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The Gods of the Vikings – Exploring the Norse Gods, Myths and Legends Through the Days of the Week

by Marion Pearce

The Gods of the Vikings

Exploring the Norse Gods, Myths and Legends through the days of the week

By Marion Pearce, Illustrated by Emily Carding

The Norse gods are as vivid and powerful as the rugged elemental landscapes they ruled over. Marion Pearce sets the major Norse gods like Odin, Thor, Loki, Tyr, Baldur, Freya and Frigg into a context of both time and place, telling their tales in a unique manner and through doing so she introduces numerous other gods, giants, heroes, dwarves and monsters from the Norse myths and legends. The author also writes on the Germanic Saxon gods, who sprang from the same roots, and explores the conflict between the Norse and Saxon gods and Christianity. The influences of the Norse and Saxon gods are considered further through their survival in British folk customs and significant calendar festivals.

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The Norse gods are as vivid and powerful as the rugged elemental landscapes they ruled over. From Scandinavia the Vikings raided, traded and settled across Europe and beyond, leaving their mark through their deities in place names, literature and particularly through the derivation of the names of the days of the week from Tuesday to Friday.

Marion Pearce sets the major Norse gods like Odin, Thor, Loki, Tyr, Baldur, Freya and Frigg into a context of both time and place, telling their tales in a unique manner and through doing so she introduces numerous other gods, giants, heroes, dwarves and monsters from the Norse myths and legends. The author also writes on the Germanic Saxon gods, who sprang from the same roots, and explores the conflict between the Norse and Saxon gods and Christianity. The influences of the Norse and Saxon gods are considered further through their survival in British folk customs and significant calendar festivals.

Drawing on numerous sources, including the Eddas and Sagas, the tale of Beowulf, contemporary Arabic writings and early British laws, the author demonstrates the threads which unite the days of the week and the Norse and Saxon gods with other early civilizations and classical sources from Pliny, Tacitus and Ravenna to the Old Testament. From the world tree Yggdrasil to its gods and creatures, from the Norse creation myths to the cataclysmic Ragnarok, from magic charms to ritual practices, The Viking Gods by Marion Pearce is an evocative journey through the rich tapestry of Norse paganism, history and cosmology, illustrated with numerous original line drawings by visionary artist Emily Carding.

About the Author: Marion Pearce
Marion Pearce is the author of several books and articles on Celtic, Norse and Roman history and culture. Her work has been published in magazines in the UK and internationally. She is the editor of Pentacle Magazine, the biggest independent pagan magazine in the UK, which she founded in 2002; and was formerly the editor of Pagan Dawn, the magazine of the Pagan Federation. Marion’s book The Gods of the Vikings was published by Avalonia in 2011, with illustrations by visionary artist Emily Carding.

Healthy Juice Recipes – Natural Juicing Recipes for a Healthier You

by Lisa Kelly

25 easy-to-prepare healthy juicing recipes made for a healthier you! Never be out of juicing ideas when preparing juice for yourself or for a loved family member.

These easy-to-prepare healthy juicing recipes have been chosen with the health-conscious individual in mind. We have included recipes for entree juices, vegan juices, weight loss juices, detox juices and more that contain ingredients with the most vitamins and minerals for optimum health.

So whether you are juicing just for fun or you are someone who needs to consume a healthier diet because of a present medical condition, these naturally invigorating juice recipes are for you!

Formatting of Kindle Books: a Brief Tutorial

by Charles Spender

** Updated in August 2013 **

This document was written for the lay audience and outlines the steps nec-
essary for creation of a full-featured, professionally formatted electronic
book for the Kindle platform. Never mind the size of this tuto-
rial: most of it is pictures and side notes (which you can ignore). The book
consists of three partsâ??you need to choose only one of themâ??

     {a}   for people who don’t want to learn HTML
     {b}   for those willing to learn HTML
     {c}   for professional web designers

It is possible to do some changes to your Word manuscript and upload it
to Kindle Direct Publishing within half an hour, but you are likely to discover
later that your ebook has many annoying little problems that need fixing
in HTML code. If you don’t want to learn HTML, the book contains a chapter
on how to format a Kindle ebook properly using a free 30-day trial of Micro-
soft Word. The text also describes conversion of PDF, InDesign, EPUB, Apple
Pages, OpenOffice, and WordPerfect files.

Good formatting will take several hours to several days. Please keep in mind
that the vast majority of self-published ebooks do not sell and the format-
ting efforts and expenses may never pay off. Readers will learn how to:

  • create a fully functional “Go to” menu (table of contents, cover, and
  • embed a high-quality image to create a full-screen, native cover of a
    Kindle book
  • use Word’s paragraph styles to achieve consistent formatting across
    different Kindle devices
  • format pictures, lists, formulas, tables, or poetry using Microsoft Word
    (or HTML)
  • troubleshoot fonts and font sizes in your Kindle book
  • create a logical table of contents (NCX) that will enable the use of the
    5-way button on a Kindle device (to skip through sections in your e-
  • convert your Kindle ebook to the NookBook format and put it up for
    sale on the Barnes & Noble website
  • and more…

In addition, the document contains an HTML template for a Kindle book.

Small Spaces, Big Yields (MJAdvisor)

by Read Spear

A former Colorado Medical Marijuana Center owner and professional grower explains the techniques needed to hit big numbers in your indoor grow using tried and proven deep water culture and soil techniques. The author was the second approved grower under Colorado’s medical marijuana law and has grown literally thousands of plants using every imaginable technique and sorted what works from what doesn’t.

Small Spaces, Big Yields is a concise text aimed at hobbyists who already know the basics of growing marijuana, but aren’t getting the results they know they could be getting.

Today’s indoor grower is faced with too much information, much of it simply incorrect. This is often confusing and can lead to low yields or sick plants. Small Spaces, Big Yields cuts through the fluff and gets right to the practicalities of growing huge plants at home. You have the “Bible”, now learn what the pros are doing!

In Small Spaces, Big Yields you will learn:

– How to set up your own high-efficiency grow room

– How to build your own deep water culture system that can left alone for a week or more

– How to identify the most common problems and correct them

– How to pick the right strain

– The 6 environmental variables and how to maintain them

– The difference between organic and synthetic nutrients

– Why and how soil changes over time

– How to mix your own potting soil

– How to choose the most efficient light

– Training for SCROG style growing

– Why sweeteners don’t work

– How to save money by understanding basic plant physiology

– The two most common causes of problems in the grow room and how to avoid them

…and much, much more!

If a concise just-the-facts tune-up to your growing technique is what you are seeking, you’ve found it!

How to Get a Six Pack Fast – Get Ripped Abs Without Dieting in as Little as 10 Minutes a Day at Home

by Rich Bryda

Author Note: Don’t get this report here. You can get 5 of my reports FREE (Brute Force Pull-Ups, Brute Force Push-Ups, Brute Force Biceps, JACKED, and How to Get a Six Pack) by getting my Effortless Exercise for Men book for the same price as this report.
If you’d like to have a set of ripped six pack abs in as little as 30 days, without dieting and in just minutes per day (without leaving home), then this new book will show you how some of the world’s top athletes do it.

And how YOU can, too — even if your stomach is soft and flabby now.

The book is called:

“How to Get a Six Pack – Get Ripped Abs Without Dieting in as Little as 10 Minutes a Day at Home”

This book is short (you can read it in 15 minutes).

And it’s for guys who don’t want to screw around with fluff or nonsense.

In fact, this book was written by world-class fitness expert, and is based on pure science used by some of the world’s top athletes (yet is virtually unknown to most fitness or exercise experts). It contains a simple “formula” for having the kind of rock hard, “wash board” abs women love to look at and touch, and that leave other guys wondering how you managed to get such a perfectly toned stomach devoid of any flabby skin or fat.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get reading this book:

  • Develop a ripped stomach within weeks that women can’t take their eyes (and hands) off of when you go to the beach or walk around without a shirt.
  • A faster metabolism that burns up fat quickly, and leaves you feeling full of energy all day long.
  • More strength and endurance throughout your entire body (due to strengthening your “core”).
  • Quick-acting weight loss where you see results in just days and weeks instead of months and years (and even when you eat “bad” foods!)
  • You’ll ooze confidence with your friends and co-workers begging you to tell them your secret. (Even most “fitness experts” are lucky to have a 4 pack — and can never really get rid of that pouch around their waist — but you will!)
  • Virtually eliminate your chances of getting diabetes and other abdominal fat related diseases. (Many diseases and health problems are directly related to having a flabby stomach — following the information inside will make those problems almost obsolete for you.)
  • Naturally look and feel younger than everyone else you know.
  • Chiseled abs that are rock hard and literally “punch proof” (go ahead and let your friends punch you in the gut — it’ll probably hurt them more than you!)
  • Eliminate bloating and that ugly “woman repellant” spare tire in just a matter of weeks.
  • And a whole lot more…

Including stronger posture, reduced back and body pain, better coordination and an overall “vibe” that tells other men you’re a bad ass every time you walk by.


We’re including a surprise bonus book with “How to Get a Six Pack”: Bruce Force Biceps.

This included free bonus book contains a proven (yet surprisingly little-known) way to realistically put at LEAST 1+ inches of solid muscle onto your arms in the next 4 weeks… even if you have terrible genetics and skinny, un-athletic arms now.

It’s yours included free at the end of “How To Get A Six Pack.”

Following The Front Wheel West…

by J.D. Hodges

In the summer of 2013 I took a dream motorcycle ride across the country. This is a journal that I kept while making that trip.

Creating Strong Protagonists (Screenwriting Blue Books)

by William C. Martell

No More Passive Protagonists!

A step-by-step guide to creating “take charge” protagonists. Screenplays are about characters in conflict… characters in emotional turmoil… Strong three dimensional protagonists who can find solutions to their problems in 110 pages. But how do you create characters like this? How do you turn words into flesh and blood?

Character issues, Knowing Who Is The Boss, Tapping into YOUR fears, The Naked Character, Pulp Friction, Man With A Plan, Character Arcs, Avoiding Cliche People, Deep Characterization, Problem Protagonists, 12 Ways To Create Likable Protagonists (even if they are criminals), Active vs. Reactive, The Third Dimension In Character, Relationships, Ensemble Scripts, and much, much more! Over 63,000 words of techniques!

Professional Screenwriter William C. Martell (19 produced films) takes you into the world of strong protagonists, showing you step-by-step how to find the best lead character for your screenplay.

Grandma’s Favorites – 41 Easy As Pie Recipes

by Mary Brown

41 Easy to make pie recipes that anyone can make with little to no cooking experience. Most of these recipes have been around for many years and have stood the test of time. Some are brand new and can be made in 15 minutes. As a bonus you will find there are a few Pot-Pie recipes and a few Sugar-Free pie recipes. Also included are excellent tips that will have you baking like a pro with your first pie. Even if you have never made a pie before you will be able to follow these recipes and bake a great pie. There is also piecrust edge decorating tips to give your pie that special look. Once you have tasted a pie you baked yourself you won’t want store bought again. If you are an experienced baker then you will enjoy the simplicity of these mouth watering pie recipes.

Here is what you will find inside:

Old Fashioned Huckleberry Pie
Old Fashioned Shoo Fly Pie
White Chocolate and Macadamia Pie
Southern Banana Cream Pie
Green Tomato Pie
Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Pie
Butterscotch Pecan Pie
Chocolate Fudge Pie
Classic Rhubarb Pie
Lemon Buttermilk Pie
Old Fashioned Sweet Potato Pie
Pecan Peach Pie
Easy Cherry Pie
Crumb Top Apple Pie
Strawberry Pie
Down Home Walnut Pie
Classic Pecan Pie
Chocolate Pecan Pie
Easy Butterscotch Pie
Easy Raspberry Pie
Chocolate Chip Pie
Orange Buttermilk Pie
Grandma’s Oatmeal Pie
Pumpkin Chiffon Pie
Old-Fashioned Custard Pie
Blond Pecan Pie
Easy Lemon Meringue Pie
No-Bake Banana Cream Pie
Pineapple Cheesecake
Key Lime Pie
Old Fashioned Coconut Cream Pie
Lemon Cheesecake
Fried Pies
Easy Chicken Pot Pie
Beef Pot Pie
Shepherd’s Pie
Cheeseburger Pie
Hotdog Tater Tot Pie
Ham and Broccoli Quiche
Sweet Whipped Cream
Sugar Free Peach Pie
Sugar Free Apple Pie
Sugar Free Chocolate Pie
20 Minute Double Pie Crust
Plain Pastry Pie Crust
Sweet Pastry Pie Crust
Graham Cracker Crust
Vanilla Wafer Pie Crust
Tips for Making a Cookie Pie Crust
Piecrust Crimping Techniques
Pie Baking Secrets from The Experts

The Perfect Puppy Trainer: Your guide to your new best friend.

by Kim Dahlin

Kim Dahlin has been an active dog breeder and trainer for the last 20 years. She purchased her first dogs from Liz Vargo, a dog show Judge since the early 1990s, and began an organized breeding and training program. She has been in love with puppies and dogs ever since.

Soon after her first litter of puppies, Kim realized that dog and training was an area that most people had no experience in. And when they did have experience, it was generally not very good. There are many dog books out there, but many are so commercialized that it is hard to sort the relevant info from the sales pitches. Kim told us that, “Generally people have great concerns about potty training and obedience training and they don’t know where to start. They have so many questions and there is no one to answer them”.

So after consulting with hundreds of dog owners, trainers and handlers over the years, she decided to take her puppy training notes and condense them into an easy to read and understandable book about your puppy. She hopes it will help you with the journey you and your new friend are about to take.

The Perfect Puppy Trainer: Your guide to Your New Best Friend is a concise and easy to understand book on dog training. Kim Dahlin does a wonderful job of making dog training easy and fun. She gives her insight into potential training problems and helps you avoid the pitfalls of dog training.
This book contains the all-important basic knowledge of the ups and downs of dog training and gives you the commonsense instructions to be successful in training your dog.

You will learn

  1. How to prepare for your new puppy
  2. How to select a good breeder and puppy
  3. Items you will need for your Puppy
  4. Potty Training
  5. Training

And much more!

Your puppy is your new friend. He or she is depending on you to provide for them and if you do, they will give you love and affection for years to come. Being the owner of a puppy or dog is a big responsibility. Kim hopes that the information in this book will help guide you along the way and help you to make informed choices regarding your puppy. Welcome to the wonderful life of a growing puppy!

If you are looking for puppy training kindle books or dog training kindle books, this book will be of great value to you as you begin your journey with your new best friend.

Born Without a Tail

by Cayr Ariel Wulff

When your home has a revolving door for abused and abandoned animals, keeping pets takes on a whole new dimension! Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-rending, Born Without a Tail chronicles the true-life adventures of two animal rescuers living with an ever-changing house full of pets. The author takes us on a journey from childhood through adulthood, sharing tales, (mis)adventures and insights garnered from a lifetime of encounters with a menagerie of twenty remarkable animals.

