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by Max Andrew Dubinsky

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Dr. Alfonso Valco

The Hanging Tree: A Novella

by Michael Phillip Cash

Seventeen year old Arielle is at a crossroads in her life. Disenchanted with her father, she is testing the boundaries of his trust by dating someone he does not approve. Under the moonlit sky in Long Island, Arielle and her boyfriend meet beneath the infamous hanging tree. The couple’s destiny is rooted to the five spirits in the tree whose lives and deaths are determined by an ancient curse. Will her future be determined by the past or will Arielle’s choices alter the course of her life?

Black Irish (The Black Irish Chronicles)

by C.S Anderson

Meet Joe Gunn, once a slave to a vampire master he now seeks to redeem his soul by slaying one killer vamp for each victim he delivered to his master. He serves a mysterious order and during a routine mission he stumbles across a vampire conspiracy that reaches into the highest levels of the order he serves…

Forgotten (In The Shadows: Book One)

by Catherine Gardiner

Sycamore Heights, where everyone keeps a deadly secret.

Katrina Harvey has just enrolled into the senior class of Sycamore Heights High along with her foster sister, Jessica Sinclair. Unfortunately Katrina is no ordinary enrollee as ten months previously she was brutally attacked and has been left with amnesia.

Almost a year after those horrific events took place Katrina is being stalked by someone, or something, who doesn’t want her to remember her past and will do anything to keep it that way.

Moving to a new town is never easy, as Suzanne Harvey is well aware, but focused on finding her older sister, Katrina, fate has led her to Sycamore Heights. Now, as Suzanne gets closer to revealing secrets from the past, someone from the present doesn’t like what she could unearth, even if that means they drive her to the brink of insanity to keep the secrets forgotten.

Over the Edge

by Michael Hearing

A new bride and party girl who marries merely to escape her former life. A naïve, solicitous husband who sees no harm in an ordered life. A honeymoon hike on a mountain trail. And a tragic outcome.

Murder, manslaughter, a misunderstanding gone horribly wrong, or sheer accident? Perception is everything, isn’t it? In any case, justice has a strange way of working itself out.

“Over the Edge” is a short story – a psychological thriller and a tale of horror – of approximately 3,700 words.

Excerpt . . .

She stood in the middle of the trail with her back to cliff-edge and the abyss below, her breathing shallow and rapid as her thumbs flew across the buttons on her phone. Her highlighted and feathered blonde hair lifted just perceptibly off her shoulders in the thin mountain breeze, but her mascara remained decidedly unaffected. The text message went like this:

u r the first to know. its done ive taken care of it. idk what comes next but im free now. dont worry about me ill c u soon. im going home now.

The message concluded with an incongruous “LOL.” But Amber was her best friend, and she, of all people, would understand.

Their wedding, to Heather, had been more an inconvenience than anything else. Sure, she had agreed to it, had accepted Josh’s proposal – after nearly two years of his trying to get her to – but mostly as a way out. For she had grown tired of her life – tired of the relentlessly revolving round of parties, the blackouts and hangovers, the awkward fumbling of men, the lack of money, the cramped apartment. So she had accepted.

She had worked with Josh for the past two years at Capital Investments as his administrative assistant. The job paid well, and he had seemed like a good boss in the beginning. But, then, things soon began to change, and his importunities started up. Oh, yes, she remembered all right.

All the other employees seemed to like Joshua Manley and always spoke well of him. But she could tell Рshe knew Рwhat lurked behind that fa̤ade. She could see it in the devouring looks and the stalkerish actions clothed as solicitude, as well as in his attempts to control as evidenced by his many phone calls and unwarranted and unannounced visits to her office. Yeah, she knew Рshe had seen it all before.

She had been at Capital investments barely a month when it started: flowers and cards, candy and balloons, lunch-date offers. Finally one morning, red-faced and stammering, Josh had asked her out on a real date. He delivered the request and then just stood there in her office door, hands in pockets, shuffling his feet and staring at the floor. A sliver of sympathy and embarrassment for him somehow lodged in her heart – but only for a brief moment.

Still, before she knew what she was doing, she had both accepted and dismissed him: “Yeah, sure, whatever.” His head shot up, eyes shining with what co-workers later said was eagerness and joy. But she had seen that lustful light before and knew exactly what it meant.

