’s a little more difficult and uncertain, but promises adventure and fulfillment.”

Photo Diet: How To Diet Using Your Smartphone – A Step-By-Step Guide

by Anthony Chapman

Photo Diet is an incredible new approach to dieting for you and your smartphone.

Photo Diet is not an ordinary “one-size-fits-all” diet. It’s tailor made for you. You follow a simple plan that shows you how to get the results you want. You take photos of every meal so you can track your diet. It’s easy and convenient. And it can help you get in the best shape of your life.

Keeping a photo diary works for three reasons. It helps you identify foods that work best for you. It helps you discover your ideal portion size. And it helps you monitor the variety and quality of the foods you eat. This book shows you exactly how to do it.

You’ll find Photo Diet is less time-consuming than a weekly slimming club. You’ll eat more healthily than with “fad diets”. And Photo Diet is far easier than counting calories and adding up numbers. It fits your life and the smartphone in your pocket.

10 years of diet research went into creating Photo Diet. The 28-day plan inside this book adapts to your needs, whatever food type you are. A serial dieter, a fitness fanatic, a TV addict, a sports lover or someone who just wants to lose weight.

This groundbreaking new book is for anyone who wants to achieve their weight loss or fitness goal. The plan is presented in a way that is easy to understand and follow. One quick photo at mealtimes is all it takes.

Reading this book has many more benefits too. Here are just a few:

  • Achieve incredible weight loss results using your smartphone
  • Improve your diet just by taking a photo of each meal
  • Get in shape for a big event, such as your wedding, holiday or birthday
  • Discover the foods that are kindest to your body
  • Reach your goal faster with expert nutritional tips
  • Learn how to combine the 3 food groups in every meal – and why it’s so important
  • Identify the foods that are to blame for your body’s weight, shape and lack of energy
  • Put delicious variety in your diet, with easy-to-prepare meal and snack recipes
  • Keep your plan on track with helpful checklists (special checklists for gym-goers included)
  • Get the knowledge and strength to make healthier food decisions
  • Keep your energy levels up – without using sugar-filled “energy drinks”
  • Beat after-meal problems like bloated stomach, gas, tiredness and hunger
  • And much, much more

P.S. If you don’t have a smartphone, using a digital camera or a tablet computer with a camera to take the photos would work just as well.

About the Author
The advent of the camera smartphone inspired personal trainer Anthony Chapman to offer his clients a new way to achieve their goals. Anthony’s 10 years of experience has given him unique insight into why people struggle to change their body shape: the weak link is always diet. After conducting in-depth research, Anthony developed the revolutionary Photo Diet plan. With Photo Diet, dieters keep a food photo diary which helps them modify their eating and reach their targets.

Anthony’s passion is helping all kinds of people achieve fitness and weight loss goals in a healthier, more effective way. He also owns a personal training gym in the UK, which featured in a TV documentary on bodybuilding champion Jodie Marsh.

Living on the Wild Side: Crisis Gardening and Survival Scavenging in the South

by Kimberly M. Hartfield

From basic gardening skills to building a log cabin, Kimberly Hartfield gives you a glance at living skills that may be needed in a crisis event, such as long term unemployment, natural disasters, war, etc. After living through Hurricane Katrina, and being virtually unemployed for several years, Kimberly believes it is necessary to be able to provide for our families, even when grocery stores are closed and access to needed items are not being provided by government intervention. Kimberly gives you a basic introduction to and overview of gardening skills, raising rabbits and chickens for meat and eggs, wild food and medicinal plant scavenging, what you might need in an emergency and even how to build an emergency shelter, or a log house if the need should arise. She has had to learn herself how to do many of these things, and would like to share with you what she has learned over the last few years. God has given her the knowledge to survive and as a Christian, she believes that God wants her to share that information with those who might need it at some point and doesn’t want to depend on the government to bail them out when that time comes.

How to Win Friends and Influence People with your Interdimensional Powers (Monster Exchange Program)

by Andi Bogard

Cleats has enjoyed his reign as king of the school – both on and off the football field. But when the new kid dethrones him, he has to take action. Maybe if Cleats can prove that Rod isn’t all he’s cracked up to be, he can reclaim his rightful place as king of the school yard.

Monster Exchange Program
Special Guest Author: Andi Bogard!

Short Story – 3700 words

This is a part of the Monster Exchange Program series. To read more, grab the complete series at one low dollar-saving price;

Born Sleeping. A mother’s diary of stillbirth, loss, love and healing.

by Anna Gray

A personal diary through losing my first baby, Amy. This book begins with the pregnancy, about losing my daughter and then the healing process that began as I fell pregnant with my son, Sam.
Written from the heart, I share my story to help any other women who experience the agonising loss of a child through stillbirth.

Crazy, Simple, Unusual Ways To Make Money From Home

by Grayson Thomas

Working a normal 9-5 job is a trap.
You know it, your boss knows it and unless you make a decision to find a way around it nothing will ever change. The company for which you work will continue to pay you just enough to “almost” pay all of your bills while paying you just over what anyone else will pay you so you can’t quit. Like I saidâ?¦it is a trap!

Several years ago I made the choice to change the way I lived my life. I decided that if I was ever going to get ahead in life I’d have to do something that nobody else was doing and do it good enough that I could make money doing it. I believed that by doing so I would be able to sever the bonds of entrapment of my 9-5 job and stop making money for my boss. Yes, I decided to strike out on my own and start my very own business. That decision was something that actually did change my life. It made me get off my butt and do something about my financial situation. It made me realize that working for myself although the dream of many millions of people wasn’t an easy thing to do. It required hours and hours of work each day with total dedication and effort. It meant being away from my family each day even when I was right there in my home with them. The end result however was worth all the blood sweat and tears as it allowed me the freedom to make my own choices in life and feel as though I had accomplished something that very few people could do. I made my own path, took the road less traveled and came out ahead.

You can do this too. In the next few pages I’m going to introduce you to what could be your own life-changing experience. Some of these jobs I’m sure you’ve heard of before. Many of them perhaps, though you have heard of them, you never gave much serious consideration. I can say to you right now that not considering the alternative jobs I’ll be sharing with you would be a mistake. The work I’ll introduce you to here is work that is needed, pays well and allows you the freedom you so desire in your life. So let’s get started and answer a few questions that must be answered before you strike out on your own path to financial freedom and independence.

If you would ask any of my friends they would tell you that I am quite unusual and sometimes even strange. They base their opinions on the fact that I believe that having a normal job is not only boring it can create sickness, depression and family problems. In truth I’d have to agree with them. In my most humble opinion however being this way is not a bad thing. I enjoy being a little left of center as it offers to me the opportunity to explore new things, learn new things and then to share them with anyone who will listen. I really don’t care if they agree with my views. All I ask is the chance to share with them what I’ve learned about life and how I believe it should be best lived.

Neck wrinkles treatment and prevention (Natural Treatments)

by Talya Paz

It is important to treat neck and decollete wrinkles since they can be quite disturbing and upsetting. Be it for men and women alike. This book was written to provide you with all the necessary information on how to take care for neck and décolleté area.

You will be provided with all the necessary tips on how to delay the appearnace of wrinkels, how to treat existing ones, treat loose neck muscles and how to make the skin look pretty, delicate and smooth.

This book will provide you with anatomical information on one of the first areas that our body disclose our age.

It is obvious that none of us wants to look their age and would rather look a number of years younger as well as to avoid getting early wrinkles! The book will explore the causes of premature ageing of the neck and décolleté area.

Through this book you will understand the structure and function of the neck as well as how to keep enviroment changes from causing damage to the neck.

You will also learn how to care for the neck by making simple and easy recipes using natural products that are easily available on the market.

We will also learn special exercises and acupressure points which will help in stimulating blood circulation and energy to the area as well as delay the appearance of wrinkles and strengthen weak muscles.

You will get information on a variety of treatments available in beauty salons and medical aesthetics.

How Can You To Tell If A Girl Likes You? – 73 Signs that a girl likes you – Special Edition

by Zak Frost

Are you looking to find out whether that one girl likes you? Or do you want to dramatically improve your skills with women?

Well if you are then this book is for you.

In “How Can You To Tell If A Girl Likes You?” you’ll discover:

– 73 â??key’ signs a woman is showing interest in you
– When you should escalate with her,
– When you should touch and get more physical
– When you should go for her number without rejection
– And ultimately when you should kiss her

It’s funny, when you don’t understand the girl’s feelings they always get upset with you! And when you don’t act on these signals she will think you’re not interested in her and push you into the friends zone.

Don’t let this happen!

With these signs you can broaden your skills and gauge your girls interest level.

So don’t let her get away because you couldn’t tell she wanted you.

Keep going through the material so you can internalize these signs and always be on your A-game.

You deserve the best and it gets no better than “How Can You To Tell If A Girl Likes You?”

The Barefoot Warrior: The Journey of a Young Adult in Search of His True Nature

by Kyle Weaver

To dream a lifeâ?¦
Or live a dream?

“This is the end of my life as I’ve known it. I can’t spend another day playing the sidekick in other people’s stories. I can’t keep trusting the advice or expectations of adults who lack the time and interest to see me for who I am and what I care about. I will not argue anymore about why my dreams are valid. Today, I step forward on my own path into the unknown without a backward thought. If I get crushed, so be it. At least I’ll know what it means to be the keeper of my own destiny.”

With these thoughts, 16 year-old Kyle Weaver breaks free from foster care and public education to set out on the path of his own greatness. What follows are the trials of a modern-day hero’s journey.

The Barefoot Warrior explores a universal human yearning for liberation and fulfillment that is shared by people young and old throughout the world. This book offers a fresh and youthful perspective on the social and educational problems that society faces today.

Herbs That Cure Stomach Problems

by Prayank

You have probably had a problem with your stomach that affected digestion or caused pain or discomfort in the abdomen at one time or another. Some causes of stomach disorders are known, but on a lot of occasions, there is no explanation. In the book, you will find brief details of herbs that can be used to cure stomach ailments – stomach ache, stomach upsets, stomach disorders, gastritis, intestinal worms, stool discharge etc. It also gives you an option to choose the herb that is easily available in your locality.

Wise Woman Collection – The No-Regrets Bucket List: Living the Life You Were Meant to Live

by Marion Elizabeth Witte

Who Do You Want to Be Before You Die?

When you mention a bucket list, many people think about the movie of the same name starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. The characters they play are critically ill, and as such they create a “to do” list of things to accomplish before they kick the bucket. The idea depicted in the film generated an interest in the public in preparing their own personal bucket list, including on them such items as activities to engage in or things to acquire during one’s lifetime.

The No-Regrets Bucket List suggests there is also a need to create a bucket list for living, one that establishes the criteria for who we want to be during our lifetime, and how we can live a more authentic and purpose-driven life. This tool can aid the preparer in creating a more meaningful life, as opposed to winding up with regrets for the life they actually lived.

This book provides a sampling of bucket list ideas, and it encourages the reader to develop their personal list. Whether one chooses to create a bucket list or not, the book is filled with common-sense, realistic and inspirational ideas for living a meaningful life.

Mother/Daughter Sex Advice

by Susie Bright

Welcome to the “girl-talk” you thought you’d *never* hear in public!

Susie (52) and Aretha Bright (19) are a Mother/Daughter team of columnists from, whose readers flooded them with explicit dilemmas about sexual pleasures and disasters, body issues, dating, relationships, and young marriage.

Chapters include:

— “Dumped After 4 Years… and Still a Virgin!”

— “Will I Ever Get Used To Anal Sex?”

— “I Have A Tendency To Throw Up Every Time My Boyfriend Comes In My Mouth”

— The Boy Who Didn’t Like Doggie

— “How Can I Get My Girlfriend to Shave Her Pubic Hair?”

— “I’m A Girl Who Comes Too Fast”

Is a Mother and Daughter sex advice column going to be an unending nightmare of T.M.I.? Can family members really talk about this stuff? Susie and Aretha had to open the envelope to find out. Each took turns with the same questions, and that’s when the eye-opening arguments began.

“Mother/Daughter Sex Advice” offers hilarious, thoughtful, and genuine insight from two generations who respect each other’s opinion “most of the time.”

If you want cutting-edge sex advice that goes beyond pregnancy-and-disease-controlâ?? if you’re ready to hear family conversations about sex that are real and refreshing (if not always agreeable!)â?? if you’re primed to move beyond “Our Bodies Ourselves,” this is the book for you.

How Diabetes Save My Life

by RS MacLeod

A book on how being diagnosed with Diabetes completely changed my life and probably saved me from dying young. All Author Royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the American Diabetes Association.

The Cha Cha Club Dating Man-ifesto

by Sophie Winters

You’re probably asking yourself: what is “cha cha”? Well, it’s a term that I invented for any woman who exudes sexiness and confidence inside and out. “The Cha Cha Club Dating Man-ifesto” is about getting more cha cha in your dating life. More than an advice book, it’s a call to action. There are 48 Guidelines in the book because – let’s face it – rules suck. In fact, the first rule of The Cha Cha Club is that there are no rules. All you need is a journal for the exercises. And some game.

Interspersed with witty and thoughtful quotes, the book touches on subjects like “Developing Your Douche-Ray Vision” and “How Men and Women Handle Breakups – a Facebook Conversation.” You’re guaranteed to be entertained and inspired.

The Cha Cha Club will also help if you:

– Want to enjoy dating more.
– Want to find a quality man.
– Need help with online dating, or dating in general.
– Want to feel more sexy and confident.
– Could use some tips in the flirting department.
– Could use some tips in the dating and relationships department.

In fact, you really ought to buy this book if you’re:

– Uncomfortable with being alone.
– Confused when it comes to men and dating.
– Thinking about breaking up with a guy and need some advice.
– Just broke up with your boyfriend and are having second thoughts.
– Have lost faith in yourself to make smart dating and relationship choices.
– Want to communicate in a way that your man will listen.
– Want to understand men better.

This delightfully personal book is for anyone who wants to have more cha cha in her life.

So what are you waiting for? Come join the Club and learn more about being sexy, fun, and fearless!

The Spark: Igniting the Passion, Mystery, and Romance in Your Marriage

by Laura Laffoon

Intimacy is essential to marriage, but many couples find achieving it to be easier said than done. Jay and Laura Laffoon unravel its mysteries in the humorous and down-to-earth style that has made their marriage conference one of the fastest growing in the country. Countering the popular misconception of intimacy as primarily a sexual issue, they explore five essential facets that need to be in balance for a healthy marriage. Their insights are practical, grounded in Scripture, and augmented by real-life stories drawn from a survey of more than 2,000 married people. Chapter-end discussion questions help readers identify immediate steps they can take to light a fire in their relationship and keep it burning. The Spark is both a fun read and an indispensable guide to strengthening any marriage.

Detention of the Bodysnatchers (Monster Exchange Program)

by Terri Bogard

Brett’s always had a hard time fitting in. And, wouldn’t you know it, the day he finally joins a club, the entire group gets detention.
Detention isn’t so bad though. It means he gets a few extra hours with the beautiful Beverly.
But the other students are acting weird! Will Brett be able to figure out their mysterious secret and make it out of detention alive?

Short Story – 6400 words

This is a part of the Monster Exchange Program series. To read more, grab the complete series at one low dollar-saving price;

From One Addict to Another

by Dann Aungst

From One Addict to Another is the brave retelling of one man’s experience with sexual addiction. The author, who feels called by God to share his personal story in order to help other sex addicts as well as strengthen his own recovery, describes a childhood of pain and loneliness that left him aching for wholeness; his awakening sexuality and the false promises of fulfillment it offered; and his descent into a life of lies and compulsive, out-of-control behavior that nearly destroyed his marriage and life. When the consequences of his altered reality begin to unfold, Aungst attempts to find help, if only to appease his loved ones as first. Then, guided by supportive friends and community, he encounters Jesus and begins the long and arduous climb out of this destructive way of life and toward true recovery. He begins healing and building a life centered around a relationship with Godâ??a life where he finally finds the love to fill the void in his soul. Includes concrete advice and tips for other men struggling with sex addiction from someone who has been there himself. This is a compelling story of pain and despair, hope and surrenderâ??a must-read for anyone dealing with the devastation of sexual addiction.

Through Jennifer’s Eyes

by J G Perrin

Are men really from Mars?
Are women really from Venus?
This book will show you why both sexes are actually from planet Earth, and all you need to know about relationships and sex.
A book packed with information to improve your already perfect relationship between you and your man.
This book is said to be so magical, that if it doesn’t teach you something new, doesn’t make you giggle and doesn’t shock or deliver a few home truths – The author will offer you your money back…

It’s a book like nothing you’ve ever read before.

How To Kill Cancer Cells

by Natalie Mitchell

Natalie Mitchell’s second book “How To Kill Cancer Cells” sets out clear guidelines for readers to create a bodily environment in which cancer cells cannot thrive. While the information itself is easy to understand, the Author’s clear message is that we, as individuals, can control our susceptibility to Cancer, eliminate Cancer cells and prevent and avoid the disease by controlling and neutralizing, rather than unwittingly nourishing, the body’s natural Cancer cells and their growth.

Natalie Mitchell is an international consulting Nutritionist specializing in cancer prevention and recovery for her clients. For over a decade she has counseled both the healthy and those with Cancer on how to achieve prevention as well as recovery through optimized daily nutrition and diet.

In “How To Kill Cancer Cells” Ms. Mitchell shares her extensive knowledge and understanding of the extraordinary power of diet and nutrition in preventing and neutralizing Cancer. Her book includes chapters of specific practical advice for those who wish to take an active and personal role in making sure they remain Cancer-free, backed up with frequent reference to research papers from both mainstream and alternative medical sources.

Supercharge Your Diet – Maximize Your Life (Healthy Lifestyles)

by Scott Wallace

Have you tried any of those fad diets?

Fad diets come and go. Sometimes there seems to be a new one debuting every month. The increased number of Americans dying from diseases reflects how diet can have an effect on cardiovascular disease and cancer. This is not a laughing matter. A super charged diet can mean the difference between life and death.

Whats in the book!

Fruits and Vegetables – What’s the Hype?
The Secrets of Nuts
Leafy Greens – Pros and Cons!
Oils and Vinegars – What’s Best for Me and Why?
The Dairy – The Good Dairy Products and Substitutes
Honey – What’s the Buzz?
Cereals and Whole Grains – Make the Right Choices
Fish – Not Just for the Brain
What are Legumes and Why are They Good for You?
Beef and Poultry – Red vs. White
Q and A

If you are ready to ‘Supercharge Your Diet’, eat right and live longer you have absolutely come to the right place! This book is a big, big step in the right direction. When you put these ideas into your daily life, you will be showing some smart sense and diet discipline.

Click on the buy button and you will be instantly supercharging your diet.

It’s a Sensational World (Touch Me … Please)

by Dr. Erica Goodstone

This is a sensational world. We experience all that the world has to offer through our five senses. When our senses are open and receptive we feel alive and connected to the source. When our senses are blocked or suppressed, we become more narrowly focused and our sense of wonder and joy is dulled. This book invites you to explore the world anew with each of your senses so that you can rediscover the absolute wonder of being alive in this body at this time.

