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I Can’t Believe He Did Us Both! (Kari’s Lessons)

by Lucinda Lane

My best friend Jenny couldn’t believe it when she’d found out I’d lost my virginity. I really wanted to tell someone, but she’d never understand that it was Max who’d spanked me, shaved me, taken my virginity and come inside me. I thought she’d freak out because he was an my mom’s boyfriend and so much older than me.

When she figured it out I couldn’t believe how jealous she was! But acting like a slut and climbing into his bed half naked was a big mistake. Max was going to have to discipline her for being so naughty.

You’ll never believe what he made us do to each other… and what he did to both of us. And you’re definitely not going to believe who ended up with a big messy creampie this time!

I Can’t Believe He Did Us Both! is a 5000 word erotic short featuring a two girls who need to be taught a lesson by the man of the house to stop them going astray. It includes defloration, sloppy oral sex, hair pulling, a scorching Mff threesome, a big internal creampie, cum-sharing and two very naughty teenage girls fighting over a strict older man’s cock.

Feral Needs

by Lucinda Lovington

The carnal cravings of the body are oftentimes delectably difficult to corral. When they are summoned by the pull of the moon, the unavoidable demands of instinct or the allure of the bound offering however, they are more prone to spin out of control…

Salivate: An Erotic Short: The icy blue of his gaze was overwhelming, bathing my body in a possessive light that set my nerves on fire. Moonlight washed over the forest glen, suffusing the chiseled planes of his body in an otherworldly glow, glinting off of the fangs that had begun to emerge from his mouth before my terrified stare. He was dangerously beautiful, and I wondered, nay, feared if I would be able to withstand the passions of a werewolf…

Sustenance: An Erotic Short: My inner beast prowled inside of me, purring with anticipation as I gazed out, hidden, at the unsuspecting young woman reclining so peacefully in the place she wasn’t supposed to be. Sparing her was not an option, for the beast was already entranced by her intoxicating scent, and his will could not be denied…

Carnal Kisses: Restrained for Dionysus’s Desire: Ropes encircled my wrists and ankles, imprisoning me in a circle of madly dancing maenads drunk on their devotion to the God of their hearts. Forced against my will to this grove bathed by the light of bonfires close by, I waited, an offering of fleshly delights for an immortal whose lustful desires burned bright.

Dionysus was coming…

*word count: 9921*

The Spicy Confessions Bundle

by Nadia Nightside

Eighteen year-old sex goddess Cassandra is the hottest girl at school, but she doesn’t care about any of the boys at school.

In “My Spicy Confession,” she lets her forbidden desires be known to her special man of the house, Ron.

In “My Spicier Confession,” she lets her returning hero Blake know how she needs him inside of her red hot body!

And finally, in “My Spiciest Confession,” she brings her two men of the house together and lets them know how she needs them both to leave a hot impregnating creampie in her belly!

For mature audiences only! — This scintillating saga (~12000 words) contains explicit scenes of hot fucking, blowjobs, and handjobs by one happily domesticated queen teen beauty!


I’m all dressed up special just for them, as always. Over the past few months, I’ve gotten more and more creative with my outfits as I’ve learned what each of my hunks likes.

Blake really, really loves it when I wear gloves and short skirts. Ron loves low-cut tops showing off my big tits, and hot high-heeled boots.

So, tonight is a compromise. I wear a tiny red minidress, its soft surface tight around my hips and clinging to the heavy globes of my sexy teenage tits. The loop of bare skin around my neck swoops low into my cleavage, showing off an incredible amount of the young, luscious skin I have available. Elbow-length leather gloves slide up tight around my toned arms. My legs are encased in matching black skintight leather boots that wrap up all the way up around my lovely, fit thighs. The heels are almost dangerously high?more than six inches?but I’ve been practicing walking in high heels a lot lately for the men of the house, and I can strut in them easily.

I look dynamite in this outfit, and both men shouldn’t be able to resist fucking me. I want my Stud and my Master to fuck the shit out of me as soon as they walk through the door tonight.

I look down at myself, sliding my leather gloves up my hot teenage body. I love the way it looks when my leather-bound hands slide up around my tits, squeezing them together. I wish I had my Stud’s cock between my big heavy globes, his precum spilling out and just making my tits slipperierâ?¦

Now I’m starting to get moist, the folds of my pussy wettening. For a moment, I consider pushing a hand up underneath the tight red fabric of my minidress to pleasure my pussy for a minuteâ?¦but then I hear a car drive up. And then another, right after.

They’re both home. Oh, wonderful!â?¦

Mexican Vacation

by Alice Stark

On a whim Erin said yes to a vacation with a man she had only been on one date with previously. The high of her spontaneity wears off on the flight however, and she starts to questions herself and the motives of Caleb. Testing the waters she makes several subtle advances which he thwarts until Erin finds herself humiliated and spurned. She spills her guts only to find the feelings were reciprocated all along. In an attempt to be a gentleman, Caleb had been overly chaste and decides to spend the rest of the vacation making it up to her, starting in the shower, and then in the hotel bed. Story is m/f with explicit sexual content.

Excerpt: He took his time peeling off the straps, then the cups and kissing each newly revealed piece of skin. Once her chest was fully bared he buried his face in her cleavage and sighed contentedly before pulling back out and gently dragging his teeth along a rosy nipple. “Ahhh!” she cried out in pleasure. The only response she got was a husky grunt and he gave similar attention to the other breast, holding her quivering body in place with his hefty hands on her bottom.

Bent Over and Double Teamed by the Frat Boys: A Barely Legal Rough Sex Erotica Story (College Girls Bent Over)

by Allysin Range

Jessica was in a panic when she couldn’t find her clip board for the big speech just minutes before she had to step up to the podium. Out of know where her knight in shining armor Josh magically appears with it and saves the day. She was so grateful, she agrees to hang out with Josh at his Frat party that evening. I’m sure she didn’t know what was in store for her. Bet she loses more shit in the future!!
Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of barely legal rough sex and includes MFM threesome sex. Only mature adults who will not be offended by such content should read this story.
Here is a preview:
“I want you and a friend at the same time. I have always wanted two cocks at once. It is college right?”
“You are the girl of my dreams! Come on lets go. MITCH! HEY MITCH! COME ON MAN!”
Jessica watched as Mitch walked over to them, He was cute, not as cute as Josh, but cute. Mitch had a confused look on his face, and was about to ask what they wanted when Jessica grabbed his shirt, pulled him closer and kissed him. Josh left and Mitch shook his head. They walked upstairs and Josh pulled out a set of keys and unlocked his door. Jessica walked in first and went right to the bed. Josh locked the door and Mitch stood at the foot of the bed with the same confused look. Jessica got to her hands and knees and arched her back, giving them both a great view of her panties. She felt hands on her hips as they pulled down her panties. She didn’t know who was who; all she wanted was to get fucked.
“You guys act like you have never seen pussy before, it won’t bite.”
She was about to open her mouth again, but Mitch had his cock in his hands and it was pressed against her lips. He grabbed her hair and yanked her head up and forced his cock down her throat.

A Ride with a Stranger

by Summer Sanchez

It has been 5 months since Mindi’s marriage dissolved. He was happily married to his secretary, and she was left alone. She has been longing for a male companion since the divorce was final; it’s just her luck when Ryder Stevens comes into her life. He was there to help her out, only she had no idea how helpful he could be.

Ryder had just about given up on women. They were only there to lie and cheat their way into his life. Until he starts to notice his boss and he imagines just how much they can please each other. Could Mindi be the one woman that he’s willing to unleash his masculinity on? Or, will she be no different than the next? Either way he wants to please her to the point where she comes begging for more.

Erotica short story, approximately 2000 words. It has explicit language for adults only. Hot, steamy, sex, Read with caution

Erotic Poetry

by Arthur Kennedy

Life’s Beauty
All life’s beauty lies in love,
Love whose touch transposes
Barren field to flowery mead
Where the amorini tread
Ankle-deep in roses.

Let thy glamour, mighty Love,
All my youth prolong,
Youth that cannot be withstood,
Making this my solitude
Clamorous with song.

Life’s Beauty: p. I.
A Portrait: p. 2.
Lord of All: p. 3.
A Vision: p. 5.
Take Thou My Love: p. 7.
Regeneration: p. 8.
Love’s Guidance: p. 10.
Above Sonnenburg: p. 12.
The Sleeping Beauty: p. 13.
C’arpe Diem: p. 16.
Star Worship: p. 17.
I Love My Love: p. 18.
Even though I were Dead: p. 21.
Had We but Met: p. 22.
Question and Answer: p. 24.
Once: p. 26.
Twixt Ivory Pales: p. 28.
How Shall I Woo Thee? p. 30.
Possession: p. 32.
In Italy: p. 34.
Changes: p. 36.
An Appeal: p. 37.
Love the Voyager: p. 39.
A Reflection: p. 41.
Oh Love, my Love, I love you so: p. 43
She Walked Through Fire: p. 45.
Kismet: p. 47.
My Cot: p. 49.
Francesca: p. 51.
And many more

The Sexual Misadventures of Primmie Darling – Books One to Six

by Viva Jones

Eighteen consecutive sexy stories set in the heart of the British government, which poke gentle fun at politicians, public figures and celebrities.

When Primmie Darling starts working as PA to the wife of the British Prime Minister, she finds her sexual horizons widening to include politicians, celebrities, sports stars, public figures and even Russian oligarchs. But all Primmie really wants is love, and as she explores the corridors of Westminster, she finds it in the strangest of places…

Warning: contains explicit sex!

Hypno App: The Librarian (Hypno App Trilogy)

by Nadia Nightside

“Thank you so much, Sir. Please, touch me more?”

Perpetual virginal, nerdy Adam thinks his sexual fantasies about hypnotizing the beautiful women around him are just thatâ??fantasies. Then, as he’s stuck doing community service at a library surrounded by three gorgeous girls, he downloads a mysterious app on his phone that promises to make him the Owner of whatever hot babes he wants!
He can’t help but think of the two other young, barely legal students at the library with him–the sexy cheerleading babe, Camille, and the beautiful-but-studious doll, Barbara. And certainly, there’s no way he can stop imagining Miss Durand, the sensationally hot librarian, kneeling before him and begging to serve with her mind totally erasedâ?¦

For mature audiences onlyâ??this erotic short (~6600 words) contains the story of one lucky high school nerd with the sudden ability to hypnotize any beautiful babe he wants! He uses this new app for blowjobs, handjobs, and slathering the faces of gorgeous entranced beauties with his cum!


He stepped next to her, in between her legs. She casually wrapped one long calf around the back of his knee. He toyed with the fabric of her blouse, pulling it out from her skirt.

“Have…have…” he felt so silly saying it. Oh well. “…have you been hypnotized, Alena?”

“Of course, Master. You hypnotized me. Forâ?¦for millenia.” She said the word rapturously, as if that was exactly the right amount of time to have her former identity wiped out of existence. “Millenia and millenia of pleasure. Just from you. You are soooo good to me, Master. Thank you.”

Millenia? The spirals must have somehow slowed her sense of timeâ??delivering whole acreages of pleasure in a nanometer of her timeline.

“That’s really, really fucking hot, Alena.”

“Yes, Master,” she nodded. “I know.”â?¦

Pleasing His Professor

by John Thompson

Jeff is a 19 year old college student. When he gets the chance to have a gay adult erotic story published in an anthology, he has to get it edited. He meets his ex Creative Writing professor (that he likes) at a gym. They go to the professors house after he tells Jeff that he will edit the story. Jeff gets the chance to have sex with his professor, and the next day after the professor has edited his story.

This story is actually a story within a story. It is adult erotica. 18+

A Lil Nasty Book (An Urban Novella)

by Ben Harris Jr.

Hi, my name is Bricilla Webb. I barely finished High School, yet I steer an SL Mercedes and I reside in a swank home located in the city of Las Vegas. I also have an affinity for donning high-end attire. Oh, and did I mention that I am also a best-selling writer of erotica, as well as a clairvoyant and psychic medium?

Despite my beloved grandmother coercing me into giving psychic readings to provide food for the two of us when her gambling compulsion left us penniless, I always knew within myself that charging outrageous sums of money and using my sixth sense to assist the immoral, narcissistic and money-hungry was dead wrong. No Pun intended.

At twenty-four years old, I am now a full-fledged woman who is capable of carving out my own path in life, however unconventional that may be. I have left behind studying palms for personal gain. On rare occasions I have been known to lend my ability to help disheartened, well-meaning individuals. My services are always free and at no time do I ever relay any dreadful forewarnings unless I feel the information is in regards to a situation that the person I am counseling can prevent. This book narrates my dazzling experiences as a psychic and details some of the most shocking and sensual stories that Inspired me to begin writing erotica.

In order to shield the identity of my former clients, I have changed their names and have omitted incriminating specifics that would jeopardize them in any way. If you live your life on the edge then perhaps what I have to say won’t be much of a surprise to you. But if you are a “normal” person, you will be stunned as I shock you with tale after nasty tale.

My Little Plaything (Confessions of an Escort Addict)

by JT Holland

From bestselling author J.T. Holland:

I love escorts. You get exactly what you want, every time. And tonight I want a hot little spinner who’s willing to take whatever I can dish out. Which is alot.

WARNING: Contains explicit, graphic sex scenes and is definitely not intended for minors or the weak of heart.

My Little Plaything is a short story. It is approximately 4000 words long.

Also available from JT Holland:

More Confessions of an Escort Addict:
Volume One – The Girl is in Charge
Volume Three – Two Girls for Every Guy
Volume Four – The Slut of My Dreams
Volume Five – A Nasty Little Spinner
Volume Six – Anal Whore

The Pornstar Next Door – A Hardcore Romance
Banging In The New Year

Sex Stories No One Ever Told You (Volume 7 & 8) (Erotica Collection)

by Erotika

Warning: This book is very, very, naughty! It is a very “naughty” little escape from the everyday world!

You are about to take on an emotional journey filled with sex, passion, and unpredictability.

Most of the sex stories in this bundle are quite unique, because they are based on true stories. Character names are changed to protect the innocent 🙂

The book is full of heat from start to finish. Once you started reading you can’t put it down. You’ll end up staying up way too late and read the whole thing in one sitting.

If you are bored and your sex life sucks, this book is for you. It will enrich your sexual fantasies and give you some ideas to improve your intimate relationships.

Grab your copy now!

P.S. Less than 18 years old? Hands off the merchandise!

Casey Scores

by Tamara Winkley

For adults only. A temp worker at a sporting goods store begins a torrid relationship with her female boss.

Watching the Wilsons (Carrie & The Wilsons)

by Becky Young

Eighteen year old Carrie stumbles across a box of books while babysitting that fires up her sexual imagination. Front and center in her fantasies are her neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson – the very couple she’s babysitting for that night.

When they come home from a night on the town, she has a front row seat for an erotic display that fills in all the details her imagination could only grasp at. Before the night is over, Carrie is planning her next trip to ski country.

Warning: This erotic short story about voyeurism and coming of age will leave you wanting more, just like Carrie. Sex will never be the same!

6500 words

Explicit language and adult themes. 18+

Reproduction 101 (Reproduction Class)

by Eliza DeGaulle

When she fails to turn in her assignment to her favorite teacher, Sasha has no idea how she’s going to make up the grade. But when Professor Rivera asks her to participate in a very special lesson about reproduction, Sasha will bear herself to the class, and realize academics are the last thing on her mind.

The first chapter of the Reproduction Class series, this 5,500 word erotic short story is not for those under the age of 18, or for those who dislike stories of a horny professor breeding a young woman in front of a bunch of equally horny college students, with scenes of cunnilingus, impregnation, creampies, and dogs eating homework.