“Really? I mean – okay great. But really?”

“Yeah, really.” She sighed and lost herself in studying her computer screen.

“Okay, then, great. I’ll pick you up at eight.”


That first date had been, in her estimation, a disaster. Oh, the restaurant was fancier than any she’d ever been in before, and the food and wine were great. And he had been a gentleman in every way, opening doors, taking her coat, pulling out her chair, asking repeatedly if she wanted anything else. But that’s how it always began. Besides, he was just . . . weird.

Later, back at her apartment, she had tried to seduce him. It hadn’t worked, though. He had said he was saving himself and wanted it to be special – whatever the hell that meant. He had just given her a peck on the cheek, smiled weakly, and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” What a coward.

And, too, the more rapacious partners at the firm often took advantage of him. He just smiled that maddening, fatuous smile and

JEZEBEL-A Horror Thriller Novel

by Gordon Kessler

JEZEBELâ??A Horror Thriller Novel

Sleep lightly tonight, America â?¦ JEZEBEL is on the loose!

In Jezebel: a madman has come to town seeking a diabolical revenge and large dogs begin attacking their masters for no apparent reason and with heinous results.

Animal Control Director Tony Parker must find out why and stop the murderous attacks. Meanwhile, Jezebel, a huge black Great Dane has killed her master and is loose, terrorizing the city and stalking Parker and his family. Parker and Sarah Hill, his beautiful and seductive young assistant, attempt to unravel the mystery and stop the terrible carnage while dealing with their own demons and lusty desires.

The attacks must be stopped. Jezebel must be foundâ??and soon, you seeâ??there is one other complication. Parker seems to have come down with an annoying little virus. No, it’s not one of those irritating summer colds. It’s certain death.

She’s a murderess, huge and black as a Hell-bound night.

Beware, Jezebel is on the loose!

* * *
What others are saying about Jezebel:

“Kessler has crafted a compelling and intense novel that grabs you by the throat and won’t let go. His characters are well drawn and complex. You’ll find yourself yelling out loud at them in either fear or frustration. The plot is full of twists and turns that never let you relax.

“Jezebel is definitely a book you will remember. You may also find yourself looking a little nervously at your beloved pet. Is that a smile – or could it be a snarl…? Highly recommended!”â??Nancy L. Mehl “Author” from
* * *
“Kessler is a very strong writer who creates in his first novel an almost palpable moment in time. Disturbing as his subject matter is, he unabashedly writes what he sees with the unblinking eye of a well-trained sniper. All of his characters have redemptive qualities, but are full of the human frailties that the flesh is heir to. The reader finds himself lusting after the nubile Sarah Hill, while simultaneously trying to focus on the fantastic Julie Parker waiting at home, willing himself (and the hero) to make the right choice. Kessler draws you in and forces you to care about his creations even as he rips their world asunder before your very eyes.

“â?¦an excellent first effort and a really enjoyable read. This is definitely a book that will be savored by the adult mystery/crime enthusiast. An author to watch.”â??Jason D. Larche
* * *
“A fine, scary thriller. Gordon Kessler has crafted himself one fine, scary thriller in Jezebel. The fact that this scenario actually could happen made it all the more frightening to me. I couldn’t help but think while reading it what a good movie it would make. All the ingredients are at hand: interesting characters, with non-stop fright and suspense that plays well against the Heartland locale. The prologue alone was enough to make my hair stand on end.

If you enjoy best-selling action/adventure thriller authors like Don Winslow and Clive Cussler, as well as some of the best thrillers in eBooks by indie authors like John Locke and JA Konrath, you’ll love Brainstorm.

* * * * *

NY Times bestselling authors agree about Brainstorm:

“â?¦a wild rideâ?¦kick-assâ?¦will have you thrumming through the pages well into the nightâ?¦handled with stunning effect.”â??James Rollins, author of the thrillers Map of Bones, Black Order, The Doomsday Key, The Devil Colony, Skeleton Key and many more (about Brainstorm).

“â?¦exciting and fast-paced as a thrill ride on a dive bomber, a maelstrom of action, violence, murder and mayhem, way too much fun to put down. Kessler really knows his stuff.”â??Douglas Preston, author of the thrillers Relic, The Codex, Book of the Dead, and many more (about Brainstorm).

