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The Tortured Soul Trilogy of Pain & Pleasure

by CJ Cassidy

“The Tortured Soul Trilogy of Pain & Pleasure” is a raw and intimate inside look at the trials and tribulations of three women, Tobey Oceanside, Jennifer X. Jones and Katherine Stark. Adapted and edited from C.J Cassidy’s previous novels, this loosely biographical account details the events that these three amazing women have experienced in both their separate and overlapping lives. Brutal and honest, yet erotic and sensual, the novel takes a no holds barred look into their private world of fetishes and sexual desires. Each had crosses that they had to bear and each found absolution in the most unexpected places. A must read for anyone who has their own demons to excise. This compilation of the biographies by author C.J. Cassidy has changed the lives of women that were dealing with the real life trials, trauma and tribulations of abuse and domestic violence. They found the novel to be a liberating experience to say the least!

You dare not look away! It’s compelling and brutal and yet romantic and sensual. Many readers were unable to put the book down once they started reading it!

This wickedly suggestive and thoroughly sexy novel is a frothy foray of desire that offers a long branch into the subconscious mind of want. Not for the faint of heart, “The Tortured Soul Trilogy of Pain & Pleasure inroduces the lure of bondage in order to overcome a lifetime of abuse and submissiveness. New erotica author C. J. Cassidy plays both sides of the fence as he doses his characters with pain and heartache before igniting their passions and pleasures. Through obedience and discipline, our heroes engage in a secret world where everything naughty is possible and no arousing deed will go unpunished, literally and consensually speaking, of course.

Is it sexually graphic? Yes! Is it heartbreaking? Yes! Will you cheer when the â??villain’ get’s theirs? Yes! Will you cry? Yes! Will you laugh? Yes! Will you become aroused by these women’s stark, raw, non-holds barred sexual encountersâ?¦?

Wellâ?¦ Get a glass of wine, light a scented candle, snuggle under your covers and we’ll see where the night takes you!
“Lady Latex redefines the notion of what a woman with determination has to do in order to survive…”
“Jennifer X has the uncanny ability to incite raw passion in any man or woman with her Jenny ‘Mojo’…”
“Katherine Stark is the epitome of the ingénue, the damsel in distress… with a dark twist…”
“Nicholas Anderson is a sexual dynamo… He is the next ‘Bondage’… James ‘Bondage’…!”
“CJ Cassidy has truly brought sexy back with this erotic biographical novel…! Kudos!”

The Last Straw: Anna’s Story

by Brandy Teschner

“That’s okay sweetheart, just don’t do it again,” Bill said softly. He brought his rough hands up to Anna’s face and cupped her cheeks, pulling her face close to his. “Because you know what will happen if you ever doubt me again.” Anna’s eyes searched his, realizing that it wasn’t a question that he had asked, it was a statement. A sense of panic overcame her, and she slowly tried to pull out of his grasp. Bill felt her move and gripped tightly, digging his fingers into her soft cheeks. “I’ll show you what will happen if you ever doubt me again!” he said, screaming into her ear. He held on tighter and drug her to the other side of the trailer. Anna dug her feet into the carpet and screamed as she tried to pry his hands away.

This story is based on the actual events of Anna, an abused woman who had suffered mental and physical abuse since childhood. Anna had just escaped from an abusive marriage when she met Bill, a handsome man who eventually wooed her into marrying him. Anna thought she had found the perfect husband, but the honeymoon was soon over when she realized that Bill wasn’t a gentleman at all, but was an abusive drunk who would subject her to mental abuse and physical beatings. Out of embarrassment she hid her bruises from her family and suffered his abuse in silence. But, one night when Bill came home drunk and boasted of an affair, something clicked in Anna’s mind. She decided to put an end to his abuse forever, a decision that led to her committing the ultimate sin.

