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Poems ~ Poemas Marai

by Sandor lsg Marai

Bilingual Edition: Poems with translations.

Edición Bilingüe: Poemas con traducciones.

Poems ~ Poemas Márai represents three decades of poetic writing. This ballet between English and Spanish is a bilingual odyssey into the philosophical and emotional terrain of a human heart. You’ll find a bilingual poet’s fantasies. Poetic fantasies that embrace lust, seduction, the Gothic, society, politics, death, love & other themes.

Poems ~ Poemas Márai representa tres décadas de producción poética. Este ballet entre el inglés y el español es una odisea bilingüe hacia el terreno filosófico y emocional de un corazón humano. Encontrará las fantasías de un poeta bilingüe. Fantasías poéticas que abarcan la lujuria, la seducción, lo gótico, la sociedad, la política, la muerte, el amor y otros temas.

A Walk through Loneliness

by Jason Nakonsky

A Walk through Loneliness is a direct conduit to the poet. Through almost simplicity each poem ties itself throughout the book, giving more depth of meaning to such an easy read.

Inside the Faerie Ring: Poetry by MercyRain

by MercyRain

This collection was originally a chapbook my wife and I printed and produced out of the home for distribution as I performed in the spoken word scene in South Central Pennsylvania. It seems like a fitting entry into the digital marketplace. Some of the poems included have been previously published elsewhere and others made their first appearance in the chapbook. The general theme of the collection delves into animistic and pagan mythology without adhering to any particular orthodoxy; really just spirits and love and death, and what more is there? Thank you and enjoy!

Love Lost…and Found

by Marcia Ohlman-Cox

What is a poem but a song of the soul – a cry of loss, a sigh of love, a whisper of passion – for love is what we are all seekingâ?¦.and this is my offering of my own cries, signs and whispers of love, sweet love. I have losses but when I find love all those are erased. All who enter this book should be aware as you will find love in all its guises.

Educational, Spiritual and Healing Poems

by Jerry Ayers

Relax and let each poem take you into a different world. You’re guaranteed to come back with more wisdom, confidence and appreciation.


by j a

This is a poem that defines Tupac influences on the authors lifestyle. A poem truly inspired by Tupac Shakur. The author talks about how he was affected by Tupac’s music and poetry to better educate himself for his journey of successfulness. As he explains how every aspect of Pac’s qualities helped him shape his personality and become a better person. This is by far the best poem ever dedicated to the life of Tupac Shakur. After you read this book you will have new and more respect for the legend. It’s almost like a movie in a book; it’s that good.

All monies sold by this book will be donated to the TASF (Tupac Amari Shakur Foundation).

Whisperings of Loving You (Volumes of Love Series)

by Dennis Tyrrell

Now available, for the first time on Kindle is a truly unique collection of romantic love poetry, which is both inspiring and satisfying. Exquisitely written to bring pleasure and joy to romantics old and young alike, his intriguing collection of contemporary love poetry is pure beauty in words. Written by a man for not only women, but for men. Written for singles, couples for courting, marriage, renewal of marriage or vows. Enjoy this book as a gift for yourself or others and say what you always wanted to say in the book of words of love. If you loved â??Midnight Wishes and Love’s Kisses”, Volume 1 in the Volumes of Love series, then “Whisperings of Loving You”, Volume 2, will be a natural. This is neat poetry that expresses the beauty of this world even in the troubling times that we currently live in.

Love Poems

by Jerry Ayers

This is the greatest love poems ever written. Dive deep into the love pool of literature.

The Stupid Nerdy Notebook Vol 1

by Chris Garrett

Everyone has a STUPID NERDY NOTEBOOK in some shape or form. Something you use as outlet to express your feelings whether you want to kiss somebody or throw them out of a third story window. And when life isn’t fair and no one wants to hear your take on it you find that one way to get it out of your system.This is the poetic story of the struggles of a punk/hardcore/emo loving teenager dealing with the unfortunate events of life. Tall tales of parent problems,heartbreak, and everything in between.

A Far Off Place: A Collection of Poetry

by James D. Maxon

A collection of poetry by storybook author, James D. Maxon. Heavily influenced by Christian themes, James takes readers across the timeline of his life. From High school to early adulthood, experience the struggles and joys while journeying for the meaning of truth and life.

Mechanical Dye

by Edgar Slaughter

This is a book of poetry designed for the lover of experimental and surreal work. Imagine the mechanics of ancient lore working to fullfill your minds eye with the musings of a generation, an epoch, a century of phantasmic dreams and vivid illusion. Poetry for the spirit and foo for thought, this collection of poetry will inspire you to think and wonder about the world around you and the way it operates.

