Free science fiction Kindle books for 31 Oct 13

Eden’s Warriors (A Distant Eden)

by Lloyd Tackitt

Four years after a massive solar storm knocked out the world’s power grids Adrian Hunter is off on another adventure. He has heard that the US Navy may have docked some ships at Corpus Christi, so he saddles up and heads that way.

Before he gets there he unintentionally rescures several girls, and has no idea how to get rid of them, so he does what comes naturally and trains them in hunting and combat proficiency – turning them into a tough and deadly fighting unit.

But his troubles aren’t over. He quickly finds himself leading a group of Texas volunteers against a much larger invading army from Mexico.

Nine-Tenths (English)

by Meira Pentermann

Leonard Tramer and his family live in Colorado, trapped behind the walls of a totalitarian state. Dedicated to one another and determined to find the free world, they plan an escape which defies the odds and deceives their tyrannical government.

Emerging at a time when personal liberties and Internet privacy are slowly eroding, NINE-TENTHS offers a window into a dysfunctional society, while celebrating the resiliency of the human spirit and the natural urge to resist oppression.


by Reasor Matlock

Two civilizations clash in a technologically advanced Ancient Earth. Locked in battle and stalemated throughout recorded human history, fate selects a rag-tag group of unlikely heroes to settle the world’s oldest and most dangerous conflict.

From Pangaea to present-day; from the mist of Oregon to the dust of the moon, Canash is a non-stop thriller that will leave you aching for more!

Silent Intrusion Book 1 – Breaker

by Adam Gillrie

Breaker is terrible at his job. He’s the aide of one of the most influential Generals in the U.S. Military. Within the first few weeks he’s failed at almost every task he’s been given. So when the General announces that Breaker will be in charge of unraveling one of the greatest mysteries in U.S. history no one is more shocked than Breaker.

Something or someone is taking people. Thousands have disappeared without a trace never to be seen again. It’s up to Breaker to find out why they are being taken and how to stop it from happening.

I Zombie I

by Jack Wallen

“A terrific, nail biting, page turner: I finished this book in one sitting. Smart in its plausibility, I Zombie I is not only a great work of sheer horror-entertainment (while often poking some wicked fun at the very genre of zombie fiction), Wallen manages to, amidst the chaos, gore, and rapid fire suspense — throw some honest philosophical food for thought into the novel regarding the very nature of humanity and how fragile that thing that makes us *us* actually is.” — M. Frastley (San Francisco, CA)

“Jack is a brilliant writer and he can make your head spin with his storytelling wiles. Jack tells us his take on Zombies without the feeling like we are being slammed by yet another Zombie book or movie.” — Albert Robbins III

All he wanted was a Pulitzer.

It took only one bite for journalist Jacob Plummer to find the story of a life time — his own downward spiral into the zombie abyss.

As Jacob slowly transforms into one of the undead, he discovers a truth that could spare the world from extinction.

While Jacob struggles to reveal the conspiracy behind the virus, he must fight off his own inner zombie and the undead masses to save the human race, the woman he loves, and a planet ripped apart by the Mengele Virus.

The Last Zombie

by R.J. Spears

The Last Zombie

A zombie short story

From the Author of Sanctuary from the Dead

Five decades ago, a deadly virus spread across the earth, causing the dead to rise and attack the living. Humanity fought back and won, but at great cost. Public sentiment called for the eradication of the undead and they were exterminated.

All but one. Scientist secretly called for that last specimen to be protected for research, but one person doesn’t want that specimen around any longer.


R.J. Spears is the author of the novel, Sanctuary from the Dead, and the zombie series, Forget the Zombies, which includes the 4.5 star rated, Forget the Alamo, and its sequel, Forget Texas.

Crows Hill (The Dark Seeds)

by LM Fields

Freedom burns in the chained minds of Newmerica 2031; a storm gathers power as the pieces are set in motion. The Grand Order Illuminatis with their New World Order has control of the kingdoms and its people, but the Book of Revelations is not playing out exactly as the masters had planned the moment Adina Sokolov, a twin from one of the last remaining bloodlines, finds the courage to fight for her life. She was sold to the asylum just beyond Crows Hill, but unlike the others, she dares to trust in a most unlikely character to escape, and faces the hellish secrets within the walls of the building, releasing a darkness from its depths that could devour her very soul. The Dark Seeds is a SciFi-Horror novella series seasoned with Steampunk for flavor. Feed your need with all five books but be warned, they get darker the deeper you go.

Chet & Floyd vs. The Apocalypse: Volume 1

by Justin Hunter

Welcome to the darkest of comedies.
Chet & Floyd vs. the Apocalypse: Volume 1 is a tribute to the anti-hero. This lightning paced, ultra-violent novel will find and tickle the blackest part of your funny bone. The big death has brought the end of most of the life on earth. The planet is like the mortally wounded, limping along as it bleeds out. Every day is colder than the last. There is no food. The humans that were spared from death’s swath are now roaming the earth, starving and decadent. Cannibalism and Nihilism rule. This was the time of Chet and Floyd.
Plunging across the apocalyptic landscape in their 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle, Chet and Floyd navigate their way through this new world. Chet, who starts the novel with ten fingers but won’t keep them all by the end of the story, is obsessed with finding morality in an environment which is anything but. Floyd is his stoic voice of reason, which isn’t saying much in a world where there isn’t any reason at all.

The Dragonfly Door

by Margaret Millmore

The Dragonfly Door

A Science Fiction Time Travel Thriller

Most people would envy Frank Mann for living off a trust fund in beautiful San Francisco. But Frank was directionless and spiraling downward – lonely, drinking heavily, getting into brawls. He was sitting at a bar when above the gleaming bottles he first glimpsed the thing that would change his life forever.

“It was the largest dragonfly I’d ever seen. Its wings were silver and its body a luminescent blue-green, almost metallic. I swear it was looking right at me.”

But it wasn’t looking at him. It was looking for him. Because it wasn’t a dragonfly at all, it was a door into the future. And it was sent to find Frank Mann for one specific reason: because only he could save mankind from extinction.

A century from now, the world seems cleansed of pollution, relieved of conflict, liberated from want. Earth appears lush and beautiful, a renewed Eden. But there’s trouble in paradiseâ?? a deadly virus that is destroying all of earth’s agriculture. Unleashed in our time, its catastrophic power only emerges a century from now. And to create an antidote, the scientists of tomorrow must obtain a sample of the virus from today. That’s where Frank Mann comes in.

However, success will not be as easy as stepping through the dragonfly door. An evil future sect will try to thwart him. The time travel device itself could fail and strand him, and unnerving encounters with his own future wife and their great-great-grandchildren might skew history altogether. Frank just wanted something to live for – something a little more modest than saving humanity. But that’s what the future asked of him and now it’s time to answer the call.

About The Author of the Science Fiction Time Travel Thriller, The Dragonfly Door.

A Southern California native and sci fi fantasy enthusiast, Margaret moved to San Francisco in 1991 and currently resides there with her husband and two cats. Reading is her addiction. As a child, she had an active imagination and often made up stories that she only told to herself. After ending a successful career, she found herself with the time to pursue those stories, and the floodgates opened. She loves just about every kind of story. Throw in some science fiction fantasy, supernatural, and/or paranormal overtones and she’s in heaven.

Margaret is the grandniece of Irish author Benedict Kiely and the second cousin of Irish author Sharon Owens. Current published works are: Doppelganger Experiment (a paranormal science fiction thriller – World Castle Publishing, September 2011) and The Four Series – Book I, II and III (sci fi fantasy suspense – World Castle Publishing 2012/13).

Sharon of Two Salems

by Alan Hanscom

A 30-something woman who sees her life is headed down the path of always being alone tries to turn her circumstances around. In the conservative, southern town she lives in â?¦ Salem, Virginia â?¦ she keeps to herself what she thinks is her crazy wish for supernatural powers. At the same time, she’s made some progress in the real world, with the help of a therapist. Nonetheless, she can’t stop her imagination from running wild with what she could do in the blink of an eye to improve her existence. No one’s more surprised than her, however, when she calls a bolt of blue lightning down out of the sky and a giant object that looks like a porcupine fish appears above the mountain near her home.

Convinced that she’s a witch and that her conservative aunt and church members will soon figure it out, she quietly moves to Salem, Massachusetts. Her reasoning is that if her secret becomes known, she’ll at least be safer in a city already populated by modern-day witches.

She remains puzzled over the thing in the sky near her old house. Why were there lights all over it? She wonders if others were involved.