-An Excerpt-

“Hmm…” He rested his chin on his hands, deep in thought. “Tell me, Sasha…”

“Yes, Mr. Rivera?”

“Are you on birth control?”

“…Excuse me?” My eyes went wide.

“I asked Emily such personal questions, and I’m not even asking you to answer in front of the class.”

“…No. I don’t have a boyfriend right now, so I don’t bother.”

“And how far are you from your last period?”

I ran the schedule in my head. “…About two weeks, give or take a few days.”


That’s…an odd response.

“Sasha, I want to do a very special lesson in class tomorrow. I believe you would be a great assistant for the lesson. I’ll be willing to forgive your failure here for your participation.”

“What do I have to do?”

“Oh? It’ll be your lesson too, Sasha. I can’t give you advance information. That wouldn’t be fair. But I’ll require a quick examination of you to make sure you’re a proper specimen for the lesson.”

“Alright, Mr. Rivera. I’ll do what you say, what do you need me to do?”


Was he speaking Greek just then? I didn’t really understand what he said, and I looked at him as such.

“I need to do a physical examination, Sasha. Strip.”


“Come on, we’re adults here.”

“If you say so, Mr. Rivera.” My heart started beating a thousand a minute. I began to hike up my t-shirt over my head, stopping at my breasts. I shook my head and took it over.

Antiques: The Sexy Senior and the Naughty Boys (Sex Over 60)

by Alexandrinha Abbott

Just because Sally is over 60 doesn’t mean she’s over the hill. Once Sally Martin achieves her dream of owning her own antique shop, it’s time for her to make the rest of her dreams a reality, too. With the help of Wade and Roberto, two of her sexiest customers, sexy Sally is about to get exactly what she deserves.

WARNING: This 5,000+ word story contains graphic language, a plucky and sexy woman over 60, mind-blowing oral sex, and explicit descriptions of mind-numbing sexual activity between an adventurous senior citizen and her two hottest friends over 60. Intended for MATURE AUDIENCES 18+ only!

From “Antiques (The Sexy Senior and the Naughty Boys)”:

Wade was strong, tall and nearing seventy. His hair was thick and silver. Many times, I wondered what it would feel like to run my hands through that thick, shimmery hair.

Roberto was closer to sixty. He was shorter and his hair was darker but thinner. He always wore a hat, but I saw him remove it once to straighten his remaining hair in an antique mirror. Even without a full head of hair, he was hot. Plus, he had all his own teeth.

Wade and Roberto were as different as chalk and chewing gum. I would have fucked either of them in a heartbeat. Sixty is the new twenty. As far as I was concerned, I was in the prime of life. Speaking of prime, Wade walked through the door at the exact moment that I was examining the potential benefits of sucking his cock.

Be With You (Loneliness)

by Alison Cole

Book Three Loneliness Series
After Cara Wells, a crazed stalker, is put behind bars, Johanna and Marcus Hadley are ready to move on with their lives and careers. When they receive word that Marcus’ sister, Millie Smythe, will be arriving back in the UK from a minister school in the US., Johanna, eager to meet her new sister-in-law, prepares for her arrival.
Unfortunately, Johanna and Marcus discover that Millie isn’t the caring sister she used to be when she denounces their marriage and claims their children to be illegitimate. Soon, all hell breaks loose when the bigoted and narrow-minded Millie puts a plot to destroy Johanna’s band and the Hadleys’ marriage into motion.
Together, the Hadleys must entrust in their family and friends to help them overcome a menace that clings on the fringes of their hearts.
Will Marcus be able to cope with shunning a sister he once loved? Will Johanna be able to keep her growing family intact while maintaining a positive character with the band?
Or will their tight-knit family fall to shreds from within?

*This book contains adult situations and explicit content. 18+*

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A BDSM Collection: Vol. 1

by Mason Lee

Warning: If you do not like hot and heavy action, do not keep reading!

The room is darkened, lit only by candles. I am on the floor on my knees, hands tied behind my back and cuffed to my ankles and I am blindfolded.

I sat and waited for what seemed like eternity, wet with anticipation; thinking about all the things he would do to me when he arrived. I held the position just the way I was instructed when we last spoke.

All appeared to be in order and I sat as straight as I could with my back to the door, in the quiet of the room and waited, hoping my attention to his detail would be well pleasing upon his arrival…

This 10,000 word collection features 7 BDSM shorts, containing a master, a willing partner, and a variety of extremely adult, extremely hot situations. Read at your own (sexy) risk!

Hot Tub Sleepover

by Holly Love

Hot Tub SleepoverAn Erotic Short       Mark looked around the group of girls. Their tits were all perfect in their own way, sitting high and firm above their slim stomachs. The dark strips of their neatly trimmed pussies were hidden in their crossed legs. He spun the bottle and it circled the group for several seconds before it pointed towards a brunette, who blushed as she saw it land in her direction.     The girl looked shyly up towards Mark, and then stood. Her little feet navigated through the
circle and around the wine bottle towards Mark. He touched his hand to one of her skinny ankles and ran his hand up her smooth leg, letting his fingers lightly caress her little pussy lips. She knelt and draped her legs over Mark’s thighs and scooted herself closer to Mark’s cock.     “What’s your name?” Mark asked the girl.     “Brittney.” the girl said in a high, nervous voice.     Mark gripped her thighs and pulled her towards his cock. He pushed it past her pussy lips slowly,
letting the juices inside of her wet the head of his dick before he slipped it in further. Brittney’s face turned red and she exhaled steadily through her pursed lips as Mark entered her, feeling every
millimeter of her tight, wet pussy as it slid over his cock…   Mark’s daughter is having six of her young, sexy friends over for a hot tub party. When Mark finds them drinking, he tries to send them all home. One foxy redhead convinces him to let the girls stay – by stripping and crawling into bed with him! She brings him outside to the hot tub and Mark goes wild fucking all of his daughter’s friends. How much young pussy can Mark take? Tons of young sex inside!   This story is a Holly Love quickie, at 5,234 words. It can also be found at a discount in the following collections: 
Fuck Them Young: Five Stories

  • Caught Sexting
  • Hot Tub Sleepover
  • My College Roommate
  • Sweat On Sweat
  • Getting to Know the Girls

10 Petite Pleasures: Volume I

  • Someone Familiar
  • Earning Her Tips
  • Hot Tub Sleepover
  • Getting to Know the Girls
  • Fucking in the Dressing Room
  • Lifeguard On Duty
  • Dirty Daughter Hotel
  • Her Friend’s First Fuck
  • Anything for This Job
  • College Weekend

20 Quick Cuties: Volume I (40 cents a story!)

BFF’s Brother Makes Nice

by Summer Sanchez

Colleen can’t wait to spend the night at her best-friend’s house, especially when she hears her brother his home from school. She has always fantasized about him, but she doesn’t realize that the feeling was mutual. They moment they see each other it turn smoldering hot. Will she be able to convince him she’s as experienced as he is? Or, will he see right through her virgin exterior? Either way it’s sure to be hot and steamy when the sleepover with her friend turns into a mad, passionate night with the brother.

Short story approximately 3000 words, HOT shower scene, explicit language, oral sex

Extreme Submission: Stories of Sex on the Edge

by Audra Morgan

Stories of domination, submission, sex, and edge play. A darker shade of grey for those who prefer something with a bit more bite. In Kidnapped, a quiet day of shopping takes a very unexpected turn. In Marked, Jessica and her Master take part in a memorable and surprising anniversary celebration. In The Gift, Phillip learns the art of true submission.

This book contains graphic sexual content and explicit BDSM scenes.

Excerpt from The Gift:

Phillip tapped his foot nervously on the elevator ride up to the 14th floor. He was normally rather nonchalant, but he found himself suddenly rather terrified of what might be transpiring once they reached the hotel suite. His mistress had made it very clear that her birthday plan was to serve him up to various friends on a metaphorical silver platter, though, and he would willingly oblige. He’d been with Courtney for years, so long that he hardly remembered being physical with another woman.

Phillip and Courtney had been monogamous since their first date, and they’d gotten serious quickly. When her dominant tendencies surfaced, he was quietly thrilled. He’d never felt like the one in charge in their relationship, and he’d often worried something was wrong with him, and that as soon as she discovered his shortcomings, she’d leave him. He’d joyfully served her every whim for over five years. In all that time, she’d never even hinted at their playing with anyone else. They went to parties where she beat him mercilessly in front of a crowd of admiring onlookers. They’d had sex in front of the same people, but they’d never invited anyone to join them. The turn-on for her had always been in the exhibitionism. She said she enjoyed showing him off to others. He had always prided himself in his body, and in his commitment to work out five days a week no matter how hectic life became. He didn’t act like a jerk about it, but he knew he looked good, and he enjoyed it when she put him on display for their friends and acquaintances.

This, however, was so different. She hadn’t even told him what would be expected. Sex? Beatings? Both? She’d simply said to be ready for whatever might happen. What a way to make someone nervous! He knew Courtney had a sadistic streak not only when it came to the physical side of things, but also the mental. She was fucking with him, and she was enjoying it. All he could do was take a few deep breaths and tell himself it would all be okay. Hell, perhaps it might even be fun. A small touch of guilt arose in him when he pondered that possibility. Was he supposed to enjoy this? Would that even be acceptable to her? He assumed he’d find out soon enough. The elevator finally opened, and she led him to their suite.

Phillip entered the room and looked around with a smile. Courtney had clearly spent some time preparing things. Candles were placed around the room, already lit, rope was tied to the bedposts, and an assortment of riding crops, floggers, and other implements rested on the loveseat next to the bed. Yes, this would be quite the party.

Not My Husband

by Summer Sanchez

Courtney has always dreamed of being with her best-friend’s husband Jonathan. When an opportunity arises making it happen, she jumps at the chance. She doesn’t realize how hard it would be to give him up, this is one divorce she does not want to let happen.

This is a short story, approximately 3900 words. Erotika, oral sex, explicit language

In The Name Of Love

by Jendai Rilbury

Grant is happily married to his gorgeous wife April, but when he meets up with the Joyce, the woman who first seduced him some 10-years earlier, things get out of control. He finds that he is still attracted to Joyce, even though she is now middle aged, and she soon entices him into her bed and then starts to run his life.

April is 22-year old and just wants to settle down in a nice house and start a family, but when a handsome man more than twice her age makes some exciting promises to her, she is unable to resist his advances and quickly surrenders her body and her love.

This powerful erotic romance from Jendai Rilbury tells the story of two couples living in Northern England in the early 1960’s who in the name of love, decide to swap partners. There was no definite plan, it just happened, but the lust and sex it aroused was amazing.

This adult story contains M/F, FEMDOM and oral sex.

This book is only suitable for adult readers. It contains graphic descriptions of sex between old men and a younger woman. All the characters in the story are aged over 18 years. The intimate acts featured in the story include M/F consensual sex, and oral sex. Sometimes the characters do not use condoms, but the author encourages all readers always to practice safe sex.

Brother Likes it Hot

by Summer Sanchez

Missy can’t believe what her brother offers her. She could choose to take it or leave it, but if she leaves it then her secrets will be revealed. She doesn’t know what to do, but when she chooses she realizes that she might not ever want to go back. Having him close to her sets off desires she never knew she had. Can she forget those to go back to leading a normal life?

Short Story approximately 3500 words, erotica, oral, brother/sister, hot, slight BDSM, adult content, explicit language

Taking Care of Lucy

by Holly Love

Taking Care of LucyA tale of taking Daddy’s daughter       Jack pressed his full weight against Jennifer and he shook her. She gasped and winced, but her grimace was half a grin. She pushed her groin up into him, and he felt the soft mound of her pubis press against him. She moaned and gasped in air. “You don’t think I’m a woman?” she said.
     Jack’s face flushed. He realized he was excited, completely aroused, by the girl under him. Her slender body, the legs tangled in his own, her distressed, flushed face, and even the smell of her; they all threatened to further unhinge his anger. “No.” he said.
     Jennifer seemed hurt, but she ground herself harder against him. She grinned again as Jack began to breathe heavily in lust. 
     Confusion fueled Jack’s anger. Was she trying to prove herself, or make up to him? Her face flushed red, and he noticed her similarity to Greg, her sharp nose, green eyes, and full lips. He thrust his hands beneath Jennifer and hugged her tight by the small of her back. He felt her stiffen in pain, and he swung her around so she was on top of him. He ground the bulge of his hardened cock into her, so that she rode on top of him like a horse.    Jennifer’s voice wavered in pain. Her slim legs splayed over Jack’s waist, and still she fought her hips against his crotch. She hinged at her waist and kissed Jack hard on the mouth in a quick flurry of tongue, teeth, and lips. “I’m not a girl, I’m not a girl!”   Jack has come to terms with the fact that his life is a dull mess. His wife is cheating on him, he has worked in the same office for years, and he has relied on the same petty escapes for years. He resolves to take a vacation alone, but first he has to find someone to take care of his dog, Lucy. The perfect applicant appears when Jennifer, his best friend’s daughter, returns from her first year at college. When Jack returns from vacation, however, Lucy is gone and a few other hints around the house suggest Jennifer has something to hide from him. When he confronts his friend’s daughter, they tangle themselves into a deeper mess that overshadows Jack’s earlier problems.

This story is a Holly Love novella, at 9,524 words.

It is also available at a discount in the following collections:  
Schoolgirls: Four Stories

  • Foreign Studies
  • School Days: Choose Your Own Story
  • Taking Care of Lucy
  • Her Friend’s First Fuck

June Stevens Presents My First Time Smut: Five Erotic Short Stories of First Experiences

by June Stevens

There’s something extra special about the first sexual experience, right? In this scorching collection of explicit erotica shorts from DigiSmith Press, you’ll get lots of first times. There’s first lesbian sex, first double penetration, first anal sex, and even a first gangbang!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various sex encounters. It includes first lesbian sex, first anal sex, rough sex, double team sex, forced deepthroat, forced semen swallowing, and double penetration. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

1. Show Me How to Lick: A First Lesbian Sex Office Sex Short
Allie is concerned about the direction of the company after her boss has a heart attack. He was a great and tireless leader, and he was also grooming Allie for a promotion. His daughter, Serena, isn’t a bad person, but she’s just not doing the job. When a late night chance encounter at the office gives Allie the opportunity to show her business acumen, Serena is appreciative. She’s so appreciative that she’s ready to show Allie some acumen of her ownâ?¦in the form a sweet and sex first lesbian encounter, office sex that’s sweet and hot!

2. The MILF Takes on Two: A First Anal and First Double Penetration Short
Giselle is concerned that some of her son’s new friends are bad influences, so she heads over to deal with them, ready to read them the riot act. Of course, she had no idea that the conversation would take the turn it did, but when a couple of college studs get a nice hot MILF in a room, the cocks are going to come outâ??and go in! Giselle learns all about forced deep throat, anal sex, and double penetration!

3. Making Mary Moan: A First Lesbian College Sex Story
Chynna has just arrived at college, and she’s ready to start living life! She meets Mary, who is so funny and beautiful and Chynna’s new dorm mate. Chynna is glad to get to know her, but Mary gets to know girls a little differently than Chynna, with a kiss, a touch, and more. Soon, Chynna’s first sex in college is her first ever lesbian sex encounterâ?¦and it’s so, so sweet.

4. Hard Knocking at My Backdoor: A Very Rough First Anal Sex Short
Miss Price is in trouble. She’s turned in a plagiarized term paper, and this eighteen year old college girl is going to be expelled. Fortunately for her, Professor Seaton is willing to make other arrangements. Unfortunately for her, that means a brutally rough teacher/student sex encounter with forced deepthroat and very hard first anal sex!

