Free war Kindle books for 31 Oct 13

Franklin Loves Lucy (Historical Romance Story)

by Mary Matthews

“Franklin finds me standing at my desk. Standing behind me, he whispers, “Lovely Lucy,” and his hands meet around my waist.

“You’re a thin girl.”

“Some would say I’m in reduced circumstances. I like to think of it as reducing circumstances.”

Lucy Mercer fell on hard times when her family lost their money. She took a job as Eleanor Roosevelt’s social secretary. Told from Lucy’s perspective, Franklin Loves Lucy is the story of a relationship that began when Franklin Roosevelt was Assistant Secretary of the Navy and ended when he was President and took his last breath with Lucy by his side.

“Never, ever did I feel more desired than I did during the hot summer days and nights with him. Our glorious existential world. Everyone deserves one great affair in their lives. Franklin was mine.”

The Beginning of The End (The Patriotic Tales of Jeremiah Goodwin)

by Preston Mullins

A thrilling adventure filled with action, tragedy, and suspense. Follow Jeremiah Goodwin, a boy who was one of many that experienced the downfall of the American National security. He’s just an ordinary kid with a nice family and a good life. One day it all changed for everyone. No more normal life or normal routine. All that’s left is all that could survive. In order to survive under these circumstances you have to be able to hide, listen, and stick together. Jeremiah soon realizes in order to keep him and his family alive they must find others like them. Then they must train and they must have they same motivation as each other. The only way to survive is to take back what’s theirs. See if he can pull threw the tough firefights and outrun and outsmart the ruthless power that overtook his home. Find out if he has what it takes to stay alive and change with the times as him and his family struggle to survive.

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