The Science Fiction Story as Life Metaphor

by Philip Shropshire

Just your everyday vanilla science fictional tale of thwarted interacial love and cool cyberspaces. Plus some embarrassing sex scenes. Could be called recursive meta-fiction in that there are stories within the story. Here’s an admission: Some things in the purely science fictional parts of the story actually happened. Here’s an excerpt:

Life Story as Science Fiction Metaphor

By Fhip Shire

Born in the info brothels of the Pittsburgh South Side, Pif Hires tried his best to live his lives. His was the photon networked life of the warring Catholic Jihad Memes, the airborne propaganda aural worms, self replicating hermaphrodite sex clones, and where Identity meant being several people with several different sexes on the net all the time, Yet: Pif Hires wondered aloud here in 2049: How do you stop that hurting feeling? If the quadsexual Telf Chris Group Mind rejects your love, then what meaning does life have?

Apocalyptic Visions, a novelette plus two short stories.

by Dan Baram

Apocalyptic Visions is a collection of three stories that explore various realities associated with the theme of the “apocalypse”.          
THE FINAL RAYS OF THE SUN is a novella about a world in which the sun is dying, and the last of the great Earth ships has taken off to save humanity. The story however doesn’t focus on the ships but rather the people left behind. The protagonist, Ian Small lives in Hawaii and since he was a child he was told that the world would end. To him this is normal, just a simple fact of life that he had to accept, but everything changes when a man name Natiri mysteriously shows up and soon after he arrives, strange giant silver balls magically appear at various points around the island.                                                              TIME is the story of two lovers that have endured eternity together, but one of them is losing his memories. How do you say goodbye to someone you have shared your entire existence with? What will become of the world once one of us is gone? These are just a few of the questions that TIME seeks to explore.                                                                                                                       A MAN NAMED SAMUEL M. POET is the story of a young Hollywood star that meets a man named Samuel M. Poet. Samuel can see into the future and he tells our young star that the human race is coming to an end. But all is not lost. Samuel also shares with him that he alone holds the key to saving humanity, but when he learns the price he must pay to become the messiah, our savior to be has second thoughts. 

Emerald Tears (The Sav’ine Guard)

by Stacy Bender

When club and gambling hall owner, Emerald, meets a mysterious woman with an emerald tear tattoo, he suspects her appearance has something to do with the reoccurring nightmare of his own death. Emerald’s relationship with Grym develops, and he begins to remember a strange world that is his . . .but not his.

As barriers crumble between worlds, Emerald and Grym struggle to save their worlds as a corporate/political battle rages.

Set in the Art Deco era of the 1930s, Emerald Tears is a mixture of science fiction, mystery, history, action, and a touch of romance written in pulp fiction style.

Emerald Tears is the first novel in Stacy Bender’s Sav’ine Guard series and introduces the elite unit of corporate soldiers who protect the interest of the companies they serve.

Look for more books like Emerald Tears at Word Branch Publishing:

Erebus: Book 1

by Curtis Bastian

When Earth was devastated by an alien attack, the human race rebuilt using resources from throughout the solar system. In the process, the colonists to the moons Europa and Enceladus were genetically altered to live on these ice worlds. After centuries of exploitation, they declare themselves independent.

The Industrial Computer Consortium, wanting to maintain their control, sends in a mercenary crew to take back a secret facility. What they discover there is beyond anything they imagined.

Spoiled Lunch and Other Creepy Tales

by A.E. Hodge

In this collection of 8 short stories, a hungry child in a post-apocalyptic wasteland seeks shelter in the wrong place (The Rollerboard); a school boy in a dystopian future plagued by deadly pests learns to follow the rules the hard way (Spoiled Lunch); a ghost refuses to leave her beloved house (The Agoraphobe); a heroin addict finds himself trapped in a locker room with his own talking tapeworm (In the White Room); two men on a hunting trip have a personal encounter with the supernatural (The Hunters); a drug runner hits a creature on the road and finds himself pursued by it (The Accident); a test subject in a secret government program learns the true meaning of his migraines (The Migraine); and a girl tries to rid her family’s house of a ghost with disastrous consequences (Sold As Is).

Featuring everything from spirits and aliens to cannibals and psychics, this set is sure to disturb and delight the most hardcore fans of horror and dark science fiction.

The only question is–can you read it without spoiling your lunch?

Stories range from 2000 to 8000 words in length. The full collection is 35,000 words (approximately 130 manuscript pages). Illustrated by A.E. Hodge.

Rating: PG-13. Adult language, drug use, violent content and disturbing imagery.

Beach Front Gold Rush

by John Warren Self

Beach Front Gold Rush

Book Description; Mark and Tom entered a restaurant for lunch. A certified financial planner was setting up an investment lunch meeting there. He wanted to impress a larger crowd with his spiel. “Hello gentlemen, I would be happy to include you on my lunch bill if you would sit with us.”
They moved for the free lunch. Then Dan Peterson, a close friend to Mark, came in the place seeing them. “Tommy and Mark, hi.”
“Hey kid, sit here with us,” Tommy replied.
“This investment guy will pay for your lunch just for sitting here.”
The CFP sold various income-generating insurance products to the group. All of the products were claimed as being safe based on the word of the government insurance commission. However, they were actually risky. The government turned a blind eye on it.
Mark and Dan felt that the CFP knew what he was talking about, and ignored Uncle Tommy’s warning. They invested with him. However, Dan borrowed other people’s money. He took it from their accounts to do it.
Then the investments all went bust after a year or so. Some of the failures were from the Certified Financial Planners committing fraud. Their clients lost most or all of their investments in every case.
The investigators raided the CFP’s offices when they received complaints about the losses. Mark and Dan got letters about it from them. Then they got a series of court documents from a court appointed receiver. He took charge of the criminal held properties for distribution to the victims. They easily figured out that there would be little financial recovery for the victims.
Mark crashed his tractor in to the wall as punishment. He was thrown into the wall, and found with massive bruising and broken ribs. Dan lost the other people’s money when he invested. The real problem with that was that he really embezzled it.
Dan tried to catch a plane to Puerto Rico out of Logan to escape the law. He thought the place was just another island country. The problem with that was that he did not realize that it was a part of the United States.
Mark won at poker in Las Vegas only to obtain useless Arizona land. However, an earthquake followed by a tsunami hit. He struck gold on the former dry river bed.


The seismic response spectra of the geology surveys of several nuclear power plants were done by as many as six firms. They were all different spectra as if they surveys were done in six different locations around the country. The surveys were done over many years starting in the 1960’s.
The question rose for the engineers using these curves for g values and such information. Which one of the curves should be used? The answer for them was to use the most conservative numbers of all the curves, and live with that.
Well it seems that at least five of the surveys were in gross error. Such geology surveys were done to find seismic fault lines for concerns about possible occurrences of Earthquakes.
There is the well known the San Andreas Fault line located between southern California and the San Francisco Bay. Then a map shows that there are perhaps hundreds of tiny seismic fault lines between Ritto, Mexico and Las Vegas.
However, did geologists screw up the surveys there? Is there a major unknown fault line hidden there? If so then, will California split in two, and slip into the sea between Ritto, Mexico and the San Francisco Bay?

Boxed Nihilism (End of the World Short Fiction Series)

by Anthony Edwardson

Garret Block never should have â?¦

When Garret block discovers a box on his doorstep, he knows exactly what it is. What he doesn’t know is that opening the box will lead not just to the end of Garret Block.

â?¦ opened the Nihilism Box.

Because as Garret is about to find out, opening the box leads to the end of â?¦

Read this new piece of short Science Fiction by Anthony Edwardson to find out.

Anthony Edwardson continues expanding the Science Fiction realm in this short piece of mind-bending suspense reminiscent of Philip K. Dick and J. G. Ballard. Get it now and read it today!

The California Island

by John Warren Self


The San Andreas seismic fault line has troublesome a history from southern California to the San Francisco Bay. It appears on the map as limited to part of that area. There are no serious seismic fault lines between Ritto, Mexico and Las Vegas. However, there are hundreds of fault lines there. None of them appears on the fault line map as being significant.
What if the geologists screwed up the seismic response surveys? Perhaps they missed a bad fault line hidden there. If that were real would California split in two? Would it become an island between Ritto, Mexico and the San Francisco Bay?


by Mikial Millard

In this action packed novel Evil is unleashed on the universe by a humanity desperate for technology. A few humans escape Earth and land on the Nomo’s planet but are followed by horrible disease and destruction. The Mokshanian warrior King and his fellow heroes must now battles the greatest enemy the universe has ever seen to save life from absolute destruction. With many epic battles, love stories and space travel this Novel will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Read this fun novel and then read book two THE END OF CREATION (A HERO RISING)

The Wolf’s Leap (Bridgewater)

by Chris Ford

Science Fiction Short story.
The Bastion of the Light finds itself crippled and at the mercy of the enemy. Facing almost certain death Bridgewater if forced to throw it all on the line.

Difficult Times – Season Two – Extermination – Episode 31 (Difficult Times – Extermination)

by Walter Shillington

After a short and bloody war the Krimacian invaders face defeat. For Earth, however, victory is bitter-sweet. Prohibited weapons were employed and both sides have been convicted of war crimes. Severe reprisals are imminent.