5. Birthday Bash: A First Time GangBang (by new author Darlene Daniels)
Ashley doesn’t know what’s in store when she innocently admits to her lesbian best friend Lauren that she has always wanted to be the object of attention in a gangbang. Unbeknownst to Ashley, Lauren takes her friend’s desires to heart and plans a very special birthday surprise. But will Lauren be content to only watch, or will her own unexpected desires get the better of her? After all, a ratio of six to one hardly seems even, and she can’t let Ashley have all the funâ?¦

Jennifer’s Journal #1: Snatched by the Greys (Alien Abduction Erotica)

by Alexandrinha Abbott

My name is Jennifer, and this is my journal. My psychiatrist suggested that I keep a journal to write down my thoughts, particularly as they relate to a series of events in my life that no one seems to believe really happened.

You see. I was snatched by the Greys. Apparently they have a penchant for human women, or human pussy anyhow, because they fucked me six ways till Sunday before letting me go.

The Greys are a species of alien. At least that’s the way that I understand it. I’m not a scientist. Even if I were, I’m not convinced that there is a classification system for these creatures, at least not in the way that I learned in high school.

You know. Kingdom. Phylum. Class. Order. Family. Genus. Species. Then again, maybe there is some formal classification system, and I’m just not aware of it. I’m not an expert. That’s one thing I know for sure.

I’m not some sort of conspiracy theorist or crazy person. I don’t cover my head with tinfoil to keep the Greys from hearing my thoughts, and I don’t go to UFO conventions. Area 51 may or may not contain the remains of dead aliens and the spaceship they rode in on. I have absolutely no idea.

The only thing that I know for sure is what happened to me. I got fucked by aliens, and I liked it.

WARNING: This 5,000+ word story contains graphic language, a sexy birthday girl, mind-blowing oral sex, BDSM, rough sex and explicit descriptions of mind-numbing sexual activity between a hot-to-trot alien abductee and the grey aliens that snatch her from her living room on her milestone birthday. Intended for MATURE AUDIENCES 18+ only!

The Good Slavegirl – Part 1: Sex Slave Stories

by J.L. Summers


So tell me, why are you choosing to have an affair?” David asked.

He threw me with that question. I opened and closed my mouth. Then I blurted out, “I’ve only ever had sex with my husband. But I don’t think it’s going the way it’s supposed to. I need to know… if it can be different. I need to know if it can be better.”

We were pulling into the driveway of a lovely old home, beautifully and meticulously maintained. Parking the car, he turned to me and said, “How exactly is it going, Zara? What do you wish were different?”


Zara is a submissive wife with a boring job at a coffee shop and an unfulfilling marriage. So far, she has resigned herself to her fate as a submissive wife. When she meets David, however, a dark, handsome, and mysterious man that happens to walk into the coffee shop one night, Zara’s life changes forever.


Zara’s heart races as she goes home with David that night to play naughty games of sexual desire bondage. She learns how to take a spanking, how to be tied in various positions, but most of all, how to enjoy sex to the fullest. The Good Slavegirl tells a story of a young woman ready to be disciplined by the dom, ready to take sex and love into her own hands, and ready to let a domestic discipline romance sweep her away into a world she never knew – a world of kinky sex that she had never dared dream of before.


The Good Slavegirl is not just a sex slave story; but it’s so much more. Zara learns how to find love in a gentle dom that also knows how to be ruthless when she breaks the rules. This bdsm erotica romance will leave you with the feeling that your own knight in shining armor has come to rescue you!

Filled with paddles, floggers, and various other bondage and teasing devices, The Good Slavegirl shows a world with which Zara finds herself further and further entwined as she spends more and more time with David.


Meanwhile, Zara’s kind but clueless husband sits at home, oblivious to the fact that his wife is out having a tryst with another man. Zara’s heart races as she shudders to think that Owen, her husband, could find out. Yet still she sneaks out of the house on her days off, sends clandestine text messages to her lover, and fantasizes about what their next adventures will be.

She buys new underwear and sexy garments that leave her feeling beautiful for the first time in her life. She actually feels like a princess – a submissive one.

David teaches Zara how to give the best blowjob, how to feel her own body wet with pleasure, how to finger herself so she can enjoy the intense pleasures of sex on her own as well as with her new lover. She learns the joys of submissive sex and bondage. This bdsm erotica novel will leave you thrilled till the final page.

You’ll find all sorts of bdsm erotica here: From a good spanking story to nights of endless lovemaking that will leave you breathless. This dom/sub sex takes bondage to a whole new level, and things just get more exciting even as Zara gets further wrapped up in David’s life, the life of a hot, wealthy stranger that takes Zara into his world and leads her on a wild ride of the truest submissive sex and bondage XXX that is sure to leave you satisfied till the final page.


I wrote this story because I know so many other women that go unfulfilled in their sex lives. As women, we have needs too, intense sexual needs that we must fulfill to be happy people. Back in the 50’s sex may have been just for men, but it’s a new day.

This is Part 1 of The Good Slavegirl series. It is 9,000 words.

Sexy Teacher

by Summer Sanchez

Madison can’t believe the secret she finds about her sexy teacher. She knows she has to hide it for him, or his life will be over. She has a proposition; one that she is sure he won’t ignore. Give her a night of pure heaven and she’ll keep his secret. When he teaches her his moves, will she be able to let go? Will he even want her to?

Short erotica story, with approximately 3500 words. Beware it has hot anal sex with a consenting 18 year old, bondage, BDSM, explicit language

Wet and Sticky: Naughty Nights (Eroporn Teen Fantasy)

by Francis Murgold

Relive the dark and naughty nights of the teenage years. Eroporn Teen Fantasy puts pleasure before plot, so hop right in and saddle up…

Disclaimer: The following stories feature lewd, violent, and crude acts. Discretion strongly advised.

