Free fiction Kindle books for 31 Oct 13

New Friend (Sin, Pleasure & Pain)

by Kerra Pridgen

Kelly Harris is a married woman who feels she is missing that excitement in her marriage, which makes her end up flirting but also wanting to work things out in her marriage; which seems to make a turn for the good at least thats what she thinks until she finds out that her husband has been up to a lot more than working. After finding out she has FMS, all the the stressful things in her life has her on edge and ready to give up. Kelly soon realizes that your true best friend has been right by her side along; closer than she thought.

The Shop at the End of the Road

by M.E. Austin

A story about life, death and customer service.

*This story is also included in the collection, Oddities, by M.E. Austin*

The Draglen Brothers – DRAKEN (BK 1)

by Solease M Barner

Cess Lamil is determined to get her college degree with honors and start her career. Her plans change quickly, when the new neighbors moves in down the street. Draken, the controlling and obnoxious neighbor, is all she can think about.
Despite her initial dislike, Cess feels strangely drawn to the mysterious, handsome Draken, but she soon learns that Draken has dark secrets.
Draken Draglen is in town to get the family business in order. He lives by one rule: only sleep with women of his own kind. When Cess walks down the street to introduce herself, Draken fears he is going to break his rule. He is determined to stay away from her, fearing his dark secret may be revealed, but his need for Cess is too strong. Draken makes a decision that could change not only his life, but that of his family as well.


by Patrick C. Greene

Owen Sterling is a reclusive author living in a secluded house deep in the woods. When he welcomes his son Chuck for a summer visit, the eleven-year-old suspects something is not right at his father’s home. His worries mount when he witnesses a confrontation between his father and some local hunters.

Zane Carver is the local gun-shop owner who confronts the author over Owen’s refusal to let anyone on his land for hunting or camping. He defies the recluse, taking a hunting party onto Owen’s property.

Soon, Zane and his buddies discover the writer’s secret . . . a deadly secret; a creature whose infinite rage they have unwittingly ignited . . . that is now hunting them.


by Nisha Lanae

*Perviously Released as a Short Story titled Penthouse, has been renamed, re-edited and rereleased*

Paradice “Dice” Kane is far from your everyday Businesswomen; She breaks all the rules and moves according to her own standards. Dice has traded her old life of crazy long murderous nights, for a simpler life as a Club owner. But, what happens when enemies slip through the cracks. A deadly mission seeking revenge is planned.

Lies, secrets, Betrayal, revenge and untold family secrets are revealed all hell can be unleashed and tons of blood will be shed.

When the dust settles can Dice withstand the turmoil that has become her life; or will she go out with a blaze like only Bosses do.

Step inside and let Dice take you on an impulsive deadly ride, into the dwellings of The Paradice Lounge. Where sex isn’t the only thing being served on a sliver platter; so is Murder and Mayhem.


by Chris Damon

A short, chilling and darkly humorous suburban ghost story. The tale begins when a crime scene cleaner tips off his friend Jack to a home that’s recently become available in the sought-after suburb of Kirkland. Feeling the American Dream within his reach, Jack jumps at the opportunity to buy the house at a bargain price. But the dream slowly begins to unravel after he and his wife Violet move in. Jack struggles to manage the demands of an emotional wife, a colicky baby and a nosey coworker while being haunted by visions of the previous homeowner’s slain family.


by Adam Light

Greg is having a bad morning. He overslept and now he is going to be late for work. He can’t even seem to get himself dressed, and all he really wants is a good strong cup of joe. He’s not going to get it. And things are going to go from bad to worse before the day is over.

BEFORE SUNDOWN (Final Book of the frontier trilogy LEGEND of the DAWN)


“If you like frontier love stories you’ll want to read this one.”
This is the final book in the continueing story of Luke McKinney and Breanne Bruyere and their never ending love for one another.


The Trail to Cimarron A Will Cannon, Bounty Hunter, Western Adventure Novel

by Larry Hill

Will Cannon hears about a gang of outlaws that have taken over the small northern New Mexico town of Cimarron. Will hopes he has found the Blackman Gang. Blackman and his gang of cutthroats killed Will’s family many years ago in Virginia and Will swore to avenge the deaths of his family by killing Blackman and every member of his gang. Because Cimarron is relatively close to his Mora River Ranch, Will assumes the identity of Tex Avery, a Texas rancher on a stock buying trip. Will finds the people in Red River are in serious trouble from the Gould Gang. So Will rides the Trail to Cimarron to bring the outlaws to justice.

Particle Horizon

by Selso Xisto

From the blood and dust of New Jerusalem, the Legion of the LightBringer wages a galactic war against those who would replace their god. Now, the time has come for the Union of Free Worlds to make a stand. The front line is the idyllic asteroid world of Angelhaven, where the greatest mind in human history has discovered an elemental power with far-reaching implications. A power that both sides will do anything to harness.

Marine commander Gomes leads the crack Union task force. An unrelenting warrior driven by revenge and a need for answers, he hides a strange ability neither science nor religion can explain.

On the other side of the war, Aja is forced to fight for a cause she doesn’t believe in to protect her own secret.

Caught between them is Una, a living machine who battles for her humanity as her world falls apart.

Outnumbered ten to one and stalked by a mysterious nemesis, all three will play a role in unraveling Angelhaven’s enigma.

As the Legion invasion begins, unknown eyes watch with interest…

Passengers to Sentience (Peter Salisbury’s Passengers Series)

by Peter Salisbury

The first of Peter Salisbury’s Passengers novels.

Data detective Ben thinks he’s succeeded in his latest drugs bust. Now he needs to find some different answers: how did humans use cloning to populate other planets across the Milky Way; how can we communicate almost instantaneously between one star system and the next?

After much research and watching old movies, he also discovers that FTL drives never quite worked, suspended animation was too much like being dead, hyperspace was never found, and matter transporters still make a mess.

Ben takes a holiday, exchanging mind and body with Lori, the partner of his dreams and is guaranteed that it’s a return ticket. Instead he finds himself being used as slave labour on a hostile desert planet where life is cheap and he’s expendable. To make matters worse, he’s lost all memory of how he got there and of who he really is.

The only person who can change him from victim to victor is Ben himself. Unfortunately, he does not know this, until an accident gives him his mind back. Follow the exploits of Ben and Lori as they fight to keep their knowledge secret. Can they succeed in their battle to escape without alerting their dangerous fellow crew members? And even if they do get away, can they reach home without finding even more trouble? Doubtful!

(New minor update to include changed first chapter, active Table of Contents and Cover inside)

Satan’s Rapper

by Derek Washington

A captivating page-turner that’s equal parts thriller and horror story, Derek Washington’s novel Satan’s Rappers takes readers to the dark side of the hip hop industry.
Upcoming rapper Sykik is the hot new MC on the rap game’s most feared and respected record label: ENO Live Records (that’s “evil one” spelled backwards, for all the bad boys in the hip hop business). 
Riding high on the success of a self-produced mixtape, Sykik is on the fast track to riches and finer things – and not just because of his lyrical skills. Behind the scenes, his rise to fame is aided by violent rituals, black magic and an evil conspiracy that has held a tight, cold grip on the hip hop industry for decades.
With help from the dark side, Sykik and his cohorts cook up a devilish debut album that has listeners hypnotized – and soon the money starts piling up. Sykik started on the bottom – now he’s here. Until disaster strikes and Satan’s Rapper finds himself fighting for his very soul…
SATAN’S RAPPER is thrilling, humorous, and filled with hair-raising action. Plus, hip hop insider Derek Washington has sprinkled in enough detail and behind-the-scenes revelations to have readers asking: Is this truth or fiction?

DISCLAIMER: Satan’s Rapper contains violence, mild drug use and strong language.

The Traveller

by Garrett Addison

Sometimes to get the measure of your life you just need a break from being yourself.

A family man struggling in his pursuit of a work/life balance embarks on yet another trip at the whims of his tyrannical bitch of a boss.  But on this trip he is a world apart from his usual self.  Suddenly confident, capable and unafraid of his manager, reclaiming his life becomes less about corporate advancement and satisfying his ego than outright revenge on his boss.  With nothing but success in his wake and seemingly limitless potential at his disposal, being coerced to work with his nemesis in a remote corner of the world provides the opportunity for not just a confrontation, but a final solution to what he sees as the bane of his life.  Succeed or fail, either way this trip will be the making of him or the end of him.   

Sometimes to get the measure of your life you just need a break from being yourself… because nothing lasts forever.

About the Author

Garrett is forty something, Australian, and also a geek, husband, father and novelist. He grew up in Perth, Western Australia, and has been lucky enough to live in or visit most of Australia and much of the world. He now lives in Melbourne with his family. Not averse to change, thus far, he has been an Army officer, software consultant and author. But this is just the beginning.  The Traveller is his second novel.

One Degree

by Matthew Alan

Karl Thomas lives a simple, almost idealistic life. Despite that fact, he is determined to complicate it.
Even if he doesn’t think like the typical nine year old, he encounters normal boyhood issues while growing up with his older brother Mark, in their hometown of Canton, Ohio.

At the end of his summer vacation before fourth grade, Karl faces a challenge to impress Sonya Thurston, his lifelong neighbor and best friend. Like many childhood experiences, this plan is silly and seemingly harmless, but it also has the potential for unintended consequences.

In a story of what if’s, “One Degree” follows the lives of Karl, his friends, and family as they react to life challenges at pivotal moments in two possible story lines.


by Chuck Alderman

Ronnie is beautiful, strong willed, and a ruthless young woman. She comes off as a demure, sweet little thing. Ronnie and her clan are a low level troop of Romany Gypsy Grifters. Fraud is the family business.
She and Logan have the classic love, hate relationship. Ronnie plays him, but for Logan it is love at first sight, and for that reason he cannot escape her many charms.
This story is fast paced with more larceny than love, and a plot twists that will keep you guessing.

Still Rumbling Sneak Peek (The Rumble Series)

by Rayven Skyy

Check out the first 4 chapters of the next installment of The Rumble Series, Still Rumbling, now available for download!

Rayven Skyy takes you back three years later to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, into the lives of Milton “Milk” Woodhouse, the mother of his child, Sabrina Wright, and introduces you to Milk’s younger brother, Terrell, who subsequently has a problem with keeping his hands off of other people’s belongings, which in turn causes conflict between the two siblings. Milk balances being a single father to his special needs son as well as maintaining a relationship now that he has backed away from the streets with a vow never to return. Due to circumstances beyond his control, no matter how hard he tries to walk the straight and narrow path, Milk once again finds himself in the streets of the seven cities, STILL RUMBLING!

Zombie Cruise (A Short Story) (Zombie Vacations)

by Janiera Eldridge

Brenda Lawson signed up for a relaxing cruise but never thought she would be sharing the sea with the undead! As Brenda’s paradise turns into a nightmare, she must care for a little girl who lost her mother to the darkness.

Will Brenda be able to save her life and the life of a precious child or will the new monsters of the sea have two new members?

Zombie Cruise is the first short story in the Zombie Vacations serial series, which features relaxing vacations that quickly turn into zombie hells!

****Other books by Janiera Eldridge***
Soul Sisters (Soul Sisters series book 1)
Dark Expectations (Soul Sisters series book 2)
Good Ghost Gone Bad (Vigilante Ghosts series book 1)

Trouble and Treasure

by Odette C. Bell

An action adventure packed with danger, mystery, and just enough romance, the Trouble and Treasure series follows the adventures of Amanda and Sebastian as they try to track down one of the most valuable treasure maps in the world.

Amanda is just an ordinary girl, but when she wakes up one night to find everything from common criminals to highly-trained mercenaries traipsing around her house looking for the ‘goods’, her life takes a turn towards the adventurous and far too dangerous.

Sebastian is a lawyer who just happens to have an unusual hobby: he’s an esteemed and accomplished treasure hunter. But when he meets Amanda, that all changes. On the run for their lives with every criminal unit he has ever heard of on their tails, Sebastian has to somehow keep Amanda safe while getting his hands on the Stargazer Globes, the greatest treasure map in the world. Only problem is Amanda screams too much. But then again, Sebastian has a problem too, he lies.

My Word is Bond: ( A Short Story)

by Naporcha Dion

Meet Sasha Daniels; for as long as she could remember, her twin brother Neo and her had a bond. Put up for adoption at birth, they were connected at the hip. But while Sasha went on to college, graduated with a degree in Business Management, and opened up her own hair salon Sasha’s Shop, Neo chose a different route. He chose the fast life, addicted to money and materialistic things. He never seems to amaze Sasha, whenever he gets involved in illegal activities and run to her for a helping hand. But what happens when Neo gets involve with the infamous Benny? Will Sasha be able to save him or will he suffer the consequences for craving the street life?

The Listening Post

by L K Jay

This is the second edition of The Listening Post.

A woman finds the diary of her recently deceased grandfather and reads the chilling story of his time spent in a lighthouse during World War Two.

Sergeant Walter Brooke is an expert radio operator in the Second World War and he is sent to the Norfolk coast to a disused lighthouse in order to pick up covert communications from agents in occupied Europe. He thinks he is alone but there is something else there with him and when he turns on his radio, he hears more than just Morse code.

The Listening Post is a 26,000 word short ghost story by the author of Two Penny Blue.

Also the author of full length novel ‘The Ghost Hunters Club’, where three women chase men, ghosts and spirits and the crime novel ‘The Policeman Who Was Afraid of the Dark’.


by Liana Brooks

After alien ships have invaded the human territories, destroying planets and sending the survivors fleeing to Earth, the Terran government orders the refugees to settle a new planet. One that has just been terraformed.

Jeff Koenig, one of the few survivors from the Delious system, leads a team of scientists to the planet Dauphin to rebuild his life. They have 70 days until the ship returns with the first wave of colonists, but from Day 1 everything goes wrong.

As the days count down, the colonists watch the skies and pray that the Hurluk won’t find them, or Earth, before they are rescued.

Published in M-BRANE #5 May of 2009

Stick A Needle In My Eye

by Julia Madeleine

Stick A Needle In My Eye is a collection of 17 short stories of mayhem that are not for the faint of heart. These stories, one of which was nominated for a Derringer Award in 2011, have been featured in a number of crime fiction magazines.

Buckets of blood are spilt between these pages, and some nice (and some not so nice) people die horrible deaths. Here you will meet a pedophile who picks the wrong little girl to try and molest; a clown who gets bullied by his wife one time too many, a serial killer who likes to take postmortem photographs of his victims, more than one angry wife/girlfriend seeking revenge on the other woman, and more than one escaped mental patient with murder in her heart.

Full Circle

by Chuck Alderman

This (Novella) is a two pronged story line. On one hand it features the rise of a mob hit man. The second connected story is about a fence, a low level outsider of the mob. It tells the two stories alternating in the book as they relate, and the Gypsy hag who’s control drives the way it goes. Her hold on our characters is subtle, yet devious.

Buccaneer Dan the Most Fierce and Good-Looking Buccaneer of All Time in a Quest for Treasure: Part I (Buccaneer Dan in a Quest for Treasure)

by Leland Faux

Buccaneer Dan the Most Fierce and Good-Looking Buccaneer of All Time in a Quest for Treasure: Part I is a story loosely inspired by partially true events, written by Leland K. Faux. If you’re interested in entertaining, lighthearted pirate adventure books, this book is a good choice for you.

Buccaneer Dan and his not-quite-as fiercesome crew of buccaneers are on a whimsical quest for treasure. But technically only the first part of that quest-that’s why I call this book “Part I.”

Now if you’re thinking that using “Part I” in this way was pretty clever of me, read the book and you will be even more amazed.

But don’t just take my word for it:

“Really funny and clever.”

– Natascha

“It’s too violent.”

-My mom

“A swashbuckling adventure, but one part actually made me queasy.”

– Hannah

“This is probably the best book ever written about Buccaneer Dan the Most Fierce and Good-Looking Buccaneer of All Time.”

– Leland K. Faux

“I’ve never heard of that book.”

– People who have never heard of the book.

Still not convinced? It gets better. One of the most amazing things about this pirate adventure story is that it was designed to be read in only 2-3 visits to the porcelain throne-one of the first books of its kind! But that’s not all. If you are unable to read this book in those 2-3 visits, you can read it in a different amount of time or in a different manner. This book provides you with all the flexibility you need!

Izzy and the Crystal of Power: Galactic Guerillas Saga, Book 1

by Kim McLendon

What happens when a spirited South Carolina woman unwittingly plays host to a powerful being from another dimension?

