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Another 81 Money Saving Tips: Incredible Ideas for Frugal Living (Volume 2)

by Blake Dresden

Another 81 Money Saving Tips: Incredible Ideas for Frugal Living

Are you finding activities you want to do are too expensive? Trying to seek out ways to save but nothing really pans out?

I’m here to prove that it can be done with REALISTIC tips to keep costs down.

Back with another 81 ways in our Volume 2 book, we’re here to hit you up with more ideas to make resourceful living part of your lifestyle.

Not every activity has to cost big money. Not every product or service you use has to be expensive.

If the economic downturn taught us anything, it’s that we can change the way we approach spending by focusing on cost-effective deals, fun freebies and activities that won’t break the budget. Spending less today leads to a healthy financial future.

In this guide, “Another 81 Money Saving Tips,” you’ll get easy-to-follow instructions on EXACTLY how you can spend a fun couple hours, a day, or a weekend by spending virtually nothing.

Spefically, you’ll discover:

  • Super Shopping
  • Organized Outings
  • Rewarding Retro
  • Kids Korner
  • Outrageous Outdoors
  • Educational Exploits
  • Fun Findings
  • Vacation Values
  • Online Opportunities
  • Home Hangouts
  • Go Green
  • Sensational Spa
  • Medical Marvels
  • Bill Busters
  • Many of these will be new to you. Others will be ones you’ve never appreciated until now. I’ve made it easy for you to be entertained by these overlooked and undervalued treasures of fun.

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    You’ll find yourself becoming an expert saver and money savvy activity planner!

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    It’s Not a Plan Until the Numbers Add Up: – A Guide to Building Financial Models For Business Using finmodel4.xls

    by Michael Colwell

    It’s not a plan until the numbers add up. More than the title of this book, it is a truth of business creation. This book along with the free companion Excel model, finmodel4.xls, available at allows you to quickly and easily create a financial model for your startup business or business expansion.

    You would not invest in a mutual fund with a negative return. You want to know that your investment will benefit you in the end. Your business partners, financiers, spouses, and others need to understand the return on their investment (in time or money) in your business. Often putting together the financial portion of the business plan is the hardest part of the process. More than anything else, putting together a financial model for your business startup forces you to define your assumptions.

    The Microsoft® Excel model finmodel4.xls (referred to throughout this guide as finmodel) was created for people planning a business startup. It is a straight-forward, easy-to-use model intended for setting up many types of startup businesses. This guide provides an explanation of the features of this model. The guide also provides basic advice for those who have not put together a financial model for a business.

    This guide will:

    Explain how to use the model to complete a financial plan for your startup.

    Help you understand many of the decisions you need to make in creating a plan.

    Clearly identify all of the financial assumptions you make in your plan.

    Here is what some of the readers have said:

    “Mike has put together a unique and helpful tool for a bootstrapping entrepreneur, but don’t overlook the usefulness that an established business person can also achieve using StartupModels. The book in conjunction with the spreadsheet works very well for quickly checking the financial viability of a potential acquisition and can also be used for initial budgeting purposes. A sure hit!” – Wayne Hansen, President CI3

    “StartupModels is the first comprehensive spreadsheet that I have enjoyed studying, filling with assumptions, modeling cash flow behavior and subsequently reevaluating my assumptions. It has provided me with a rich set of formula in modeling a few business plans recently, most notably the ones for MyDiabetesHome and Pikuzone. I only wish I had been able to utilize this kind of a plan in my previous business to model a software licensing, support, maintenance, hosting, services and employee variables and other economic factors behind pricing and internal costs. I’ve incorporated this financial plan within the context of several business plans and referred to the accompanying book a few times, primarily for explanations and clarification. The model itself is easy to learn but greatly enhance with rock solid assistance in the eBook for those just starting out with a modeling exercise.” – Tej Dhawan – Founder Picuzone

    “We evaluate a number of business opportunities every year and until Mike came along with finmodel4, each time it was a major struggle to get our hands and heads around the opportunities’ viability. Having this model as a guide has removed the fear and trepidation from the evaluation and planning process. We no longer feel like we’re just guessing and wondering what we missed. With everything right here in one place, we can test our assumptions and compare outputs with ease and confidence. Thanks, Mike!” – Kate Washut, Founder, Far Reach Technologies

    “I have worked with Mike Colwell as a mentor/adviser for over four years. I have my hands in several businesses which each have unique needs and revenue models. Mike’s ability to shift gears and provide relevant insight on each one always amazes me. At the end of the day, Mike understands business. His experience has allowed him to develop the models & formulas which, to me, are baseline for his insight. Working with and adopting his models should be a key part of building your own vision for growth.” Brian Hemesath, Founder – Catchwind

    The 7 Deadly Sins of Advertising And How to Avoid Them: Small Business Marketing

    by Glyn Williams

    Amazon’s Top Book for Small Business Advertising Tips


    Would you like to significantly increase the response from your advertising?

    This book gives you a step by step, proven method to producing highly effective business advertising that will exponentially increase the sales  and leads generated. Even if you’ve never written an advert before and don’t have a clue where to start.

    The solution is delivered in a six step system where you will understand exactly which message you should be giving out, who you should be targeting and where to spend money on your advertising for the best effect.

    “One of the best advertising books I have ever read for the small business owner”
    Keith NYC

    You are about to discover the advertising secrets that big marketing firms don’t want you to know.  The secrets that helped one small business generate over £40,000 in sales from a small advertising campaign and generated over £2million  in turnover for another.

    Do any of these apply to you?

    • “It doesn’t matter where I advertise, it just does not work”
    • “Everyone knows about my business but no-one buys from me”
    • “The only way advertising works for me is when I do large discounts”
    • “My experience is that advertising does not work for my kind of business”

    All of those statements are most likely caused by one of ‘The 7 Deadly Sins of Advertising”

    Don’t waste another second of your time or any more of your hard earned money on advertising until you know:

    • How to say much less but generate more profit from every campaign
    • The Golden Rule of One – This is the cornerstone of a successful campaign and the number one reason why most advertising fails, including yours!
    • How to stop wasting money on the wrong kind of advertising and concentrating on the right kind. (without this you are literally throwing your money away)
    • The one thing that should absolutely, positively be in every advertisement you run that will increase your response by up to 30%
    • How to get inside your prospective customer’s mind and press their hot buttons
    • How to create a ‘No Brainer’ offer so that people just can’t help but want to buy from you
    • How to laser target your advertising so that every penny is earning you more money and not just buying the advertising sales rep a new car!

    This six step process will give you the power to create great marketing campaigns that simply sell.  No longer will you be at the mercy of the advertising sales representative.  From here on in you call the shots and tell them what you need.

    The results of the system will enable any small business owner to create effective advertising campaigns with any kind of advertising. From the heady heights of TV right down to garden signs, the golden rules are the same.

    Take control of your marketing now and learn what makes one advertisement work whilst another just burns money for nothing.

    About The Author

    The author has over 20 years experience in business and more importantly with advertising and marketing as a core strength.  He has successfully ran  several enterprises including two radio stations and has written literally thousands of commercials and advertisements.

    This is not rocket science – you can learn it too.

    “Essential reading for the small business owner and anyone in a managerial position based around marketing” – Simon B – England

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    Interview Questions: 101 Toughest…And The Answers To Get You Hired

    by Mike Blackwell

    Hello Friends!