The Stupid Nerdy Notebook Vol:2

by Chris Garrett

Every cheesy horror movie has a sequel

And I just said “To hell with making a movie! Let’s just put together another book!! YEAH!” So here we are with another Fist pumping! Heart Breaking! Tear Jerking! And eye opening volume of THE STUPID NERDY NOTEBOOK!! VOL: 2 to be exact. We all have some tough issues and events that occur in our lives and sometimes have a really hard time dealing with this life changing beast when we encounter it. And I did just that and my weapon against all odds were a pen and paper.

An Ouroboros Poem

by James Daugherty

A collection short of thirtheen poems that seem to be emotional observant, focusing more what happens internally then externally. While they may carry different meaning by several different ways (namely free verse, enjambment, Rhyming and abruptly switching in-between styles) I sincerely hope that you will enjoy them.

The Darkest Light

by Trista Borgwardt

This is a collection of sixteen poems written over the last fifteen years. It is an insight into some of the feelings that I have gone through or some of the thoughts that have inspired me. It is also a portrayal of what others may have been feeling or experiencing around me. It is a compilation of a vast range of emotions from happiness to sadness, and from places I have traveled to my experience in college. Each poem was inspired by a unique situation or person in my life.

Hope as Real as Santa

by Lynn East

A series of poems for the hurting, to let you know that you’re not alone.

Meeting with Christ and Other Poems

by deepak chaswal

Poetry book – ‘Meeting with Christ and Other Poems’ is written by internationally renowned poet Deepak Chaswal. His poetry has been widely appreciated by eminent poets, critics and poetry lovers around the globe.

Prof. Hugh Fox (Professor Emeritus of Michigan State University, archaeologist, editor, writer, and iconic poet of international fame) has liked and appreciated this book in these words:
“One of the deepest, widest, most universal poetry books ever written about individual spirituality in a world-wide context. And Chaswal has the single most original view of Christianity in all its totality and specifics of anyone else on the contemporary scene. What he wants is individual sanity, salvation, an escape from the depravities of the modern world into an ancient oneness with the universe, a kind of reworking of human spirituality, so that it really functions and Man as such can glide into, drift into individual completeness. Christ isn’t someone distant for Chaswal but someone he goes to Jerusalem to meet and converse with, all about a return to essential humanity. He hates greed, selfishness, in a sense the whole mechanical-cybernetic drifting of the modern world into a flow that is turning humankind into something minor and self-involved that it was never intended to be. Chaswal identifies with blacks, whites, Indians in India, Americans….you name it, he identifies with it. Universalism at its most universal. You read his poetry and you go through a kind of spiritual renewal. One of, perhaps, THE most spiritually renewing poet on the contemporary scene. WONDERFUL WORK! I really loved it.”

In the words of Candice James, Poet Laureate, New Westminster, BC CANADA :
“Deepak Chaswal is a master of words and weaves them into an intricate pattern that indelibly imprints the mind. His poem, “Man”, tells succinctly the story of our existence from cradle to grave. In “Day of Judgement” Chaswal’s poetry wanders the bleak alleyways of ignorance, atrocity, and man’s inhumanity to man. He then leads us from the paths of iniquity into a gentle serenity with his musing in his poem “Joy”. Deepak Chaswal bares his soul to bleed onto every page that you may be further enriched for reading it.”

Felix Nicolau (prolific poet, novelist, critic and Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at “Hyperion” University of Bucharest, Romania, where he is the Dean of Faculty of Letters and Foreign Languages) observes:
“Now and again Christ pops up before our eyes – bearer of intense messages. But when He emerges in front of the Poet there’ll be some mind-twisting revelation for sure. Deepak Chaswal regretfully conjures apocalypse and playfully takes snapshots of voracious appearances. His art can’t sit legs crossed and contemplate ivory towers. Every verse in this book testifies for or against something, proving the intellectual and political charge of contemporary poetry. Then, the details and frailties of a world in turmoil are cunningly surprised by the poet. Such an art refutes the confined vision of Cyclops and energetically assumes the thousand-eyed body of Argus. More than ever, the poet is a seer, full of experience and innocence in the same time.”

Philip Ellis , a freelance critic, poet and scholar from Australia comments:
“The poetry of Deepak Chaswal’s Meeting with Christ and Other Poems invokes the exterior world in language both spiritual and secular, so that the world becomes something newer and stranger than what it was in the past. It is also a melange of images and motifs which appear, disappear and reappear throughout this collection, and it is a body of work unique to his life experiences and his worldview. It is a poetry where the tropes of Western religion, such as Christ and angels, encounter Chaswal’s eastern milieu and are transformed, made, again, strange. The result of all this is a verbal and formal richness, using rhyme and free verse alike in its dexterity, and poems that are both distinctive.

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