Wild Erotic Stories…First Time Sex Vol.2

by Vivian Wild

This collection of the first sexual encounters of young women and men is sure to set your Kindle reader on fire. Add this book to your Vivian Wild collection today!

~~~Dan headed inside the house, into the empty kitchen to find another beer. He opened the fridge and saw that there was one more of his favorite brew, grabbing it quickly.

“Hello, Mr. Williams,” came a voice from behind him. Dan jumped, then turned around to see Kylie standing there, her white bikini completely see-through from it’s exposure to the water. Her hard pink nipples were clear as day, and Dan, tipsy as he was, could not look away. Kylie giggled. “See something you like?” she asked alluringly. Dan smiled foolishly, completely at a loss for words. Kylie walked up to him then, placing her hand on his…

Dirty Little Secrets

by Heather Lane

Dirty Little Secrets
Short stories with very happy endingsâ?¦

Paper or Plastic
New Year Nookie
V is for Voluptuous
Til Death do us part
Merry Christmas Erotica
My Christmas Candy Cane
Cyber Training
Three licks is all it takes
On the first day of Christmas…

My 3 Favorite SPANKING Stories

by Lynzee Britain

NOTE: These stories are for ADULTS ONLY!!!

These 3 stories by newcomer Lynzee Britain will have you squirming in your seat–in a good way, of course. A few excerpts:

PING PONG (2,600 words)

Tom placed his hands on the back of my thighs. His hands were rough and cold. The nub of moisture between my legs increased as he moved his hands up and down, ultimately stopping just inches from my ass.
I moaned.
“Don’t peek,” Tom said. He read my mindâ??I was just about to open my eyes to see what he was up to.
I clenched my eyes tight.
Tom lifted his hands from my legs, and I wondered if I did something wrong. Ten eternal seconds went by.

THE PADDLER’S RANCH (3,100 words)

“Break out the paddle,” the bartender said. The crowd erupted again. Somebody handed her the paddle. Out of the corner of my eye I could see itâ??a smooth-looking oak number with dime-sized holes in the end.
I was surprised to find a drop of wetness beginning to form at the mere thought of that paddle touching my flesh.
I closed my eyes and decided what the hell, I might as well enjoy this.

SENSATION (2,400 words)

I’m sure that I’m screaming now, but the stereo is so loud I can’t hear my own voice. I am, however, able to hear the whack of the paddle as Peyton alternates from one cheek of my ass to the other.
On the bed, Janine’s bodysuit is pulled down to her waist, and Ray is sucking her tits as she moans. This seems to upset Peyton, who swings the next three times more powerfully than before.
The three men on the chairs all have their cocks in their hand, watching me as they stroke themselves.

Forced to Watch

by Cami Starr

A cheating husband with everything to lose is taught a lesson he’ll never forget by his vengeful wife. This erotic short story from the mind of Cami Starr gives a whole new meaning to the idea of a classroom demonstration!


** Warning: This book contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity. It is intended ONLY for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults. **


“Frederick, I’d like you to meet my ex-husband,” she said, motioning to James. “He likes to watch.”

James just shook his head in silence. He began to wonder if she was just going to kill him and if this enormous black man was going to be helping her bury his body.

Instead, Gina walked over to the large desk near the front of the classroom and leaned down on it. She hiked her skirt up around her waist and assumed a bent-forward position almost exactly matching the one she had caught Katie in at the Christmas party. Frederick unzipped his pants and released his enormous cock from his cotton underwear. It looked like a fire hose when compared to James’ tiny drinking straw.

Frederick positioned himself behind Gina and mounted her, carefully and slowly. He made sure to stay at an angle that would allow James a perfect view of all the action.

Within a few moments he was sliding in and out of her pussy. With each thrust, his gigantic black cock could barely make it half-way inside of Gina before she would let out a guttural howl.

Every gasp and moan that came out of Gina’s mouth cut into James like a knife.

Uncovered (The Talents, Part 1)

by Veronica Drema

Cara can read minds, but when she meets Hunter, her talent uncovers more than she bargained for. Will she give in to the sexual attraction she feels for the hot policeman? Hunter’s compelling looks leave her ready and willing, while he knows he can’t get involved on the job. But a revealing moment between them, opens the door to an exploration of their deepest desires.

Uncovered is a novella of approximately 20,000 words.
It is an erotic paranormal romance.
Erotic situations, explicit m/f sex, graphic language
Suitable for readers 18+ only.

The Talents Series:
Part 1-Uncovered
Part 2-Arising
Part 3-Sliding
Part 4-Whispers
Part 5-Becoming

Hot: The BBW and the Firefighter (Curvy Girls and Alpha Males)

by Maria dos Anjos

If there’s one good thing about online dating, it’s this. The Internet has created a way for people to find each other even if they have very specific ideals in mind. In my case, my ideal man was a firefighter.

There’s nothing like a man in uniform, but something about a man in heavy boots, suspenders and a fireman’s helmet is even better.

In addition to being a firefighter, my ideal man had one more important requirement: a penchant for plus-sized women. My curves are what some would call generous. I needed a man who was man enough to appreciate that.

Fortunately, thanks to the magic of the Internet, I located the perfect man just miles from my hometown. I wasn’t terribly surprised to discover that Jeb was everything that he claimed to be. Not every man on the Internet can be a liar, I suppose.

WARNING: This 5,000+ word story contains graphic language, a vivacious and incredible BBW girl, mind-blowing oral sex and explicit descriptions of hot sexual activity between a hot curvy girl and a hotter alpha male firefighter. Intended for MATURE AUDIENCES 18+ only!

I’m a Black Bitch Who Loves to Dominate Big White Cock

by Jacki Reynolds


Long, Thick, and White
I want to dominate the white snake
Big White Cock is My Bitch

Long, Thick, and White

By the time I was an 18-year-old college freshman, I was very horny and surrounded by hot guys trying to get with me, but losing my virginity was a big step. Ever since puberty there had been a ton of guys that tried to fuck me. I got really hot and and wanted it plenty of times, too; but I wanted my first time to be amazing.

Things changed in college, though. I knew sex was about to happen soon. I loved to bring myself to orgasm while fantasizing about hot guys. I was just waiting for the most spectacular time to present itself. And it did.

One night my dorm roommate (Jamie) who was hunched over her laptop said, “You gotta see this, Jacki.” I bent over her and what I saw would change the course of my life and start me on a quest to suck and fuck the biggest white cocks I could.

Vacation Hideaway

by Summer Sanchez

When Carlos finds a woman stranded on the side of the road he has no idea what’s in store for him. Veronica just got out of a dangerous relationship and she is ready to move on. She’ll take him on the ride of both of their lives. This story will you have gasping for air from start to finish.

This is a short story. Erotica, with adult tendencies, approximately 1500 words.

The Birthday Present (BDSM)

by Lynzee Britain

This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY–and all characters depicted are over 18 years old and willing participants in the naughtiness that transpires.

An excerpt from “The Birthday Present”:

“Maybe a shower will give me some inspirationâ??not that I can get to the store and back by then. But in the middle of my shower, with hot soap suds swirling between my thighs, I’m struck by an inspiration unlike any I’ve ever had before. And all of a sudden I know the most amazing birthday present ever.

(A bit later…)

John walks into the bedroom with an obnoxious grin. In one hand is a huge coil of white rope; in the other is a simple wooden chair. He places the chair at the very end of the bed and gestures for me to sit down.

“Lose the tank top,” he says playfully.

I take off my tank top, and am not surprised that my nipples are practically bursting against my bra. I reach around to unhook it, but he shakes his head.

“Nope,” he says. “The bra stays put.”

Taylyn is sitting at the top of the bed, a huge purple pillow pressed against her chest. She’s wearing a denim button-down shirt and extremely tight jeans. Her face is flushed; I can tell by her eyes she isn’t quite sure what John has in mind either.

“Sweetheart,” he says, tossing Taylyn the rope. “Tie her wrists to the chair.”

“Nice and tight,” he adds.

I sit down as Taylyn expertly loops the rope around my wrists and through the arm of the chair. She has obviously tied a few knots in her day.

I smile nervously and test my wrists; they’re stuck nice and tight, just like John asked.

“Now the ankles,” he says. “Wide open.”

Taylyn gently puts her hands against the inside of my knees and pushes out slightly. My miniskirt bunches up slightly along my thighs; the fringe is now only about four inches from my waist.

John smiles. I know he has an excellent view of my panties, and just thinking about that gives me a slight twinge of excitement.

“Black,” he says, approvingly. “My favorite color.”

John crosses the room and opens the bottom door of the armoire. He grabs a thin white teddy and hands it to Taylyn. “Put this on,” he says. “In the bathroom.”

Taylyn disappears as John pulls off his shirt. His chest is tight and firm; I feel the first faint trace of wetness against my panties…

Lesson Learned: Domination and Submission Erotica

by Lolita Davis

When Officer Jackson arrests Tara spray-painting political statements on the side of a boxcar. He agrees with her point but tells her that he can’t allow her actions to go unpunished. They come up with a compromise that leads to a night of dominance and torture that Tara will never forget.

Warning: This ebook contains very graphic depictions of sexual activity during Sadomasochism sex encounter. It includes domination and submission, bondage, spanking, nipple torture, vibrator torture, fellatio, cunnilingus, and handcuffs. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by explicit descriptions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Here is a preview:

“You can’t just run from an officer!” he scolded.
“I’m sorry. I don’t want to get arrested. I’m a student! I’ll lose my scholarship if I get arrested. I can’t afford to go to school without my scholarship. And if I take loans, I’ll be paying them back forever! That’s part of my statement.”
Tara stood there in silence as Jackson looked down at her. His eyes softened but his face remained hard and stoic. He was attractive. His grip was firm and his muscles looked hard underneath his uniform. His face was rugged and handsome with a five o’clock shadow emerging on a square jaw. His brown hair was cut short and his green eyes sparkled against sun-kissed skin.
“I can’t allow something like this to go unpunished,” he stated. “I’d be remiss and not doing my job.”
“Surely there’s a compromise we can come up with. Some way that will save me from being arrested, but still make me pay for my sins.”
Jackson released her arm. Crossing his in front of his face, his eyes continued to assess her. She bit her lower lip. The way they darkened as they looked her up and down in her wisp of a sundress made her body pool with desire.
“What did you have in mind?” he asked.
“Anything,” she said simply. “I’m very open-minded.”
“I could come up with something. But I’m not sure you’re that open-minded.”
“You might be surprised.”
“I can punish you without arresting you,” Jackson said. “But it will result in you coming to my house and being tied up and accepting whatever punishment I dish out, including but not limited to torturing you and spanking you.”
The twinge of lust in Tara’s belly had turned into a full-blown explosion of butterflies. She got a tingle deep down between her legs. “I accept,” she said.

Free Gay Porn: Twink Sex Erotica

by Doug Andrews

Welcome to the Realm of Gay Twink Fucking

Hook Up with Two Hot College Boys That Fuck Hard and Get Fucked Harder

May I ask you some questions?

  • Do you want to get off nice and slow?
  • Do you work hard and deal with a lot of stress?
  • Do you want to escape the troubles of the world for a short time and enjoy a sexy, smoking hot piece of gay college boy erotica?
  • One that will let you edge your cock till the very end when you explode in a fantastic orgasm?

Meet John – a Gay Twink with Gay Fucking on His Mind

John is a sexy, seductive college boy with sex constantly on his mind.He’s a tan, toned, smooth, and sweet looking college freshman boy.Plus, he’s one horny young twink because he knows that the hottest gay fucking occurs in college.

Now he’s moving into his dorm, and he’s ready to get his cock sucked by some of the hottest freshmen he’s ever known.

John loves to fuck guys’ faces, thrust his cock inside their mouths, then flip them over and fuck their asses.In fact, there’s nothing that John loves more than gay sex, college twink fucking, and blowjobs.

John also loves free gay porn, and he looks at it every night.He’s is a horny young college guy that will do anything for his next gay fuck session.He’s seductive, sexy, eternally horny, and always on the lookout for sexy gay men to fuck so he can shoot his load all over them.

A Blowjob in the Bathroom

John’s first conquest on campus is to fuck another college guy’s mouth in the bathroom while he thrusts his hips to fuck the guy’s mouth even harder.John finds this 18-year-old blond boy and motions him to follow, where John gets him on his knees to suck his 7 inch cock.

John knows all the gay boys are after him, so he’s willing to do anything to get off with them, anything to be the top, the initiator, the one that puts his cock in the other gay guy’s ass.John has an insatiable need for a gay college fuck.He will stop at nothing to make sure he gets all the gay college fucking he wants.

Meet Greg – Another Gay Twink That Shows John the Joys of Getting Fucked

Greg is John’s new roommate who goes out with friends for the evening, leaving John alone in his room with all the free gay porn he can look at.But when Greg gets back early and catches John looking at his porn, Greg seizes the opportunity to put John on his knees and get a nice long, slow, wet blowjob from John.

Then John thinks it’s his lucky night, that he’s going to get to fuck Greg.But John finds out how wrong he is when Greg turns the tables and shows John that as you sow, so shall you also reap! Will John finally get his own gay ass fucked by Greg and realize the pleasures as a hot gay sex bottom? You’ll soon find out when you read Free Gay Porn.

One Reader’s Comments

“At first I was skeptical about buying a copy of Free Gay Porn because it seemed awfully short for the price I was paying.I read it anyway because I had heard so much about it, and I have to say it was absolutely incredible.Even though the story is only 6,000 words, it took me 3 days just to read it and I came 5 times before I finished.It’s the best few bucks I’ve ever spent on gay erotica.It’s the kind of story you’d want to read if you’re into twinks and hardcore sex, and if you are, it’s a must have.” – Barry S.

Why This Story Will Help You Relax – and Cum

I know you’ve read gay erotica before and come away disappointed, but someone recently asked:

“Could Doug Andrews be one of the best up-and-coming gay erotica writers in America today?”

He’s left countless readers breathless with his imagination and excellent skill.Although he jokes that he’s responsible for more gay men’s orgasms than 99% of the gay population in the world, I wouldn’t doubt his claim.

Click the yellow “Buy” button now!

Just What the Doctor Ordered: A Sexy Getaway

by James Pierson

Dr. Sarah White was a round the clock workaholic and single mother who needed to escape the stress of her life. She had never taken one moment for herself so when she lost three patients in one day she realized it was time to journey off as far away as possible leaving all responsibilities back home. It’s here in the luxurious holiday home facing the beach that she finds a man to help her calm herself and relieve all that pressure from her body. She had no idea that this vacation would turn out to be so fun, Dr White was in for a surprise in this sexy and seductive new erotica novel.

Excerpt: I lost control and he lost professionalism, now me and this man I had just met were becoming closer in an open area. Anyone would be able to walk in at any moment, not that it mattered right now. It wasn’t like me to be so bold and make a move but I needed this tall, tanned man to use those hands and show me what I’d been missing out on all these years. I hadn’t had time for such pleasures and now I had to make up for that, I wouldn’t leave this place until I was satisfied and I was a hard woman to please.


by Audrey Hart

Keira’s life consists of one tragic mishap after another, and the only friend she has to rely on is imaginary. As she sinks closer and closer to rock bottom, she is sent to a school-appointed psychiatrist who must try and figure out the cause of Keira’s constant misery. The psychiatrist, Leyla , is the first person in Keira’s life who she is able to form a bond with. The bond strengthens quickly, and the two of them soon realize they have much more in common than either of them could have imagined. Soon they become lovers, and both their lives change drastically for the better.

Keira is an erotic, sexual fairytale with some of the most sensual love scenes you will ever encounter. Guaranteed not to disappoint, this is one book you don’t want to miss.

Owned (His)

by DelVita Ahmed

This is the sequel to ‘Bought (His)’.

Vee’s ‘buyer’ keeps his promise about putting her in her place upon arriving at his home, but what he doesn’t count on are her expert ‘oral skills’. A woman who could do that with her mouth just might be a keeper.

Closing the Deal

by Altin Volta

Alex Harper is on his way to Las Vegas to try to secure one and possibly two consulting contracts. On the first flight segment, Alex notices a stunning young woman coming down the aisle. His fantasies race before he can reign in his imagination. He assumes she is on this flight going to meet some 6′-3″ military hunk who would not take kindly to his thoughts. Upon landing Alex makes his way to the next connection to Las Vegas.

Fate enters the situation when the young woman he was ogling turns up at the same gate, and expresses her horror that the flight is delayed. When Alex asks why it bothers her so much, she confesses that she is terrified of flying, and just wants to get it over with.

To calm her nerves, he invites her for drinks in the airlines executive lounge. As the alcohol relaxes Jessica, she tells Alex that her divorce was finalized that day, and she is traveling to Las Vegas to become the prostitute her ex-husband always wantedâ?¦ and now will never see Alex gets a first class upgrade for her, and Jessica decides to repay his kindness in the traditional way sexy women with limited funds repay a kindly gentlemen.

In Las Vegas Alex invites Jessica to go to dinner the following evening with his prospective client. To explain who this stunning woman is, Alex tells the client that she is his Marketing Assistant. At the end of the evening the client makes it clear to Alex that he wants Jessica to come alone, to negotiate the contract in the time honored way. Jessica tells Alex that she will get him the contract in exchange for his becoming her protector.

Then she adds, and gets, a 10% marketing fee to his prior over $1 Million contract amount. That business arrangement proves so lucrative that Alex finds himself wondering if he has become a really smart business man orâ?¦ perhaps just a pimp.

In and Out – A Collection of Erotic Flash Fiction

by Spencer Dallas

Fast. Hot. Erotic. In and Out is a collection of erotic shorts written to be steamy, direct, and to get your imagination going. It’s over 8000 words of easy-to-read sex stories, meant for adults only. In this book, you’ll get stories that fill a need for you right now.