Three of Kessler’s best thriller novels in one big eBookâ??check out the Big Three-Thriller Bundle/Box Collection.

Plagued: The Midamerica Zombie Half-Breed Experiment (Plagued States of America)

by Better Hero Army

When Tom, the son of a powerful Senator, becomes stranded in the Plagued States while searching for his lost sister, his only hope of survival rests in the hands of a few grizzled veteran zombie hunters and a mysterious half-breed zombie woman he thinks may know where to find his sister.


by Bruce Elliot Jones


Marty Owens was a writer that needed something to write about. He found it in Kendra, his first wife, a gorgeous, enticing, beautiful young girl who would become AUTUMN WELLES, heroine of Marty’s first novel and an instant best seller.

But Kendra was bipolar. And when she fell into cyclic depression, inevitably, Autumn Welles was lost forever and Marty stopped writing.

Now he’s on the run from Hollywood and Kendra after he’s accused of plagiarism, and he finds himself in the tiny hamlet of Carver, Illinois, looking at the story that could become his next book: the legend of Dire House, a haunted mansion with a reputation for madness that appears, like Brigadoon, once in a blue moon. Can Marty find Dire House and survive it to write his tale?
Or does the local populace plan to trick him into believing he’s trapped in a haunted house, where terrors and ghosts abound and, once inside, no one escapes alive?…

Six Pack o’ Strange Tales

by Michael Faun

“Beautiful, poetic and morbid descriptions weave a tapestry of mind bending weirdness.”

– Jason Wayne Allen, author of “The Rotgut County Blues”

Six Pack o’ Strange Tales collects six stories (four illustrated) that’ll drag you over the hills of Bizarro, drown you in the river of madness, and wash your bloated corpse up on Pulp Horror beach. Are you ready to make the trip?

Also includes a bonus story.

“The Babbitt Farm”: An elderly country bumpkin buys a farm to grow a field of corn, but why does the crop taste so sinister?

“The Strange Case of Frankie Forepaws”: A cat debt-collector’s Boss’ nephew has gone mad. Every claw soon points to one rundown factory carrying a well hidden secret; bound to ruin their corrupt city and turn its citizens insane.

“The King’s Collection”: A stripper with the body of a goddess but the face of a Gremlin, meets a strange man who offers her the vacation of a lifetime…

“The Gold of Molegrave Hollow”: A cursed cemetery! Pesky gophers! An assiduous cemetery keep stumbles upon something he’s been seeking since WWII. Can his pacemaker handle the surprise?

“The Spider Lump”: In a war where giant armadillos are used as war-tanks, two armies’ are standing on the threshold of the final battle for domination. Meanwhile, two hellions trespass an underground excavation in search for strange treasures-unaware their loot will vastly alter the future. Another threat has woken…

“The Deconstruction of Dreamcatching Henry”: A traveling street musician, acclaimed for dreaming up his enthralling songs, flees his motel room in the middle of the night after a violent dispute with the fleabag’s vexed clerk. Gallivanting the desolate streets and harbor, he ends up in a deserted boathouse where he resumes his interrupted sleep. But is it really deserted? Unsettling croaks at the door suggests otherwise…

Vengeance By The Foot

by Adam Light

Grant Stone’s life has been turned upside down. Months ago, his foot was amputated after several months of wound treatments that failed to yield any positive results. Now he is alone and depressed. He wastes away in bed watching reruns, dreaming of when he could walk. One night, hunger gets the better of him and he goes roaming for sustenance, only to find he is not alone in the house. Wheelchair-bound and terrified, he is faced with a menacing terror straight out of a nightmare.


by Bruce Elliot

In his second collection of short fiction, Bruce Jones describes worlds in which things are askew, not quite right: a prostitute falls in love with a werewolf; a man loses his wife on a shopping trip and discovers that he’s lost an entire life; a young girl who cannot speak screams hideously in a fog-enshrouded coastal house when she is forced to take her nightly bath; a businessman discovers his dream life in a sordid little porno shop.

Jones takes us places where most of us would rather not go, given the choice, but you have no choice with Jones’s incredible collection of short stories, comparable to Stephen King in his scope and range, to Shirley Jackson in his understanding of the human (and inhuman) heart.