That’s the question that Kim McLendon explores in her debut novel, Izzy and the Crystal of Power. In her forties, single-again Charleston accountant Izzy Schotzky has found contentment at last. Her leadership of the Galactic Guerillasâ??a group of energy workers devoted to creating harmony in the Carolina Lowcountryâ??gives her a sense of community and purpose. Copious amounts of sweet tea carry her through the workday, and the breathtaking goodnight hugs from her tattooed, gourmet-cooking, stubbornly celibate artist friend, Kye, fill her withâ?¦hope.

But Izzy’s world is rocked after she uses her mysteriously surging paranormal abilities to bombard a local “scumbag” to within an inch of his life. Removed from command and banned from energy-working, Izzy must use her wits and intuition to regain what she’s lostâ??and discover the true origin and purpose of her extraordinary new powers.


by James M. Weil

Robert Price is a burnt-out man in his early fifties who works in a dead-end job as a programmer with a dying programming language at a medical collections agency. He knows in just a few years he will be completely obsolete. To make matters worse, he is so underpaid that he is about to lose his house. His wife is a relentless shrew that he can’t stand living with anymore, and who refuses to work. So, to escape his miserable reality, he daydreams about being young and virile again with a phenomenally successful writing career and is in love with a beautiful Colombian rock star who very closely resembles Shakira. Basically, he is living two lives–his fantasy world and the one where he is about to be crushed by his obsolescence. In his fantasy world he is the perfect image of what he thinks he should be and is a gentleman to the core. There is nothing erotic in his fantasies; it’s all about blissfulness and being in love with the woman of his dreams.

In direct opposition to his deluded fantasies, his only true way to vent his frustrations is his overwhelming addiction to seeing a string of beautiful, Latin hookers in Queens. One of the hookers, a gorgeous Dominican named Kelly, falls in love with him, and they end up having an unlikely love affair.

A Pat on the Head: The hilarious vegetarian yokel gypsy murder fun book!

by Bob Perrett

A Pat on the Head is a hilarious work of comic fiction set in 1928. It tells the tale of a simple farm labourer who is cajoled by his radically socialist vegetarian girlfriend into freeing a particularly friendly calf from the clutches of a sociopathic farmer, thereby unleashing a fearsome torrent of scrumping, illicit sex, forbidden secrets and murder most foul on a sleepy Somerset village.

Max Merrybear, canine author of The Word of Dog, says: “Oh dear me. Parents can be soooo embarrassing. Still, this is a jolly good book: barking mad in places I’m afraid, but I love my ‘human daddy’ all the same, and it is rather funnier than my seminal book The Word of Dog …

What others are saying:

‘This is so good it’s almost like a real book.’ A tramp/hobo who was after a free meal and claimed his name was Jesus. We gave him two cheese omelettes with salad. He left the salad. If I’m honest, I’m not at all sure he actually read the book.

‘I have to admit that until I read this I was thinking of inflicting 1,000 years of pain on humanity, but now I’m feeling surprisingly mellow.’ The Elder God Cthulhu.

‘Blackberry stolen. Reward offered. See inside for details. If found, please return to 1928.’ Mr Ibbs.

The Building Blocks: An allegory of the gun control debate

by Paul Brodie

After a few incidents of aggressive behavior among students, two preschool teachers are faced with how to handle the situation. The debate comes down to increased authoritative control vs. improved instruction regarding appropriate behavior. The Building Blocks is an allegorical novelette, addressing the issue of gun control in the United States through a simple analogy to children’s toys.

The House of Thirteen Doors

by Daniel XIII

For young Joanna, an invitation from the enigmatic fashion designer 5 to visit his opulent studio seems like a dream come true, but all is not as it seems in the secluded Victorian mansion 5 calls home. Like an unholy combination of a fever dream and a traditional gothic thriller comes The House of Thirteen Doors.

Bud’s Christmas Wish

by Ashley Nemer

InDTale Magazine 2012 Finalist for Best Short Story / Novella for the Recognition of Novel Excellence (RONE) Awards

If a dream is a wish your heart makes, can it hear those things we want even if we don’t what they are? When sorrow brings young Lucy home to a land full of mystery, steeped in tradition and colored with unspoken magic, she finds herself re-evaluating her life and her own place in it. Things are never what they seem and people are seldom what you THINK them to be if all you base it on is what your eyes see and not what your soul knows. There’s a fine line between destiny and duty, but when both are blended with love, who knows what miracles can occur at Christmas.

The Boy upon the Bridge

by Tony Talbot

Short story about a ghostly Victorian encounter in Cornwall with a boy who wasn’t there…

The Inheritance

by Elaine Jeremiah

When Emma uses blackmail to force her father into giving her the inheritance owing to her early, it sets in motion a chain of events that will change the lives of her and her elder sister Kate forever. Although Emma and Kate have grown up on their father’s farm together, they each want two very different things. Emma is fed up with her boring, suffocating lifestyle and longs to break free. Kate by contrast is happy living and working for her father on the farm and can’t understand her sister’s urgency to leave.

With her inheritance, Emma is soon off to London with her wealthy friend Natalie. She begins to live a life of luxury whilst her sister Kate is left hard at work on the farm. But things are not all they seem. Before long Emma is finding that London life is not all roses, whilst Kate is forced to re-evaluate what it is she wants from life. And even though Kate and her father are living in the middle of nowhere, she discovers that a past relationship may pose a present danger to her.

Don’t Ask, Never Tell (Shorties by Cynn Chadwick)

by Cynn Chadwick

Not long after the Navy allowed women to serve on combat ships, the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy was implemented. For over a decade, gay and lesbian service-members were humiliated, harassed, threatened, raped, and discharged for their sexual orientation. This is just one small story.

Bobby’s Girl

by Bernie Morris

A teenage romance, set in the 50s-60s. A profile of the ‘baby boomers’ generation in UK. An insight into teenage angst from anywhere in the world. A reminder of how we all once felt in the days of our youthful ignorance and innocence.

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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 31 Oct 13

Quilting Techniques for Beginners: Learn How to Quilt

by Elizabeth Betts

Learn how to quilt with the fantastic guide to quilting for beginners by Liz Betts. Start by learning the basics of piecing and how to use a rotary cutter, then making a quilt sandwich, quilting, and finally, binding your new project! A fantastic guide for anyone looking to start a new hobby, Quilting Techniques for Beginners will have you quilting in no time!

The Life-Saving Liver Cleanse: The Ultimate Natural Remedy for Natural Weight Loss, Better Circulation and Detoxification (Cleansing Guidebooks)

by Julia Cruise

The Ultimate Liver Cleanse for Radiant Health

I Believe Anyone Can Heal Their Liver Using This Powerful, Rejuvenating Liver Cleanse

You could be just a cleanse away from a healthier liver! In this book you will learn:

How To Cleanse Your Liver to Remove Built-Up Toxins

Your liver is your body’s powerful detoxification organ. When you take medications, drugs or drink alcohol, it’s your liver that must break down these toxins and convert them into less harmful substances that can be passed out by your body.

But when your liver gets overworked, it can oxidize, causing free radical damage that can dramatically reduce your liver’s ability to function properly. Cleansing can help remove these excess toxins and heal some of that damage, especially when done early and regularly.

How To Cleanse Your Liver to Remove Excess Fat

Your liver is also responsible for most of your body’s metabolism of fats, especially triglycerides. When your liver is damaged, injured or overworked, its ability to metabolize fats is reduced which can cause long-term weight gain. Simply by detoxing your liver, you can restore balance to your body and your weight.

The Best Herbs and Supplements for a Healthier Liver

In addition, you’ll learn about the best herbs and supplements that can help keep your liver healthy, including turmeric, artichoke, dandelion and much more!

About The Author

Julia Cruise loves food and she’s known for her fast-cooking abilities in the kitchen. She’s always entertaining her friends with her lightning-fast, delicious, healthy meals and drink recipes.

How To Make Your House Haunted For Halloween

by Jeff Schoettker

I am a weirdo. I love Halloween. I always have, and I always will. What I really love is building my own Haunted House and scaring people with family and friends for Halloween. This is what I am going to teach you all about. So I wrote and illustrated this fine book, “How To Make Your House Haunted For Halloween.”

If you love Halloween. If you love rubbing grease paint all over your face, acting like a crazy freak and losing your voice. If you remotely like any of the following, horror movies, slasher movies, pumpkins, black cats, sci-fi stuff, monsters, ghost, witches, vampires, paranormal stuff, demons, werewolves, zombies, blood, gore, ax wielding maniacs and every horrific thing that goes along with the Halloween season, this is definitely the Haunted House guide book for you.

“How To Make Your House Haunted For Halloween” is your full service, easy to understand guide to all the spooky elements that come into play when making your very own Haunted House. Everything from making a simple layout, to making your very own scary Halloween props. Everything you need to become a Home Haunter. Big time.

I have been doing a Haunted House now for more years than I care to tell you Amazonians. Over the years, I have learned some helpful tricks and made some very scary props. This book has 14 easy to understand sections on Haunted House elements like the Creepy Pathway, Demonic Sounds, Scare Spots and more. With over 23 Halloween HOW2’s like the Blood Pumping Head, The Not So Dumb Dummy and more, you can easily create your own Haunted House. (Insert creepy organ music here.) It has tons of art and photos to help illustrate the books scary tutorials and links to the places mentioned in the book for further content.

You could apply this freaky Halloween information to use for your Home Haunt, Halloween Party, Classroom, Church or your Organization.

If you love Halloween like I do, and want to make a Haunted House, start with this book. It is full of helpful information that will lead you down a dark and scary pathway, to some really good times!

Happy Halloween!

A NOTE ON KINDLE BOOKS: If you do not own a Kindle, you can download the Kindle app for your computer or smart phone and then buy this book, or any Kindle book for that matter. The other neat thing about Kindle is, when I update the book, you will automatically receive the new content. Cool! That’s a selling point right there Amazon. Nice job.

Committed to Wellness. How to Stick to your Diet and Exercise Plan. Motivation Techniques for Health, Wellness and Weight Loss (Wellness, Lose Weight, … Tips, Wellness Motivation, Wellness Tips,)

by Ma Rose

Committed to Wellness. How to Stick to your Diet and Exercise Plan. Motivation Techniques for Health, Wellness and Weight Loss

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

No more procrastination! You know you want to be healthy and you know why you want it, so now it’s time to take some massive action and achieve your health and wellness goals!

We all know the multiple health benefits that a regular exercise as well as a healthy, balanced diet can bring, of course we know it! We admire all those fit and healthy bodies and we want to be like them! We choose the best exercise and diet programme there is and we feel very motivated at the beginning until… The negative shadow of procrastination, lack of motivation, putting it off for tomorrow, finding all kinds of excuses, succumbing to negative environments appears…This all has to stop right now! You can have this sexy and fit body and unlimited energy levels! All you need to focus on is the right motivation strategy that will make you committed to wellness forever! Download â??Committed to Wellness” and check it out yourself! If you start applying the techniques described you will be successful at any diet or fitness programme you choose to do! Discover the ultimate wellness and be committed to wellness and gain fitness, lose massive weigh and have this dream, sexy body! Be successful at your wellness goals the way you deserve it and the way you always wanted to be!

What is wellness?

Wellness is a great sensation of feeling stress-free, with optimal energy levels and free from disease. There is a healthy balance of the body, mind and spirit that results in happiness and feeling connected with the â??’here and now”.

What do you choose: Procrastination and waiting until tomorrow or success and being able to achieve your wellness goals?

Choose success and wellness and download â??Committed to Wellness’ today! Learn how to take care of your health and wellness naturally!

The author of this book shares her knowledge based on her many years of experience as a wellness coach!

Its approach covers various methods that when combined will lead to magnificent results.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn from â??Committed to Wellness’:

  • Committed to Wellness: Motivation for Preparation Phase
  • How to Combine Different Motivation Techniques Effectively
  • Committed to Wellness: Motivation for the Actual Program
  • Committed to Wellness: Psychological Aspects for Motivation
  • Committed to Wellness: Motivational Techniques for the Feedback Phase
  • How to Feel Healthier!
  • Much, much more!

    Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only

    $2.99! Give Yourself a GIFT and learn how to stay committed to wellness and successfully achieve your health and fitness goals the way you deserve it!

Stress proof your life (52 Brilliant Ideas)

by Elisabeth Wilson

Elisabeth Wilson looks at the sources of stress – occupational, genetic and environmental – and reveals 52 brilliant techniques for creating a stress-free zone. When your batteries are blown and burnout is imminent these top tips can help you regain control.

Erase Anxiety: Fight Anxiety with Natural Therapies. Effective Holistic Treatments for Anxiety (Anxiety, Anxiety Cure, Natural Treatments for Anxiety, … Stress, Fight Anxiety, Anxiety Help, Stress)

by Ma Rose

Erase Anxiety: Fight Anxiety with Natural Therapies. Effective Holistic Treatments for Anxiety

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to alleviate anxiety with natural and holistic therapies enjoying piece of mind and achieving perfect balance and health at the same time.

Millions of people, both men and women, suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is normally caused by stress, work overload, emotional problems, bad nutritional habits, lack of time to relax… Anxiety is usually accompanied with nervousness, insomnia hypertension, memory problems, binge eating or no appetite and low energy levels.

â??’Erase Anxiety: Fight Anxiety with Natural Therapies” seeks to help readers understand the causes of anxiety and all the bad habits that should be corrected and how the problem can be managed and controlled in a natural way. The book is written by an experienced wellness therapist who was once a victim of anxiety and she finally managed to fight it off with natural therapies. She then realized her true vocation in life and studied to be a therapist so as to help other people fight all the common stress-related conditions and pain, including anxiety. Ma Rose has also had success in coaching people how to relax and how to change their dietary habits for health and wellness in a truly holistic way.

You are now able to discover natural remedies to eliminate anxiety and start a new, balanced chapter in your life. The way your body and mind need it!

Here Is A Preview of What You’ll Learn from â??’Erase Anxiety: Fight Anxiety with Natural Therapies

  • The holistic view of anxiety problem and anxiety treatment
  • How to combine different natural methods to fight anxiety effectively
  • Phytotherapy and herbal remedies for anxiety
  • How to employ aromatherapy to reduce anxiety
  • How to use Body&Mind relaxation techniques for anxiety treatments
  • How to fight anxiety with nutrition
  • Massage therapies that are effective in alleviating anxiety
  • Doctor’s Bach floral remedies to fight anxiety and much, much more!

    Give Yourself a GIFT and learn how you can fight off anxiety and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit to be in control of your emotions. The book is a practical guide and contains all the information you need to eliminate your anxiety problem forever. Discover the healing and powerful Natural Therapies for you Body&Mind&Spirit and say â??goodbye’ to anxiety!

Dating Advice For Women: Stop The Dating Time Wasters And Go Out And Pick a Winner (Dating Advice For Women, Romance Novels, Relationship Advice, Hot To … Relatinonship Advice For Women, Pickup Men)

by Lisa Kelly

A Proven, Step-By-Step Method And Strategies On How To Stop Wasting Your Time Dating The Wrong Guy and How To Pick a Winner.

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The book will tell you some useful dating tips for women that will ensure a successful dating experience which can lead to marriage or lifelong relationships. You will learn what to look out for in a guy when dating and what you should do to make yourself become the right kind of girl that men want to date.

Have you been striking out with your dates lately and ready for sound dating advice for women? Too often women accept a date when asked even if it is not someone she really wants to go out with, but why? It has to do with not taking the time to know what you really want in a date and a possible relationship.

When speaking of relationship advice, the first step is to know what you want and what you don’t want. What are deal breakers for you when it comes to dating? These could be things such as smoking, poor hygiene (that’s a given!), self-centered, not a good communicator, lacks confidence – you get the idea.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Know Where To Look
  • Make a List of Your Likes And Dislikes
  • Look for Signs That He is Ready For Commitment
  • Watch Out For Deal Breakers
  • Be Honest And Be Yourself
  • Be The Right Kind Of Girl
  • Much, much more!

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Buying a House – Using Real Estate Apps, Maps and Location Based Services

by Luigi Cappel

This is the unique book every home buyer should read before you start your search for your next home. Packed with information for people all of over the world, with easy to understand information and links to web sites and mobile applications from an expert in the field of Location Based Services.

Buying a house is one of the most stressful things we do in our lives. Location isn’t just a buzzword. It can make the difference between a dream home or a nightmare. In today’s world of Internet, Smartphones and Tablets, there are applications and web sites that can help you reduce the risk by doing the due diligence you should do with any major purchase.

Contents include information about finding suitable properties anywhere in the world, real estate agents, property values, how to use social media in your research, finding the right street, schools, shopping, neighbors, neighborhood crime, utility services, your commute, optimizing your viewing trips, risks, check lists, free real estate applications, car navigation and more.