Fantasies indulged include making love on a balcony, party-goers with a favorite drink, a woman bored with her career, an exciting first date, and more.


It was a dark, intimate setting. There were no lights except for those illuminating the stage. Gary sat at a small table with his back to the wall. There was a highball sitting in front of him, and he took a sip from time to time, waiting for the show to start.

He looked around, straining to see in the darkness. Since this was an early show, the theatre wasn’t packed. He had trouble making out who was there, but he could tell it was a mix of men and women, with a lone, attractive girl sitting at a table close to him. Once the show started, however, all eyes would be on the stage. Gary took another sip from his drink, thinking the bartender went a little light on the whiskey.

The music changed and the volume increased, telling the audience the show was starting. Gary took one last look around the audience and focused his attention on the stage. Two girls, one blonde and one brunette, walked onto the stage. They were dressed professionally, and Gary grinned. He’s seen this show before, and it was a good one.

Japan Erotic Sex Stories Explicit XXX (Vol.2)

by Jeremy Tanaka

2x shockingly vivid and wild Japanese Erotic Sex Stories intended for ADULT audiences only (18+ years of age).

All characters over 18.
All stories Hetero.


(1) S&M Threesome with Yuka and Rie
(2) My Cute Sex Friend Kana chan

Power Exchange III: Stories of Sensual Dominance (Power Exchange: Explicit Stories of Kinky Sensual Domination)

by Antonio Zaraje

The Power Exchange series collects literate smut by Antonio Zaraje. Each story focuses on highly polarized sexual encounters where one person submits, consensually, to another.

This volume features four stories totaling 10,650 words.

ANYTHING FOR LEGAL EXPERIENCE: She wants the job, and a legal education, and she knows she has to do something to make up for her lack of experience. He’s a lawyer, and knows how to drive a hard bargain; at least, he thinks he knows how to drive a bargainâ?¦

THERE’S A WAY I WANT TO TIE YOU: It’s a seemingly impersonal exchange; he wants to tie her and fuck her, and she agrees. But both find it deeply satisfying in the endâ?¦ and that’s just where she gets it.

DRIVING NEED: She’s quite happy with her new lover, driving along in his big truck. But a little teasing leads to a surprise; this man she thought to be gentle and kind has another side, and when he pulls over and tells her to get out, she’s not sure what to expect.

ALL TRUSSED UP AND NO PLACE TO GO: She’s the submissive, so why is she tying him to a chair?

DUE DILIGENCE: If you learn in mid-life that you’re deeply submissive, your first experience with BDSM sex is going to be meaningful. Fortunately, Kirstin thinks she’s found just the man to take care of that for her. But as she learns more about Craig, she finds that she’s both confused by his mixed signalsâ?¦ and hopelessly hot for him.

All stories are of heterosexual sex, but viewpoints change from male to female characters, and occasionally it’s the man who submits or is restrained. Women and men who enjoy kinky, explicit, well written stories that are arousing and HOT will not be disappointed.

Teenage Succubus – Anal Adventure (a journey into the world of kinky sex) (The Succubus Series)

by Emma St Giles

‘. . .Taking care not to get oil on the bedclothes, I knelt on the bed with my head and shoulders resting on the covers and my bottom in the air. Then I reached back and pulled down my panties. I guided the dildo up in between the cleft of my bottom. It slid easily in, parting my cheeks as it went, until its head was reading against my tightly shut anus . . .’

19 year old Kerry Thomas decides to give her boyfriend a very special treat for his birthday, but she’s an anal virgin and turns to her best friend and lesbian lover Hannah for help and advice to overcome her first time nerves. Then she discovers something under Hannah’s bed and things get complicated.

4,000 word erotic short story. Contains anal sex, oral sex, masturbation, m/f and f/f sex. All characters are aged 18 and over. Adult 18+.

SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupid’s Companion Finders)

by Jorja Tabu

“Because you must repent,” she whispered, rolling her hips again; her breasts bounced slowly as her spine curved, and he could see her hard nipples catching on the smooth fabric. “You must repent your so-called honor.  You must repent the deaths caused by your blindness.  You must repent.”  His mouth fell open as the slow warmth in his body fought against the last reserves of strength still binding him to the old way…
Mercedes Lucibella runs a very exclusive business for very exclusive clients, using her very exclusive pedigree: descended from Cupid, she can tell who everyone’s perfect match will be, no matter their species, kink or curse.

Her latest case, however, may be her hardest. It’s not about race: “it’s about magic,” he says, and his old fashioned notions of black and white are not the only thing leaving Mercedes’s latest client lonely. An uptight knight doomed to immortality–and the last of his religious brotherhood, founded during the good old days of the Spanish Inquisition–is looking for love in all the wrong places; when Mercy interviews him she can tell right away that the lady of his dreams is just a careful set-up away… But can she pull it off?

This erotic short story features a Dominant female on top of her helpless–and helplessly devoted–sworn enemy and soon-to-be slave. It contains strong sexual imagery and language intended only for adults.

Strange Erotica

by D G Jones

Love, the eternal intoxicating madness of the soul, the gentle kiss that calms the raging agony of loneliness and ignites the pulsating throb of the genitals.
Originally written in his own mucus on the wall of his residence at the Thaylian Asylum, ” Strange Erotica- Sick Sexual Encounters” is the all new mini book from award winning anarchist occult horror writer, D G Jones. With gunshot to the knee subtly and scant regard for any level of human decency, Strange Erotica poses the question: can true love really conquer all, particularly if it involves sucking meat worms from the odd corpse?
Beverly and Tim A loving couple with problems in the bedroomâ?¦
Riding with Kimberly Prostitution is a dangerous business.
Empty I am going to miss you so much.
Dear Sir/Madam Based on a real Dave letter of complaint, just for a laugh.
Duplicity Blue A bit of S&M doesn’t hurt, does it?
Ode to Lydia’s sister, Emily The heart-warming sequel to Ode to Lydia from Dave Malarkey.
Boneyard Fun Revenge, more revenge and just dessertsâ?¦

WARNING WARNING WARNING: Contains graphic and disturbing content. Do not purchase if easily offended. The author of this work does not condone acts of murder, torture or necrophilia. But he does write about them a lot.

Praise for previous books:
“This book is a little like prostate massage, if your sexually repressed and squeamish you probably shouldn’t try it but if you’re not give it a go, you’ll love it” EJSmith

“D.G.Jones, combines humour and a disturbed mind to create a unique set of short stories, not for the faint of heart, but an absolute must for anyone who wants to think outside the box. Five Stars.” BJAndersonnz

“D.G Jones works can only be described as addictive. Through his short stories runs a vein of macabre malevolence, the more effective because it springs from the everyday world, and as a result the humour is of the most sophisticated kind. Not to be recommended for the narrow-minded or vulnerable.” Dexron26
Follow D G Jones on Twitter: @theflayedprince

BLACK FUCKED – Confessions of a Gay Interracial Cock Slut

by Pete Barnes

X-Rated BLACK FUCKED Gay Interracial Sex.

I’m a pretty normal 24 year-old white guy, with a fit body, and a pretty big cock. I do have a little secret, though. I still pass for straight. I’m totally in the closet to my friends, family and co-workers; and secretly I am a slut for black cock. If a guy is dark-skinned, has a big black cock, and is clean, I’ll suck and fuck him like he’s never been before.

Here are just some of the black studs that have fucked me in the last month.

Ibiza Sex Adventures


Five Asian boys from London go on a stag do in Ibiza. This book describes their sexy adventures:

– The groom gets seduced by a mystery girl

– The others get challenged to do some skinny dipping with a group of girls

– One goes back to the room of a blonde with big tits

– Another spends time with the shy brunette who turns out to have a boyfriend

– And the remaining two have a surprising experience of their own


“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” she whimpered as she had a mini-orgasm. Her cheeks went fiery red, something I’ve only ever seen in white girls. It’s sexy as hell and a good indicator that you’re doing things right.

Then and there under the running shower she kneeled down before me. She gripped my cock in her right hand and looked up at me. There is nothing, nothing, nothing sexier than the glance of a girl kneeling in front of you with your cock in her hand, her mouth half open and water trickling down her massive tits. Apart from when she actually wraps her mouth around the tip of your cock and starts licking and sucking. Her head bobbed up and down my shaft. I was trying hard not to grip the back of her head and push her onto me, but it had to be done.

As I groaned that I was going to come she took my cock out of her mouth and directed onto her face. I always thought shooting cum onto a girls face was a porn fantasy. In real life it had always seemed a bit of a demeaning thing to do. But she took it willingly… Even more I think than asking a girl to swallow your cum, splashing it onto her face and her tits, staining her with your seed, somehow marks her out as your property


“Do you want me to beg you,” she asked me with an exasperated moan.
“Would you?”
“I would do anything right now just to get you to fuck me.”
“Then yes. Beg me…”
“Please, please fuck me!”
“What do you want?”
“I want you to… I need you to fuck me… hard, now,” she breathed into my ear.
“What’s the word?”
“Please,” she winced.
“No. Too polite. I need you to be more dirty.” I rubbed my hard cock against her but didn’t penetrate her.
“Oh for fuck’s sake. I need your big hard cock inside my pussy now.”
“Good, you want my brown cock, don’t you? You want it because it’s brown?” I whispered into her ear.
“Yes, yes…”
“Then say it!”
“I want your big hard brown cock in my white slut pussy. Please fuck me, I beg you.”
While she was saying that I plunged my penis into her in one firm hard push that took her by surprise. She winced and folded her legs around me as if to ensure that I wouldn’t escape. I was hers now and she wouldn’t let me go until she had got everything she needed.


At any point she could have called a halt to it, but she didn’t. In fact, while I was fucking her from behind, she fingered her clit. I grasped one of her dangling little tits. My cock was going in and out of her pussy as I was thrusting against her firm little arse. She moaned that she loved it, that she wanted me, that I felt so big and hard inside her. I reassured her that her tight little pussy felt good and that it felt amazing.

She came, with loud high-pitched moans that sounded as if they were escaping her despite her efforts to hold them in. I came and squirted my cum onto her arse.

The author

PR Dash was born in Mumbai, brought up in London and educated at St. Hilda’s college, Oxford. There she learned a lot about English Literature but even more about boys, girls, herself and human nature.

She wrote this book because she enjoyed the latest round of erotic romances for the mass audience, but wanted to write erotic stories for women and men that weren’t about billionaires handing out gadgets and spankings. She wanted to write about sex and race in a way that goes beyond the usual interracial porn fantasies.

PR Dash’s other book is the full length novel: Panchali’s Secrets.

Master Class Part One Rebecca’s Story

by Willow Pink

In the first part of the amazing Master Class series, Rebecca succumbs to an overwhelming desire to secretly satisfy herself to her beautiful English teacher, Miss Kay, while in class! Her voyeuristic and surreptitious masturbation all goes to plan until the school bitch, Louise, catches her in the act…

Bad Wife

by Cassie Lyons

Abused wife Evelyn is at her wit’s end. For several years, she’s been stuck with a violent husband who beats and belittles her, and she’s had enough. When Jamal breaks into her home, she begs him to kill her and put her out of her misery. The young robber quickly learns the truth behind Evelyn’s death wish: her husband is to blame.

Together, they plot a perfect (and passionate) revenge.

Bad Wife is an erotic short story intended for mature audiences (18+) only. 4500 words.

Submitting to a Lesbian Spanking

by Amelia Good

WARNING: These are erotic short stories for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of eighteen and the story contains sexual content.

Featuring erotic juicy scenes, these stories are guaranteed to keep you glued to your Kindle like nothing else!

Short Description: A lesbian girl hooks up with a new girlfriend on a night out and agrees to go back to her apartment at the end of the evening. Finding out that her girlfriend has a kink for spanking, the girl submits to it and finds that the pain and pleasure of being punished and used is a turn on that drives her crazy.


The punishment finally came to a halt as Hannah took some time to bend down and work her mouth over the reddened skin. The touch felt cool to Jean and provided a little relief to the pain. When Hannah straightened up again, she dropped the spanking paddle and picked up the leather strap. Jean waited for the pain to continue, but Hannah decided not to use the strap herself. She leaned forward and forced it in Jean’s hand and then ordered her to spank herself using it.

At first Jean just held the strap and made no attempt to use it, but the agony and ecstasy of being spanked made her want more. She balanced herself on one hand and lashed the leather strap on her ass. Her body convulsed as the pain began again and it encouraged her to punish herself some more. Hannah stroked a touch between the parted thighs and worked her fingers along the pussy lips. She sought out the wet opening and teased around it. Her fingers stiffened and as Jean continued to lash herself with the leather strap she slid a touch inside. Hannah pushed her fingers in slowly and stirred them around so that they stroked on the soft pussy walls. Jean squirmed around on the penetration and the pleasure of the touch inside mixed with the pain of the strap biting in her skin to bring on one of the strongest arousals of her life. She moaned as the fingers began to pump in and out. When she came back to the apartment she was hoping to make love, but this was something else altogether and the kinky experience of spanking herself while she was fingered was driving her wild.

As the fingers fuck got rougher she needed to put both hands on the bed to steady herself. The pain of the punishment her ass had taken coursed through her veins, but was quickly overpowered by the pure bliss of the fingers stroking in and out her pussy.

Winter’s Kiss

by DS Williams

In a lonely cave, in the middle of a winter storm, two lovers meet. A WuJen. . . a legendary wizard, half man -half demon, and his consort, an eternally young and beautiful vampire. They share a dark hunger for each other’s flesh and a need for the warmth of the passion they share. An erotic, explicit, and ultimately bittersweet tale of need, hunger, and love.

Lavinia’s Sexy Weekend Sex Session – Erotika for Women (The Lavinia Sex Sessions Collection)

by Bella Delatour

Lavinia’s Sexy Weekend Session

A Super Sexy Short Story
Lavinia adores sex. She is willing to try any type of sex at least once. She usually finds her partners by using her favourite sexy singles website and picks them depending on the type of sex she is after. But sometimes the opportunity for a sexual liaison arises unexpectedly and she is more than happy to indulge.

InLavinia’s Sexy Weekend Session she invites Adam, a young hotel worker into her room for a sexual encounter he won’t forget in a hurry.

This short story is just over 3,000 words long.

Purchase The Complete Lavinia Sex Sessions Collection [Volume 1]

This volume includes the following tempting teasers:
Lavinia’s Sexy Solo Session
Lavinia’s Sexy Massage Session
Lavinia’s Sexy Blowjob Session
Lavinia’s Sexy Weekend Session
Lavinia’s Sexy Morning Sex Session

;*** Warning – The Lavinia stories include graphic descriptions of scenes of an explicit nature – Only suitable for ages 18 years and over.

Cyber Sex Mysteries 3: SLAMMER

by Nikki Haze

Lena is introduced to SLAMMER, the stranger sex application that pulls her away from the office and onto the cocks of numerous strangers. Who wants to do boring paperwork anyway when they can have an ass full of thick cock?

18+ only. M/F. Anal. SEXY AS ALL HELL! Don’t miss it..

“You want to get off like this or you want this cock?”
“Likeâ?¦ like this. Ah.”
He began ruthlessly finger-fucking Lena, sucking her soft flesh roughly until she was screaming her release. His hand slammed down hard over her mouth as her body shook with the intensity of her orgasm. Just as she was coming down he crammed her still quivering pussy full of that cock. He pulled her towards him and began to thrust, slaking his pleasure from her tight, wet cunt.
“If you cum again cover your own damn mouth.” He picked up his pace again and continued rocking into her with a ruthlessness that would leave bruises, just the way she liked it. He began to pulse inside her as his moans picked up.
“Can I cum inside of you?” He gasped out the words as he bit at her nipple through her shirt.
She shook her head, no. “I want your cum in my mouth.”
He tugged Lena off the counter and pushed her to her knees. She opened wide for him, her entire body humming in anticipation. Moaning, he slid his cock past her lips to the back of her throat. Lena prided herself at not having a gag reflex and took all of him in until his balls were slapping against her chin. He finished immediately, cum exploding with ruthless thrusts to the back of her throat until her mouth was full of him.
He pulled out and looked down at her with an appreciative smile. She opened her mouth for him so he could see she’d held all of his cum there. He watched with intense curiosity as she made a show out of swallowing him down, licking her lips after.
“That’s sexy as fuck. Dirtyâ?¦”
She stood, straightening her skirt and finding the heel that slipped off during their fuck session. Without responding to him, Lena grabbed her purse and left the bathroom. On her way out the front door her phone chirped again.
JasonVIP wanted a suck-off behind Starbucks. She looked warily over at the coffee shop and back at her building before checking her watch. She’d only been gone for fifteen minutes. She hit accept before crossing the street and making her way behind the building.

A Hero’s Welcome (Heroes at Heart, Book One)

by Jan Springer

Book 1 of the Heroes at Heart seriesOn the planet of Paradise in the not so distant future, women rule and men are sex slaves.U.S. astronaut Joe Hero and his two brothers are on a mission to secretly study the newly discovered planet. When Joe is captured by a group of females who plan to turn him into a sex slave, it’s up to Slave Doctor Annie Wilkes to get him out of a life worse than death. Little does Joe know, Annie has her own sexual agenda for the handsome heroâ?¦

He Cums to Me

by DelVita Ahmed

He ruined her for mortal men. No mortal man had ever touched her the way he had, nor could they.

Cell Mates 5: The Coach

by john thompson

In story 5, Tim a 25 year old Italian, falls in love with a Korean his age. He is at a short term prison, with trailers for prisoners to have sex with their spouses that can come in from outside. He is gay though, and “marries” the Korean just so they can use a trailer to have sex. They are placed into a cell together, and things are happy for a short time. One day he sees his “husband” going down on a hung black guy in the showers. He “divorces” him, but will he ever get over the loss of someone he felt was the one? It had been a quick relationship, but he thought it would last. Will there be someone else for him? When his ex jumps to his death, will he get over that loss?