Roman Dalton – Werewolf PI

by Paul D. Brazill

When a full moon fills the night sky, Private Investigator Roman Dalton becomes a werewolf and prowls The City’s neon and blood soaked streets.

Roman Dalton – Werewolf PI is a short, sharp collection of vivid, interconnected noir/horror stories featuring the werewolf PI and the denizens of The City.

The Punishment Due

by Justin Osborne

Garrett Mosely is facing a long and arduous prison sentence for his unspeakable crimes, but when a strange man pays him a visit in his cell, Garrett is given the chance to cleanse his soul at a terrible and fitting cost.

Green Eggs and Horror

by Pete Nixon

Green Eggs and Horror is an anthology of short horror stories inspired by children’s stories.

The Slave

by Jerry Ayers

This is a Fantasy Horror story of slave owners who happens to capture the wrong African and made him into a slave, which he ended up hunting each and every slave owner.

And Soon The Darkness Falls

by Amy Gerrard

Evil is always out there…..and closer then you think

And Soon The Darkness Falls is a collection of short Dark Thriller/Horror fiction. The book contains ten stories that all have a dark twist.

The book contains such stories as Small Town Vampire, Obsolete, and Touch which deal with vampirism, evil computer systems, and adulterous husbands who get their wish and find that love is not always greener on the other side.

Here is a brief overview:

Small Town Vampire

A young man visits an eminent psychiatrist and confesses that he is a vampire and desperately needs help. But is the psychiatrist as helpful as he seems?


After going on the run for a cold-bloodied murder, Frankie knows that if he is caught then he will face the hangman’s noose. A small, kindly Irish gypsy visits him and offers him the gift of immortality. But is it really a gift?


In the cut-throat world of the corporate companies, people are just numbers and are expendable. A corrupt Director is engineering the complete redundancy of the data processing staff and replacing them with a smaller group.

But his plans soon become a nightmare when the old computer system realises that it is also in line to be ‘laid-off’.

Hippy Trip

It is 1969 and a hippy is on the look-out for a decent supply of LSD. He links up with an old friend who introduces him to a new group that are selling the ultimate high and amazingly cheaply. But what is the true purpose of this group?


He has found true love with his secretary. But there is a problem. he needs to kill his aggressive and domineering wife! But is it really greener on the other side after killing someone?

Fool For Hire

A Hitman is hired to kill a man’s wife which is hard since the killer is having an affair with her. So he decides to kill his client instead. But little does the assassin know that the intended victim has laid a trap for them.

Deadly Road

by Tara Neideffer

What happens when the dead seek their revenge?

After a night out with friends turns bad, Lizzie drives home upset, exhausted, and a little tipsy. She ends up making a terrible mistake that leaves her with a dark, disturbing secret.

She is traumatized by what she’s done and desperately wants to find a way to make amends with her wrong doing. She soon becomes surrounded by an evil she never knew could exist, and finds help from a dying woman in hospice.

This series of events make her realize that everything in life happens for a reason, and sometimes you have to search the darkness for the answers.

Same Dead World

by Jason H. Bryan

In a world where all that’s left is survival, what is the value of living?

William, a lone survivor in a world lost to the zombie apocalypse, is finding out that there is more to life than surviving.


by Edgar R. Slaughter Jr.

Vampires and the dreams of those who would hold the evening-tide in their grasp. Quiet whispers and the edge of twilight inhabit this book along with the desires of the chosen few. Come dance in nighttime melodies and the rapture of the vampire, sing the song of ravens and sparrows alike with this simple offering.


by Brenda Coffman

Escaping his crimes of the past, Jesse Hawkins moves to the sleepy town of Plainville, Kansas. Convinced that he is doing God’s work, Jesse sets out to free good souls by separating them from their earthly bodies. Unbeknownst to the young killer, he has been watched by Nigel Dristol, an ancient vampire that claims the small town as his home. As bodies fall, suspicions rise, and the people of Plainville are starting to catch on. Nigel must decide to kill Jesse, or take the fascinating serial killer under his wing.

Just Do It

by Stuart Connelly

Exercise sometimes means pushing yourself to the limit.