    My name is Mike Blackwell and I’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies for over 15 years now. I can honestly say that I’ve “ACED” every interview I’ve been on. Over the years, I’ve learned and implemented a handful of strategies that all but guarantees me the job. Also, maybe more importantly, I know exactly why most people FAIL. SECRET: It’s not because of their work experience, it’s mainly due to the way they answer the interview questions!

    So I wrote this book on the toughest interview questions and how to overcome them, so you can stay miles ahead of your competition!

    I’m glad I can help so many people become aces the interviewing process, and ultimately, landing the job they desire!

    Sneak Peek Inside The Book:

    Finally, Learn What To Say When Asked About Your Weaknesses
    How To Dress For Success without breaking the bank
    How To Have The Interviewer Eating Out Of Your Hand
    What To Say About Past Employees that will impress your Interviewer
    What Most Don’t Know About “How Much To talk And When”
    The Single Most Important Thing To Do After Your Interview
    Slam Dunk The Group Interview

    …And More!

    You are just a few seconds away from getting ahead of your competition and Landing That Job!

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    Good Luck!
    Mike Blackwell

    p.s. Post a review AFTER YOU’VE LANDED THE JOB

    Non-Fiction Writing Machine – How to Write a Book in 5 1/2 Days in 3 SIMPLE Steps

    by Anbu Rayappan

    How to Write a Book in 5 ½ days in 3 SIMPLE Steps

    “Is it even possible?”

    Yes, it is possible. I did this with my first book. You can do this too.

    11 Habits of Highly Ineffective Writers

    — No matter how hard they try, some people cannot write a book at all. The reason could be one of the 11 habits they have.

    — This book explains each one of these EVIL habits and MIRACULOUS solutions to eradicate them so that you can write your first book.

    — You cannot start your first book until you know these BAD habits and remove them for good.

    4 Power Steps to Publishing a Book

    — There are only 4 POWER Steps to publish any Non-Fiction book. If you master these steps, you can write 5 books in a month.

    No Luck at Discovering Idea to Write a Book?

    — There are 3 SIMPLE, EASY and QUICK Ways to discover your book idea. These 3 ways will give you at least 50 ideas to write your book. All you have to do is, sift through those gems and choose the one you like.

    WORRIED If your Book Idea Has Buyers?

    — No worries! This book has the solution.

    — One POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE and QUICK way to find if your book idea has buyers or not!

    — You can do it IMMEDIATELY in Amazon itself.

    3 SIMPLE but POWERFUL Steps to Write Your Book

    — These 3 steps are very SIMPLE but POWERFUL anyone can write a book as soon as they are done reading it.

    — You can start writing your DREAM book in the next 2 hours.

    11 Parts to a Non-Fiction Book

    — If you know the structure, you can write the non-fiction. Find the anatomy of the non-fiction book.

    — This book gives all the 11 parts and explains what needs to go in each part.

    Step-by-Step Blueprint to Write Your Book in 5 ½ Days

    — READY to implement BLUEPRINT that explains what needs to be done for each day to complete your book in time.

    — This blueprint is very EASY and QUICK to implement. I guarantee you that your hands will be itching to write your FIRST Book.

    27 POWER Tips and Techniques to create KILLER Content

    — How to create EFFICIENT and KILLER Content that will get you repeat buyers

    Why Shouldn’t You Create a Kindle Book that is BIG?

    — Find out the reason why your readers will HATE you for writing a BIG book and how to avoid it.

    — Find out the reason why your readers will LOVE you for writing a SMALL book.

    How to Use Amazon’s GREAT, FREE marketing Tool to sell more of copies?

    — Ways to EFFECTIVELY use “Look Inside” feature to sell more copies.

    How to Make Your Readers your Loyal Fans?

    — Make your reader to help you sell more books?

    How to Use Title/Sub-Title/Cover-Design to ATTRACT more buyers?

    — How to INTRIGUE the buyer to buy with EMOTIVE HIDDEN PERSUASION Techniques!

    — How to get your DREAM cover design

    How to create a KILLER out-line for your book?

    — How to create a HYPNOTIC outline that would cut down your writing time by 57%.

    FREE Bonus 15 Pages of Amazon Best Seller “Money Making Machine”

    — I have included “Marketing and Selling” part of the book so that the readers can market the book RIGHT AWAY.

    — Learn to Write Your Best Seller today! Scroll up and Click the buy button NOW!

    — FREE Bonus Motivational Videos to Keep You Focused and Inspired

    117% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

    The New Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization): What You Need To Be Successful with Google Panda and Penguin

    by Kathleen McDivitt

    Forget What You Know About Google SEO!

    In April, 2011 Google implemented the Google Panda filter which fundamentally changed Google SEO.

    In the old world, google assessed the quality of the site – looking at tags, links, content and other site based metrics.

    In the new world, google assesses the user experience – looking at what your users actually do when they come to your site.

    This is a fundamental shift that, if you don’t make immediate and meaningful changes to your site, can take you from a well-ranked site to not showing up at all for your search terms, overnight.

    Pick up this book and learn about the changes and how you can make a few simple changes to your site and your SEO approach to survive and thrive in the New Google Search.

    Cultural Challenges

    by JIE ZHANG

    The Chinese culture and German culture all have a certain influence on other countries in the world, when the work is out of a regional restriction, culture will influence on each worker, every culture has positive energy and negative energy, this energy will affect everyone, when you feel it, how to deal with cultural differences and promote culture playing a positive energy which is benefit to more and more people is worth exploring. This book told readers which things must be adhered to and abandoned through the success and failure of cross-cultural project, something will make culture full of vitality, if you know more, you will gain greater development.

    Secret Society for Successful eBook Writers. Form a Master Mind by Learning Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success. For those who Write, Sell and Market eBooks.

    by Gary Thaller

    Secret Society for Successful eBook Writers

    How did the Secret Society for Successful eBook writers form? Here, you will get the long story since I am not in a hurry. In July 2011, my son and I were planning a long hike on the Colorado Trail. While waiting, I bought Bert Nemcik’s eBook, “See You Down the Trail.”. It was about his 2002 hike on the Appalachian trail. He writes looooooong and he writes well. The book is over 834 pages long. I wish it were longer. “Shadow” as I know him is old school. He tells a great story and he tells all of it.

    His email was in the back of the book, so I contacted him and told him what a great book it was. I forget how it got started, but we have been emailing each other almost every day.

    Our first big project was working on planning a 7,042 mile road hike through all the 48 states. One of the reasons I am writing eBooks is to become financially independent so I can take this hike. I’m one of those weird people who likes roads as much as forests.

    This project gave birth to the Secret Society for Successful eBook Writers, although we didn’t call it that. We both had a burning passion to take the hike. We worked together with a definiteness of purpose to plan the hike.

    Somewhere around December 2011, Shadow started writing, “Ringing the Liberty Bell.” This book is about the 2012 Presidential campaign. Leo Pollack is an unemployed steel worker in Pennsylvania. He was mad about how the American Dream has disappeared. So he ran for president.

    Every day, we worked together on the book. I would help by giving him ideas and he wrote with a style that made me race through the pages wondering what would happen. Oh, I was his chief of staff in the book. My name is Gram in the book. I even had to bail Leo out of jail one day.

    Finally, I told him he had to stop, as the book was a little long at 1,034 pages. This book gave birth to our Napoleon Hill style “Master Mind.” A “Master Mind” is two people working together with a “Definiteness of Purpose” in “Perfect Harmony.” Maybe you could buy his eBook on Amazon. It’s a fantastic read!