This weekly serial chronicles the adventures of Billy Trapp as he struggles

to convince his former foes to cooperate in Earths efforts to avoid annihilation. Each exciting, fun-filled installment contains approximately two thousand words.

In this episode Sudbury is attacked as the aliens begin their invasion..

Season one of Difficult Times has been compiled into one ebook called Difficult Times – An Alien Invasion Serial – The Complete First Season.

Medicine Head

by Jason Hirth

The future of mankind was bleak after the war, now there is new hope that comes in an unexpected form.

Memories of a Distant Future: Rebellion

by Alejandro Riveiro


One hundred thousand years have passed since humanity abandoned Earth to colonize the Universe. They have crossed paths with many species over their countless millennia of travels: narzhams, olverians, lomarians…

Through the stories and experiences of its characters, Memories of a distant future narrates the constant battle to preserve the delicate balance of life in a universe on which its guardians have been reduced to mere legends by the very species they must watch over… known as Daeralman, some species considered them the parents of all living beings that populate the cosmos as well as the protectors of its balance.


The long reigning calm of Ilstram’s Empire has come to an end. Thirty years after the attack over their capital, Antaria, the planet is immersed in chaos once more. The emperor Hans, accompanied by his wife empress Alha; Khanam – one of the most renowned scientists of the empire, and her daughter, Nahia, will soon discover that everything is part of a perfectly orchestrated plan to establish a new order in Ilstram… and the whole universe. And Humanity is at the center of that new order.

This Quiet Earth.

by T.J. Edison

What would you do if you thought you were last surving human on the planet Earth?

John Chancer, living in Germany, receives a phone call from his sister asking him to come over to Heywood in Manchester, England and help find her son and his pregnant wife who are missing from their home.

After a good nights sleep, John wakes to an empty house, his sister is gone.

His next door neighbour, Tom brings him startling news. Tom is under the impression that aliens or some foreign power is waging a secret war, kidnapping or atomizing the British population.

After his disappearance John investigates and realises he could be the last man on Earth.

The Winds of Etarion (Book 1)

by Apton Wavery

Max Bolt is one the riches men in the known universe. He has a hobby, collecting alien artifacts. But he has a problem, someone is trying to kill him. He doesn’t know why or who.


by Angela N. Hunt

On Vega V, all life has a price.

No one knows that better than Quennessa Ariadne Nigella Kilroy, last and only survivor of House Kilroy. Paranoid and hot-tempered with borderline poor impulse control except when she’s working; Quen has carried four years of survivor’s guilt over the massacre of her clan entire. With an underlying mission to find whoever had her clan murdered, and a desperate need to prove herself, she ends up Guildmistress of all Assassins because no one wants the job.

And no one expects her to live out the year.

On a world like Five where lifespans are measured in centuries, people hang on to grudges for decades. With that many suspects to choose from, and her own past come back to haunt her, Quen is running out of time.

The Preserve Season 1: Episode 2 Jeff

by Josh Hilden

Jeff wakes in a strange hospital with a Faux Corpse for company. The Warrior and The Prince size one another up.

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Free science Kindle books for 31 Oct 13

How to sleep well (Brilliant Little Ideas)

by Infinite Ideas

Millions of us want to enjoy better sleep, and more of it, and there’s plenty of advice out there to help us; a never-ending avalanche of books, magazines, websites and TV programmes. But who’s got the time to wade through this lot to sift the stuff that works from the rubbish? What we need are failsafe short cuts to sweet dreams and nocturnal bliss. How to sleep well is the indispensable guide to identifying and dealing with sleep problems so readers can get the sleep they deserve. Packed with down-to-earth, simple and effective advice, How to sleep well will help you take control of your sleep patterns and problems and make sure you get all the high-quality shut-eye you need.

Improving Life for Thyroid Patients (Famous People with Thyroid Problems)

by James Lowrance

Patients being treated for thyroid diseases experience varying degrees of improvement. Some see near complete recovery of their health and quality-of-life while others continue to experience symptom-struggles and difficulty coping with their disease.

These patients are seeking ways to better-cope with the change in their ability to carry on the same level of activities they enjoyed prior to their thyroid disorders. This ebook details some of these struggles and suggests methods for coping and offers information to help inspire confidence in thyroid patients.

Included in the chapters are discussions on problem-symptoms patients struggle with, despite being well-treated. Methods for reducing stress in thyroid patients are also addressed as well as the subject of the importance in patients finding “acceptance” for a disease that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

NOTE: This ebook is approximately 12,108 words in length. It is not an extensive medical journal but rather contains aspects of information on the subject that most laypersons would be seeking.

If you receive this eBook via a free download and find information it contains to be helpful, please consider posting a review on the Amazon page for it – Thank You!


CHAPTER ONE: Are Thyroid Patients Complainers?

CHAPTER TWO: Men Get Thyroid Disease Too!

CHAPTER THREE: Famous Thyroid Disease Sufferers are Increasing Public Awareness

CHAPTER FOUR: Oprah Winfrey’s Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism

CHAPTER FIVE: Thyroid Research Every Doctor Should Know

CHAPTER SIX: Thyroid Hormone Replacement and Antidepressants

CHAPTER SEVEN: Stress Management for Thyroid Patients

CHAPTER EIGHT: Anxiety and Depression in Thyroid Disease

CHAPTER NINE: My Experience with Thyroid Related Anxiety and Panic

CHAPTER TEN: More of My Personal Thyroid Story

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Treated Hypothyroidism and Weight Gain

CHAPTER TWELVE: Book Review for “Hypothyroidism Type 2”

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Embracing Your Thyroid Disease?

The Word of Dog: The universe: what it is and what to do about it

by Max Merrybear

Please note: you do need an IQ of at least 120 and a casual interest in science to enjoy this book!

Sometimes it’s not always easy being a dog, especially when you’ve written a book that balances humour with the most avant-garde aspects of quantum theory to reconcile science and religion, shed additional light on what happens when pets and people die, and confine conflict and war to the realms of ancient history. Alas, due to the infallibilities of human nature, I suspect it may nevertheless be a few years before the whole world learns to live in perfect harmony. By all means make up your own mind though! Max xx

Full blurb (as written by Max Merrybear):

Using an informal conversational style and illustrated with very simple examples that the reader can model on their own kitchen table with everyday items if they wish, The Word of Dog juxtaposes humour with the most avent garde aspects of quantum theory to reconcile science and religion. Conflict and war therefore become otiose. Alas, due to the infallibilities of human nature, I suspect that it may nevertheless be a few years before the whole world learns to live in perfect harmony. Possibly even a whole decade. For some of us that’s a lifetime.

Conceptually the work sits alongside A Brief History of Time (Stephen Hawking) and The Bible (various writers, prophets and translators, one attested copyright holder), as despite the somewhat imprecise and sometimes conflicting nature of each, The Word of Dog will now allow them to occupy the same virtual shelf space in perfect harmony.

The Word of Dog is actually a serious work of philosophical canine quantum theology that proves once and for all, beyond any shadow of a doubt, exactly what the universe (omniverse) is, how and why it got here, and what we (mainly humans and dogs but to a lesser extent other species as well) should do about it.

For those able to fully understand, great comfort may be derived from the discussions on Guardian Angel Bears (and other Guardian Angels) – essentially a grown-up scientific version of the concept of Rainbow Bridge.

Additionally, in what scholars might well infer is a corrupted homage to the somewhat less literary yet nevertheless splendid work The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the second half of The Word of Dog goes on to include detailed answers to the forty-two most important questions ever asked, the corruption being of course that ‘forty-two’ wasn’t actually the answer being sought but rather in this case the number of questions that needed answering, questions such as ‘Am I Going to Live Forever?’, ‘What happens after death?’, ‘Satan: is he all bad?’ and ‘I’ve built myself a flying saucer out of wattle and daub, yet I am unable to fly it as I have no engine. Can you help?’ (I can and I do, as well as incorporating some radical yet undisputable new thinking to prove the existence of Father Christmas and explain his modus operandi.)

I would like to stress that this is a carefully considered and reasoned yet accessible intellectual work, rather than a trite excuse to joke about burying bones and humping vicars’ legs. OK, technically there is one small reference to a bone burial. Maybe two. And there’s a bishop. Well, two bishops and a rector. And it’s the rector’s bone that gets buried. But none of them get their legs violated. Although now that I mention it, it is the rector’s fibula (calf bone) that gets buried, and it is violated a little bit, but not coitally. That much, I promise.