But when Henry Matlock’s high-powered run takes him onto private property, he discovers what his real limits are.

Something is waiting in the woods…

Waiting for prey…

A terrifying short story from the author of HAVEN HOUSE.

Now, for a limited time, featuring an excerpt from Stuart Connelly’s horrific new chiller INDELIBLE.

The Wallflower’s Collapse

by Michael Loring

A night at the club turns to so much more.

Kathryn was looking for a night of fun – for a chance to shed her wallflower ways and finally gain the confidence she’s always desired. Confidence to speak her mind, to dance like the rest of the club, to talk to the extremely attractive guy by the barâ?¦

Encouraged, Kathryn is finally able to speak with the man, and with him comes a night to be rememberedâ?¦

Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Zombie Infection & Other Strange Tales

by Richard A. Powell II

This short story collection offers 9 strange tales, seemingly common on the surface, but all take the reader on a trip down a dark and twisted road.  The characters: maybe your neighbor, your best friend, a co-worker.  The destination: nowhere you’ve been before or can ever come back from without scars.

Table of Contents:
1.  Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Zombie Infection
2.  The Eyes
3.  Failure Rate: 100%
4.  This Year’s Featured Guests
5.  Don’t Mess with the Babysitter
6.  They Smell the Dead
7.  A Neighborly Scourge
8.  My Own Personal Demon
9.  The Sting of Fear

Rabbit’s Feet

by Trista Borgwardt

Tempie is an exceptional high school student with an amazing boyfriend and best friend; a life everyone dreams of having. Living carefree among the sands of Hawaii, she has a compassionate side to rival any other. After a gruesome personal loss, she flees to South Dakota in search of a safe haven.

However, Tempie’s new home is not as she expected. As she settles in, she is intrigued by an alluring stranger and terrorized by a dark and vile fiend. She must fight an emotional internal battle while fighting outwardly with a tenacious enemy.

The Diaper Man

by Vincent Todarello

THE DIAPER MAN is Vincent Todarello’s first installment in his forthcoming collection of short stories inspired by actual events on Long Island.

This heart-pounding tale of terror takes place at an abandoned mental facility, where years earlier a deranged psychopath known as The Diaper Man escaped from the insane asylum one stormy night. Authorities said the lunatic was captured and killed, but the local urban legend is that he still roams the decrepit halls of the old crumbling institution.

When some young kids venture inside for cheap thrills and to shoot a low budget zombie movie, they might be surprised to find that the old tale is true.

The Diaper Man is a straight forward, gory, R-rated hack-and-slash fest in the style of Todarello’s favorite film genre: 1980’s horror.

A true throwback, The Diaper Man pays homage to a time when it was okay to flash pointless, gratuitous nudity on screen, and when it was awesome to anticipate the creative ways the killer chose to dispense his victims. If you like all things scream, then you will love The Diaper Man.

And don’t forget to stay tuned for more short stories in Todarello’s series of Long Island urban legends.

Werewolf Hunting (The Horror Diaries Vol. 11)

by Heather Beck

Missing people, cries in the night, unidentifiable animal tracks…this isn’t your average hunting lodge.

Soul Fire

by Sidney Williams

Gabrielle’s daughter Heaven is beautiful, innocent and having nightmares about her favorite cartoon characters. Maybe they’re just dreams, or maybe something darker is behind the terrors.

To save her daughter, Gabrielle may have to turn to the mysterious man known only as Danube. He’s a traveler. He claims to be a holy man, but can she trust him with her daughter’s soul?

Read the story that became the novel Gnelfs.

Two Tales of Terror

by Kenneth Weene

Two stories that reach into the primordial well of terror. Who among us can laugh at death? Who can hear the strange noises of the night and not hug their blankets just a bit tighter? “Bela” and “Sometimes You Can Hear ’em”: totally different tales, but both hit the human panic button.

Rising Darkness (Ghost House)

by Ken Sellers

Continuing where Ghost House left off, Lance and Kyle Banker set off on all new adventures. Discovering the secret of the church ghost, making morbid discoveries and rescuing their friends from the clutches of supernatural beings, is only in a days work for the two brothers. The boys come across angels, demons, vampires, UFO’s and even Bigfoot, in their quest into the paranormal.