    Well, as I was doing some motivational reading, I read Napoleon Hill’s “Law of Success.” It was exactly what Shadow and I have been doing for almost two years. I decided to put the book in a file and write my own notes. Next thing I knew I had an eBook.

    Every eBook writer will achieve more success with a “Master Mind.” They are hard to find as it takes finding two to six people with the same “Blazing desire.”

    Some people want to learn how to make more money writing eBooks. Yep, so do I and I am doing it. (Is that too many I’s in one sentence? Oh well, it’s what I was thinking.)

    In this book, you will get a dose of Napoleon Hill and a dose of Gary Thaller. I add how you can learn to form a Napoleon Hill style of “Master Mind” and achieve success you never dreamed of. Your eBooks for Amazon will improve because you have help. There is no explaining the effect of two minds coming together with a definiteness of purpose and working in perfect harmony. It doesn’t become two. It becomes many more than two.

    What the heck, this is what I really feel. I think I’ll put it in the description on Amazon and see what happens.

    See you down the trail,


    About the Author

    I grew up in Belleville, New Jersey back in good days. I went to Essex Catholic High School and graduated in 1971. Off I went to the Air Force Academy. I wasn’t real big on being in the military, but “I wanted to fly.” A simple dream expressed in four words that got me through the Academy.

    I graduated in 1975 and flew the KC-135 and the T-37. I retired after a career in the Air Force and worked in an industry I’m not supposed to talk about. I have been self-employed at home for about 9 years.

    Speed Writing Skills Training Course: Speedwriting for Faster Note Taking and Dictation, an Alternative to Shorthand to Help You Take Notes

    by Heather Baker

    Speed Writing Skills Training Course: Speedwriting, a guide to faster note taking, an easy to learn alternative to shorthand Most people need a note taking system for work or study but few people have the time or inclination to spend a year or two learning shorthand. BakerWrite Speed Writing enables you to learn a new system in a matter of hours and become proficient within weeks. This book is laid out in 6 easy to follow lessons, that take about an hour each Practical guided exercises, with full answers, in each chapter and each session is rounded off with a dictation passage (available from Save time and become more efficient taking dictation, in meetings, on the telephone, in lectures or interviews. No strange squiggles to learn – just different ways to use the letters you already know Your notes will be easy to transcribe. Enhance your career with a new skill Save time by reducing your written text by an average of 33% – often more. Adapt the system to suit your needs. Free downloadable dictionary and workbook. A terrific opportunity to save time and change your working practices – for the better! What do people think of this speed writing system? “The principles are very easy to follow, and I am already using it to take notes.” “BakerWrite is the easiest shorthand system I have come across. Having studied all the major shorthand systems and even other speed writing courses, I find BakerWrite a sheer delight.” “I will use this system all the time.” “Your system is so easy to learn and use.” “I will recommend this course to everyone who takes notes.” About the author – Heather Baker Heather studied Pitman shorthand at school and then at secretarial college in Salford, England where she also learned Pitman shorthand in French; she later learned Teeline shorthand and now regularly teaches these. BakerWriteTM is based on her experience with these systems and 22 years as a secretary and PA – taking notes daily. She has been training and coaching secretaries, PAs and administrators since 2000.

    I Saw Dramatic Increase In The Number of Buyers For My Books

    by Laticzia Gardinzia

    Laticzia Gardinzia shares her secrets that are foundational for any author’s books to generate increased book byers, which translates into increased book sales.

    “I love the insights this book has and they are easy and straight forward for me to implement as an author.” –HW

    “Worth every penny! Priced right. Practical. I appreciate it!”–GL

    Laticzia Gardinzia is another pen name of the author as she begins a journey of writing books to help other authors. She is the author of many books in a wide variety of categories that are sold around the world and has been in the writing industry for over twenty years. She has received much international recognition for her writing, has won various awards and has been given honorary titles and degrees that she could list behind her name, but Laticzia prefers to be humble and sum up her accomplishments in this general way instead of listing them all. Laticizia has a background in writing, journalism, translation, teaching, business, psychology, medicine, counselling, foreign languages, and has travelled the world.

    Equity Crowdfunding: Transforming Customers into Loyal Owners

    by Jonathan Frutkin

    Equity crowdfunding is going to change our view of capitalism. This book is about more than raising money for a company. It is a book about how business owners can turn their customers into loyal owners. Smart leaders will further transform their investing customers into evangelists for the business. With its ability to leverage social networks to gain market share, crowdfunding offers established local businesses the largest marketing opportunity of all time.

    Transforming Customers into Loyal Owners

    Last year, I wrote an article for a local business magazine about the JOBS Act. What I thought was a relatively benign article for people to flip through while sitting in local doctors’ waiting rooms generated a ton of calls to my office. I realized business owners were thirsting for a new avenue to raise money for their company. Upon some reflection on the response that the article created, I decided that I missed the mark entirely. The opportunity to raise capital using crowdfunding isn’t exciting. What is exciting is that local businesses can make their customers into owners. This marketing opportunity is huge!

    Crowdfunding is the collective effort of individuals to pool relatively small amounts of money into a much larger “fund” for a specific purpose. Crowdfunding almost always refers to online efforts to get financial backers, but the projects themselves range from disaster relief to political campaigns to arts projects to just about anything else that can be imagined. My book focuses on equity crowdfunding – where a collection of individuals invest in a business with the hope of future financial return.

    Experienced Wall Street hands believe that equity crowdfunding has little utility. They believe that while some small amounts of money will flow to help startup companies, the opportunity will be very limited. This sort of small-minded thinking misses the true opportunity offered by this innovative funding model. Equity crowdfunding is the single largest marketing opportunity for local businesses to transform mere customers into loyal owners. By resetting the relationship between corporation and patron, the new rules for crowdfunding are going to fundamentally shift the way entrepreneurs think about both raising capital and creating long-term engagements with their customers.

    For the startup entrepreneur who believes that the new laws will solve their undercapitalization woes, crowdfunding will prove to be a disappointment. While there will be a limited opportunity to equity crowdfund a startup, that window will soon close. In a few years, the only companies that will be able to capture the imaginations and dollars of the investing public are solid companies that generate consistent investment returns. Once investors realize that betting on a clever idea with an untested business founder is a losing proposition, crowdfunded money for startups will dry up.

    The good news is that the quickest-growing job creators are profitable companies that generate $1 to $10 million in revenue. These companies are the ones that stand to gain the most from the new equity crowdfunding rules. And the American economy will benefit from having more investment dollars in the hands of companies that will create the most new jobs.

    Agile Project Management for Government – eBook – Part II

    by Brian Wernham

    “I personally endorse the format and readability of this eBook edition. Great care has been taken to ensure that all figures and tables present as clearly as possible.”
    – Brian Wernham, Author

    Notes on the eBook edition

    This eBook edition is in the Amazon .mobi format. We have tested it on the Amazon Kindle reader software on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and on the Kindle hardware reader.

    eBooks allow the reader to decide on font type, size and orientation. The technology allows for a fully tailorable user experience, but requires strict adherence by the publisher to Amazon’s very tight rules over special formatting and layout. We have formatted all images specially to allow for optimal viewing in portrait or landscape mode, and you can select each one and zoom-in on for extra readability. They are published herein in color for current users of PC, Tablet, iPad and future-proofed for upgrades to Kindle Fire.