The author’s tales include accounts of true-life animal rescues, first hand experience with animal communicators and the daily trials and tribulations of pet ownership. In addition, the author gives tips and expertise on animal care, and describes a harrowing experience with the court system over charges of animal cruelty.

Gmail Superman – Improve productivity using these gmail tricks (Learning a new skill every day)

by Jaison B

Did you know your one gmail account can give you infinite number of virtual email ids? Suppose your gmail id is [email protected] Try sending a test email to any of these emails which follows [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] All these emails will safely reach your main email account.

You might say that I already know that. But I can assure you that you don’t know all the possibilities of applying this feature to skyrocket your productivity. Google says less than 1% of its total gmail users makes use of the hidden features even though they know the features exist. This book is an attempt to share those features and how to use them effectively.

Fitness For Women Of Any Age

by James Atkinson

I know that many of my readers are female so I decided to help out you guys a bit further and get more specific.

In this book we will look at the unique problems that a lot of you gals will face when it comes to weight loss, fitness and aesthetics that are different from us males. Things like:

Cellulite and fat distribution

Fitness and the menopause

Women and weight training

Also included is a short but effective illustrated home workout, that you can do to target the usual problem areas.

A different genetic makeup means a different set of challenges!

Fitness is not just limited to your youth and I believe that there is not an age restriction when it comes to a starting point.

It is in my opinion harder for females to get the physique and proportions when it comes to body shape than males. This is all down to the genetic makeup. Some ladies are gifted with a great shape and are confident with their body. It does seem however that this is not the majority of the female population.

This book has been written to help you target the problem areas that you believe you have and I think that you will be surprised at how working towards your goals, before you have seen any results at all will give you a huge confidence boost

I hope this book helps you on your journey to a healthier, fitter and happier you.
Good luck and enjoy your training!

How to Build A Skydeck

by David L. Bradley

Ever wonder if our species’ development is guided by a greater intelligence? Or if your goofy-looking neighbor is really an alien on an assignment of global scale? How much soul should one be willing to swap for a little comfort? Who wants to trade for a baloney sandwich? Stan Davis ponders this and more throughout his day as a white laborer on an all-black crew in the Deep South. Shoved from the nest at 19, the bright but indolent son of luxury struggles to make his way in a world of country clubs, convenience stores, topless bars and trailer parks.

“How to Build a Skydeck” is a pre-Digital Age tale of black and white, rich and poor, pot-smoking aliens, angels and God. Despite the irreverent setting and blue-collar characters, this very human, deeply thoughtful and occasionally sarcastic tale will forever change how you think about the origin and destiny of humankind.

Girl Perfect

by Jo Jenkins

Have you ever felt different?

A novel about feeling different and finding love in the unlikeliest of places.

Elin Richards, 13, was born with a cleft lip and palate and has always felt different. Struggling day-to-day with her distinctive appearance, all Elin wants is to be like everyone else. School is a nightmarish and lonely place, and Elin only feels truly at ease when she’s riding her beloved horse, Hebe.

When Elin finally snaps and strikes a boy in her class, the consequences are far reaching. Then someone close makes a suggestion that will change Elin’s life forever.

So take a ride with Elin as she discovers that in an imperfect world true friends are closer than you might think.

JO JENKINS (pen name) is a clinical psychologist who has worked for many years helping people who feel different to think better of themselves. Elin’s story is inspired by that work.

[23,599 words]

Bodybuilder — Effective Methods to Quickly Build Explosive Strength, and Massive Muscle — Get Bigger Leaner Stronger Now!

by Jake Hammer

You’re about to learn the powerful secrets and strategies for building muscle mass and strength in the shortest amount of time. Discover the surefire tactics on how to be a bodybuilder that have transformed small frames into mounds of rock hard muscle. Bodybuilding exercises that force your body to grow muscle and forget about ever paying for expensive supplements again!

Here’s just a bit of what you will learn inside this book:

– Eliminate any chance of failure by following my proven strategy for maximizing your weight training and packing on layers of muscle in less time than anything you’ve ever tried before!

– Discover my fast action training series that reveals step by step instructions on how to speed up your muscle growth and sustain your bulk doing LESS training than your current routine! I hand you my personal training tips to build massive strength!

– Detailed instructions on what you NEED to eat in order to gain muscle to your frame, regardless how big or small you are! These critical super foods you MUST incorporate into your fitness training in order to see the results you’ve been looking for!

– Complete diet plan featuring the power supplements and super smoothies that will play a huge factor in the effectiveness of your weight training. Super charge your efforts quickly by adding a handful of basic foods to your daily diet! (Comes complete with recipe guides)

– Mass Scale Training methods finally revealed! These are secret strategies revealed by a hardcore personal trainer who has helped countless bodybuilders bulk up in record time!

– Gain the unfair advantage to leave your competition in the dust by following the strength guide and building muscle.

– The Best Body Building Diet Tips
– The Best Body Building Routines
– Building Muscle the Natural Way
– Healthy Body Building Nutrition Tips
– How to Build Strength
– Weight Training Routines
– Weight Training Tips
– Discover how to setup your own workout plan.
– Discover how your diet plays a major role.
– Learn about the important nutrients that you need.
– Discover why carbohydrates are so important.
– Discover some sample meals to get you started.
– Learn how sleep affects your goals.
– Bodybuilding power supplements.

Learn all of this Plus much MUCH More!


by B Hiriyappa

1 Personality And Concept Of Personality
 Introduction
 Defining Personality
 Concept Of Personality
 Characteristic Of Personality
 The Nature Of Personality
 Assumptions Of Personality
2 Determinants Of Personality
 Introduction
 Determinants Of Personality
 Biological Factors
 Cultural Factors
 Family Factors
 Social Factors
 Situational Factors
 Introduction
 Types Of Theories
 Descriptive Theories
 Predictive Theories
 Prominent Personality Theories
 Intrapsychic Theory
 Type Theories
 Trait Theories
 Social Learning
4 Intrapsychic / Psychoanalytic Theory
 Introduction
 Freud’s Structure Of Personality
 Id
 Ego
 Superego
5 Type Theories
 Introduction
 Sheldon’s Physiognomy Theory
 Carl Jung’s Extrovert And Introvert Theory
6 Trait Theories
 Basic Five Factors
 Fundamental Assumptions Of Trait Theories
 Gordon Allports Trait Theory Of Personality
7 Social Learning Theory
 Introduction
 Motivation
 Emotion
 Cognitions
 Social-Reinforces
 Self-Reinforces
 Vicarious Emotional Arousal
 Vicarious Reinforcement
 Semantic Generalization
 Rule-Based Learning
 Observational Learning
 Skinner’s Behavioristic Learning Theory Of Personality
8 Development Of The Personality
 How Personality Develops? / The Shaping Of The Personality
 Fraud’s Five Stages Of Personality
 The Oral Stage
 The Anal Stage
 The Phallic Stage
 The Latency Stage
 The Genital Stage
 Erikson’s Eight Life Stages
 Infancy
 Early Childhood
 Play Age
 School Age
 Adolescence
 Young Adulthood
 Adulthood
 Old Age (Sunset Age)
 Argyris Immaturity To Maturity Stages
9 Big Five Model Of Personality
 Extraversion
 Neuroticism
 Agreeableness
 Agreeableness
 Openness To Experience
 Conscientiousness
 The “Big Five” Personality Factors
 Personality Structure
10 Personality Traits Influencing Organization Behavior
 Locus Of Control
 Machiavellianism
 Self Esteem
 Characteristics Of Low Self-Esteem
 Characteristics Of High Self-Esteem
 Risk Taking
 Mcclelland’s Learned Needs
 Extroverts And Introverts
 Authoritarianism
 Personality Characteristics In Organizations
 Self-Efficacy
 Self-Monitoring

In the Failing Light: a memoir of love and cancer

by David E. Tillman

Eloquent and heartbreaking. –Publishers Weekly

This is a marvelous story with a predictable but still wrenching conclusion. Beautifully written, this is highly recommended –starred review from Library Journal

It is Tillman’s mixing of humor and sadness that elevates his memoir above the pedestrian –Boston Globe, MY BACK PAGES, By Katherine A. Powers

Business Policy and Strategic Management

by B. Hiriyappa Ph.D


Intertwined: Humble Journeys on the Pathway to God

by Cheryl McCausland

What do a waitress on Long Island, an interior decorator in New Jersey, and an attorney in the Hudson Valley of New York have in common? They believe human souls are predisposed to seek God, and by doing so, journey with the souls of others on the pathway to Him. They support their beliefs with numerous examples of otherwise unexplainable events.

Tracy’s journey begins as a five-year-old who awakens to find spirit beings surrounding her bed. Her claims of nightly visitations gain credibility when older sister Laura shares an extraordinary encounter involving a deceased football player. As Tracy matures, she receives divine messages, dreams, and visions and struggles to incorporate them into her daily life.

Laura becomes a successful yet unfulfilled businessperson. While away from her family, she succumbs to an invisible force that propels her into an emotional and spiritual cleansing. Since then, she has become keenly aware of how information tidbits–‘puzzle pieces’– are provided to human beings to foster spiritual enlightenment.

Their friend Cheryl loses control of her car on an icy roadway. She surrenders her destiny to God as the car lands upside down on a snow-covered pond.

The mothers of the three women die after suffering debilitating illnesses. Days, weeks and years after their deaths, dimes, crosses, and angels, appear ‘out of thin air’ to comfort the women and their family members.

What is Romance? (Create the relationship you deserve)

by Jessica Brightheart

Written by Jessica Brightheart, #1 bestselling author of “SMS Diary – A digital age love story”

The way far too many people approach romance in today’s world leaves many speechless. For many, it seems to be bait in the hunt for a partner, and not the expression of love it should be. Jessica Brightheart approaches the topic in a provocative and direct way, motivating the reader to re-discover this magic that should be part of any loving relationship.

CATCH HER AND KEEP HER – How To Get The Girl You Love… and have her beg for more! Your Attraction, Dating, and Sex Guide for How To Catch And Keep A Woman Who Is A Total 10.

by Christian King

How To Get The Girl You Love, I hear it all the time.


Are you looking for a Girlfriend?

Well if you are, then this is the book for you.

Uncover the crucial things a woman needs to sense about your personality before she will ever consider being with you physically. If you have ever had a good date or too with a woman and then you ended up never seeing her again, it’s probably because you failed to convey one or two of these important traits. I’ll show you how to convey this powerful attribute quickly and easily so women can sense it.

I here these questions a lot:
Can you help me find a girlfriend?
Where to find a woman
How do I find a wife?
Or sometimes just the statement please find me a woman!

Here’s how to transform yourself into a man who can CATCH and KEEP a woman who is a “Total 10” – a 10 on the outside and a 10 on the inside. This is a complete “inner game” and “outer game” training program created to transform your success with women.

Imagine what your life is going to be like.

You’ve wanted to change your entire life. You’ve wanted to be attractive. You’ve finally found the resource that can make that happen. It won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding, beyond your wildest dreams.

Here’s why this matters to you.

Society has always dictated what is attractive. But the symbols of ultimate sex appeal and beauty change. Over the years, the archetype of the model woman has changed drastically. For example, 30 years ago the ideal was a woman slender and sleek like Twiggy. Today supermodel beauty is defined by curvaceous women like Tyra Banks. Pop culture bombards us with images from Beyoncé’s bootylicious to Jennifer Lopez’s multimillion dollar backside. Women tend to emulate the “in” look of the era, but this look changes over time. In the same way, you also need to evolve in your tastes. What you liked as a boy should and must change to suit your different needs as a man.

First of all, realize that if you are stuck in the same views you had 20 years ago, you aren’t going to achieve the goals of your future. This book will help you create a plan and achieve your goal to get a beautiful woman, but also become that guy that women dream about.

Second of all, most of us have a general idea of what our “Total 10” should look like. This idea most likely vaguely aligns with your vision of a good spouse. But to get the love you want you must really define your “Total 10”. It’s not enough to have somewhat of an idea. You need to know exactly who you’re looking for in order to find her. This book help you do just that.

And well… third of deserve the best and it gets no better than this!
Society and the education system prevented you from ever developing the natural instincts for attracting women. Every man is born with this ability. The culture records over it along the way. I’ll show you the fastest way to develop this real ability inside of you and join the very small percentage of men who attract women without even trying.

Here is how to get it. Click the buy now button, order this book, and get exactly what you are looking for right now.

Examples: Other titles available by this author include;


Christian King

Get a Life

by Arvind Devalia

Do you dream of living a life you love, doing work you want to do?

“Get a Life” will show you just the steps you need to build your dream life.

Everyone deserves to have a dream life. This book will show you just how in 25 easy steps.

You can have anything you want in your life! It’s true! It’s just a question of getting clear about what you want. Then all you have to do is take action.

If you are new to self development, then this book is a quick and easy way to kick start taking control of life. And even if you feel you are already on the way to building that dream life, and have read a few books self development books and taken a few courses, you will still find plenty of inspiration in these pages that will change your life.

Building a dream life is very much like building a dream home – it needs to be taken one step at a time. You have to start with the foundations, but you do get there in the end. When you reach your goal you will have created a home to be proud of. What is key is that you get started.

Just imagine. There are only 25 steps and 25 tasks in â??Get a Life’. Just 25 simple things to do and your dream life will take shape. It really is as simple as that, and this book will get you moving quickly.

A Moment of Clarity

by Cliff Lengkono

Have you been having trouble coping with loss? Do you want to be prepared for marriage and family? Are you wondering how you are going to deal with parenting? Is it hard for you to start and maintain a relationship? Could it be that there is more about love that you are yet to learn?

You have found the book that cover all of those issues and many more. It takes no more than one book for you to have knowledge of and the solution to various problems that everybody faces in their life.

A Moment of Clarity gives you the opportunity to see stages of life all at once because there are as many as six distinct sections in it, which are self, dating, relationship, marriage, parenthood, and farewell. It shows you what you can learn from the past, it enables you to make sense and deal with what is happening in your life, and it allows you to know and prepare for what is ahead.

After looking inside life and yourself, you will be able to choose or tell what you want, to find ways and to do whatever it takes to get it, to overcome difficulties and tests, and to deal with things greater than yourself. It is easy to understand, it is useful for many people and occasions, it is filled with things you can learn, teach, suggest, and advise.

There are many things this book offers you including, but not limited to truth, comfort, solutions, reminder, advice, warning, hope, answers, alternatives, knowledge, signs, ideas, insights, confidence, certainties, explanations, help, courage, strength, motivation, changes, and lessons.

