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100 Most Used Spanish Verbs

by Arnold Williams

Approximately 406 million people speak Spanish as a native language, making it second only to Mandarin in terms of its number of native speakers worldwide. It also has 60 million speakers as a second language and 20 million students as a foreign language

This simple guide will help you learn more about Spanish. It also includes sample sentences in Spanish and English.

Memorize Anything: Easy Learning With The Flash Card System

by John Connelly

Annoyed at not being able to remember information as well as you know you could?

Desperate for good grades, and to know more in your field of work?

Eager to be one of those people who seems to remember everything?

This book is the answer.

Written in clear and easy to understand language, this book will show you how to use flash cards to manage and learn ANY amount of information effectively, easily, and with NO wasted time or effort.

This book builds and expands the usage of flash cards well beyond their conventional application of merely a means to learn vocabulary. By explaining elegant and comprehensive systems of learning this book will show you how to use use flash cards to revolutionize how you study, so that you can confidently commit to memory anything you want.

-Why using flash cards is so effective.
-How to re-form information into your own flash cards.
-How to manage any amount of information and break it down.
-How to use a flash card system to make sure you spend time studying only as much as you need to.
-How to create a plan to ensure you completely memorize a topic by a certain date. (And so ace any test!)

…and much more!

To make sure you get the most value for money possible I’ve also included the FREE eBook, “How to Study”. It contains my best advice on time management, goal setting and how to get the best grades with the least effort. It’s advice that also transfers brilliantly well to professionals, the self employed and anyone working toward mastery of a given field.


Why use Flash Cards? Based on Using Active Recall

Each time that you attempt to remember information from a flash card you are performing “active recall”. Active recall is the deliberate attempt to recall a memory; when using a flash card the question prompts us, and then we attempt to remember the answer from memory.

This contrasts with other actions the mind can engage in such as when you recall something but not “actively”, that is to say you remember something but didn’t try to, it just haphazardly entered your conscious mind. An example might be if you are walking along a beach you might recall memories of when you were young and walked on the beach, but the memories in this instance came up without your conscious attempt to recall them.

Active recall also differs from “passive” forms of learning such as reading or listening to a lesson. In these cases the information is simply passing over your mind, things are in these cases being introduced to your mind, rather than being drawn out from within it.

Testing yourself with flash cards utilizes active recall repeatedly, as with every flash card you attempt to answer the question it presents. But why is active recall so important?

When you attempt to actively recall something and answer a question on a flash card, there are necessarily two things that can happen. If you get the question correct then the act of recalling the information will solidify the memory into your mind. Recalling it actively means that this memory will now live on in your mind for longer than it would have, if you hadn’t attempted to recall it again. It is impossible to say when the memory would have left you, maybe a day later or a week later; there is no way to know, but one thing is for sure, and that is that memories will deteriorate if they are not strengthened, and recalling them actively is an excellent way to strengthen them.

Using flash cards and applying spaced interval systems (we’ll get to these soon) that apply adaptive testing will ensure that the memory gets strengthened more if it needs to be, and less so if it doesn’t. Using flash cards means that you utilize active recall and enjoy the benefits of using it to powerfully, and dependably improve the memorization of material.

Transformed by Writing

by Robert Hammond

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~Maya Angelou

Have you ever wanted to write a book or screenplay that changes people’s lives? Do you want to leave a legacy behind for your friends and family? What’s your story?

Transformed by Writing: How to Change Your Life and Change the World with the Power of Story unleashes the healing power of storytelling. Author Robert Hammond reveals his personal journey of recovery and transformation using creative writing as a therapeutic tool to assist in overcoming addiction and self-destructive behavior. Providing practical tips and advice for people who want to become published authors so they can shine their light in the world, Hammond offers a clear blueprint for writing your book and adapting your stories to film and television.

Highlights include:

– Your book roadmap – how to overcome procrastination and get your book done in record time.
– Seven secrets of transformational writing – how to connect with readers on the deepest levels.
– Writing and recovery – how storytelling can facilitate the healing process, save lives, and make the world a better place.