Read the story….

18 + for gay sexual encounters

Sorority Sinners #3: Gluttony

by Kitty Alba

7 Wicked Sisters…

Kayla is a saucy coed with a red pageboy haircut and pinup-girl sex appeal. She’s also a member of Lambda Lamdba Pi, a notorious bisexual sorority. When they discover Kayla has been stealing their ice cream, the girls concoct a plan to force her to eat every drop of whipped cream and chocolate syrup in the houseâ??right off their naked bodies! Watch Kayla learn the price of:


Warning: This short novella contains graphic language and F/F sex.

5 Erotic Stories

by Russell Epps

Get 5 erotic stories from Russell Epps at a great discount:

5 Erotic Stories (ASIN: B009BTTUAC)

Contains the following short stories by Russell Epps:

Bought for a Date (ASIN: B0093NWEG8)

Courting the Maid (ASIN: B0091I2Q7C)

Riding the Hitchhiker (ASIN: B0094VADLC)

The Masseuse Makes A House Call (ASIN: B0091UDUCK)

Under the Hawaiian Moon (ASIN: B009AYWMW6)

Limited time offer: Only 2.99. You save 1.96!

Sorority Sinners #2: Wrath

by Kitty Alba

7 Wicked Sisters…

As president of notorious bisexual sorority Lambda Lambda Pi as well as the university’s head cheerleader, Elena considers herself the girl who has it all. That is, until she discovers her boyfriend is spending more time with strippers than with her. She storms into the strip club ready to fight–but the sexy ladies quickly turn the tables. Watch Elena learn the price of:


Warning: This short novella contains graphic language and F/F/M sex.

Love is Sweeter Stolen (Stolen Series)

by Emma Abigail

~Volume 1 in the Stolen Serials~

Alex is having the worst night of his life. And it only gets worse when his best friend, James, is caught cheating on his girlfriend, Sara. But Alex has been in love with Sara for years. Will Sara finally figure out Alex’s true feelings for her?

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 5,000 words each.

Erotic Calendar 2012

by Aleksandr Aleshicev

Erotic Calendar 2012


by A. Viola Bourne

Pediatric Oncologist Dr. Noah Saunders is disheartened at the plight of his small patients and is looking forward to a meeting that could make all the difference for fundraising. When he meets the delightful Enya Duncan both her loving heart and beauty overwhelm him. Suddenly, he wants to move beyond the platonic circumstance into romance, whereas Enya wants a simple one-night stand, if anything at all. Noah is floored, wondering if he’d misjudged her in the beginning. Does he have his finger on the right pulse? What kind of woman is she…and can he change her mind?

This book is a very partial follow-up of “Inside Your Heart” by A. Viola Bourne

Erotic Bdsm Poetry 1 (The Crimson Pen Series)

by M. S. Stevens

Erotic Bdsm Poetry 1 is the first volume in “The Crimson Pen Series.” M. S. Stevens introduces you to the world of Bdsm poetry with this collection of 30 poems and short glimpses of the dynamic relationships between Master/Dominant and slave/submissive.

From spankings to collars, the author shows a unique perspective from the Masters observations of his blooming slave in “My Crimson Rose,” to the submissive recognition of strength and compassion in “Forgiveness.”

These poems and short glimpses contain graphic sexual situations, spankings, discipline and bondage in erotic Bdsm relationships.

From the Journal of Kyung (The Journal Series)

by john thompson

This is the first short stories in a series of short stories. Three days in the life of a gay college student that has never had sex before. When he finally decides to have his roommate one night, it will change his life. He will go to an underground frat and find two hot beefy men that want him to live with them. When he accepts their offer, he will find he will have to forget about someone that finally admits his true feelings towards him and is willing to give up the “straight” world to have him.

Sometimes to gain your fantasies, you have to give up what would have been a better reality.

18+ for gay sex

I’m Here To Fix Your Plumbing

by john thompson

Minho comes to fix the plumbing for Taeyang’s hot tub. Minho has just the right tool for everything that needs done.

Nothing in life is perfect.

18 plus , gay sexual scenes

Sex in a Nunnery : Scarlett’s Adventure in Rome

by Charlotte Nerdlust

A vacation meant to be a rededication to religious principles, turns into the exact opposite when Scarlett Mones meets a handsome stranger who at first tells her he can introduce her to nuns, but then treats her to a seduction at the nunnery.

Also, there is only one author/person who wrote and edit this, but it’s always fun to have a few different names…

Praying for Release (The Preacher’s Wife)

by Jean Baker

Carolyn is a frustrated wife of Preacher Marvin. The sexual tension has her going nuts, until she finds a man to give her release.

This is a short story, of approximately 9K words. It is book one in the series, book 2 – Fallen from Grace – continues Carolyn’s erotic journey to fulfillment.

This is an erotic romance and is not intended for YA readers. It contains graphic language, explicit sex and other subjects not appropriate for YA readers

Decadence – Erotic poetry by Jared Dean

by Jared Dean

A collection of erotic poetry.

Sex Games 1: Chosen

by Nikki Haze

Elita is busy studying for her chem exam when she receives an invite to the initiation of Wellington University’s secret fraternity, the Sex Games. Elita hopes her crush, Seth is one of the Chosen but nearly forgets about him when senior, Claire, exposes Elita to her first lesbian exerience.

Menage. BDSM. Hot. Graphic. 5,000+ words

:”Oh, my god,” Elita moaned against Claire’s cunt. It was so sexy; watching Zack’s cock slam into Claire, her cunt spread open to accommodate his girth. Elita leaned down and began licking Zack’s cock on the out thrust and lapped upwards to Claire’s clit when he slammed in.
“Oh, kids we have a special one here,” Zack muttered, reaching down to stroke Elita’s hair. Both Claire and Brady moaned in agreement.

Navy Days

by Ken Smith

Navy Days, a 40 page gay erotic short story. Join Matt below decks on a Royal Navy warship in this humorous, sexual romp when he meets up with the likes of butch marine, Zac and the delightful young Chip, and other horny young sailors.

Ken Smith specializes in racy stories set in the British Royal Navy, including his best-selling novel ‘Brad’ and the extra hot ‘Riding the Big One’.

A recent review called him one of Britain’s finest authors of gay erotica.

Cover Artwork courtesy of REBEL Comx from deviantART

Ella’s Boy Office FemDom Fiction

by Joe Brewster

Joe takes a phone-jockey temp job as a lone male ordered around by a fun group of attractive women.

Joe is trapped in a feud between no-nonsense Barb, the domineering self-appointed office manager, & the fun-loving female crew regulars as they fight for control.

Joe’s latent submissive nature blooms as he learns to obey women & falls under the spell of sexy LadyBoss Ella who takes exclusive control & makes him her Boy.

This You Can Keep

by M.K. French

Everyone processes grief differently.

Stephanie’s way of processing hers is to kill vampires.

Her family murdered by vampires, Stephanie’s life now consists of nothing but hunting and training and trying to live with the emptiness. Until she’s captured by two vampires she planned to kill, and her mentor dies at their hand.

Olivier and Nathan are old enough to know better, but just as everyone processes their grief differently, even vampires deal with immortality in individual ways. The pair decide to keep Stephanie, drawn in by her passion and her grief. More startlingly, Stephanie finds herself drawn to them in turn, as they take their pleasure in her, body, mind, and soul.

And then they turn her into one of them.

Overwhelmed by guilt and grief, Stephanie returns to her vengeance, but how can you kill what you have discovered and learned to love?

Physical Education (Mr. Chuck’s: Class in Session)

by Taylor Lacquer

The boys clear away from Karen, who lays out on one of the benches. Her body is perfect. It’s just how I imagined it under her wet gym clothes, round-breasted and subtly curved. Her nipples are dark, and the hair between her legs is trimmed into a neat line.
The wrestler holding the soaked panties raises them above Karen and squeezes them. He drips the liquid over her. The boys watch, and their faces turn dark with lust.
The wrestler hands the panties back to the boy in the shower, and they repeat the routine until Karen is shining with water over her pale body.
“I don’t think I’m going to stop them,” I say.
Jessica turns to me. “Really?”
I turn and take Jessica’s hand, and kiss her on the lips. “Not if you won’t.”

Jessica and Karen have bodies that make all the girls jealous. They love to dress “down” in sexy clothes to tease their boyfriends at school, but they are less than pleased to be wearing PE uniforms in gym-class. When Mr. Chuck fills in for the PE teacher, he discovers that Jessica and Karen have their own ways of satisfying their need for attention when he finds them with the wrestling team for an after-class orgy in the locker-room!

Do you like voyeurism, gangbangs or shy teens? You will love Mr. Chuck’s adventures at Casey High. His stories are guaranteed to be the dirtiest writing in the Kindle Market, and not for the faint of heart. Each episode takes twenty to thirty minutes to read.

Click on the cover for a preview!

Taylor Lacquer is a professional writer who has forgone his publishing house to give you the dirtiest, squickiest smut on the market. The stories are read like a television series, with singles that will be released every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. A discounted collection will be released every Saturday for the opening month of of the twenty episode Mr. Chuck series.

Lacquer writes more like a punk rocker more than your normal erotic fiction author. Some stories are rough and some sweet, but all are very dirty. You’ll be tantalized with daydreams of the dirty teacher chasing after the youngest, naughtiest girls, and reading with two hands will from now on feel like a waste of fingers.

Throwing It Down

by Harold Jones

After a successful week-long tryst by the lake, three weeks have gone by and Andre is just dying to see Chad again. His fantasy has become reality, bringing with it new challenges. Rising to the occasion, Andre is throwing it down, sexually and morally, as a person, and within his own skin. With his employment ending soon and total freedom on his mind, it’s time for Andre to make some life-altering decisions, and if he can find the courage, a strong bid for Chad’s affection.

Boxers Downlow (Ringside Lust)

by Hector Bugarro

Hector Sanchez is an aspiring boxer cursed by being a little too short to be considered a serious contender. Until, that is, he meets a fight promoter and manager named Calvos. A mysterious, dark-skinned man, Calvos pushes Hector to explore his sexual limits in order to make the necessary sacrifices â?? Hector is desperate to give his career a boost by fighting in an upcoming tournament Calvos has told him about. He’s willing to do anything to make himself a star, and Calvos knows just which boundaries he should cross.

This is a hardcore work featuring hot gay and man-on-man action. It is intended for adult audiences. It is an Open Setting work, part of the Calvert Howard Erotic Tales Series.

Honey for the Bee

by Erin Raynor


This is an anthology by a variety of authors telling stories about the gorgeous Ms Devine.

It has themes involving sexual exploration, submission/dominance, liberation, voyeurism as well as a longing for passion. It’s also very funny, and with careful nods to serious works of literature.

Editor Erin Raynor and her team take the erotic anthology to a whole new level. These stories will fascinate as well as arouse, as Ms Devine hooks up in a sauna, kicks tabloid journalist ass, overwhelms a hapless veterinary practitioner and hangs out in a remote Scottish hideaway plotting how to seduce her latest squeeze.

If you like your erotica sexy, funny and in your face then Honey for the Bee is for you. However, keep in mind that this erotica collection contains adult situations and language and is only intended for a mature audience.

The Note

by Ian Cooper

Deeply in love with Madeline, his girlfriend back in Orillia, Devlin’s a long way from home. He’s starting off as a cub reporter for a publisher of small newspapers and agricultural magazines in Carlton Falls, population fourteen hundred. Wearing a suit and tie, reporting on ball games and township council, with a camera around his neck and cruising in his little sports car, he’s the best thing to hit town in ages. When he responds to an anonymous note on sheer impulse, life gets very complicated.

Sustenance: An Erotic Short

by Lucinda Lovington

My inner beast prowled inside of me, purring with anticipation as I gazed out, hidden, at the unsuspecting young woman reclining so peacefully in the place she wasn’t supposed to be. Sparing her was not an option, for the beast was already entranced by her intoxicating scent, and his will could not be denied…

Excerpt: Gently I pressed my lips against her cheek, trailing soft kisses from her lobe down the column of her slender neck. Pulling back, I began to slid my body slowly down her torso, relishing her shortening breaths and widening eyes as I found my way to the base of her body. Gingerly I gripped both of her legs with my hands, prying them apart before placing myself deliberately between her quivering thighs.

*word count: 2595*

Trailer Trash

by Thom Young

Short stories. Trashy and full of trailer park intellect. My work has been in 3am magazine, Word Riot, The Legendary, and many other sundry places. For 18 and +.

The Ultimate Game – Sex With Toys – Bi-Sexaul/Hardcore Sex/Anal Penetration/Seduction-Erotica

by Kate Vaunn

Enjoy this story,There is a lot of everything in here.
I really love sexy lingerie and usually do most of my lingerie shopping at Victoria’ Secret so I had never been in this store before. The boutique was beautifully laid out. “Normal” lingerie, teddies, camisoles, G-strings, thongs, etc., where near the front. As you moved toward the rear I saw things I had read about, but never really seen before, leather, latex, some collars even some hand cuffs; I really wondered if anyone ever bought that stuff or if it was just for show. In any case, I had to pass it to get to the back room that had the adult toys. I browsed some out in the “normal” area, watching to see if there was anyone here I knew. I felt almost ashamed, like when I’m looking for a soft-porno film with my husband and I don’t want anyone I know to see us coming out of the back room together. Then I thought, I’m an adult, I don’t really have to worry about this or what others think. If they notice me in the back of the store, it will be because they are there too, and what would they be there for anyway.

In the back room, I was amazed. I thought that there would be a limited selection, but I was wrong. There were hundreds of different things, dildos, two-headed dongs, eggs, bullets, vibrators, and all sorts of things that I hadn’t really imagined. I noticed that I was walking around with my mouth sort of half open, shocked both at some of the things I saw and the variety of the selection. God there was dong, or a dildo, or a whatever you wanted to call it there, that was huge, almost 3 1/2″ thick and 15″ long, how could anyone handle that! As I looked over the inventory, a beautiful young sales lady approached, I was so engrossed that I didn’t see her coming.

“Can I help you find something? We do have a large selection.”

“No” I mumbled, “I’m not sure what I want, I need to look around a little bit.”

“Well take as long as you like, if you want any help let me know, I know where most of the stuff is.”

“Thanks” sensing my embarrassment she left quietly.

I looked for about 15 min, before deciding on a rather small, thin vibrator. A name I had heard before, “The Pocket Rocket”, as I was reaching for it, my worst fears were realized.

“Hey, Linda, I thought that was you.”

I turned, my face flushing with embarrassment as I saw our neighbor Debbie approaching. Dave and I knew Debbie and her husband Greg well. He was in sales and was on the road maybe 80% of the time.

“Dave traveling again? Greg is too and I just stopped in for something new.”

“You shop here often,” I asked a bit incredulously?

“Every now and then, I found that with Greg on the road, I find that I can “release my passions” better with a little help. I was embarrassed at first, but now … you can’t fuck-me if they are on the road. I also think I’ve embarrassed you”

“No, startled me yes, embarrassed me sell maybe a little. You’re right, you can’t fuck-me when they’re on the road, and as Dave’s business grows, he is on the road more and more.”

“What you got?” I held up my choice, she looked at it, raised her eyebrows and looked at me. “Is this your first time in here, I hate to say it, but that’s a waste of good money, not much mind you, but a waste all the same.”

I was really embarrassed now, but didn’t want to show it. “Really?”

“Yeah, I got one at home, got bored with it quickly. It is good if you want to carry it around for some reason, but if you want to get off good, there are a lot better choices. Like this, costs a lot more, but good variety, 2 out of the three are water-proof and you can even have a lot of fun with these with Dave when he gets back.”

She held up a pack with 3 different items, a gold (or fake gold) plated egg, a silver bullet about 1 1/2″ long and a leather harness, with some stuff on it that I couldn’t see very well. “Each device is remote controlled so you only have thin strongly attached wires to help get them out, you can wear them anytime, Dave can even use


by Kole Black

Book 1… The Chance She Took is the story of Miss Rayqelle Davis, the step daughter of a Chicago police officer, who grows up in a seriously dysfunctional home and turns to the streets as a means of escape. After some truly bad experiences with thug love, that leave her both emotionally and physically battered, Rayqelle soon grows to understand that fast life and fast love in the hood ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be. That is when she meets Chance, a very handsome and mysterious stranger whose love threatens to turn her whole world upside down. Book Club 2.0

Bend that Sorority Girl Over! A Rough Gang Bang Erotica Story (College Girls Bent Over)

by Allysin Range

Mary wanted in the Sorority very badly and couldn’t wait to get the hazing of pledge week over with. Her cousin Christy told her not to worry, she was a lock as long as she did everything she said. Desperate to get it in, Mary arrived at the final ceremony wearing only a robe, ready for anything, or was she? They let her have it in every orifice known to man! Congratulations, Welcome to Alpha Beta Cappa!
Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of forceful very rough barely legal gang bang sex. Only mature adults who will not be offended by such content should read this story.
Here is a preview:
Mary waited in line along with the other pledges, and she was almost happy to see she wasn’t the only one who looked nervous. She hoped her name would be called last, by that time all the guys would be drained and tired. She tried not to think about it as the head of the sorority made the speech. Her heart was in her throat as she heard the final the words of the speech, she knew it was about to begin. She looked down at her feet and held her breath.
“Mary, please step into the ring and prepare to become one of us.”
She almost puked when she heard her named called. She was first; no she had to be imagining it she thought to herself. She didn’t move a muscle. Christy walked over to her and shoved her.
“Go you idiot!”
Mary walked into the center of the room and was handed the dice. She rolled and watched as they landed, she rolled a three. She sighed with relief. She put her blindfold on and stripped off her robe. She felt hands grab her arms and drag her forward. She was forced down on her hands and knees to the dirt floor. Her entire body shook in a panic as she heard the footsteps come towards her. She felt hands on her body, prying her pussy lips apart, pinching her nipples and tracing her asshole. She tried to relax and breathe, but she couldn’t. Her head was yanked back and a fat cock was forced all the way down her throat.