To read this book is to see life, humans, and the world like you have never seen before.

The Experiences of a Weight Loss Program Member

by T.F. Peters

Designed to read as a short novel, not a textbook.
Intended for any person, attending any weight loss program, and needing help.

On my Weight Lost Journey I have read or skimmed many “too technical” books that told me exactly what I must do, but none gave me the mental support I received during my weight loss program meetings. But still, one thing must still be missing â?¦

Why do almost ALL successful Weight Losers eventually gain their weight back ??

In simple, honest terms … This book tells you how to Succeed for Life

Gimme Wimme, the story of a greedy little boy

by Elizabeth Weber

Gimme Wimme is the story of a greedy little boy who learns that it is never a good thing to be greedy. Written and illustrated by a first-grader, it’s entertaining for children to read but also gives parents and teachers a glimpse into how children really think about violence.

Healthy Weight Loss Foods Pt:1

by Heath McEady

I’m sure you have read and heard many facts about what you should eat and what you shouldn’t. Why particular foods and food products are better than others that now you don’t know what to believe is true. Either you heard it from a pamphlet about healthy lifestyles in a doctor’s office or from Doctor OZ on television; information about weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle is constantly being thrown in your face. Well in this eBook I have broken down the effects of certain foods on the body the good and the bad. You will learn why it’s important to eat certain foods and why you shouldn’t eat others. I will also point out food products in the grocery store that claim to be natural and healthy and see if that’s really true. You can loose weight with without exercising by just eating properly its very possible, you just need the right information.

The Art of Judging: Revealing Intentions while Predicting Behaviors

by Daniel Marques

We all want to know when a person is being honest or not; relationships, businesses and friendships with trust depend on it. There are specific rules, far beyond what the detection of a lie could show, that tend to be used in courts to reveal the true nature of the human mind. These principles are revealed in this book as well, to describe precisely how the human mind works to conceal a lie or even a crime. The principles apply to all human beings because they are related to the process of thinking, feeling and acting. Criminal Psychology depends on this knowledge, as well as anyone else that wishes to know truth. Only with such truth can happiness without betrayal be possible. With the intention of providing the complete structure related to though and moral, this book provides strategies and techniques that allow, not only knowing the intentions of a person, but also predicting his behaviors in the future and the level of ethic within such acts. The Art of Judging is here presented with all the paradigms involving the human mind so that the common citizen may apply it in daily life to know people behind their social masks and words, because intentions are more important than words!

Prince Charming? (Create the relationship you deserve)

by Jessica Brightheart

Written by Jessica Brightheart, #1 bestselling author of “SMS Diary – A digital age love story”

Are we able to accept Prince Charming in today’s world? Do we even believe he exists? Jessica Brightheart provokes the reader with her thoughts and takes a critical look at relationships.


by Christian King

How To Get A Girl To Like You. Use Your Body Language To Get Women To Notice You, Feel Attraction For You, And Even APPROACH You. Learn 3 Rejection Proof Pick-up Lines!


Do you ask the question, how do I get a girl to like me?

Well if you do, then this is the book for you.

Learn 6 keywords that women use to size you up during the first seconds and minutes of meeting you. Miss anyone of these and she will see you as a fraud or worse “a friend.” So listen up!

First of all, use Body Language To Get Her To Notice You, Feel Attraction For You, And Even APPROACH You.

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Second of all, 90% of communication happens on non verbal fronts it is very important for you to be able to follow her body language. You must not only study her body language to be able to get the required signals, but you should also be able to adapt your own body language to her. If you find that this adaptation is a conscious effort, there is obviously a lack in connectivity and maybe you need to consider someone else. But on the other hand if you feel yourself automatically changing to fit the mould she made for you, or vice versa, there is a definite connection and it is something that you should not let go off so easily.

Some topics we discuss:
where to meet women
how to talk to girls
how to get your girlfriend back
How do I find a wife

You deserve the best and it gets no better than this!

Learn how society and the education system prevented you from ever developing the natural instincts for attracting women. Every man is born with this ability. The culture records over it along the way. I’ll show you the fastest way to develop this real ability inside of you and join the very small percentage of men who attract women without even trying.

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Christian King

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Stop Managing Diabetes…..Reverse it!

by Alisa Cook

This breakthrough book will teach you how to reverse the destructive disease process of type II diabetes. You don’t have to “live with,” or “manage” diabetes anymore. You can reverse it!

Living a full life: changing what deprivation means (Breaking Habits)

by Bronwen Bartlett

A common excuse for falling off the wagon, or not even getting started in the first place, is not wanting to miss out on life, on everything it has to offer. But what if there is more to life? What if what you’re depriving yourself of is not another drink, slice of cake, or fine cigar, but a full, rounded balanced life full of excitement and joy?

Explore what deprivation means to you, and change your perceptions for a richer, fuller, more meaningful life.


by Christian King

How to Attract Women Automatically And Then Make Them Fall In Love With You. The VERY BEST Concepts And Techniques To Deliver You For Rapid Results with Women.


Do you ask the question, how can I find a good wife, a really loving and caring woman?

Well if you do, then this is the book for you.

Here are my VERY BEST concepts, techniques, and ideas… delivered to you in a rapid results. The book that not only teaches you the material… but subconsciously burns it into your brain…

Here’s How To Start Getting More Dates Right Now…

Discover the unbelievably common “secret signal” unknown to 99% of men-that instantly tells a woman whether or not you are a “real man.” (All women can spot this in the first 30 seconds of meeting you. If you have problems getting women to open up to you when you first approach them it’s probably because you are giving it off. Here it is…what it is… and how to eliminate it quickly.)

Here’s why this matters to you. Let me explain…

Over the last several years, I’ve learned a lot about how to succeed with dating and relationships. The best way to describe relationships as a group is that they all fit on different levels. What I find is that when people approach different programs about learning how to become successful with dating and relationships, they usually approach it at the level that they think they need instead of addressing all of the levels. So this course is designed to be both an introduction to our main ideas and also kind of a refresher course or a warm-up course if you have already learned something about dating and relationships. I have organized this introduction into laws that are going to be given one after the other and are going to go into some detail about each one. It is intended that you’ll take this first volume of our course and go through it on a regular basis to remind yourself and to drive these ideas deep into your mind. This course is designed to load your mind with the most important ideas.

First of all, I here the questions a lot:
Can you help me find a girlfriend
Where to find a woman
How do I find a wife
Or sometimes just please the statement find me a woman

Second of all, here’s why this matters to you.

Society and the education system prevented you from ever developing the natural instincts for attracting women. Every man is born with this ability. The culture records over it along the way. I’ll show you the fastest way to develop this real ability inside of you and join the very small percentage of men who attract women without even trying.

You deserve the best and it gets no better than this!

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Christian King

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TRACKING THE GAUGES, GAUGING THE TRACKS – Part 1, Gauges and Wheels (TRACKING THE GAUGES, GAUGING THE TRACKS – the Story of the World’s Railway Gauges, Yesterday and Today)

by Michael Frewston

This is Part 1 of a seven-part Serialized book that brings to life the story of the world’s railway gauges. Far from being a boring compendium of facts and figures, Part 1 of this book – Gauges and Wheels – describes the part played by railway gauges in the 200 year history and development of the railway. Chapters in Part 1 include an introduction, a short summary of common gauges round the world, how Standard gauge came about, gauge wars, how railway gauge differences changed world history at times of war, rail and wheel interfacing, how gauges affect the quest for speed, and a final chapter on gauge changes and breaks of gauge – something that happens on nearly every continent.
Parts 2 to 7, to be published at approximately three week intervals, will take the reader on an odyssey around the world, from the United Kingdom, where railways started, through Western and Eastern Europe, the African continent, the Middle East, â??Area 1520′, Central and South-East Asia, Australasia, and ending with the Americas. Each Part covers not only main-line railways in virtually every country in the world, but includes narrow gauge lines, as well as trams (streetcars) and metros. Profusely illustrated, including many maps, this story of the world’s railway gauges is at times provocative, certainly informative, hopefully interesting, and if nothing else a wonderful reference for anyone with even the remotest interest in railways. (Note: while Part 1 is free for a short while, and can be borrowed under Amazon’s Select program, remaining Parts will be priced.)

The Ultimate Matthew Stafford Fun Fact And Trivia Book

by Mark Peters

The Ultimate Matthew Stafford Fun Fact and Trivia Book contains more than 100 pieces of trivia, little known information, and fun facts about this young NFL star. This is perfect for you if you are curious about your favorite player, want to impress your co-workers, need information for a trivia contest, or even if you want to win a bet or two with family or friends. There are some hard to find tidbits in here including stuff related to his pro days, college days, and even his life away from football. This is exactly what the title says it is, the Ultimate Matthew Stafford Fun Fact And Trivia Book.

Find out interesting facts like:

-Who caught Matthew Stafford’s first career NFL touchdown pass?

-In a win over the Browns, what did Matthew Stafford become the youngest quarterback in the NFL ever to do?

-What team was he playing against when he notched his first 40 point game in the NBA?

-What NFL passing category would Matthew Stafford lead the league in during the 2011 season?

-What three bowl games did Matthew Stafford help the Georgia Bulldogs win during his college career?

…and much more!

Chalk Story (A Short Story)

by Frank Zubek

Chalk Story is a young adult novella ( about 85 pages long) about the friendship between a young girl by the name of Michelle and an older woman, Mrs. Wilson, who’s son saved Michelle’s life eight years earlier- and died from the incident.

In an effort to cheer up Mrs. Wilson, Michelle
decides to write about all the good deeds that Charlie did for people in chalk on the sidewalk so that not only the neighborhood will see it, but his mom will also see it.

But there is a storm coming and the rain will threaten to wash away Michelle’s fragile sidewalk story. What will she do?

A heart warming story about friendship, Chalk Story is young adult novella A portion of sales from Chalk Story will go toward charity.
Cover photo provided by Julie Gentry

BIG B and little b Bullies

by Dr. Kathryn Seifert

Want to Know What to Do About a Bully? Look no further. Find answers Here.

Not all Bullies are the Same and so the solutions to bully problems are not all the same either.

“Parents, teachers and school administrators (need) to get a copy and use the information to transform bullying behavior,” says Pat Wyman, internationally recognized education expert. You need to know about the different kinds of bullies and what to do when you find them in your child’s school. This terrific little book gives you tips to stop the different kinds of bullies found in every school. Don’t use “little b bully” interventions (peer mediation, individual counseling, suspension) for a “BIG B BULLY” problem (needs more intensive and complex interventions).

Don’t Let Your Child Suffer at the Hands of a Bully!

  1. Do you know what to do if your child is bullied?
  2. Did you know that not all bullies are the same ?
  3. Did you know that the methods for changing a bully’s behavior are different, too?
  4. Do you know how to handle a “BIG B BULLY” differently from a “little b bully”?

Ë?Ë?Ë? A BIG B Bully has Deep Seated and Complex Problems

A bully with severe and deep seated problems (a BIG B Bully) will not change his behavior through peer mediation, 1 or 2 counseling sessions, a suspension, or a lecture on good manners. You may even make the problem worse for your child if you use ineffective methods. Find out about this important new information. Know what to do when your child faces a “BIG B” Bully.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Another Headline To Use If You Want.

Put copy here to support the headline above it.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Another Headline To Use If You Want. You Get The Idea.

Put copy here to support the headline above it.

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The Alleged Budget Surplus, Social Security & Voodoo Economics

by Allen Smith

This book deals with the budget-surplus myth, the Social Security Trust Fund, and economic malpractice (voodoo economics) over the past 20 years. It exposes the deliberate deception of the public by politicians from both parties, which has led to the erroneous belief that the government has surplus money which is available for financing a large tax cut or new government programs. The book points out that there is no significant non-Social Security surplus today and that the projected surpluses for the next decade are little more than wishful thinking based on unrealistic economic assumptions.
The author points out that the surplus in the Social Security system is a planned surplus resulting from 1983 legislation that raised both the Social Security tax rate and the tax base for the specific purpose of building up a surplus for the retirement of the baby-boom generation which will require every dollar of the Social Security surplus. The book also includes a detailed history of the economic policies and economic malpractice of the past two decades.

If You’d Just Listened to Me in the First Place…

by Barbara Venkataraman

Meet Ella Boudreaux, a self-confessed nag. By no means — as Ella herself insisted — is she a  negative person. Persistent might be a better word; she is the kind of person you’d ask
for directions if you were lost, or provides you with a long chat while waiting
in line at the grocery store.

“Nobody, and I mean nobody, can nag like I can.” Written from a first person point of view, protagonist Ella Boudreaux immediately establishes her unique skill set.
And where has it gotten her?  Nowhere, that’s where.

She can’t hold onto a job and she can’t find her true calling, but she knows it’s out there. Could a handsome stranger help her find her destiny? Or maybe he was her destiny…

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Free poetry Kindle books for 31 Aug 13

My Soul Sings A New Song

by Marcia P. Samuels

My Soul Sings A New Song is a collection of inspirational poems written by the prolific writer, Marcia P. Samuels. The words of each poem are words spoken by the soul or to the soul. Each Poem is enhanced by an artwork that conveys the message of the poem. Allow yourself to be drawn into the Artwork “God Is Changing the Picture In Your Life, Give Him Time” And as you read the words of the poem you will understand that God is the Master Artist, and you are the Canvas on which He is creating His masterpiece and when He is done, His painting will win first prize.

My Dark Disease

by Max Hardy

A poetic slide into the darker side of life, love, death, marriage, religion, war, politics and possibly taxes.

Tales of a life lived and of lives observed, spiced with honest emotion and peppered with the odd bit of dry wit.

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Free horror Kindle books for 31 Aug 13


by Eric Buus Larsen

In a world rife with violence, powerful warriors called Guardians protect the village of the strongest clan. To become a Guardian is both an honor and a duty. However, to become a Guardian is no easy feat. A potential Guardian must pass seven Ascension Rituals, each a test designed to kill. Follow Alix on his journey to become a Guardian. Alix’s first Ascension test finds him locked in a cave with hundreds of undead corpses, alone, in the dark, and without weapons. He must solve a riddle written on the scroll he carries and find his way outâ?¦or die trying. Will he make it to the center of the cavern before the undead tear him apart? Who is the mysterious stranger secretly following him? Find out in this short and exciting story.


by Mike Brandish

The shadows can hide our darkest secrets and fears, but what if they cover more than we were lead to believe? In this story of personal horror, you will find the truth about the disappearance of Dave Newster, a regular man that was looking for some fun, but finds himself lost as the author slowly pushes the limits of reality to the dark depths of imagination.
Do you really think you are alone?

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Free science fiction Kindle books for 31 Aug 13

A Question of Will (The Aliomenti Saga – Book 1)

by Alex Albrinck

Book 1: A Question of Will
Book 2: Preserving Hope (
Book 3: Ascent of the Aliomenti ( [NEW!]