This is a powerful resource that you can read from cover to cover, zoom in on specific topics of interest and come back to as and when you need it. Of course as a Kindle book you can easily bookmark pages, annotate your own notes and follow links from within the book.

Don’t rely on real estate agents looking for a quick sale or let your emotions override your logic. If you are a real estate agent, this book can also help you lift your game and provide the sort of service that gets people recommending you to their network.

Author Luigi Cappel is a specialist consultant in Location Based Services who has chaired and presented at conferences around the world. As well as his experience with mobile and location based services, he has purchased and owned rental properties as well as his family homes. There is nothing like experience and it is smart to use experience from an expert who has nothing to gain from your decision, other than hoping that you will recommend this book to your network.

Letting Go: 25 True Stories of Peace, Hope and Surrender

by Alex Blackwell

In Letting Go: 25 True Stories of Peace, Hope and Surrender, Alex Blackwell has assembled a collection of wonderful and deeply-moving stories that will help you remember to let go so you can have more peace, happiness and fulfillment in your life.” – Tom Brownson, author of How to be Rich and Happy

“Alex is an amazing messenger of hope for those who have found it hard to let go and get back to life. Grateful for his inspiring message and his passionate mission to help many to let go! – Christina Rasmussen, author of Second Firsts: Live, Laugh and Love Again

“Alex Blackwell is serving the world through this collection of inspiring stories. Letting go is hard for so many, whether it’s letting go of a loved one, a business, or an outcome. Knowing others have done the same is always helpful to know we’re not alone in this journey!” -Andrea Owen, author of How I Turned My Mess into My Message

Do you need to let go of a damaging relationship? Do you need to leave the past in the past? Do you need to move beyond shame or guilt?

Amazon best-selling author Alex Blackwell offers 25 true stories of peace, hope and surrender that will remind you that letting go isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength.

Letting Go: 25 True Stories of Peace, Hope and Surrender shares 25 heartfelt stories from ordinary people who have experienced the life-changing freedom that letting go of a negative attachment provides.

The stories are categorized into five parts:

– Letting Go of Relationships

– Letting Go of Emotional Attachments

– Letting Go of Fear

– Letting Go of the Past

– Letting Go of Our Children

These true stories will help you remember that you’re not alone on your journey. The stories will also challenge you to remember that it’s your responsibility to follow your personal destiny – no matter how out of control, or frightening, it may feel at times.

Letting Go: 25 True Stories of Peace, Hope and Surrender will inspire you to offer up your struggles so your beautiful life can be revealed, too.

Natural Cleaning Tips 101 – Using Vinegar, Baking Soda, and More

by Christina Jones

Christina Jones shares tips with you on cleaning everyday household items with stuff you probably have around the house.

Learn new ways to use white vinegar, baking soda, and lemons, among many others.

Learn how to get tough stains out of clothes, how to make your patio or driveway look like new, and much more.

Defeat depression (52 Brilliant Ideas)

by Infinite Ideas

Defeat depression tackles this greatly misunderstood condition head on with over 50 inspirational ideas from a psychiatrist who struggled with and overcame depression as a young adult. Defeat depression offers a real insight into the condition with practical, tried and tested techniques to help people overcome their feelings of despair or melancholy. Whether for you, or someone close to you who is suffering, the advice within this book will prove invaluable.

Back pain (52 Brilliant Ideas)

by Infinite Ideas

Back pain can destroy lives. Often people learn just to live with it, relying on painkillers to get them through the day. As a practising doctor who deals with back injuries every day, Dr Ruth Chambers draws on her years of experience to help you understand what triggers back problems and what may alleviate them. In Back pain Dr Chambers outlines over 50 ideas that can help sufferers overcome the agony and make everyday tasks more manageable and pain-free.

Beating the Blues (The Feel Good Factory)

by Infinite Ideas

The Feel Good Factory on Beating the Blues contains simple, no-nonsense ideas to help you get out of the doldrums and back to the land of the living. Thirty practical and down-to-earth chapters will set you well on your way to beating the blues. You’ll find questionnaires to point you in the right direction, instant ‘feel good now’ tips that you can put into practice straight away, and helpful question and answer sections. Also discover what well-known people who suffer from depression do to keep it at bay (hey, they pay big money for all that expertise so why not have a go at some of their advice!). With a few minutes a day spent trying some of the techniques in this book you can rediscover the person that you know exists, deep down; the happier, more fulfilled you.

Instant ab workouts

by Infinite Ideas

You probably don’t realise it but there’s more than one set of muscles to your abs and many more ways of working them than spending hours doing punishing crunches in the gym. The rectus abdominis is your potential six-pack and the muscle most people are thinking of when they talk about abs, but your abs are made up of three sets of muscles. As well as the rectus abdominis there are the obliques in your side, which come into play when twisting and bending, and the transversus abdominis, which goes all the way across your stomach, behind the rectus abdominis. For maximum toning you need to work all three muscles individually and together rather than just focusing on the easily worked and dominant rectus abdominis. The good news is that there are plenty of exercises you can do without even needing to go to the gym so your workout can be varied and interesting rather than the gruelling tedium of endless crunches. Here’s to flatter stomachs!


by Jenny R Johnson

This book will give you an insight on how to produce organic vegetables which are free from pesticides, insecticides or any sort of harmful chemicals which are injected or absorbed by the plants during their growth in farms or fields and breed fish together.

Aquaponics Gardening is a basic three system function which helps you to grow vegetables and breed fish at the same time; it’s one of those things which you can do in your own backyard. It consists of breeding fish in a tank, using the waste of the fish as a fertilizer for the vegetables and then the same water that is provided to the plants is used by the fish. We can basically say that Aquaponics is the integration of Aquaculture i.e. the breeding of fish and Hydroponics i.e. growing of plants in water without soil. Scientifically said, Aquaponics is a food production system which involves Aquaculture and Hydroponics in a symbiotic environment.

Hence, after going through this book you’ll be able to find yourself in an easy position to make your own Aquaponics Garden and can always have yourself a fish and veggie dinner at any time.

7 Wrist Warmers Knitting Patterns : How To Knit Wrist Warmers (Easy One Day Project)

by May Redwood

Seven wrist warmers knitting patterns. This project is easy project to knit in a day. Perfect knitting project book for beginners. This traditional pattern for muffatees has been updated and added to over the centuries. Includes easy wristwarmers pattern using double knit (DK) wool, twisted pattern, men’s and women’s patterns, & aran yarn knitting pattern. Several patterns also have pattern for knitting with thumbs, for non-beginners.

Look gorgeous always (52 Brilliant Ideas)

by Infinite Ideas

Look gorgeous always is the best-selling guide to looking beautiful all the time, whatever your shape, size and personal style. With insider secrets garnered through a career spent writing about health and beauty techniques, products and treatments, Linda Bird reveals how every woman can unlock her own ”wow’ factor, and feel confident and gorgeous – every day, everywhere, every way. Linda reveals that a sparkle of vitality, a dash of confidence, a savvy wardrobe and a few great make up and grooming tricks can work wonders, plus she divulges insider tips and tricks to help you fake it like a pro!

Make More Money (Infinite Success)

by Infinite Ideas

Make more money brings together some of the greatest ideas on wealth and finance from four best selling books: Napoleon Hll’s Think and grow rich; Benjamin Franklin’s The way to wealth; George S.Clason’s The richest man in Babylon and Charles Mackay’s Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds. These self help classics have inspired generations of readers with simple and effective ideas that continue to resonate today. The wise lessons from these books have been interpreted here using twenty-first century case studies and modern business and personal finance examples. These 100 short, entertaining chapters, which include practical tips and inspiring quotes, are sure to get your finances working hard for you right now.

Work out, lose weight, and stop being single

by John Captain

After years of frustration, John Captain knew it was time for a change. From ages 12 to 18 he used to pray in bed at night for women, and by age 25 he finally had a steady girlfriend. Suddenly the financial crises of 2008 had erupted, his girlfriend moved out, his job was in jeopardy, and he started burning his 401k statements for heat. After a month of self loathing and soft music he decided to pick himself up, and get moving. He returned hardcore to his first love, working out, and he also started working on himself. A year later instead of dating baby sitters and day laborers, he was now dating models, TV reporters and movie stars. With his training partner “Mr. Pleasure”, they started a secret society of under ground bodybuilders which culminated in an affair with a married billionaire.

Cultivate a cool career (52 Brilliant Ideas)

by Ken Langdon

Whether you’re fresh out of education or looking for a new direction in your existing career you need some new ideas to get you to the top. In Cultivate a cool career organisations expert Ken Langdon provides 52 brilliant ideas to put some zing into your career. With realistic and practical advice on everything from dealing delicately with the boss to proving your worth in a tight spot, via ideas on networking effectively and rubbing along with even the most useless of colleagues, Cultivate a cool career is your ticket to the MD’s chair.

Achieve your goals

by Infinite Ideas

If you have ever set yourself a goal and then watched helplessly as it slipped away this is the book for you. Whatever you want to do in life you need to take charge of your dreams, put a plan in place and follow it. It’s a common problem and has been for hundreds of years. The first of the books we’ve sought advice from was published in the mid-eighteenth century, while the most recent one was published nearly two hundred years later. The ideas in both these and the other five books we’ve turned to are still amazingly relevant. The ideas in Achieve your goals are drawn from best-selling titles in the Infinite Success series. This series takes the most important ideas from self help classics and gives them a contemporary twist, and Achieve your goals contains striking nuggets of wisdom from: Napoleon Hill’s Think and grow rich; Samuel Smiles’ Self-Help; George S. Clason’s The Richest Man in Babylon; Robert Collier’s The Secret of the Ages; Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Self-reliance; Bertrand Russell’s The Conquest of Happiness and Benjamin Franklin’s The Way to Wealth. To make these ideas accessible we’ve illustrated the thoughts of the classic writers with examples drawn from twenty-first century life. In the â??Here’s an idea for youâ?¦’ section at the end of every chapter we’ve also given you some hints on how to put the ideas in that chapter into practice right now.

Enjoy retirement (52 Brilliant Ideas)

by Janet Butwell

Janet Butwell reveals 52 brilliant ideas for keeping your body working at its best and your mind active and alert. Enjoy retirement will inspire you to use retirement years to make your personal mark on the world. The second edition of this best-selling title is now even better value: Enjoy retirement now contains bonus chapters with brand new inspirational tips and techniques, has been updated with our new cover design, and also has an exclusive added-value offer for every reader.

Don’t Get Screwed by ObamaCare – Survival Guide on how to get Health Insurance under the Affordable Care Act (Health Care, Health Law, Insurance)

by Ryan Johnson


An easy-to-understand guide to understand how to get health insurance under ObamaCare.

  • Discover how to insure you and your family under the Affordable Care Act.
  • Avoid penalties by making sure you select the right health insurance plan.
  • Find out how to qualify for subsidies

Here is a Preview of what you’ll learn:

– Upcoming Changes in 2014

– Key Dates

– What is an Open Enrollment Period?

– Does everyone need to apply for coverage during Open Enrollment?

– What happens if I don’t buy during the Open Enrollment Period?

– What if I miss open enrollment and I don’t have a qualifying event?

– Where will I choose and buy a health insurance plan during open enrollment?

– Am I eligible for Obamacare?

– Am I required to have health insurance in 2014?

– What are the tax penalties for not having health insurance in 2014?

– Will I need to pay more for my coverage based on my health status in 2014?

– What are the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Plans and can I buy something else if I don’t like them?

– How do subsidies work and how much can I receive?

– Will there be “subsidy only” doctors?

– Can I still see my doctor next year?

– What is a Healthcare Exchange and how does it work?

– As a business owner, what’s my responsibility to employees who qualify for subsidies?

– Does Obamacare eliminate small businesses’ insurance?

– Does the Affordable Care Act require small businesses to pay a tax if they don’t offer health insurance to their employees?

– Will my insurance cost more in 2014?

– Will there be rate increases after 2014?

– Does my spouse need to be on the same plan as me?

– Can my application be rejected?

– Can I buy health insurance in 2013 and keep my plan in 2014?

– Will I be able to change plans after 2014?

– What happens to my current health plan in 2014?

– Can I keep my non-grandfathered plan?

– What happens if I have lapse coverage in 2014?

– How does ObamaCare change my HSA?

– Can I still go on COBRA if I lose my job?

Download the book now!

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Diabetic Diet: A Complete Step By Step Guide for Beginners

by Kathy Prolin

Diabetes is on the rise not only in adults but in kids too these days. Diabetes is a serious problem, if ignored it can also have serious consequences. Diabetes is a curable disease and it can also be prevented. For prevention, one needs to take proper care of his lifestyle. A person’s daily routine can very much be a factor that can cause diabetes.

Diabetes and obesity are closely related to each other. What you eat and in what quantity can affect your blood glucose levels. It is essential for you to keep a check on what you eat and follow a healthy lifestyle in order to keep diabetes at bay.

Dark Persuasion Techniques – The Psychology Of Manipulation

by Charles Steed

You’ve got the strong feeling something just isn’t right. And you’ve had it for a while. You work hard, pay more than your fair share in taxes, you’re a law abiding citizen, a peaceful, productive member of society, and still, something’s missing. But it’s not your fault, not completely anyway.

Despite your best efforts, you never seem to get ahead. And what makes it worse is, people with far less talent are often doing very well. Sound familiar?

So what’s the answer? Fuggetaboutit! Before you go looking for answers you need to be asking the right questions. Every day society becomes more of a rigged game against the people who actually keep the wheels turning. Why do we accept a rigged game so readily? Because the people in control use coersion and intimidation to sell their hidden agendas.

If you listen closely you can almost hear these bloodsuckers shouting, “Hey everyone, look over there.” Then they point to some phony crisis while they’re busy picking our pockets with some completely unrelated dirty trick. Since the beginning of civilization people in power have been manipulating the masses to their advantage. And that’s what this is all about. Recognizing their game for what it is and insulating yourself against intimidation and manipulation.

The methods you’ll discover in Dark Persuasion Techniques will protect you from dishonest individuals as well as the major manipulative forces in the world. There’s just one catch, you’ve got to use them.

Open Season On Sacred Cows

We’re going to go past the many false appearances generally accepted by the masses to what’s real. Here are a few of the cornerstone institutions offering illusions designed to keep the herd moving their way:

Governments, including commissions, agencies, bureaus, & other entities
Religious organizations of all types
Big business & Industry
The banking industry & large stock brokers
The media, including print, TV, film, & the web
Mainstream advertising agencies
The military
Law enforcement agencies
Intelligence Agencies: CIA, Britain’s MI6 & the Moussad
Labor unions
The entertainment industry
If you have some sort of devotion to any of the above be warned that what you’ll find in this guide will make you uncomfortable, the truth is like that. You’ll love this revealing guide because it illustrates exactly how people in power use emotion along with blatant deception to control individuals and the masses. Of course, the world is loaded with freelance parasites too. This information will protect you from them as well.

Protect Yourself From:

Deliberate, calculated guilt trips designed to manipulate you
The clever use of fear, pride, envy, class warfare and more
Using your own integrity against you
Selling one concept and delivering something entirely different
Accepting blatant deception without question from trusted “authority” figures
Subtle confusion to fool the masses
Promising security in a world where no such promise can ever be honored

The information primarily falls under the heading of motivational psychology. But you won’t find many books that lay it out so clearly. This is an in depth study of human manipulation originating with the planet’s first manipulators and progressing all the way up to our present-day topsy turvy society.

Nearly all sections are written with an introduction and then with a true-to-life and often humorous anecdotes making the points crystal clear. People learn better and retain more with stories because stories make a concept come alive making the point more interesting and enjoyable.

Dark Persuasion Techniques – The Psychology Of Manipulation is the sword and shield you’ll use to combat those who would deliberately try to ambush your life and leave you to wither. I strongly encourage you to pick up the sword and shield and to make your way through the rest of your life with a cool and cautious, yet self-assured and confidant posture. You’ll no longer take crap from anyone! Be sure to take a Look Inside!

Landscaping How To Basics (Gardening Books)

by Soluciones Tainas

Home landscaping is no different than any other kind of landscaping. It is natural for people to want their home to look as spectacular as possible. Who doesn’t want to have the kind of yard that the whole neighborhood is envious of? The beauty of home landscaping is that it does not have to be difficult and you can do much of the work yourself. All it takes is some elbow grease along with a little time, and you can quickly have your very own landscape design.


There are many products in the marketplace that will help you find the very best home landscaping ideas available.