    Tables are not supported in the Kindle format. So all tables herein have been presented as graphics objects. Large tables have been split into two or more graphics to ensure readability. For the convenience of the reader, tables have been placed immediately after the paragraph that first references them. The only exceptions are tables in the print edition that included endnote references – these have been kept in the same position in the text as in the print edition, usually a few paragraphs later (having been typeset on the following page), so as to ensure that endnote reference numbers are the same between print and eBook editions.

    We have also made the endnotes .mobi format ‘clickable’. Each reference is available only two clicks from where it is referenced in the text. This is especially useful for researching those endnote references that are available online. As Kindle hardware does not allow Internet downloads of PDFs we provide a link via the Google reader. The limited Kindle ‘experimental’ Internet browser does not support long URLs, so we have provided an alternative short link via In a small number of cases, references may be difficult to read due to the limitations of the Kindle hardware – the good news is that your eBook license will allow you to click through to these references on a PC, MAC or Android device at no extra cost.

    Amazon changes its software and hardware specifications from time to time. Please do notify us of any problems you may encounter, and we will investigate and republish any updates for your eBook to you at no extra charge.

    This eBook is an unabridged version of the Introduction and Part II of the printed book. Parts I and III are available as separate eBooks.

    – Clickable table of contents
    – Part II (Chapters 6-16, 116 pages, 39,400 words)
    – Includes: figures 4-10 & tables 1-6

    Mim Strong
    Maitland and Strong
    August 2012

    Millionaire Series: Quit Small Jobs, Make Big Money

    by Vikey Chen

    How much do you earn more this month than last month? 1,000 dollars? 100 dollars? Or a Big Fat Zero as most people do? If you want to boost up your own savings from 0 to 1 million, what you have to do is to quit your job NOW!

    Vikey Chen, co-founder of Americhy, has proved that anybody can do it. She is a living example of how to keep quitting small jobs and make big money. She is going to present you a brand new way of how to be a millionaire in 5 years, and it is much easier than you thought!

    Let’s start the millionaire journey! YOU CAN DO IT!

    How To Save Money By Reducing Your Utility Bills (Reduce Bills and Save Money, No More High Bills!)

    by Reduce Utility Bills Coach


    Step by Step Guide to Cutting Your Cost Down
    Brought to you by:
    Melina Cooper

    When you set a budgeted amount for phone service, items like going over minutes, long distance fees, texting, mobile internet usage, and information calls can leave you frustrated. This is not a good thing by any means. If it has gotten downright scary to open that phone bill, it’s time to take control. Let’s take a hard look at a few places to cut back in this book. How To Save Money by Reducing Your Utility Bills!

    Everyone is trying to cut their expenses right now. Even if you haven’t lost your job, you may be concerned about your future finances. The goal in most homes is to save money and create a bigger safety net if, or when, the time comes to live on an even tighter budget. How To Save Money by Reducing Your Utility Bills!

    Often when money is tight, cable is the first luxury we take a hard look at. The fact is, with a bit of research, your cable could probably go and wouldn’t even be missed. Even as little as a year ago, cutting cable out would have been a dramatic change in your family’s entertainment. Today, the options are surprisingly numerous and relatively painless, so let’s take a look in this book!


    Everyone is looking for ways to cut expenses in this economy. Suddenly, the necessities are turning into extras and the basics are turning into luxuries. What really are your options for cutting back? How To Save Money by Reducing Your Utility Bills!

    Perhaps your internet bill is starting to irritate you. How To Save Money by Reducing Your Utility Bills! Price hikes and spotty service may have you wondering what you’re paying the big bucks for. But what can you do? You need to get on the internet. How To Save Money by Reducing Your Utility Bills! Well, if you have a laptop and a sense of adventure, you can travel the Wi-Fi highway and explore your options. How To Save Money by Reducing Your Utility Bills! Here are a dozen places to consider when you’re ready to ditch your internet service at home, Explained in this book! How To Save Money by Reducing Your Utility Bills!

    By putting off those minor maintenance issues, your mechanical systems are not running at the peak of efficiency. How To Save Money by Reducing Your Utility Bills! Some maintenance is so simple; it seems it wouldn’t make a difference. But, it does. Let’s look at the most obvious maintenance items that often are overlooked in this book. How To Save Money by Reducing Your Utility Bills!

    Every time you turn on the faucet or flush the toilet, imagine the water as coins, pouring down the drain, because that’s exactly what it is. How To Save Money by Reducing Your Utility Bills! When you’re laying in bed listening to that faucet drip, drip, drip, it’s spending your hard earned money for you. With a bit of know how from this book and common sense, you can stop the money leak in your house and save big money. How To Save Money by Reducing Your Utility Bills!

    You try to conserve and not be wasteful, yet your bill is still climbing steadily up, up, and away. The problem is not that you are doing anything wrong, but that you are not doing enough. There are a few lesser-known tips to reducing your power bill. Let’s take a look in this book!


    The Great Recession: What Happened

    by Thomas Payne

    This book is intended for a general audience interested in knowing what happened in 2008 and how the slow recovery–dubbed “The Great Recession” because of its ferocity–came to be.

    Thanks to an unregulated banking sector that operated more like casinos rather than financial institutions, the United States in 2008 faced the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Since then, the United States has suffered from a slow recovery, thanks in no small part to a reduced demand and government austerity, both of which have made the recovery more painful than necessary.

    But what happened, and how did it happen? Research has shown that a number of things contributed to the Great Recession. Understanding how to identify these issues in the future will be crucial in avoiding another instance.

    This edition contains hyperlinks so that readers can verify the evidence provided.

    About the author:
    Thomas Payne received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin system and received his Master’s degree from the University of Nebraska. He currently teaches at various University of Wisconsin colleges.

    Freaking Idiots Guide to Eliminating Medical Debt, How you can legally reduce or eliminate medical debt without bankruptcy (Freaking Idiots Guides)

    by Nick Vulich

    Are You Overwhelmed With Medical Bills?

    You’re not alone!

    A recent report from Harvard University says that 62% of all bankruptcies are a direct result of medical bills.

    There you are going on with your life, and next thing you know, you’re in the hospital. Maybe it’s emergency surgery, a heart attack, a car wreck, or even the c – word (cancer). The bills can be devastating. Even a simple out-patient procedure such as gall bladder surgery can run from $25,000 to $30,000. A visit to the emergency room can be as much as $4,000 to $5,000.

    Even with insurance, the out-of-pocket costs can be crushing. Most insurance policies today have a 10 to 30 per cent copay. In the case of the $30,000 gall bladder surgery that means you could be stuck paying $3,000 to $9,000 depending upon what your yearly spending limit was set at.

    Blame it on companies trying to save money and offering employees watered down insurance policies, or hospitals and doctors inflating prices, or whatever else you can think of.

    The fact is medical bills are a burden on everyone.

    There is a simple and legal way to eliminate most or all of your medical bills without filing bankruptcy.

    It’s easy to implement, and will work every time – if you can show a true financial need.

    This easy to read six page report tells you everything you need to know to save tens of thousands of dollars.

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    Informal Learning at Work: How to Boost Performance in Tough Times

    by Paul Matthews

    How to build Informal Learning into your learning strategy

    Discover how the role of anybody involved with workplace learning, enhancing capability and improving performance MUST change to successfully manage the critical shift in the way organizations need to cater to the learning needs of their employees.