Natural Home Remedies for Insomnia

by Elizabeth Summers

65% of you will have problems sleeping tonight, and many of you experience this not just occasionally, but frequently, maybe even every night. Sleep forms a trinity with nutrition and exercise as the foundation and pillars of health and vitality, but it is unfortunately an aspect of health and life that is shoved to the side and largely ignored. Even an hour or two less sleep each night, however, can cause misery for the whole next day or set things off for the whole week! Chronic insomnia becomes worse by several orders of magnitude, and result in serious health complications both short and long term. In this text Elizabeth draws on her many years of experience with insomnia, and curing herself of a severe clinical sleep condition to help guide you back to the world of vitality.

Elizabeth Summers has been working with herbs and natural medicine for over twenty years, starting by working with friends and family and eventually branching out into the community and the world of medicine out of a profound need to help people. We live in a sick world, and her written work is one way to try to spread the simple but profound health inherent in nature to those who need it. Elizabeth has written on dozens of natural and homeopathic topics, from acute injuries and disease, to diet, pregnancy, and simply trying to thrive in a world of plenty that unfortunately usually leads to dysfunction instead of health. Look for the many other natural remedies pieces here on Amazon!

The Mental Health Tune Up: Practical Strategies for Improving Anxiety, Depression, and Overall Mental Health

by Marcella H. Dunaway Ph.D.

Think of this book as a tune up kit designed to help the reader learn to address common mental health concerns. It is written by a Clinical Psychologist utilizing a Cognitive Behavioral Perspective, and is designed for those with anxiety and depression as well as those who just want to develop a healthier way of thinking. If you are looking for simple and practical techniques to improve your thoughts and behavior then this book is for you. It will explain how anxiety, depression, worry, and stress can impact your life, and teach strategies to help improve all of these areas. It is perfect for those who are in therapy as well as for those who want to try a more self-directed approach to better mental health. It follows a simple, workbook format that is designed to reinforce skills as you learn them.

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Free romance Kindle books for 31 Oct 13

A Family for Christmas (Contemporary Romance Novella)

by Helen Scott Taylor

A heartwarming tale for Christmas.

Praise for A Family for Christmas

“A Family For Christmas is a top-notch holiday read.” Heather Hiestand

“A Family for Christmas was a charming novella that gave me a lot of pleasure to read.” Dafna Yee


A lonely career woman stranded in a blizzard, a disillusioned man who has cut himself off from women. When he rescues her from the snow and takes her into his home, the spirit of Christmas and his little girl’s love work their magic.

More praise for A Family for Christmas

“This is one absolutely adorable and delicious book.” Sylphie

If you enjoy Christmas romance, why not also try The Army Doctor’s Christmas Baby, a tale of two people with bruised hearts finding romance and happiness at Christmas.

Other books by Helen Scott Taylor

The Army Doctor’s Baby. He falls in love with his brother’s girlfriend.

The Army Doctor’s Wedding. A marriage of convenience to adopt an orphan baby.

The Army Doctor’s Christmas Baby. Heartwarming Christmas romance.

Love is All Around. A Box Set of three contemporary romances.

A Family Forever. A lonely man and his little boy long for a proper family.

Unbreak My Heart. Childhood sweethearts torn apart have a second chance at love. Contemporary Romance.

Oceans Between Us. A Cinderella love story – A wealthy celebrity falls for a penniless cook. Contemporary Romance.

Finally Home. She can finally stop running from the past .

Moments of Gold. Anthology of short love stories – Love always finds a way….

Flowers on the Water. A tragedy so devastating she thought their love had died.

Ice Gods. He’s loved and protected her from afar, now he can finally make her his.

The Magic Knot. Danger and romance in a dark fairytale world.

Cursed Kiss. Love in his eyes and death in his kiss.

The Feast of Beauty. Ancient Celtic magic binds her destiny to a mysterious Irishman.

Warriors of Ra. Once bathed in his fire, she’s his forever.

A Clockwork Fairytale. A young spymaster falls in love with a lost princess.

Wildwood. The blood of a Celtic god runs through his veins.

Acquiring Hearts (The Heart Series)

by S. Donahue

Bradley Roberts is a CEO of a major technology company that he inherited from his deceased father. He basically gave up his life at the young age of twenty-three to take on the many responsibilities he was not ready for. Seven years later, Bradley is not ready to settle down but one day he accidentally meets his secretary’s sister, Giavonna Coppi. He immediately has an attraction to her. She’s not like any of the women he has dated before. Bradley finds himself wanting to spend more time with her.

Gia is an independent, hardworking lawyer who’s been hurt in the past. She invested all of her time into establishing her career. When she meets Bradley she senses the connection but is afraid to give her all.

Can their relationship withstand the dilemma’s that come between them? Are they meant to be together or is it easier for them to be apart. Only time will tellâ?¦

Honky Tonk

by Rain Carrington

Meet Ethan…he’s a self proclaimed slut hitchhiking across country from New York on his way to San Francisco. He stops in a small town in New Mexico and gets a job at a tavern called Honky Tonk without really wanting it. The owner of the tavern is a hulking cowboy named Hunter Westmore and Ethan does everything he can to get the man’s attention and once he does his dirtiest dreams come true.

Hunter is a cowboy and owns a ranch as well as the tavern. When he meets the city kid who came into the tavern he didn’t know what hit him. He’d never felt the way Ethan made him feel and he tried to ignore the younger man but no one could ignore Ethan. Once he finally gives in they start a discovery of what makes them both tick, and what they both love is when Hunter takes a strong hand to Ethan and gives him his collar. Can their darkly seductive love last or will their kinks tear them apart?

Stolen Skye (Book One, The Skye Trilogy)

by Nina Loard

“This was never a world for you to pretend in.”

It’s been years since the car accident, but with every disappointment Evelyn finds herself wondering about her forgotten days in London. After being dismissed from her job, she unknowingly wanders past an old friend who reintroduces himself by breaking into her home. Armed with a photograph and a handful of gems, he convinces her that after dropping out of her study abroad program, she befriended a group of accomplished thieves. Drawn to the handsome stranger in her living room and seduced by the idea of finally knowing the truth, Evelyn travels to London to face her past and understand what could’ve caused her to make such uncharacteristic life choices.

As conflicting memories surface, Evelyn fights her attraction to the Irish rogue, Finn, while sparring with the intimidating group leader, Ari. There’s the added problem of forgetting where she’s stashed a small fortune. Realizing too late that darker forces are closing in on her, Evelyn fights to save herself and the lives of those she’s grown to care for.

Eternal Shadows

by Kate Martin

“I was a monster. And in that moment, leaning against Rhys’s warm body, feeling his unnaturally cool breath against my face . . . I knew I would give in.”

Vampires aren’t supposed to be real, and Kassandra is not supposed to be one of them. But on the morning of her eighteenth birthday she wakes with fangs, a hunger for blood, and a body with abilities she can’t control. Turned by the irritating, yet handsome, Rhys O’Shea, Kassandra struggles to balance her former human life with her new life as one of the undead.

With the world at war, the vampires have stepped in–but if the existence of the supernatural is exposed, then an entirely new battle will erupt. A battle for survival that will forever alter the future.

But the past may be just as dangerous. Kassandra can’t stop the dreams of a young Irish girl in the medieval countryside, a girl who smiles when Rhys comes near, nor can she shake a looming sense of doom. The last time she felt this dark chill her mother died, and now Kassandra could be next.

The YA Paranormal, Eternal Shadows, has been revamped! Now with a preview of the upcoming sequel: Darkest Whispers.

Chasing Air

by DeLaine Roberts

Accidentally marrying into the mob, Dr. Judith Bellonte Donati staged her death with the help of the FBI before the hired hit-man could finish the job. Now with a new life and a new name, Dr. Makenzie Holder struggles daily with the loss of connection with her family and the constant lurking of old ghosts from her past.

Gorgeous millionaire developer Jonathan Bain offers her everything she wants in the way of a familyâ?¦ but his demanding demeanor is a reminder of the life she left behind. But can Makenzie overlook her haunted past and give Jonathan a chance at redemption, or will a chance encounter in the ER with Detective Ryler Buchanan lead to the love of a lifetime?

Chasing Air: A hot romance with a side of turbulence!

Fields of Gold

by Jim Stephens

Mathew Weldon was a headstrong young American in England, a very spoiled young man who on the eve of the outbreak of World War II is sent to London on a mission for his father’s Bank. He meets a spectacularly beautiful and enchantingly mysterious young woman shortly after he arrives. In being with her he learns more than he ever expected to know about himself, about what matters in life…and about love and War. FIELDS OF GOLD is an exciting and moving historical novel filled with emotion and romance and the painful reality of World War II. He is faced with the heart-breaking necessity of having to chose when fate sends a second attractive young woman into Matt’s life. Written with authority and outstanding research, this novel will take you right into the heart of combat, and deep into the question: how long does love last? The story of two loves that will live with you long after you have finished the book. A novel you will not want to end. Destined to become a classic.One which will be read for many years to come You may find yourself reading “Fields of Gold” again.