To keep your mistakes down to a minimum, you will want to be sure to do plenty of research before beginning your project. If you do make a mistake, don’t fret about it; anything can be repaired.

Before you begin your home landscaping project, you will need to be aware of any gas, electrical or cable lines that may be running through your lawn. This is especially important if you are planning to be doing a lot of excavating. Not only can this cost you a lot of money, but it can also be extremely harmful. Hitting an electrical line with a metal shovel could put an end to all of your work, and more importantly, your life.

Est. Reading Time: 16 Mins.

My Thyroid Disease Story

by James M. Lowrance

This is my personal story regarding symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for autoimmune hypothyroidism caused by Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue and other metabolic-related conditions that I developed co-morbid to thyroid disease.

I also share testimony in regard to my symptom struggles including the emotional aspects and difficulty in finding a doctor experienced in treating thyroid disease with related conditions. I also include a chapter regarding my reason for becoming a Thyroid Patient Advocate and the growing importance for public education on thyroid diseases.

It is my hope that my story will inspire other patients to become proactive in obtaining quality care for their health disorders and to partner with their doctors to achieve this. I also hope this e-book will seve to inspire patients with difficult cases of thyroid disease, to achieve coping skills and a better quality-of-life.

I – Jim Lowrance was Thyroid Health Editor for BellaOnline from March 2008 to May 2009. I have served as a health writer for, where I have received Editor’s Choice Awards for thyroid subject articles. I have also written book reviews by request, for other health writers, including Thyroid Patient Advocate – Mary Shomon and Dr. Mark Starr MD.

NOTE: This ebook is approximately 6,663 words in length. It is not an extensive medical journal but rather contains aspects of information on the subject that most laypersons would be seeking.

CONTENTS (5 Chapters):

CHAPTER ONE: My Thyroid Story in a Nutshell

CHAPTER TWO: The Association of Epstein-Barr Virus to Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

CHAPTER THREE: Emotional aspects I’ve experienced with my Health Disorders

CHAPTER FOUR: My co-occurring (related) Conditions

CHAPTER FIVE: Why I became a Thyroid Patient Advocate

Sex Health And Better Sex

by J A

This book will change your sex life in the bedroom forever. This book will help you become like a pornstar in the bedroom. Increases your mood and helps you be very happy. A complete guide to sexual health. Learn to have better sex in the bedroom with over 100 tips and notes. See all the sex positions you can try to make your love life even better. You have Erectile Dysfunction? don’t worry all the secrets and tips of getting a hard on is in here. There’s also a list of herbs and natural foods you can take to better your performance in the bedroom. If you’re a female who can’t get in the mood, well here’s a list of things you can do to get genitals up and going. Also learn about all the common STDs that’s caused by unsafe sex. And much much more.

Instant dance workouts

by Infinite Ideas

Dancing can lift your spirits as well as firming your bottom, toning your thighs and flattening your tum. If someone told you could get fit by doing something that’s fun, sociable, makes you feel good and can only be done while listening to great music, you’d jump at the chance wouldn’t you? Dancing is all of that and more. This little book offers you the opportunity to learn from the dance experts to help you develop your fitness. Whether you’re a regular dancer or simply want to be better you’ll find some great tips and techniques that will improve your technique. Enjoy!

Understanding Your Metabolism: Learn Fast and Effective Weight Loss Triggers

by Roxanne Casely

Are you ready to discover your body’s true potential?

There isn’t a more regularly used word in the weight loss (and weight gain) dictionary than metabolism. Undoubtedly, it’s not unusual to overhear men and women communicating about their struggles over the dreaded holiday bulge or battles with love handles. It leads to the question of whether their metabolism is actually working or not.

Sadly, many people simply don’t understand the relationship between metabolism and metabolic change. This is seldom their fault. Certainly there is an abundance of information floating around out there, most of which is relayed over the internet or by means of a mutual friend who “has a personal fitness instructor.” Inevitably, there are bound to be confusing and conflicting messages. Additionally, many people (quite understandably) mistake their own weight gain or loss as a result of metabolic change. In some cases this is true, but it’s not always the case. For instance, as we will certainly review in this book, there are actually scientific ways to enhance the rate of metabolic change, which in turn enables the body to burn more calories.

Paradigm Shift: Positive Affirmations for Success | Change your Paradigm Change your Life

by Mind Master

Your Subconscious Mind Is SABOTAGING Your Life

Change your paradigm change your life

The subconscious mind is a mystery. It’s there to protect you, keep you safe, but it will also RUIN your life and keep you STUCK in the life you’re in now. You have probably heard of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. You’ve also probably been sitting around pretending you have all these things, but they NEVER show up. (Feel good, we’ve all been there) The reason why is because for those things to show up your subconscious mind HAS TO AGREE with what your conscious mind is thinking. (If two or more agree it shall be done) I believe in the bible when it says if two or more agree it is not talking about 2 people, but 2 minds. Your conscious mind, and your subconscious mind. If you sit around all day thinking “I’m a millionaire” Nothing will ever happen because your subconscious mind is just ignoring it dead set on the fact that you are NOT a millionaire. To “fool” your subconscious mind you will need to give it messages that skip right past all your conscious blocks. This book will teach you exactly how to do this. Sounds like science fiction huh? Well, it’s not. This is extremely easy to do, it will work for ANYBODY whether you believe it will work or not, it will work, and it will work for you. Imagine feeling better than you ever have everyday, living in the house of your dreams, having the perfect soul mate, HAVING ANYTHING YOU WANT! LITERALLY!

When I first started learning about this stuff I thought it was absolutely nuts, but I was at a low point in life, and the person I heard it from was very convinced this would change my life, even though I definitely thought there was no way something so silly would make a difference in my life. Now I RELIGIOUSLY study the subconscious mind. I’ve been using daily affirmations for the last 2 years and my life has changed DRAMATICALLY!!! Seriously, this is spooky as hell, it almost feels like magic, or witch craft, but trust me, it’s not. I don’t mess around with the occult. I could ramble on forever about this but that wouldn’t change your life, but the information in this book will. Your subconscious mind has been stuck in the same paradigm your whole life. Change your paradigm, change your life.

How much would you pay to dramatically change every aspect of your life forever?

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Bath Bombs :The Ultimate Guide – Over 30 Homemade & Refreshing Bath Recipes

by Danielle Caples

The Ultimate Bath Bomb Guide

Bath bombs are a favorite bath treat for anyone who wants an inexpensive and simple way to spice up their baths. Bath bombs add color and scent to boring bath water. They’re incredibly simple to make and the ingredients don’t cost much, in fact, most of the stuff you need is probably already in your kitchen. Bath bombs are an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys relaxing in a steaming tub. We have collected the most relaxing and refreshing bath bomb recipes from around the world. Enjoy!

Enjoy Relaxing Bath BombsToday! Scroll Up & Grab Your Copy NOW!

Sugar, Salt, Fat Addiction – Why it’s Destroying Your Health and How to Cure it

by Lori King

The book “Sugar, Salt and Fat Addiction – Why it’s Destroying Your Health and How to Cure it”; explores the many ways the average diet has changed from natural foods to processed garbage. The food industry now packs their foods with sugar, salt, and fat to make more profits and our health is paying the price. As the obesity rate rises so does the rate of heart disease and diabetes. But you don’t have to be a victim. This book shows you how to break the cycle of addictions and take back control of your life by making healthier choice.

World’s best beauty tips

by Linda Bird

Whatever your shape, size and personal style, the brilliant ideas in â??World’s best beauty tips’ will give you the best advice on looking and feeling amazing!

Self-Improvement Before You Die

by Sufi Mohamed

Self-improvement is what we all seek and it’s something that we all need to work on. It’s with great enthusiasm that I introduce the first of a serie sof self-help eBooks about improving your self-image, your life, your relationship with others and helping you move forward in life. “Self-Improvement Before You Die” describes in 15 chapters a number of useful, practical and highly effective strategies to give rise to tremendous attitudes, perspectives, and life within. Having also experienced problems with myself, I describe the first steps I took to healing me, my mind, and my surroundings.

The Penultimate Bath Book

by Danica Stone

Bubble baths are great, but what if you could make bathtime five times more amazing? This sneak peek at The Ultimate Bath Book does just that. Each bath experience within will thrill all five senses — including music to listen to, snacks to nibble on, the best scents and scrubs and sights for each one — and give suggestions on the best authors to read in each bath. From the Glow-in-the-Dark Bath to the Ultimate Luxury Bath, this book will result in the pruniest fingers you’ve ever had, guaranteed. Includes recipes for fizzy bath bombs, bath oil, salt scrubs, and more! Includes automatic free updates as more content is released!!

Pain-Free Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Strategies for Symptom Relief

by Joanne Brothwell

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) may have no cure, but it doesn’t mean you have to accept the nasty gastrointestinal symptoms. After thirty-six years of pain, Joanne Brothwell shares the strategies and solutions she has found to live a pain-free, happy and healthy life.

LifeTime Manager – Defeating Depression and Anxiety

by David Graham

Defeating Depression
It is estimated that as many as 50% of people will suffer from depression at some time in their lives and – if you are suffering depression you are not alone. There are many possible causes of depression ranging from genetic pre-disposition to some types of situations or events in your upbringing. A common cause is stress. In this book you will be provided with tools to identify if you are depressed and if so what type of depression you have and how to manage it.

Conquering Anxieties, Phobias & OCD
Anxiety is not fear – fear manifests itself as a reaction to an external situation, object or event whereas anxiety is disassociated from either of these and its focus is internal not external. Consequently, if you are anxious it is very often extremely hard to pin down exactly what you are anxious about, which can be very frustrating and adds to your anxiety. The intensity of anxiety ranges from a vague feeling of uneasiness to a full blown panic attack. How do you identify your anxieties and phobias and how do you manage them. This book provides you with tools and techniques you will need.


by Louis Spirito

It’s The Sopranos meets Marley & Me when a volatile, chronically ticked-off writer struggles to help an abused, timid, big-hearted shelter dog.

When the last of their aged 4-legged animal “kids” passes away, Lou Spirito and his wife go looking for a rescue dog. Although he insists that he’s open to any dog in need, Lou secretly longs for a dog like Rebel, the rollicking Irish Setter that shared his world when he was a struggling actor living the vida loca of sex, drugs, & disco in the wonderland of New York City. He longs for a jaunty dog to transport him back to the carefree days before mortgages, life insurance and missed opportunitiesâ?¦so the last thing on his wish list is a frightened, muscle-bound, scarred, and carsick Pit Bull.

In contrast to his fun-loving predecessor, Tanner is an emotional Geiger counter. He cowers at strange objects, flinches at loud noises, and vomits whenever he is stressed – which is most of the time. And why shouldn’t he? His immature new owner, Lou, is a raging bull! Having honed anger to an art form over his lifetime, Lou constantly storms and curses at the slightest provocation–misplaced keys, computer glitches, even mayo on a turkey sandwich (don’t ask). Unlike Marley and John Grogan, Lou’s is a case of “good” dog vs. “bad” owner. For this odd couple to flourish, one of them will have to change. And fast. Thankfully for the writer, the dog wins out. It isn’t easy. It isn’t always pretty. But it will touch your heart.

10% of the profits from this book will go to animal rescue organizations

Why Can’t I Lose Weight Like Others – The Hidden Diet Mistakes Debunked By a Former Overweight

by Mirsad Hasic

Why Can’t I Lose Weight Just LIke The Other Ordinary People?

Like so many others, I have also struggled from being overweight. I’ve actually lost count on the number of diets I’ve tried and failed at. I know that some diets do work, and work well, because I’ve seen the results in other people. Alas, I appeared to be one of those folks who just never managed to crack it.

In my frustration, I decided to put pen to paper and write down my feelings and annoyances with these failed attempts. Then one day, something on the page suddenly struck me. I found that I was repeating some common mistakes over and over again, and without even realizing it at the time.

No wonder I was having little success with losing and maintaining a healthy weight. It’s like Henry Ford once said: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” And in my case, that was repeated failure.

The Solution: 40 Hidden Diet Mistakes Debunked by a Former Overweight

The 40 diet mistakes outlined in this book have all been identified by my own personal weight loss journey. Each chapter first explains the specific mistake I was making, and then goes on to give a solution for the problem. In other words, I was fortunate enough to identify the problems by recording my failures at weight loss.

It’s impossible to find a solution to anything until we first know what the problem is, but luckily for me, and anyone in a similar situation who reads my book, I found an effective way to correct each of these mistakes, and my dieting success skyrocketed as a result.

Correcting Diet Mistakes by Adapting Simple but Highly Effective Strategies

In my book you will learn how to turn your dieting failures into a weight loss success story. Adopt the evergreen tactics revealed in the chapters, and you WILL get to lose those excess pounds once and for all!

If you’re serious about shedding the pounds, simply scroll to the top of this page and click on the “Buy Now With 1-Click” button!

Home Improvement Project Survivor: The Smart Woman’s guide for hiring a Contractor

by EB. Joseph

Raise your hand if you love HGTV.  Raise your hand if you dream of your new space. After analyzing the cost you realize it is best to update or add on to your current home. This book will help those thinking of starting a renovation project understand how to find a reliable contractor and avoid getting ripped off. You will be able to turn your ideas into a dream come true. This book is loaded with consolidated information and links for printable worksheets and video demonstrations to guide you from start to finish. Note: If your ereader does not connect to the internet then I recommend you download the Free Kindle App to your PC so you can view the YouTube video demonstrations.

This book speaks from my personal experience.  I recently completed an addition on my home (2012).  It was time consuming, frustrating and stressful.  I did it and so can you.  This event will be challenging.   Home Improvement is predominately a male occupational field.  It can be intimidating or a little overwhelming for a woman to take on the responsibility of a home improvement project.  A renovation project does not have to be a nightmare.

Disclaimer: This book speaks from my experience as a divorce mother.  The information is gender neutral. Men are more than welcome to enjoy this book.

Who should read this book? If you answer yes to 3 out of 6 of the following questions this book might be a good fit:

-Are you a homeowner?
-Do you have projects that NEED to be completed?
-Do you have projects that you WANT to be completed?
-You are not a DIY person and would prefer to hire someone-true?
-You are a DIY person but do not have the time-true?
-Do you admit you have limited to no experience in this area?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Getting Started
Reality Check
Common Vocabulary
Interview questions for the Contractor
Interview questions for the Architect
Questions to ask the Contractor’s References
Questions to ask Architect’s References
Decision Making Matrix-Contractor
Decision Making Matrix-Architect
Assertive Communication
6 Golden Rules
Hiring Handymen or unlicensed labor
Hidden Cost
Budget Tracking
Managing Stress
Examples of Floor Plans
Closing Remarks
Join the Smart Community

Sending You Sammy (Adventures Of Sammy)

by Sarah Butland

The children’s book that is having it’s readers eating healthy is now available for immediate download. Read the story of how Sammy, an average ten year old boy, becomes a superhero named BananaBoy and be hooked to both the adventure, fun and eating healthy in no time.

The first of the Adventures Of Sammy series, Sending You Sammy is sure to please.

The Paleo Power: Delicious & Healthy Paleo Recipes!

by Tammy Lambert

Everything you want and need to know about the Paleo diet and how to utilize its power. Get access to 100 pages that are rich with delicious recipes and helpful knowledge. This book has a recipe for every meal of the day and much more. Start your day with healthy and delicious breakfast recipes including eggs, meats, veggies, fruits, nuts and lots more. Following breakfast, naturally, are the lunch recipes which are mostly light and all delicious. Then comes the fiery dinner recipes including chicken, fish, lamb, meats, salsa veggies, fruits and nuts. Then find the sweet spot, recipes where you can indulge your sweet tooth and not even worry about hurting your body! Enjoy the collection of delicious and nutritious recipes while getting into your new habits. Here are the weight loss recipes for people wanting to lose weight, feel great and nourish their bodies from the inside, out.

Lastly, comes the special recipes for those little tikes. These delicious and healthy recipes provide kids the best nutritious and health benefits that their growing body’s needs.

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Free war Kindle books for 31 Oct 13

Franklin Loves Lucy (Historical Romance Story)

by Mary Matthews

“Franklin finds me standing at my desk. Standing behind me, he whispers, “Lovely Lucy,” and his hands meet around my waist.

“You’re a thin girl.”

“Some would say I’m in reduced circumstances. I like to think of it as reducing circumstances.”

Lucy Mercer fell on hard times when her family lost their money. She took a job as Eleanor Roosevelt’s social secretary. Told from Lucy’s perspective, Franklin Loves Lucy is the story of a relationship that began when Franklin Roosevelt was Assistant Secretary of the Navy and ended when he was President and took his last breath with Lucy by his side.