They murdered his wife and son. They burned down his house. They beat him within an inch of his life. And then they realized they had the wrong man.

They should have killed him when they had the chance.

Will Stark is a self-made multi-billionaire, happily married and a proud father. He arrives home to find his house destroyed and his family murdered, and is himself rescued from certain death by a mysterious trio. His rescuers are part of a splinter faction of a centuries-old secret society that has developed incredible technological advances, and unlocked the method to release humanity’s innate potential, and skills long thought the realm of magic. Will was mistakenly believed to be a key dissident and fugitive, on the run from the primary group, known as the Aliomenti. Society believes him dead, and Will elects to work from the shadows to learn the secrets of the Aliomenti, secrets that can help him seek his own form of vengeance. Or, perhaps, become the man they’d sought all along.


Horror Museum

by Mina Yan

Mild-mannered museum administrative assistant, Mina Yan, is about to discover that hiring someone new can be a killer undertaking.

This short, science fiction yarn proves that sometimes monsters hide in plain sight.

Extinction Biographies

by Jay Korza

Before Daria was a Navy Corpsman, she was a little girl who loved looking at the heavens. A fateful shopping trip with her father will change the entire course of her life when two armed gunman take over the store. Not everyone will make it out alive…

Daria’s story is one of ten character biographies that I have throughout my novel “Extinction”. Each short story gives us a glimpse into the lives of our heroes before they were heroes. How did they get to where they are now, saving the galaxy? How did their stories intertwine with each other before they came to rely on one another for their very lives? These questions and more are answered in the “Extinction Biographies”, a collection of the ten biographies from the main novel “Extinction”. You can also read these biographies for free on my site at 1393Productions, and then come back here for the full novel!

Some of other the characters you’ll meet:

Seth had it all, a great girlfriend, a great internship that was leading to a great career and he was about to graduate college with honors. But then everything went wrong. Have you ever known someone who was too smart for their own good? Well that’s Seth and now he’s stumbled on to a government coverup that will change his life forever.

The Warrior:
Emerging from a tubular mechanical womb, each genetically engineered soldier is identical to their brother standing next to them. At least they used to be. It’s been over a thousand years since the Warriors’ makers left them on their own and things are changing. Some are emerging from their births a little different than everyone else. What’s a clone to do?

What could be better than an expedition to an alien moon to unlock the secrets of an ancient species? Anything! At least that’s what teenager Emily thought at first. After arriving at the dig site with her galactically-known archeologist aunt, Emily becomes a key member of the team and helps to unlock a secret that might one day save the galaxy…

Before Scan was frogman for a Marine Force Recon team, he was an eco-terrorist fighting for the oceans of the galaxy. Follow Scan on his mission to stop the corporate plundering of a planet that one day we might call home.

What happens when you grow up in a poor Coalition colony with no parents and you work for a criminal syndicate? Nothing good, that’s for sure. This is the story of a young boy who is about to reach a special age, an age where he can no longer say he’s just a kid, an age where he will be prosecuted as an adult if he gets caught doing his job for the syndicate. When a kid in the syndicate reaches fourteen, he is forced into retirement, one way or another…

Reaper’s always knew he would follow in his father’s footsteps and become a trauma surgeon. Saving lives was who Reaper was and he couldn’t see himself doing anything else. Then, one day, Reaper helps his father save a man who didn’t deserve saving and the repercussions of their efforts will alter the course of their lives forever. Join Reaper’s journey as he learns what it means to be a healer and make decisions that will eventually lead to him becoming the battle-hardened Navy Corpsman he is today.

Shirkas are one of the most formidable species in the Coalition. If a Shirka had showed up on your doorstep before humans had ever had contact with aliens, you would swear that every werewolf nightmare you ever had just came to life. But how do Shirkas start out? Shirka birthing planets are strickly forbidden to outsiders so humans know very little about their upbringing. Follow a pack of newly born pups as they forge their own destinies in a world that is meant to weed out the weak and elevate the strong.

Brass Jack: A Fine Bit of Insurrection (The Brass Jack Cycle)

by Robert Seutter

The dark secret at the core of the Empire has sparked a war bridging across the dimensions, engulfing worlds both human and alien.

A troubling message from Lem-Bob now informs Brass Jack that his insane friends are coming to rescue him and his comrades from military bondage. But unlike the soldiers pressed into service around him, Jack has gone into the heart of this battle willingly.

The Emperor himself is strained to the breaking point between the machinations of the Psi Orders and their rival, the Phantom Corps. Even the Emperor’s greatest weapons, the legendary Solarian Knights, are as much a mystery to him as anyone else.

Now it’s up to Jack to juggle the horrors of the Organi attacks, an Empire near the end of its resources, and a blossoming young Imperial Psi-Lord that might hold the key to stopping the Demon Wars. To be reunited with everything he has ever loved, Jack is prepared to go to Hel and back again, provided both he and the rescue crew can stay alive as they navigate one of the deadliest battles the Empire has ever seen.

Tinker’s Button: A short story from the Children of Eden Universe

by James Andrew Wilson

Tinker is an eccentric old inventor trying to get his teleporter to work. He’s triple-checked all the necessary parameters, and triple-checked his checking. He’s ready to fire it up, to make history. But his other creations are conspiring against him, and a near-fatal tragedy involving his toaster has left him hungry. Can Tinker figure out how to bend space and time before the power goes out, not to mention his back?

This short story takes place in the CHILDREN OF EDEN Universe.

Book One: CALEB-SEVEN–Available Now!
Book Two: CREATED TO DIE–Available Now!

Threads (Fabric of the Universe)

by Tom Tinney

Threads: Book one of the Fabric of the Universe

It’s the year 2576 and socialism is dead.

Unfortunately, man’s inhumanity to his fellow man is not. In a universe full of opportunity for all, a chance encounter plants an evil seed and a psychotic killer begins stalking the female population of the MetroStellar.

In another part of the galaxy, a lone USS Marshal on a routine undercover mission stumbles into a 300-year-old cover-up. Things are never what they seem to be and both cases begin and end with the Intra Stellar Transportation and Exploration Company (ISTEC) and the planet they control, Exodus.

To close both cases will require the combined skills of the marshal and his twin brother, as they use their special bond to overcome the forces working against them and seek justice for those they have sworn to protect.

This is a story about family, the illusion of security and that things are not always what they seem. “Threads” shines a light on the what makes us great, as well as the darker side of man. It is the story of two brothers who discover they are stronger together, but they must first find the strength and greatness in themselves.

This is a Scifi Psychological Thriller spanning the known galaxy and the next 500 years of human history in a unique future and universe created by its author.

The Author has committed that 10% of the profits from the sale of Threads will go to ALS (Lou Gehrig disease) funding for research and patient care.

Black Box

by Francisco Figueira

Do not try to perceive the future in 1000 years. Even if someone shows it to you, you will not get it. Even if someone explains it to you, you will not get it. Black Box shows you why.

ARIKI and other short stories of an uncertain future

by Antonio Castro

A touristic trip to Easter Island mixes with an alien accident which explains the origin of the famous statues, the “moais” and maybe our own beginning …

Being Kind to Strangers

by Tom Hoskins

Driving back to Las Vegas after an investigation at the State Prison in Ely, Nevada, Tom McLemore swerves to avoid a head on collision with what he thinks is just a girl on a motorcycle. Stopping to render aid, he finds out that there is a lot more here than meets the eye. It’s 3:00 a.m. and the middle of nowhere, where did she come from? If it’s a motorcycle, where are its wheels? You just never know what will happen when you’re being kind to strangers.

A 4300 word, first-contact, short story.

Approximately 15 pages.

The Black Tower – Episode One – The First Floor (The Black Tower Serial)

by David R. Beshears

A team of scientists travels the eighty floors of a strange black tower, where each floor is an alternate world fraught with danger, striving to reach the top floor and the dark force behind the creation of the looming monolith.

Novella serial based on the television pilot screenplay “The Black Tower” and its accompanying series bible. The television series concept and design spans 100 one hour episodes.

The Black Tower Serial contains 13 short novellas, with each novella consisting of one of those one hour episodes along the storyline, including transitioning scenes of the intervening episodes, taking the reader from the first floor of the Black Tower, culminating on the eightieth floor and the final confrontation with the creator of the mysterious monolith.

For information on all thirteen serial episodes, visit The Black Tower book page at:

Episode 1: “The First Floor”

A.D.A.M. (The Foxes of Eden)

by Tom Lockwood

Doctor Newgate, celebrated computer scientist, has been searching for intelligent life beyond the human species. His answer has come not in the form of extraterrestrial life, but an artificial intelligence of his own creation known as A.D.A.M. Hoping to usher in a new era of scientific discovery, the Doctor’s creation is made active but the outcome is far from expectation.

The Fractured Boy

by Meredith Skye

A teen boy finds himself caught halfway between two dimensions and must choose one . . . before he fades from both.


by Todd D. Utley

This is the first 1/3 of the Novel titled “RESTORATION, IMMORTALITY BEGINS” I wanted to offer my readers a more economical option to download this work in sections. I hope you enjoy the book!

The year is 2056. The world is still recovering from the pandemic of 2027 when a meteor borne virus wiped out half the population. Cloning has been legalized in a desperate attempt to save humanity. Dodge Kerrington, a renowned Electronics Engineer leads his team at Embedded Systems Specialist in a race against their competitors. They must design and perfect memory transfer for the Human Cloning Process.
ESS prevails by creating the first successful system that records IHE (individual human experience) as a LifeFile that uploads into the brain of a newly grown clone. ESS launches the system and human immortality is born. Disease Treatment Centers are bankrupt. Hospitals and Clinics convert to LifeCenters, all in the business of providing Restoration services. Funerals are nearly unheard of, only hardcore religious hold outs choose natural death over Restoration.
Enter the world of High Tech Industrial Espionage with Dodge Kerrington and his best friend and security expert John Calhoun as they fight for their very lives against criminal master mind Cyrus Slade and his partner, a world renowned hacker known only as “Glitch” who desperately desire to obtain the new technology and the incredible power that comes with it. It’s an all out battle for control of Restoration and the minds of those that created it. In a high tech game of murder, hacking, and unbridled greed, the future of humanity hangs in the balance.

THEORETICAL (A Short Story of Time Travel)

by Nick Reynolds


When Dr. Simon Taylor claims to know the secret to time travel, is his claim valid, or only theoretical?
The truth will shock you.

Coastal Event Memories, Volume III

by A.G. Kimbrough

This Science Fiction Dystopian Novella is the third in a series that tell the stories of a small group of normal people thrust into a Global Extinction Event. Fate, tenacity, and a will to live help these individuals survive where millions have perished.
This group of strangers, thrown together by the Event, find unconventional relationships. They form a band to make a desperate run for home across the Southwest, threading a needle between volcanic lava and ash to the North, and barbarous gangs of murderers laying waste to survivors the South.

Out of Time – Overture

by B. P. Crouse

2100 words.
My name is Josef Finch. I just woke up in a nightmare of the past. Somehow I’ve shifted out of place and time. The last thing I remember is falling asleep in my St. Louis apartment. Now I’m being interrogated by German soldiers during WWII.

Sellie’s World (Reclamation)

by Michael Speir

That morning, the one when I saw Sellie out on her hands and knees tracing the course of her as yet nonexistent wall in the dirt with rocks and bricks and rubble, that was when the old world ended and the new world began. It didn’t hit me that way at the time, but she saw things I couldn’t. Later I began to understand and a chill of recognition surged through my being. When it had run its course, I shuddered with the tardy realization that things could never be like they had been. Oh, if you had asked me before, I would have told you I already knew that. After all, it was a fact that could hardly be missed. I had lived it every day for over seven years. But I guess at some level I had been viewing the present circumstances, dire as they self-evidently were, as amounting to more of a transitory, albeit gross inconvenience than a permanent state of affairs. Now I understood there would be no waking up to find it had all been a bad dream. I saw that the end really had come. For Sellie it had both come and gone. Hers wasn’t the outlook of the cheery optimist but of the hardnosed and indefatigable creator of possibilities in a time when the possibilities left to us were few.
Humanity had typically been so shortsighted as to appear self-loathing, but it had always pulled back from its dogged pursuit of self-annihilation in time to join hands and nurse the wilting flower of civilization to health before it could return to the dust above which it had only too recently dared peek. This was different. This time Man had enlisted a heavenly ally in his suicidal ambitions. Humankind and nature working together were not easy to deny. Even now we weren’t at all certain they had been denied. What few hands that had been spared the initial cataclysm sometimes had little evident interest in uniting toward the common good. Instead, as the race teetered on a knife’s edge already off-balance in the direction of extinction, some seemed as determined as ever to push it on over into oblivion.
Sellie was resolved to tilt it back the other way. I wouldn’t have guessed she had it in her. More than once she told me in all earnestness, “Conscience doesn’t always get its facts straight.” At first, there were times when I wondered how she could know, because I wasn’t quite sure she had one. Mine, on the other hand, tended be overactive. I didn’t always find it easy to work for somebody like her; and if she were writing this, she would undoubtedly be grousing about how annoying it was to have a combat systems officer who could be too squeamish about doing what had to be done. But I trusted her; and, looking back now, I understand the reason I trusted her was that she did, in fact, have a moral compass that was damn near infallible, at least when it came to life-or-death. It’s just that early on it wasn’t tuned to the same frequency as mine. Which turned out to be a good thing; because if it had been left to me to patch the last tatters of the human race on Planet Earthâ?¦well, I have nightmares about that.

Welcome To The Future

by Edward M. Grant

No-one expects to find alien life in NGC 2419. But when the first probes encounter a dirty, industrial planet somewhere no human is known to have been, the race is on to be the first to welcome its inhabitants into the galactic community. Will it be two poker-playing starships, or The Future, for whom pretension is a vocation, not just a way of life?

A 5,500 word science fiction short story.

The Last Holey Man

by V C Angell

The story begins in the not distant future when man has found out how to download the contents of his mind into a replicant human form. Those who did not choose to be replicated were either forced to convert or were killed in the Holey War. The word “Holey” has become a derogatory word meaning someone who still has functioning body orifices. The world appears to be free all the messy problems of overpopulation and its associated problems of food supply. Into this seemingly perfect world, an old man, a Holey, suddenly appears and sets off an unexpected chain of events.

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Free science Kindle books for 31 Aug 13

Silent Summer: How The Pesticide Problem Is Getting Worse And What To Do About It

by Stephen Tvedten

Think You’re Safe From Pesticide Exposure? Think Again.