    Despite millions spent on training, surveys show that the majority of workers are disengaged and delivering far less than they are capable of. Deliberately harnessing the power of informal learning is the new way to tangibly improve worker capability and performance, right at the point of work.

    This book shows you how, using practical advice from workplace learning experts, and examples and case studies from around the world.

    It establishes the relationship between informal learning and employee engagement, knowledge management, organisational development, performance support and competence.

    It is clear that the role of Learning and Development is changing. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for L&D practitioners. The opportunity is yours for the taking!


    Chapter 1 – Survive and thrive with informal learning
    Chapter 2 – The agile learning organisation
    Chapter 3 – What is informal learning?
    Chapter 4 – Informal learning in practice
    Chapter 5 – The new L&D role
    Chapter 6 – Practical things for you to do
    Chapter 7 – More tools and ideas you can use
    Chapter 8 – Managing your learnscape
    Chapter 9 – Obstacles you may face
    Chapter 10 – Getting managers more involved
    Chapter 11 – Evaluating informal learning

    Click the cover picture above to ‘Look Inside’ for a more detailed contents list.

    About the Author

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    Ultimate Affiliate Marketing with Blogging Quick Start Guide: The How to Program for Beginners and Dummies on the Web

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    Kip Piper has worked on the Internet as a web designer and Internet marketer since 1993. She has worked with several hundred businesses, from entrepreneurs and small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, including 3M, Dell, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), and the University of Texas at Austin. Her ability to take the most technical aspects of the Internet and translate them into everyday language that is understood by all is one of her greatest gifts.

    How to Sell Anything to Anyone: 21 Ways to Faster and Better Sales

    by O’Delph

    In the words of Zig Ziglar, if people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you. Trust is the secret to doing business. It is the secret to being able to sell, persuade and get a commitment from people who ordinarily would not listen to you. This book identifies some strategies you can adopt to increasing your sales proficiency in no time at all.

    Surveys That Pay:100 FREE Online Paid Survey Companies

    by Holla Hakin

    This eBook is a collection of online companies that offer mostly cash incentives for surveys. There are 100 companies available in this book to profit from if online surveys is your thing. From short questions to being asked to be in focus groups, this I believe will be valuable to every reader. If you apply yourself to it, the potentials are endless and it is FREE!

    10 Work At Home Links

    by By Anonymous

    avoid the work at home schemes and stop wasting your money. I have include 10 links that I know for sure are companies that you can work at home with.

    Tips To Saving Money: 53 Ways To Make Your Money Go Further In A Tanking Economy

    by O’Delph Hakin

    It is really staggering to know, that many people die unfulfilled, broke and frustrated when over a million dollars would have flowed through their hands in their life time. Every dollar, pound or euro saved is a potential seed to generate a life time of money seeds, if invested or used wisely. These savings can come from different life styles we have adopted that really aren’t life styles at all. Some of these savings can come from consciously changing our wasteful way of life and desire for luxury when we can’t afford it and being disciplined enough to take action and stand by our actions.

    Why Should You Buy This Book?
    The are 53 tips mentioned in this eBook that can get you thinking immediately about how you can really begin to save money on virtually everything you buy.

    Understanding The Marketing Mix: A Pocket Guide to Marketing Models for Managers

    by A.E. Boswell

    Regardless of how good you may think your own product, business or service is, without the skills of marketing there is no guarantee your customers will agree. All industries of all sizes can benefit from the application of basic marketing techniques to ensure their efforts meet the needs of both existing and future customers.

    This pocket guide for the e-Book provides the new, aspiring and learner manager with an understanding of the fundamental issues of marketing, market research, the marketing mix and the range of models available to refer to when seeking to improve service and meet customer need.

    Contains graphics and colour images which may display incorrectly on older e-Book systems.

    Publishing a Book on Amazon: 7 Steps to Publishing your #1 Book on Amazon Kindle in Minutes!

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    Most authors wonder why their amazing books, books that they have labored and spent so much time on, are not being found on Amazon. They also wonder why their books are not selling as well as they expected, no matter how substantial their work is. You do not need to encounter these problems! You want your book to be Number 1, to stand out from the rest of the pack. You want to efficiently use the money that you have and consequently make even more money.


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    1001 African Books to Read before You Die

    by Ama Ata Aidoo

    1001 African Books to Read

    This book contains fiction and nonfiction book samples and summaries. Best-Selling Books; Inspiring Stories; Thought-Provoking Proverbs; Intriguing Quotes; Dramatic Poems; Insightful Articles; and Heart Warming Speeches from African Writers.These are great minds reaching out to the world with their depth thoughts and feelings from the proud African continent.

     Contributing Authors
    This book is like having a conversation with the great African writers such as Chinua Achebe, Adwoa Badoe, Ayi Kwei Armah, Ama Ata Aidoo, Atukwei Okai and many more.

    A mega compilation of fiction and non-fiction books, stories, articles, African proverbs, quotes and poems from various authors to motivate and inspire you. Perhaps this is what you’ve been waiting for. To have a conversation with exceptional writers as they share their moods and motivation from African

    Business Success Starts With Health (Achieving Health For Business Entrepreneurs)

    by Todd Reinker

    Your health is your key to your vitality. Without this essential component, one does not fully experiencing the life he or she was destined to enjoy. Regardless of whether your bank account has several figures and your business is booming, there are some crucial items to consider to ensure your health is in a good position as well. From improving your productivity, efficiency and passion for what you do, this book will teach you a full-gamut approach to securing your greatest investment …your health.

    In addition, stress can cause a number of different illnesses, which we will discuss further in the following chapters. To be frank, the state of your mental well-being is a key factor in the success of your business and also your own happiness. If you are constantly feeling too stressed and overwhelmed, you simply cannot enjoy life. Furthermore, you cannot focus on your business in a positive way and it will become nearly impossible to be productive. If you have been feeling this way, you need to do something and you need to do it quickly.

    The goal of this book is to provide you with the right tools, resources, knowledge and power to regain control of your mental and physical health. By taking these steps to better improve your health, you will not only find great success and more profits, but you will find it much easier to enjoy all of your success as well.

    The goal of this book is to provide you with the right tools, resources, knowledge and power to regain control of your mental and physical health.

    By taking these steps to better improve your health, you will not only find great success and more profits, but you will find it much easier to enjoy all of your success as well.

    This book includes learning how to foster better mental health, diet tips, exercise help, sleep and how to live a more meaningful life for the busy entrepreneur.

    How To Prepare a Budget for a Service Business – A Step by Step Guide to Budgeting in a Small Business

    by Meir Liraz

    Budgeting is a tool for dealing with the future. It helps you turn expectations into reality.

    An increase in profit should be the first consideration when you think about the prospect for your business in the next year. Working up a budget helps you to determine whether or not your profit goal is within reach.

    When the figures are all together, you have answers to questions such as: What sales will be needed to achieve the desired profit? What fixed expenses will be necessary to support these sales? What variable expense will be incurred in producing the services?

    My name is Meir Liraz and I’m the author of this book. According to Dun & Bradstreet, 90% of all business failures analyzed can be traced to poor management. This is backed up by my own experience. In my 31 years as a business coach and consultant to businesses, I’ve seen practically dozens of business owners fail and go under — not because they weren’t talented or smart enough — but because they were trying to re-invent the wheel rather than rely on proven, tested methods that work. And that is where this book can help, it will teach you how to avoid the common traps and mistakes and do everything right the first time.