Here’s what others are saying:
“Robert, you are one of my heroes. Your story completely resonates with me, and you are “a light” that shines very, very bright, and I think you’re going to help thousands and thousands, if not millions of people who have gone through what you have or worse.” ~ Philippe Shock Matthews, radio host

“A great true storyâ?¦about a guy who spiraled down to the absolute bottom and clawed his way back up and is now an author, a successful writer and professor.” ~Nick Digilio, host WGN Radio Chicago

Keep a Journal: The Basics

by Matt Briggs

From the introduction:

A journal is as essential a tool to someone who thinks (as an activity) as a sketchbook is to the painter. We tend not to think of thinking as an activity anymore than we think of breathing as an activity, and yet, thinking and writing and keeping a journal are linked. I often don’t know what I think about something until I’ve written it down, and I often don’t know what I am going to write until I’ve written it. And I do this thinking, writing, and reading what I think in a journal.

A journal is different from a diary, although in paging through an old journal you may discover the story of the journal keeper. Unlike a diary which is a chronicle or log of a person’s life, a journal is the private space of the keeper to work out their thoughts, ideas, fears, and dreams in a visible form. The process of keeping a journal clarifies your thought by exposing it in a way where you can examine it with a degree of dispassion. When it remains inarticulate, it remains transitory and prone to evaporation. Keeping a journal has many practical applications from helping you to recover from trauma, tracking your progress in weight loss, guiding you through lifting weights, improving your memory, helping you learn to write with more grace, to helping you grow your creative skills.

This booklet introduces the fundamental process of keeping a journal. Future books will look at using the process outlined here along with my experience in teaching classes on writing, creativity, and memory. I have also learned a great deal about keeping a journal by teaching classes for people recovering from chronic illnesses.

After you read this booklet, you will have the framework for keeping your own journal.

GMAT – Mind Games

by Digvijay Katoch

Did you know that the average spending on GMAT preparation is $300 ? Yet none of that money is spent on actually creating or applying strategy to the preparation or the actual exam ! The money is spent on tactical knowledge and the strategy is sort of hit and run.

Do you think any business could run if it had poor or no strategy ? Then why does your test preparation ?

In your hands, is the opportunity to not only replicate my success and that of many like me, but also the opportunity to do that without risking a ton of money or time.

The number of pages do not do justice to the amount of impact that the content therein would have on your score. Guaranteed Success.

Use these strategies and you will succeed. So what are you waiting for, get reading by reading the FREE preview if you like. This book is a life changer! Besides if you don’t like it, return it by all means.

If you do like it, do provide feedback. So, lets change your GMAT life…

Green Living: How To Live A More Sustainable, Earth Friendly Lifestyle

by Kathy Burns-Millyard

Green living, the environment, being earth friendly, using solar and wind power – these are all very hot topics in today’s society. And thanks to recent government efforts, everyone is trying to learn how to make their own homes and lives more sustainable and earth friendly.

If you’re new to the concept of living green… whether you want to learn how to start doing your part for the environment or you just want to learn how to reduce your bills and keep more money in your wallet from month to month, this kindle book is just for you.

It’s written for beginners, so you don’t have to worry about technical concepts and language that goes too far over your head. Instead you can get a general overview of the basics, and learn about a number of environmentally friendly tactics which can be put to work in your own home from day one.

Table of Contents:

Alternative Power & Energy
Solar Power Basics
Solar Panels
Wind Turbines & Windmills
Natural Passive Solar Techniques
Solar hot water
Passive Solar Collectors
Solar Hot Water Tanks
Solar cooking
Greening Inside Your Home
The Basics: Plugs and Lights
Reduce and Recycle
Using gray water
Non Toxic, Natural cleaning
Composting Toilets
Greening Outside Your Home Yard and Garden Design
Rainwater & Gray Water

(Booklet. Approximately 50 pages, 10,108 words + photos & resources)

Homeschooling: The Bigger Picture (your conversation with a homeschool graduate)

by Sarah Hall

Want to learn how to raise a super-star, save money and build better relationships with your kids? This book has the answers!

What people are saying:
“This is the best decision book on homeschooling.”â?¨-Catherine (Cartersville, GA)
“This is a must-read for any educator, parent or student.” -M. Schramski (USA)
“This book covers some of the most relevant questions about homeschooling today!”

Based on multiple interviews with real homeschooling families, Homeschooling: The Bigger Picture, was written by Sarah Hall, a homeschool graduate, who was homeschooled all the way through high school, and gives an exclusive, inside-look into the world of homeschooling in the 21st century.