“Never, ever did I feel more desired than I did during the hot summer days and nights with him. Our glorious existential world. Everyone deserves one great affair in their lives. Franklin was mine.”

The Beginning of The End (The Patriotic Tales of Jeremiah Goodwin)

by Preston Mullins

A thrilling adventure filled with action, tragedy, and suspense. Follow Jeremiah Goodwin, a boy who was one of many that experienced the downfall of the American National security. He’s just an ordinary kid with a nice family and a good life. One day it all changed for everyone. No more normal life or normal routine. All that’s left is all that could survive. In order to survive under these circumstances you have to be able to hide, listen, and stick together. Jeremiah soon realizes in order to keep him and his family alive they must find others like them. Then they must train and they must have they same motivation as each other. The only way to survive is to take back what’s theirs. See if he can pull threw the tough firefights and outrun and outsmart the ruthless power that overtook his home. Find out if he has what it takes to stay alive and change with the times as him and his family struggle to survive.

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 31 Oct 13


by James Shipman

In 1453 Constantinople is the impregnable jewel of the East. It has stood as the greatest Christian city for a millennium as hordes have crashed fruitlessly against its walls.

But Mehmet II, the youthful Sultan of the Ottoman Turks, has besieged the city. His opponent is Constantine XI, the wise and capable ruler of the crumbling Eastern Roman Empire. Mehmet, distrusted by his people and hated by his Grand Vizer, must accomplish what all those before him have failed to do: capture Constantinople. To prove that he deserves the throne that his father once took from him, Mehmet, against all advice, storms the city. If he fails, he will not only have failed himself and his people, but he will surely lose his life.

On the other side of the city walls, the emperor Constantine must find a way to stop the greatest army in the medieval world. To finance his defenses, he becomes a beggar to the Pope, the Italian city-states, and the Hungarians. But the price for aid is high: The Pope demands the Greeks reunite the Eastern and Western churches and accept the Latin faith. If Constantine wants aid for his people he must choose between their lives and their souls.

Two leaders, two peoples, two faiths battle for their future before the mighty walls of Constantinople.

Moth To The Flame: The Story of Anne Boleyn

by Angela Warwick

She was one of the most fascinating women of her generation; intelligent, clever and alluring. But despite all of her undoubted talents, her fate was sealed from the moment Henry V111 set eyes on her.

Anne Boleyn deserves to be remembered as so much more than just the Queen who lost her head. She was a woman of immense personal charm who lived during one of the most colourful, exciting and brutal eras of English history. Often stubborn and impulsive, Anne was a rebellious daughter, a loving and critical sister, a loyal friend and a dangerous enemy. This is her story, from her childhood at Hever Castle through to her relationship with the King who desired and ultimately destroyed her.

To Kill the Duke

by Sam Moffie

It was the 1950’s. The white-hot Cold War was raging between The USA and The USSR. And, in Joseph Stalin’s mind, nothing would be quite as hot as assassinating the ultimate symbol of Western machismo culture – the actor John Wayne. Thus, the elite Russian spy squad of Zavert, Boris Gila, Alexei Aleksandra and Ivan Viznapu start on a dangerous (and hysterical) mission that brings them in contact with gangsters Mickey Cohen and Johnny Stompanato, the billionaire Howard Hughes, the producer/director Dick Powell, the actress Susan Hayward, countless others and the big man himself – John Wayne.

What transpires is as zany as John Wayne playing a role that was written for Marlon Brando… whoops! That really happened, and the result was ‘The Conqueror,” which plays a prominent role in to kill the duke, Sam Moffie’s fifth novel. Brilliantly satiric, the book also captures political duplicity and amorality, which makes it all too relevant to today’s world. The Cold War, more than ready for prime time satire, lets Moffie keep the heat on the establishment and most of all, those in authority.

Privateers and Kings (The Butler Family Chronicles)

by Brad Koch

â??’Privateers and Kings” is the first book in a new series that tells of one family and their progeny whose fortunes and actions are fictional. In following the family down through the centuries in the Butler Family Chronicle series, I have set them in events that did happen or could have happened.

Book one of the Butler Family Chronicles, “Privateers and Kings “, depicts the American Colonies during and after the reformation in England. As a work of fiction this book and the series that follows tell of a family of entrepreneurs who, as privateers and colonists, benefited from the generosity of the Stuart Kings they loyally served. Although many well-known names and historical events are included, fictitious liberties have been taken with characters that actually lived and fictitious speech put into their mouths which, in my opinion, are not out of character for the persons involved.

The Stuart Kings, James I, Charles I, Charles II and James II, were generous in their granting, chartering or giving away land in North America. It was land that none of the Kings had never even seen. It cost them nothing for this generosity and furthered the British plan of imperialism. New England, Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia were given to friends and proprietor’s. New York and New Jersey were added to the crown in a bloodless war against the Netherlands and given by Charles the second to his brother the Duke of York. Charles also gave Pennsylvania to William Penn to settle a debt.

The Virginia colony began as a commune, governed by a group of stockholders in London. The settlers had no rights except to work and produce for their proprietors. When these communes were ready to collapse due to mismanagement and the lack of will to work hard to produce crops for unknown persons in England, changes were made in the articles of incorporation to allow the settlers to own and manage their land. The colonists eventually survived, persevered and soon prospered.

As privateers the Butler family, as did other privateers of time, augmented the naval arm of Britain in the capture and destruction of enemy ships and cargoes thereby profiting from the many wars being fought during this period.

The adventures depicted in this story paralleled actual happenings in those early days in the development of our country. Distance, travel time and a different lifestyle between the two continents isolated colonists from England and they began to develop a new culture, the genesis of a future nation.

The Bells of Hell – Volume Two

by Peter Fischer

The Bells of Hell – based on true stories, this tells of the lives of men and women who lived through the horrors of WW2 in the Pacific. It tells of life in the Pacific Rim – The Ring of Fire. Violent lands ruled by ruthless, violent men. It tells of political intrigue, deceit and betrayal. It tells of courageous men and women who emerge from the coalmines and universities searching for escape from the rigours of virtual slavery.The Bells of Hell – based on true stories, this tells of the lives of men and women who lived through the horrors of WW2 in the Pacific. It tells of life in the Pacific Rim – The Ring of Fire. Violent lands ruled by ruthless, violent men. It tells of political intrigue, deceit and betrayal. It tells of courageous men and women who emerge from the coalmines and universities searching for escape from the rigours of virtual slavery.

Shakespeare’s Witch

by J.D. Steffensen

In a world of glory and treason, three strangers come together. One is born to lead his country, one to battle for England’s soul, and one to preserve its magic.

Shakespeare’s Witch is a story of three unlikely friends who risk their lives, fortunes and honor for each other and for England. Beatrice, accused of witchcraft, must choose between Henry, the dashing, wealthy Earl of Southampton, or William Shakespeare, the passionate poet and a leader of the Catholic resistance. Can Beatrice protect Shakespeare if she gives her heart to the Earl? Can either man resist Beatrice’s alluring, dark beauty? Can the three bring peace to Elizabeth’s kingdom?

This story is based on historical research that reveals the complexity of three relationships and the religious and political conflict that was Queen Elizabeth’s England.


by Mark Parsons

A secret project to pipe water from the wet Northwest to the arid Southwest is discovered by a young reporter and it almost gets him killed when he and his girl friend try to find the projects investors. Later, in court, he and her make history as they fight for water rights for an ancient Indian culture.

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Free world literature Kindle books for 31 Oct 13

Is It Spicy?

by Julia Barrett

Do you have a Jewish mother? Would you like to borrow mine? I have a helpful Jewish mother ready, willing and available to interfere in every aspect of your life. If there’s a way to please her when she comes for a visit, I haven’t yet discovered it. Perhaps you’ll have more success.

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Free poetry Kindle books for 31 Oct 13

Poems ~ Poemas Marai

by Sandor lsg Marai

Bilingual Edition: Poems with translations.

Edición Bilingüe: Poemas con traducciones.

Poems ~ Poemas Márai represents three decades of poetic writing. This ballet between English and Spanish is a bilingual odyssey into the philosophical and emotional terrain of a human heart. You’ll find a bilingual poet’s fantasies. Poetic fantasies that embrace lust, seduction, the Gothic, society, politics, death, love & other themes.

Poems ~ Poemas Márai representa tres décadas de producción poética. Este ballet entre el inglés y el español es una odisea bilingüe hacia el terreno filosófico y emocional de un corazón humano. Encontrará las fantasías de un poeta bilingüe. Fantasías poéticas que abarcan la lujuria, la seducción, lo gótico, la sociedad, la política, la muerte, el amor y otros temas.

A Walk through Loneliness

by Jason Nakonsky

A Walk through Loneliness is a direct conduit to the poet. Through almost simplicity each poem ties itself throughout the book, giving more depth of meaning to such an easy read.

Inside the Faerie Ring: Poetry by MercyRain

by MercyRain

This collection was originally a chapbook my wife and I printed and produced out of the home for distribution as I performed in the spoken word scene in South Central Pennsylvania. It seems like a fitting entry into the digital marketplace. Some of the poems included have been previously published elsewhere and others made their first appearance in the chapbook. The general theme of the collection delves into animistic and pagan mythology without adhering to any particular orthodoxy; really just spirits and love and death, and what more is there? Thank you and enjoy!

Love Lost…and Found

by Marcia Ohlman-Cox

What is a poem but a song of the soul – a cry of loss, a sigh of love, a whisper of passion – for love is what we are all seekingâ?¦.and this is my offering of my own cries, signs and whispers of love, sweet love. I have losses but when I find love all those are erased. All who enter this book should be aware as you will find love in all its guises.

Educational, Spiritual and Healing Poems

by Jerry Ayers

Relax and let each poem take you into a different world. You’re guaranteed to come back with more wisdom, confidence and appreciation.


by j a

This is a poem that defines Tupac influences on the authors lifestyle. A poem truly inspired by Tupac Shakur. The author talks about how he was affected by Tupac’s music and poetry to better educate himself for his journey of successfulness. As he explains how every aspect of Pac’s qualities helped him shape his personality and become a better person. This is by far the best poem ever dedicated to the life of Tupac Shakur. After you read this book you will have new and more respect for the legend. It’s almost like a movie in a book; it’s that good.

All monies sold by this book will be donated to the TASF (Tupac Amari Shakur Foundation).

Whisperings of Loving You (Volumes of Love Series)

by Dennis Tyrrell

Now available, for the first time on Kindle is a truly unique collection of romantic love poetry, which is both inspiring and satisfying. Exquisitely written to bring pleasure and joy to romantics old and young alike, his intriguing collection of contemporary love poetry is pure beauty in words. Written by a man for not only women, but for men. Written for singles, couples for courting, marriage, renewal of marriage or vows. Enjoy this book as a gift for yourself or others and say what you always wanted to say in the book of words of love. If you loved â??Midnight Wishes and Love’s Kisses”, Volume 1 in the Volumes of Love series, then “Whisperings of Loving You”, Volume 2, will be a natural. This is neat poetry that expresses the beauty of this world even in the troubling times that we currently live in.

Love Poems

by Jerry Ayers

This is the greatest love poems ever written. Dive deep into the love pool of literature.

The Stupid Nerdy Notebook Vol 1

by Chris Garrett

Everyone has a STUPID NERDY NOTEBOOK in some shape or form. Something you use as outlet to express your feelings whether you want to kiss somebody or throw them out of a third story window. And when life isn’t fair and no one wants to hear your take on it you find that one way to get it out of your system.This is the poetic story of the struggles of a punk/hardcore/emo loving teenager dealing with the unfortunate events of life. Tall tales of parent problems,heartbreak, and everything in between.

A Far Off Place: A Collection of Poetry

by James D. Maxon

A collection of poetry by storybook author, James D. Maxon. Heavily influenced by Christian themes, James takes readers across the timeline of his life. From High school to early adulthood, experience the struggles and joys while journeying for the meaning of truth and life.

Mechanical Dye

by Edgar Slaughter

This is a book of poetry designed for the lover of experimental and surreal work. Imagine the mechanics of ancient lore working to fullfill your minds eye with the musings of a generation, an epoch, a century of phantasmic dreams and vivid illusion. Poetry for the spirit and foo for thought, this collection of poetry will inspire you to think and wonder about the world around you and the way it operates.

The Stupid Nerdy Notebook Vol:2

by Chris Garrett

Every cheesy horror movie has a sequel

And I just said “To hell with making a movie! Let’s just put together another book!! YEAH!” So here we are with another Fist pumping! Heart Breaking! Tear Jerking! And eye opening volume of THE STUPID NERDY NOTEBOOK!! VOL: 2 to be exact. We all have some tough issues and events that occur in our lives and sometimes have a really hard time dealing with this life changing beast when we encounter it. And I did just that and my weapon against all odds were a pen and paper.

An Ouroboros Poem

by James Daugherty

A collection short of thirtheen poems that seem to be emotional observant, focusing more what happens internally then externally. While they may carry different meaning by several different ways (namely free verse, enjambment, Rhyming and abruptly switching in-between styles) I sincerely hope that you will enjoy them.

The Darkest Light

by Trista Borgwardt

This is a collection of sixteen poems written over the last fifteen years. It is an insight into some of the feelings that I have gone through or some of the thoughts that have inspired me. It is also a portrayal of what others may have been feeling or experiencing around me. It is a compilation of a vast range of emotions from happiness to sadness, and from places I have traveled to my experience in college. Each poem was inspired by a unique situation or person in my life.

Hope as Real as Santa

by Lynn East

A series of poems for the hurting, to let you know that you’re not alone.

Meeting with Christ and Other Poems

by deepak chaswal

Poetry book – ‘Meeting with Christ and Other Poems’ is written by internationally renowned poet Deepak Chaswal. His poetry has been widely appreciated by eminent poets, critics and poetry lovers around the globe.

Prof. Hugh Fox (Professor Emeritus of Michigan State University, archaeologist, editor, writer, and iconic poet of international fame) has liked and appreciated this book in these words:
“One of the deepest, widest, most universal poetry books ever written about individual spirituality in a world-wide context. And Chaswal has the single most original view of Christianity in all its totality and specifics of anyone else on the contemporary scene. What he wants is individual sanity, salvation, an escape from the depravities of the modern world into an ancient oneness with the universe, a kind of reworking of human spirituality, so that it really functions and Man as such can glide into, drift into individual completeness. Christ isn’t someone distant for Chaswal but someone he goes to Jerusalem to meet and converse with, all about a return to essential humanity. He hates greed, selfishness, in a sense the whole mechanical-cybernetic drifting of the modern world into a flow that is turning humankind into something minor and self-involved that it was never intended to be. Chaswal identifies with blacks, whites, Indians in India, Americans….you name it, he identifies with it. Universalism at its most universal. You read his poetry and you go through a kind of spiritual renewal. One of, perhaps, THE most spiritually renewing poet on the contemporary scene. WONDERFUL WORK! I really loved it.”

In the words of Candice James, Poet Laureate, New Westminster, BC CANADA :
“Deepak Chaswal is a master of words and weaves them into an intricate pattern that indelibly imprints the mind. His poem, “Man”, tells succinctly the story of our existence from cradle to grave. In “Day of Judgement” Chaswal’s poetry wanders the bleak alleyways of ignorance, atrocity, and man’s inhumanity to man. He then leads us from the paths of iniquity into a gentle serenity with his musing in his poem “Joy”. Deepak Chaswal bares his soul to bleed onto every page that you may be further enriched for reading it.”

Felix Nicolau (prolific poet, novelist, critic and Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at “Hyperion” University of Bucharest, Romania, where he is the Dean of Faculty of Letters and Foreign Languages) observes:
“Now and again Christ pops up before our eyes – bearer of intense messages. But when He emerges in front of the Poet there’ll be some mind-twisting revelation for sure. Deepak Chaswal regretfully conjures apocalypse and playfully takes snapshots of voracious appearances. His art can’t sit legs crossed and contemplate ivory towers. Every verse in this book testifies for or against something, proving the intellectual and political charge of contemporary poetry. Then, the details and frailties of a world in turmoil are cunningly surprised by the poet. Such an art refutes the confined vision of Cyclops and energetically assumes the thousand-eyed body of Argus. More than ever, the poet is a seer, full of experience and innocence in the same time.”