40-Year Pest Control Veteran Speaks Out About The Industry’s Dirty Little Secrets on Pesticide Poisoning and More…

Silent Spring was just the beginning. In this life-changing book, you will learn:

How Illegal Pesticides Like DDT Are Still Being Used As “Inert” Ingredients

DDT was banned in the US in 1972 so you would think no one would still be using it in America. Think again! DDT residues such as dicofol (which contains up to 12% DDT) are still being sprayed today, poisoning our land, water, air and people like you and me.

About The Author

Stephen Tvedten was President of Stroz Services, Inc. (an alternative pest control company) for 25 years and is currently President of Get Set, Inc., an integrated pest management company and is also currently President of PEST (Prevent Environmental Suicide Today) an environmental group, and Steve is the founder of the Institute of Pest Management, Inc., Prescriptive Nutrients, Inc. and TIPM and the Natural Pest Control Association.

Steve is the consultant and advisor for Safe Solutions, Inc. Steve is Head of the Advisory Board for the Natural Pest Control Council of America. Steve was licensed as a Michigan Residential Builder and Maintenance Alteration Contractor and holds or has held Michigan pest control certifications in the following categories: Forest Pest Management, Wood Preservation, Turf, Ornamentals, Seed Treatment, Aquatic, Swimming Pools, Cooling Towers, Right-of-way, Structural Pest Management, Wood Destroying Organisms, Vertebrate, Interiorscape, Mosquito and Public Health. Steve also holds or has held Texas pest control certifications in General, Pest Control and Termite control, New York certifications in termite, structural, pest and rodent control. Ohio pest control certification in the following categories: seed treatment, general aquatic, swimming pool, general forest pest, timber stand improvement, wood preservation, industrial vegetation control, ornamental plant and shade tree, interior plantscape, vertebrate animal control, turf pest control, domestic, institutional, structural and health related pest control, general pest, termite, mosquito, house fly and vector control and Wisconsin certifications in forest, ornamental and turf, seed treatment, aquatic, right-of-way, general industrial, institutional, structural and health related, termite and wood preservation; State of Illinois certifications in seed treatment, right-of-way, ornamental and turf, forest, aquatic and mosquito pest control; State of Indiana certifications for seed treatment, wood preservative non-pressured, forest, ornamental, aquatic, right-of-way, residential, institutional and non-food industry pest control.

Steve has held West Virginia pest control certifications in general pest, structural pest, wood treatment and public health. Steve has been a science advisor for the National Pediculosis Association. Steve is a member of the Entomological Society of America. Steve is or has been a member of The Xerces Society, the International Cockroach Society, Inc. and the International Organization for Biological Control of Noxious Animals and Plants, Neartic Regional Section. Steve has been on the National Coalition for the Chemically Injured (NCCI) advisory board for proposed rules for IPM in schools. In addition Steve is or has been a certified home inspector, a certified termite inspector, a certified asbestos inspector and a certified environmental inspector. Steve developed the first guaranteed termite inspection program for real estate and the Get Set IPM program.

Orthopaedics: Managing the Shoulder: Arthroplasty and Instability (Audio-Digest Foundation Orthopaedics Continuing Medical Education (CME).)

by Audio Digest

Purpose: Audio-Digest Foundation CME/CE activities are designed to provide its learners – physicians and other healthcare professionals – with continuing education that will help identify clinical problems in their practice settings, provide content to help to solve those problems, and increase their application of knowledge to practice.

Audio-Digest Orthopaedics is specifically designed to provide the participant with state-of-the-art information on, including, but not limited to, the diagnosis and management of:

Upper extremity disorders
Total joint arthroplasty
Orthopaedic infections
Spinal disorders
Orthopaedic trauma
Tumors of the bone and soft tissues
Sports medicine
Congenital anomalies
Nontraumatic bone and joint disorders
Foot disorders
Nervous system disorders

The goals of this program are to improve the overall management of total shoulder arthroplasty and posterior shoulder instability. After hearing and assimilating this program, the clinician will be better able to:

1: Discuss the evolution of the reverse shoulder arthroplasty technique.

2: Review the literature discussing the relationship between surgeon volume and arthroplasty outcomes.

3: Identify the location of and describe the use for accessory portals based on pathology identified during arthroscopy.

4: Summarize the arthroscopic approach to the management of posterior instability.

5: Describe the subscapularis-sparing total shoulder arthroplasty performed via the deltopectoral approach.

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Free romance Kindle books for 31 Aug 13

Animal Instincts

by Kim Alan

This story was written for free download as part of the M/M Romance Group’s ‘Love is Always Write’ event.

Dr. Jordan Mackenzie has been alone, focused on his career and raising his son, for many years. He’s fine with that until one prickly young man’s intriguing quirks trigger a sudden need to take care of someone in an entirely different manner.

Calvin Sherbrook has issues. He knows it, and he can live with it. He’s just decided it’s better for everyone involved if he keeps to himself. And he might have succeeded too, if it wasn’t for one particularly hot veterinarian, a crazy old lady and her meddling dog.

content advisory: contains BDSM themes: mild D/s, mild bondage

The Keeper (sweet gay romance)

by Hollis Shiloh

One day after a storm, lonely lighthouse keeper Cole stumbles upon a half-drowned man. The man is a magician, who’s forgotten everything, even his name. As the two wait for the supply boat to come and take him away from the island, Cole finds himself falling in love.

He doesn’t think the beautiful blond man could ever return his feelings. But everything is not as it appearsâ??including the man’s past. And someone might just want him dead.

A sweet gay romance
15,000 + words long


I taught him to fish. He didn’t use magic for that. He looked alive when he was staring into the water, sitting on a large rock, just gazing down as if he saw more and deeper than anyone else.

“Why don’t you use magic to help you?” I asked, when his bait got eaten for the seventh time without the hook catching in any fish’s mouth. He might as well just be feeding them!

He shrugged. “It wouldn’t be fair. If I’m not good enough to catch them on my own, then I deserve to fail.”

I looked at him, re-baiting my own hook. “I hope you’d feel differently if we ever needed the food.”

“Oh yes. But we won’t, will we?” He looked at me closely. “You have enough supplies, even with me eating?” He looked quite concerned about it.

“Of course,” I reassured him. “Especially when we fish every day.”

He sat back, looking somewhat relieved. But I noticed him trying harder after that, and soon he was losing fewer pieces of bait.

I cooked fish every evening, soup and sandwiches most of the rest of the time. It was simple fare, but he never complained. He seemed to enjoy my cooking. I had to wash clothing more frequently, because he was sharing my wardrobe now.

He helped, and his magic made the clothes cleaner than they had ever been before.

For some reason, the sight of him with his sleeves rolled up, blowing bits of suds away from his face, elbow-deep in wash water, made me harder than I had ever been before. I walked down to the shore quickly, to get away from him.
If he guessed how I was affected by him, he never said anything. He never looked at me with disgust. He helped around the house as much as I’d let him, and was an altogether charming houseguest. In the evenings, he curled up in the chair by the fire, and we talked or read.

Except I was growing sick with longing for him. It was physical, and it was more than physical; I had been alone for a long time, and my heart was as lonely and attention-starved as my body. I longed to touch him, I longed to see him naked, and I longed to share my heart with him, to have him look at me with love. I knew they were impossible dreams I needed to squelch.

The only items he had that could give any clues to his identity were the clothes he’d arrived in. We looked through them carefully for labels or notes. Though of good quality, handmade by a clearly skilled tailor from expensive, well-cut cloth, there were no names or revealing words on them.

I liked to see him wear them, and at the same time, I didn’t like it at all. At least in my clothes he looked like a normal man, just one with excessively long legs and wide shoulders. It grew difficult to hide my attraction to him in his old clothes that fitted him so perfectly and showed him off to perfection.

His hair had lightened as I thought it would, and in the sun, it lightened further. He looked blond now in most lights. Except in the starlight, or by firelight: then his violet eyes looked dark and his hair black. I had never seen violet eyes before. I was fascinated by them and had to keep reminding myself not to stare.

The Wolf Who Stole Christmas (Xmas Tales – Legendary Lovers)

by Vanessa Jaye

Once upon a Christmas time, Santa’s daughter Holly had to choose between two menâ??a love sick Jack Frost, or a tightly disciplined werewolf named Furio.

Sure, she could melt the powerful Elemental’s lonely heart but can she bring out the animal in a wolf afraid to love again?

Wolf’s Haven (Multicultural Shifter Romance) (Caedmon Wolves)

by Ambrielle Kirk

Book 1: Caedmon Wolves seriesWolf-Shifter Paranormal Romance

Tamara would risk her life to gain freedom. She’s finally built up the courage to escape from a world of abuse by the hands of the man who promised her the world. One night she makes a break for it, but her plans backfire. She begins to believe that she was never meant to be happy. When all hope of freedom fades, she stumbles across a wolf that brings her to safety. She learns to trust the wolf, but has yet to trust the man.

Devin, potential future leader of the Caedmon Pack, returns to the foothills of his Virginia home after five long years as a lone wolf. Rivals within the circle challenge him and threaten to strip him of his true birthright. Being bound to lead the pack was not something Devin had planned for his life, but letting his people fall prey to turmoil under the rule of his cousin Darius is out of the question. The night of Devin’s rise to Alpha leader is approaching. Despite opposition, he’s gained an impressive following. That is until he brings a human among the pack.

Tamara can’t deny the attraction she feels toward Devin. The Alpha leader-to-be simply cannot resist Tamara’s lure. When they are together, their tribulations take the backburner. Their desire for one another grows as they consummate their passion in wolf’s haven. Will Devin forfeit the most coveted position within the Caedmon Pack to bond with his chosen mate? Can Tamara trust Devin with her mind, heart, body, and soul or will the memories of her abuse dissuade her from being bound to the wolf?

Caedmon Wolves series in order:
Wolf’s Haven
Wolf’s Promise
Wolf’s Touch
Wolf’s Desire
Wolf’s Strength (Coming 2013)

Spelled in Shells (Every Grain of Sand)

by Elisabeth Mayer

After he broke her heart nearly three years before, the last person Nicole Caulfield thought she would run into on a warm spring afternoon was her first love, Jesse Sullivan. One look was all she needed to remember their hot, steamy romance; when his eyes met hers, she could feel just how much he still wanted her.

She had worked diligently to move on, away from Jesse and was enjoying a successful career and a fulfilling love life with her new boyfriend, Billy Thompkins that seemed to be headed toward the altar. However, with Jesse back in her life, Nikki finds herself battling familiar old feelings while working to forge relationship between Jesse and their three-year-old daughter, Kathy.

As the summer approaches, temptation continues to grow; the heat between Nikki and Jesse becomes unbearable and all too soon she is swept away…like seashells on the sand.


by June Mayes

All Beth wants to do is get her business off the ground, enjoy a few drinks with her friends and maybe try to have a normal life. All David wants to do is retire from professional sports and re-establish a life like any other man. One slight mishap in a hotel bar and fate steps in. Before she knows it, Beth has to track down her step brother’s murderer, get her failing business back on track and try to figure out just how she managed to fall in love.

An adventure with mad cap friends, family and a man who literally sweeps her off her feet.

How to Knit Yourself a Husband in Five Easy Steps

by Lattice Stockinette

Lovelorn exchange student Heidi needs to get arrested. She found an anti-war protest that looks like her ticket to jail. Armed with knitting needles and a broken heart, she won’t leave without handcuffs. But will her efforts get her a criminal record? Or has fate planned a different cure for her heartache?

A Short Yarn by Lattice Stockinette.

Holding Hope (Seven Sin Sisters)

by Paloma Beck

The seven Sinster sisters are entwined in a legacy originating back from the time of the Italian Wars in the 1500s. One by one, they’ll find their mates from the immortal Valendite Breeds and secure their place in history.

Lucas believed he was fated to live out a solitary existence. He devoted himself to the sole mission of protecting his family and his breed when the woman he thought to be his mate died right in front of his eyes. With only one fated mate, Lucas understood his life would be lived alone.

Until he held hope in his armsâ?¦ Ella was a captive of his sworn enemy when he found her and immediately felt the connection. Lucas rescued her, nursed her back to health and cared for her. Now can he convince her to embrace her identity as one of the women of the Magdalena Circle? This might prove to me his most difficult mission yet.

Love, War and a Bulldog (Bloodlines #5.5)

by Suzan Harden

Emerson O’Malley, a were-bulldog, has been trapped in his canine form since the day he was born. Even worse, the likelihood of him losing his virginity is zero. But when he rushes in to rescue three nymphs, he pisses off the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who curses him into human form. Does he take advantage of his one night with the woman he loves or does he save Los Angeles from the goddess’s wrath?

Short story, approx. 4500 words or 15 printed pages

Harlequin Hearts

by Evelyn M. Trimborn

Inexperienced housekeeper Megan gets more than she bargains for when she takes a job at the house of architect Bryan Fitzmaurice in order to support her family. Sparks fly from the moment they meet. Through the comedy of errors that their meeting triggers, they grow closer with every passing minute.

Despite their many misunderstanding, Megan’s new life with her handsome, enigmatic employer is everything she could ever have hoped for except for one thing: Bryan is engaged to another.

Megan’s head tells her all the reasons her new boss is out of bounds romantically. Her heart whispers a different story, one that dares dream of a happily ever after. Can she and Bryan ever build a future together, or is her harlequin heart making her a fool for love?

Bryan has never met anyone like Megan, but he’s already engaged to a woman everyone says is perfect for him. Why then does he feel like such a fool for ever having agreed to marry the glamorous Amanda?

Only through his daring to risk all and open his heart and mind to love, to share the gift of joy and laughter with the beautiful woman Fate has presented him with, can Bryan find the courage to live a life of passion.

Does Bryan dare risk all on his harlequin heart, which whispers to him that it’s not yet too late to find real happiness with his one true love? Or will he try to do the honorable thing and keep his word to Amanda despite all he has learned about her, and let Megan walk out of his life forever?

“Your role would be whatever you’d like to make it, Megan. I really don’t have to stand on ceremony and eat all my meals alone or with David in that tomb of a dining room, while your little family circle all sit in the kitchen eating baked beans on toast.

“And don’t bother to deny it. I’ve seen the number of tins in the cupboard. I’m not an ogre, you know. No more pheasant and wild boar for me. We’re all eating the same from now on.”

Megan took his hand and climbed over. Once on the ground again, she gazed up at him, feeling as if her whole soul were rising up to meet his. He was so kind, so generous. It was a miracle.

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Then don’t say anything.”

Tugging her shoulders upwards, he drew her into his arms and covered her mouth with his before she even knew what had happened.

She gasped in surprise and tried to pull away, but his arms had already gone around her waist, trapping her against his lean hard maleness.

Her body responded to the kiss, the thrilling contact, but her more rational side was still just about in control. He was her boss, he was engaged. He had been kind to the Haugheys, true. But why? Because he expected something from her? …..