Bent Over and Going to Extremes: Five Tales of Very Rough Sex

by Sheena Stone

At BJ Hardcore Erotica Press, we’re not the kinds of girls who want sweeping music, hearts, and flowers. We may watch a chick flick, but it won’t be the kind of film you’re thinking about! This collection has rough sex, domination, and humiliation. It’s not for the weak of heart, but it’s scorching hot!
Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sex including rough first anal sex, rough public sex, and rough group sex. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this ebook.
1. Bent Over at the Fair: A Tale of Very Rough Public Sex by Sheena Stone
Annabelle was still sore from getting gangbanged by all the clowns and the giant lumberjack the day before. Wow! What a first day on the job! Once day two comes around she is ready for more, much more. Enter Bubbles, the scariest looking clown Belle had ever seen. Here we go again…….
2. Victoria Gets Herself a Master: An Erotic Tale of BDSM and Double Penetration by Jael Long
Victoria was a small town girl from Iowa that had just taken a job in the Big Apple. She couldn’t get out of Dodge fast enough. She was ready to experience the world and all of its wonders. One evening on the town, she has the luck of running into Master Edward. She won’t be the naive small town girl very long.
3. Celeste gets Two Mouthfuls: A Rough MFM Ménage Erotica Story by Paige Jamey
Celeste was a successful trial attorney that worked hard during the day and like most other attorneys needed to unwind with a few drinks in the evening. This story starts after one of those typical stressful days with Celeste sitting at the bar sipping her stress away. It doesn’t take long for one of her co-workers to buy her a drink, introduce her to the band and take her home along with the lead singer of the band. What’s happens next will leave you speechless!
4. The Backdoor Birthday Surprise: A MFM Threesome Story of First Anal Sex by Brooke Weldon
Brenda woke up all excited, it’s was her boyfriend Brandon’s birthday and she had been planning a very special surprise for him for weeks. She could hardly wait to tell him what she had planned for the highlight of their evening. She was going to give him the two things he had always longed for in his fantasies about her. Hey wait a minute! I thought it was his birthday? I think she may be the one getting the biggest treat of the evening!
5. Annabelle’s Stranger Gangbang: A First Anal Sex Group Sex Erotica Story by Allysin Range
Annabelle is having a hard time getting over the way her boyfriend left her, but her friend Adam is having none of it. He insists she comes to his club, gets drunk, and goes crazy with strangers. She’s reluctant, but finally she decides to just go for it.

Bent Over at the Fair: A Tale of Very Rough Public Sex (The Sex Circus Chronicles)

by Sheena Stone

Annabelle was still sore from getting gangbanged by all the clowns and the giant lumberjack the day before. Wow! What a first day on the job! Once day two comes around she is ready for more, much more. Enter Bubbles, the scariest looking clown Belle had ever seen. Here we go again…….
Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of rough sex in public and includes fisting, cosplay sex, stranger sex, and depravity. Only mature adults who will not be offended by such content should read this story.
Here is a preview:
I felt him lift my skirt up, and with it bunched up around my waist, my middle felt so damned hot. The sun beat down on my ass, so I felt that same strange contradiction with the core temperature of my body hotter than where the breeze blew over my ass cheeks but the sun making the skin feel hotter than the rest. I didn’t think of it for long though because suddenly a very sharp pain crashed over my ass cheeks and Bubbles said, “Clean it up!”
The pain was unexpected and it hurt like hell, but it still had the now typical result of translating from pain to pleasure as the reverberations of the vicious spank reached my pussy and my clit hummed with pleasure. It felt so good that I didn’t react immediately. I bit my lip and let the nice feelings emanating from my cunt roll over me and the still-sharp pain on my ass made it even better. I didn’t really think about it much because I was lost in the feeling, but Bubbles suddenly grabbed my pigtails and yanked me up by them. Pain shot through my head, and it really felt like he could just rip my hair right off my scalp. Tears welled up in my eyes, but even through all of that, I felt my pussy throbbing. I don’t know how the hell a fascination with dark and violent pornography had turned into absolute masochistic tendencies, but it had, and my legs were rubbery with desire. “Clearly our little clown needs instruction,” Bubbles said, and before I knew what he was doing, he shoved two grimy fingers into my mouth.
“Just as I suspected,” he said as I gagged at the intrusion. “Her mouth is wet.” The audience laughed, although some of them laughed a bit nervously, probably unused to seeing this kind of manhandling. Really, to them it must have looked like the most nightmarish clown to ever walk the face of the earth was abusing the absolute cutest and most innocent clown to ever walk the face of the earth. Fantasizing about sex with me was one thing; watching me tormented was making a few of them uncomfortable. He added his thumb to the mix and grabbed onto my tongue. He pulled it out a little bit and said, “Oh look! She has a tongue, too.” Again came the uncomfortable laughter. “Well,” Bubbles said, “She has all the tools necessary. Maybe she needs some training.” He let go of my hair and I fell back to my hands and knees. I was ready to get to work on the stool, but suddenly pain rocketed through me as he shoved his fingers, wet from mouth, into my ass.

Bent Over by the Drummer: A Tale of Rough Stranger Sex (College Girls Bent Over)

by Allysin Range

Life can be overwhelming for a college girl, and Tina’s happy for the opportunity for a bit of stress relief, which in this case means a steamy encounter with a complete stranger!
Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of barely legal rough stranger sex. Only mature adults who will not be offended by such content should read this story.
Here is a preview:
They walked to the bar and Dale placed his hand on her lower back. She turned to look at him and her nose grazed his lips. He looked into her eyes, lifted her chin and kissed her. Her entire body reacted to his kiss and he asked if she wanted to go someplace else. She nodded her head and he took her hand and led her out into the alley.
They were in the alley for three seconds when Dale had her pushed up against the wall and his hand was up her skirt. His fingers roughly tugged at her moist panties as she sucked his tongue. She felt his cock against her belly and she moaned into his mouth. He smelt of sweat and beer and she wanted him right then and there. Dale yanked her panties and she felt them rip. He rammed two of his fingers deep inside her cunt hard, and she winced in pain and buried her face in his neck. She licked and sucked his sweat as he finger fucked her. His breathing was heavy and she felt his heart beat faster and faster.
“Fuck me right here and now Dale!”
“That’s the plan!”
He ripped her panties all the way off and she unzipped his pants. His cock was so thick her hand couldn’t wrap around his shaft. Her jaw dropped and he laughed. He grabbed her shoulders, spun her around and shoved her face against the wall. He spread her legs open with his knee and in one thrust his cock was buried balls deep into her snatch.

Bent Over for a Frat Party Threesome: A Barely Legal FFM Erotica Story (College Girls Bent Over)

by Allysin Range

It didn’t take long for Laura’s new roommate to initiate her in the ways of the wild, hot college girls and guys that is. Laura no sooner got unpacked, met her new “Bi” roomy Riley and was whisked off to Mitch’s Frat party/Birthday Bash. A few quick shots of the liquid courage was all it took to get Laura down on her knees satisfying Riley and “giving” Mitch his Birthday present, Happy Birthday Mitch!!!
Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of very rough sex and includes barely legal, FFM threesome sex. Only mature adults who will not be offended by such content should read this story.
Here is a preview:
Mitch handed over his cup and Laura swallowed a hefty swallow. She looked at Mitch kissed him then kissed Riley. Riley grabbed them both by the hand and they all walked up the stairs. Mitch opened the second door and they all walked in. He locked the door behind them and watched as Laura kissed and grabbed Riley’s tits. Riley’s hand was touching Laura’s pussy and Laura moaned. Mitch rubbed his hard cock through his pants and he walked over to the bed.
Riley lay down on her back and Laura pulled her panties off and started to suck and lick her clit like she was a pro! He hiked up Laura’s dress and growled when he saw she wasn’t wearing any panties. He opened her legs wide and climbed on the bed. He watched as Riley’s eyes closed and her mouth was slightly opened. He watched as her tongue came out and traced her pouty lips. He looked at Laura’s pussy and watched as she wiggled her ass at him. He rubbed his mushroom head on her opening, and rammed his cock all the way in.

Bent Over in Public for a Threesome! A Virgin’s Rough First Anal Sex (Virgins Bent Over)

by Alice Farney

Claire can’t believe her best friend Amber wants her to have a threesome, and in public no less! Amber knows Claire’s a virgin and promises she’ll still be pure on her wedding night. She doesn’t want to do it, but Amber guilts her into it. Well, Amber kept her promise. She’ll still be a virgin. That’s because Amber’s boyfriend bends her over and shoves into her tightest hole of all! Her first sex experience is rough anal sex!
Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of rough first anal sex and includes virgin sex, lesbian sex, ffm threesome sex, and public sex. Only mature readers who won’t find that offensive should read this story.
Here is a preview:
“Oh thank you so very much. Okay, the day after tomorrow. We will pick you up and go to Bristol. There is a huge park there and when it is dark it will be empty. I mean there a few lights but nothing to worry about. So how does six sound?”
“Horrible. I will see you then.”
Claire looked at her watch and her entire body started to shake. The very thought of what was about to happen had her in tears. She didn’t want to and she battled with herself over and over, she wanted to call Amber and tell her no, that she changed her mind. She even picked up the phone a few times and dialed all but the last number and then hung up. She couldn’t eat all day and she could barely hold down any liquids. She looked at the clock and knew that any minute now Amber would be knocking at her front door. She covered her face with her hands and cried. The knock came and she wiped her tears, took in a deep breath and walked to open the door. Amber and Eric both stood there with huge smiles on their faces. Eric hugged her tight and she trembled in his arms. He put a stray lock of her hair behind her ear, lifted her face to his and kissed her. His hand went to the small of her back and he pulled her even closer. She felt Amber’s hands on her shoulders and she started to relax. The three of them walked to the car and left.
They arrived at the park an hour later and Claire sobbed. There was a football game going on and she looked at Eric and then to Amber who smiled.
“Look, if I told you there was a game going on you never would have come. NOW ERIC!”

A Billionaire For My 21st Birthday

by Tiffany Madison

“I didn’t notice the other girls, I only noticed you.”

I’ve been a good girl all my life, but tonight, on my 21st birthday, I was going to get naughty. When my girlfriends decide to take me out to the hottest club in town, I know it’s going to be a wild night. I had no idea that Zac Doherty, billionaire playboy, would also be at the club that night.

Zac seemed to have eyes only for me, and I caught him checking me out while I was dancing. When he called me over to his table for a drink, it was like a dream come true. However, when he wanted to take me out to see his Ferrari, things got a lot more interesting between us. Could I give myself over to this stranger and let him fuck me on the hood of his sports car?

This 6000 word story features a rich and powerful young man seducing a seemingly innocent 21 year old. It includes exhibitionism, cunnilingus, a bit of masturbation and a powerful impregnating creampie!

As I walked through the door, I felt Zac slide his hand down my back and touch my ass. I paused for a second. Normally, I would swat a guy’s hand away, but not Zac’s. I liked it. It gave me butterflies in my stomach.

We walked out to the parking garage. I had no idea what to expect.

“I don’t show many people this. People think I’m a spoiled rich kid. The truth is that I’ve worked very hard for what I have. I bought this car as a symbol to myself for my hard work and success. Nothing was given to me.”

I started to feel differently about Zac. It was like he was showing me a side of himself that he didn’t show too many people. He was a normal person who was a bit misunderstood.

“Money and fame are great, but people tend to have ideas about you that may not be true. ” Zac said with a sigh. “There she is.”

We walked around the corner. There it was; a bright red, brand new Ferrari. Valet had parked it, leaving a parking spot on either side. I assumed this was so that it would not be damaged.

“Well, what do you think?” He asked.

I could not believe what I was looking at. “It’s incredible,” I said in awe.

Zac then turned me towards him and locked eyes with mine. “I want to share it with you.”

Before I could respond, he pulled me in close, pressing his lips against mine…

Brotherly Love 2 (Blended Families)

by Simone Millien

Part of the blended families series: just because the law says you’re related doesn’t mean your body agrees. Step parents, step siblings, in laws, NO incest.

Sequel to Brotherly Love: Danny and Aaron come together despite their respective parent’s watchful eyes keeping them away.

Excerpt: “Aaron shrugged again noncommittally, tossing the final scrap of his clothing to the side and standing naked before him. They’d had this argument before and they’d probably have it again. Aaron didn’t want to sneak around forever, he wanted to let their parents know. But the thought of telling the only father Danny had ever known that he was sleeping with his sonâ?¦ He couldn’t bring himself to do it. They weren’t related, they were both of age, being step-brothers didn’t mean they couldn’t also be boyfriends. Both their parents only wanted them to be happy, they’d get through it. Danny knew it in his soul and his head, loved Aaron enough to ignore the rest. “

Cara Savage and the Fountain of Youth

by Rosa M Knight

Cara Savage’s father, Lord Aiden Savage, disappeared in 1920, lost somewhere in the Amazon basin, searching for the mythical Fountain of Youth. He left behind a serious of clues in his notes and belongings at their various properties. She was nine years old and spent the next eighteen years modeling herself after memories of him and dedicated herself to finding him.
Along the way she’s found that one of the perks of traveling is that she can meet someone, have some amazing and raunchy sex… and then never have to deal with them again, as she moves on to the next treasure and conquest.
This time, though, she’s put it all together and found the location of the Fountain of Youth… if it exists.

Warning: This is an erotica novel with all that comes with it. Explicit sex, M/F, with a touch of F/F, voyeurism, and exhibitionism.

College Girls Bent Over: Five Tales of Barely Legal Rough Sex

by Allysin Range

In this collection of five scorching erotica stories, beautiful college girls are bent over for plenty of rough, hardcore action. Group sex, threesome sex, double team sexâ?¦ it’s all a click away.
1. Bent Over by the Drummer: A Tale of Rough Stranger Sex
Life can be overwhelming for a college girl, and Tina’s happy for the opportunity for a bit of stress relief, which in this case means a steamy encounter with a complete stranger!
2. Bent Over for a Frat Party Threesome: A Barely Legal FFM Erotica Story
It didn’t take long for Laura’s new roommate to initiate her in the ways of the wild, hot college girls and guys that is. Laura no sooner got unpacked, met her new “Bi” roomy Riley and was whisked off to Mitch’s Frat party/Birthday Bash. A few quick shots of the liquid courage was all it took to get Laura down on her knees satisfying Riley and “giving” Mitch his Birthday present, Happy Birthday Mitch!!!
3. Bent Over and Double Teamed by the Frat Boys: A Barely Legal Rough Sex Erotica Story
Jessica was in a panic when she couldn’t find her clip board for the big speech just minutes before she had to step up to the podium. Out of know where her knight in shining armor Josh magically appears with it and saves the day. She was so grateful, she agrees to hang out with Josh at his Frat party that evening. I’m sure she didn’t know what was in store for her. Bet she loses more shit in the future!!
4. Bend that Sorority Girl Over! A Rough Gang Bang Erotica Story
Mary wanted in the Sorority very badly and couldn’t wait to get the hazing of pledge week over with. Her cousin Christy told her not to worry, she was a lock as long as she did everything she said. Desperate to get it in, Mary arrived at the final ceremony wearing only a robe, ready for anything, or was she? They let her have it in every orifice known to man! Congratulations, Welcome to Alpha Beta Cappa!
5. Lana Bent Over: A Tale of Barely Legal Rough Sex with a College Girl
Megan had to literally beg and bargain with Lana to get her to relent and attend the college mixer with her. Megan knew she needed to let her hair down and get rid of some of those cob webs she had built up during their last college semester. Once they arrived, it didn’t take long for Megan to supply the night’s main course for her roommate, Matt. Lana finally gets her dream guy!

F is for Fetish (The Erotic Alphabet)

by Spencer Reagan

Felix and his friends head into the city to check out an anything goes fetish club, nerves and hormones racing through their bodies. Will they get more than they bargained for? Or will they be able to shed their inhibitions and embrace their secret desires?

A Friendly Competition 2

by Cassandra Zara

“I want you to tell me that my cock is bigger and better than your husband’s cock.”

When my parents told me that Caitlin was getting married, I knew I had to be there for moral support. After all, it was my child that she was carrying and that another man would have to care for. After seeing her, those huge tits full of milk and body full of life, I knew I had to fuck her on her wedding day. I thought that would be the last I saw of her. I was wrong.

You see, her new husband found out about what happened on his wedding day. And he had to be sure that whatever Caitlin and I had was over. So we wagered on whether or not I would be able to fuck her again. The stakes were high, and if I succeeded, I’d be able to put my seed in her fertile body again!

This 5000 word story features a 19 year old woman, just married but still horny as hell. It also features the boy she grew up with taking advantage of her motherly and fertile body. It includes a huge pair of tits, pregnant sex, lactation, anal play, and an impregnating creampie!

The next morning, Horace blearily stumbled through his morning coffee before leaving for the day, and I immediately turned my attention to my sister. Without even realizing it, she was broadcasting signals loud and clear. For the first time since I’d come to stay, she was wearing a cheap tank top that showed off her cleavage. Her eyes kept flicking down to my crotch, and my erection wasn’t even particularly visible. I could have made a move, but I was curious to see how far she’d go of her own accord.