Combining philosophy, theology, humor and plenty of frights, author Ken sellers takes the reader on a thrilling ride into the supernatural!

B-Movie Reels

by Alan Spencer

Off of the screen and out for blood!

Andy Ryerson, a film school graduate, has been hired to write commentary on two dozen cheap, b-horror movies. It seems harmless enough, and he might even enjoy it. But the people in the town around him won’t enjoy it at all when one by one, the films he watches come to life. Andy chose the wrong projector to screen his movies. This one is out for blood. While Andy grumbles about low budgets and poor production values, a hungry butcher, a plague of rotting zombies, demonic vampires, a mallet-toting killer, flesh-eating locusts, and many other terrors descend on the unsuspecting innocent. By the time he realizes what he’s done, the town is teeming with evil, and it’s up to Andy and the few survivors left to stop the celluloid horror he’s unleashed.

Four From Below

by Daniel P. Coffman

Four From Below tells the tales of ordinary people -or so they seem- thrust into extraordinary circumstances:

Ray Deet lives a life of shame. His mother abandons him, and the school bullies single him out for abuse. A chance encounter with a denizen of a world below changes the timid young boy, but are these changes for the better?

Charlie Vos has a scoop. Aging actress Victoria Manwell, his teen fantasy, is now a recluse. She has a tale to tell. But is Charlie ready to hear it?

Alexi Zachas has inherited his grandfather’s mansion, and the hidden lab below. Aided by an eager young assistant, this practitioner of the “sideways sciences” hopes to turn back the clock on the human body.

Apri Saluzar has a problem. Several problems, in fact: a domineering mother, insomnia, an unsatisfying job. Oh, and the occasional body part appearing in her home.

Night Terrors

by Calum S. Forbes

Connor is a low level supervisor in a local pub. When a terrible accident brings back a ghost from his past, his whole life spirals out of control. Suddenly he finds himself the target of a demonic being, hell-bent on destroying him. Can he stop the terrifying Stalker before he is driven to madness.


by R.J. Spears

Jason, a down on his luck freelance photographer, comes across an extremely rare antique camera at an auction and knows he must have it. It is the camera of his dreams but he would never have suspected that this same camera would turn his life into a nightmare.

Within days his luck turns around as he captures world class shots of disasters, both big and small. But he begins to suspect that there is something wrong with the camera. Something unnatural. Something very, very dangerous.

R.J. Spears is an award winning author whose stories have appeared online at A Twist of Noir, Shotgun Honey, Flashes in the Dark, and The Horror Zine. His novella, Forget the Alamo, reached #55 on Amazon’s Free Horror Bestseller list.

For the Love of Yellow Biscuits

by David Hunter

Only a few people in the town of Winder,
mostly children, take seriously, a rumor
that a terrorfying something roams the
woods and streets at night looking for
human flesh to devour. But a few more
minds open up after a local family seems
to mysteriously disappear. On their way
to buy the main ingredient for a family
favorite their mom plans to cook for their
supper, three brothers encounter what
may very well be a beast dismissed as

Burning the Midnight Oil

by Tiffany Brooks

A series of short stories meant to chill your bones. The supernatural is certainly scary but sometimes the real world holds greater terrors. Read along in tales that showcase both the horrors of fiction and the dangers of the human mind.

Still Life

by Peter O’Brien

WARNING: This story contains graphic violence and may not be suitable for all readers.

It begins and ends with a flash. Wyatt, a struggling artist, is experimenting with new forms of expression while trying to find his niche. Through a series of misfortunes he develops a unique style and approach to his craft. However, with success comes the pressure to top his previous work, which starts to lead him down a dark path.

Prey For The Vampire

by Michael Burnside

In the country town of Gowan during the later half of the 19th Century, Christopher Hoggons, a retired doctor from London, visits his nephew, Richard; the new police sergeant of the town. However, Richard has not been finding his new role quite as easy as he hoped.

Slaughtered farm animals, missing daughters and a horrific murder have all lead the town’s folk to doubt Richard’s ability as sergeant. Suspicious minds and town gossip also point to the Baron, recently returned from travels in Eastern Europe. Could it be a man, like a Baron is responsible for the torment of Gowan?

