Free biographies and memoirs Kindle books for 02 Jul 13

East Wind A True Story

by Lessil Richards

This is the amazing true story of the ten years that the authors spent in the country of South-West Africa, now known as Namibia. During the last three years of their stay, Jacquie Richards co-owned a restaurant and boarding house in the sea-side resort town of Swakopmund. This book follows the owners and boarders of J.J.’s through heartfelt trials and tribulations with memories of unique people and captivating experiences. A compelling page-turner that is well worth the read!

Placer City Underground (OG Casanova’s Crime Saga)

by OG Casanova (pseudonym)

“Placer City Underground” is a detailed description of violence, drugs, and sex in a surreal underworld from a backstage point of view. Honor senior student Julio Casanova narrates how his lifestyle changed in this 7 year crime saga by hanging out with odd characters, from sweet Latina “Taina” to weird psycho, the legendary Jason aka “El Chupacabras”. As a result, he became a suburban legend after an exciting odyssey as a criminal mastermind of a notorious crime organization nicknamed “The Homies”, which rules the picturesque, yet dangerous Placer City, a tropical paradise in “Isla Bonita”.

Consequently, Julio aka “OG” Casanova also founds his own college informal fraternity nicknamed “Zeta Fuma Ganya”. Circumstances against his will forced Julio Casanova to learn essential skills, from street fighting and grand theft auto to helicopter hi-jacking and prison break, needed in order to barely survive the several attempts to murder in the notorious and thrilling “Placer City Underground” worldâ?¦

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