Rating: Sensual

Word Count: 75,000

Castles in the Air
The Art of Love
Italian Interlude
Parisian Passion

Until I Met You (FULL BOOK)

by Annette Evans

When Kelly Hamilton meets Nick Morgan, their attraction is instantaneous. After a whirlwind courtship, they plan to marry. As Nick’s past indiscretions catch up with him, those plans are shattered and Kelly is left alone to pick up the pieces of her life.

Kelly moves on and meets Michael Micelli. They strike up a friendship and soon begin dating. Michael is a wonderful man who would make any woman very happy, but Kelly finds it extremely difficult to forget the piercing blue eyes that still haunt her dreams.

When Kelly and Nick are brought together at various gatherings, they both deny the attraction they still have for each other. As certain truths come to light, will these two star-crossed lovers get another chance at happiness together? Will they both realize that their lives did not begin until they met each other?

Bogies (The Short Shorts)

by Ryan Bracha

Sara doesn’t have many friends. In fact, her best friend is her granddad Henry. She spends most hours of every day with him at the care home and will even pick up a copy of Granny Sluts magazine for him every now and then. She doesn’t have much time for boys.

Until a chance meeting with the Joe, the grandson of another of the residents. Joe’s a shy boy, and struggles to make conversation with any girls, let alone pretty girls like Sara.

They make a connection and each think they’ve found a kindred spirit, until a horrible discovery threatens to kill it off before it’s even begun…

Heiress of Healing (Heiress of the Seven Cities)

by Sonya Lano

Every generation, seven sons are born to the regent of the First Demesne, each of those sons destined to rule one of the seven walled cities. This generation, there are no septuplets. There are no sons.

There’s only a single girl.


Forbidden by her father ever to heal again, Iminique Demascus nonetheless saves the newborn princess from a nameless evil.

Born into a realm where the poor foment rebellion and the rich revile her as weak, the child is unwanted by both her parents and the people. Iminique becomes her sole protector, forced to ally herself with the wizard who tried to kill them both, a wizard who casts spells that should be impossible.

Meanwhile, in the south, a young sorceress falls prey to an ancient enemyâ?¦

Pearls for Jimmy

by Maureen Gill

Pearls for Jimmy is an adult romance set in Chicago’s Greek Town. It explores themes about sexual frustration, loneliness, and finding love in middle age â?? long after the average man or woman has ceased to believe The Great Love of One’s Life can still be found. When five women, all old high school friends, decide to dine in one of Chicago’s most famous Greek restaurants, no one could begin to imagine how the sensual delights of Greek food and wine, a remarkable man, a catastrophic storm, and a pair of pearls were going to rock two people to their core – and create new legends about the power of live, lightning and, yes, even pearls. Opaah!

Ribbon of Steele: A Romance of Suspense (Steele Dreams)

by JQ Allan

Lizzie Fox was on the path that everyone expected. Smart, successful and happy, she had everything. When her fiancé cheats she is forced to confront her own fears and rebuild her life. What she didn’t plan on, was meeting Mackenzie Steele.

Carries ruhmreichen Tage (Ersten Kapitel)

by Javier Ramírez Viera

Carrie ist eine vom Schicksal gebeutelte junge Frau. Sie hat zwei ungewollte Kinder von einem verantwortungslosen Mann. Sie ist ohne Arbeit. Sie ist ein Niemand. Mit der Unterstützung ihres Freundes Amédée bewältigt sie den Alltag…. bis sie die Fortunys kennenlernt.

Die Fortunys (die Brüder Alain, Rocko und Cid) sind ein paar Lieblinge der Pariser Nachtszene. Umgeben von schönen Frauen und dem Zauber der gehobenen Gesellschaft, durchstreifen sie wie Götter die Diskotheken. Als Carrie ihnen nachstellt, begreift sie nach und nach, daÃ? sie Hals über Kopf in einen unberechenbaren Sog von Sex-Orgien der High-Society geraten ist…. zugleich finden die Fortunys selbst in ihr den verlorenen Schlüssel zu ihren verschlossenen Herzen.

Dear Ruth

by Bronwyn Parry

A touching short story of love from bestselling author Bronwyn Parry that spans the decades and is set in the small outback town of Dungirri.

Included are previews of Bronwyn’s four full-length novels, As Darkness Falls, Dark Country, Dead Heat and her new book Darkening Skies.


‘loyalty and romance combine with all the action to make a memorable story’ Weekend Australian

The Early Misadventures of a Fast Food Dominatrix

by David Gearing

A Fast Food Dominatrix Short Story

By day Lisa Patrelli assistant manages the popular fast food joint McKillian’s. By night, she lets another clientele have it their way: whips, chains, with a side of extra bacon.

When Lisa is randomly approached for a “date” by a bumbling but not totally ugly man, she falls prey to every white girl’s weakness: tequila. This is why you should never drink before you play with your food.

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Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 31 Aug 13

Don’t Give Up

by Blaise Tshibwabwa

Don’t Give Up – The formula to a Divine Destiny! It is time that you experience a positive loop effect in your life! A few too many times, our entourage will say – Don’t Give Up!

But they never really answer the question:
How Do I not give up?
What Do I have to do to continue standing?
What do I do to wage war?
Where is the formula to Divine Success?

Don’t Give Up, is not the motivational book you have read over and over again, it is not the A,B,C for dummies type of book.
Don’t Give Up is the reminder of the answer you knewâ?¦

21 Prayers for Teen Girls (True Beauty Books)

by Shelley Hitz

Prayers for Teen Girls
**From the authors of the best-selling book series, “Teen Devotionals…for Girls!”**
Prayer is something that we hear Christians talking about all the time – but when it comes to actually talking to God, we often don’t know what to say.

Written specifically for teen girls, the prayers in this book are the prayers of our hearts. You can pray them or use them for inspiration for prayers of your own. You can pray about anything and everything – God is always listening. 
The prayers we cover include:

~ Depression
~ Purity
~ Acceptance
~ Peer Pressure
~ And More

We encourage you to pray along and make a habit out of praying for God to mold you into the woman He created you to be.

So what do you say?

Will you join us in praying for our true beauty in Christ?  If so, get your copy to get started today.

Commentary Critical and Explanatory – Book of Ephesians (Annotated) (Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible)

by Dr. Robert Jamieson

*This eBook includes an Introduction to the Poetical and Prophetical Books of the Old Testament and Chronology of the Parables and Miracles of Christ, by R. Jamieson.

You are about to download the eBook version of ‘Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible – The Book of Ephesians’ by Dr. Robert Jamieson, A. R. Fausset, and Dr. David Brown.

Instead of downloading Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible in its entirety, we have conveniently broken this monumental work into individual books. This allows you to save more free space on your device and makes for faster searches and quicker navigation. We sincerely hope these features will enhance your studies and maximize your reading experience.

This exhaustive commentary (also known as the “JFB Commentary” taken from the last names of Jamieson, Fausset and Brown) contains over 3,000 pages of information, and covers nearly every verse in every book of the Bible. Originally published in 1871, Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible has earned a reputation that lasts to this day as being one of the best, most sought after and most highly regarded Bible Commentaries available anywhere.

All three of the authors of this Bible commentary were conservative in their theology, and, from first-hand pastoral experience, were familiar with the needs of the everyday believer. All served as pastors in England as well, and this practical ministry experience, combined with their extensive knowledge of the Bible and sound theological scholarship, is reflected in the easy-to-understand, down-to-earth, and spiritually challenging insights of the Jamieson, Fausset & Brown Commentary.

Many of you may be familiar with Charles H. Spurgeon, the famous English expositor of Scripture and arguably the most famous preacher of the 19th century. Charles Spurgeon is quoted as saying of this commentary, “Of this commentary I have a very high opinion. It is the joint work of Dr. Jamieson, A. R. Fausset, and Dr. David Brown. It is to some extent a compilation and condensation of other men’s thoughts, but it is sufficiently original to claim a place in every minister’s library: indeed it contains so great a variety of information that if a man had no other exposition he would find himself at no great loss if he possessed this and used it diligently.”

If the JFB Commentary was good enough for Charles H. Spurgeon, it’s good enough for the rest of us!

Many scripture scholars who own the best of the best in current Bible commentaries of the New and Old Testaments still find themselves reaching for ‘Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible’ time after time. This is due to not only the detail presented, but the heart with which it is presented. It is packed full of historical information as well as Greek/ Hebrew definitions and is excellent in all of the other additional information it provides. Despite it’s age, it is a MUST have for ministers or ANYONE serious about God’s Word. It will always be a timeless classic for all those who are seeking to enrich their lives with not only the intellectual information of God’s Word, but also assisting in understanding HIM better and drawing them closer to HIM (that’s really what it’s all about anyway).

This Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible was authored nearly 150 years ago, yet like so few of its numerous peers, the JFB still remains as the preeminent work of its kind. Today’s “modern” commentaries pale by comparison and will quickly fade into obscurity. If anything, it seems as though deep understanding of the Scriptures has given way to superficial milk-spew. The JFB remains the bedrock standard of Scriptural explanation. Concise, lucid, and without apology to denomination or creed, Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown have done more for the honest Bible student than nearly any other expounder before or since. To say we highly recommend the JFB couldn’t be more of an understatement

Cleaning the Mirror of Mind: Clutter Free Home, Clutter Free Mind

by Baba Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

This book addresses two important areas of our life that need genuine attention, one the clutter of our mind, and the other the clutter of our home where we live.

All over the world mindfulness and meditation are respected and practiced by both spiritual seekers and the mainstream. Mindfulness is essentially a cleansing process of our mind. Just as a mirror covered with dust cannot reflect a clear image, so also a mind with its contents of fear, anxiety, jealousy and anger cannot experience the world that is filled with infinite beauty and joy.

The important prelude to a successful meditative state of peace and tranquillity is to take care of our external environment, particularly our home. It is a scientifically proven fact that a cluttered home has a low energy, most often leading to negative vibrations of family disruption and an agitated state of mind. Obviously efforts for meditation only meet with a chattering mind and more stress when the home is cluttered and relationships are strained.

If you follow these insights and practices for a clutter-free-home, you will see a magical change in your life. De-cluttering the Mind has a very far-reaching impact in creating space for celebration of life.

About the Author

Baba Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari is an international motivational speaker, author, spiritual teacher and social advocate. Founder of Stress Management Academy, Baba’s Simple Art of Managing Stress and Course in Mindfulness Programs are known worldwide, inspiring corporate leadership, students and spiritual seekers alike.

His self-authored books include: Making Your Mind Your Best Friend, Cleaning the Mirror of Mind (Kindle) and Heart of Meditation (Kindle).

Low Self Esteem – How to develop self confidence with self esteem activities and boost your self esteem (a pain free book about building self esteem)

by Mike C. Adams

Self Esteem: Change the View of Yourself is a book that contains 25 action steps that show you how to increase self esteem. Do you suffer from low self-esteem? A low view of yourself brings in the lack of both self confidence and self esteem. Negative thinking just pushes you further into the depths of a negative life. Negative thinking stops you from having success in both your personal life and in your career. You probably have habits that keep the negative thoughts going. You may even have friends and coworkers that feed from your negativism or you may feed from their negativism. Whichever the case the news is good, you can break this bad cycle and learn how to develop self confidence and you can learn how to boost self esteem.

Each action step offers self-esteem activities that help you in building self esteem and in building confidence. These activities are a sort of “work out routine” for the brain and for your thought process. When you learn the action steps on how to improve self esteem, your life will change. Instead of a negative person, you will become a positive person. Instead of someone who is referred to as a person of “low self esteem” you will be a person who will firmly know what is self esteem.

Read the Self Esteem: Change the View of Yourself book and answer the initial questions to learn how to build self esteem with the self improvement tips outlined in 25 easy to follow and easy to implement action steps. Be prepared to turn your life around because you turned your thinking around for the better. You can enjoy the process because all the steps are positive and encouraging. Be patient with yourself though, it is not an overnight cure. It is life changing.

Teaching Daily in the Temple

by Lawrence G. Wrenn

Observations on the four Evangelists and on the life and teachings of their Lord

Desperation and Decision

by Sophronia Belle Lyon

Excerpt from A Dodge, a Twist, and a Tobacconist. Steampunk Literary Tribute. Phoebe-Moore Campbell has everything: Marriage, children, worldwide acclaim as a singer. Can she use her influence to gather a team of literary crimefighters to face a menace enslaving human souls? Oliver Twist and others join her quest but can they convince the Campbell clan to back the Legacy Company?

A Time to Laugh: The Holy Laughter Phenomenon Examined

by B. J. Oropeza

This book provides guidelines for distinguishing genuine spiritual renewal from human-induced phenomena. It offers a sympathetic but candid examination of the so-called Holy Laughter phenomenon, also known as the Toronto Blessing, and accompanying manifestations of revival and renewal movements, such as falling down or being “slain in the Spirit,” “drunkenness in the Spirit,” shaking, and so on. Oropeza investigates biblical and historical precedients for such phenomena.

Get a Winning Money Mindset in Just 7 Days

by Arvind Devalia

It’s time to change your Money Mindset!

Would YOU like to have a radical breakthrough in your money situation?

Would you like to discover how you ALREADY have exactly what you need to bring about that breakthrough?

In this remarkably powerful yet simple book, ‘Get A Winning Money Mindset In Just 7 Days’, The Money Shaman creators guide you step by step through a powerful seven day process in which you’ll break free of the spell of scarcity and limitation.

Over the 7 days, your mind will become open to a new way of seeing money, and most importantly, you’ll learn how you can apply this new way of seeing money directly in your every day financial interactions.

You will experience a fast and lasting change in your finances and in your ability to live an abundant life.

Go ahead and transform your life around money in just 7 days…

Go ahead and transform your life around money in just 7 days…

Astrology Guide to Love Quotations and How to Say I Love You

by Carole Somerville

Part I of this e-book contains a collection of hand picked quotes that can be used for cards, gifts and sending messages to your loved ones and friends to suit their personality according to their Star Sign.

Here’s how to express your feelings for someone through the romantic blend of astrology and love quotes from famous writers, poets and personalities.

For some people it comes easy to express emotions. Others find it difficult to convey their feelings. So, how do you say “I Love you” that will show you mean it from the bottom of your heart? One way is to consider your lover’s personality according to their Star Sign. This helps you avoid the big mistake of choosing a way to say “I love you” that might seem like a good idea to you, but won’t go down well with your lover.

Part II of this e-book provides creative and inspirational ways of demonstrating your love depending on your partner’s Star Sign.

Black Purple Sky

by Colleen Wait

Young and beautiful, Gretchen Deen was beginning to live the life she always dreamed of. She was successful in her budding career, nice apartment, decent car, and well-liked by everyone she met. As head personal trainer, she was accustomed to the flirtatious male customers at the gym where she worked. Rarely did she date any of them, however, one very persistent young man swept her off her feet into a whirlwind nightmare. Objections were disregarded violently. Gretchen desperately needed to take a bad situation and turn it into something good.