A Hammer inspired gothic horror novella from Michael Burnside

They Only Come Out at Night

by F. Kearney

Terror reigns deep beneath the streets of New York City. The subway system is plagued by a series of unsolved, bizarre and particularly gruesome murders. A young man is found in a Brooklyn station with his heart crudely ripped out of his chest. The headless body of a conductor is discovered inside the locked cab of a Number 6 train in lower Manhattan. Authorities blame these, as well as several other equally macabre crimes, on the city’s growing, and increasingly aggressive homeless population.

Melissa Manning, however, isn’t buying that explanation.

Having experienced a personal tragedy in the subway years ago, Melissa is definitely no stranger to the violence that can occur underground…but this is different. Weeks before the first murder was even committed, she’s had an unsettling feeling that something horrifying was lurking within the sprawling transportation system. Many nights when traveling alone, and walking along a quiet stretch of platform, she hears an eerie scraping sound in the distance, and has an overwhelming fear that someone – or something – is watching her. When the murders begin, and when a dark, faceless figure follows her home from the subway one night, she’s convinced that this is something far more insidious and frightening than mere random acts of violence. Not only can she feel the presence of an evil entity…she knows it’s just a matter of time before it comes after her.


by Deb Harris

The full October moon: a time of mystery, a time when the veil between the worlds thins and they come into the garden to dance, to feast â?¦ to eat.

Dead Water

by Scott M. Baker

When the crew of an oil platform off the Virginia coast rescue a survivor from a lifeboat adrift at sea, they inadvertently release a zombie virus aboard their rig. As the crew is rapidly transformed into the living dead, the captain must find a way to stop the infection before it can spread to shore, even if that means sacrificing those on board.

The Void

by Marta Moran Bishop

The Void, the first true paranormal short story written by Marta Moran Bishop, is reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock or the Twilight Zone of later days.

It will take you deep into the mind and heart of someone either living through a serious mental illness or something mysterious and dangerous resides in the void.

Many years before, Altori and her sister Helen moved into the village. Last year during the night of no moon Helen went out into the void and nearly died. A terrible disease spread through her body. She ran away to escape the possibility of death at the hands of the frightened villagers.

Will Altori survive the void and find her sister? Did Helen ever exist or is Altori suffering from a mental illness?


by Edgar R. Slaughter Jr.

Future encounters with the soul of adventure and the turns the dream may take. Imagine a world where the inhabitants of the world are no longer among the living yet undead. Imagine worlds in utopian seas of contrasting night and day, forever night on one side and the eternal daylight on the other. Imagine a thrill ride that will take you to the edge of the horizon and back. 2068 is all of that and more.

The Boundries Near The Edge

by Edgar R. Slaughter Jr.

The end of the world or perhaps a new begining, what will our futures bring. The catastrophies of modern civilazation, threat of nuclear war or great plagues that sweep the countryside, will we experience a utopia in the final outcome or will the struggle continue on if it continues at all. These stories will take you over the boundries of what is and what might be the end outcome for man.

By Wolves Devoured

by Farzana Moon

A schizophrenic experience of a lifetime where horror expands at every step when animals begin to talk, betraying as well as safeguarding.

Demons and Scarecrows

by Edgar R. Slaughter Jr.

The retribution of two solitary figures exacting a justice on the population of a country town and the daring hunger of a screaming demon inhabit this world of fear and suspence. Imagine the shadows at twilight then imagine the suns rays streaming through to illuminate the moon at night, a fantastic journey into the realms of the unknown and the land of the impossible.

Doctor’s Orders

by Jason Hirth

Revenge becomes a curse when a man loses everything he loved in life, now he lives in regret and fear of what is waiting for him.

Midnight Seasons

by Ron W. Koppelberger Jr.

The winter frost is here and the trees are tall shadows in the cool sunshine. The seasons are alive with the sounds and sights of the otherworldly and the lost. Ahead to Summer and all the tide that it brings, flowers and springtime love gone ancient with the ringing of infinity bells, horror at it’s best and most frightening

Monsters In The Wild

by Edgar R. Slaughter Jr.

Imagine the darkest creature from beyond persuing a weary traveler, where does it come from……beyond space and time….it has been waiting. The stories contained in this book will make the short hairs on your neck stand on end. A thrill ride a minute. Surreal at it’s best. Monsters,monsters,monsters.