Philip Ellis , a freelance critic, poet and scholar from Australia comments:
“The poetry of Deepak Chaswal’s Meeting with Christ and Other Poems invokes the exterior world in language both spiritual and secular, so that the world becomes something newer and stranger than what it was in the past. It is also a melange of images and motifs which appear, disappear and reappear throughout this collection, and it is a body of work unique to his life experiences and his worldview. It is a poetry where the tropes of Western religion, such as Christ and angels, encounter Chaswal’s eastern milieu and are transformed, made, again, strange. The result of all this is a verbal and formal richness, using rhyme and free verse alike in its dexterity, and poems that are both distinctive.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 31 Oct 13

Leavesly (The Leavesly Years)

by Reni Huang

Best friends Lexi Lin and Elliott Lee are excited about beginning their freshmen year in college. But all Julia Kyoto feels is apprehension. Determined to shed her shy girl tendencies, Julia makes a pact with God to help her overcome her inhibitions with a little step of faith. All seems well, until Julia’s diary ends up in the wrong hands, that of unattainable Wynn Yoshida. Follow Julia and her friends as they strive to figure out how to live out their Christian faith once they leave home and set out on their own during their college years.

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Free horror Kindle books for 31 Oct 13


by Max Andrew Dubinsky

Thank you so much for choosing to go on the Raw Diet.

Join millions of other satisfied individuals who have already discovered the Fountain of Youth in their own houses, markets, and grocery stores. The benefits of the raw diet include, but are not limited to: clear and vibrant skin, an increase in libido, thyroid regulation, an acceleration in metabolism as well as in nail and hair growth, increased energy and awareness levels, and a boosted immune system.

Enjoy your meal…


Dr. Alfonso Valco

The Hanging Tree: A Novella

by Michael Phillip Cash

Seventeen year old Arielle is at a crossroads in her life. Disenchanted with her father, she is testing the boundaries of his trust by dating someone he does not approve. Under the moonlit sky in Long Island, Arielle and her boyfriend meet beneath the infamous hanging tree. The couple’s destiny is rooted to the five spirits in the tree whose lives and deaths are determined by an ancient curse. Will her future be determined by the past or will Arielle’s choices alter the course of her life?

Black Irish (The Black Irish Chronicles)

by C.S Anderson

Meet Joe Gunn, once a slave to a vampire master he now seeks to redeem his soul by slaying one killer vamp for each victim he delivered to his master. He serves a mysterious order and during a routine mission he stumbles across a vampire conspiracy that reaches into the highest levels of the order he serves…

Forgotten (In The Shadows: Book One)

by Catherine Gardiner

Sycamore Heights, where everyone keeps a deadly secret.

Katrina Harvey has just enrolled into the senior class of Sycamore Heights High along with her foster sister, Jessica Sinclair. Unfortunately Katrina is no ordinary enrollee as ten months previously she was brutally attacked and has been left with amnesia.

Almost a year after those horrific events took place Katrina is being stalked by someone, or something, who doesn’t want her to remember her past and will do anything to keep it that way.

Moving to a new town is never easy, as Suzanne Harvey is well aware, but focused on finding her older sister, Katrina, fate has led her to Sycamore Heights. Now, as Suzanne gets closer to revealing secrets from the past, someone from the present doesn’t like what she could unearth, even if that means they drive her to the brink of insanity to keep the secrets forgotten.

Over the Edge

by Michael Hearing

A new bride and party girl who marries merely to escape her former life. A naïve, solicitous husband who sees no harm in an ordered life. A honeymoon hike on a mountain trail. And a tragic outcome.

Murder, manslaughter, a misunderstanding gone horribly wrong, or sheer accident? Perception is everything, isn’t it? In any case, justice has a strange way of working itself out.

“Over the Edge” is a short story – a psychological thriller and a tale of horror – of approximately 3,700 words.

Excerpt . . .

She stood in the middle of the trail with her back to cliff-edge and the abyss below, her breathing shallow and rapid as her thumbs flew across the buttons on her phone. Her highlighted and feathered blonde hair lifted just perceptibly off her shoulders in the thin mountain breeze, but her mascara remained decidedly unaffected. The text message went like this:

u r the first to know. its done ive taken care of it. idk what comes next but im free now. dont worry about me ill c u soon. im going home now.

The message concluded with an incongruous “LOL.” But Amber was her best friend, and she, of all people, would understand.

Their wedding, to Heather, had been more an inconvenience than anything else. Sure, she had agreed to it, had accepted Josh’s proposal – after nearly two years of his trying to get her to – but mostly as a way out. For she had grown tired of her life – tired of the relentlessly revolving round of parties, the blackouts and hangovers, the awkward fumbling of men, the lack of money, the cramped apartment. So she had accepted.

She had worked with Josh for the past two years at Capital Investments as his administrative assistant. The job paid well, and he had seemed like a good boss in the beginning. But, then, things soon began to change, and his importunities started up. Oh, yes, she remembered all right.

All the other employees seemed to like Joshua Manley and always spoke well of him. But she could tell Рshe knew Рwhat lurked behind that fa̤ade. She could see it in the devouring looks and the stalkerish actions clothed as solicitude, as well as in his attempts to control as evidenced by his many phone calls and unwarranted and unannounced visits to her office. Yeah, she knew Рshe had seen it all before.

She had been at Capital investments barely a month when it started: flowers and cards, candy and balloons, lunch-date offers. Finally one morning, red-faced and stammering, Josh had asked her out on a real date. He delivered the request and then just stood there in her office door, hands in pockets, shuffling his feet and staring at the floor. A sliver of sympathy and embarrassment for him somehow lodged in her heart – but only for a brief moment.

Still, before she knew what she was doing, she had both accepted and dismissed him: “Yeah, sure, whatever.” His head shot up, eyes shining with what co-workers later said was eagerness and joy. But she had seen that lustful light before and knew exactly what it meant.

“Really? I mean – okay great. But really?”

“Yeah, really.” She sighed and lost herself in studying her computer screen.

“Okay, then, great. I’ll pick you up at eight.”


That first date had been, in her estimation, a disaster. Oh, the restaurant was fancier than any she’d ever been in before, and the food and wine were great. And he had been a gentleman in every way, opening doors, taking her coat, pulling out her chair, asking repeatedly if she wanted anything else. But that’s how it always began. Besides, he was just . . . weird.

Later, back at her apartment, she had tried to seduce him. It hadn’t worked, though. He had said he was saving himself and wanted it to be special – whatever the hell that meant. He had just given her a peck on the cheek, smiled weakly, and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” What a coward.

And, too, the more rapacious partners at the firm often took advantage of him. He just smiled that maddening, fatuous smile and

JEZEBEL-A Horror Thriller Novel

by Gordon Kessler

JEZEBELâ??A Horror Thriller Novel

Sleep lightly tonight, America â?¦ JEZEBEL is on the loose!

In Jezebel: a madman has come to town seeking a diabolical revenge and large dogs begin attacking their masters for no apparent reason and with heinous results.

Animal Control Director Tony Parker must find out why and stop the murderous attacks. Meanwhile, Jezebel, a huge black Great Dane has killed her master and is loose, terrorizing the city and stalking Parker and his family. Parker and Sarah Hill, his beautiful and seductive young assistant, attempt to unravel the mystery and stop the terrible carnage while dealing with their own demons and lusty desires.

The attacks must be stopped. Jezebel must be foundâ??and soon, you seeâ??there is one other complication. Parker seems to have come down with an annoying little virus. No, it’s not one of those irritating summer colds. It’s certain death.

She’s a murderess, huge and black as a Hell-bound night.

Beware, Jezebel is on the loose!

* * *
What others are saying about Jezebel:

“Kessler has crafted a compelling and intense novel that grabs you by the throat and won’t let go. His characters are well drawn and complex. You’ll find yourself yelling out loud at them in either fear or frustration. The plot is full of twists and turns that never let you relax.

“Jezebel is definitely a book you will remember. You may also find yourself looking a little nervously at your beloved pet. Is that a smile – or could it be a snarl…? Highly recommended!”â??Nancy L. Mehl “Author” from
* * *
“Kessler is a very strong writer who creates in his first novel an almost palpable moment in time. Disturbing as his subject matter is, he unabashedly writes what he sees with the unblinking eye of a well-trained sniper. All of his characters have redemptive qualities, but are full of the human frailties that the flesh is heir to. The reader finds himself lusting after the nubile Sarah Hill, while simultaneously trying to focus on the fantastic Julie Parker waiting at home, willing himself (and the hero) to make the right choice. Kessler draws you in and forces you to care about his creations even as he rips their world asunder before your very eyes.

“â?¦an excellent first effort and a really enjoyable read. This is definitely a book that will be savored by the adult mystery/crime enthusiast. An author to watch.”â??Jason D. Larche
* * *
“A fine, scary thriller. Gordon Kessler has crafted himself one fine, scary thriller in Jezebel. The fact that this scenario actually could happen made it all the more frightening to me. I couldn’t help but think while reading it what a good movie it would make. All the ingredients are at hand: interesting characters, with non-stop fright and suspense that plays well against the Heartland locale. The prologue alone was enough to make my hair stand on end.

If you enjoy best-selling action/adventure thriller authors like Don Winslow and Clive Cussler, as well as some of the best thrillers in eBooks by indie authors like John Locke and JA Konrath, you’ll love Brainstorm.

* * * * *

NY Times bestselling authors agree about Brainstorm:

“â?¦a wild rideâ?¦kick-assâ?¦will have you thrumming through the pages well into the nightâ?¦handled with stunning effect.”â??James Rollins, author of the thrillers Map of Bones, Black Order, The Doomsday Key, The Devil Colony, Skeleton Key and many more (about Brainstorm).

“â?¦exciting and fast-paced as a thrill ride on a dive bomber, a maelstrom of action, violence, murder and mayhem, way too much fun to put down. Kessler really knows his stuff.”â??Douglas Preston, author of the thrillers Relic, The Codex, Book of the Dead, and many more (about Brainstorm).

Three of Kessler’s best thriller novels in one big eBookâ??check out the Big Three-Thriller Bundle/Box Collection.

Plagued: The Midamerica Zombie Half-Breed Experiment (Plagued States of America)

by Better Hero Army

When Tom, the son of a powerful Senator, becomes stranded in the Plagued States while searching for his lost sister, his only hope of survival rests in the hands of a few grizzled veteran zombie hunters and a mysterious half-breed zombie woman he thinks may know where to find his sister.


by Bruce Elliot Jones


Marty Owens was a writer that needed something to write about. He found it in Kendra, his first wife, a gorgeous, enticing, beautiful young girl who would become AUTUMN WELLES, heroine of Marty’s first novel and an instant best seller.

But Kendra was bipolar. And when she fell into cyclic depression, inevitably, Autumn Welles was lost forever and Marty stopped writing.

Now he’s on the run from Hollywood and Kendra after he’s accused of plagiarism, and he finds himself in the tiny hamlet of Carver, Illinois, looking at the story that could become his next book: the legend of Dire House, a haunted mansion with a reputation for madness that appears, like Brigadoon, once in a blue moon. Can Marty find Dire House and survive it to write his tale?
Or does the local populace plan to trick him into believing he’s trapped in a haunted house, where terrors and ghosts abound and, once inside, no one escapes alive?…

Six Pack o’ Strange Tales

by Michael Faun

“Beautiful, poetic and morbid descriptions weave a tapestry of mind bending weirdness.”

– Jason Wayne Allen, author of “The Rotgut County Blues”

Six Pack o’ Strange Tales collects six stories (four illustrated) that’ll drag you over the hills of Bizarro, drown you in the river of madness, and wash your bloated corpse up on Pulp Horror beach. Are you ready to make the trip?

Also includes a bonus story.

“The Babbitt Farm”: An elderly country bumpkin buys a farm to grow a field of corn, but why does the crop taste so sinister?

“The Strange Case of Frankie Forepaws”: A cat debt-collector’s Boss’ nephew has gone mad. Every claw soon points to one rundown factory carrying a well hidden secret; bound to ruin their corrupt city and turn its citizens insane.

“The King’s Collection”: A stripper with the body of a goddess but the face of a Gremlin, meets a strange man who offers her the vacation of a lifetime…

“The Gold of Molegrave Hollow”: A cursed cemetery! Pesky gophers! An assiduous cemetery keep stumbles upon something he’s been seeking since WWII. Can his pacemaker handle the surprise?

“The Spider Lump”: In a war where giant armadillos are used as war-tanks, two armies’ are standing on the threshold of the final battle for domination. Meanwhile, two hellions trespass an underground excavation in search for strange treasures-unaware their loot will vastly alter the future. Another threat has woken…

“The Deconstruction of Dreamcatching Henry”: A traveling street musician, acclaimed for dreaming up his enthralling songs, flees his motel room in the middle of the night after a violent dispute with the fleabag’s vexed clerk. Gallivanting the desolate streets and harbor, he ends up in a deserted boathouse where he resumes his interrupted sleep. But is it really deserted? Unsettling croaks at the door suggests otherwise…

Vengeance By The Foot

by Adam Light

Grant Stone’s life has been turned upside down. Months ago, his foot was amputated after several months of wound treatments that failed to yield any positive results. Now he is alone and depressed. He wastes away in bed watching reruns, dreaming of when he could walk. One night, hunger gets the better of him and he goes roaming for sustenance, only to find he is not alone in the house. Wheelchair-bound and terrified, he is faced with a menacing terror straight out of a nightmare.


by Bruce Elliot

In his second collection of short fiction, Bruce Jones describes worlds in which things are askew, not quite right: a prostitute falls in love with a werewolf; a man loses his wife on a shopping trip and discovers that he’s lost an entire life; a young girl who cannot speak screams hideously in a fog-enshrouded coastal house when she is forced to take her nightly bath; a businessman discovers his dream life in a sordid little porno shop.

Jones takes us places where most of us would rather not go, given the choice, but you have no choice with Jones’s incredible collection of short stories, comparable to Stephen King in his scope and range, to Shirley Jackson in his understanding of the human (and inhuman) heart.

Roman Dalton – Werewolf PI

by Paul D. Brazill

When a full moon fills the night sky, Private Investigator Roman Dalton becomes a werewolf and prowls The City’s neon and blood soaked streets.

Roman Dalton – Werewolf PI is a short, sharp collection of vivid, interconnected noir/horror stories featuring the werewolf PI and the denizens of The City.

The Punishment Due

by Justin Osborne

Garrett Mosely is facing a long and arduous prison sentence for his unspeakable crimes, but when a strange man pays him a visit in his cell, Garrett is given the chance to cleanse his soul at a terrible and fitting cost.

Green Eggs and Horror

by Pete Nixon

Green Eggs and Horror is an anthology of short horror stories inspired by children’s stories.

The Slave

by Jerry Ayers

This is a Fantasy Horror story of slave owners who happens to capture the wrong African and made him into a slave, which he ended up hunting each and every slave owner.

And Soon The Darkness Falls

by Amy Gerrard

Evil is always out there…..and closer then you think

And Soon The Darkness Falls is a collection of short Dark Thriller/Horror fiction. The book contains ten stories that all have a dark twist.

The book contains such stories as Small Town Vampire, Obsolete, and Touch which deal with vampirism, evil computer systems, and adulterous husbands who get their wish and find that love is not always greener on the other side.

Here is a brief overview:

Small Town Vampire

A young man visits an eminent psychiatrist and confesses that he is a vampire and desperately needs help. But is the psychiatrist as helpful as he seems?


After going on the run for a cold-bloodied murder, Frankie knows that if he is caught then he will face the hangman’s noose. A small, kindly Irish gypsy visits him and offers him the gift of immortality. But is it really a gift?


In the cut-throat world of the corporate companies, people are just numbers and are expendable. A corrupt Director is engineering the complete redundancy of the data processing staff and replacing them with a smaller group.

But his plans soon become a nightmare when the old computer system realises that it is also in line to be ‘laid-off’.

Hippy Trip

It is 1969 and a hippy is on the look-out for a decent supply of LSD. He links up with an old friend who introduces him to a new group that are selling the ultimate high and amazingly cheaply. But what is the true purpose of this group?


He has found true love with his secretary. But there is a problem. he needs to kill his aggressive and domineering wife! But is it really greener on the other side after killing someone?

Fool For Hire

A Hitman is hired to kill a man’s wife which is hard since the killer is having an affair with her. So he decides to kill his client instead. But little does the assassin know that the intended victim has laid a trap for them.

Deadly Road

by Tara Neideffer

What happens when the dead seek their revenge?

After a night out with friends turns bad, Lizzie drives home upset, exhausted, and a little tipsy. She ends up making a terrible mistake that leaves her with a dark, disturbing secret.

She is traumatized by what she’s done and desperately wants to find a way to make amends with her wrong doing. She soon becomes surrounded by an evil she never knew could exist, and finds help from a dying woman in hospice.