Coaching for daily Miracles

by Raimon Samsó

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Free war Kindle books for 30 Jun 13

The Polar Track

by Kim Kinrade

The dream of every Alaskan, since the large state was bought from Russia in 1867, is a rail link to the continental U.S. through Canada. As the new millennium unfolds the project finally becomes a reality. However, it is no ordinary railway but a magnetic-levitation conveyance allowing the train to travel the 5000 kilometers from Fairbanks to Seattle at speeds of over 500kph. Linked with this viaduct is a pipeline for a commodity which “the lower 48,” especially those states in the southwest, will need in critical amounts: water. Ice melt from three large glaciers is to be shipped in large pipes suspended under the viaduct along with those carrying oil and natural gas from the Arctic tundra.

In Georgia Strait off Vancouver Island, a music teacher’s family is killed in a collision with a fast-ferry owned by the same company that is building the transcontinental mag-lev line. In his hunt to find out the truth, and haunted by his perceived inaction during the deaths of his family members, Greg Majewski finds an unlikely ally in a former Canadian army sniper, Bill Whittle, who has been decorated for his prowess against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Persecuted by the large company during their search for answers the duo threatens to turn the new line into a 5000 kilometer inferno. This ignites an international manhunt spearheaded by Special Forces teams from two countries.

The Pay Inquiry

by Warren Jason Street

Sergeant First Class Dustin Holmes is days away from retiring after 22 years in the United States Army. He is a Green Beret, stationed in Germany, and the only thing standing between him and retirement is the fact that his Army pay is severely messed up. This is the story of how he solved that problem, and a few others along the way.

The Pay Inquiry is a novella of 24,000 words and is available on the Kindle in a DRM free format.

The Millennium Man

by Kim Kinrade

Indicted for murder in one of the worst crimes against the Northwest Mounted Police in their storied history 16 year-old Harley Melanson escapes to join the Canadian army, which is heading off to fight in the mud of Flanders during World War I. Behind him is Robert DeWolfe, an inspector with the newly-formed Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who is one step behind him in, what eventually turns out to be, an 84 year chase.

While eluding the police inspector, Melanson becomes a fighter pilot, flying in four conflicts and meeting heroes and villains along the way such as Billy Bishop, Will Barker, Hermann Göring, Sir Arthur Currie, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, German flying ace, Adolph Galland, Ernest Hemingway and Winston Churchill.

Now masquerading as Brian Shelby, a 99 year-old Halifax multi-millionaire whose fortune was made in the aviation field, Harley is visited by members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Justice Department who mean to find out if the Order of Canada recipient is really a war hero, or a fugitive “cop-killer.”

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 30 Jun 13

Two Mississippi (One Mississippi)

by Howard Littleson

One Mississippi Series – Book Two
. . .It only takes one second of time
to change your life forever. . .

In this, the continuing saga of Kathryn Nash, the story picks up where book one left off. With uncertainty about her unborn baby, an abusive dead husband who refuses to stay dead, and a past that keeps turning her future on a dime, Kathryn flees to the Barbary Coast in search of a place to hide from it all. She quickly discovers that there is no place to hide when fate pulls you back to the people and places that are woven into the fabric of your destiny.

Two Mississippi is a fast paced book of historical fiction that captures the struggles of Americans at the height of the Great Depression, the racial conflict wrapped within the labor movement of the day, and the effect that blatant racism, plentiful guns, and the end of prohibition had on Kathryn’s life and on the places she traveled.

Lost in Depravity

by Frederick Arrow

Ingrid is trapped in her own personal hell. Not only has her entire family been brutally murdered by a gang of outlaws, but she is also accused of the crime. An immigrant Swede, all alone in an unknown land, Ingrid clings desperately to the only person looking out for her.

Mary is that person. Vile and sadistic, she is evil incarnate. Knowing Ingrid is dependent on her, Mary has forced her into a life of crime.

Young and fashionable Bostonian Annabel has lived a privileged life until the day she is forced to raise a gun against her abusive fiancé. Nowadays she is a skilled con woman, seducing wealthy bachelors to maintain her high standard of living.

Despite coming from different worlds, the three women bond to elude the law in a violent time and place where only the strong survive. Until a man comes between them.

Caleb (A Historical Novel)

by Charles Alverson

Educated as a companion to a rich white boy in Boston and promised freedom, Caleb was instead sold down South into the hard life of a field slave. Bought by a new master after five years, he uses his brains to jump from the cotton fields to a soft job and gain the trust of his master, but will settle for nothing less than freedom. As the Civil War threatens, he uses his fists to fight his way out of slavery. After a perilous trip north, he joins the Union army and sets off on the adventure that will bring him face to face with his former master on the field of battle.

Caleb is an 80,000 word/300 page historical novel that chronicles one man’s fight against adversity, daring to succeed in the face of insurmountable odds and terrible hardship.


Charles Alverson’s writing career has spanned over five decades. Originally from Los Angeles, Alverson served as an Army Paratrooper before receiving his M.A. in Journalism from Columbia University. He has written for numerous publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, and HELP! Magazine. Alverson has written ten novels, two children’s books, several non-fiction works, survived a few helter-skelter sojourns through LA on the back of Hunter S. Thompson’s motorcycle, and helped co-write the screenplays for Terry Gilliam’s cult films Jabberwocky and Brazil. Alverson currently lives in Serbia, where he has resided with his wife since 1994. For information, discounts, and promotions regarding his upcoming books and other titles, please visit 

In the Land of Cotton

by Maryann Austin

The story of a young girl who assumes her dead brother’s identity and fights in the American Civil War. On the way, she encounters bloodshed, injustice, humanity, and passion. Follow the journey through the beautiful and dangerous Shenandoah Valley during the war between the Blue and the Gray.

A Bolt From The Blue-The Halifax Explosion

by Robert James Bridge

Historical Fiction.
Un boulon’a partir du bleu I’ explosion de Halifax.
Whilst writing my book about the tragedy in 1917 when two ammuntion ships collided in the harbour of Halifax and Dartmouth ,Nove Scotia Canada,it dawned on me the their might be living relatives ,or maybe survivors of that terrible cold day in December 1917.For this I apologise and insist all of the characters in my book are indeed fiction.The story tells of one boys heroic deeds after loosing all of his family in the tragedy.John Smithers was to become a household name the each and every Canadian would remember.Each and every year at 9am on 6th December the bells ring out in Halifax in memory of those who died during the tragedy.John was infact not the only one to loose all of his family since 2,OOO lives were lost and many thousands injured by flying glass and other debris.A Tragedy no less than the sinking of the Titanic some years earlier.

For all the Wrong Reasons.

by T. J. Edison

This is not a romance; this is a simple story about love, how it held people together, gave them hope for a better future in a time of want, of war, of separation and sometimes, despair.

In New York, in 1929, American-born Eva van de Leyhn, falls in love and marries a German Engineer, Wolfgang von Berging, and journeys with him to his home in Dresden. At the outbreak of war, she refuses to leave her husband and remains in the family home.
Her husband goes off to war, and she leaves Dresden after the night of the 1945 bombing and joins her in-laws at their new home in Bayern.
One misty morning, whilst riding in the local forest, she stumbles on a terrible secret.

Have you ever asked yourself why countries go to war?
The answer is obvious.
For all the wrong reasons, that’s why.
But then again, are there any right reasons?

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Free world literature Kindle books for 30 Jun 13

The Ohanzee (Strange Creatures)

by A. J. Rasmussen

While searching for arrowheads with his friend Mason, Jake unwittingly trespasses on a Native American burial site, unleashing and angering the dangerous spirit, Ohanzee. Capable of changing info liquid form, there is no place Ohanzee can’t go. Can Jake escape the Ohanzee’s wrath?

Silvermoon. The Tale of a Young Werewolf.

by T. J. Edison

Jason Longfellow had just met the prettiest girl he had ever seen, but what he didn’t know, was that meeting her would change his whole life, in fact, turn the world, as he knew it, upside down.
But then again, there were many things that Jason didn’t know.

One night, his wife-to-be turns up at his window in the middle of a harsh winter and the thrilling tale of a young Werewolf and his friends begins as they set out on a journey through the icy wastes of the Welsh mountains.
An expedition fraught with danger as they are confronted with lies and deception, finding their true worth as comrades when faced with an overwhelming enemy horde.

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Free poetry Kindle books for 30 Jun 13

Morning Mist

by V Bright Saigal

A Few Exclusive Selected Poems. They are inspiring and fascinating. Tempting and exciting.
The deep feeling of heart that yearns to meet its partner. Feeling showering from the sky of desire and dreams.

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Walking the Spiral (Poems)

by Josh Hilden

A collection of diverse poems by Author Josh Hilden. Presented in chronological order spanning the years 2008 till 2012.

Ghost Songs

by William Pettit

Ghost Songs by William Pettit is a collection of evocative yet fleeting poems on the failure and promise of language, love, and faith. They are seasonal meditations on the landscape and on joy and grief. They falter and hesitate, they object and accept. In moment and in verse, the poems of William Pettit are intimate and immediate. The reader falls into a desperate grasp at what’s just passed, putting him or her precisely in the poet’s predicament. And what has just passed? Love is let go, there’s regret, some wind, some storm. The poems are just a witness.

Enter the After-Garde Selections from 1998-2010

by Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia

Poetry Collection

Letters To My Father

by Dawn Aurore

Book of inspirational, spiritual poems

Some Common Weaknesses Illustrated

by Carson Cistulli

The poems in Some Common Weakness Illustrated are like a series of unexpected meditations on overlooked parts of life.

Carson Cistulli’s poems shed light on his peculiar condition of feeling that he is trapped inside of a poem while being addicted to sports–basketball and baseball in particular. In these poems language seems to replace meaning, while feeding our collective appetite for truth touched by absurdity.

Yale Series Poetry Award Winner, Loren Goodman writes: Carson Cistulli’s book of poems is like the rabbit that pulls the magician into his hat. It is like an enormous handkerchief spewing out colorful severed hands. It is like the woman who uses her naked body to cut saws in half.

Haiku Headmusic

by Harlow Clark

Crack open this book and prepare to read some of the strangest haiku poems you’ve ever seen.

Some are deep and serious. Other are lighthearted and fun. Others still are just plain weird. Listen for the story each little three line poem has to tell. A lot of livelihood can fit in seventeen syllables.

Tapestry-of-poetry Reforming

by Jesse Maclure

A stand alone part of: From Reforming To Reformed

If you like To-work with music and you know how To-read with sound of your, choosing
then you might like to listen to yourself read this little piece of, writing
it does not take a lot of time but the message here is all-about, living
with what kind-of music is already available with, thought

I saw a lot of things to do,
but this-time there is mainly one-idea for you,
along-with other-people that I will, try, to, include.
There are many different activities that we should improve
for Eachother,
but please try to spend some time developing
a single, solo, solitary,
art like this.

If you are out of phase from understanding,
then someone-else can step between to be heard,
so you can speak,
but what do you have To-say?
They opened a
the only thing left
is what oi am working-on.
If they do not step out-of-the-way,
then there must be no other place To-go,
as I try To-flip a wrong to the right.
A brilliant broadcast means if I mess-up
no oi
it might not matter
with a lot of people working-on
and that kind-of KO
is OK with me.
If you are still talking,
then that must be the reason
for me to continue going-on like this,
since why else would I have started?
Sometimes the heroes have to be volunteered To-sit in the backseat,
yet just because you do not want to leave anyone behind…
the attempt is no-excuse To-put a Red-light-behavior up-front or in-charge.

A cartoon skull can be known as a skoo
If you do not make yourself known, then that is your-own fault
I know I have tried
so if you are forgotten, then you might have To-go back to skoo
if you have too-many individual quitters nearby that is not my fault either
trying to turn-their-backs-on God
who does not want an A anyway?
wrong focus of interest due to an administrative interest.

If something does not sound right, then try to think of flash-cards with prefixes and suffixes, or mixed-up words that might have had poor spelling to sound right for me.
…because there is a little bit of word art that I tried to mix in just-right in-order To-go and tell.

As you sift through the crowd
you will find the signs
To-organize your-function;
that is how you work.
If you are on-your-own
then you are not alone
academic preference
is a method to convert
the value of thoughts.
When it is time to converge
function along-with effort
similarities noticed and unrecognized
will appear from another genuine effort;
that is when you can interpret the value of bonds.
A good thing to ask is: How does it apply?
if there is more-ways-than-one,
then it might be a bond.
If communication gets to complicated,
you might be segregated,
so if you are left wondering: Where is the catch?
then effort sounds-like a link to separate with the snap of a reverse-flick.
If you did not zoom-out to a broad topic
there should be more boundaries anyways;
elbow links are good ways for bouncing information
to Personal-family-colleagues or Fond-people
and that broadcast should not hurt to simulate.

Good eye,
but not that good,
is looking at the wrong die..mention
targeting people cannot reach a holy-disaster.

Compensating for an excess or lack is a shared-bond with God.
Use appropriately what you need. Here is a good-one related to what I like to think about: Hey, your who is untied. Get it? No-ties, biologic. But then again who is counting? I am just trying to get you to slow-down sometimes, from too-fast or too-efficient.

Along-with these short written songs are some ideas about experiences. Decisions and capacity really do effect each day. If people do not want To-work with you then focus on: How do we work?

What is there To-talk-about?
work and function

©2012 Jesse Grant Maclure

Poetry: to live within

by Nicola Byrne

A small collection of poems inspired by love, suffering and the world around us. Live within the the world of poetry.

On the Brink letters to the Madness+poems & pictures. Vol 2 (Rantings & Ravings)

by Emily Sturgill

This is the second part of a two part series called, “Rantings & Ravings.” It features both artwork and poems of an artist who struggles with the high and lows of manic depression. The work here spans a course of years, and is the conclusion to the series.

For The Love Of Sara

by David Bowen

Love starts with taking a chance. It is worth it. Be open to it, be flexible to what happens – free your heart and your desires. There are people in the world who want to hear what you think and will love what you are – no matter who you are. The poems within this book are my connection. I hope you enjoy them.

IMPRESSIONS-poems of love, life and nature.

by Surendra Sahu

The volume has poems of love, life and nature.

Poems about various things including love

by Mr Foreign Warren

Sometimes you just feel like everything is against you. These poems detail specific feelings, at certain points in time, over the past 7 years of my life.

There are 45 poems in total. Some short, some long. 1 even has a little illustration to go with it.

Some seem adolescent now, quite raw. That’s the beauty of them though.

I hope you enjoy at least 1 of my poems. Not all of them will be to your taste at first. But give them another read, they might just grow on you.

Written from the heart, soul and mind by Mr Foreign Warren.

The Muse’s Psychedelic Kiss – Selected Poems 1992-2012

by Robert Hrdina

ROBERT HRDINA was born and bred in Germany. He read English at Regensburg University and at Trinity College/Dublin. Since the early 1990s his poems have appeared in literary magazines, journals and anthologies worldwide. Most notably: (UK) orbis 100 (100 Major Modern Poets), (USA) Verse, (AUS) New England Review. Robert was included in the 2011 Best Overseas Small Press Poet of the Year list (courtesy of Geoff Stevens, editor of Purple Patch). Following his year in Trinity, he received a letter from Brendan Kennelly, encouraging him to carry on writing poetry. Robert is also the author of the Harry Miller Trevis stories – featuring a poetry-loving professional killer. Two of these short story collections have appeared online (KDP): Tales from the Rocky Road [ASIN: B00AL0BPVW] and A Long Way Home [ASIN: B00AQ5D8ZI]. The poems reflect his Irish adventures, encounters whilst travelling acrosss the British Isles, painful loss and blissful love as well as memories of his army days. Currently, Robert ekes out a modest existence as a faculty secretary at Regensburg University. To make ends meet he does a bit of freelancing as Personal English Trainer.

Lost Soul

by Bikram Gill

A collection of poems on the mystery of life and experience of living.

The Genius of Being: A Collection of Poems by Michelle Ende’

by Michelle Ende’

This is a collection of poems covering the years 1974 through 2009. It is a comprehensive collection of poems by Michelle Ende’ and starts with the most recent poems, ending with the oldest works. The poems are observations of life and love, loneliness and query. Best compared to the works of the poet E.E. Cummings and Robert Frost, Ms. Ende’s works are both abstract and beautiful in the turn of verse and her rich use of vocabulary as the art of word crafting.

Herbs-over-Bitches (@HoBs (Hug Life))

by Nathaniel (HoBs) Jenkins

Just read it.


by b b

Hi readers,

This book has poems that will inspire you and will fill you with positive thoughts. This book is equally good for children and adults. Please do write reviews, once you have read it.


Sun Dance (The Dance)

by Ruth Calder Murphy

Sun Dance is the second book in the series of Ruth Calder Murphy’s collected poetry. As it was in the first book, Ghost Dance, the poetry in Sun Dance is arranged in chronological order.

Life and Death, Sunbeams and Storms and everything that lies between… Join the dance and share the journey.

Visions In Aye’s Heart

by Andrea Erskine

Visions In Aye’s Heart is a book of poetry that reflects spiritual beliefs & political views. Anytime we discuss politics and spirituality it can easily become controversial. I don’t care much for religion or politics. If you ask me I will quickly tell you that I think it’s all mostly lies & bullshit.

That is not to say that I don’t have a relationship with God. I just don’t allow man to define my relationship with the Divine. I have always been aware of a Divine presence in my life. Endowed with the knowledge from my earliest memory that I did not walk alone, and that as hard as life may have appeared to be, I would never be asked to bare a burden that was too large for me. There was other knowledge that I was aware of but could not get confirmation of this knowledge from this physical world that I resided in. So I have always maintained a very close and personal relationship with The Divine, weather studying one of the many religions on Earth or if I had thrown my hands up in frustration and walked away for a time. I always knew I could depend on the Divine.

Whenever I have called on the name of Jesus in a seemingly impossible worldly situation He has on my behalf performed miracles instantaneously!

I Am not Anti God

I Am Anti Religion

I Am Pro Sceince

I believe that God is the Architect of Science.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 30 Jun 13

Poisoned Saints

by Ben Coulter

“Number 1 Amazon best-seller”

Charlie is a cocaine distributor living in a run-down London overspill, but when he discovers his top dealer shot to death, Charlie must find the killer and a way out, whilst losing the tail of Detective Jack Cloud in order to flee the country with his lover and a clear conscience .

“Loved it from the minute I started it. Had me gripped the whole way through. Did not want this to end could have read this forever…”

When ambitious yet troubled Drug Dealer Charlie Paccadillo discovers one of his top cocaine distributors mysteriously shot to death, his world is thrown into disarray. Alice, an unassuming single mother with connections to a rival crew of dealers, soon becomes his only release from the angst, as he searches for answers and battles to control his crumbling criminal empire.