DAMSEL FOR SALE; The Tragic Tale Of Aileen Wuornus. (WOMEN SERIAL KILLERS)

by Sylvia Perrini


Damsel For Sale

Aileen Carol Wuornos is probably one of the most notorious women serial killers of our time. Much has been written about Aileen, some of what has been written is true, and some of it is wrong. Much has been written to sensationalize, and to monetize her story. She was described in the media as the first US female serial killer, yet nothing could be further from the truth. There had been decades of women serial killers long before Aileen was conceived.

What makes her stand out from most other women serial killers, if that what she was, is that Aileen killed with a gun, and her victims were strangers. Aileen, never denied shooting her victims, but claimed it was in self-defense. The majority of women serial killers normally use poison and their victims are usually (but not always) acquaintances or family members.

In this short book of approximately 9,000 words, best seller author Sylvia PerriniI invites you to the tragic life of Aileen Wuornus.

How Jimmy John Won His Cloak of Freedom

by Dorothy Mobilia

“How Jimmy John Won His Cloak of Freedom” is an historical novel based on a true story of a North Carolina teenaged freed slave and the young Connecticut Civil War volunteer on Sherman’s March to the Sea who brought him north to his hometown of South Norwalk.

Ho Chi Minh Biography – The Secrets of His Life During The Vietnam War

by Chris Diamond

Who’s Ho Chi Minh? He was a great leader who brought the Vietnam’s independence from the French colonists.

This book is going to show you in action how he handled tough situations and what decisions he made to become a great leader so many people admire today.

You are going to learn about his life from early childhood until death. What he learned during his trips around the world and how that shaped him as a person?

You are going to witness his story and all incredible challenges he went through to become what most people consider a man with revolutionary vision.

You’ll discover secrets most people would never know about his life.

Grab your copy now!

Killer Bills

by C Calloway

The Serpent did 9/11
The Serpent did 7/7
The Serpent did 3/11
The Serpent did the BP Gulf Oil explosion
The Serpent did the Fukushima nuclear reactor
The Serpent did Aurora
The Serpent did Sandy Hook
and more…
No joke – really.
See the Serpent. Really.

Ballad of a Bachelor: An International Love Story Verse One

by Aaron D. Lynah

Love, in all of its forms is a truly powerful thing.

Not for Aaron.

Aaron is a bachelor from New York who travels to Japan on a whim in search of nothing but finds everything. From the sexiness of Tokyo to the beauty of simplicity, Aaron falls in love with not only the country but most of all a special woman.

Aaron finds a love that quickly blossoms but seems to wither even faster. As a once questionably romantic love transitions to spite, Aaron fights to understand love, marriage, women, and whether or not it’s all worth it.

Embracing My Father’s Shadow: Beauty from the Ruins of Sexual Abuse

by Katya Cole

Katya’s story will provide you with truth, truth regarding the effects of sin and the Truth of God’s Word that will ultimately save you. This book was written to provide insight into the trauma of sexual abuse and the damage sin can cause. Katya is boldly open and honest about the abuse, her sin, the birth of her faith, and everything in between.

This is a memoir that is all-encompassing. It addresses topics all Christian women can relate to such as struggling to believe the Gospel and fighting to overcome sin. Here’s what’s included:

– An unfiltered telling of her story, from the depths of pain to the joys of healing and the highs of traveling the world
– A brief summary of the Gospel: The punishment that’s deserved because of sin and the hope that exists through dependence on God, belief in Jesus, and fellowship with the Holy Spirit
– An adaptation of the Twelve Steps
– A closing chapter on combating lies and fighting sin

Head Buckets & Hashtags

by Marcy Peska

Originally written in a series of candid tweets, Head Buckets & Hashtags unfolds in tantalizing snippets of 140 characters or less. In turns amusing and harrowing, this gritty recounting of a childhood in the Alaskan “bush” captures Ms. Peska’s spirit of resilience as she copes with poverty, illness and abuse.

Each day at noon, for 15 days in March 2013, Ms. Peska took to Twitter and shared her story with “tweeps”. Now, in this short memoir, she’s sharing it with you!