MOOD INDIGO (a historical romance)

by Parris Afton Bonds

The beautiful and pampered Lady Jane Lennox was willing to abandon the wealth and luxury of her English aristocracy for peril and poverty . . . all to find the man whose eyes had entranced her, whose smile had enslaved her since childhood, Terence MacKenzie . . . even if this meant crossing an ocean to the primeval America colonies and indenturing herself to Ethan Gordon to work on his Virginia indigo plantation. What she didn’t count on was being caught up in the revolutionists’ war against the Mother Country . . . nor being caught up in her master’s dangerous passion.

The Lure of Love

by Mona Ingram

Jamie Nicholson is struggling. In spite of her best efforts, the fishing lodge that has been in her family for three generations is in financial trouble.
Enter Craig Hansen, noted documentary filmmaker, “Slick” Billy Talbot, former baseball star, and Matt Weber, hotshot realtor.
How will these three guests affect the future of the Lodge? Join owner Jamie, office manager Brooke and chef Leeza as they struggle to balance their careers against the Lure of Love.

The author thanks the reviewer who pointed out the formatting problem. This issue has been corrected.
Sensuality Level: Sweet Romance

This book has a new cover as of December, 2012.

Kat-napped (Kat Scratched Trilogy)

by D.T. Dyllin

Blood is NOT thicker than water, or so Katrina Walker discovers when she finally comes face to face with the family she never knew existed. Her life is suddenly more complicated than she ever imagined possible.

Not to mention Kat is currently in love with two menâ?¦if you can even call them that. One is a sexy werewolf and the other a smoldering were-cat. Throw her human ex-boyfriend into the mix and Kat may use up all of her nine lives trying to figure out what’s truly worth fighting for.

Betting on Love

by Patricia Kay

High Stakes Romance . . .

Michael was sick and tired of playing the hatchet man. This cloak and dagger assignment at the Glass Slipper would be the last time he’d go undercover for his father’s corporation. Someone was stealing from the Las Vegas casino, and his research told him to begin by investigating Shawn MacInnes, the fiery redhead who turned cards in the casino. At first glance, she seemed like an untouched innocent. But Michael knew that nothing was a sure bet in a city of wild cards.

For Shawn, dealing blackjack in a Vegas casino was like returning to the scene of the crime. Compulsive gambling had killed her father. But for now, the Glass Slipper Casino offered her a good living and a chance to break free from the past.

But when her shift was over, Shawn wanted nothing to do with the high-stakes world of gambling. Dealing cards was a job — not a forum to fraternize with fellow employees like Michael DeNiro. With topaz eyes and lean good looks, Michael was one of those men who oozed sex appeal and charm. Shawn steered clear of his type, just as she avoided the Nevada desert sun. Both were scorchers.


“Kay writes from the heart about matters that touch us all.” — Susan Wiggs

“Patricia Kay writes from the heart about people we come to love.” — Christina Dodd

“Heartrending and touching . . . Ms. Kay never fails to deliver this kind of story.” — Amanda Kilgore, Huntress Reviews

“Kay’s writing is solid, and her narrative swiftly reaches a satisfying finish.” — Publishers Weekly

Hey, Santa (An Alien for the Holidays)

by Jessica E. Subject

She doesn’t want a lot for Christmasâ?¦

Claire Otton dreads spending another holiday alone. When her best friend convinces her to approach the sexy mall Santa, she takes the chance and asks him out, hoping for so much more.

He’s waiting under the mistletoeâ?¦

Although Andreas Castellanos blends in on Earth, he knows he will never belong. But when the gorgeous woman he’d been staring at invites him to dinner, he has a hard time saying no.

All they’re asking forâ?¦

Can these two lonely souls find magic together or will their secrets steal their chance of a happy Christmas?

Ghosts of the Heart

by Barbara Stoner

Sophie Fletcher is taking her dream vacation in the Land of Story, as she and her late father had called the island of Britain. She doesn’t know why she’s suddenly able to see ghosts, but there they are: her mother, also dead these past two years, who wants help finding her husband’s spirit, and a 16th century soldier, who can’t resist following her. It seems Sophie is the spitting image of the woman he had loved and left, some 400 years before. How is she going to explain them to her two suitors, both very much alive? Doors that Sophie never knew existed are opening for her, doors that lead not only to the past but to possibilities she is only now beginning to comprehend. Ghosts of the Heart is a novel of hauntings, of myths old and new, of regrets past and present, and of love lost and found.

Shadows in the Attic

by Roseanne Dowell

Imagine finding a hidden room, complete with furniture, a trunk, diary and shadows. Author, Anna Hughes couldn’t wait to finish her attic room. Did the shadows hold the secret to why the room was sealed?



In MOMENT BY MOMENT … “Laura Taylor explores the risks of love with sensitive precision. A chance meeting on a California beach between a soul-weary documentary filmmaker and a beautiful former cop leads first to friendship and then to something much deeper. But can these two people overcome bitter lessons of the past to build a lasting relationship? Ms. Taylor’s superb characterization and haunting ambiance will leave a lasting impression on your heart.” ROMANTIC TIMES Book Reviews

READERS PRAISE Romance Novels by Laura Taylor:

DESERT ROSE (Warrior Series): “If you like patriotic, tough as nails military guys with a sensitive side, read this!”

MIDNIGHT STORM (Warrior Series): “It’s got everything – love, lust, action, suspense, and great characters!”

HEARTBREAKER (Warrior Series): “Storytelling at its all-time best!”

MORE THAN FRIENDS (Warrior Series): “Another superb romance

from Laura Taylor â?¦ I could not stop reading this book!”

FALLEN ANGEL: “Excellence continues!”

WILDER’S WOMAN: “Romance at its finest!”

MOMENT BY MOMENT is a Special Author’s Cut Updated Edition of the Loveswept Novel #765, which was originally titled Lonesome Tonight.

Romantic Times Book Reviews says: “Laura Taylor writes with the power and sensuality that characterizes the best authors in the romance genre.”

Stellar Timing (The Stellarverse)

by Jennifer L Hart

In the year 2059, the best part of Ellie MacIntyre’s day is her morning

coffee and it’s all downhill from there. When a talking dog and cat enlist her aid in finding their missing brother, everything she ever knew about the universe is knocked on its keister by a six foot warrior with smoldering dark eyes.

Betrayed by those closest to him, Prince Brennigan was banished to the universal Hotel California, the penal colony called Earth. The only way to escape this fate worse than death is to befriend a portal-maker, a sorci who can open a gateway through time and space and return him to his home planet. Getting along with the magically inclined is not his forteâ??magic is the prevalent fungus at the root of his problems.

Now the hope for his people, and his heart, lies with Ellie.

Can Ellie best an evil sorceress and win the heart of her space prince before this medieval times space opera’s final curtain?

~95 thousand words

Editorial Reviews:

“Another winning book by a very diverse author”. ~ The Reading Reviewer

Gilded Destiny (Vesper)

by Nola Sarina

A woman’s memory returns when she falls in love with the monster who took it from her.

Calli tattoos her skin to fill the holes in her memory, thanks to an accident that left her mind damaged and empty. But a nasty encounter with a fired employee leaves her in the arms of her unlikely savior: Nycholas, a predatory, serpentine Vesper on the run from his brutal master.

Nycholas’ clandestine world holds the secrets to mankind’s origin and survivalâ?¦ but he only wants one thing before his time is up: a few colorful nights with Calli, the fragile, tattooed, human woman he pursued and saved.

The more Calli learns about Nycholas, the more her own darkened memories return to her. Despite her haunted past, she loses herself to passion and desire with her immortal captor.

Now, Calli must overcome the demons of her past, or allow Nycholas to kiss her memories away and spare her the trauma of loving a doomed immortal. But each choice comes with dire consequences – some that endanger not only herself, but her family as well.

Brimstone (Amanda Ryder, V.I.)

by Shanyn Hosier

Amanda Ryder never asked for her special giftsâ??she’d been born with the ability to see, hear, and sense things around her no one else could. Only her pious family never believed her innocence. Accused of witchcraft, she’s thrown out of the house on her eighteenth birthday when the latest exorcism goes horribly wrong.

Amanda makes her way to New Orleans, where her psychic abilities are accidentally discovered by voodoo shop proprietress Marian Dupree, coincidentally the leader of a covert, quasi-governmental crime-fighting team: the Academy of St. Joan of Arc. Amanda further vows to preserve her virginity until such time as it is needed to save a male colleague on the verge of deathâ??a concept she can scarcely believe.

Amanda’s quickly overwhelmed by the impressive paranormal talents of her new coven and begins to doubt whether the Academy could want her for anything but her virginity. Life at the Academy is fraught with complications: her promiscuous roommate is cheating on her boyfriend, on whom Amanda’s developed a traitorous crush; her growing antagonism for one team member in particular, to whom she might be called on to surrender her virginity; and the punishing heightened libido all paranormals experience during the full moon, which might prove too powerful to resist.