As DI Jack Cloud investigates the murder in the gritty London overspill town of Stambro, Charlie quickly becomes his chief suspect. Looking to solve his first shooting, career driven Jack will stop at nothing to get the job done.

Can Charlie find a way out or is he in too deep to turn back? Will Jack find the real killer? The clock is ticking and the pressure’s on, every decision counts in a world where life is cheap and reputation is king. The street is always watching and no one, detective nor gangster, can afford to lose.

5 out of 5 stars “Raw, honest and a real page turner.”

“This is a great first offering from the author. Fast moving with a number of interesting sub-plots and great characterisations, this is a book I didn’t put down once. From start to finish you want to know more. More about the characters, the story and the setting. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who likes modern-day, gritty, crime thrillers.”

5.0 out of 5 stars

“Excellent book, very well put together. It is fast paced, action packed, with characters you will instantly relate to.

Best book I have read this year.

I am looking forward to the next book from this author.”

5 out of 5 stars “A definate must read!”

“What a fantastic book, it had everything! fast paced, characters you loved, characters you hate. I loved the way it was written and the way that you immediately identified with the characters and how their story unfolded. I could not put it down – I can not wait for a sequel.”

My Trucking Prayer

by Dave Furlong

A Trucker Driver’s Prayer.

Written by a trucker and taken from the John Slater books: The Journey and The German Job.
Both available as a paperback and a Kindle e-book.

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Free horror Kindle books for 30 Jun 13

The Surgeon

by Neil McGowan

Ten years ago, Joe Mackay witnessed a brutal murder at the hands of a force of pure evil.
Now, he must confront his darkest fears in order to survive, because it has returned for him.
And it is not human…
A rollercoaster ride of unrelenting horror. Graphic, violent and sexy. Dare you enter the world of The Surgeon?

Tales from The Swollen Corpse

by Sam Williams

17 tales of Pulp horror.

Here you will findâ?¦ A bloody hammer or two when workers of a mega home improvement store face-off against a zombie hordeâ?¦ A young boy discovers why some places on grandpa’s farm are forbiddenâ?¦ Here vampires will become scary againâ?¦ and you’ll get to meet the malevolent Mr. Bags who has something he wants to show you.

100 Horrors: Tales of Horror in the Blink of an Eye

Cruentus Libri Press is proud to present its first horror anthology.

100 AUTHORS from the four corners of the globe grace the pages of this anthology with their darkest imaginings.

100 STORIES running the gamut of horror from serial killers to the supernatural; from the occult to the ordinary.

100 WORDS is all they have to work with, crafting tales of micro-horror with the brevity and intensity of an ice-pick between the eyes.

100 HORRORS contains stories from the following world-class authors: Phil Ambler, Sharla Anderson, A.R. Aston, Darren Barker, Colin F. Barnes, Nathan Barnes, Anne E. Barringer, C.G. Bauer, David Bernstein, Stacy Bolli, Cheryl Brandys, Jason D. Brawn, Robert D. Brewer, Russell Brown, Kevin G. Bufton, Nate D. Burleigh, J.D. Carter, S.J. Caunt, Lily Childs, Alex Clements, R. M. Cochran, Scott Cole, Josh Cook, Anthony Cowin, Marius Renos Dicomites, Michael Dortmundt, James Everington, James Fadeley, Kurt Fawver, Ed Fortune, J. Rodimus Fowler, Jamie Freeman, Charlotte Emma Gledson, Ken Goldman, Rich Gray, Rachel Green, V.Ð. Griedoorn, Naryssa Eve Hamilton, Miriam H. Harrison, Tony Healey, Quinn Hernandez, Christopher Hivner, Gill Hoffs, Jack Horne, Sebastian J. Howley, Paul S. Huggins, Allen Jacoby, William J. Joel, K. Trap Jones, Neil Kloster, Kim Krodel, Lisamarie Lamb, Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw, David Lightfoot, Bob Lock, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, Chris Marrs, Cee Martinez, Jon McAchren, L.H. McGuire, Jessica McHugh, Alec McQuay, Kate Monroe, Matt Moody, Noah Mullette-Gillman, David Naughton-Shires, Peter Newman, Paco, I.S. Paton, Dan Pawley, Jeremy Peterson, Daniel E. Potts, Bruce L. Priddy, Shawn M. Riddle, Suzanne Robb, R. Phillip Roberts, S. Wayne Roberts, Nathan Robinson, H.J. Rodgers, Robert Ropars, Brian Rosenberger, Abigail Runkle, Brandon Scott, Marc Shapiro, Lance Shoeman, Lisa Ann Smith, James Steele, Kristal Stittle, Gene Tanta, David Thomas, Alexander W. Tkachuk, Donald Jacob Uitvlugt, Laura Ann Via, Jonathan Ward, Ren Warom, Pavelle Wesser, Neil Weston, Andrew J. Wilson, John Xero and Angel Zapata.

The Bounty Hunter: Vampire

by Joseph Anderson

The Bounty Hunter series continues with the third installment in Series One: Vampire.

In the future, one of the deadliest alien races bears a name from humanity’s past. Vampires hide in plain sight and prey on their victims from the shadows. Difficult to track and nearly impossible to detect, they infest human cities and space stations.

The Bounty Hunter: Vampire, sees Burke and Cass hunting the alien race for a contact from their past. But as things start to unravel they will question even the man who hired them. The vampire is more cunning than any they have encountered and, worse of all, is not hunting alone.

The Bounty Hunter stories are a series of novellas following the adventures of Burke Monrow and AI Cass. A bounty hunting duo, they take contracts around the galaxy, apprehending criminals, murderers, vicious aliens, and abide by their own moral code.

The series is best read in order, as there is a larger plot arc that connects the series; however, each installment can be read and enjoyed on its own for the individual story line of each novella. Some names and references to prior events are made, but most can be understood in the context of the story.


by Drienie Hattingh

This book consists of spooky stories, written by twelve local authors, Lynda West Scott, Drienie Hattingh, Wendy Toliver, Christy Monson, Patricia Bossano, Michele McKinnon, Dimitria VanLeeuwen, Sandee Martin Drake, Kera Erickson, Rod Cohen, Brenda Hattingh and Caroll Shreeve. The stories are based on legends of Historic 25th Street, Ogden, Utah. This street used to be Ogden’s red-light district where many a murder took place. Al Copone reportedly said that this town is too rough for him.

Susan Squires: New York Times best-selling author of Companion Series, Da Vinci Time Travel Series and The Children of Merlin Novels. “These stories present plenty of twists and turns to keep you turning pages. Historic 25th Street is a living character in this anthology. We see it in its violent youth, its seedy downfall, and its resurrection as the historic center of a vibrant present. You’ll feel like you know the street, no matter where you live.”

Stan Trollip: Co-author of international award-winning best-sellers: A Carrion Death, Second Death of Goodluck Tinubu and Death of the Mantis. “Two-Bit Street and Beyond is a delightâ??a collection of short stories that bring to life the creepy past of Ogden’s historic 25th Street. Curl up and enjoy a wonderful read.”

Patrick Burns: Star of TruTV’s Haunting Evidence and co-author of The Other Side: A Teen’s Guide to Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. “After reading Tales from Two-Bit Street and Beyond, I’d love to spend a month exploring 25th Street and investigating the many paranormal tales shared by the writers of this book. The stories are quick to read and each one immediately draws you into the lives of the narrator and their brushes with ghostly unexplained encounters.”

Carolyn Campbell: Author of three nationally-published books and 800 magazine articles in People, Redbook, Ladies’ Home Journal and Writer’s Digest. “This atmospheric and well-written collection of compelling stories is embodied with deftly rendered visions of the character of a city, intriguing insights into a variety of engaging personalities and fascinating revelations of a town’s colorful history, all sprinkled with a generous dollop of ghostly and mysterious fun. Pull up a chair and get ready to enjoy this spooky and spectacular treat!”

Caroll Shreeve: Author of Life Is Good, Victorian Details and The Wind Remembers. “Thirteen tease-your-mind stories enthrall with spooky twists guaranteed to give you shivers. The art of the short story is not dead. Neither are some mysterious ephemera you’ll meet wafting through this book!”

Natalie Curtis Pace: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. President of the League of Utah Writers (2010.) “From You’re Only Young Once, to Secrets of a Two-Bit Artist’s Model, expect to be entertained with stories of adventure, drama and ghosts. Each author’s twists and turns about Two-Bit Street keep you wanting more. Historic 25th Street is brought to life with the stories of the ghosts who call it home. The eerie tales will chill you to the bone, leaving you guessing about what is real. These are ghost stories at their best.”

Shanna Francis: Editor of The Ogden Valley News. “Take a walk back through time down Ogden’s most colorful street and relive the history, hauntings, and even horror that contributed to its nefarious reputation. This collection of hauntingly eerie tales by some of the area’s top up-and-coming authors will carry you on an unforgettable ride that you don’t want to miss, one guaranteed to leave you hanging onto the edge of your seat. You won’t want to put the book down once you’ve turned the first page; when you turn the last, you’ll be left hoping the stories will continue on. An excellent collection of short stories for a broad range of readers.”

Devil Wolf Trilogy of Horror

by Garry E. Lewis

An innocent folk tale, or a living nightmare? What began as a class room discussion, soon leads a young college professor down a winding path into a nightmare he cannot awaken from.  It all began on a quite foggy moon lit night, on a deserted stretch of road, heading home from the college campus. A night he would soon never forget. As not long after Lucifer appears to strike up a bargain with the professor, a bargain the professor wants no part of. That would soon prove to be a dangerous decision on his part. As now Lucifer desires more then ever the professor’s very soul, and he will stop at nothing till he obtains it. What sinister plan does he have in store for the professor? Come along and find out in this three part occult thriller entitled:  “Devil Wolf Trilogy of Horror.”


by Drienie Hattingh

This time around, in Tales from Two-Bit Street and beyondâ?¦ Part II, the 13 tales are a mixture of scary, funny, melancholy and sometimes a bit racyâ?¦ The book is for an adult audience.

A sick young woman falls in love knowing she’s dying
A man gets a perfect shave from a mysterious barber
A vintage guitar and an old hotel hold secrets of a girl’s past
A cleaning lady longs for the past and is granted her wish
A man finds out his dream woman isn’t as dreamy as he thought
A PI and a cryptic message help a dying man find his lost love
A knitting store attracts all kinds of knittersâ??alive or dead
A boy befriends colorful women on Historic 25th Street
A fire forges an unlikely friendship between four individuals
A young man accepts a dare but might not live to tell the tale
A woman thinks she buys her dream Victorian house, but is it?
A restaurant owner has a secret admirer
A dark, mysterious man seems to be a welcome diversion to a bored woman…

The book is compiled by Drienie Hattingh and written by 10 local authors. Just as varied as the stories, so are the backgrounds of the authors. Columnist, accountant, physicist, pharmacist, translator, therapist, editor, housewife, private investigatorâ??even a belly dancer. The stories are based on legends on Ogden, Utah’s Historic 25th Street. This infamous street came into being with the opening of Union Station during the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad in 1869. The original Union Station burnt down in 1923. During the early 20th century, 25th Street was THE place in Ogden. In between family-owned shops and restaurants, ice cream parlors and hotels there were bootlegging, gambling, narcotic sales and prostitution. The rich history and spooky legends are where the Two-Bit-authors found the fodder for their stories.

Patricia Bossano author of award-winning Faery Sight and soon to be released Cradle Gift is of Ecuadorian descent. She taught Spanish and ESL and is also a translator and interpreter.

Michael Bourn author of One Dead Ranger writes fiction and poetry.

Vicki Droogsma a native of England now living in Ogden loves the art of writing.

Doug Gibson, editorial page editor for the Standard-Examiner based in Ogden has been a journalist for more than 20 years and also taught journalism.

Michele McKinnon received a Master’s degree in accounting from Weber State University. She turned her love of the written word into her own writing.

Drienie Hattingh compiled this anthology. She’s a native of South Africa and now lives on Historic 25th Street in Ogden. She has been a columnist for 17 years. Her articles have been published in newspapers and magazines in America and South Africa and her essays were published in 3 St. Martins’ Press Christmas anthologies and a Hallmark Christmas anthology and also in Famiulis’ Lessons from My Parents. Her essay, “The day we became Americans” and Journalism Portfolio, won 1st place in League of Utah Writers.

Christy Monson has worked as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has written a children’s book series, Texting through Time, and has a self-help book, Becoming Free, A Woman’s Guide to Internal Strength, to be released fall of 2013. Her articles have been published in Gospel Ideals and LDS Witness.

Lynda Scott worked as a PI for 25 years. Since then she has written magazine articles and worked as a copy editor. She has an essay in Lessons from My Parents and four stories in the â??Tales’ series. One of her unpublished novels won 1st place at the LUW Roundup.

Fred Seppi, received degrees in physics from Northwestern University and a metallurgical engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology. He worked as a physicist at Hill Air Force Base. His articles appeared in the magazine In Piazza, printed by Italian Cultural Center of Utah.

Dimitria Van Leeuwen lives in Salt Lake City and has a varied background, including experience as a belly-dance teacher, musician, photographer and mixed-media artist.

Deadly Shorts

by Adam Moon

Two short stories involving death.
Assisted Suicide:
Brett Finlay killed himself. Things get weird when he regains consciousness right before his funeral.
Bad Vlad:
Sarah Nell has fallen for her nemesis, Darren Hopkins.
What she doesn’t know is that Darren is a sadistic charmer who will stop at nothing to hurt her in the worst possible ways.
It will take an evil presence from beyond the grave to ensure Darren doesn’t have his way

The Residue

by Josh Hilden

Mindy Jellico never believed in the tales of the supernatural. But on one dark and stormy night she will be confronted by an ancient horror that will change her life forever … or end it.

Bedtime Tales of Horror: Forever Mine

by Bradley Poage

It’s Ashley’s 18th birthday. But what she doesn’t realize is that a predator has been stalking her for 17 years, waiting, and now she will face the man that has wanted her, desired her, and waited to make her his in Forever Mine.


by Ian Bussell

A history of murder and malevolence.

It began with the Battle of Sedgemoor … over 300 years later, the story and murders continue. In 1685, Daniel and Matthew Thorne risk their lives fighting for the Duke of Monmouth, a pretender to the English throne. In the bloody aftermath of the battle, their father, Jacob, risks everything he has to save his family from the brutality of King James II’s troops. He leads them to the small village of Pryckle where he uses occult powers to conceal them. Unwittingly, he unleashes an evil entity which becomes trapped in the village and plagues the inhabitants for centuries. In the present, Jacob Thorne’s restless spirit enlists the help of two mediums named Adrian Swann and Sean O’Hare, to return Pryckle to normality and evict the evil. But they themselves fall under suspicion for a new wave of killing orchestrated by the malignance. How can they fight something invisible and intangible which is capable of distorting reality and manipulating any mind? A thrilling blend of murder, history, and the supernatural.

Bedtime Tales of Horror: My Doll Collection

by Bradley Poage

Jeremy recently met Lilly online. She seems great. He’s aching to meet her. So when she invites him over, he’s all too excited to come. The only problem is, she wanted to introduce him to her best friends, the dolls.

Bedtime Tales of Horror: In the Eyes of My Brother

by Bradley Poage

Erin, Heather, and Carrie are heading up to their friend’s parent’s house for a weekend getaway. It seems great until they hit car trouble in an area where cell phone reception is impossible. As Heather gets out to see what happened, a car pulls up behind them. Could it be help, or something far worse?

WARNING: This story contains violent adult content and language.

Torn from the Heart

by Eily Nash

There are two givens in lifeâ?¦You are born and you dieâ?¦.
In between you live, you love, you laugh, you cry.
There may be those you met who leave their â??forever’ footprints on the pathway of the story of your life. Pray they are not like Adam Knight, wiping his muddy boots on your unsuspecting and tender heart as he blithely passes on byâ?¦ Cruel heartbreaker, Adam takes no prisoners in ‘Affaires de Coeur’. Fate takes a hand in his bad boy ways one dark, stormy night when Adam finds himself at the mercy of a vicious storm. Lost and afraid on a treacherous Moor, crying out for helpâ?¦in the middle of nowhere, will anyone hear his pitiful plea?
Chancing upon mysterious ‘Half Moon Inn’ and beguiling inn-keeper Evelyn Blackmore, could his prayers have been heard? The raven-eyed beauty offers more than sanctuary. Through the hours of darkness, Adam’s fey companion spins fireside tales of love, loss, rejection, and redemption.
Gradually he realises the ethereal Evelyn knows him all too well as she rips her preternatural tales from the recesses of his black heart. Evelyn weaves the unravelled threads of his deepest secrets onto the loom of his life, as Adam secretly plots scenes of soft seduction. Will Evelyn fall prey to her guest’s dark charms and be enticed into his web of deceit? Unbeknownst to him, the enigmatic beauty also has secrets and as the Witching hour fast approaches, so do uninvited and hungry ghosts of the past.
With more than a touch of magic in the air the Hunter just might find he has become the huntedâ?¦.

In this hauntingly beautiful book, two hearts and minds meet when their World’s meet collide across time. This otherworldly story delves deeply into dark places, exploring the â??House of Relationship’. Can the alchemy of the eternal Spirit and soul love ever truly heal the wounds of the human heart?

Unbound, Book One: Earth

by Robert McKay

Unbound is a complex, epic novel of mystery, sensuality, speculation, horror and transcendence; an allegorical urban fantasy set in modern-day San Francisco that examines the nature of Being in various forms, and seeks out the reflections of Love in all its facets: light and dark, whole and broken, here and gone, everywhere.

Crime and Punishment, Love and Forgiveness, Damnation and Salvation are interwoven though this mobius strip of a story, rich with characters to care about, love, loathe and fear. The cast is very real and believable, even when they’re not.

Please remember that this is just a Story 🙂

And, that in it, no-one is safe…

In Unbound, Book One: Earth:

Lily Godwin has her hands (and head) full. Preoccupied with raising her sister’s son William, she fails to perceive not only his increasing longing for her but her own unhealthy harbingers of disaster: mood swings, migraines and blackouts. Visited by heated dreams and idle thoughts, she is becoming more keenly aware of her own desires, which she curiously hadn’t given any thought to prior. Things seem to be awakening in her, and elsewhere…

Not only is this Lily’s story, but also a coming-of-age story involving Will, and his relationship with his junkie parents, out of prison and ready to take him back from Lily’s guardianship. A large colorful supporting cast fills in the canvas to allow for a kaleidoscope-like story that’ll keep you off-balance until the end.

In Part One, “Migration”, we meet Lily and Will while on vacation near Pismo Beach, and encounter with them a mysterious monkish hitchhiker on Hwy 1 while attempting to get home to San Francisco. Oddly enough, he’s going where they are. And he throws a mean Tarot…

In Part Two, “Bound”, the rest of the cast is met, the tables set, circumstances set up; tables turned. The consequences of failures rain like fists on a sinner’s face.