Things covered in this book:
2. Online Homeschool Programs
3. A History of Homeschooling
4. Homeschooling Statistics and more

Study Secrets: The Definitive Guide to Acing Your Courses Without Missing a Fun Night Out

by Brett Anderson

How do I make the most of college?

If you have ever wondered if it’s possible to do well in school and have a good time while doing so, the answer is a definite yes.

If you want the tools to ace college and enjoy life while doing it, you can gain them in this book and begin applying them to your life immediately.

Millions of students at campuses around the globe face the struggle of learning to study and excel in their new college environment. It’s a totally different world than when you were in high school. You have new freedoms, new opportunities, and less supervision than ever, but have you figured out how to make the most of them?

It’s tragic to strive for good grades at the cost of the things you love.

It is entirely possible for you to excel in college and have a thriving social life. In Study Secrets, you have the chance to learn how this is possible from someone who has experienced it first-hand.

Brett Anderson graduated magna cum laude with his bachelor’s degree in industrial and systems engineering from Virginia Tech and remained on campus one additional year to complete his masters. During his time on campus, he won many accolades.

He won merit based scholarships and awards, was a member of honor societies and advisory councils, held numerous leadership positions on campus, and completed three internships in his field of study. Additionally, Brett made time to pursue personal interests such as hiking, running, and woodworking. But above all, he had more than enough time to enjoy fun nights out.

This book was written specifically to share Brett’s secrets for collegiate success with you. If you want to learn how to achieve great results in college and keep your social life, look no further.

As you read the following list, think about how much benefit a clear answer to any of these questions would bring to your life:

How do I pick my major?

How do I pick my classes and plan for a semester?

How do I make daily progress towards my goals?

How do I prepare for tests?

How do I find an internship or job?

How do I write a resume and prepare for a job interview?

Even if you only gained the answer to one of these questions, the benefit would more than justify the purchase price of this book. This book covers all of these major questions and so much more.

Taking action today is the first step towards keeping your fun nights out AND earning a great GPA.

The Retired Housewives’ Overview of Technology (The Retired Housewives Guides for the Technically Challenged)

by Becky Patton Logan

This is the first in a series of eBooks written for women who are too young to ignore technology, but too old to have grown up with it. The books are written for beginners or as so many middle age women describe themselves, the technically challenged.

This first book is an overview of the changes in technology since the early 90’s.The book is very general and outlines the topics future books will discuss in detail including: hardware, applications, media files, communication, the internet, social media and how people are making money online.

The book is fun, easy to read and features a recipe for a cocktail at the end of each chapter.

Excuses Only Work With Failure (Dynamic productivity Institute.)

by Geoff Norman

There is never a need to excuse your successes. But when successes abound there is a distinct lack of excuses and yes it does depend on which side you are on. Even in competition the winners are devoid of excuses and the losers? We there is no need to go further down there.

In all my years in industry I can say that never listened to excuses enough to be interested; until I started writing this book. And now I realize that excuses are the reasoning of insecure minds that are unable to admit to being either wrong or beaten in something.

Whether excuses work with failure or not is frankly obvious because none of us wish to be associated with failure which by definition means we should never commit to excuses.

The table of contents for book 3 in the series is:

What’s Your Excuse for Not Succeeding? (Part 1)
What’s Your Excuse for Not Succeeding? (Part 2)
Get Happy to Get Motivated, Part 1
Get Happy to Get Motivated, Part 2
Get Happy to Get Motivated, Part 3
Recognizing a Common Roadblock On Your Path to Success
What To Do When You Get Burned Out, Part 1
What to Do When You Get Burned Out, Part 2.
How to Prevent Burn Out and Loss of Motivation.
How to Get More Done in Less Time.
The Truth About the Multitasking Myth.
Boost Your Productivity Using These Scheduling Tricks
Some thought provoking quotations

There are many and varied roadblocks to improving your self development and productivity and many of them are covered in this book and if you enjoyed it and wish to go further them you should go straight to book4

SandBox Studies: Fruits & Veggies (First Starts)

by SandBox Ink


SandBox Studies: Bright Starts For Little Minds.

* * * SandBox Studies are fun, electronic flashcards to give your child a leading edge and a big smile.* * *

First Starts for 6 months through preschool. An introduction to fruits and vegetables with easily identifiable pictures and text that is easy to learn and read. SandBox Studies are bright starts for little minds, giving early learners a head start on basic ideas, themes and concepts. Advanced learners may start as early as 4 months.