Amanda must also decide where her loyalty lies, for Marian isn’t the only one interested in what she has to offerâ??Hamilton Spencer Nash, head of a local paranormal crime syndicate, wonders if Amanda might be the girl his mother prophesied is the lynchpin of his destiny and decides he wants Amanda’s paranormal gifts for his own nefarious use. As the Academy investigates a suspicious string of arson blazes, Amanda is drawn dangerously close to falling within Hamilton’s grasp. Will the Academy be strong enough to protect her?

Open Window: Truth from the Shadows (The Open Window Series)

by Courtney Harvey

“…I offer this recommendation to all of our famous Maine authors: Move over. Make way for Courtney Harvey. She will knock your socks off.” – Joni Averill – Bangor Daily News

“Harvey has written a poignant and compelling debut novel that flows well from start to finish. Not only has she crafted a story of the paranormal, but she has, though crafting characters that are quite believable and richly drawn, captured the pain that is often associated with the voyage of self-discovery on which we all must embark.” – Paul Collins – Nashua Telegraph

Alex Wells appears from afar as a typical high school senior, yet visions of the dead invade her mind in a way that is anything but typical. Nighttime visits from spirits are commonplace. Questioning her sanity, she struggles inside self-inflicted walls, hiding her secret from the world. As she comes to terms with her strengthening psychic abilities, the latest vision of a young stranger’s violent suicide has her spinning out of control. While attempting to take charge of her life, she is compelled to uncover his story, forcing her to face her own fears and follow him on his journey to seek redemption. As her family and friends watch her spiral into a well of despair, she refuses to give up seeking out his truth, no matter the cost. It may only be the new boy in school who can lift her from the depths of self-destruction, but he too has a secret to hide.

This is a re-edited version of the original publication. Thank you to the readers for the feedback and support.

Please look for “Open Window: Shadows of Doubt” available NOW!

Firecracker Takes Aim – Firecracker #4 (Erotic Romance)

by Megan Flint

Trixie Harridan can’t keep her worlds apart. It turns out the two men she’s been sleeping with work together.

Erik hired Cy as a masseuse at his fitness center and Trixie is afraid that talk around the water cooler will reveal her to be the ginger-haired harlot they share in common.

Meanwhile, Erik’s former friend-with-benefits and business partner, Vanessa, has been eyeing Cy like a strip-loin steak, causing Trixie to marinate him in a lustful wave of possessive sex.

Shortly thereafter, when Erik innocently books Trixie a massage with Cy as a treat, she’s suddenly caught between both men at the same time, and hard pressed to ignore her urges.

Category: Erotica.

Length: 19,400 words or 78 book pages long.

Naughty Scale: Erotic. Steamy male/female oral foreplay and brassy undaunted sex. If you
aren’t 18 years old yet, avert your prying eyes. Or go ahead and look. I
can’t stop you.

Cruising Into Love

by Kris Actira

Kathy is faced with life on her own when her son moves out of their home. Widowed for several years, she decides to go on a cruise in order to fulfill one of her dreams.

Rebecca is trapped in an abusive relationship. She believes that a short trip on sea is the only way to temporarily escape the insanity in her life.

Leslie is a busy executive, far too busy to indulge in any form of relaxation. As a birthday present, her boss and co-workers send her off on a much-needed vacation.

These three women meet up on a Caribbean cruise. They quickly become friends with each other, as well as with certain male members of the crew.

Imprisoned at Werewolf Keep (Werewolf Keep Trilogy)

by Nhys Glover

“Perfect for readers who enjoy love stories with substance and a classical supernatural touch.”

Escaping one madman she runs into the arms of another…

In mid-Victorian England a contagion runs rampant, unbeknown to its citizens. Those afflicted are either killed or confined to a desolate pile of stones on the Yorkshire Moors called Breckenhill Keep. The denizens of that Keep loath the monsters they have become. None more so than Jasper Horton, a refined gentleman in all ways but one.

When Lady Fidelia Montgomery arrives at the Keep, seeking to escape the clutches of the madman who has killed her husband, she unwittingly unleashes the wildness Jasper has gone to such lengths to contain. His love for her puts innocent lives at risk, including Dee’s own, and threatens to turn the doll-like widow into a monster he abhors.

Ë?Ë?Ë? What Goodreaders are saying about Werewolf Keep:

‘The story and plot was very realistic for a paranormal romance… I would recommend this to readers who love historical romances with a paranormal twist.’Ciara1973

‘This author’s writing ability is exceptional and is quite elegant while delivering a work of fiction with an incredible impact.’ Christina

‘It was cool it was ‘classic’ werewolf, in that one scratch and they’re a werewolf, along with they only turn on the full moon and are not in control of their wolf. Very gothic with the era and the surroundings.’ Grumpyoldbird

‘I loved the solitary feel of the moor and the utterly fantastic way that Glover brings the residents and the Keep, its self, alive. It is a very unique experience. Though readers meet the Keep and the residents by way of Phil’s initial presumptions, Glover makes sure that the way the residents view themselves and their predicament are equally explored. Because this information is so intricately layered throughout the book, the entire storyline is richer. I honestly enjoyed all of the characters and look forward to Glover’s spin-off story about Jasper. (But I have to say that my favorite character is Charlotte. :)’ Blakely

Scroll up and explore Werewolf Keep today!

The Boss From Hell

by S.P. K

“So what do you say? Marry me for six months and be promoted and rid of me for the rest of your life? Or refuse the deal, get fired, and all the work and effort you put into being my assistant and a reliable asset to the company will go to waste. The choice is yours.”
Nicole Smith comes from a wealthy background, but wants to make her own stamp in life. All she wants to do is prove to everyone that she can make something of herself and doesn’t need her family’s money to do it, and after two years of working for Isaac Tristan and resisting the urge to quit and murder his ass, she thinks that she might finally have that chance.
But what will she do when he threatens that she will never work in the industry she loves if she does not do what he asks of her. Will all that suffering and hard work go to waste? Or will she take the offer and get sucked into Isaac’s life further than she’d like, to finally get what she deserves?

The Art of Letting Go (The Uni Files)

by Anna Bloom

One year. One woman. One Diary. One question: Can you ever stop history from repeating itself, and if you could, what would you do to stop it?

When Lilah McCannon realises at the age of twenty-five that history is going to repeat itself and she is going to become her motherâ??bored, drunk and wearing a twinsetâ??there is only one thing to do: take drastic action.

Turning her back on her old life, Lilah’s plan is to enrol at university, get a degree, and prove she is a grown-up.

As plans go, it is a good one. There are rules to follow: no alcohol, no cigarettes, no boys, and no going home. But when Lilah meets the lead singer of a local band and finds herself unexpectedly falling in love, she realises her rules are not going to be the only things hard to keep.

With the academic year slipping by too quickly, Lilah faces a barrage of new challenges: Will she ever make it up the Library stairs without having a heart attack? Can she handle a day on campus without drinking vodka?

Will she ever manage to read a history book without falling asleep? And, most importantly, can she become the grown-up that she desperately wants to be?

With her head and her heart pulling her in different directions, can Lilah learn the hardest lesson that her first year of university has to teach her: The Art of Letting Go?

Annabelle’s Diary

by Lila M Beckham

They said that in her youth, Annabelle had long, coal black hair, high cheekbones, and deep, penetrating, brown eyes. Her eyes could still penetrate the soul, but they were paler in color, maybe because they were covered with the whitish film of cataracts. I remember watching her take her hair from the neat bun she wore and let it down to comb. Her hair was long, but no longer black as coal. It was the color of newly formed storm clouds and fell in a silvery braid to her hips. I watched her comb it out and then she would braid it, wind it back into a bun and pin it low, just above the nape of her neck.

Everyone always said that I favored her a lot. Annabelle was my great-grandmother; she was a Full Blood, a Choctaw Indian from Savannah, Georgia.

When a child, I thought she was tall, larger than life. My admiration of her as we walked in the yard and I helped her gather eggs and pick flowers, was unsurpassable; but as I grew, I realized that she was a tiny woman.

Shrunken from her many years on earth, she stood barely four feet, ten inches tall. In her older years, maybe even her younger ones too, she was never without a jar of Garrett snuff.

One summer, when I was about twelve years old, I went to stay with my grandmother Annabelle. And because her house was so small, I slept in her bedroom with her. Each night before we went to sleep, she pulled a leather bound book from underneath her mattress and wrote for a few minutes before she extinguished the bedside lamp. She seemed intent on what she was doing so I did not bother her with questions, but after several nights, curiosity got the better of me and when she finished and placed the book under the mattress, I asked what she was writing in the book.