The novel spans four volumes; this one is followed by Air, Water, and Fire, with an attendant increase in suspense, despair, camaraderie, mystery, tragedy, and transcendence. Yet through it all, Invisibly, Love runs through it, and I hope that somehow you will feel it despite the rough patches, of which there are a few. Be strong; have faith; it’ll be worth it; we hope.

With elements from metaphysics and the occult mixing it up with various traditional and apocryphal religious concepts, the Reader will likely soon find themselves on an unexpected Journey that will take them where they least expect but probably should, depending on their perspective, their belief, their philosophy, their expectation. This is a story unlike any that you have read. “No Expectations” is a good rule of thumb going in.

“It’s a love story like no other,” one First Reader remarked. But it’s not a romance. The horror, when it happens, is pitched, but it isn’t a horror story. Dense with suspense, it takes its breaks, breaking it. Detective Mulligan wrestles with an unbelievable murder case, yet it isn’t exactly a mystery. Nonetheless, it’s thick with just these things. Mysteries abound in Unbound.

Can you believe it?

We’re happy to let you decide what it is, and that’s as it should be. In the end, it’s all up to You, anyway 🙂

Dead Weight

by Chris Wood

If your life was beginning to resemble the plot of a bad horror film, how long would it take you to notice?
That’s what’s happening to Lewis and Will, a couple of small town reporters who have inadvertently stumbled across a deadly, horrifying secret.
But will they realise in time just how much in danger they are? Or even that the secret exists?

Dear Suzanna

by Oliver Clarke

What if the world ended and you didn’t even notice?

Frank has retreated to an isolated rural cottage to get over the break up of his relationship. While he hides himself away from the world sinister and terrifying events are destroying the society he is avoiding. Before long the aftershocks of these events start to invade his isolation.

‘Dear Suzanna’ is terrifying short story from the author of the 4.5* rated novel ‘Sunliner’ that explores human despair and loss against the backdrop of a horrific apocalypse.

Zombie Poetry

by Chad Booth

It’s all of your favorite poetry…with Zombies! From Edgar Allan Poe to Emily Dickinson, this book takes well-known poems and puts a twist on them.

Zombie T.O.D. Jenny In The Cupboard

by Scott Creasey

Will you fight or Will you fall?

School should be safe, a place of learning,
with teachers monitoring your progress,
and a schedule to guide your every move.
But not today.
Today no one is safe.
Run and hide, it’s time for the final lesson.

Like it or not, the Apocalypse is here!

This is a short story from the world of Zombie T.O.D.

Bedtime Tales of Horror: The Corn Maze

by Bradley Poage

Aaron and his friends go to the Corn Maze, convinced that the tales told by the local townspeople are mere stories. But what they will soon face will prove that every story has a base of truth. And the very truth they are about to face may claim their very lives.

10 Days to Samhain

by Edmund de Wight

Samhain, Halloween, Day of the Dead, the death of the old year. Call it what you will, Samhain conjures images of darkness, death and horror.
Come, count down the days until Samhain with deliciously creepy stories to bring you shivers as the darkness covers your home.

Prepare yourself with a story a day for the 10 days leading up to Samhain and a final doom filled tale for Samhain when the dead knock at your door.

– A sea monster threatens a village. One brave fisherman must risk his very soul to save his people.

– A woman warrior prowls the foggy streets searching for a vicious killer from another world.

– A sorcerer, a Satanic cult and demon summoning; what could possibly go wrong?

– George wanted to become God Emperor and the Necronomicon would raise the army of the dead he would need to conquer the world.

These tales and 6 more help you count down the days to Samhain!

To Each His Own

by Donald Wells



The Author of the TAKEN! Series & Whisper In The Pines

TO EACH HIS OWN — A Short Story

A moonlit night, a haunted house and a ghost with a secret.

When dared by the town bully to spend the night in a haunted house, two boys discover more than they bargained for, and learn the true meaning of fear.

****To Each His Own also appears in the short story collection–DROPPING MY SHORTS****

Sark (Cuts of Flesh)

by Jacob Prytherch

Aleister Ward continues his descent into darkness by heading to Sark, a small island in the channel with a unique and fascinating history. What initially seems to be a quiet community soon begins to show its teeth as the rain heads in, the days become shorter and the shadows lengthen…

Sark is the second of the Cuts Of Flesh novella series.

For updates visit and ‘like’.
Main website –

Unbound, Book Two: Air

by Robert McKay

Unbound is a complex, epic novel of mystery, sensuality, speculation, horror and transcendence; an allegorical urban fantasy set in modern-day San Francisco that examines the nature of Being in various forms, and seeks out the reflections of Love in all its facets: light and dark, whole and broken, here and gone, everywhere.

Crime and Punishment, Love and Forgiveness, Damnation and Salvation are interwoven though this mobius strip of a story, rich with characters to care about, love, loathe and fear. The cast is very real and believable, even when they’re not.

Please remember that this is just a Story 🙂

And, that in it, no-one is safe…

In Unbound, Book Two: Air:

Continuing from the traumatic event ending Book One: Earth, Lily Godwin and her ward William find their time together broken with his abduction, while “Brother Al” reveals his motives and Lily’s secret(s). For the first time we meet the Heavenly, Hellish, and other-worldly characters with their own plots and plans, most of them involving humankind. As things grow out of control, an Absence in Heaven is noted…

In Part Three, “Heaven’s Scent”, we meet the mysterious Creature named “She”, always falling, always sleeping, until Now. Two mighty angels who have caused her predicament discuss what to do with her, while another guards the thousand-year-old Pit with a grim and dangerous Resolve. We journey through the lands of Heaven with a formerly earth-bound spirit, or two…

In Part Four, “Vessels”, we continue with Lily’s Earth-y travails as her world begins to unravel. Will’s disappearance causes both Lily and Will’s mom Mary to react with far-reaching decisions while his dad, D.C., makes some poor ones. We meet the girls mother, Ana, who interprets Enoch’s Tarot from Book One. As for “Brother Al”, he has a mission, or two, of his own. But he’s very secretive…

In Part Five, “Devil’s Food”, we plumb the depths of Hell, get involved in its politics, and meet its most powerful (if somewhat petty) rulers. One of them in particular is a lover of devious Plots, and has plenty of fodder for his amusement. But into every Plot a little rain must fall; even in Hell.

Even in Heaven.

And in San Francisco, The City by the sea, it’s beginning to rain…

The novel spans four volumes; Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, with an attendant increase in suspense, despair, camaraderie, mystery, tragedy, and transcendence. Yet through it all, Invisibly, Love runs through it, and I hope that somehow you will feel it despite the rough patches, of which there are a few. Be strong; have faith; it’ll be worth it; we hope.

With elements from metaphysics and the occult mixing it up with various traditional and apocryphal religious concepts, the Reader will likely soon find themselves on an unexpected Journey that will take them where they least expect but probably should, depending on their perspective, their belief, their philosophy, their expectation. This is a story unlike any that you have read. “No Expectations” is a good rule of thumb going in.

“It’s a love story like no other,” one First Reader remarked. But it’s not a romance. The horror, when it happens, is pitched, but it isn’t a horror story. Dense with suspense, it takes its breaks, breaking it. Detective Mulligan wrestles with an unbelievable murder case, yet it isn’t exactly a mystery. Nonetheless, it’s thick with just these things. Mysteries abound in Unbound.

Can you believe it?

We’re happy to let you decide what it is, and that’s as it should be. In the end, it’s all up to You, anyway 🙂

Bedtime Tales of Horror: Tree of Souls

by Bradley Poage

Julia is on her way to the biggest deal of her budding real estate career. But what she doesn’t realize is that it soon may be the end as well…

Bedtime Tales of Horror: Soul Reflection

by Bradley Poage

On a crowded Main Street Eric finds an antique shop with a unique camera for sale. It’s a deal he can’t find the strength to pass up. But when he succumbs to the desire to purchase the camera and experience the world through the camera’s viewer, he may come to find the darkest secrets he has willfully dismissed will soon be exposed…


by Simon Beecher

Ben Carter is a hardworking 35 year old on the vacation of a lifetime to England. His obsession with tracing his family tree back to William Bradford, one of the pilgrims on the Mayflower has led him here.
Ben’s motto is family comes first, but his wife Jenny has different feelings about this vacation. Against her better judgment they have traveled without their 15 year old son, Josh.
Their worst nightmare is realized when the majority of people are transformed into crazed flesh eaters.
Alone and in a strange country, Will they ever get home to see their only son ever again ?
Josh carter and his best friend Gus have just about settled in at camp Sokokis, when the zombie apocalypse kicks off.
With the help of a camp counselor and a mysterious stranger they are locked in a desperate fight for survival, but the zombies are just the start of their problems.

Liars (A Short Story)

by Mauro Neaus

A mentally disturbed person believes that its his job, given to him by the Will of God, to silence the liars of the world.

The loving touch of death

by Shaun Hipkiss

The ladies name was Viscountess Muerterquila, everyone knew who she was she was a rich and powerful woman from a well renowned family but more than that her charity work was without compare. Simply put in the eyes of the people no one else had done as much for the suffering as she had. Could someone really be this kind though. They said she comforted the dying but was she really a public hero or something else?

More Ghostly Tales

by Duncan Wood

In these four ghost stories: a student learns more about the Great War than he ever wanted to when he profits from selling a medal; a foolish boy summons a dead businessman from the grave and is drawn into a timeless dispute; two maiden aunts return from the beyond to chastise their nephew, with dire results for those who encounter them; and a man’s exhumation of his family history reveals a deadly secret.

Bedtime Tales of Horror: Spores

by Bradley Poage

Sheriff David Peterson is about to face his worst nightmare. To save his town from a biological hazard he must face a line he never believed should be crossed. And with time running out, the consequences of his actions could save the town or end it all.

Combining suspense, thrill, and horror, this new Bedtime Tales of Horror is one you do not want to miss.

Bedtime Tales of Horror: The Creek

by Bradley Poage

Four friends are heading for a camping trip they hope they will never forget. But when the location is changed to a new one, they may soon find they may never live to forget…the Creek….

The Man who Controlled Metal (Random Powers)

by E. G. Castle

A young man is mugged in the city.
Unfortunately for his mugger, this young man has a special talent.

The One who Started Fires (Random Powers)

by E. G. Castle

Fires have been happening all over town. The death rate has risen above a hundred. Lieutenant Just Creek had better get a move on and solve this mystery fast…

Or he might just be the next victim.

The Boutique

by Jamie Winchester

The Gatekeeper is having the worst day of his life. His job – to guard The Boutique and decide who can enter – is crucial to the success of the business. But the Gatekeeper wants more. He’s itching to get promoted, to work inside The Boutique’s walls.

The Gatekeeper has no room for error. Once someone enters The Boutique, they don’t come back out. So when Amanda Adams does just that, the Gatekeeper knows his job – and life – are on the line. The Gatekeeper has to catch her before someone finds out about his colossal screw-up. But Amanda isn’t stupid, and she’s determined to stay one step ahead. Can she get out of London alive before The Gatekeeper finds her?

Monster Shorts

by Adam Moon

Includes two short stories.

Screamers (a novella):
It started with the elderly. They went nuts and started eating people.
The nerds are calling it the zombie apocalypse but I think that’s just so they have an excuse to commit murder.
My wife worked at Shady Hills nursing home and it raged out last night while she was on duty. She wasn’t among the dead so I know she’s out there somewhere.
I don’t care that she’s infected. She’s my wife.
This journal chronicles my mission to find and cure her

Dumbass Vampire:
Paul is an eight hundred year old vampire who feels only two things; hunger and despair.
When he happens upon another like him, he begins to feel something foreign to him: Hope

The Rain Wouldn’t Take Away the Pain

by Cedrix E. Clarke

A new romance is mangled by faulty brakes and a big buck in the road, but in this short story, death doesn’t have to separate the lovers. There’s a choice, together in eternity, no pain, or separated by a lifetime of suffering. The narrator is haunted not by his decision, but by who made the offering, and it changes all that he knows.

Satan is my trailer buddy, I kid you not!

by Sebastian H. Alive

Satan wasn’t happy. One day he was minding his own business and mingling with the forces of darkness in the fiery pits of hell and he suddenly asked himself a question.

â??Where does the devil and the 21st century fit in?’

He sat and pondered that question for a long, long evil time. What he realised was that in this modern day world no-one is really scared of him anymore. They feared God more than the devil and that hurt him deeply in his heart if indeed he had one. The problem was, death held no fear for people anymore and no-one is really encouraging sin on a big scale; people don’t hate as much and vengeance is seemingly off the agenda. All these are major elements in his manipulation of humanity. Yes there was gluttony, deceit, envy and greed in abundance but he needed the hardcore stuff. He needed the stuff that got him jumping out of a bed in the morning ready to corrupt people with his erroneous principles. Human sacrifices performed at unholy rituals, black arts, blood drinking, dismemberment, misery and suffering from the populace. These are the things that appeased him; they’re his life force and make him all warm and gooey inside. Evil was out of balance with good in a big, big way. So he ascends from hell on a mission to bring lawlessness and fear back to the populace and seduce humanity into sin. With the help of his perpetually stoned assistant Derek, who doesn’t have a clue about anything much, they form a formidable partnership to nurture evil and reinvigorate the fear of Satan in the hearts and minds of the population.

The hilarious yet most probably highly offensive* sequel to Jesus is my flatmate, I kid you not!

( *Except to Luciferians and Satanists, they’ll have a whale of a time reading thisâ?¦ )

UnDanish Stories III: Banished from Life- Part 1

by Stephan Attia

â??Banished from Life’ is a ghost story in which the criticism is against the separation of loving couples in Denmark. Some of the occurrences here are based on a true story. The call here is to usurp the rule of power and money. Instead, society is instructed to restore love and divine law.


by Alen B. Curtiss

Watcher – A short story of terror.
He watches. That’s what he does. Watches. And waits. His chosen playmates are oblivious to his presence, but will still, when the time is right, unknowingly give him the signal he has been waiting and watching for. Then it will be time for the End Game to commence – his chance to feed, their chance to be part of him. Forever.
But if one playmate refuses to play his game, abide by his rules, will he be able to finish the game? Or will the watching be over?

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Boston, Massachusetts Travel Guide – Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights (Illustrated)

by Gary Jennings

Boston, the state capital of Massachusetts, is perhaps the city with the most historic significance in the United States. With so many historical sights preserved in the middle of a modern and growing city, Boston has something for everyone. It is these cultural sights combined with Boston’s art, sport, cuisine, and modern sophistication that draws over 16 million visitors to the city on an annual basis. This makes Boston one of the ten most popular destinations for tourists in the United States.

Boston has many nicknames including Beantown, The City of Higher Learning, Athens of America, and The Hub. But tourists are encouraged not to use these terms since locals tend to avoid them. “Beantown” comes from the notorious Boston-baked beans. “The City of Higher Learning” is in reference to the many notorious schools of higher education in the area including Harvard University and Boston College.

Visitors come to Boston for a sense of New England charm combined with the unique individualism portrayed by its many neighborhoods. They each have a different tone and style. All within a close distance of each other are the cosmopolitan streets and classic Victorian townhomes of the Back Bay, the narrow 18th Century puzzle of streets in the North End, and the youthful and vibrant district of Cambridge.

Shoppers and art lovers will find Boston appealing year-round with its shops and galleries from small boutiques to large malls. Do not forget to stop for a meal at one of Boston’s renowned seafood restaurants.

Table of Contents:

Introducing Boston, Massachusetts
Location & Orientation
Climate & When To Visit
Sightseeing Highlights
Freedom Trail
Red Sox Game at Fenway Park
Boston Symphony Orchestra
Boston Common
Boston Public Garden
Museum of Fine Arts
JFK Museum & Library
George’s Island
Walk Through Beacon Hill
Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
USS Constitution Museum
Copley Square
Faneuil Hall
Skywalk Observatory
Old State House
Recommendations for the Budget Traveler
Places to Stay
Places to Eat & Drink
Places to Shop

Live From…Cruise Ship Reviews (Dave Holmans Travel Blog)


A compilation of live blog posts from cruise ships

New York City Travel Guide – Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights (Illustrated)

by Shawn Middleton

New York is the epitome of having (or wanting) it all and if you cannot soak it up in your daily life, the next best thing is to spend some time just biting off and digesting chunks of the Big Apple. To its high-fliers, New York presents a high-powered, fast-paced and stressful environment. To tourists, the experience is the equivalent of a triple espresso, too heady in the long run to last, but extremely empowering and invigorating in short bursts.


Introduction to New York
Climate and When to Visit
Sightseeing Highlights
Statue of Liberty
Empire State Building
Central Park
Fifth Avenue
Times Square
Rockefeller Center
Greenwich Village
Staten Island
Conference House
Staten Island Zoo
Chinese Scholar’s Garden
Brooklyn Bridge
Coney Island
The Bronx
Yankee Stadium
Bronx Zoo
Museums in New York
Museum of Natural History
Guggenheim Museum
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Recommendations for the Budget Traveller
Places to Stay
Broadway at Times Square Hotel
Pod 51
Chelsea Lodge
Seafarers & International House
Hotel 31
Places to Eat
Sarabeth’s Central Park South
Little Owl
Bistango Restaurant
Absolute Bagels
Places to Shop
Fashion at Bargain Prices
Hester Street Fair
China Town
Grand Slam

The Travel Free Guidebook To Chicago (2013): The 101 Best FREE Sightseeing Attractions, Music, Events, Museums, Galleries, Walks, Tours, Performances, … Free Things To Do (Travel Free Guidebooks)

by Daniel Davidson

Chicago offers enough free attractions to keep you busy, no matter your interests. With concerts, performances, galleries, plays, dances, sightseeing, and live music, Chicago lives and breathes a creative spirit. This book is a compilation of the FREE fun things to do in Chicago and is a great compliment to any comprehensive guidebook.

Here are some examples of the free things to do in Chicago, which you’ll find in this travel guide:

o Cheesecake tasting at Eli’s Cheesecake Company
o The Chicago Summer Dance in Grant Park
o Ice skating in the winter
o Lincoln Park Zoo
o Amazing Chicago Funhouse Maze
o Hyde Park Jazz Festival
o Get your picture taken with a million bucks!
o Free performances, concerts, parades, and more

I firmly believe that the less you spend on travel, the more you experience, and one thing I know is that even in Chicago, you can have a great cultural experience without breaking the bank.


This Chicago guidebook is not about discount travel. It’s about FREE travel. The difference between this and other Chicago guidebooks is that:

1) It only includes free activities,
2) it’s exclusively formatted for the Kindle and Kindle App,
3) It’s interactive, so you can easily access directions from your current location.


I’ve structured this guidebook to help you visit downtown Chicago and the surrounding areas. Each entry has a description, contact information, and links to more information to give you context for the attraction and Chicago history. There are also 20+ photographs of several locations and attractions.

In this guidebook of free attractions, free can mean totally free, or free with the purchase of something else. If an attraction is free only during certain times, I’ve listed those times along with the full cost.

In each entry, you can click on the map link to get directions from Google Maps — to each location, from wherever you are at the moment. This book is great on the Kindle App for your smartphone.