Karma in Christianity

by Charles Pradeep

Millions of people read the Bible everyday and most are indeed fascinated by this wonderful book of books. The essence of the bible and of the law of karma are â??what you sow – so shall you reap’ – a statement that can be understood by laymen, people of all religious faith and scientists alike. Are there more commonalities between the texts of the bible and the tenets of Sanatana Dharma?

Unravel some of the mysteries inlaid between the stories of the bible as you read on. What you will find inside is a fascinating paradigm on the evolutionary cycle of man, sieved through the hidden layers in the biblical context and contrasted with science and Sanatana Dharma. The seekers of â??Truth’ will find some missing pieces of the giant jigsaw puzzle, compressed within the thousand pages of the Holy Bible.

What Became of Israel? (The Mondcivitan Writings)

by Hugh Schonfield

The Mondcivitan Writings Series is a collection of short essays and commentaries published in pamphlets and in The Mondcivitan and other Servant Nation Movement publications written by Hugh Schonfield and his associates. They deal with a wide range of subjects from biblical history, theology, mysticism, and politics to management studies. They witness to Hugh Schonfield’s vision of a Servant Nation of Mankind, the seeds of which he sowed in his lifetime.
Most of these essays up to now have not been republished since the days of their original appearance and are found in the archives of the Hugh & Helene Schonfield World Service Trust.
The aim is to make these exceptionally interesting writings available to a wider readership and enable the many researchers to obtain a clearer view of this remarkable thinker and his revolutionary ideas by publishing them in e-book format. The attempt has been made to format in a manner that is â??Kindle friendly’ and to include a number of direct links to Wikipedia for additional information in the text in order to enhance the reader experience.

Sampler 3 Christian Self Help Series

by Miriam Kinai

Sampler 3 Christian Self Help Series contains excerpts of the following books:
Managing Stress with the Word of God (Christian Stress Management)
Christian Emotional Healing
How to Overcome Shyness

Sampler 1 Christian Self Help Series

by Miriam Kinai

Sampler 1 Christian Self Help Series contains excerpts of the following books:
Christian Goal Setting
How to Stop Being a People Pleaser
How to Ensure your Prayers are Answered
Who Am I?


by Blaise Tshibwabwa

An intensive explanation of spiritual warfare & A Prayer bullet Annex.

Prayer is a solemn request for help or an expression of thanks addressed to God.

This book was written with the intention to help you understand the warfare aspect of prayer and set you on the path by equipping you with effective useable examples. As you read this guide, I invite you to ponder on the following: “Don’t pray for lighter burdens, but for stronger backs.” – Donat Bilomba.

“Christians must be strategic in their reactions to these clearly defined enemies, learning how to fight biblically and effectively rather than just sincerely.” – Dr. Karl Payne, Author of Spiritual Warfare: Christians, Demonization and Deliverance.

“Satan picks a fight with believers tempting them with the influences of the world in an effort to steal God’s glory.” – Jerry Rankin, Author of Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for God’s Glory.

“Spiritual Warfare is desperately needed! I wish every Christian would read it and put it into practice.” -Warren W. Wiersbe.

“Use your spiritual authority administratively, compassionately, but never presumptuously.” Pastor Francis Frangipane, author of The Three Battlegrounds.

Sampler 4 Christian Self Help Series

by Miriam Kinai

Sampler 4 Christian Self Help Series contains excerpts of the following books:
Resolving Conflicts just like Jesus Christ (Christian Conflict Resolution)
Holiday Activities for Christian Singles
Managing Pain with the Word of God

Bible (Five Books In Neo-Verses Measured) Problems Solved.: Pr Poems-C-Jazz. (12). – Psalms-Luke-Titus-Proverbs-Revelations.

by Charles Sankey Emanuwa

Modernised Bible in measured vigesmal angelic measurements – non-entry of spirits of error. It is designed with absolute respect to the Word of God. It is highly recommended for all Christians and Churches; including those with different church names. It is simply the best and bestseller per se. It is Science accuracy in faithfulness to the Lord. It is a Holy Grail by The Grace. It will help you and it will heal you. In poetic format. Try it. Read it. God blessed it as STAR.

One Cross Martyr (Dramatic Duets)

by Charles B. French

When it comes to making them laugh or making a point, it doesn’t have to be either-or. Sometimes humorously, often seriously, this duet piece examines and explores what it means to life a life of faith. It’s a serious moral wrapped inside a slightly silly sense of humor.

This duet examines what does and doesn’t count as suffering for Christ. Sometimes we think that being a general nuisance counts as martyrdom, when in fact, we’re just being insufferable jerks who are doing more harm than good for the Gospel message.

This piece is part of the full script collection: Dramatic Duets

Encounters with Jesus

by Anna Rapa

A dead man who rose again. A blind man who recovered his sight. A shady tax collector who gave back everything he ever stole. Each of these people met Jesus, and each has a story to tell.

If you’ve ever wondered what it must have been like to meet Jesus, take a moment to read how Jesus’s presence and his words deeply affected the woman at the well, the rich young ruler, Martha, Lazarus’s sister, and others. They’ll tell you their stories in their own words, and they just might challenge your idea of who Jesus is and what he’s all about.

A blend of biblical dialogue and imagination based on in-depth research, this book will invite you to walk with those who walked with Jesus, to see what they saw about him, and to respond to Jesus just as they did. Through their stories, you’ll have the chance to encounter Jesus too.

Wise El’s Big Thoughts

by Euphrosene Labon

An Offbeat Look At Life’s Bigger Picture

Exploring Mormon Thought Book One

by Michael Farnworth

The volume will explore the common assumptions about what makes us different from other faiths. It invites us to see with new eyes while giving new ideas to consider. Topics include if Mormons are Christian then the reverse must be true too, fantasy bonds in eternal marriage and why role-playing often falls short and a doctrinal exploration concerning why premarital sex may be wrong which actually makes a disturbing kind of sense.

BLACK LIGHT SAMA (elctraglade press poetry)

Spiritual song lyrics and love poetry of simplicity, depth and great beauty in the Persian sufi tradition


by Dr. Emmanuel Ikechukwu

Life can be confusing and depressing, but with the right information you can navigate your way through it.
“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it” Psalms 118:24.
Each day you wake up from sleep is a gift from God. He has given you the blessing of being alive for that day. He can decide to withdraw his breath from your nostrils, but he chose not to because his love is greater than his judgements.
It is not by your strength that you are still breathing air; it is by his mercies. It is not by keeping fit, good exercise or eating healthy that you are still alive; it is by his mercies.
You did nothing extraordinary to stay alive in the land of the living. It is all by the mercies of God.
God has given mankind the gift of twenty four hours which equals to a day for how many days he or she will live on the earth.
Each day was made by God and his plan for each day of your life is for you to rejoice and be glad in it. He never planned shame or reproach for you, neither did he plan for your demotion. The pain, sorrow or regret you are currently going through is not his plan for your life.
The ultimate plan of God for your life each day is to rejoice and be glad each day, for the rest of your life.
“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jer 29:11.
The possibility of experiencing the benefits of this promise is on the premise of the principles tied to the word of God. In other words, there are rules to live by that guarantees the release of potent spiritual forces that ensures you have joy and gladness all the days of your life on earth.
In this “epistles for daily living” the Holy Spirit has enabled me to unlock some of these rules that will ensure you have joy and gladness all the days of your life; if you consciously live by them.

The God Delusion: A Believer in God’s Response

by Q

Based on the New York Times Bestselling Book: ” The God Delusion by Richard Dawkin “

His views of God as a created being, miracles as nothing other than ‘more-or-less improbable natural events’ and faith as unevidenced belief represent a ‘straw’ version of Christianity which the orthodox would not wish to defend. Consequently, arguments based on these assumptions do not actually engage with the intended target. Attacks based on meme theory, religion as a ‘mental virus’ and the supposed gullibility of the young have no anti-Christian mileage in them whatsoever. These are simply theories about how ideas spread – any ideas. They say nothing about the truth or falsity of the beliefs themselves and have the boomerang effect of being equally applicable to the spread of atheism! There appear to be a number of inconsistencies between Dawkins’ various claims. These concern arguments from analogy; the use of chance + selection by intelligent agents; the legitimate use of metaphor; wishful thinking; and the meaning and purpose of life. It is important to distinguish between confident assertions and their justification.’

Images in Scripture an illustrated approach to prayer

by Maggi Ogunshuyi

Images in Scripture an illustrative approach to prayer is a book written for those of you who have an interest in the visual creative arts. It is written for those who wish to learn how to get closer to God through illustraton, painting and drawing, photography and any other visual creative means you can think of. The book is divided into themes and encourages you to prayer fully explore your own visual interpretation of key scriptural verses. This book is designed to accommodate readers who wish to explore prayer through a creative means. The key emphasis is for you the reader to have a go and have fun creating beautiful works of art through prayer moving closer to the Lord your God through visual representation.

Learn Tarot Cards Quickly: Suit of Cups

by Ian Eshey

This is an article from Ian Eshey, based on material from his popular books “Six Short Stories: Learn Tarot in a Day” and “Tarot Spreads for Love, Career and More: Get Your Questions Answered”.

Free Bonus:
Included is a FREE download link for “Tarot Cups Flashcards”. Flashcards are a proven way to quickly memorize information. This PDF (30 pages) contains 14 flashcards, teaching 14 Cups suit tarot cards, along with the instructions how to use the set. A single flashcard presents a card and its most common meanings, each on a separate page.

Headlines in this article:
Note to the Reader
Cups Suit Represents Love and Emotions
The Story: Fulfillment of the Cups
Here’s How to Memorize the Cups Cards
Cups Court: Tricky to Learn but Easy to Recognize
The Story Excerpt: Discussion of the Cups Court
Here’s How to Memorize the Cups Court
Tarot Cups Flashcards – FREE Download
About Ian Eshey and his other works

Living With My Alcoholic Mom The Story of an Alcoholic’s Daughter

by David Matthew Craven

Resse has to put up with her mother’s alcoholism after her father’s death. In this short story she tells you the issues that she deals with and the final results when Christ steps in.

Seek This, Not That

by Bob Wilson

What you focus on makes all the difference. We have often been misled on what to seek in life. For example, many people spend a large amount of time chasing happiness. They haven’t discovered yet that happiness is not achieved directly.

Seek This, Not That is about noticing where you have been misled and choosing a different and better focus. Through the sharing of personal stories and scientific research, Mr. Wilson illustrates how a change in focus can have a profound impact on your personal growth and success. Shifting your perspective can have a dramatic impact on your life.

Some of the other topics covered in the book include: how fear can help you, multi-tasking is slowing you down, how life balance is overrated, the importance of letting go, having gratitude even for life’s challenges, personal boundaries are healthy, the gold within adversity and why you need more curiosity.

Seek This Not That is a product of Smartful Coaching, a business coaching & life coaching firm in Phoenix, AZ. Bob Wilson, owner and coach. Happy Seeking!

The Snow Storm

by Matthew Green

This short story is a metaphor for the struggles that a person can face in life that offers a ray of hope. Sometimes the easiest solution is the hardest to try. 1303 words.

Understanding Your Bible: A Simple Study Guide to Understanding Your Bible

by David Dailey

Studying the Bible is important in knowing and growing in your relationship with God, and ”Understanding Your Bible: A Simple Study Guide to Understanding Your Bible” is a book that will help you immensely as you ponder on the word of God. It summarizes and explains the main message of each of the book found in the Old and the New Testament. This guide also features the author, key people and events, and inspiring verses on the 66 books of the Bible that will help you reflect and understand the Holy Scripture better.

Get a copy of this eBook and let it be your guide in understanding your Bible!


by Emmanuel C. Ikechukwu

The most important spiritual connection between man and his creator is prayer.

“Prayer is a divine permission as it were, authorizing God to move in your case, because your physical appearance or demeanor, stature nor tears, does not move or impress God”.

“It is the prayer of faith that compels God to act on your behalf, thereby commanding opposing forces to bow to you”.

“Until you pray aright, God is not obligated to act on your behalf”

In this inspiring new book, Dr Emmanuel Ikechukwu prescribes a scriptural path for a deeper dimension of fellowship and intimacy with God in prayer; that will ultimately result in a triumphant Christian walk and victory in life.

You have labored long enough in prayer; it’s time to start getting results and answers to your prayer.

The World Is Sick Love Is the Healer

by Terri Stephens

People talk about falling in and out of love with Jesus the way we do with each other. That is a dangerous game that we would not want Him to play with usâ?¦and thank God He doesn’t. God’s truth in this book will make it difficult for many to digest; but these words are not new, He’s just saying them louder and we are still ignoring Him. God’s first commandment is love: to love God, then love ourselves, and then our neighbors as ourselves – in that order – with no exceptions.

Love God: through obedience to God as disciples.

Love ourselves: through liberation by God (from our personal ills that cause us to abuse ourselves and others).

Love our neighbors: through the intercession of God (even other races, religions, and genders that we don’t agree with).

God’s love is stable, continuous, and everlasting; and that is how our love is to be. But we cannot be that way without Him. We have lived so long in disobedience and out of order that we have lost our way. Instead of growing in love we have grown in pride to the point of almost inevitable destruction.

But God says we can recover and He explains how.

The Choices Teens Make: A Short Teen Story

by David Matthew Craven

Austin is your typical teenage boy. He is the high school hot shot quarterback until his father dies and his mom moves him back to her home town. He faces being the new kid in school and ends up hitting it big when he get the number one spot on the football team. The original team captain is not happy and it only get worse when Austin ends up dating his ex girlfriend. Austin and his new girlfriend end up making some bad choices. She gives up her Christian background to party with Austin. They are faced with drugs and alcohol and teen sex. Austin’s life is changed when his enemy runs him off the road and nearly kills him trying to get revenge. Austin is contacted by an angelic being and told he has one chance to get right with God. See what happens in this short 12 Chapter novel. It could change you life

Love by the Letter (An Unexpected Brides Novella)

by Melissa Jagears

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The Flyers and The Crawlers (Book 1 of the Bullies Bee Buggin’! Series)

by P.B. Jeffrey

Bullies, the bullied, and the bystander can all learn from this modern day fable about flying insects who bully crawling bugs.

Bullies Bee Buggin’! is an anti-bullying children’s book series written to teach children that no one and no thing is here by accident, that everyone has something uniquely important to offer the world, and we all deserve respect based on that alone.

The characters in this three part series symbolize three groups found in every schoolyard, in every neighborhood, in every country. They are:

The Flyers, who represent the bullies;

The Crawlers, who represent the bullied; and

The Hoppers, who represent the bystanders (Introduced in Book Three).