This series of events make her realize that everything in life happens for a reason, and sometimes you have to search the darkness for the answers.

Same Dead World

by Jason H. Bryan

In a world where all that’s left is survival, what is the value of living?

William, a lone survivor in a world lost to the zombie apocalypse, is finding out that there is more to life than surviving.


by Edgar R. Slaughter Jr.

Vampires and the dreams of those who would hold the evening-tide in their grasp. Quiet whispers and the edge of twilight inhabit this book along with the desires of the chosen few. Come dance in nighttime melodies and the rapture of the vampire, sing the song of ravens and sparrows alike with this simple offering.


by Brenda Coffman

Escaping his crimes of the past, Jesse Hawkins moves to the sleepy town of Plainville, Kansas. Convinced that he is doing God’s work, Jesse sets out to free good souls by separating them from their earthly bodies. Unbeknownst to the young killer, he has been watched by Nigel Dristol, an ancient vampire that claims the small town as his home. As bodies fall, suspicions rise, and the people of Plainville are starting to catch on. Nigel must decide to kill Jesse, or take the fascinating serial killer under his wing.

Just Do It

by Stuart Connelly

Exercise sometimes means pushing yourself to the limit.

But when Henry Matlock’s high-powered run takes him onto private property, he discovers what his real limits are.

Something is waiting in the woods…

Waiting for prey…

A terrifying short story from the author of HAVEN HOUSE.

Now, for a limited time, featuring an excerpt from Stuart Connelly’s horrific new chiller INDELIBLE.

The Wallflower’s Collapse

by Michael Loring

A night at the club turns to so much more.

Kathryn was looking for a night of fun – for a chance to shed her wallflower ways and finally gain the confidence she’s always desired. Confidence to speak her mind, to dance like the rest of the club, to talk to the extremely attractive guy by the barâ?¦

Encouraged, Kathryn is finally able to speak with the man, and with him comes a night to be rememberedâ?¦

Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Zombie Infection & Other Strange Tales

by Richard A. Powell II

This short story collection offers 9 strange tales, seemingly common on the surface, but all take the reader on a trip down a dark and twisted road.  The characters: maybe your neighbor, your best friend, a co-worker.  The destination: nowhere you’ve been before or can ever come back from without scars.

Table of Contents:
1.  Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Zombie Infection
2.  The Eyes
3.  Failure Rate: 100%
4.  This Year’s Featured Guests
5.  Don’t Mess with the Babysitter
6.  They Smell the Dead
7.  A Neighborly Scourge
8.  My Own Personal Demon
9.  The Sting of Fear

Rabbit’s Feet

by Trista Borgwardt

Tempie is an exceptional high school student with an amazing boyfriend and best friend; a life everyone dreams of having. Living carefree among the sands of Hawaii, she has a compassionate side to rival any other. After a gruesome personal loss, she flees to South Dakota in search of a safe haven.

However, Tempie’s new home is not as she expected. As she settles in, she is intrigued by an alluring stranger and terrorized by a dark and vile fiend. She must fight an emotional internal battle while fighting outwardly with a tenacious enemy.

The Diaper Man

by Vincent Todarello

THE DIAPER MAN is Vincent Todarello’s first installment in his forthcoming collection of short stories inspired by actual events on Long Island.

This heart-pounding tale of terror takes place at an abandoned mental facility, where years earlier a deranged psychopath known as The Diaper Man escaped from the insane asylum one stormy night. Authorities said the lunatic was captured and killed, but the local urban legend is that he still roams the decrepit halls of the old crumbling institution.

When some young kids venture inside for cheap thrills and to shoot a low budget zombie movie, they might be surprised to find that the old tale is true.

The Diaper Man is a straight forward, gory, R-rated hack-and-slash fest in the style of Todarello’s favorite film genre: 1980’s horror.

A true throwback, The Diaper Man pays homage to a time when it was okay to flash pointless, gratuitous nudity on screen, and when it was awesome to anticipate the creative ways the killer chose to dispense his victims. If you like all things scream, then you will love The Diaper Man.

And don’t forget to stay tuned for more short stories in Todarello’s series of Long Island urban legends.

Werewolf Hunting (The Horror Diaries Vol. 11)

by Heather Beck

Missing people, cries in the night, unidentifiable animal tracks…this isn’t your average hunting lodge.

Soul Fire

by Sidney Williams

Gabrielle’s daughter Heaven is beautiful, innocent and having nightmares about her favorite cartoon characters. Maybe they’re just dreams, or maybe something darker is behind the terrors.

To save her daughter, Gabrielle may have to turn to the mysterious man known only as Danube. He’s a traveler. He claims to be a holy man, but can she trust him with her daughter’s soul?

Read the story that became the novel Gnelfs.

Two Tales of Terror

by Kenneth Weene

Two stories that reach into the primordial well of terror. Who among us can laugh at death? Who can hear the strange noises of the night and not hug their blankets just a bit tighter? “Bela” and “Sometimes You Can Hear ’em”: totally different tales, but both hit the human panic button.

Rising Darkness (Ghost House)

by Ken Sellers

Continuing where Ghost House left off, Lance and Kyle Banker set off on all new adventures. Discovering the secret of the church ghost, making morbid discoveries and rescuing their friends from the clutches of supernatural beings, is only in a days work for the two brothers. The boys come across angels, demons, vampires, UFO’s and even Bigfoot, in their quest into the paranormal.

Combining philosophy, theology, humor and plenty of frights, author Ken sellers takes the reader on a thrilling ride into the supernatural!

B-Movie Reels

by Alan Spencer

Off of the screen and out for blood!

Andy Ryerson, a film school graduate, has been hired to write commentary on two dozen cheap, b-horror movies. It seems harmless enough, and he might even enjoy it. But the people in the town around him won’t enjoy it at all when one by one, the films he watches come to life. Andy chose the wrong projector to screen his movies. This one is out for blood. While Andy grumbles about low budgets and poor production values, a hungry butcher, a plague of rotting zombies, demonic vampires, a mallet-toting killer, flesh-eating locusts, and many other terrors descend on the unsuspecting innocent. By the time he realizes what he’s done, the town is teeming with evil, and it’s up to Andy and the few survivors left to stop the celluloid horror he’s unleashed.

Four From Below

by Daniel P. Coffman

Four From Below tells the tales of ordinary people -or so they seem- thrust into extraordinary circumstances:

Ray Deet lives a life of shame. His mother abandons him, and the school bullies single him out for abuse. A chance encounter with a denizen of a world below changes the timid young boy, but are these changes for the better?

Charlie Vos has a scoop. Aging actress Victoria Manwell, his teen fantasy, is now a recluse. She has a tale to tell. But is Charlie ready to hear it?

Alexi Zachas has inherited his grandfather’s mansion, and the hidden lab below. Aided by an eager young assistant, this practitioner of the “sideways sciences” hopes to turn back the clock on the human body.

Apri Saluzar has a problem. Several problems, in fact: a domineering mother, insomnia, an unsatisfying job. Oh, and the occasional body part appearing in her home.

Night Terrors

by Calum S. Forbes

Connor is a low level supervisor in a local pub. When a terrible accident brings back a ghost from his past, his whole life spirals out of control. Suddenly he finds himself the target of a demonic being, hell-bent on destroying him. Can he stop the terrifying Stalker before he is driven to madness.


by R.J. Spears

Jason, a down on his luck freelance photographer, comes across an extremely rare antique camera at an auction and knows he must have it. It is the camera of his dreams but he would never have suspected that this same camera would turn his life into a nightmare.

Within days his luck turns around as he captures world class shots of disasters, both big and small. But he begins to suspect that there is something wrong with the camera. Something unnatural. Something very, very dangerous.

R.J. Spears is an award winning author whose stories have appeared online at A Twist of Noir, Shotgun Honey, Flashes in the Dark, and The Horror Zine. His novella, Forget the Alamo, reached #55 on Amazon’s Free Horror Bestseller list.

For the Love of Yellow Biscuits

by David Hunter

Only a few people in the town of Winder,
mostly children, take seriously, a rumor
that a terrorfying something roams the
woods and streets at night looking for
human flesh to devour. But a few more
minds open up after a local family seems
to mysteriously disappear. On their way
to buy the main ingredient for a family
favorite their mom plans to cook for their
supper, three brothers encounter what
may very well be a beast dismissed as

Burning the Midnight Oil

by Tiffany Brooks

A series of short stories meant to chill your bones. The supernatural is certainly scary but sometimes the real world holds greater terrors. Read along in tales that showcase both the horrors of fiction and the dangers of the human mind.

Still Life

by Peter O’Brien

WARNING: This story contains graphic violence and may not be suitable for all readers.

It begins and ends with a flash. Wyatt, a struggling artist, is experimenting with new forms of expression while trying to find his niche. Through a series of misfortunes he develops a unique style and approach to his craft. However, with success comes the pressure to top his previous work, which starts to lead him down a dark path.

Prey For The Vampire

by Michael Burnside

In the country town of Gowan during the later half of the 19th Century, Christopher Hoggons, a retired doctor from London, visits his nephew, Richard; the new police sergeant of the town. However, Richard has not been finding his new role quite as easy as he hoped.

Slaughtered farm animals, missing daughters and a horrific murder have all lead the town’s folk to doubt Richard’s ability as sergeant. Suspicious minds and town gossip also point to the Baron, recently returned from travels in Eastern Europe. Could it be a man, like a Baron is responsible for the torment of Gowan?

A Hammer inspired gothic horror novella from Michael Burnside

They Only Come Out at Night

by F. Kearney

Terror reigns deep beneath the streets of New York City. The subway system is plagued by a series of unsolved, bizarre and particularly gruesome murders. A young man is found in a Brooklyn station with his heart crudely ripped out of his chest. The headless body of a conductor is discovered inside the locked cab of a Number 6 train in lower Manhattan. Authorities blame these, as well as several other equally macabre crimes, on the city’s growing, and increasingly aggressive homeless population.

Melissa Manning, however, isn’t buying that explanation.

Having experienced a personal tragedy in the subway years ago, Melissa is definitely no stranger to the violence that can occur underground…but this is different. Weeks before the first murder was even committed, she’s had an unsettling feeling that something horrifying was lurking within the sprawling transportation system. Many nights when traveling alone, and walking along a quiet stretch of platform, she hears an eerie scraping sound in the distance, and has an overwhelming fear that someone – or something – is watching her. When the murders begin, and when a dark, faceless figure follows her home from the subway one night, she’s convinced that this is something far more insidious and frightening than mere random acts of violence. Not only can she feel the presence of an evil entity…she knows it’s just a matter of time before it comes after her.


by Deb Harris

The full October moon: a time of mystery, a time when the veil between the worlds thins and they come into the garden to dance, to feast â?¦ to eat.

Dead Water

by Scott M. Baker

When the crew of an oil platform off the Virginia coast rescue a survivor from a lifeboat adrift at sea, they inadvertently release a zombie virus aboard their rig. As the crew is rapidly transformed into the living dead, the captain must find a way to stop the infection before it can spread to shore, even if that means sacrificing those on board.

The Void

by Marta Moran Bishop

The Void, the first true paranormal short story written by Marta Moran Bishop, is reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock or the Twilight Zone of later days.

It will take you deep into the mind and heart of someone either living through a serious mental illness or something mysterious and dangerous resides in the void.

Many years before, Altori and her sister Helen moved into the village. Last year during the night of no moon Helen went out into the void and nearly died. A terrible disease spread through her body. She ran away to escape the possibility of death at the hands of the frightened villagers.

Will Altori survive the void and find her sister? Did Helen ever exist or is Altori suffering from a mental illness?


by Edgar R. Slaughter Jr.

Future encounters with the soul of adventure and the turns the dream may take. Imagine a world where the inhabitants of the world are no longer among the living yet undead. Imagine worlds in utopian seas of contrasting night and day, forever night on one side and the eternal daylight on the other. Imagine a thrill ride that will take you to the edge of the horizon and back. 2068 is all of that and more.

The Boundries Near The Edge

by Edgar R. Slaughter Jr.

The end of the world or perhaps a new begining, what will our futures bring. The catastrophies of modern civilazation, threat of nuclear war or great plagues that sweep the countryside, will we experience a utopia in the final outcome or will the struggle continue on if it continues at all. These stories will take you over the boundries of what is and what might be the end outcome for man.

By Wolves Devoured

by Farzana Moon

A schizophrenic experience of a lifetime where horror expands at every step when animals begin to talk, betraying as well as safeguarding.

Demons and Scarecrows

by Edgar R. Slaughter Jr.

The retribution of two solitary figures exacting a justice on the population of a country town and the daring hunger of a screaming demon inhabit this world of fear and suspence. Imagine the shadows at twilight then imagine the suns rays streaming through to illuminate the moon at night, a fantastic journey into the realms of the unknown and the land of the impossible.

Doctor’s Orders

by Jason Hirth

Revenge becomes a curse when a man loses everything he loved in life, now he lives in regret and fear of what is waiting for him.

Midnight Seasons

by Ron W. Koppelberger Jr.

The winter frost is here and the trees are tall shadows in the cool sunshine. The seasons are alive with the sounds and sights of the otherworldly and the lost. Ahead to Summer and all the tide that it brings, flowers and springtime love gone ancient with the ringing of infinity bells, horror at it’s best and most frightening

Monsters In The Wild

by Edgar R. Slaughter Jr.

Imagine the darkest creature from beyond persuing a weary traveler, where does it come from……beyond space and time….it has been waiting. The stories contained in this book will make the short hairs on your neck stand on end. A thrill ride a minute. Surreal at it’s best. Monsters,monsters,monsters.

The Pool Boy

by Henrietta Mitchell

Wanting to be more than society expects him to be, Jackson set out on a journey of a lifetime, only to be trapped in place he had never heard of, Boomtown. Now, so close to achieving his dreams, Jackson discovers a new love in his life, but how much is he willing to sacrifice for her? Join Jackson as he steps into a world he never knew existed, a nightmarish place filled with danger, one where love is his only salvation, a saving grace that could also be the end of him.

Shorts for a Cause: The authors of this short story will be donating a percentage of their royalties ( at least 20 cents per copy sold) to the charity of their choice, for all eternity…


by Salvatore Buttaci

Detective Luke Larsen of the Fresno Police Department is in charge of solving the Anniversary Case. On the loose is a ritual serial killer who has murdered three men, one victim each October, and then leaves their headless bodies to be found outdoors at various tourist areas in the city. This October, however, is different: three headless men are found. Larsen, an enigmatic man with a long blond ponytail, has a suspect in mind. Meanwhile, some fellow detectives believe the killer is Larsen himself.

Small White Room

by Lauren Jefferson

Daryl Cobb awakes to find that he’s trapped in a white room with no windows and only one door to the outside world. With no explanation as to how he got here or why, he must deal with bizarre happenings as they’re literally handed to him by an unseen, white-gloved host.

‘Small White Room’ follows a man and his surrealist captivity… but is it the room holding him hostage or something more?

So what really happened last month?

by Philip Harris

Something evil lurks in the mist of the Kennebec River in Hallowell, Maine. Evans escaped but had his head blown apart as he dove into the river. They assumed he was dead. But what is animating the Halloween manikins that decorate Main Street? What, or who, is the mist searching for?


by Roland Allnach

With “Soulmates”, award winning author Roland Allnach offers the surreal tale of a shut-in who learns that feeding his inner self is far more involved, and far more revealing, than he could possibly imagine. Snack on this bizarre tale of inverted relationships for a creepy Halloween treat or any time you feel the need to scream.

Thinking Out of the Box

by Patrick Lafferty

When you have no idea what’s going on, the things that you image can sometimes be worse than what’s actually happening. But sometimes they’re not.


Tommy Rotten – A Halloween Tale

by Adam Light

Tommy Rotten lies immersed in a billowing blanket of fog, wringing his cold hands in elated anticipation. He is optimistic that this year someone will finally come. He fantasizes about the potential candidates that will come tromping through the neighborhood, roaming the night in their delightfully hideous homages to the serial killers and demons and ghouls – normally inhabitants of their nightmares – but tonight, Halloween, brings them endless delight.

A Waking Dream

by Edgar R. Slaughter Jr.

Imagine a host of illusions and images that come to life from……..from what? The Dead and the not quite so dead…..these are the dreams, some waking and some more akin to nightmares of several very select charecters. A hotel that defines the spirits of the lost and murdered, a dream of confrontation that goes on and on and the musings of the deceased. If illusion and ghosts and lost souls interest you then you will find this fare delicious.