There’s also an interactive map, showing you where all the free activities are across the city.

Plus there’s an appendix full of free trip planning tools: the best websites, free apps, free podcasts, free walking tours, and more free planning tools.


Thanks to many loyal readers who email me out of date information and new ideas, this book is constantly being updated. Whenever I find new information, I’ll republish the book on Amazon so when you purchase it, you always have access to the most current travel information.


1. Introduction
2. Interactive Map
3. Free Museums
4. Free Transportation
5. Free Outdoor Activities
6. Free Kids Activities
7. Free Music, Theater and Performances
8. Free Food and Drinks
9. Free Arts & Architecture
10. Free Tours
11. Free Festivals and Parades
12. Flea Markets
13. Free for Illinois Residents
14. Free Trip Planning Resources
15. About The Author


“Being the father of two, I’m always looking for travel deals. We haul the kids around a ton and it adds up. I really like this guide book because it’s simple and focuses only on free things to do. I use it as a supplement to my regular guide book.” -Happy Dad

“Some of the activities in the book I would be happy to pay for, yet they’re free – and I wouldn’t have even known about them, had I not read this book.” – Dromo

“I think this book provided a great insight for my travels. It helped me realize that I can do more things because they don’t cost anything. I even highlighted the things that were most appealing to me. Great book and I highly recommend it.” -Erica


They say money can’t buy happiness. This may be true, but if you keep your money, you’ll surely be happier. I hope this book serves you well and makes your trip memorable and fun.

Walt Disney World, Florida Travel Guide – Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights (Illustrated)

by Gregory Bond

In the heart of central Florida you will find one of the most magical places on earth. Walt Disney World is beloved by adults and children as an exciting vacation destination. With four of the world’s best theme parks and two water parks as well as dozens of other major attractions, Disney World in Orlando is the epicenter for vacation excitement, providing endless fun for everybody.

There are four main parks in Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom, MGM Studios, Epcot, and the Animal Kingdom. In addition to these four main attractions there are two premium Disney water parks: Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.

Magic Kingdom is the central focus of the Disney World Experience. This is the most well-recognized emblem of Disney theme parks – as it contains the majestic Cinderella’s Castle and dozens of unique rides. MGM Studios is dedicated to Disney’s incredible film history, with its own version of Hollywood Boulevard and tributes to the classic stars of decades past.

Epcot is an educational and fun trip around the world. It’s a theme park dedicated to the diversity of world culture, and a visit there is the equivalent to an adventure in globalism. Animal Kingdom is an animal themed zoological extravaganza that showcases many diverse species and natural life from around the world.

The sheer magnitude of attractions in Orlando is overwhelming, and the energy of this vibrant city is incredible. You could spend a month here and never get to visit and enjoy everything this city has to offer. So if you’re looking for a fulfilling entertainment experience that exceeds your (and your children’s) wildest dreams, Walt Disney World is the ideal place for you.


Introduction to Walt Disney World, Florida
Climate and When to Visit
Sightseeing Highlights
Magic Kingdom
Disney’s Hollywood Studios (MGM)
Animal Kingdom
Typhoon Lagoon
Blizzard Beach
Universal Studios
Islands of Adventure
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
La Nouba, Cirque du Soleil
The Holy Land Experience
John F. Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral
Recommendations for the Budget Traveler
Places to Stay
Places to Eat & Drink
Places to Shop

Maldives Travel Guide – Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights (Illustrated)

by Gary Jennings

Allow your mind to drift towards a small tropical island, far away from the hustle and bustle of the daily rat race – a sandy atoll set in turquoise waters with a few coconut palms waving in a gentle, refreshing breeze. What you have conjured up in your mind, closely matches the reality of the Maldives. Dotting the Indian Ocean to the south of the Indian subcontinent, the Maldives comprises a group of well over a thousand tiny islands and atolls. Its main industries are fishing and tourism.

The luxurious pampering combined with beauty and seclusion makes the islands a popular romantic destination for newlyweds. At the high-end you can procure the attentive services of your own personal butler. Resort staff pride themselves on catering to the individual wishes of their guests, even if they are often so discreet that they seem practically invisible.

The tourism industry of the Maldives is in a process of transition. While the island group had for decades focused on the resort system, with pronounced emphasis on exclusive five star resorts, it has begun to offer alternatives for the independent traveller. The latter is still in its infancy and holidaymakers should investigate the advantages and disadvantages with care.

Table of Contents:

Introduction to the Maldives
Orientation & Location
Climate & When To Visit
Sightseeing Highlights
Jumhooree Maidan
Esjehi Gallery
Mulee-Aage Palace
Tomb of Mohammad Thakurufaanu
National Museum, Male
Grand Friday Mosque (Huskuru Miskiiy), Male
Surfing in the Maldives
Male Atoll
Central Atolls
Outer Atolls
Diving in the Maldives
Banana Reef
Other Notable Diving Locations
Shipwrecks in the Maldives
Atoll Cruising & Live-Aboard Holidays
Environmental Tourism in the Maldives
Kudahuvadhoo Island
Recommendations for the Budget Traveller
Places to Stay
Hotel Octave
Asdu Sun Island
Lucky Hiya Hotel
Fuana Inn
Boutique Inn at Villa Shabnamee
Places to Eat
Sea House Maldives
Symphony Restaurant
Chop Chop
Seagull Cafe House
Shell Beans
Places To Shop
Chaandanee Magu
Recommended Outlets in Male for Dhoni Boats, Shark’s Teeth & Maldivian Curiosities
Creative Arts and Crafts Training Center
Reed Mats of Huvadhoo
Wooden Boxes from Thulhaadhoo

Costa Rica (Central America) Travel Guide – Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights (Illustrated)

by Maria Gill

Costa Rica is sometimes referred to as “the Switzerland of Central America.” And no wonderâ?¦the comfortable lifestyle, peaceful government, and stunning natural wonders make this small Central American country the perfect vacation spot. Whether you prefer hiking on pristine rainforest trails among howler monkeys and toucans, or sipping margaritas on the Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica has something for everyone.

History buffs will thrill at the ruins of 3000-year-old Guayabo de Turrialba, as well as the pre-Columbian architecture found in cities throughout the country. If city-life is more your style, the bustling capital of San Jose is home to six major museums, a handful of stunning parks and plazas, open-air markets, and restaurants and bars galore.

If you’re interested in hiking, Costa Rica’s 35 national parks cover 11% of the country, and boast hiking trails for all levels. (If you’re up to the 2-day climb of Cerro Chirripo, a hike to the 3820m peak yields a view that spreads from the Pacific to the Caribbean Ocean.)

For the people of Costa Rica, the frequent reply of “pura vida” (“pure life”) to the question “How are you?” isn’t just a slang termâ?¦it’s a way of life. It symbolizes the Costa Rican ideal of sitting back and enjoying the beauty of life. Costa Ricans pride themselves on being friendly, helpful, and easygoing. Family is important to Costa Ricans, and many live in extended family units. In 2012, Costa Rica was ranked number one in the Happy Planet Index, a rating based on life expectancy, ecological footprint, and subjective life satisfaction.


Introduction To Costa Rica
Climate and When to Visit
Sightseeing Highlights
Canopy/Zip-line Tours
Coffee and Chocolate Tours
Arenal Volcano
Tortuguero Turtle Nesting Area
Monteverde Cloud Forest
Cerro Chiripo
Whitewater rafting
Museums of San Jose
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
Recommendations for the Budget Traveler
Places to Stay
Places to Eat & Drink
Places to Shop

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands (Spain) Travel Guide – Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights (Illustrated)

by Ruby Morris

The second largest island of the Canary Islands – after Tenerife – Fuerteventura, historically a land of goat herders and fishermen, is still quite peaceful and relatively uncrowded. The island is divided into six municipalities, the smallest of which has a population of only 680, while even the largest, Puerto del Rosario, is a town of just 30,000. As part of the Canaries, Fuerteventura belongs to Spain and its official language is Spanish, but don’t be surprised if you hear English or German; over 20,000 people who live here today were born outside of Spain, and a lot of them come from these two countries.

While summer resorts line the coasts, the interior is much less developed than the rest of the archipelago, with small villages scattered on flat volcanic plains. The interior is worth a visit: not only are the countryside houses a beautiful sight in their own right, but the villages also offer food that is both more authentic and cheaper than your usual resort fare.

Table of Contents:

Introduction to Fuerteventura
Location & Orientation
Climate & When To Visit
Sightseeing Highlights
El Cotillo Beach and Lagoons
Corralejo Nature Reserve
La Lajita Oasis Park
Ecomuseo La Alcogida
Oceanarium Explorer
Faro de la Entallada
Museo de la Sal (Salinas de El Carmen)
Tindaya Mountain and village
Punta de Jandia
The Colonels’ House (Casa de los Coroneles)
Recommendations for the Budget Traveller
Places To Stay
Punta Marina
Villa Florida
Cay Beach Villas
Playa Park Club
JM Puerto Rosario
Places To Eat & Drink
La Taberna del Capitan
Nestor’s (The Bahia de Cata)
Boardriders Bar & Grill
La Fabiola
Los Compadres
Places To Shop
Las Rotondas
Caleta de Fuste Market
Corralejo Market at the Baku Waterpark
Jandia Market

Lisbon, Portugal Travel Guide – Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights (Illustrated)

by Shawn Middleton

Lisbon is a progressive city that is steeped in nostalgia. The city of today is quite different than the one in 1988 when it was partially destroyed by fire. Voted as the “Cultural Capital of Europe” in 1994 it was host to the European Football Championship in 2004, Lisbon has quietly evolved into a much sought after travel destination.


Introduction to Lisbon
Climate & When To Visit
Sightseeing Highlights
Cristo Rei
Santa Justa Elevator
Castelo de São Jorge
Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge
Aqueduto das Aguas Livres
Ponte Vasco da Gama (Vasco do Gama Bridge)
Belem Tower
Afonso de Albuquerque Square (Tribute to the Eastern Empire of Portugal)
Jerónimo’s Monastery (Tombs of Prominent Portuguese Figures)
Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga
Museu da Marinha
Parque das Nações (Park of Nations)
Ajuda Botanical Gardens
Fado Shows at the Cine Theatro Gymnasium
Alfama (Lisbon’s Oldest District)
Recommendations For The Budget Traveler
Places to Stay
Places to Eat & Drink
Places to Shop

Yellowstone and 71 Other National Parks, Including the Great Smoky Mountains, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, for RV and Tent Camping

by Bruce Leonard

This book provides essential information about all of America’s most prominent national parks and dozens of national-park properties that have lower profiles. Running 167 manuscript pages as a Word doc and drawing from hundreds of websites, this book summarizes the parks in clear, concise prose and provides the relevant links to the websites for each featured property.
In other words, this book is a must-read for travelers (and armchair travelers) who want to visit and learn about America’s national parks.

Sao Paulo, Brazil Travel Guide – Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights (Illustrated)

by Shawn Middleton

Sao Paulo, affectionately called “Sampa” by its millions of residents, is a vibrant and exciting, business-oriented city in Brazil. You’ll find an urban center that has world-famous nightlife and Brazilian Steakhouses (churrascarias) filled to the brim with people of all ages, religions, sizes, and colors. With so many museums, cultural attractions, concerts, and theater options, it’s no wonder Sao Paulo is considered one of the cultural centers of Brazil.


Introduction to Sao Paulo
Climate and When to Visit
Sightseeing Highlights
Ibirapuera Park
Vila Olimpia Nightlife
Hiking in Serra da Cantareira
Mercado Municipal
Sao Paulo Museum of Art
Sao Paulo, Corinthians, or Palmeiras Club Football (Soccer)
Sao Paulo Cathedral
Shopping in the Jardins District
Bom Retiro and Luz Historical Districts
Sao Paulo Art Biennial
Carnaval – The Party of the Year
Recommendations for the Budget Traveler
Places to Stay
Places to Eat & Drink
Places to Shop

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Travel Guide – Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights (Illustrated)

by Shawn Middleton

Carnival is the first image that most people conjure up when the name of Rio de Janeiro is mentioned. For a few days, each February, the city lights up with fireworks. A hypnotic samba beat can be heard and the streets will up with stunning dancers, arrayed in feathers, glitter and often little else. This is the colorful chaos of Carnival (known also as “Carnaval”), a high-octane celebration of the body beautiful.

The heady experience of Rio de Janeiro in February can rightly earn the city the title, Capital of Fun. Locally, the city is known as Cidade Maravilhosa or the Marvelous City. Even when Carnival is not in full sway, Brazilians know how to party and do so in style.

Rio de Janeiro is home to two of the world’s most memorable beaches, both of which have been immortalized in song. Copacabana is arguably the more famous of the two, but the hit song Girl from Ipanema earned Ipanema a permanent place in popular culture. You may be excused for spending the bulk of your holiday on the beach – after all, Rio has over twenty beaches to choose from.


Introduction to Rio de Janeiro
Climate and When to Visit
Sightseeing Highlights
Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado
Carnival in Rio – An unforgettable event
Sugarloaf Mountain
Beaches of Rio de Janeiro
Tijuca Forest
Favela Tours – Seeing how the other half lives in Brazil
Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas
Botanical Garden or Jardim Botanico
Morro do Leme
Santa Teresa
Escadaria Selarón
Passeio Público
Museu do Indio
Museu H Stern
Museu Aerospacial
Recommendations for the Budget Traveler
Places to Stay
Hotel Marbella
Hotel Americano Rio de Janeiro
Apa Hotel
Diamond Hotel
Magic Palace Hotel
Places to Eat
Couve Flor
Zaza Bistro Tropical
Bar do Mineiro
Places to Shop
Feira Hippie de Ipanema (Ipanema’s Hippie Fair)
Souvenir Shops in Copacabana
Parceria Carioca
Beachwear Outlets

Bangkok, Thailand Travel Guide – Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights (Illustrated)

by Shawn Middleton

Bangkok is the “heart” of Thailand, the pulse that drives the nation. Like the rest of Thailand you can expect that warm, wide smile that the Thai people are renowned for. Very much a sprawling metropolis, Bangkok has something to offer everyone and then a little bit more. From elegant temples to luxury spas, the largest weekend market in the world to an impressive cultural center, and first class museums to a giant Buddha, Bangkok will delight, impress and potentially overload your senses; all with a smile.

Table of Contents:

Introduction To Bangkok
Climate & When To Visit
Sightseeing Highlights
Siam Square
Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre
Safari World
Floating Market
Chatuchak Weekend Market
Bangkok Museums
The Corrections Museum
Museum of Siam
Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall
Temple of Reclining Buddha
Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw
The Emerald Buddha
Siam Ocean World
Flight of the Gibbon
One Day Zip Line Canopy Tour
Go Gibbon
Recommendations for the Budget Traveler
Places to Stay
Places to Eat and Drink
Places to Shop

From Greece to the UK by Car A Travel Diary

by Barry Mitchell

How difficult would it be to drive from Greece to the UK? This book will show you that it isn’t really that difficult. You don’t even have to have a high-powered car: we made the journey in our little Hyundai Getz. Our journey took us from the east coast of Greece, just south of Athens, to Patras in the Gulf of Corinth where we got the ferry to Ancona in Italy. From Ancona we drove to Siena where we stopped off for a few days; then on to Rapallo on the Italian Riviera. We drove through the Mont Blanc tunnel to Chamonix Mont Blanc then up through France via Mâcon and Chartres. We got the ferry from Le Havre to Portsmouth and so arrived in the UK.
We made this journey in 2006 and this book is my travel diary. It is also partly a photo journal as there are some photos of places we visited along the way. However, this is not a travel guide but a very personal account of the journey. But if you are interested in travelling in Greece or Italy I hope you will find something of interest in this book. We stayed longest in Siena and Rapallo and so most space is devoted to those two places. You can read why, if you are visiting the area, I would recommend staying in Siena instead of Florence. There is also some information that you might find more or less useful. How much would you spend on road tolls on a trip like this? What is the most popular miniature dog in Siena? How long do you have to queue to get into the Uffizi? How can you avoid the queue for the Uffizi? What clothes designer was favoured by the Portofino yacht set? All these questions – and more – are answered in this book.
A list of places visited during the journey.
Nafplio, Patras.
Ancona, Siena, Florence, San Gimignano, Rapallo, Portofino.
Chamonix Mont Blanc, Mâcon, Cluny, Chartres, Le Havre.

Roads to Adventure 31 Kayaking, Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Skiing, Caving, Surfing, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Rafting, Camping and RVing Stories

by Bruce Leonard

I wrote this book for travelers who enjoy reading about adventures and for those willing to expand their comfort zones by participating in exciting activities that they thought were too much for them. I am athletic, true, but I have suffered from a series of injuries, a back injury foremost among them, and yet I have climbed rock faces, plunged into icy rivers, mountain biked trails that tested my stamina and my resolve, skied an Olympic downhill course, boated huge fish and participated in dozens of other activities that nearly anyone can pursue, so long as they believe they can. Roads to Adventure, therefore, is meant to encourage self belief.

See You in Casablanca (Trilogy of Dark Love)

by Pedro Menchén

This book describes the entertaining and at times eventful journey of two friends to Morocco in search of sexual adventures. After Tangier they head south: Marrakech, Fez, Rabat. One of them is pragmatic and just expects to have a good time, but the other is somewhat sentimental and has romantic ideas about the country. His confessed objective is to look for the boy of his dreams… Considered a classic of gay literature in Spanish, we are not, therefore, dealing with what could be considered a frivolous tale of erotic adventures, but a story of feelings, of interracial relationships, of human and social problems which coincidentally take place in the exotic Moroccan world.


Pedro Menchén is a Spanish writer, born in 1952. Known especially for his Trilogy of Dark Love, comprising the novels A Distant Beach (1999), See you in Casablanca (2001) and Don’t Come Back Here Any More (2005), he has also published two books of short stories: Who Can Listen to a Guy who Comes through Your Window Stark Naked at Midnight? (1988), which gained him the first prize of the city of Alcalá, y Bloody Lips (2002), plus one short novel: So Long, Kid (1989), winning the City of Barbastro Prize, and an autobiography: Written in Water (2011), all of which have confirmed him as one of the most interesting authors of present-day Spanish literature.

The Heaven and the Hassle: Morocco in the Picture

by A Greenman

A photographic travelogue detailing four months in Marrakesh, Imlil in the Atlas Mountains, Essaouira on the West coast and Merzouga, in the Erg Chebbi Sahara Desert.

‘A. Greenman’ writes mostly about long term budget travel. This book of 40,000 words, with 35 High-Definition photos, captures some of the ‘Heaven and the Hassle’ of this North African delight, whilst recording Greenman’s own personal journey.