    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Why Budget
    3. A Plan For Increased Profit
    4. Can You Reach The Goal
    5. Budgeting Example
    6. Where Can She Go?
    7. Periodic Feedback And Control

    Make Money Online: How I Make $1700 Plus 40 Ways to Make Money Online

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    Ebay Incognito! A Guide To Ebay & Paypal After Suspension

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    This suspension guide is updated with the current information on how to create accounts, operate the accounts as well as the latest prepaid cards, banks, and other useful information necessary to return to the auction platforms. This guide goes in depth about building solid accounts, maintaining them, auction listing and much more…

    Jim Wilson’s Ebay Secrets

    Welcome …
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    Spill: Secrets from a Former Agency Executive & Spokesblogger

    by Jessica Smith

    There are millions of bloggers but how many of them are making a good income from being a spokesblogger? In Spill, Jessica Smith, a former vice president at a global communications firm where she specialized in blogger relations and a former spokesblogger for big brands, shares her secrets only shared with her colleagues and blogging inner circle. Until now.
    Learn practical ways to position yourself as a spokesblogger to brands, build valuable relationships with agencies, and stand out from the competition. Jessica also gives clear, concise advice on not sabotaging yourself, pricing and structuring your fees, and establishing valuable partnerships.
    Subject matter experts new to the world of blogging will benefit as much as bloggers who want to breakout into paid spokesblogger contracts.

    Supplier Development: A Way to Lean Suppliers

    by Miroslav Kucera

    Plenty of books about supplier development and application of lean principles in supplier management are available for students, supply chain managers and strategic purchasers. Some of them are excellent and provide complete guide through the complicated and difficult process. Truth is that all of the best books are priced very high and it is not better for the remaining available books written on this topic.

    The book covers the most important phases of supplier development projects:
    – selection of suppliers
    – establishing common understanding of the project and goals
    – analyzing supplier
    – baseline process map creation

    Purpose of this book is to give to a reader overview of the supplier development process in not more than 5000 words. Honestly, the book cannot be compared with the top class supplier development handbooks. The lack of complexity is balanced by lower price.

    When Your Boss Is A Jerk

    by Julia Audrina Carrington

    Do you suffer from a bad boss who does unimaginable bad things agaist you and wears you down? Is he abusive, grumpy, condescending, a liar and so much more? You will learn how to deal with these stressful situations from a Bible perspective.

    The author Julia Carrington has been both an employee and boss. She brings many insightful perspectives from a Biblical standpoint. She is the Christian author of 300 Christian books and Christian novels. See many of her books at by typing her name Julia Carrington in the search box on All her books make wonderful gifts for all occasions, so get them today. It is Julia’s desire to glorify God in all things.

    Google+ Local SEO: Improve Your Business Website Rankings

    by Ryan England

    Everyone uses Google. They could be buying a new bike or looking for a new dentist. It doesn’t matter what it is, there are people out there looking for the products/services that you offer.

    If you’re ranking at the top of the search engine results, those people will end up on your site.

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    How to Get a Good Paying Job Fast – Best Job Hunting Strategies That Will Get You Hired

    by Meir Liraz

    This guide will walk you step by step through all the essential phases of locating a good paying job.

    You need a job. And you feel that somewhere, some employer has precisely the job you want -one that fully utilizes your knowledge and abilities and provides challenges and opportunities for advancement.

    To find that job, you need to carry out a well-planned job search. You have a product to sell – your knowledge, skills, and experience. What you need to know is how to market it most effectively. Whether you are just out of school and ready to start your career or looking for a new position after 20 years’ experience, some of the techniques presented in this book will help you. It offers suggestions on:

    – Where you can find out more about the kinds of jobs you are qualified to hold.
    – How to present your background in a resume that will convince an employer that you are the person for the job.
    – How to write a letter of application that catches an employer’s interest.
    – Where to go for information on job opportunities in your field.
    – How to present your qualifications to the best advantage in a job interview.
    And it offers tips on planning your time, taking tests, and learning to profit from your job interviews.

    My name is Meir Liraz and I’m the author of this book. According to Dun & Bradstreet, 90% of all business failures analyzed can be traced to poor management. This is backed up by my own experience. In my 31 years as a business coach and consultant to businesses, I’ve seen practically dozens of business owners fail and go under — not because they weren’t talented or smart enough — but because they were trying to re-invent the wheel rather than rely on proven, tested methods that work. And that is where this book can help, it will teach you how to avoid the common traps and mistakes and do everything right the first time.

    Make Money From Home As A Google Rater (Cubicle Freedom Series)

    by Henley Griffin

    Are you looking for a way to escape your boring cubicle job and experience the freedom of working online from home?

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    In this book, you will learn:
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    While this book is short, it gives you all the information that you need to get started as a rater. There are no images in the book to inflate the page count – just facts.

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    Alphabet Success

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    Want to find a way to get what you want faster? Alphabet Success is the book for you. It summarizes the techniques Tim Fargo used to launch his company in an extra bedroom with a credit card for financing, make the Inc. 500 list twice and then sell his over $20 million dollar company and retire less than seven years later at the ripe old age of 43. That fast enough for you? The book, like the concept, is short and concise. By focusing on the quality of the content, Tim want your journey to be as fast as possible. Go on. Get started!

    A Conversation with Dennis Becker: Internet Business Success Story (Expert Briefs Online Success Stories)

    by Nicole Dean

    Look into the Minds of Successful Online Business Owners.

    Nicole Dean recorded an online radio series, where she interviewed some of her most successful internet marketing friends who have created a number of ways to make considerable incomes online.

    This session features Dennis Becker, founder of Earn 1k a Day.

    This book is the transcribed interview from that conversation. These marketers share some of the more intimate details of their paths to progress, and explain the ways they use some of today’s hottest products and marketing tools to increase their profitability and experience level every day.

    Share the insight as Dennis answers the following questions:
    Why exactly did you choose this type of business that you have now?
    What are the top three things that you have done to grow your online business?
    What are some of the unique tools that you can’t live without in your business?
    What is one mistake that you’ve made that you’ve learned from over the years?
    What advice would you give to your own mother, sister, or best friend to help them succeed online in an online business?
    If you were to rebuild your business from scratch with no list, no contacts, nothing, how would you rebuild tomorrow if you had less than 100 dollars in your pocket to do it?
    What’s working right now in your business?

    Don’t miss a single episode of these exclusive and informative interviews that shed light on how you too can build an online empire and experience the level of internet marketing success these savvy individuals have.

    Easy Internet Entrepreneurialism (Steps To Creating Money Online)

    by Todd Reinker

    There is a world of opportunity that awaits enthusiastic and online entrepreneurs. You can take the knowledge, skills and passion that you have and share them with the world. In fact, when they are used properly and efficiently, you can build the life that you deserve and desire. Using the internet you can create a business that is supportive of your goals, regardless of what your goals look like.
    An internet business will allow you to create the life that you truly deserve by giving you the supplemental income that you need to take vacations, retire early, travel the world, or simply afford the little luxuries in life.

    Of course, all wonderful things do not simply happen. There are some vital steps to be taken as well as a learning curve which needs to be mastered. Any successful business owner will need a blueprint with a strong vision and mission. The question that this book will answer is how do you go from starting up an internet business to developing that life that you desire? That definition of success that you have personally qualified as ‘success’ …how do you achieve that?