She told me that she was writing her thoughts on the events of the day so that if she wanted she could look back and know exactly what she was thinking and how she felt that particular day.

“Is that how you remember all of those stories you tell me, about when you were a child and about your kinfolks back then” I asked.

“It is a part of it,” she replied, “but some things you just do not ever forget. They remain with you your entire life.”

“Tell me a story, Grandmother,” I begged. “Tell me about when you were a child; a young girl like me.”

She began her story that night, by telling me how she met and married my grandfather Jesse. She also told me about leaving her home and family in Savannah to move to Mobile to live near my grandfather’s family. And in that telling, I discovered that my grandmother had led a very interesting life, especially in her earlier years.

Her life was filled with heartbreaks, heartaches, great times, and sad times. She attended Mardi Gras Balls and traveled extensively around the South. She was involved with an assortment of ill-fated lovers. Indulged in hoodoo, voodoo, even murder! Hers was a life I found extremely fascinating; a life, I wished I could live.

That summer, I decided that when I grew old, I wanted to be just like my grandmother Annabelle. However, today, as I sat staring across the haphazard layer of hills to the west and thought of Annabelle and the olden days of grace and charm. I realized that those days were forever gone. They were days that I myself would never know, except through my grandmother’s eyes and memories.

No longer that young inquisitive girl, I am an old woman now. On my own, I have lived a long uneventful life. Only through her stories could I live the life I dreamt of; therefore, I decided to share her story with the world. I am certain she would approve.

I hope you all enjoy reading her story, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Her story began April 1865, at the end of the Civil War, as was told to me by my grandmother, Rebecca Annabelle Maples Foster.

Going Going Gone

by Cerian Hebert

When Nell Moreno returns to her small hometown after a lengthy absence, she’s not too surprised no one recognizes her, she’s certainly not the overweight teenager she used to be. While hiding her true identity, Nell “wins” hunky fireman, Elijah Knight, at a charity auction and she’s determined to give the one-time bully a little payback for the misery he caused her when they were teens. However, over the next few weeks she discovers he’s changed a lot too and as they fall in love, Nell is left with the dilemma of how to admit she’s lied to him about who she really is.

A Whisper of Seduction

by Tiffany St.Claire

… the scent of roses, a precocious spy, a tiny hint of scandal, and Marquess Evrington knows his fate is sealed!

When an innocent conversation in the dark creates a hint of scandal, Cian is determined to ignore the rumors and go his merry way … until he and Eris share a fiery kiss so filled with pent-up passion he can no longer ignore the Whisper Of Seduction..

Minnie’s Dress

by Victoria Kaye

A short story for larger-sized women, this story is a feel-good, quick-reading tale of two people that have known each other for many years but have yet to connect. A dress that looked so good on the thin mannequin in the store seems to be a disaster for Minnie, a generously-sized woman. Attending a wedding of a relative, Minnie and her lifetime friend are surprised by the beauty inside a dress that perhaps is less than attractive on a larger woman.

Pasco, Blood Revenge

by Henry Givens

TJ Cole (Pasco) is a two-fisted, sometimes hot-tempered pastor of a church in Brewster, Missouri. With the help of Jed Williams, he made it through the Civil War and came back to resume pastoring. Life was good.

That is until renegade Indians from the badlands of Oklahoma came. They killed his wife, kidnapped his daughter, burned his house and left him for dead.

TJ had always preached that if God brought you to something, He would bring you through it. Even though the memories were heart crushing, he was determined that he would be living proof of what he preached.

That is, until the day that he felt God speak to him that his daughter was still alive and that He would take TJ to her to bring her back home. It just so happened that Jed Williams came into town. Then, it just so happened that a trapper friend of his found out where she was.

Coincidence or God? TJ embarks on a journey that doesn’t turn out the way he thought it would. Still, he brings his prize home only to find out that there was another one waiting for him.

Touching the Moon

by Lisa M. Airey

A gifted healer with a genetic secret and a haunted past, Julie Hastings takes her new veterinary degree to South Dakota hoping to bury memories of a physically abusive stepfather and un-protective mother. Although intending to lead a quiet life, she finds herself relentlessly pursued by two unwelcome suitors: the Chief of Police and a powerful member of the Sioux Indian Nation.
The man she chooses shatters her world-view. Her stepfather taught her that not all monsters run on four legs. Now Julie must face another truthâ??some beasts are good.

Fast Forward

by Juliet Madison

Aspiring supermodel, Kelli Crawford seems destined to marry her hotshot boyfriend, but on her twenty-fifth birthday she wakes in the future as a fifty-year-old suburban housewife married to the now middle-aged high school nerd.

Trapped in the opposite life of the one she wanted, Kelli is forced to re-evaluate her life and discover what is really important to her. Will she overcome the hilarious and heartbreaking challenges presented to her and get back to the body of her younger self? Or will she be stuck in the nightmare of hot flushes, demanding children, raunchy advances from her husband and hideous support underwear forever?Praise for FAST FORWARD:

‘This was an entertaining and emotional debut by Juliet Madison which will have me keeping an eye out for her future releases…’ â?? Beauty and Lace

Fast Forward is a unique and fun read! At times I laughed so hard that it brought tears to my eyes!’ â?? Harlequin Junkie

‘This was a great book, very addictive and it was all too easy to simply sink into Kelli’s life and laugh at her predicament and cheer her on… I want more to read from Juliet Madison.’ â?? 1 Girl 2 Many Books

Close Up Magic (Sleight of Hand)

by Michelle Flye

Do you believe in magic?

Reporter Stacey Matthewson has made a living writing sensational stories that knock celebrities off their pedestals. Now she’s got a hot lead on an even hotter magician who’s mystifying Las Vegas with his new show–the problem is, she’s had a crush on him for years. How can she write a story that might ruin him, especially when he proves himself to be so much more than she’d ever dreamed?

Magician Andre Hawke has a knack for making things disappear, but when it comes to his brother’s drinking and gambling, he’s got a problem. Hiring the sexy reporter who threatens to blow away his carefully wrought illusion might be the answer to his problems…or she might bring on a whole new set of them.

Stacey’s never believed in magic, and Andre doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Can passion overcome their inhibitions, or will betrayal stem the tide of love?


by Sam Perry

Sam Perry has done it again! Weaving together erotic romance and intrigue, she takes us on a captivating risqué romp through the exciting, sultry Bronze Age.

It is 1700 BC – a forgotten time in a forgotten land – and a young woman is confronted not only with dangerous tribal intrigues but also her secret primitive passion.

The recently-widowed A-Ahlana Temowlach is finally a free Woman but destitute. The silver her late Man promised her, the silver she cannot access any longer, is crucial for concealing a life-threatening secret for her and a significant other. But a treacherous tribal law means she could soon be ritually killed unless she has help from the powerful Epel Lawbringers.

However the last thing A-Ahlana needs is contact with the attractive, arrogant Epel Lawbringer, Ja-Abol Gendil. Frustrated, she denies her smouldering passion – but is torn apart by her secret love for the two significant Men in her life.

Shadows & Light – #1 – Awakenings

by Ami LeCoeur

Jackson was different from anyone she’d ever known. The electricity between them when he’d brushed against her arm wasn’t something she was likely to forget. But inviting her to a Halloween party gave Patrice permission to step outside the self-imposed boundaries she’d put in place when her ex ran off to marry someone else.

When Patrice discovers Jackson’s reasons for asking her out, she has a choice to make – one that has the potential to change their lives forever.

This steamy novella is approximately 50 pages and contains sexually explicit scenes. Intended for 18 and over.

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Persona (The Professional Series)

by Ceri Bladen

Actor, Daniel Spittle is confident, arrogant and a womaniserâ?¦ Well, that is what the public see. Only family and Eric, his friend, are allowed to see past this public persona.

Journalist, Ella Hender is confident and slightly aloofâ?¦ A professional mask that she uses to hide her feelings of inadequacy. With her personal life in a mess, she struggles with her growing feelings for Daniel.

When they are forced together through work, the attraction is instant, but fraught with complications.

But, there is someone else who is hiding their real personality behind a persona. And this person has the ability to destroyâ?¦.

A Collector of Hearts (Sally Quilford Pocket Novels)

by Sally Quilford

‘It’s 1936. Level-headed Caroline Conrad does not believe in ghosts, but even she is shaken when strange things start happening at a Halloween House Party. At Stony Grange Abbey, the atmosphere certainly unsettles her, but the presence of the handsome, albeit changeable, Blake Laurenson increases her sense of unease. Then Caroline finds herself fighting to clear her name. She’s accused of stealing the priceless Cariastan Heart – has Blake framed her? And just who is the mysterious Prince Henri?’