Although this is not a guide book, it does contains useful information about his experiences in Morocco, including details about budget food, accommodation and independent excursions. Here are some exerts from the book:


“Each of us on the desert tour have our own camel to ride. Strictly speaking, they are called Dromedaries, as they only have one hump and camels have two. It is a bit of a bumpy ride, but all the same, pleasurable. What strikes me about the journey is the â??nothingness’ of it all, the absence of anything but our presence, the sand and the sky. And indeed they are striking, most of all, the difference between the blue of the sky and the varying colours of the sand. From yellows to oranges and browns to reds. Moving through the shallow valleys of the dunes, one peers up over the faces of the dunes, directly into the majesty of the sky. And regal it does become, as one gently bounces on the back of the dromedaries, midst the quietness and perfection of this landscape.’


“From time to time the countryside becomes thick in lush greenness. Farm workers tend to animals and slowly bend to gather crops by hand. There is no sense of strain or rush in their actions and I think of the stark difference from Marrakesh. Surely I must explore this country more, with its simple settlements of Berber tents and shepherds. My eyes have been opened by that which I have seen in the city, yet I do not wish to blind them.”


“I pass an overbearing shop owner and he tries to entice me in.
“Oh come on, just a little look, not spend too much money!”
I try a tactic to repel him.
“Can you give me some money please?” I ask.
It seems to catch him off guard.
“Do you not have much?” he asks, with a slightly saddened expression.
“No, not much,” I say.
“How much would you like?” he asks.
“10 Dirhams,” I say.
The man goes to his till and takes out some coins. I do not feel sorry for him, his shop is filled to the brim with goods and he is dressed very smartly. I believe he is wealthier than I.
“Here, I have nine,” he says in an apparently genuine gesture.
I immediately look around his shop to see if there is anything I would like to spend it on. My eyes skirt past the many craft items and textiles, of no use to me on my travels, onto a small shelf displaying household goods. There is something very useful there, toilet roll. It seems that often the bathrooms here do not always have it and so I ask him how much it is.
“6 Dirhams for one,” about half a Euro. They are also half size and seem overpriced.
“I will give you 9 Dirhams for 2,” I propose.
“Okay,” he says.
I pay and leave, smiling all the way up the road. Perhaps I can try this again.”

A. Greenman is the author of more than twenty books, including: ‘I Travel Light – The Man Who Walked Out of the World’,
‘How to Take a Gap Life’
‘The Practical Guide to Wwoofing’
Originally from England, he writes about travel, spirituality and nature. As well as writing, his interests are Humanity, Wood, Cycling, Smiling and Wandering in the Wild. He has journeyed for more than a decade around the world, exchanging skills of carpentry, teaching, farm-work and repairing bicycles on his journeys.

The BBC said of him:
“You are the person inside all of us that we wish we could let out from time to time. Possibly the most spontaneous traveller I have ever met!” BBC Radio Berkshire, Sarah Walker, talking to A. Greenman in August 2012.

An Alternative Boating Guide to Southern Puget Sound

by James Nugent

The far southern reaches of Puget Sound are a beautiful region for: sailing boating and small craft adventure. Still, people who live there and work there are among the few who get to enjoy it. This alternative guide to the waters of five inlets tells you how and why you might choose to visit this sparsely visited treasures of natural beauty. If you are the kind of person who wants to get away from it all and live independently on an anchor for days at a time; and if you can read a tide guide and a marine chart, then you might have the tools and temperament to enjoy the area.

The Legend of Lucky Island

by Andrew Grillet

A mysterious tale of pirates of the Caribbean with a spiritual message

Tipp Talk 2011

by Greg Enslen

“Tipp Talk,” a weekly newspaper column, explores life in small-town America. Covering the columns for the 2011 calendar year, this collection recounts the local and regional challenges, events and activities in and around the town of Tipp City, located just north of Dayton, Ohio. These recollections form a unique “snapshot” of life in a small Midwestern town struggling with job losses, mounting infrastructure costs and a weak economy.
I write a column for the local Tippecanoe Gazette called “Tipp Talk” about events, activities and other hometown items going on in and around Tipp City. For more information about the Gazette, visit their website at

A Gringocua Travels Puerto Rico Corozal (Pueblos of Puerto Rico)

by Greg “Froggy” Boudonck

This series of books is a trip throughout Puerto Rico. The Gringocua and his wife, the Boricua are traveling to each pueblo to give you some history and the sites of each. This edition is on the pueblo of Corozal. Come with Greg Boudonck and Maria Ruiz O’Farrill on this journey. Collect the whole set and visit lovely Puerto Rico!

Burmese Days and Flowers by Junior Win

by Junior Win

About the author – Junior Win, author of Walking Through the Wonderland, My Life will Go On, and 96+ Selected Articles & Essays published in Amazon.
Book Description – About the Burmese traditional Thingyan Pot which is still alive and used as a welcomed symbol of Burmese New Year when Thingyan Fesitival comes in April. Burmese Thingyan Pot also welcomes Tha-Gyar-Min; King of the celestial who comes and visits to human abode during Thingyan festival. The author wrote and explained about the Thingyan Pot in detail, and how important seven-day-born meant to Burmese people; but not boring to read with many interesting photos and pictures which showed readers not noticing the time until the end of the book. The reader may see that seven-day-born represents not only to Thingyan Pot, but also to the Buddhists way of life. From reading, the reader will have the knowledge of Burmese Days and Flowers which is not only for Burmese people but also for all the people around the world, who will become interested to make their own â??Thingyan Pot’ as the author wrote. She also added her articles which concerned Burmese tradition and customs, never fail and always remember for Burmese people. If you already are her readers, you will find her thoughts and mind openly and truly gave her readers faithfully to you here again.
Copy Right (Including photos and pictures inside) – Junior Win
Copy Right – (Cover and Cartoon Illustration Inside) – Maung Yit

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.

Free sports Kindle books for 30 Jun 13


by Geoff Norman

Here we are at the third and final book in the Ideal Fitness series. In this book you will see that more strenuous exercise is required to reach the pinnacle of your desire.

All through the series, including this book, you have been required to balance exercise with building muscle and core strength. Now you are ready to take to any place you choose. You can build your body’s muscle bulk and fitness to heights you never thought possible.

So to sum up; if you want to build muscle bulk fine. If you wish to become super fit; fine. If you want to live your life on a balanced diet, that is fine too because this book ties if all together and puts the decision making in your hands.

The table of contents is:

Welcome to Book 4 and the final in the series
How Other People Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
Still More Ways to Rev Up Your Motivation
Are You Overtraining?
How to Recover from Overtraining
How to Deal With Sore Muscles
Time-Saving Tips for Bodybuilders and Fitness Buffs
The Benefits of Raw Foods, Part 1
The Benefits of Raw Food, Part 2
How to Get More Muscle
Keeping Your Diet Clean… and Interesting!
Still More Meal and Recipe Ideas
Advanced Weight-Lifting Tips.
Advanced Bodybuilding Tips.
Mistakes to Avoid.
More Mistakes to Avoid.
More Tips for Blasting the Fat and Gaining Muscle, Fast

I hope you enjoy this book, it is fairly bulky but nevertheless full of the things you need for a strong, fit and active body.

Fishing’s Greatest Misadventures

Fishing’s Greatest Misadventures presents twenty-six true stories which cover the spectrum from terrifying to comical to downright bizarre. In these pages everyday fishermen, pros, and journalists tell their stories of freak accidents, fishy attacks, pranks, idiotic decisions, eerie or unexplained incidents, and other jaw dropping, adrenalin-pumping calamities. The stories bring to life the strange possibilities that await us once we cast our lines into known and unknown waters.

Here are some of the characters you’ll meet inside these pages:

* A sport fisherman who gets taken on harrowing underwater ride by an angry white shark.
* An adventure angler whose boat is over turned by a 200 lb Amazon-river catfish.
* A group of ice fishermen who lose their cabin, gear and pride to a single pike.
* A teenager who sabotages a fish farm and frees 300,000 salmon.
* A charter boat operator who gets speared through the chest by a leaping marlin.

From lakes to rivers to the ocean, this fishing book covers every form of angling, and all that can go wrong.

Surfing’s Greatest Misadventures

by Paul Diamond

The true stories in this one-of-a-kind collection cross the spectrum from terrifying to comical to downright bizarre. Prepare yourself for the most gripping and unbelievable stories about big waves, shark attacks, tsunamis, boating disasters, devastating wipeouts, pranks, and bad judgment calls. These thirty tales, by surf journalists, filmmakers, magazine editors, watermen, and everyday surfers, illuminate the less enchanting aspects of a life committed to surf.

With stories about Laird Hamilton, Greg Noll, Ken Bradshaw, Tubesteak, Miki Dora, Buzzy Kerbox, Brad Gerlach and many other big name surfers.

The Mental Game Of Golf (Better Golf Institute)

by Geoff Norman

Well here we are at the final guide in the Better Golf Institute series.

This is where all the hard work carried out in the first 3 books comes to fruition. A good deal of space is taken up with improving your iron club play because it is the second area where small mistakes are multiplied by distance.

If you get you fairway irons going as well as your driver then you can re-visit your putting performance and get it right. Additionally there are all manner of hints and tips extra just to round off the complete series.

This book is a real gem because it encapsulates all that the amateur golfer is required to know in order to enjoy a round of golf. Obviously though it would be advantageous to read the preceding books that provide the grounding.
The table of contents:

Drills and Tips for Improving Your Iron Play, Part 1
Tips and Drills for Improving Your Iron Play, Part 2
Drills and Tips for Improving Your Iron Play, Part 3
Drills and Tips to Improve Your Iron Play, Part 4
An Introduction to Golf Reality; Adapting to Conditions
How to Deal With the Bunker
How to Adapt to Different Types of Grass Conditions
How to Adapt to Various Weather Conditions
Advanced Equipment Selection Tips
Advanced Tips for Improving Your Mental Game
Advanced Tips for Improving Your Putting
Advanced Tips: Flopping Instead of Chipping
Advanced Tips for Improving Your Short Game
Advanced Tips for Improving Your Drives
Advanced Tips for Improving Your Iron Play
How to Avoid the Most Golf Mistakes, Part 1
How to Avoid the Most Common Golf Mistakes, Part 2

I know you will enjoy this book as I hope you enjoyed the first three in the series.

Cycling’s Greatest Misadventures

by Erich Schweikher

Cycling’s Greatest Misadventures presents twenty-seven true stories which cross the spectrum from terrifying to comical to downright bizarre. In these pages both everyday riders and pros tell their stories of freak accidents, animal attacks, sabotage, idiotic decisions, eerie or unexplained incidents, and other jaw dropping, adrenalin-pumping calamities. These stories bring to life the strange things possibilities that await, once we step on the pedals of our road, mountain, or commuter bikes.

A sampling of misadventures in this collection includes the stories of:

* the mountain biker who follows a bull and then gets gored by it

* the twenty African Americans who pioneered cycle touring by completing a Transamerica ride in 1897, with rifles

* the large rat that leapt on top of a woman’s bike and slapped her repeatedly with its tail

* an inside-the-head narration by a professional racer as he rides a brutal race, and then gets humiliated in changing room afterwords

* the recreational cyclist who accidentally rides deep into a prison yard

* the computer programmer who crashes a stationary bike during his first spin class
* the bike messenger who can’t call it quits even after getting hit by eight cars
, and
* the man who carefully spreads out tacks on the route of an all female race in an attempt to get a date.

These stories will make you wonder, laugh, or shake your head with disbelief.

Going to Antarctica

by Robert B. Yonaitis

Going to Antarctica is the story of a seasoned traveler preparing and then setting out for the trip of a lifetime. Told from the perspective of a global adventurer, Going to Antarctica provides a delightful mix: on the one hand, practical travel tips, suggestions and advice; and, of course, the anecdotes, colorful descriptions, and stories that made the journey so memorable. The excursion follows the ship as it navigates through the Drake Passage. Then the team sets out on land, through the wilderness, and encounters the wildlife of the southernmost desert in the world. The explorers have some amazing experiences along the way, including camping in Antarctica. This is a must-read story for anyone contemplating a trip to the crystal desert, for lovers of wildlife, and for anyone fascinated with this foreign, frozen wonderland.

Freshwater Fish Recipes Made Simple – 99 Classic Recipes for the Homecook

by George Gregory

Looking for simple and mouthwatering recipes for freshwater fish?

A void has been filled with Freshwater Fish Recipes Made Simple by fisherman and best selling author, George T. Gregory. This cookbook covers a wide variety of fish pursued by the average recreational fisherman and easily prepared by the everyday cook. Recipes are included for:

– Bass
– Catfish
– Crappies
– Northern Pike
– Trout
– Salmon
– Walleye

Too many people simply resort to purchasing a store bought batter mix and frying their catch. Not only is this not always the healthiest choice but it also eliminates the numerous delicious alternative recipes available.

George has accumulated a great variety of fish recipes over the years covering frying, baking, grilling, broiling, and soup preparations. This selection of recipes is sure to please the taste buds of you and your family.

Workouts Without Weights: The Hyper Concentration Method

by Malcolm Neville

Do you ever just go through the motions?

You know, sleepwalk through a workout just for the sake of getting it done, absentmindedly pumping out your reps while thinking about what’s for dinner, the latest celebrity scandal or the unalterable futility of existence?

Are you you looking to build muscle, shed fat, and prep your body for the beach, without people knowing about it, totally undercover, without using weights or going to the gym?

The physical part of working out is elemental: You become bigger, stronger and slimmer by putting your body through its paces with resistance based exercises and aerobics, trying to do these more times than your body can easily handle.

And you support that effort with wise food choices.

But the success of your fitness program doesn’t start with your nutrition or your muscles; it starts with your head.

Pushing your body past the point you were able to last week requires both concentration and conviction – in other words, mental skills.

And the sooner you start working on them, the better those skills – and your body – will become.

“Preparing for the intensity of a workout is critical, because it allows you to create more muscle tension, which in turn leads to more growth during your rest period.” – Blair Whitemarsh Ph.D – The Author of ‘Mind and Muscle’.

And it doesn’t stop there. You have to establish a personal and intimate relationship between your mind and your muscles.

This mind – muscle relationship has to to fill every inch and second of your workout, and continue on through your resting periods, and beyond.

Going in with an empty mind and just exercising is easy. But if you don’t have a strong mind-muscle link, you’re just wasting your time.

Get Up and RUN

by Alan Seel

The aim of this book is to spur you on to get up and run. Especially if you have never ran before. Sometimes it is good to force yourself up to make the effort. Many think about running but never get up off their couch to actually see what it is like.

For some once the idea of being able to exercise and run and perhaps get fitter hits them, then they get the motivation and the first step is to realise that they have got to get up and make a start. No one needs to be told how to get up and make the effort, so it really is just a case of getting the running gear on and getting out there.

This book will detail very simply the steps required to start to run. It is up to each person to motivate themselves and a good way is to go out and run to start the day off. This might not suit everyone and programs can be devised easily to set the best times for doing your running.

Many may think that they only have to put minimal effort in and run without much thought to get themselves started on their running journey, but it requires a bit more dedication than that, so to get up and run for fun might be ok initially, but is not what the whole picture is for anyone wishing to really progress in running.

By reading this book you will be given everything that you need to start running from the point of never having ran before to being a runner who can start out and run for half an hour without stopping.

The Masters of Golf: Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods

by Parkway Publishing

* Includes an in depth look at the lives of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods
* Includes several pictures of each golfer
* Includes a table of contents

Arnold Palmer:

There are few professional athletes that have made an impact on their sport like Arnold Palmer. Palmer single handedly elevated golf into the worldwide phenomenon it is today. He was the quintessential player who transformed the game from a hobby into an art, and was the complete package of good looks, charisma and charm. The fact that he was the best golfer of his day didn’t hurt either.

Like many other great athletes, Arnold Palmer transcended sports. Today Arnold is a variety of things to many different people: golf immortal, successful golf course designer, prominent businessman and devoted family man. In a world where famous athletes are known for their demonstrative personalities and prima donna attitudes Arnold Palmer was and still is a breath of fresh air.

We’ll take you through Palmer’s life from the son of a groundskeeper in Latrobe, Pennsylvania to the pinnacle of golf success on the PGA tour as he captures 62 PGA Tour victories including seven major championships. We’ll also take you behind the scenes of his golf business including his golf course design firm and his founding of the Golf Channel.

Palmer’s life on and off the golf course is inspiring. Unlike so many elite athletes, he was able to transition from the game as his body failed him and did it with dignity and honor. He has too many accolades to list – including the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George W. Bush in 2004. Ask him and he’ll tell you he’s just Arnold Palmer, a kid from Latrobe, Pennsylvania, but to us, he’s “The King.”

Jack Nicklaus:

Jack Nicklaus is more than just a famous name in golf history. While he is most known for his prowess on the golf course, he has also done a lot to promote and further the entire sport. From his award winning golf course designs to his philanthropic work, Jack Nicklaus is truly one of a kind when it comes to generosity and humbleness.

Jack Nicklaus started out golfing as a child for fun and then his hobby led him in to doing it as a full time career. Jack said he never imagined golf would be a career for him because he loved to play the game so much. However, it worked out well for him as he left school to try and earn money on the golf circuit and earned way more than he ever could have imagined.

Besides setting records on the courses for just about every record ever kept, Nicklaus became a legend off the course as well. He went into business designing golf courses and remains in business with his sons to this day. Many of the PGA major golf tournaments are held at his courses.

Besides designing courses, Nicklaus also has a line of golf apparel, three lines of golf clubs, a brand of wine, a golf academy, a real estate division for his golf courses and even a travel agency. Nicklaus oversees hospitable charities with his wife and they donate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to many worthwhile causes in their home state of Ohio and their adopted state of Florida.

Tiger Woods:

The name “Eldrick Woods” means nothing to most people, but when you say “Tiger Woods,” the whole world is suddenly alert and listening. Most individuals are unaware Eldrick Woods and Tiger Woods are, in reality, the same man. Have you heard the story of how Eldrick became Tiger? Of course, everyone knows Woods was the first African American to win the Masters Tournament, but did you know he was also the youngest to win the event? Are you aware of the number of professional major championships this golf superstar has won? In this biography, you will explore the different worlds of Tiger Woods and learn exciting facts about the extraordinary golfer who changed the world of golf when he was only 21 years of age.

Golf’s Greatest Players: Jack Nicklaus

by Parkway Publishing

* Includes an in depth look at the life of Jack Nicklaus
* Includes several picturse
* Includes a table of contents

Jack Nicklaus is more than just a famous name in golf history. While he is most known for his prowess on the golf course, he has also done a lot to promote and further the entire sport. From his award winning golf course designs to his philanthropic work, Jack Nicklaus is truly one of a kind when it comes to generosity and humbleness.

Jack Nicklaus started out golfing as a child for fun and then his hobby led him in to doing it as a full time career. He dominated the course from the time he entered high school until he declared himself a pro and left Ohio State University after three years of studying to become a pharmacist. Jack said he never imagined golf would be a career for him because he loved to play the game so much. However, it worked out well for him as he left school to try and earn money on the golf circuit and earned way more than he ever could have imagined.

Besides setting records on the courses for just about every record ever kept, Nicklaus became a legend off the course as well. He went into business designing golf courses and remains in business with his sons to this day. Many of the PGA major golf tournaments are held at his courses. There are Nicklaus designed courses in many countries around the world, not just the United States.