The Pool Boy

by Henrietta Mitchell

Wanting to be more than society expects him to be, Jackson set out on a journey of a lifetime, only to be trapped in place he had never heard of, Boomtown. Now, so close to achieving his dreams, Jackson discovers a new love in his life, but how much is he willing to sacrifice for her? Join Jackson as he steps into a world he never knew existed, a nightmarish place filled with danger, one where love is his only salvation, a saving grace that could also be the end of him.

Shorts for a Cause: The authors of this short story will be donating a percentage of their royalties ( at least 20 cents per copy sold) to the charity of their choice, for all eternity…


by Salvatore Buttaci

Detective Luke Larsen of the Fresno Police Department is in charge of solving the Anniversary Case. On the loose is a ritual serial killer who has murdered three men, one victim each October, and then leaves their headless bodies to be found outdoors at various tourist areas in the city. This October, however, is different: three headless men are found. Larsen, an enigmatic man with a long blond ponytail, has a suspect in mind. Meanwhile, some fellow detectives believe the killer is Larsen himself.

Small White Room

by Lauren Jefferson

Daryl Cobb awakes to find that he’s trapped in a white room with no windows and only one door to the outside world. With no explanation as to how he got here or why, he must deal with bizarre happenings as they’re literally handed to him by an unseen, white-gloved host.

‘Small White Room’ follows a man and his surrealist captivity… but is it the room holding him hostage or something more?

So what really happened last month?

by Philip Harris

Something evil lurks in the mist of the Kennebec River in Hallowell, Maine. Evans escaped but had his head blown apart as he dove into the river. They assumed he was dead. But what is animating the Halloween manikins that decorate Main Street? What, or who, is the mist searching for?


by Roland Allnach

With “Soulmates”, award winning author Roland Allnach offers the surreal tale of a shut-in who learns that feeding his inner self is far more involved, and far more revealing, than he could possibly imagine. Snack on this bizarre tale of inverted relationships for a creepy Halloween treat or any time you feel the need to scream.

Thinking Out of the Box

by Patrick Lafferty

When you have no idea what’s going on, the things that you image can sometimes be worse than what’s actually happening. But sometimes they’re not.


Tommy Rotten – A Halloween Tale

by Adam Light

Tommy Rotten lies immersed in a billowing blanket of fog, wringing his cold hands in elated anticipation. He is optimistic that this year someone will finally come. He fantasizes about the potential candidates that will come tromping through the neighborhood, roaming the night in their delightfully hideous homages to the serial killers and demons and ghouls – normally inhabitants of their nightmares – but tonight, Halloween, brings them endless delight.

A Waking Dream

by Edgar R. Slaughter Jr.

Imagine a host of illusions and images that come to life from……..from what? The Dead and the not quite so dead…..these are the dreams, some waking and some more akin to nightmares of several very select charecters. A hotel that defines the spirits of the lost and murdered, a dream of confrontation that goes on and on and the musings of the deceased. If illusion and ghosts and lost souls interest you then you will find this fare delicious.

The Wandering Man

by Trevor Hallam

The old fool only wanted to protect his niece from the evil entity trying to inhabit her but when she was lost to him after an altercation with police, he became a wanderer of Purgatory, haunted by the past, tormented by beasts and plagued by demonic insights of a doomed civilization.

White Belt

by Faye McCray

A young college student ditched by her boyfriend braves ground zero of the zombie apocalypse in BCBG platform wedges and a sundress.

Look for Yellow Belt, the next story in the four-part series in January 2014!

Emily’s War (Vampire Emily)

by Jamie Taylor-Thompson

“I’m going to break the biggest taboo for vampires- killing my makers. Too much has been taken from me, my only desire now is revenge!”

As the first to be turned in centuries, Emily needs to be strong for the inevitable war between the Lycans and Witches, now that the curse has been broken. The gruelling training sessions show that her vampire guardians are scared. But that’s not the battle she is preparing for.


by Erik Steen

A tattoo covered, dread-lock haired lunatic bursts into a church begging for an exorcist. What follows is a sordid tale of human sacrifice, demonic possession and the stalking of Satan’s enforcer, the werewolf.

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