    Please remember that this book is not a magical book that can provide you with all of the answers to your business questions. This book is simply designed to be a guide to help you create your own success.

    This book is intended to provide you with a structure that can help you create a tremendous amount of wealth, but you must be willing to do the work. The book is merely the guide to help you find your way there.

    Effective Business and Nonfiction Writing

    by Jan Yager

    Through concrete examples and clear guidelines, writer Jan Yager gives solid advice on how to create business and nonfiction writing that will help you to get ahead in your career. Originally published by Arco with the title “How to Write Like a Professional,” this practical book provides guidelines for improved nonfiction writing including a self-evaluation to access your current writing skills; a discussion of the four basic steps to effective business writing; how to overcome writer’s block; how to craft a style that’s right for you and your audience; how to get your writing published; time management tips for writing; exercises to hone your writing skills; and lots more.
    This 3rd edition has a new cover and Preface, which discusses the nonfiction writing demands of blogging, as well as an additional section at the back of the book entitled “Some Additional Thoughts on Nonfiction Writing” which covers
    – The impact of the Internet and Internet-based reference tools on nonfiction writing
    – The current state of business writing skills
    – How globalization is impacting on nonfiction or business writing
    – The current improved perception of using a ghostwriter or relying on editors for help
    – The consequences of the rush to publish.

    This 3rd edition concludes with an updated annotated list of recommended books for nonfiction writers including such gems as GOOD PROSE by author Tracy Kidder and editor Richard Todd and A.P.E. (AUTHOR, PUBLISHER, ENTREPRENEUR: HOW TO PUBLISH A BOOK) by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch.
    About the author
    Jan Yager, who taught writing at Penn State, is the award-winning author of 35 non-fiction and fiction books, translated into more than 30 languages, including WHEN FRIENDSHIP HURTS, WORK LESS, DO MORE (2nd edition), and THE FAST TRACK GUIDE TO SPEAKING IN PUBLIC. Her articles have been published in major magazines, newspapers, and online publications including HARPER’S, PARADE, FAMILY CIRCLE, the Op-Ed page of the NEW YORK TIMES, and She is also a publishing executive who has worked at Macmillan Publishing Company, Grove Press and, since 1996, has run her own small press, Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc. ( For more on Jan Yager, go to:

    Financial Strategies And Tips (Making and Saving Money In Today’s Economy Volume 1)

    by Melina Cooper

    In times of economic uncertainties, people look for ways to save money and cut back on their monthly expenses. Just as the local economy can change at any moment, so can life. You may suddenly find that you are expecting a new addition, or maybe retirement has snuck up on you.

    Changing your habits and sticking to those changes can be the hardest part of the process. As people, we often get stuck in our ways and thus, getting out of old habits can be a challenging process. The rewards, however, are well worth the effort.

    Melina Cooper is an expert when it comes to finances and looking for ways to save. If you are looking for new, creative money making and saving methods, she has numerous books on various topics and subjects to guide anybody out of debt and into financial freedom and security.

    Financial Strategies And Tips Volume I is just a beginning point, please look for her second edition Financial Strategies And Tips Volume II for a complete overview to your financial freedom.

    For more of Melina Cooper’s books, please conduct a search on Amazon using her name.

    From Corporate to Creative:Breaking Free From Corporate – 5 Things You Need to Know (From Corporate to Creative with Kelly Galea)

    by Kelly Galea

    There are lots of books that tell you how to escape from corporate and start a business, yet there is so much they’re not telling you about!

    On this episode, host Kelly Galea shares:

    – 5 things she wishes she’d known before cutting loose from corporate
    – Ways to prepare before breaking out of corporate (so you’re not breaking into a cold sweat in the middle of the night!)
    – Questions you need to ask yourself before you break free.

    Investing For Beginners: How To Start Small, Grow Your Money And Build Your Wealth In Less Than 15 Minutes A Day! (Proven To Work)

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    Are you or someone you love a complete investing beginner? or just confused about all the contradictory advice out there?

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    4018 words
    So you have a kindle?
    What next?
    In this book we discuss more than thirteen ideas on how you can make money with your Amazon ereaders, otherwise known as Amazon kindles.

    Make Money Reselling Kindles

    Make Money Building apps for Kindles

    -Make Money Selling apps for Kindles

    Make Money With Kindle Hardware sales

    Make Money With Kindle Hardware Building/Development

    Make Money Writing Books for Kindles

    Make Money Recommending Books/Ebooks for Book or Ebook Buyers.

    Make Money With Your Own Kindle Game Center

    Make Money With Facebook Group Pages for Kindles

    Make Money Selling Kindle Covers

    -Make Money Selling Other Kindle Accessories

    Make Money Using Kindle Ebook Ideas

    Make Money With Websites for Kindle

    Make Money As a Kindle Direct Publishing Freelancer

    And some embedded ideas including a free gift of how to make money from your couch at home with Amazon Kindle games.

    Profits from Passion: Use Your Unique Talents to Start a Business That You Love

    by Connie Carlson

    Are you tired of the same old daily routine?
    Are you working for someone who doesn’t care about your success?
    Do you want more out of life?
    Do you feel like you have a great idea bubbling up inside of you?
    Do you just need some extra spending money?
    Do you long to spend more time with your family?
    If this sounds like you, then this book is for you! Today’s culture makes working from home easier than ever before. Online opportunities abound! This book will give you the jumpstart you need to get started on creating your own profits from your passion. This is not a step-by-step guide nor is it a “get rich quick” scheme. Honestly, this book is more about YOU than anything else. This book should help you start thinking about all the possibilities out there and help you find your way toward success.

    The Singapore Miracle – Myth & Reality

    by Rodney King

    The Singapore miracle has been sold as a great success story to the world. Singapore has been promoted as a highly competitive, cutting edge economy where efficiency reigns. The city-state is ranked as one of the world’s most competitive, economically free and transparent countries and a world-class business venue.
    Singapore is also seen as a developed and wealthy society that has delivered a secure and affluent lifestyle for its citizens equal to anything in the West. The island’s per capita income matches that of most Western countries and its housing, health and retirement schemes are widely praised.
    Such claims are rigorously scrutinised by this book: how much are they myth and how much reality? Do they give Singapore the right to see itself as a role model for developing countries? Or is the Singapore model severely flawed? Could Singapore become another Japan? â??The Singapore Miracle, Myth and Reality’ considers all these questions.

    Start Your Freelance Business At Home (Or On The Road) (Asset School)

    by Daniel Morrison

    Words = 9398

    Economic times are tough, more and more of us are finding ourselves searching for additional money within our lifestyles or branching out onto new directions to find new employment or even a job to survive the tough times. Freelancing presents an opportunity for many individuals allowing them to moonlight, earning some extra cash, start a business from home or even work location independent across the globe. Freelance allows you the opportunity to be creative and free from the 9-5 grind if you wish. Beginning a freelancing career can be both rewarding and exciting and this book will show you exactly how you can get started.

    The book isn’t intended to be a social media success blueprint or the golden ticket to answer to all of your questions on business. What the book is intended to do is give you a great overview of the process you will need to take in order to become a successful freelancer. Everyone’s journey into the industry is different and many people have different needs. This makes it hard to have a one-glove fit all approach.
    Towards the end of the book ill list the best resources to land freelance clients and provide some more recommended reading for your journey.