Besides designing courses, Nicklaus also has a line of golf apparel, three lines of golf clubs, a brand of wine, a golf academy, a real estate division for his golf courses and even a travel agency. They all relate to golf and how a person can enjoy their game better. Nicklaus oversees hospitable charities with his wife and they donate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to many worthwhile causes in their home state of Ohio and their adopted state of Florida.

Jack retired from golf in 2005 but still works on designing courses and organizing his own charity tournament on the PGA circuit. He and his wife Barbara had five children and twenty one grandchildren. They permanently reside in Florida near many of the courses he has built over the last couple decades.

The Accidental Cyclist

by Dennis Rink

Do you love bicycles? Icarus Smith is absolutely smitten by everything about cycling, even though he has never ridden a bike … until one day, quite by accident, he finds himself freewheeling through the local park on a stolen bike, chased by two panting policemen. This is the story of growing up, of finding friends and freedom, and most of all, it is about the joy of cycling.

Golf’s Greatest Players: Arnold Palmer

by Parkway Publishing

* Includes a detailed biography on one of the greatest golfers to play the game
* Includes several pictures
* Includes a table of contents

There are few professional athletes that have made an impact on their sport like Arnold Palmer. Palmer single handedly elevated golf into the worldwide phenomenon it is today. He was the quintessential player who transformed the game from a hobby into an art, and was the complete package of good looks, charisma and charm. The fact that he was the best golfer of his day didn’t hurt either.

Like many other great athletes, Arnold Palmer transcended sports. Today Arnold is a variety of things to many different people: golf immortal, successful golf course designer, prominent businessman and devoted family man. In a world where famous athletes are known for their demonstrative personalities and prima donna attitudes Arnold Palmer was and still is a breath of fresh air.

Despite all of the success, fame and money he is known for his unwavering kindness and affability. It was that approachability and genuineness that propelled him to stardom in the 1950’s and has endeared him to millions of fans all over the world.

We’ll take you through Palmer’s life from the son of a groundskeeper in Latrobe, Pennsylvania to the pinnacle of golf success on the PGA tour as he captures 62 PGA Tour victories including seven major championships. We’ll also take you behind the scenes of his golf business including his golf course design firm and his founding of the Golf Channel.

Palmer’s life on and off the golf course is inspiring. Unlike so many elite athletes, he was able to transition from the game as his body failed him and did it with dignity and honor. He has too many accolades to list – including the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George W. Bush in 2004. Ask him and he’ll tell you he’s just Arnold Palmer, a kid from Latrobe, Pennsylvania, but to us, he’s “The King.”

Gunsmiths calendar

by Arunas Eigulis

Unique calendar!!!

Gunsmiths memorable days calendar
366 days, 477 events, 144 photo!!!

Gunsmiths born and died dates, major weapons patent dates, guns manufacturing opening dates, gunsmithing history dates , and etc.

The Rise of Douai

by Arsalan Ahmed

I found a team in the gutter, downtrodden, demoralised and down on their luck. I decided to pick them up and reshape them. I gave them a new lease of life and in time a new identity. My idea was to build them up and up and up until eventually all other teams gave in. We became unstoppable, moved with a new conviction and went straight to the top. In short I watched my team fly. This is the story of the path we traveled, detailed in a match by match report for everything that happened on the way.

Track Attacks!

by Rick Karboviak

You just finished a 3 mile run, but you feel the need for more, something extra to end your run with. Speed is what you need to boost your running level and racing times…so why not add something extra?

You need an extra finishing touch that will help you get faster, get the job done, and not take up a lot of extra time in the end.

If you are in search of such a need for your running improvements, then “Track Attacks!” is just for you!

With 19 solid workout-ending speed solutions, taking anywhere from 2 to 8 minutes of time in most cases, you will discover in “Track Attacks!” :

How fast to run these speed efforts in

How to find out just how fast you need to run those speed efforts in

How many to do, based on your running for the day

How often to add these “Enders” to your run

How a light pair of dumbbells is a ‘secret’ tool of many coaches, and how it may fix some of your running form problems

Plus, how to do “Track Attacks”, without a track available. (Yes, it can be done!)

No fluff, no banter, just solid workout options to end your running workouts with!

It’s the New Difference Maker in Running:

Order “Track Attacks!” today!

Fantasy Football Strategy Secrets

by Patrick Bunker

Take your fantasy football abilities to the next level!

Discover the strategy secrets that have never been available to the public until now!

More people are playing fantasy football every year. This has created a small demographic of professional fantasy football players. People who have made enough money playing fantasy football that they are able to retire early. The strategies they have learned over the years can turn anyone into a Superbowl winner.

With this Book you will learn strategies for

– Draft player selection
– Regular season weekly match-ups
– Using available information to crush your opponent
– Playoff success
– Superbowl winning team selection

Putin’s Magic Football Ring: The Future Fate of Those Involved in the Kremlin Ring Scandal (Zirdov Speaks! Philosophy Series)

by Zirdov the Unparalleled

This book tells you the future fate of those involved in the 2013, Kremlin Football Ring Scandal.

Zirdov the Unparalleled—the only Quantum Seer on Earth—tells you the future fate of those involved, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. He tells you how this famous football ring will be a major factor in future world events.

Using weighty words, Zirdov the Unparalleled tells you -exactly- what the future will be–must be. Zirdov does this specifically, accurately and decisively. You will not be left wondering.

The issues covered in this book include:
The Background of The Ring
The People Involved
Ways The Ring Can Influence History
The Future Of The Ring In Culture
…and exact information on the future fate of the parties involved.

All these matters are explained in great detail, with added commentary.

Zirdov is the only person on Earth who can explain this to you. And He Does.

Who Is The Better NBA Basketball Player Off All Time? LeBron James, Kobe Bryant Or Michael Jordan? NBA Basketball Star Comparison (basketball talk)

by Stephan Bball

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, 3 of the NBA’s best players ever. Always getting compared to each other. So who actually is the best basketball player ever? Who and who is better at this moment. Kobe and Michael get compared to each other more often because they have the same kind of play but does this mean Kobe is better than LeBron is? Or is LeBron even better than both of them? Or is Kobe actually the best? Right now LeBron just got his second straight ring but still has less than Kobe and Michael. So who of these three actually is the best? The answer is right in this book!

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Sub-Human (Book 1) (Post-Human Series)

by David Simpson

***June 30th, to July 2nd, Read the entire Post-Human Series for just 99 cents! Sub-Human (book 1) FREE Post-Human (book 2) FREE Trans-Human (book 3) FREE Human-Plus (book 4) 99 cents!***
Age Range: 12 years and up
. Before he was Old-timer, he was Craig Emilson, a young doctor, sucked into military service at the outbreak of World War III. Enlisting to become a Special Forces suborbital paratrooper, Craig is selected to take part in the most important mission in American military history–a sortie into enemy territory to eliminate the world’s first strong Artificial Intelligence. The mission is only the beginning of Craig’s story, and for the story of humanity as well, as they accelerate towards a world that is post-human.

If you’re already a fan of the smash-hit Post-Human Series, this prequel to Post-Human, Sub-Human, will answer the previously unanswered questions of how the post-human world came to be. And, if you’re new to the series, Sub-Human will serve as an engrossing introduction to a possible future that has enraptured tens of thousands of readers in 2012 alone!.
“Wow! Reads like a action film in reeling off in your head!” -By Joanna Daneman
(VINE VOICE) (TOP 10 REVIEWER) (HALL OF FAME REVIEWER).“this book is definitly one of my new favorites in science fiction, alongside Ender’s Game!” -By J. Kittrell

Post-Human (Book 2) (Post-Human Series)

by David Simpson

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Age Range: 12 years and up
.The future should have been perfect. Microscopic robots known as nans could repair any damage to your body, keep you young by resetting your cellular clocks, and allow you to download upgrades like intelligence, muscle strength, and eyesight. You were supposed to be able to have anything you wanted with a simple thought, to be able to fly without the aid of a machine, to be able to live forever. But when a small group of five terraformers working on Venus return to Earth, they discover that every other human in the solar system has been gruesomely murdered. Now, James Keats and his four companions must discover what happened to the rest of humanity and fight back if they wish to avoid the same, horrifying fate. Welcome to the post-human era..“Post-Human, a noteworthy sci-fi novel.” –

Trans-Human (Book 3) (Post-Human Series)

by David Simpson

***June 30th, to July 2nd, Read the entire Post-Human Series for just 99 cents! Sub-Human (book 1) FREE Post-Human (book 2) FREE Trans-Human (book 3) FREE Human-Plus (book 4) 99 cents!***
Age Range: 12 years and up
. In this sequel to Post-Human, humanity will be forced to face a future more advanced than it could have imagined if it wants to survive. Nineteen months have passed since the A.I. turned against humanity and was subsequently destroyed. In the meantime, James Keats has turned over the A.I.’s powers to a non-intelligent, easily controlled operating system. He and Thel have left the planet and spent six months vacationing on Venus, which has been newly terraformed without the consent or knowledge of the Governing Council. The A.I. has been deleted, but the message it sent out into the abyss of space in search of a companion has been answered. An alien force dwarfing the Earth is on its way to find out why the A.I. has stopped communicating. Keats and company can only assume its intentions will be hostile when it finds out the truth. Only one thing is for sure: nothing will ever be the same again. Welcome to the Trans-Human era. Welcome to the singularity.
“A thought-provoking, energetic sci-fi book, with a robust dose of high-octane exploits.” -By A.F. Stewart, author of Chronicles of the Undead 


by Ike Hamill

Channel Two predicted a blanket of snow for Thanksgiving weekend–unusual, but not alarming for the little Maine island. What comes is a blinding blizzard, and a mass disappearance of nearly every person Robby Pierce knows. He and his family flee, trying to escape the snow and the invisible forces stealing people right from the street.
Miles away, Brad Jenkins battles the same storm. Alone, he attempts to survive as snow envelops his house. When the storm breaks, Brad makes his way south to where the snow ends and the world lies empty. Join Brad, Robby, and the other survivors as they fight to find the truth about the apocalypse and discover how to live in their new world.

Jordan’s Brains: A Zombie Evolution

by J. Cornell Michel

Jordan is a psychotic yet friendly zombie expert whose gender is never revealed. Having prepared for the zombie apocalypse since childhood, Jordan is thrilled when hordes of the infected undead finally invade. With a bug-out bag and a confident grin, Jordan leaves the safety of the psychiatric hospital and wanders alone into the zombie-infested streets to rescue family and strangers alike. Everything seems perfect until Jordan’s loved ones start dying, and Jordan has to face the harsh reality that the zombie apocalypse isn’t going according to plan.

When Everything Changed

by Edward M Wolfe

People had no idea they were being watched for thousands of years by an advanced race. Eventually that race could not stand any longer to watch our blundering efforts at civilization and was compelled to take over and make things right. It’s been five years since they arrived and everything on earth has changed.

A Year Underfoot

by Paul Nevins

An alien invasion is imminent and only you it is going to happen. You have been having dreams. They show you the future. You realize they aren’t merely dreams, but a warning. You warn others, but no one believes you. You are committed against your will, and after seventy-two of psychiatric evaluation you are released. Forty-eight hours later the invasion begins. What would you do?

Dante Mason did the only thing he could do, he fought back.

A Dinosaur Ate Your Alien: A Tale of Cavemen in Space

by Parker Moose

It’s ET vs. BC in a Comic Culture Clash!

The squid of Steranko have a problem. Their king is a lunatic, the last of their once-proud space fleet has been reduced to a theme restaurant, and the population’s only ambition is to catch all of their soaps. So when a mineral shortage triggers a planetwide crisis, it’s time to go where no squid has gone before: out of their comfort zone.

Light-years away, the people of Earth aren’t doing too peachy, either. The cavemen there are in constant danger of becoming extinct, whether it’s from the elements, dinosaur attacks or their own poor table manners. Anyone with half a brain would want to get out of town. But there’s only one person on the planet who meets that requirement. He’s Cro, the first Cro-Magnon man in a world of Neanderthals, and he’s about to meet an alien race that’s truly ahead of their time.

Will Cro sell out his people for the sake of a good conversation? Does brains versus brawn really matter at the wrong end of a club? And how does an alien from another galaxy get an Irish accent? Find out in the novel Microsoft Office called “chock full of sentence fragments!” It’s A Dinosaur Ate Your Alien: A Tale of Cavemen in Space!

Matriarch (VItalis)

by Jason Halstead

Matriarch is part 7 in the Vitalis series

Vitalis possesses deadly beauty and unlimited possibilities. In order to survive both the human survivors must learn to put their differences aside.

In their darkest hour since they crash landed on the planet the unlikely colonists are faced with a choice: will salvation come from the Terran Coalition ships in orbit or by embracing the natural evolution of Vitalis?

Look for these other Vitalis episodes:
Episode 1: New Beginnings
Episode 2: The Colony
Episode 3: Parasites
Episode 4: Screamer
Episode 5: Squatter’s Rights
Episode 6: Evolution
Episode 7: Matriarch
Book 1: Vitalis Omnibus (episodes 1- 7)
Book 2: Vitalis – Resurrection (a full length novel)

Robot Goes To Prom (Monster Exchange Program)

by Terri Bogard

When a robot is tasked with observing and collecting data pertaining to the Human prom, he realizes a sample size of one is too small. His solution: find the most average prom date to take to the most average prom.

Short Story – 3600 words

This is a part of the Monster Exchange Program series. To read more, grab the complete series at one low dollar-saving price;


by J M Johnson

The world is facing chaos. Real-life soldiers equipped with future technologies attempt to stop terrorists with drug-enhanced powers from using their frightening abilities against Western forces. The enemy have their hands on a mind-enhancing drug known as â??Starbirth’ and they have state-of-the-art weapons called â??Demons’, these use a lethal nanovirus to kill.

Lock Harford is usually at the forefront; he is well-suited to fighting an enemy with extraordinary abilities because he is no ordinary man. As a teenager he was exposed to an unknown drug which contained the ingredients found in the drug Starbirth. This changed his life and gave him unique abilities. Now aged twenty-five he is a â??teleporter’, he has the ability to move his body through an invisible dimension that exists all around us. In this strange world which only he can see, living creatures are visible as auras of fragile, pulsating colours. Only dense rock provides cover from Lock’s supernatural vision.

Lock is at loggerheads with his intelligence-agency controllers and is frustrated by being kept out of the action, but events soon reunite him with his Special-Forces colleagues in a desperate search for Starbirth terrorists. Lock must act quickly to avert disaster while at the same time protecting his family from the killer intentions of his personal enemies.
Readers have enjoyed the previous Starbirth books, as shown in the reviews:
â??I read this book and I wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. Normally I rarely read at all, but I inhaled The Starbirth Assignment. I was glued to it from start to finish and hardly put it down. I think it particularly struck a chord with me because I’m in the military and the details were very interesting from my perspective. Its nice to see someone getting all of the acronyms right for a change too. I liked the characters and the way they talked and behaved.’ K A Richards

Dead Trees (The Underground)

by Eli Constant

A scientist mommy battling beasties better be handy with a scalpel.

Elise Swanson is trying to give her daughters a decent childhood. This should be a simple task, but the invading undergrounders – subterranean humanoids that have existed since the dawn of mankind – make outdoor playtime a tad tricky.

After fleeing Georgia and surviving six months of bumbling self-sufficiency, Elise and her daughters meet Jason. He’s tough and nature-savvy. Pit stop fights with beasties define the survival-road that the four companions navigate. The bloody pavement finally ends in Washington State at a government safe zone where the trekkers hope to build a stationary life.

A little rest and rehab would be nice, but Elise is quickly led down a path of research and deception where humanity’s future isn’t a priority. She becomes leader of a secret plan and long nights in the lab keep her busy. She strives to destroy the undergrounders and the life of an underhuman crossbreed hangs in the balance.

Haphazardly conceived and manufactured, the H2H (Humanoid-to-Human) chromosome-targeting nanotech has a small probability of success, but Elise has to believe it will work. Hour by hour, she becomes less confident and more emotionally compromised by the rapidly growing, stunning underhuman. Her maternal nature leads to a late-night escapade resulting in a platinum-haired, third daughter and a million uncertainties.

Fleeing her home, Elise had two loved ones to shelter. That number has risen. When the not-so-safe zone is invaded by beasties, she will save her family… no matter the consequences.

DEAD TREES is a 111k word, mature-reader Dystopian that weaves horror, levity, and science. Underneath the layers of storyline, a simple core exists – the limitless distance a mother will go to protect her children, both physically and mentally.

Reader Comments:

“I must congratulate you on what looks to be a well crafted story. Well written, too. You have obviously put a lot of thought and effort into your writing and it shows.” -John P.

“What a nice change from zombies, vampires, trolls, aliens and giant earthworms. Quadruped humanoids who eat their dead are certainly monstrous enough to qualify for the role of abomination bent on killing off humankind. Your protagonist, Elise, using the first person POV makes the narrative introspective and immediate- a sympathetic character worth cheering on from one impossible situtation to the next. The dialogue is to the point, even raw at times, but always true to character. Thank you so much for the intriguing read.”
-Ken E.L.

Distant Traveler

by Luke Humphrey

Somewhere in the deep reaches of space, the exploration ship Distant Traveler suffers an anomaly. Years from Earth, Karolyn finds herself struggling against the chaos of the ship, her fellow voyagers, and the menacing power of elemental forces.

Note: This is a novella.

The Everbloom Factory

by Michael Galloway

A data entry operator secretly discovers the key to manipulating designs at a futuristic flower seed distribution company. This is a short story that is approximately 2,600 words in length.

Project Mastermind

by Kari Johnson

Young Tom Brown’s life is not that of a typical teenager in the year 2020. His father is in a mental institution, and Tom and the rest of his family live a “self-sufficient” lifestyle that focuses on his father’s paranoia and distrust for the government. Little does Tom know that his father, once a brain researcher for a top-secret government entity, was right about a lot of things. In a shocking twist of events, Tom’s life goes from dull and monotonous to terrifying. He makes a discovery that will lead him and his family to begin a battle to protect the rights of mankind against “Big Brother” and a sinister government program called “Project Mastermind.”

The Secret Weapon

by Bridget Denise Bundy

In the distant future, the world’s population has decreased dramatically to less than 200,000 people. A new government has been developed. A new society has grown, and with this change, the human kind is still deceitful, manipulative, and controlling.

Coraset Prescott, a business executive once in a worldwide company before the downfall of man, has been a victim of a lie that lands her in prison. Once she’s out, she must get back to her life, but she will find that it won’t be so easy. Coraset’s stepfather will be threatened if she doesn’t complete one dangerous task. Will she be able to get her mission complete and save the life of her last living family member? Or will she be caught by the new government officials?