Other SandBox Titles:
Sea Creatures
Fruits & Veggies
On the Farm

SandBox Triplets: Collections of 3 SandBox Studies in 1:
Alphabet, Numbers & Shapes
Animals, Bugs & Sea Creatures
Colors, Shapes & Numbers
Fruits & Veggies, Outside & On the Farm


Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) Strategies

by Paul E. Hunt Esq.

If you are reading this, you have already learned the law; now you need to prove it. The Multistate Bar Exam is based on information you already know. The test writers will try to confuse you by over complicating the issues. Your challenge is to see through their overcomplicated questions to get an excellent score. This book is not on black letter law, nor is it full of practice questions. You should have that already. My approach will teach you to combat the test, familiarize you with the tricks the test writers play, and show you how to get in the mindset you will need to battle the test and win. This analytical approach will give you techniques proven to raise scores on the MBE.

With the help of this book, you will walk into the test with timing strategies, methods of simplifying complicated questions and seeing through deceptions, systems for quickly eliminating wrong answers, and the confidence to succeed. This book will give you those tools to score better on the MBE. I have included at the end innovative study guides that will help you practice what you have learned.

The Missing Piece- Developmental Psychology for the Early Childhood Educator

by Laura Black

The “missing piece” is a phrase becoming more popular in education reform. According to Developmental Psychologist, Dr. Elias, it’s a phrase that describes the “set of abilities that helps us get along in life with other people in all kinds of life situations.” (n.d.) These are skills that many schools and parents aren’t teaching but are essential to the life-long success in the lives of children. Explore the first four abilities that are vital for children to learn in this introduction to the “missing piece”.

An Introduction to Occitan: From One Novice to Another (An Introduction to the Romance Languages)

by David S. Luton

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Pronunciation
3. The Classroom
4. Greetings and Farewells
5. People and Introductions
6. Countries and Cities
7. The Body, Clothes and Descriptions
8. Days, Dates and Numbers
9. Telling Time
10. Activities and Places
11. The Home
12. Animals and Nature
13. Food and Drink
14. Basic Grammar

Occitan is a romance language (i.e. a language based on Latin) which is spoken in parts of southern France, including parts of the Alps, the Provence region and the principality of Monaco, as well as the Aran Valley in Spain and in small parts of Italy.

Occitan derives its name from its word for “yes” (òc) which comes from the Latin hoc (this). For that reason, it is also referred to in French as la langue d’oc (the “oc” language) which historically distinguished itself from the northern French dialect (la langue d’oïl) which is likewise so called because it used the word oui for “yes” (which comes from the Latin word illud which is similar in meaning to hoc).

In the Middle Ages, Occitan was the language used by the famous French Troubadours, for that reason it was well-known and at least partially understood in most of Europe. At that time until recent times, it was often referred to as Provençal, although nowadays the latter term should refer more specifically to the dialect of Occitan spoken in the Provence region of France and not to the language in generally. Despite the earlier success and fame of Occitan; unfortunately, it began to lose prestige in the mid to late Middle Ages when the northern French dialect became favored by the monarchy and was thus declared the official French language of government. As a modern language Occitan has been identified as “endangered” because of a vast reduction in the number of fluent speakers. In some parts, it’s generally only spoken by older people, and in other places parents can speak it, but aren’t passing it on to their children. The problem is also compounded by the fact that it is merely a “spoken” language by many who never learned how to read and write it. Even so, there have been recent efforts to revive this language whose closest cousins are the Catalan and Valencian languages which are currently spoken in Spain.

It has been my aim in writing this book to present a basic, general Occitan; that is to say, I have endeavored to avoid usage of regional dialects (of which there are at least six). However, novice that I am, there may likely be some regional terms found in this text which may pertain to a certain Occitan dialect, and that was not intentional on my part. Even so, I feel that this book is worth the little money I am charging for it (i.e. at least in the Kindle version; a paperback version is necessarily more expensive for logistical reasons) for those who want a good basic introduction to this language, and do not want to delve into a more advanced study at this juncture. Following you will find some pronunciation pointers which I hope you find helpful! Bon astre! (Good luck!)