The Life, Memories, and Creative Works of Mr. Joe – Book 1

by Joseph Santiago

This Kindle exclusive release contains many unreleased and internationally published pieces of Joseph A Santiago (Mr. Joe). This books represents a decades worth of works that are complimented by photos from Mr. Joe’s life. The work utilizes creative nonfiction, fiction writing, poetry, essays, and showcases collaboration from the World Voice Project. Mr. Joe utilizes the digital media environment to connect the audience to him and continue conversations beyond what is possible in traditional publishing. This work was created with the goal of beginning a living legacy of works intended to inspire others to share their voice through their stories!


by Kenneth Smith

Many people in the West never really understood the KGB.

They thought of it as like the CIA or MI6 and other espionage services. It was much more. More than half a million people worked for the KGB. It was part intelligence organisation, part security agency and part secret political police. It provided benefits to its employees beyond those enjoyed by others in the USSR. It ran its own schools. When the Soviet Union disintegrated, the KGB changed to be the FSB. Its top people survived, as the new oligarchs with power and wealth that had never been dreamed of. Others found themselves unemployed, despite linguistic, military and psychological skills. Dimitri Chernov was one of them and his dislike of the oligarchs grew.

Victor Bukolov had no skills except cruelty and greed. He was determined that the ex-KGB people would not have it all their own way. In trying to kill Chernov he earned a lifelong enemy.

Follow the dramatic, fast-paced violent battle between them. At the same time, be shocked how money plays a leading role from the highest levels of authority to the lowest levels of power. Call it commission, facilitation fees, contingency payments, out-of-pocket expenses or simply bribery. They all mean the same thing. Illegal millions to the few and nothing to the needy.

Abraham Lincoln : The Life of Abraham Lincoln

by T.C. Brody

Considering his roots, no one would have predicted it likely that Abraham Lincoln would reach the level of success he did. Abraham Lincoln was born on a farm, and had to create his own curriculum. Abraham Lincoln is perhaps the definition of a self-made man, as Abraham Lincoln carved his own path in order to gain the favor of the public, pursue a career in law, and ultimately politics. Abraham Lincoln went on to free the slaves and unify the nation as we now know it. Not all of his objectors would realize this, thought, as he would assassinated.

Elvis Presley Cultural Icon (Facts, Figures and Fashions)

by Beverley Kerkes

In this volume of the series you will learn how Elvis reacted when two men rushed the stage at his show, what Led Zeppelin thought of the King, read a description of the gift he gave to Jack Lord and meet (some of) the women that he romanced in Memphis, Las Vegas and beyond.

Join us on our journey down the path of Elvis’ rise to fame, his personal triumphs and sorrows, meet the women he loved, his long-time friends and the faith that carried him along his road to fame and fortune.

The Hungry Years

by Rowena May Pope

The Hungry Years is a true story of the triumph of a Northeast Missouri farm-laborer’s family over the hardships, hunger, deprivation and despair of the Great Depression. A series of vintage black and white photos, plus a collection of letters to and from the family and their 16 year-old boy in CCC camp, lend authenticity.

Nelson Mandela : The Man Behind the Legend

by H.M. Peterson

Nelson Mandela : The Man Behind the Legend

The son of an advisor to a King, Nelson Mandela was raised in the walls of a Great Palace. In his early childhood Nelson Mandela attended the best schools that South Africa had to offer and was given opportunities to have all of the riches of his status. Instead of becoming a man of the establishment, Nelson Mandela became a champion of the common man working his way up through the ranks slowly and surely, protesting the mistreatment of all people.Even from the confines of a jail cell Nelson Mandela worked tirelessly to learn and to spread a message of anti-segregation and gained the acceptance and admiration of the entire world in his message of peace. Following his incarceration Nelson Mandela worked to be elected and to execute the policies he had supported. As more than a figurehead Nelson Mandela became a leader to be emulated and respected. Nelson Mandela now is a living legend.

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