Find out in this story The Secret Weapon.


by Christopher Menadue

Martin is a geologist, minding his own business picking up rocks when one of them picks him up instead… If you enjoy this, try the sequel, longer and also featuring encounters between geologists and aliens…

The Loranth (Sojourner to the Stars)

by Jean Kilczer

Exobiologist Jules Rammis finds more than the small mammal he searched for among the great reptiles on the primal world of Tartarus. If he had known that deep beneath the surface he walked, a spectacular culture of intelligent aliens quietly roamed the sunken seas, he might not have walked into the lair of a demented member who was out to destroy humankind and intended to use Jules as his weapon of choice.


by William Meikle

From Scottish writer William Meikle comes a novel that is a welcome return to those tomes of pure enjoyment that we read with guilt in our early teens, in the tradition of James Herbert’s THE RATS and Guy N. Smith’s NIGHT OF THE CRABS.

It begins with a dead whale on a Boston shoreline–not in itself an unusual occurrence. But the things that claw their way out of the blubber are very unusual indeed. A cast of giant crabs, evolved over centuries, descends on a small coastal town and, having feasted, make their way to the city using the sewer system. Soon they are swarming around Manhattan, hunted and harried by a SWAT team tasked with ridding the city of the menace…before the menace gets big enough to rid itself of the city.

“I don’t think you can have much more fun reading a book than “Crustaceans”. It is one hell of a ride that will keep you turning the pages as fast as you can read them. There is bloodshed galore, epic man vs. crab battles and there is even room for some heartfelt moments.” – Famous Monsters of Filmland

The Edge of Darkness: The Lewis Clark Expedition

by Bradley Poage

While exploring the Dwarf Planet Eris, the science vessel U.S.S. Lewis Clark finds an unusual object at the edge of the solar system. Intrigued her captain orders the Lewis to investigate, leaving the survey crews behind.

Now, a captain’s arrogant pursuit of a childhood dream may seal the fate of her very ship and crew…

Pioneers of the Stars (The Chronicles of George Jackson)

by Cody Sherer

This fun-filled and action oriented Science Fiction adventure introduces you to the world of George Jackson. On the run from the Alliance, George does what he can to hide, but his cover is ultimately blown by Alliance Bounty Hunters. George must choose between fighting and running. Outnumbered and outgunned, he retreats to the only place that will grant him safe harbor: A Coalition ship that is bound for uncharted space. Though a stranger to the rigors of life on a spaceship, George quickly finds his place among the unique and resourceful crew of the CNS Pilgrim. Though he has found a home among the stars, the mission of the CNS Pilgrim is not all it seems.

Along with the book are two short stories, both of which take you into one of the character’s pasts. The first of them delves deeper into Jackson’s past with the Alliance. The second story takes you into the past of Todd Bradford.

The approximate lengths of each are as follows:
Pioneers of the stars: 34,000 words.
Short story 1: 5,150 words.
Short story 2: 8,250 words.

The Ostrich Line

by Frank Hughes

When newly installed President Eleanor Tate closed the borders there was a national sense of relief, the 28th Amendment made America safe again. But despite standing side by side with her on the lawn of the Rose Garden, Shawn O’Hara’s heart was heavy. The catalyst of the new law was the very event that made him a widower, leaving him to raise his new born daughter Betsy alone. But Shawn’s loss did not end there, feeling responsible, his brother Clay re-enlisted in the Army infantry and days before he was to be shipped home went MIA, on the wrong side of the border.

Fast forward ten years. No more foreign debt. No more billions spent on wars against terror. Cancer: cured. Homelessness: ended. America for Americans. But do not consider this a better world, rather a different world because even the ostrich that buries its head in the sand to avoid a predator is still the prey. In this new world Shawn struggles to overcome the demons that prevent him from moving on while unbeknownst to him, half a world away, his brother Clay battles inch for inch in an attempt to re-enter a xenophobic country protected by the ostrich line, and electronic barrier built to isolate America from the world.

This is the epic story of a family separated by years and fear, yet strengthened by unflinching hope and devotion. The Ostrich Line will fill your heart with adventure; thrill you and inspire you. You will cheer for these ordinary people thrust into extraordinary situations who want nothing more than to be a family again.

The Ostrich Line is the first in a series of three books, soon to be followed by The Fourth Corner and Of the Glory.

War and Snowflakes: A Mecha Monogatari Novella

by S. Douglas Johnson

During the battles the Japan Self-Defense Force Titan Corps fights against the Eschatos, the civilians are evacuated to subterranean bunkers to take refuge from the destruction that the giant mecha cause. On a cold winter day, sixteen-year-old Tsuruhara Iori is on her way home from school when the evacuation order is given, and comes to be in the company of a strange boy from her school, Aragaki Koji, who has a secret he has buried in his past.

War and Snowflakes is a slice-of-life story set in the world of the Mecha Monogatari, a companion piece to Stone King.

Earth’s New Masters

by Adriane Ceallaigh

This is a short story: It is the first Episode in a serial that will becoming out over the next few months.

Shura, returns to an Earth that has become a shrine for her people; people that haven’t set foot on their homeworld in hundreds of years.
Riker-10, the home of most of the human race, orbits Earth, monitoring it for the day when Humankind might set foot on it once again. But when they discover movement on the planet, movement that shouldn’t be there, they call in the one person they know who can blend into any situation. Shura.
But what has the Earth been doing while the children were away? What the Earth has always done: made, healed, and destroyed life, and this time it’s we who are the aliens.

The Orb

by TJ Clark

Faced with a mysterious object in the comfort of his own home, Joey must make a quick decision and respond to the object’s sudden existence. Key moments from his marred life help guide him towards the encounter’s inevitable outcome.

Great for a quick read on the bus or train at around 15 pages long. This short work was written several years ago, and recently dusted off and cleaned up for publication. While writing this story, I took inspiration from Franz Kafka’s The Trial, and was attempting to emulate the feel of his works. The Trial is a brilliant book, surreal and sometimes confusing as if you’re in one of Kafka’s dream. I strongly recommend his book, even if you do not like my story!

The Centripetal Eve

by Rodney C Lawley

“When Astronaut Eve Strauss took the phone call, she already knew it would be bad news. Six of her colleagues had recently received a call from the Authority, and she hadn’t heard from any of them in over seven months. Of course everyone knew that Apophis was knocking on the door of Earth’s apocalypse, and it was only natural that the Space Authority would be hurling every stone in it arsenal towards the bastard meteorâ??to include every space pilot with two eyes and a trigger finger. Eve just wondered why it took them so long to get to her.”

Sometimes, the best of Mankind isn’t good enough.
That’s when you need a woman â?¦ a Centripetal Eve.

A short story of nascent time travel, corrupted innocence, and the centripetal origin of Mankind.

The Bonding (The Providence Saga)

by Derek Haken

The year is 2085. To protect mankind from its own excesses, life on Earth has become highly regulated.
Richard Lockford is torn from his well-ordered existence by the mysterious Kara Shan who recruits him into the secret Monaco Project. Members plan to escape from Earth and build a new civilisation based on strong personal relationships forged in the Bonding.
But if the project is to succeed they will have to form a community with the alien creatures whose planet they wish to share.
Can mankind really make a fresh start, learning lessons from the past?
Will the inherent weaknesses of the human character mean that greed and malice re-create the problems left behind on Earth?
Or can love, consideration and positive thinking triumph?

A Woman Scorned

by Michael Dority

What happens when the “boss from hell” sends sales representative Elise Brown on a business trip to a planet where first contact has only been recently established? More than you might think. This story is proof of the old maxim, ‘Things are seldom as they seem.’

Peril of the Unbekannt

by Michael Dority

What do you do when you encounter an alien species so astonishingly incomprehensible you can’t even see them clearly, much less communicate with one? You need a plan. But somehow life (and love) often have a way of beating you to the punch. This novelette explores the jungles of the exotic rim world of Verdammt and the unfathomable mysteries that lie buried in its ecosystem.

Vampire Rebellion (1)

by M Rauf

To say that this is a vampire’s story is an understatement; for it is much more than that. It is about life, death, love, separation, power struggles, and everything that lie between light and darkness. But those who enjoy the preternatural quality of a vampire tale would find the quintessential elements intact.
Much like Anne Rice’s Vampires, the vampires in these tales are closer to human beings on the emotional level. Their physical prowess, although, makes then far superior predators. This is the first part of the series, which deal with the transformation of a young man, into a ruthless vampire. The subject is not exactly the conventional vampire material; rather, he is a sophisticated young thinker and lover, who learn to adore power. The persona of the main character is clearly that of a rebel, Who has traded a conventional way of life with an extravagant one. I hope that the readers thoroughly enjoy the details of this story!

Forget Me Not

by Gordon Bentley-Mix

Albert wants to heal his broken heart. If only he could forget about Mary and his ruined life with her. Enter Relife.

In exchange for the rights to publicise his story, Relife offers to ease Albert’s pain using cutting edge military technology – repurposed for civilian use, of course. What could possibly go wrong?

Second Chance (Allons-y Adventures)

by Shawn Kass

The crew of the Allons-y take on interesting jobs for people throughout the Universe and sometimes those jobs don’t quite work out the way they plan. In their latest adventure, Captain Kai and his shipmates agree to run a little errand for a strange doctor who’s secret research is sure to come back and bite them all.
Meanwhile, somewhere across the galaxy, a computer hacker works to infiltrate top secret government files to learn more about a mission on an unknown planet.

Beyond Uranus

by Stewart Bruce

Pizza, lager and computer games. Roy is a thirty something disillusioned teacher bored with his mundane daily routine. His only talent in life is his ability to successfully challenge spotty teenage computer gamers and give them a good online thrashing. An opportunity of a life time gives Roy the courage to tell his boss to shove his job where the sun doesn’t shine. Thrown into a galactic world of space invaders Roy discovers love, lager and life beyond Uranus! A comedy space romp washed down with curry and pizza.

A full novel of 80,000 words. Some of them aren’t rude.

Bobbi’s Dollies

by D. Gordon

Bobbi is a special girl, and her Dollies are too. After her mother dies, the girls she played with as a child, who now view her as a pest, steal the dolls. Why? Bobbi is annoying, Bobbi is gross, Bobbi plays with her boogers and doesn’t speak good. Bobbi is a special girl, and she doesn’t always remember that she is missing her Dollies, but when she does, things start to happen that the doll-stealers don’t understand. It’s a leaky pipe, or maybe its just a guilty conscience. Either way, Bobbies Dollies…well, they’re special.

Harvest End

by Max Dane

Four hundred years have passed since Earth first colonized other star systems. Spreading out into the Milky Way, humanity has found new worlds to embrace in a galaxy-spanning governorship called the League of Worlds. Peace, lasting for nearly a century, is broken only by pirates and the voices of a distant separatist movement. It is a time when the extended family of man prospers.

Traveling the trade routes across the League of Worlds, a merchant vessel arrives at Madras, a world far out on the fringe of colonized space. Apprehension begins to build when the once-busy colony refuses to respond to the usual hails. Bringing their ship planet-side, they are shocked to find the colony reduced to sand and its twenty thousand inhabitants missing. The mystery of Madras lingers over the merchant vessel, haunting the crew as they resume their journey. Eager to reach the next marketplace, they are unaware that something has come back with them. Invisible, voracious, and relentless, it is a killer of worlds. And it is spreading to each colony they visit.

Join our hero, Finn Holt, the young and courageous Captain of the military ship, Ajax, as he receives orders to escort a Science Council vessel to Madras to investigate. The routine assignment quickly turns to horror when the magnitude of what has happened becomes clear, and disaster looms when he realizes the Ajax is contaminated and showing signs of a deadly transformation. As ship systems begin to fail and fear grips the crew, an impossible survivor arrives to tell his desperate story. â??The scourge,’ he says, â??is spreading from colony to colony across the inner systems. Millions upon millions have already perished, and time is running out.’

Come with Finn and the crew of the Ajax as they search for answers amidst a growing chaos. In a horrific and mind-bending climax, Finn comes face to face with the ravager of the human empire and is shocked to discover its origin. Stunningly suspenseful, Harvest End is an exciting sci-fi thriller placed in the future, in the style of Niven and Pournelle, and Frank Herbert, and a dash of Stephen King. (It is a full-length novel with +85,000 words.)

Mark Delewen and the Space Pirates

by E. G. Castle

Twelve-year old Mark Delewen is about to go on the adventure he had always dreamed of. And the first step he’s going to take on it, is to go examine what had fallen the previous night, into the forest nearby…

An Anthology In Memory of H. G. Wells

by T. J. Edison.

In my opinion, H. G. Wells was one of the first authors of â??Steampunk’ with his classic story of â??The Time-Machine’.
Several of the stories in this anthology contain the elements of time travel, including the dangers, the anomalies that can emerge unexpectedly to the inexperienced time-traveller.

An Anthology in Memory of Isaac Asimov.

by T.J. Edison

The Laws of Privilege Trilogy.

In a rapidly expanding Empire, where longevity was the norm through gene manipulation, backed up by cloned body and organ transplants, it was a place where nobody went hungry. There was no actual Emperor, only a society of wealthy, privileged families who governed this vast empire through The Laws of Privilege.

Behind the Scenes – Sci Fi Movies

by Byron Magnuson

“Behind the Scenes – Sci Fi Movies” examines some of popular cultures most interesting and beloved science-fiction movies from the past 100 years. Take a closer look at the spaceships, characters, and monsters that were created in such fan favorites as Star Trek, Forbidden Planet, War of the Worlds, Destination Moon, and many others.

Excerpt from Forbidden Planet Chapter:

“The crew of the C-57D, a United Planets Cruiser from Earth, travel to the planet Altair IV in search of the starship Bellerophon which landed there twenty years before. On their arrival they find just two survivors, Doctor Morbius and his teenage daughter Altaira, but it is not long before the mysterious force which killed everyone else aboard the Bellerophon returns to the planet.

Forbidden Planet mixes a tale of monsters with cerebral ideas and a vision of the future, and still stands up today as one of the greatest science fiction films”

Halcyon Nights (Sojourner to the Stars)

by Jean Kilczer

When exobiologist Jules Rammis returns to Earth after saving the Terran colony on planet Tartarus from a demented member of the Loranth race, he hopes to spend some quiet time with his six-year-old daughter Lisa, whom, he finds, has inherited his own telepathic skills.

But a powerful denizen of planet Halcyon summons them both to his pristine world to destroy a Terran ravager, the Dream Czar of Halcyon. Jules demands to know why his daughter should be involved in this murderous plot. The alien responds that human telepaths are rare, and that he needs them for his plan. When Jules refuses to take Lisa on such a dangerous mission, the infuriated alien threatens to kill them both and destroy the treacherous community of Terrans on Halcyon.

Given no choice, Jules takes Lisa aboard a spaceship headed for Halcyon. But the prospect of exposing his young daughter to unknown dangers keeps Jules more anxious than when he faced the Loranth of Tartarus.

It Is Defended (The Warders of Fyla)

by Jo Grix

Sharra, Mator, Janko and Tarolin Akeera have been confirmed the Warders of Fyla after the events in Ancient Powers. However, they don’t have much time to rest on their laurels as the Capellan witch is not done with them yet.

The Man To Sunder

by Matthew Tysz

A short story on the search for identity under harsh circumstances; told through the observations of a stranger.

The premise and nature of this story is highly disturbing— an intent to search deep into the human condition, to places most would not like to experience or think about.

The Measure of a Man (Free Story Friday)

by Josh Hilden

In a world where the rules of society have vanished and one man will eat another to make it to the next sunrise what would you be willing to fight and perhaps die for?

The Mind of the Machine

by Clint Gundersen

In the near Future, Paul awakens to find himself in a new mechanical body.

A Science Fiction short story.


by Olsen J. Nelson

Lana, a natural scientist, discovers rapidly emerging, worldwide ecosystem degeneration that, to her and her team, demands immediate, concerted attention if there’s to be any hope of finding a remedy before it’s too late.

When Lana presents her initial findings to the board of directors, an unexpected chain of events unfolds that sees Lana, her team and an extended network of scientists engage in R&D and extreme political action at the highest levels in order to save the ecosystem and reconfigure the structure of society and its values.

Schlock! Webzine Vol 4, Issue 25

by James Rhodes

This week in Hettford, Shelley learns the truth about witches while Paul worries about being thick. Mathias Jansson is inviting us to An Autumn In Messina, 1347, while – remaining in Mediterranean waters – in Sergio Palumbo’s Man Is A Wolf To His Fellow Man, the fearful Kallikantzaroi look upon the ills of modern-day Greece and despair. In the equally austere future of The Days of Mr Thomas, Joseph gets the mother of all rent increases.

In The Thousand Nights and a Night, a King in the lands of Roum receives a visit from the healer and sage Duban. In Cut, Rob Bliss introduces us to The Church of Enlightened Survivors, while in The First Men In The Moon, Cavor encounters the Grand Lunar. A Journey to the Centre of the Earth can find no outlet, and in Isle of Shadows, the Red Daughter’s longship is caught between hammer and anvil…


by Mark W. Jarrell

“As the boy with the purple ball cap walked towards the tennis court, he could see that it had been an energetic point that was going on. …that had been going on. He stopped for a moment to assess the situation, shrugged his slim shoulders and continued walking. He opened up the door to the fence that surrounded the courts and stepped out onto the green concrete. The ball was now sitting perfectly still just a foot or so off the ground near the tall lanky boy with the not-completely-grown-in mustache. No one on the court was moving. Everyone was perfectly still–frozen in mid-motion on the court. […] It was really eerie. It was almost as if someone had hit the pause button on the remote control. Except, this was real life on pause, not a movie.”

Seventeen-year-old Johnny (otherwise known as Stopper) has the unusual ability to stop time for the rest of the world. And it’s a power that he himself can’t control. He can’t interact with people in a normal way because of his power and has multiple character flaws that have developed as a result. A group of friends at the local school start to notice the strange things happening whenever this particular boy is around and they try their best to make contact with him. They eventually end up adopting him as one of their own, all the while trying to protect him from a looming threat.

The Trials of Miriam Johnson. A Steampunk Novel.

by J. T. Edison

Miriam Johnson, closely pursued by rivals and enemies of her fiancé, Charles Wright, makes her escape from 19th century London into the timeless unknown; forced, in her haste, into using a faulty time-travel transporter, and lands on a desert island where she meets an 17th century Spanish sailor. After a number of adventures, in which she learns the use of a Kyudo bow, she â??transports’ once more, from the island and finds herself in the presence of Marco Polo in the court of Kublai Kahn.
But, Miriam and Charles are not the only ones caught up in these anomalies, a British Marine, a doctor, a prostitute, an author, a group of African women, a Viking warrior and others find themselves suddenly in strange surroundings. on her journeys she discovers journals written by other victims of time-slip anomalies.
In the second part of the story, married to Charles and two months pregnant, she becomes curious about her and her children’s future and using her time transporter she sets off. Compromised once again by time-slip anomalies, she lands in parallel worlds, meets up with two strange ladies, and loses her time transporter. In both parts Charles sets off in pursuit, plagued by time-warp anomalies and he too lands in several parallel worlds. In one of them he is mistaken for a barbaric and ruthless English king.

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