Through the Flyers, the Crawlers, and the Hoppers, children will learn how to interact effectively with the people in the world around them.

English Explained 10: The Verbals

by John C Lipes


Anyone studying English should have a Dictionary, a Thesaurus, and the Be/Have/(Do) Grammar Matrix Series: How to Think in English: Be Something! Have Something! Do Something! by John C Lipes.

English Explained: ESL Made Easy is the Single Lesson Format of the How to Think in English: Be Something! Have Something! Do Something! by John C Lipes. Learn Only the Lessons You Need!

The Be/Have/(Do) Grammar Matrixâ?¢
A New and Easy Way to Learn English!

All languages can be divided into three areas: Being, Having, and Doing. These books make identifying the three areas so easy that you will be amazed how quickly you can learn English.

Build Vocabulary!

Learn Basic Building Blocks!

In-Depth Analysis!

Quick Practice Exercises!

Exercises for Reinforcing Grammar!

Tons of Examples!

Learn How to Ask Questions in English!

Free YouTube Channel of Online Video Tutorials!

Facebook Fan Page!

This series of books is for anyone studying or teaching English. This series should be your companion through all levels of proficiency because it covers the entire language from beginning to end.

“My students always love my approach to teaching English. That’s because I love to teach and I break it down in a whole new way that makes learning the language easy and fun.”

Order the lessons you need as you go! Or save money and get the entire series in paperback at everywhere, or!

B-Movie Night

by Ian Pattinson

Reviews of films, books and games from the archives of the long-running Spinneyhead weblog.

Ian Pattinson- and his pulp fiction alter ego, Garth Owen- has been reviewing all sorts of entertainment for years. Short and sharp, and occasionally silly, the reviews cover everything from Summer blockbusters to grindhouse obscurities, this collection has a bit of everything.

This is a continually evolving book, with more reviews being added all the time.

I’m Going To Start Writing NOW! Honestly!

by Rambling Took

Words of encouragement to those who want to write, and just never seem to get started!

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and Amazon Prime

by Lisa Thompson

What is Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and Amazon Prime? Will being a member of Amazon Prime helps you save money? What are the advantages of using the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library?

”Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and Amazon Prime” answers every Kindle owner needs to know about the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and the Amazon Prime. It offers tips on how to make the most and save out of these services.

This eBook gives information about:

Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping
Amazon Prime Instant Video
Kindle Owners’ Lending Library
Amazon Mom
Amazon Student
Amazon Prime Free Trial
Getting the Most out of your Prime Membership

Get a copy and discover the amazing things you can get out of Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and Amazon Prime!

Writing tips from Authors

by Patti Roberts

Dear reader, regardless to whether you are a budding writer, or a successfully published author, I hope you enjoy reading the stories, interviews and shared advice from some very talented people. I hope you find the information in this book not only interesting but also insightful. Perhaps you will take something interesting from this book that will assist you on your own writing journey.
On behalf of all the authors involved, thank you, I hope you enjoy reading the book.


David Bishop – The Woman
Suzy Turner – The Ghost Of Josiah Grimshaw
Ella Medler – Blood Is Power.
Kenneth Hoss – Deadly Storm.
Patricia Puddle – Ominous Love.
Tarek Hassan Refaat – Ribbons & Heels
Elaine Raco Chase – Double Occupancy.
Sasha Kildare – Dream Walking
Barbara Watkins – Thorns Of An Innocent Soul
Glenn Starkey.- Solomon’s Men
Donya Lynne – All the King’s Men
Carlyle Labuschagne – The Broken Destiny
Carole Sutton – Flash Harry
Thom Locke.- The Ming Inheritance
Suz Demello – Desire In Tartan
Tabitha Ormiston-Smith – Gift Of Continence
James Eggebeen – Foundling Wizard (Apprentice to Master)
S. M. Hineline – Hunting
Solease M Barner – Secrets Of The Ghosts
Emerald Barnes – Read Me Dead
Michelle A Horst – Vaalbara. The Land Of Shadows
Peggy Holloway – Time and Time Again
Patti Roberts – Paradox – Bound By Blood
Lavinia Urban – ERIN. The Fire Goddess. The Beginning
Annie Miles – Misled
Tiffeny Moore – Past Unleashed

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DEPRESSION – A therapeutic confrontation (A trilogy on depression)

by Panagiotis Charbis

It has been commonly believed for some decades that depression is an elusive condition and that many people from time to time experience depressions for periods of time. Panagiotis Charbis believe that these episodes are not a clinical depression, but rather melancholy, two very different conditions. Melancholy is commonly experienced after one has been suffering prolonged periods of stress or angst in one’s daily life.

However, why does it remain such an elusive and difficult condition to treat with the widespread availability of anti-depressive treatment and medication? Despite increasingly common prescription and use of these drugs, why are mental health professionals unable to report significant improvement from depressed patients? Moreover, if anti-depressants were the answer, then why would so many people go through these depressive episodes from time to time?

This book, the first part of a trilogy, expounds on the confusion that exists around the treatment and provides real examples of depressive cases. It also elaborates Dr. Charbis’ own therapeutic approach that has been used to cure depression with great success for more than 30 years.

The second book takes a more observational approach to the five different phases of the metamorphosis that a client goes through while in therapy.

The third book will delve into a new kind of crippling depression-like symptom, observed commonly since the 1990’s, that sets in after the age of 42 in people who are otherwise successful in every facet of their life. Dr. Charbis calls this deep depressive condition â??endogenous melancholy’ and it comes to the surface in two phases.

About the author:

In 1967 a young man named Panagiotis Charbis from Greece decided to stand up against the military government (junta). He believed in democracy and a better future for the country. The path to a victory for the people would not be a coup or violence – it would come through the united voice of the good people of Greece themselves.

He lived in the mountains, rallied thousands of followers and friends, and over 7 long years led a movement that played an instrumental role in freeing Greece from military rule. Panagiotis then decided to apply his leadership and organizational skills to the business world and took on the role of director of the largest cultural book publishing house, Govostis, in Greece. He was highly successful and organized the first National Book Exhibition ever in Athens.

It was time to move on. For the next 12 years Panagiotis found himself on the island of Skyros, where he built up a restaurant called “Sisifos” and organized the local population so it was not destroyed by some of the adverse side effects of tourism.

A diverse life journey had helped this man discover and hone a very special gift – he had an in-depth understanding of the human psyche and was a natural therapist. He began helping drug addicts and giving therapy to those who approached him for help. His fame spread and people from around the world came looking for the simple logic and advice this Greek man had to offer.

The Sisifos Method for therapy was beginning to take shape. In 1992 Panagiotis moved to Denmark and began to refine his method through research and providing active therapy as a profession. Panagiotis Charbis, drawing from a life full of diverse and intense experiences, including 25 years as a practicing therapist, now runs the Sisifos clinic and school in Copenhagen. He has influenced countless lives through this therapy, his writings and education. Panagiotis lives in Copenhagen, is married and has four children.

1983 – The Winning of Yeovil

by Paddy Ashdown

Interested in getting yourself or someone you know into parliament? Worried it might not be particularly easy given the current anti-politics mood? Think you might have it bad? Well try getting yourself elected with an activist base whose average age is deceased and with a party leader about to be arraigned at the Old Bailey for conspiracy to murder.

That was the state of play for Paddy Ashdown when in 1976 he drove into Yeovil in a clapped out Renault 5, his slightly bewildered family in tow. Sitting in a damp, draughty hall the former soldier, diplomat and spy somehow convinced the party membership to select him (his only opponent had pulled out because of the fog). The Liberal Party in Yeovil were polling behind the National Front, so it wasn’t like the smooth-talker from the Foreign Office could do any worseâ?¦

So started seven years of intensive campaigning, fuelled only by adrenaline, sheer bloodymindedness and home brew created from the Ashdown vegetable patch. This eBook tells the story of how Paddy did it, inspiring a new generation of activists in Yeovil, learning to print his own leaflets in a rickety old 1938 photo offset litho printer called Clarissa, pioneering new campaign techniques, working hard on behalf of his adopted community, slowly gaining their trust and their votes until he was able to burst through in 1983, capturing the seat from the Tories and writing another new chapter in his tumultuous career.

Taken from his acclaimed autobiography A Fortunate Life, the essay on how Paddy won Yeovil serves as a master-class in community campaigning, a must-read for any aspiring politician willing to roll up their sleeves and get stuck into a constituency. It is an inspirational story told in Paddy Ashdown’s inimitable style – warm, self-deprecatory, packed with great humour but with a serious message and an affection for his family, team of activists and constituents that shines through throughout.

Still hugely relevant today, Paddy’s guide to winning has helped many of the party’s MPs gain their seats in the past and will help many more in the future, especially with his new role as Liberal Democrat 2015 Campaign Co-ordinator. If you’re thinking of ever running, or if you’re merely curious about how one of the party’s most-loved figures got where he is today, 1983 – The Winning of Yeovil is essential reading.

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Free parenting and families Kindle books for 31 Aug 13

Asperger’s Sibling Support: 15 Practical Tips for Parents/Caregivers

by Trish Thorpe

This handbook provides parents/caregivers with viable strategies for supporting Asperger’s siblings (the often-overlooked piece in the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) support puzzle). 

By collaborating on this handbook with a professional psychologist, the author was able to leverage the insight she learned from years of counseling about her lifelong relationship with her own brother. The success of the collaboration is evident here – you’ll find an accurate understanding and explanation of Asperger’s sibling dynamics. In step-by-step format, the author provides straightforward information for helping Asperger’s siblings deal with day-to-day challenges such as explaining Asperger’s behavior to others, understanding lopsided household rules, feeling loved and respected as an individual outside of their role as an Asperger’s sibling, and comprehending the unique advantages of living in an Asperger’s family. This is an important resource for anyone wanting to understand and support ASD siblings.


by Sandra McMahan

Stella Jo Carpenter may be the smartest little girl in Comanche, Oklahoma, but it doesn’t seem to be helping her much. When her family falls apart, she and her best friend hop on a Greyhound and head to Las Vegas, following a trail blazed by her older brother. Life is good, until Stella is betrayed by her friend, then follows a musician back to Oklahoma. Making a motley group of people her new family, Stella finds happiness, until she decides to go to New Orleans for a few days. After being jailed for a crime she didn’t commit, Stella is taken in by a compassionate bartender. Falling for a sexy Cajun, Stella finds herself pregnant and alone, leading her to contemplate a terrible choice. Before that choice can be made, Fate steps in, and Stella falls victim to street violence. Fleeing to Houston, reuniting with her old friend, and finding, then losing her long-lost mother lead Stella on a winding route back to the one place, and the one person, that is home.

Also by Sandra McMahan- “eternity”

Diary of an Almost Cool Ninja: How to Survive Middle School

by Claudia Lamadre

My name is Derek Holbrook, and I am a 6th Grade Ninja.

Shh! Can you keep a secret? I wasn’t sure about entering middle school at first, but then I met this group of kids – the “gang” – and they all belong to a secret Ninja club.

Don’t tell anyone about the club! If you doâ?¦Well, just read my diary! You’ll see what happens to me!

Gage’s Imagination

by Barbie Shannon

Gage Has a vivid imagination. One never knows what he is going to be from one day to the next. Pretending to be all sorts of things is his favorite game to play. He especially loves teasing his sisters making them screech or a great big dinosaur that will chomp you up to bits!

What We Should Know, and Should Be Teaching Our Kids

by Greg Pavlosky

This was a book that I had worked on the basics idea of for several years. It seems that there are so many problems in the US today and I felt it was time to bring some of these to light. I am not sure if the problems begin at home or are a product of the screwed up reality TV world that we live in. There are far more important things going on than these stupid “stars” on reality TV and their pathetic lives. We need to worry about learning the basics in school and understanding the importance of a good education. I seriously believe that a lack of actual discipline leads to many of these problems. I am not advocating child abuse, but there are some people that need more than a timeout. I have been amazed at some of the language kids and adults use in a variety of public places.
We can make a better place and get this country back on track. We need to understand that these kids today are the future leaders of our country. Look at these some of them and you can tell that there is no discipline and they believe that the world revolves around them. We need to stop being the enablers and start being real parents and authority figures. My thoughts are that it is time to get serious and concerned for the future generation since they seem lacking for their own concern.

THE YOGA MINIBOOK SERIES VITALITY SET: The Yoga Minibook for Weight Loss and The Yoga Minibook for Longevity

by Elaine Gavalas

THE YOGA MINIBOOK SERIES VITALITY SET features the first two books in the popular Yoga Minibook Series: The Yoga Minibook for Weight Loss and The Yoga Minibook for Longevity.
First in the Yoga Minibook series, THE YOGA MINIBOOK FOR WEIGHT LOSS offers a complete guide to yoga diet and exercise for permanent weight loss and weight management.
The new, expanded edition of THE YOGA MINIBOOK FOR WEIGHT LOSS contains bonus extras including Elaine’s Yoga Weight Loss Diet Plan and Yoga Weight Loss Recipes.
In six concise chapters full of illustrations, readers learn poses to increase cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, strengthen and tone specific body parts, with the final chapter dedicated to choosing a healthy diet.
This targeted program combines easy-to-do poses with aerobics, to melt off extra pounds and boost muscle tone. Step-by-step illustrated instructions guide you through powerful yoga exercises specially designed to:
â?¨*Burn calories and lose weight
â?¨*Strengthen and sculpt your absâ?¨
*Boost metabolism and banish cellulite
â?¨*Tone your body from head to toeâ?¨
*Improve cardiovascular fitness and flexibilityâ?¨
*Help beginners and large people with chair yoga
*Improve Post Pregnancy Shape
Second in the Yoga Minibook series, THE YOGA MINIBOOK FOR LONGEVITY is the ultimate fitness guide for everyone who wants to live longer, keep fit, and improve the quality of his or her life.
The New, Expanded Kindle Edition of THE YOGA MINIBOOK FOR LONGEVITY contains exclusive bonus extras including Elaine’s Yoga for Longevity Articles.
In seven concise chapters full of illustrations, readers at every level of fitness will discover how yoga can help them feel younger, live longer, and relieve the discomfort of arthritis, back pain, and other physical ailments. Paying special attention to the physical constraints that can make other forms of exercises impossible or dangerous, Elaine Gavalas explains how to design and benefit from an effective, individualized yoga routine.
Step-by-step instructions and detailed drawings guide you through more than 80 gentle asanas (poses), specifically selected to:
* Keep Your Body Strong and Youthful
* Help Baby Boomers Maintain an Active, Healthy Lifestyle
* Enhance Sexual Vitality
* Relieve Arthritis, Back Pain, Osteoporosis, Menopause, Diminished Sexual Drive, Prostate Problems, and much more!
* Help Older Adults with Modified Yoga Poses

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