The Wandering Man

by Trevor Hallam

The old fool only wanted to protect his niece from the evil entity trying to inhabit her but when she was lost to him after an altercation with police, he became a wanderer of Purgatory, haunted by the past, tormented by beasts and plagued by demonic insights of a doomed civilization.

White Belt

by Faye McCray

A young college student ditched by her boyfriend braves ground zero of the zombie apocalypse in BCBG platform wedges and a sundress.

Look for Yellow Belt, the next story in the four-part series in January 2014!

Emily’s War (Vampire Emily)

by Jamie Taylor-Thompson

“I’m going to break the biggest taboo for vampires- killing my makers. Too much has been taken from me, my only desire now is revenge!”

As the first to be turned in centuries, Emily needs to be strong for the inevitable war between the Lycans and Witches, now that the curse has been broken. The gruelling training sessions show that her vampire guardians are scared. But that’s not the battle she is preparing for.


by Erik Steen

A tattoo covered, dread-lock haired lunatic bursts into a church begging for an exorcist. What follows is a sordid tale of human sacrifice, demonic possession and the stalking of Satan’s enforcer, the werewolf.

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Free travel Kindle books for 31 Oct 13

Roswell Alien Visitors Guide

by Randy Luethye

Thank you for using the Roswell Alien Visitors Guide – over 880 locations!

I developed this guide after a visit to Roswell, New Mexico when I found little information on the internet regarding businesses, locations and contact information. In fact, many of my searches sent me to Roswell, Georgia.

After six weeks of research, map development and website building, I have the best information available regarding Roswell, New Mexico and the surrounding areas for tourism. Not only is there UFO and book/video research online, there are links to historic Billy the Kid locations that are all within 101 miles of Roswell.

Other nearby places like Carlsbad Caverns and The Bottomless Lakes make Roswell a great central point for a week’s worth of sightseeing! For more information, see the Day Trippin’ section of this guide.

While this guide covers many categories like hotels, restaurants, grocery, car rentals & pharmacies, it does not have all of the 880+ businesses listed on “Roswell Alien Visitors Guide” has been condensed to save on printing costs.

The Nigeria Diaries

by O.L. Casper

The true life story of a 26-year-old American who travels to Africa to discover an unexpected land of wonder, adventure, mystery, and the supernatural. In Nigeria to produce an indie movie with a friend from film school in London, he explores a world of people and a culture unlike anything he has ever known, and finds adventure that will change his life forever. An intense and sometimes heartbreaking account of a young man exploring a foreign country, these diaries are not for the faint of heart.

Seattle-Tacoma Light Rail Train Business Directory

by Randy Luethye


Thank you for using the Train Business Directoryâ?¢.

This companion guide provides locations, phone numbers and links for ‘consumer-friendly’ companies within a short distance of train stations.

All station maps are in order for users to view as they near the next station.

Visit for a complete search section and many links to area attractions, entertainment, shopping and discounts.

Please contact us with any changes, business closures, suggested companies and guide discrepancies. and its affiliates are not responsible for lost time or train fare.

© 2012 All Rights Reserved.

Explore Coorg – the Scotland of India

by KK

Lush bamboo and sandalwood forests, majestic waterfalls, verdant hills dotted with vast tea estates, spectacular streams and magnificent temples – that is Coorg, the Scotland of India, the best kept secret of India.

This book named Explore Coorg covers every nook and corner of Coorg in detail and provides a lot of vital information to travelers. This solo authored travel guide is a compilation of the notes and memories of the author’s travels through this picturesque region in South India.

The book explores various travel destinations in Coorg hill station such as Madikeri, Raja’s Seat, Omkareshwara Temple, Raja’s Tomb, Dubare Forest, Bylakuppe Golden Temple, Nisargadhama Forest, Iruppu waterfalls, Abbi falls, Tala Cauvery and Bhagmandala. The unique feature of the books is that the author has visited all the places he writes about.
Apart from the travel destinations, the book also covers several other important details that are vital for any traveler visiting Coorg. Some beautiful pictures of the hill station along with the tips on hotels and restaurants are also featured in this travel guide.

This book will definitely help you to explore Coorg also called as the Scotland of India with ease and comfort.

And Off We Went

by Serap Tegmen

The whole story began with a meet up… Then suddenly I wanted to go, to be there, to experience that journey. Along with this feeling, I felt as if my heart was about to leap out of my chest. It was like missing a lover. A sweet hastiness, excitement and flutters within my heart. I never figured out, if it was me who wanted to go, or if it was that place that drew me to it…

And then the story began. Us, thirteen women, put our lives on hold and hit the road. This story that I presumed was only a journey, ended up becoming the inner journey for each one of us.

This book that shares the soul of India, also shares the souls of these thirteen women. All the experiences, just like India, are all miracles within our lives. The real miracles, we ourselves create. Who we are, our culture, where we’re from or whatever our age, it doesn’t matter. As long as we can change and can show the courage needed to go after our dreams.

This book will touch your lives. Between sentences you will notice yourselves. In some cases, you may cry or enter deep thought and sometimes may burst out laughing. But there is one thing I’m sure of: You will all take a step towards your dreams, just like I did.

Phoenix Light Rail Train Business Directory

by Randy Luethye


Thank you for using the Train Business Directoryâ?¢.

This companion guide provides locations, phone numbers & web links for ‘consumer-friendly’ companies within a short distance of train stations.

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Portland ‘Blue Line’ Light Rail Train Business Directory

by Randy Luethye

Thank you for using the Portland Blue Line Train Business Directoryâ?¢. This guide covers Downtown & East Portland to the Gresham, as well as Hillsboro and Beaverton on the west-side.

Due to the number of stations, other eBook guides are available for the Yellow, Green and Red lines. Hard copy guides are also available for each line through

This companion guide provides locations, phone numbers & links for ‘consumer-friendly’ companies within a short distance of train stations.

All station maps are in order for riders to use on the train.

Visit for additional overview maps and a complete search section. There are also many links to area attractions, entertainment, shopping and discounts.

Please contact us with any changes, business closures, suggested companies and guide discrepancies. and its affiliates are not responsible for lost time or train fare.

San Francisco BART ‘Blue Line’ Train Business Directory

by Randy Luethye

Thank you for using the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Blue Line Train Business Directoryâ?¢. This guide covers the line going from Dublin/Pleasantan & Castro Valley through downtown Oakland & San Francisco to Daly City.

This companion guide provides locations, phone numbers & links for ‘consumer-friendly’ companies within a short distance of train stations. Due to the number of stations and file size, the Green, Red, Orange and Yellow line eBooks with links are sold separately. If you don’t need links, an eBook with all lines in one book is available.

All station maps are in order for riders to use on the train.

Visit for additional overview maps and a complete search section. There are also many links to area attractions, entertainment, shopping and discounts.

© 2013 All Rights Reserved.

The Berlin Sacrifice

by Mitch Wilson

A burnt out American chess player seeks to revitalize his fortunes on a last-minute gambit to Eastern Europe. Desperate for funds, and fumbling with sobriety, he plays the tournament of his life in Berlin. Before the tournament final, his beautiful Russian opponent makes a plea for both their futures.

Faced with a life-changing decision, the American’s struggles in a foreign country with world-class chess are detailed in The Berlin Sacrifice. Only by stringing enough wins together and staying sober will he be allowed to capture the love of a gorgeous woman.

A Visitor’s Guide to Paris

by Tim Benson

A quick easy reference guide for first time visitors to one of the most beautiful cities in the world

In this quick, easy to read guide, regular Paris visitor Tim Benson covers all the important information you will need for your visit the most popular tourist destination in the world to ensure you get the most out of your time. This is designed to be a quick reference guide that can be carried around with you on your mobile device while you experience all that Paris has to offer.

Benson gives you all the information you need to know, including –

– How to get into Paris

– Getting around the city

– Things to do in Paris

– Things to be careful of or avoid

Plus many more general tips for first time visitors.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

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Free sports Kindle books for 31 Oct 13

The Front Crawl – The Swimming Technique – How to Train Like a Professional

by Piotr J. Kober

The drills presented in this book are described in such a way that everybody can understand them, do them on their own and achieve better performance.

In order to facilitate learning, drills are divided into chapters in which they are grouped into ones developing similar skills or body parts. However, this division is not very strict, because numerous drills develop many things simultaneously – in such a case these drills are not repeated in subsequent chapters. That is why I encourage you to familiarize with all drills before you choose those you will find most useful:
– Body Position In The Water.
– Feeling The Water (Propellers).
– Work Of Legs.
– Work Of Arms Above The Water.
– Work Of Your Arms Under The Water.
– Breathing.
– Speed
– Helpful Turns And Starts
– Open Waters (Triathlon, Swimming Marathons)
– Endurance
As an interlude between chapters you will find quotations about swimming.

In this book you will find numerous drills which will help you learn more about the front crawl and improve the technique:
– propellers,
– feeling the water,
– a high elbow,
– swimming without any effort,
– breathing,
– open water swimming,
– controlling your speed,
– and more.

In the past it was generally believed that one has to be born with a good technique, but, as we know from the experience of many coaches, the technique is being developed during training. Nowadays, it is a good technique that gives advantage to the best contestants during competitions, when leaders have strength and endurance at the very similar level. It often happens that the difference between contestants during competitions amounts to 2 hundredths of a second. In such a case technical nuances are decisive, for instance the fact that during the finish a contestant is pushing his shoulder excessively forward, hits the wall with stretched fingers and gains a few centimeters in this way.

Nowadays the experience of the best coaches is available not only to the selected professionals – this knowledge may be also used by you. You can also get familiar with these drills. If you improve your technique, you will swim faster using the same or even less effort.

Better performance in swimming can be achieved by adaptation to the water environment. So as to achieve that, we strive to develop our strength, endurance and technique. Water is not a natural environment for a human being, but we are capable of adapting to it.

You’ve got an important decision to make. Do you want to discover how to swim better and faster?

Unlock your potential today by thinking about buying this incredible book.

Yoga for MMA

by Ervin Ruhe Jr.

Yoga For MMA – Takes ConcentrationIf you have not necessarily thought of the two concepts of Yoga and MMA (which is short for mixed martial arts) somehow having a connection, then you are likely not alone. Yoga is a spiritual, mental and physical discipline that has been around for thousands and thousands of years while MMA is a combat sport that has only recently gotten very popular. So how is it possible that these two things are related? Yoga can improve your MMA performance, especially in the ultra-important areas of core strength and flexibility. You know, while MMA is a full-contact sport to be sure, looks can be deceiving. One would think that Yoga–with its delicate movements and emphasis on breathing–is totally useless to the MMA fighter. After all, how can Yoga make said fighter more effective at disabling his opponent?! Yoga actually does this in two, extremely important ways: through building up core strength and also flexibility in the fighter.At first, lots of MMA fighters failed to realize that there was more to their combat sport than just kicking, punching and beating their opponents for the win. Then, as time wore on and as more knowledge developed and ideas were exchanged, more and more MMA fighters started to look at Yoga as a very real and powerful way to improve their fighting skills. Surely, Yoga couldn’t teach MMA fighters about gaining a victory over their opponents with greater effectiveness and deadliness…or could it?The Core of MMA: So just what is core strength, or, rather, what is the core, to begin with? The core is the part of your body that includes your abs and your back; it is basically your trunk or torso, and it is responsible for so many ultra-integral functions that you perform each and every day as a human being and also as an MMA fighter. In essence, your core can be regarded as the vital link between your upper and lower body. If the muscles in your core are weak, your MMA fighting will suffer because your legs and arms will be impaired. As a result, when you move–whether it is to put a submission move on an opponent or try to charge him to knock him off his feet–you will feel that your power and ability are simply drained. However, if your core is strong, you will notice that your stability, power and balance are top-notch, all of which are necessary when you want to neutralize your opponent. With my new Yoga for MMA ebook, I will show you precisely how using Yoga to build up this all-vital part of your body can really help you as you compete in the world of MMA. When people think about MMA fighters, they might wonder why they even have to worry about flexibility. Those people probably associate brute force, punching, kicking and hard takedowns with MMA fighters…and definitely not flexibility. After all, MMA is no ballet, or is it? It actually just so happens that, while MMA is certainly no ballet, the flexibility that ballerinas have is very useful to MMA fighters. Let’s say that an MMA fighter is about to be put into a submission hold or move by his opponent; if he possesses increased flexibility from Yoga practice, he is going to be able to swiftly and efficiently reverse or break the hold. If he does not possess this increased flexibility from Yoga, he is going to be a sitting duck and less likely to escape his opponent’s submission hold or move! Yoga improves a person’s flexibility, including MMA fighter’s.Breathing is good for you!As a Yoga instructor, I know all about how breathing is very important to Yoga. In fact, breathing properly is the basis of many poses and postures that you have to assume when practicing Yoga. From all my experience in this field, it is clear that proper breathing also instills a very high degree of of calmness and confidence in the individual. Then I suggest that that you buy my new Yoga for MMA ebook.

A Collection of Horse Training and Riding Tips, Secrets and Wisdom – Time-Tested Common Sense and Insights From Horse Training Experts (Volume 1)

by Charlie Hicks

A Collection of Horse Training Tips, Secrets and Wisdom – Time-Tested Common Sense and Insights From Horse Training Experts (Volume 1)

Over the past 7+ years I have been writing horse tip emails 3 – 4 times a week with almost no breaks. I have shared these horse tips freely with the thousands of folks that subscribe to my email horse tips at If you haven’t subscribed then I highly encourage you to do so by going to the website.

I get dozens of emails every month from folks who say they love the writings, the stories, and useful horse tips. Quite frankly, it has been these email responses that have kept me writing over the years. To know that thousands of horse lovers out there read, use and enjoy these tips is both a blessing and is somewhat daunting at the same time. It’s fun but also carries a significant responsibility to get things right. I would never purposely lead anyone down the wrong path.

Here’s the thing – I don’t claim, nor do I attempt to position myself, to be a “famous horse trainer or clinician”. But I do have the ability (a gift) to share what I have learned through experience and learning from other professional trainers – especially those who we feature in our videos. I enjoy taking what I have learned from them and sharing it with others through stories using a fun writing style.

Judging from the email responses I get it must be working!

Over the years I have come to respect many well-experienced horse trainers who have shared their expertise with us. There are so many little nuggets of horse training secrets in their videos and interviews that I have to keep going back and watching them just to remind me of what I learned in the past. If you take time to listen closely and watch their methods you can’t help but learn these valuable tips. I promise you, they will help you with your training and understanding of these magnificent animals.

I compare these writings and stories to the time when I would sit on the porch and listen to my father, grandfather and other folks that I respect share their wisdom with me. The pearls of wisdom and insight they had were invaluable. The lessons of life and common sense conveyed through them were priceless. I was blessed to have those opportunities.

Lord knows we could use a lot more common sense in today’s society!

One day in one of my emails I casually mentioned that I should put a “compendium of my horse tips” together and publish it. The response was overwhelming! I thought more about it and started working on it. It has now come to fruition.

This is Volume 1 of these “horse tips emails” and other notes. I have also included some emails I have written for some special occasions. The response to many of these has been huge. I have found that almost everyone responds to events and concerns that affect us all. Things that tug at the heart or that we should be thankful for are read and appreciated by most of my readers – even if the primary interest is about horses.

Over the years I’ve been able to share my thoughts and my heart through these stories and have been privileged to build a trust through them. Folks get to know me and like these writings. They have been able to evaluate me, some after years of reading my writings, for whom I am. Trust is hard to gain, especially over the Internet! I value your trust as you get to know me and hope I never do anything to compromise that trust.

Thanks for reading! Please enjoy this collection of thoughts and insights.

As I always say – enjoy your horsesâ?¦ but please do it safely.

Lord bless,



So let’s get started! Click the Buy Now button and download it right away!

The Streak

by Drew Montgomery

Struggling just to compete after losing the two best players, a baseball team calls up a veteran past his prime and a young man barely out of school to fill in the empty roster spots. But what happens next is more than anyone could have hoped, as the youth invigorates not just the team, but the entire country, as he strives for a record that has held for over 70 years.

The Deadly Art of Iron Palm

by Lee Shilo

The Deadly Iron Palm is ultimately a (power slap) and derives much of its power from simultaneously combining two power generation techniques from the martial arts: torquing/rotation of the hips and the body drop.

These are the engines of the technique; the delivery system is the whipping motion of the arm. The objective is very high hand speed – this explains the similarity to the baseball throw. Most martial artists are familiar with hip rotation as a method of generating power from the large muscle groups of the body – the body drop seems less well known. The body drop is used in the short Deadly Iron Palm punch of Chinese martial arts. An explanation of the body drop is as follows.

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