Pretty far, it turned out. Horace hadn’t been out of the door for more than ten minutes before she told me it was time to feed Felix and didn’t go into her bedroom to do it.

My eyes were fixed on Caitlin’s plump breast as she pulled her shirt down and pulled one out. I only saw her nipple for a few seconds before Felix’s hungry mouth latched onto it, but it was everything I remembered it being, and more. Her nipples had grown longer, her breast had grown bigger, and I couldn’t wait for Felix to finish feeding so that I could tear her shirt off and attach my mouth to her other teat.

“He normally has a nap after he feeds, doesn’t he?” I asked in a low voice, and my sister nodded. I took a step toward her. “He’s got a crib in his own bedroom, doesn’t he?”

She nodded again.

“If we were to close the door, he’d sleep through anything, wouldn’t he?”

Another nod.

We stood there as Felix fed, staring into each other’s eyes. The electricity between us was overwhelming, and the spell was only broken when Felix finished suckling at his mother, and she looked down to make sure he was okay.

Like a true wingman, he was already starting to nod off. Caitlin got up and put him to bed, and I don’t even know if she’d realized that she’d failed to put her breast back.

Get Crazy, Get Horny, and Get Bent Over! Ten Very Rough Erotica Stories

by Allysin Range

Group sex, threesomes, first anal sex, public sex, stranger sexâ??this collection has it all from barely legal college girl gangbangs to rough bondage! It’s Allysin Range doing what she does best, shocking us and turning us on!
1. Bent Over by the Drummer: A Tale of Rough Stranger Sex
Life can be overwhelming for a college girl, and Tina’s happy for the opportunity for a bit of stress relief, which in this case means a steamy encounter with a complete stranger!
2. Bent Over for a Frat Party Threesome: A Barely Legal FFM Erotica Story
It didn’t take long for Laura’s new roommate to initiate her in the ways of the wild, hot college girls and guys that is. A few quick shots of the liquid courage was all it took to get Laura down on her knees satisfying Riley and “giving” Mitch his Birthday present, Happy Birthday Mitch!!!
3. Bent Over and Double Teamed by the Frat Boys: A Barely Legal Rough Sex Erotica Story
Jessica was in a panic when she couldn’t find her clip board for the big speech just minutes before she had to step up to the podium. Out of know where her knight in shining armor Josh magically appears with it and saves the day. She couldn’t wait to show him how grateful she really is!
4. Bend that Sorority Girl Over! A Rough Gang Bang Erotica Story
Mary wanted in the Sorority very badly and couldn’t wait to get the hazing of pledge week over with. She arrived at the final ceremony wearing only a robe, ready for anything, or was she?
5. Lana Bent Over: A Tale of Barely Legal Rough Sex with a College Girl
Megan had to literally beg and bargain with Lana to get her to relent and attend the college mixer with her. Once they arrived, it didn’t take long for Megan to supply the night’s main course for her roommate, Matt. Lana finally gets her dream guy!
6. Sheila Shags the Hot Neighbor: An Erotic Tale of Rough Sex
Sheila’s had her eye on him for a while, and she’s ready to take him to heights he’s only dreamed of. Of course, what she really wants is for him to take her, and take her hard! Fortunately, he’s ready to oblige.
7. Spring Break Cures All: An Erotic Tale of Barely Legal Lesbian Sex
Claire told Chloe that she would fix her up with the first Latin hunk they ran across, but as it turns out that adventure would have to wait for Claire to rock Chloe’s world, who was Drew again…….?
8. Casey gets Cornholed: An Erotic Tale of First Anal Sex with a Stranger
Casey was tired of being the goody two shoes that everyone pushed around and took advantage of, especially her boss and her ex-boyfriend Daryl. She decided she was going to get drunk and get fucked good by someone. It didn’t take her long to find her prey and get exactly what she wanted, OUCH!
9. Annabelle’s Stranger Gangbang: A First Anal Sex Group Sex Erotica Story
Annabelle is having a hard time getting over the way her boyfriend left her, but her friend Adam is having none of it. He insists she comes to his club, gets drunk, and goes crazy with strangers. She’s reluctant, but finally she decides to just go for it.
10. Harry Enjoys the Neighbor’s Daughter: An Erotic FFM Barely Legal Sex Story
Melanie and her girlfriend Georgia needed a tour guide to find a college and Harry wasn’t really wasn’t up for the task. What unfolds is every man’s fantasy, especially his! Two hot young co-eds all to himself! Oh yeah!!

Hard Fun with Schoolgirl Tammy

by Kendra Claire

“I told you,” he said. “You’re my personal toy. I own you, and I don’t have to wear a condom with you.”

Eighteen-year-old college freshman Tammy will do anything to keep her grades up in college, and her history professor knows it. When she finally gets a bad grade, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse: let him have his way with her – the way he wants – or fail the course. She’ll do anything he asks, but can she handle what her professor wants of her?

This 6,200 word story contains a sexy young college schoolgirl doing everything she can for an A, rough play, torn panties and an impregnating creampie!

Hot Saki Su – [An Erotic Romance Novel]

by Jay Snow

Hot Saki Su

He was a bored and lonely military man. She was a down on her luck victim of circumstance.
Thanks to a chance encounter they both meet and what transpires can only be described as an exhilarating ride filled with lots of steamy sex, discovery, love, and retribution.

Hot Saki Su is a love story with a very kinky twist.
An unlikely pair match up in a foreign land and find love and more importantly a home within each-other. Where prostitution and devious sexual acts are not just a job, but a way of life these two go arm in arm and rise above it. Not before first dipping more than a toe in the warm waters. Splashing about in a sea of women and sex with shimmering neon lights to guide the way.
If you enjoy hot, kinky sexual encounters.
If you have a taste for the taboo.
If you like to let your imagination run free while exploring your inner most desires sounds right to you then you owe it to yourself to pick up this book right now and give it a shot. What’s in its pages may make you blush. What’s in its pages may even shock you. But without a doubt one thing is for sureâ?¦
If you’re tired of sex without substance this is your book.

Scroll back up to the top of this page and have a look at the Free Preview to get a peek inside. If you like what you see, if it intrigues you, if it catches your curiosity, you just might want to consider getting a copy of your own to read so you can explore the steamy story inside for yourself.

Lana Bent Over: A Tale of Barely Legal Rough Sex with a College Girl (College Girls Bent Over)

by Allysin Range

Megan had to literally beg and bargain with Lana to get her to relent and attend the college mixer with her. Megan knew she needed to let her hair down and get rid of some of those cob webs she had built up during their last college semester. Once they arrived, it didn’t take long for Megan to supply the night’s main course for her roommate, Matt. Lana finally gets her dream guy!
Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of barely legal rough sex. Only mature adults who will not be offended by such content should read this story.
Here is a preview:
Lana took another sip and nodded her head. Matt took her hand and they walked into the field. Lana could still see the bonfires so she knew she wasn’t too far away from the party. Matt stood in front of her and pulled her closer to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he kissed her. It started out soft, then he kissed her even harder and deeper. She moaned in his mouth and started to suck his tongue. She felt his hard cock against her pussy and she pulled him even closer. His hand went up her skirt and he traced her pussy lips through the thin cotton fabric of her panties. Her legs started to shake and he pulled them aside and slid two fingers deep inside her cunt. She moaned louder and opened her legs wider. Matt pulled his fingers out and yanked her panties to her ankles and she stepped out of them. He told her to get on her hands and knees and she did. He got to his knees and knelt behind her. Her heart was in her throat, and she felt his cock slapping against her pussy. She bit her bottom lip and felt his hot flesh against hers.

Life in the Master’s Hands

by Jack Gunthridge

Written between the events of Life and Life Goes On, Christine discusses what her teenage sex life was like with Jack.

This is a short story that helps to define more of the complex relationship between Jack and Christine. Due to the more sexual nature of this book, it is being released separately.

Lust Subway – Withstand Temptation

by Carie McCulley

This short (3500 words) erotic story contains adult content and hot sex so only check it out if you are ready to get very, very excited.

Sheila loves her husband, but things between the two of them had become a routine. She starts to feel an attraction to a younger man she sees every day on the subway. Sheila fantasises with him for days until on day … after work … on an empty subway… :))


” Today, he was wearing a dark-colored shirt and slacks, as if he was heading for someplace special. His hair was short and neatly combed, with no gel on it. He looked so young! And, yet she couldn’t help be attracted to him.”’

”She suddenly found herself typing in the url of one of the porn sites that Robert visited. He didn’t know that she knew about them, she felt sure.”

” Sheila stood naked in front of the full-length mirror in her bathroom. She had never taken a look at herself this way, totally naked, and she felt self-conscious as she looked over her body, wondering if she was still desirable. ”

” She brushed his sleeve as he passed. She just wanted to touch him; that was all. He suddenly stopped, as if he felt the contact and looked at her briefly. She didn’t meet his eyes and looked away. He walked on, and after he left, Sheila felt her cheeks burning. How could she have done that? It was so shameless, so unlike her. And, yet … she wasn’t sorry she had done it. She only wished she’d been brave enough to do more.
She sniffed her hand. To her surprise, she could smell a hint of his cologne on her fingers.”

” The boy duly came in the car when the train stopped at his station. He was dressed in a T-shirt and jeans again, and he walked to an empty seat. This time, Sheila didn’t hesitate. She stood up and approached him. He stood up and met her eyes. Suddenly they were kissing passionately, their tongues in each other’s mouths…”

Milk Maid (Wet Nurse Lactation Obsessions)

by Sasha Blake

I knew that I would never make it waiting tables at my crappy part time job so when a dark, handsome stranger eyes my heavy, milk-filled breasts and makes me a shocking offer that will give me the means to make the money that I need, I anxiously accept.   I’ve never been someone’s wet nurse before, but once I get a taste of the incredible relief he gives me, I will never be able to hold back again.

Erotica : This is an erotic story involving lactation fetish, wet nurse fantasy, rough sex, hardcore erotica, graphic language and other mature content.

No Strings Attached

by john thompson

This is a story of Susan and Byeong, Susan is modeling at a fashion show in Suwon, South Korea. She is going to be in a swim suit. When Byeong meets her *he’s taking pictures for a paper*, he wants her except he’s never had sex. She wants a one night stand with him, but they both will feel differently in the morning. Unfortunately, Byeong will find out that starting a relationship with a woman that only wants one night stands, leads to getting your heart broken.

In an extra story, a young man gets transported to an island out of time. He is given the chance to stay there, an island with just men. He is put to a test. He “lives” through what is a day in his future. He can interact, but he can’t change what happened, even if one of the people he meets is going to lose his father. The person that loses his father, is only in the 9th grade.

18 + only

Pastor Copeland’s Impurity Club

by Eliza DeGaulle

The wait for marriage is a long one, as these five young girls realize. One by one, they seek the council of one Pastor Copeland, a mentor figure with a very creative interpretation of the Bible and it’s views on sexuality. Each virgin girl will meet with the pastor who with his lessons, will fill them with his seed and receive his blessing…

This 30,000 word short story erotica bundle contains five stories containing young virgin girls, strong themes of breeding and impregnation in each in sacrilegious and religious situations, menages, reluctance, bondage, and sleep sex. It is not for readers under the age of 18, or for those who do not feel that being fruitful and multiplying is not the most important part of the Bible.

It Contains the Stories:
– Pastor Copeland’s Sinful Blessing (Virgin Breeding Erotica)
– Pastor Copeland Tempts Tara (Virgin Breeding Menage Erotica)
– Pastor Copeland Defiles Delilah (Reluctant Virgin Breeding Erotica)
– Pastor Copeland Punishes Polly (BDSM Virgin Breeding Erotica)
– Pastor Copeland’s Sleepy Sarah (Virgin Breeding Sleep Sex Erotica)

Petgirl Intimate Guide : the Doggygirl

by MBH

Relationships between lovers have become very complex. “The Intimate Petgirl Guide : The Doggygirl” is a practical guide for women who want to explore their submissive and deep animal side, and for those who agree taking care of all their lover needs. The purpose of this book is to help discovering a practice between consenting adults, that can go from a totally relaxing animal role play, to an intense new way of life. Different from usual BDSM, this relationship will make you live the perfect love as between a pet and its Master.

For Adults Only

The Prologue: Bergamot and Lime (Roger)

by Justine Tipp

“It’s been nine months and suddenly it’s as if he were everywhere. Unraveling the thin skin of mandarins under the noon sun, the juice on your lips, the flesh in your mouth becomes his own, the flavor tracing an instantly vivid memory of his slender fingers sliding slices of orange into your mouth, knuckle-over-knuckle. Dripping the stickiness into your tangle of chest hairs.”

Nick knows his job could be on the line, but he can’t bring himself to stop the affair with the man his boss’s daughter will soon be marrying. As the landscaper prepares the Anahiem family grounds for the upcoming wedding, he anticipates his lover’s arrival with every nerve in his lusting body. But once the couple is married, what future could Nick have with the charmingly captivating, fervently closeted Roger?

This short prologue, titled “Bergamot and Lime,” introduces the soon-to-be-released erotic short story series “Roger” by author Justine Tipp.

3330 words/15 pages (estimated)

Schoolgirl Amy’s Fun with Her Teacher

by Kendra Claire

I’ll give you a perfect score if you let me have my way with you…

Eighteen-year-old Amy’s college cheerleading scholarship is in jeopardy after a terrible test grade in her final year of high school, and she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure she keeps her perfect record… even let her anatomy teacher do whatever he wants with her!

This 4,000 word story contains a very sexy young schoolgirl scoring extra points with her professor, including a creampie and possible impregnation.

Sleepy Surprise

by Sasha Blake

Amber never suspected that her gorgeous, rugged stepfather would be the one responsible for her incredibly intense sex dreams that leave her breathless and tingling every morning. Discovering her door had been unlocked yet again she decides to confront him. What happens next will leave her even more breathless and tingling than she ever thought possible!

Hardcore Erotic Content: Warning! This is NOT your ordinary ‘vanilla’ romance. It’s a scorching hot, deliciously taboo erotic story meant for adults only. Enjoy!

The Stranger Bent Me Over and Took My Ass! A Virgin’s Rough First Anal Sex (Virgins Bent Over)

by Alice Farney

Molly can’t believe her boyfriend Chad broke up with her just because she was a virgin. She’s angry and goes to a club to blow off steam. Before she knows it, she’s in a situation she never expected. She wouldn’t give up her virginity to her boyfriend, and now it looks like the stranger ignored her when she said she was a virgin! He didn’t, though, and she’ll be a virgin when he’s through, but that doesn’t mean he’s not taking her! He’s going to give her a first sex experience she never expectedâ??first anal sex!
Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of very rough first anal sex and includes stranger sex and virgin sex. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this story.
Here is a preview:
Dale smiled and ordered two more beers and they drank them and left the club. Molly got in her car and followed Dale back to his place. It was just outside of the student dorms and Molly was grateful. She followed inside and her heart was lodged in her throat. She kept telling herself to turn around and leave, but she knew that Dale would tell Chad and she would have her revenge and not have to worry about getting a lecture from Katy. She stood in the living room and knew that if she didn’t make the first move, she would lose her nerve. She knew he was right behind her; she turned around and started kissing him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer.
“Okay look, I am a virgin and I plan on staying that way. We can have sex, but just notâ?¦”
Dale backed her towards the couch and she got on her hands and knees. She closed her eyes and tried to relax. She wanted to just get up and leave right then. If she got up right now, she could run out of the door, get in her car and drive off before he knew what happened. Her entire body went tense when she felt him pull down her panties. She lifted each leg up so he could take them all the way off. She felt him position himself behind her and her heart began to beat faster. She closed her eyes and told herself it would be over soon. She wanted to leave! Katy was right, this was stupid. She was about to get up when she felt a pain like she had never felt before rip through her body.


by Suzie Martin

I am very fetish and very submissive. I decided for some time to start living fully my fantasies, and make experiences rather than platonic fantasies. This discovery went through several phases. Here is one of them, from my point of view.
That evening, I called a call girls agency for a little special session.
-“What do you want exactly”, asked the woman at the end of the line?
– “Uh … I want a woman … Domination”.
– “There are several levels of domination”, she said after a few seconds. “Think of something in particular?”
– “Yes. Uh … a rather stern woman who wears a strap-on”.
– “I see … Okay. But I still have a few things to ask you. Go take a shower. From now on you do not touch your penis.” It was more an order than a request.
– “Yes, ma’am, I understand.”


by Suzie Martin

Have you ever been shocked by yourself? Ever find yourself so completely lost?

Have you ever been owned by someone? Ever been taken by someone in the true sense of the word?

It was Friday afternoon and I put my bike outside the supermarket. When I looked around me after I locked the bike my eyes fell on him. Or rather, his gaze fell on me. Moreover, his gaze grabbed me by the throat.

He looked at me piercingly.

And I let it happen.

His gaze must have paralyzed me.

Confidently he looked at me. I dared to not even turn my eyes away. There was a strange appeal of him and he was aware and played with it. Slowly I felt that I was caught in his net. His dark gaze fascinated me, hypnotizing me. Then he turned his head away and his eyes changed.

I came back to my senses and entered the supermarket confused.

Haunting me were all kinds of thoughts. I had to address him. Who was he? What did he want? Who am I, was I crazy?

When I came out I was going to see if he was still there, but I did not see him. I had a gnawing feeling of disappointment in my stomach.

I walked to my bike. Under my luggage there was a small piece of paper.

A short message. “Tonight, 22:00, Jazz Cafe, dress code: classy and sexy

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