Memories Museum 1988

by Ashley Michaels

Take a stroll down memory lane with Memories Museum 1988. This book takes you back giving you the perfect way to revisit the past. The book is composed of fascinating facts that are sure to bring up emotions while you recollect on this extraordinary year. The book includes:

World Events and National News


Famous Birthdays

Sports Events

BIG Movies & Music

Famous TV Shows

And much moreâ?¦.

Get your copy of Memories Museum 1988 and take a stroll down memory lane today.

Public Speaking – Easy Step by Step Guide to Work Out and Overcome the Anxiety (How To Develop Self Esteem)

by John Garant

Easy and Practical Steps to Identify, Accept, Work Out, and Overcome Presentation Anxiety.

Public speaking can be terrifying, but this book will help you quickly overcome the anxiety, because when you apply these simple steps to boost your self confidence, you will be able to stand tall and spread your word.

So if you are an aspiring toastmaster or if you just have to make a presentation to a large crowd at work or in school, then this book is for you.

Scroll up and click “Buy Now” to deliver almost instantly to your Kindle, tablet or other reading device.

Your Time Your Goals Your Future (Dynamic Productivity Institute.)

by Geoff Norman

Well here we are at the last book in the series Dynamic Productivity Institute. This last book is really going tie up all the content of the previous thre books and leave you with some Thought Provoking Statements.

I have never found rounding off easy. During my time in the corporate world I used to get so entrenched in a project that I would “live it” and found it hard to start something new. that is a bit how I feel now having reached the end of this “project”.

I remember my school Maths Master saying to me in front of the whole Class when I was stuck with not understanding a problem: “Norman, until and unless you solve this you cannot go to the next stage”. But when I grew up and leave school it all changed, not least is self discipline.

As adults we are required and expected to get things done, set our own goals and divine our own future and there is nothing wrong with that because to a greater or lesser extent all adults do it.

What this whole series has been about is how YOU do it and how YOU project yourself personally and professionally.

This last book ties it all together. I hope you enjoyed it and if you did you may choose to visit my website where all my other books are on display. Go To

Presentations that DON’T SUCK

by A.P. Karia

Have you ever seen a boring presentation? Have you ever given one? In this book, you will learn how to give presentations that DON’T SUCK. In fact, you will learn how to give great presentations. This book contains two of my bestselling books, “How to Deliver a Great TED Talk” and “How to Own the Room”.


by Digvijay Katoch

If you are someone who has an engineering/medical/social sciences background or if you are someone who is getting back to academic life after a long time, this book is for you. This book will help you un-wire the old and sometimes bad study habits and replace them with the study habits you need to succeed on the GMAT. If you are just preparing for the GMAT, then also this book has some gems for you, using which you would be able to boost your GMAT score. So, Happy Un-Wiring!

ABC’s Under the Sea

by Billy Reader

Learn your ABC’s with the animals of the sea.

The Ultimate Joakim Noah Fun Fact And Trivia Book

by Mark Peters

Looking for Joakim Noah trivia? The Ultimate Joakim Noah Fun Fact and Trivia Book contains over 150 pieces of trivia, little known information, and fun facts about this truly great basketball player. This is perfect for you if you are curious about your favorite player, want to impress your co-workers, need information for a trivia contest, or even if you want to win a bet or two with family or friends. There are some hard to find tidbits in here including stuff related to his pro days, his time in international basketball, his high school days, and even his life away from basketball. This is exactly what the title says it is, the Ultimate Joakim Noah Fun Fact And Trivia Book.

Find out great info like:

-How many points did Joakim Noah average per game as a high school senior?

-What was the most points Joakim Noah scored in a college basketball game?

-How many three point shots did Joakim Noah made during his entire college basketball career?

-How many other players out of the University of Florida had the Chicago Bulls ever picked in the NBA Draft before they selected Joakim Noah?

-How many NBA games did Joakim Noah play in before he would score in double figures?

-How many points did Joakim Noah score in his very first NBA All-Star Game?

-How much did Joakim Noah’s contract with the Bulls pay him during his rookie year in the NBA?

…plus a whole lot more!

How to Change Reality. The Unconscious & The Communication Process (The Self Help Bible)

by Amanda Ollier

Do you want
More harmonious relationships?
More success in life?
To understand better and be understood?
An easy way to get the life you dream of?

If the answer is yes, then you must buy this book today.

Step 1.
Understand the communication process that’s going on inside your head all the time.
Step 2.
Learn how to make it work for you

Follow these two steps using the exercises in this book and you’ll be two steps ahead of the game!