    A freelancer is a self employed, one-person business that works on a particular part or phase of a project. Freelancing can help you gain flexibility within your work life or blaze your own career path with no limits. Freelancers differ from employees because they are hired to get a task done. The client may issue the task and demand a standardised result but they usually have little control over how the freelancer chooses to work. This presents a wealth of lifestyle opportunities if you choose this way of working. As a freelancer you are your own boss. To be successful at this you must keep many plates spinning in the air like marketing, accounting, designing and project management. The lines between your personal life and business life will become blurred and it can be a big step for most people.

    Working for yourself can offer you a great deal of freedom. But being your own boss can be a positive and a negative. It can be tough at times but ultimately working for yourself can be more rewarding than working for your boss, the feeling is priceless.

    Strategic Thinking – Game Over

    by Steyn Heckroodt

    Unveil the reality of today’s business environment and empower yourself to grow your competitive edge.
    This book will shift your current strategic thinking practices into the twenty-first century and put you in the forefront of facing and managing today’s business challenges. It will help you to excel in more innovative strategies whilst operating in a volatile business environment.
    You will learn how to develop a richer and deeper perspective of business and its environment, embroiled, as it is, in dysfunction, stress and turmoil.
    Introducing leading strategic business model flexibility as a driver of sustainable competitiveness, this book deals with the shortcomings in conventional PESTLE and SWOT methodologies and puts forward a new set of rules for business success.

    Tax Loopholes, Tax-Free Living & Retirement

    by C. Ingraham RTRP

    Actual Book:

    Tax Evasion is illegal. Tax Avoidance is NOT. This book explains in detail what hundreds of thousands of Americans have done, legally, for decades. This book will show you how U.S. taxpayers, combine the Earned Income Exclusion and Offshore Corporation(s), with the IRS’s blessings, to legally lower or eliminate, their U.S. tax liabilities. The book uses easy to understand language and explains the details and the overall picture which allows U.S. taxpayers to use the IRS Form 2555 to legally eliminate their income taxes. The IRS, of course, has the final say on all Form 2555 elections. This book will explain the tax law and the hurdle(s) one must jump to live a tax-free life,in easy, every day language.

    Some would say this isn’t honest or fair. You may be correct. However, let’s explore how it’s done before we join millions of citizens in protest over these tax laws.

    Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a tax-free retirement, and more and more Americans are taking advantage of these tax loopholes each year. It’s called the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, FEIE for short. At the time of publishing the maximum exclusion is $97,600 for 2013 for each taxpayer. The amount of the exclusion increases each year based on inflation. (Exclusion means that you pay zero taxes on that amount)

    So what is this retirement tax loophole that nobody’s talking about?

    The United States taxes all taxpayers on their worldwide income. This is a fact, this is the law. However, taxpayers who live and work OUTSIDE of the United States can possibly qualify for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. Before you close your mind to living and or working offshore, take a look at the facts and understand why so many Americans are making the necessary adjustment, to take advantage of this opportunity.

    Regardless if you move offshore or stay in the United States, you can use this book to lower your taxes each year and live a tax-free life or a tax-free retirement. Is it ethical? You be the judge.

    First you should realize that Form 2555 Election has been going on for years. It wasn’t until millions of Americans experienced a loss in their retirement funds, due to the recent down-turn in the economy, that the FEIE became so important and popular.

    Millions of baby-boomers are now at retirement age. For many Americans, their retirement nest-egg, disseminated right before their eyes…………..

    Points Covered

    1. Hurdles #1, 2 & 3 (Examples)
    2. What If I Don’t Want to Move Offshore?
    3. IRS Form 2555
    4. Explanation From the IRS (Includes Chart)
    5. Hurdle #4 Tax Deferment, Offshore Companies & Tax Free Havens
    6. How an Offshore Company Works in Conjunction With the FEIE – The Two Step Process
    7. Jurisdictional Tax-Bases Countries
    8. Offshore Internet Business
    9. Finding the Right Service or Attorney to Set up Your Offshore Company
    10. Moving Offshore (How)
    11. Summary

    Transforming the Economies of Developing Countries

    by Emmanuel Botchwey

    A closer look at the economies of Developed Countries shows the bulk of the labor force, as high as 98 per cent is engaged in the Secondary and Tertiary Sectors combined while the remainder 2-4 percent is engaged in the Primary Sector. Conversely, in least Developed and Developing Countries between 50-80 percent of the labor force is found in the Primary Sector while a much smaller percentage can be found in the Secondary and Tertiary Sectors. This situation is an irony because despite the fact that the bulk of the labor force is engaged in the Primary Sector in Least Developed and Developing Countries, they have on several occasions been vulnerable to food insecurity, poverty, diseases and “near” to bankrupt economies. Despite this most Developing Countries still continue to rely heavily upon several primary goods whose prices have perpetually remained low. On the flip side most Least Developed and Developing Countries are potentially rich with their richness coming from a wide range of natural resources encompassing fantastic climatic and weather systems with a few exceptions, minerals, bio-diversity and fertile lands. On record the tropical rain forests which are located in Least Developed and Developing Countries support the greatest bio-diversity on Earth. Despite these advantages the paradox is that most of the poorest people on earth today could be found in Least Developed and Developing Countries.

    Based on Sectoral analysis of statistical data on GDP in the Economies of Developing and Developed Countries it is logical to conclude that there is a correlation existing between the Sectoral distribution pattern (of Labor/GDP and overall GDP creation) in the Economy where a slimmer Labor force/smaller GDP in the Primary Sector and the subsequent increase in the Labor force and GDP creation with progression from the Secondary to the Tertiary Sector resulted in phenomenal cumulative GDP growth per nation.

    Could the prevailing abysmal economic indicators on the ground today in most Developing Countries be attributed to lack of Technological Engineering Efficiency and Economic Efficiency? Or are Developing and Under Developed Countries perpetually doomed to face this vicious cycle that has been haunting them today forever? Or Could the disproportional distribution pattern of Labor/GDP skewed toward the Primary Sector be the obstacle to the quest for autarky in Developing Countries? Finally, could it be a combination of the three possibilities?

    This book gives fascinating insights into some of the bottlenecks and solutions to the endemic vicious cycle facing Developing Countries today.

    Why Your Website Doesn’t Make Money – And How It Can

    by Paul Mannet

    For bloggers and small business owners who want to get serious about making money online.
    Is your website sitting there, doing nothing for you in spite of all your efforts? Many, many bloggers and small business owners out there have the same problem. This is a complete guide, written by a digital business analyst & product developer who has helped large and small companies understand how to get a return on their digital efforts. Learn how to make your content, site design, email and marketing strategy all point to at least some monetary return — and potentially a large return. This book teaches you how successful site owners think about business models including advertising, affiliate marketing, professional office promotion, subscription sales and more. Also includes great tips on how to deal with a site designer, understand online lingo, golden rules of online success and a list of the 10 worst online mistakes to avoid. The “non-techie’s” bible on how to get something back from all your online efforts.

    You Are a Walking Billboard for Your Business: What Are You Doing About It? (Boost Your Small or Home Business)

    by Sherrie Giddens

    There is more to creating an image for your business than letterhead and business cards. This title shares personal stories and information about the way others may view you and your business. It will inspire you to take control and create a more personal and professional image that potential customers will find engaging.

    This title will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour of reading time.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.