You already hold the key to all you want, you just need to know how to use it to unlock the power of your mind.

Another great book from the Self Help Bible series, one to own and one to give to someone you love.

The Importance of Humanities in Special Education

by Laura Black

As a nation, we are starting to realize that each generation must be taught to think and decide for themselves. Students need to be confident in approaching problems and critical thinking has become a vital aspect in order to compete in the global market. Some students ask, “Why bother?”, while parents ask, “Why are you wasting time on subjects that aren’t even tested?” This is a great moment to turn to the humanities to clarify one’s reasoning.This ebook is going to take you on a journey through the humanities to find students receiving Special Education. Through this ebook you will get a basic understanding of how educators can use the humanities to support their exceptional students.

Truly Educated?

by Richard Duncan

Arguably, the most explosive critique of the modern English education in the past fifty years.

Appalling standards, children allowed to swear in class, qualifications that don’t qualify anyone for anything, more education reports than you can shake a stick at, universal dumbing down, and teachers who self-destruct – just a few of the things that have emerged from the British education system in recent years.

Written by a teacher, lecturer and education researcher of thirty-five years standing, Truly Educated? is a no-holds-barred review of how the education system in England has betrayed millions of people. It’s for parents who really care for the future of their children, for MPs who want a more effective perspective, and for teachers who aren’t afraid to face the truth.

It’s also for the “betrayed” – those who have been turned out of the education-machine with sub-standard knowledge and skills – and that’s virtually all of us!

After one hundred and fifty years of spending uncountable billions on education, writing enough reports to fill the Albert Hall, and holding countless commissions of enquiry, we are still turning out so-called graduates who need remedial training from their employers, tradesmen who cannot cope with more than the basics, and around a third of eleven year olds who cannot read, write or perform maths to the required standard for their age.

A reasonably educated Victorian working man could probably out-read even an A Level candidate of the twenty-first century. Well educated children of the 1930s could run rings around their equivalent age-group today. What we expected of children in the 1950s was considerably more demanding than today’s pitiful expectations.

There is no point trying to allocate blame for our failures, for we are all to blame. But don’t think that this is only about the UK – most of the disasters have also afflicted other nations, and the answers may well be similar.

Truly Educated? illustrates how the problems of British education extend back to Victorian times and how Government intervention has produced a Frankenstein of an education system that has handicapped generations of young people.

Truly Educated? is for anyone who is prepared to think honestly about what we have done with our education system, and who has the moral courage not to shy from the hard decisions that are now necessary.

é?»å­è¾?æ?¸ã??Japanese Names Dictionary

This Japanese names dictionary can be used as the default dictionary on the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle app for iPhone and iPad. It is made for everyone reading Japanese books and articles who needs a quick and easy pronunciation and translation for Japanese names.
It uses the newest JMnedict database and features:

  • more than 360,000 entries
  • names of persons (family or given)
  • names of places
  • company names
  • clear layout of all entries
  • fast look-up for all entries
  • all entries are indexed in Kanji and Hiragana/Katakana

The Japanese â?? English dictionary from the same series of dictionaries is an ideal supplement to this dictionary and an additional aid for reading Japanese books.

é?»å­è¾?æ?¸ã??Japanese â?? English Dictionary

This Japanese â?? English dictionary can be used as the default dictionary on the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle app for iPhone and iPad. It is made for everyone reading Japanese books and articles who needs a quick and easy translation for words and phrases.
It uses the newest JMdict database and features:

  • more than 170,000 entries
  • 50,000 example sentences illustrate the use of the word
  • clear layout for all entries
  • fast look-up for all entries
  • all entries are indexed in Kanji and Hiragana/Katakana
  • part-of-speech information
  • regular updates from the JMdict database will keep the dictionary up-to-date

The Japanese names dictionary from the same series of dictionaries is an ideal supplement to this dictionary and an additional aid for reading Japanese books.

Spanish – English essential flash cards

by Simon Bowes-Charles

Spanish – English essential flash cards. The first in a series of mini-books covering the basics & essentials, social & travel, business and technology.

Focus on what you need with hyper-linked flash cards covering the essential Spanish – English phrases. Plus from 28th September 2013, a bonus of FREE online training exercises and quizzes. Link to our website directly from your kindle book. test yourself and return to the book.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.