Formerly published by My Weekly Pocket Novels and available in Large Print From Linford Romance Library

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Under The Desert Sky (Desert Sky Series)

by Mary Tate Engels

She wanted to move forward and create a better future. He wanted to preserve the past and  protect his little daughter. But forces around them changed and others needed them, like teenaged Roman, his younger sister and the dying mining town.
Lacy was drawn to Holt, from the first moment she met him and hired him to renovate their historic town. He was a man with the personal strength and attributes that she admired and needed, but not the kind of man she envisioned in her future.
Lacy’s sense of reason told her it was all wrong. But her heart wouldn’t listen and responded as if Holt were exactly right, as if he were perfect for her, instead of the opposite.
Can they open up to love? They have such a long way to go.

The Guardian

by J.L McFadden

John a young man from Detroit realizes he has a special bond with a vampire, which gives him special abilities and makes both of them a target; the ancients will stop at nothing to destroy him and his relationship with this unbridled female vampire. Will John’s new found abilities be enough to save her and her coven?

My Ocean Love

by D.A. Smith

Deep beneath the oceans, lives a race of humanoid people, who have been there, since the dawn of intelligent life. New human technology, forces this race to come out of hiding, on their own terms, before they are found. Out of this scenario, comes a love more profound than most. Erin Trenton, an oceanographer for NOAA is the first to discover this race and the one to experience this unusual love she finds. Erin goes on a journey that confronts the face of love and, what it could be, if experienced in full, without restraint. What does Erin find beneath the waters she loves? Only the reader knows.


by Paul C. Steffy

Falling in love is wonderful! When it happens in a famous or unique city, it is doubly so. The nine short stories in this book tell of unexpected romance in Paris, San Francisco, Boston, Catalina Island, Dubrovnik, Croatia and a small community in the Midwest. You may never visit any of these places, but once you read what happens to the unsuspecting strangers in these romantic and heart-warming tales, you will remember them always.

In My Youth and other myths – Part 1

by William Zink

From the author of Pieta, Ohio River Dialogues, and Ballad of the Confessor, comes a collection of what on the surface appear to be short stories, but are more akin to sagas of the past – myths about youthful love presented with honesty, elegance, and a bit of theatrics. Part 1 of 2, these tales examine love in its many and varied faces. In prose that often approaches verse, Zink holds up a mirror reflecting love’s images, asking only that the reader believe in the hope of magic, while celebrating the pedestrian.

Diary of a Resurrection (A Novella)

by Amanda Day

You know that saying â??always listen you your heart’? Well I did, and look where it got me.

This is the story of how Mina met Drew. How she fell in love and then fell apart.

This is also the story of how, when she was lost in the maze of her broken heart, she found her way back.

**Diary of a Resurrection is a novella that is unsuitable for younger readers due to some of the language used.

Fallen Redemption (The Trihune Series)

by RB Austin

Cade committed himself to saving lives before he learned the full consequences of his life-altering decision. It wasn’t until he was tending his sick wife that he learned the enormity of what he’d done and he was unable to save her from the monster he had become. Consumed with guilt and praying for absolution, he threw himself into killing every Fallen he could find to save the humans he’d sworn to protect. But then Emma, deliciously mortal and completely forbidden, swept into his world, stirring an overpowering desire. Now he’s not only fighting soulless creatures, but also his inner cravings, trying to maintain his distance and continue on his path to forgiveness. He can’t afford to lose control again and sacrifice another love.

Jaded Touch (Vesper)

by Nola Sarina

Three is tormented by the branding scars on her back, broken memories of her fallen creator, and the looming consequences of her secret friendship with Sychar – a male of her kind – a high crime in her world of serpentine guardians.

Then along comes Jack – the human train conductor she saves in an explosion. His touch weakens both her knees and her sense of duty. Now Three must choose between her immortal duties, her forbidden friendship, and her human lover.

With every choice comes a cost, but not every cost is hers to pay…

Love on the line

by Kris Actira

Darryl is a white businessman who is looking for love online. Jillian is a black teacher who is just about ready to give up on finding her soulmate in cyberspace. The two of them connect on a dating site and romance soon ensues. Both are positive that the search for love is finally over until they discover that the world of online dating is full of insecurities. This book provides a witty and dramatic depiction of the experiences of young, urban professionals who search for love over the internet.

The Warlock’s Woman

by Josephine Sanchez Vanner

In a desperate flight from a satanic warlock – talented psychic Erin is finding refuge in a haunted penthouse, and falling in love with the ghost who lives there. But her psychotic ex-lover is not giving up; he’s coming to claim her back.

To save her soul, and be with the ghost she loves, she’s got to destroy the source of the warlock’s power – his coven – hidden in a dark impregnable castle high in the Bavarian mountains. There’s only one way in – by astral travel. When she meets the mysterious Jorgen, she discovers the real power is an evil demon – Tal-gah-mel, and he’s out to destroy the world. She’s got to find a way to save her soul, save her ghost, and save the worldâ?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦a story beyond dimensions.

Chase of the Teal Tiger

by Margaret Ernsberger

Dominick Chase is the captain of the Teal Tiger, a bounty hunter ship crewed by less-than-successful bounty hunters. Now his chance for success may have come when he gets information as to the location of Brenna Copathian, a very high-priced bounty. Finding Brenna is easy, but she escapes to a planet where she is welcomed. Then Dominick and his crew get split up, with Dominick on a ship with Brenna that crashes in the jungle, and the rest of his crew go on a mission to rescue a girl from a deadly cult.

And all the while Dominick wonders if Brenna really is guilty!

Fishers Island

by John Warren Self

The sea was dark and gloomy from the rough storm until just after midnight. The storm that blew across the Long Island Sound cleared up by morning. Their first sailing adventure together was bound for Fisher’s Island, New York. The young people on board, two men and two women were ready to go that spring morning. They all dressed as if they were casual sailors.

Carl Strong was a young man that grew up in New England with his younger brother, Mike. He loved to sail the three Sounds, southwest of Stonington, Connecticut from the family home on Fisher’s Island aboard his forty-five foot long Hardin ketch or sailboat.

This trip would be Carl’s first time out at sea that spring following the Blessing of the fleet. Carl and his crew of guests climbed on board the boat. Camilla, a hospital nurse, had no previous sailing experience. The trip ended quickly, when Carl’s brother, Mike was injured.

His new friend, Camilla Parson, was a lovely young blonde, nurse that worked at the hospital in Mystic, Connecticut. However, she was caught in a scandal when her patient, Mike, sexually molested her.

Carl and Camilla fell in love when he agreed to help relocate in Manhattan. Then they were married after they sailed there on the Fisher’s Island. He took over the boat after no one claimed it following the owner’s death.

Frank’s X

by J-Man

Frank is creating something.

Frank lives alone, he doesn’t drink, he can’t dance and he repels females.
All night, every night, he nurtures his masterpiece hoping that one day it will be gazed upon with awe. That one day his creation will beautifully illustrate both his artistry and his most introverted emotions.

Unwillingly plunged into a party, socially awkward Frank is way out of his comfort zone. Yet an unexpected encounter with an alluring female rapidly alters everything. Frank’s perspective of the world is shaken as he begins to change his heart, his mind and his art.

Lover User Loser

by Gracie Blytin

One estranged wife; Girlfriends; Lovers; Multiple break-ups; One big love; Life consuming & complicated??? Veryâ?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦. Gracie is a professional business woman, a bit clumsy and has never been in love until Paul comes into her life. What follows is an emotional roller coaster that takes you along on Gracie’s journey, where she speaks from the heart as Paul controls her so much it borders on mental abuse but she has no idea what is happening. Gracie’s life unravels over the twelve months and there are many highs and lows, laughter and tears. Will Gracie get her man and put her life back together or is she destined for something better?

Note, contains some scenes of a descriptive sexual nature.

Romancing the Reptile (Aya’s Agreement)

by Jinx Parker

Aya is a beautiful princess, well-versed in survival skills. But when she gets lost in the jungle one hot day and is rescued by a strange creature she can’t understand her attraction to, what will happen next?…

The Whisper of Love

by Ada Lin Ping

Each child is Angel, is a wizard, worthy of our love life – Inscription

ã??ã?? Son, you do not know, you came to this world the first 72 hours, give me and your mother is to bring the pain, despair. Until today, I and your mother are reluctant to easily touch endless period of ups and downs in the past.

ã??ã?? Son, you do not know, the nurse put a little body you get from your mother hold out, you do not cry, a full three minutes before we gave a long cry, this short three minutes so I like to wait for a century.

In The World Of Eve (Whyworry Books)

by Emmanuel Nwachukwu

Wywarri Dave watches the society today and notices a high level of irregularity among the youths. He combats it priggishly and with some sanctimonious neurosis that confuses his relationships with ladies ratherâ??leaving him nowhere to perch. And pathetically enough, this characterizes his haughty deposition in grappling with the eerie mystery of death as he struggles in attempt to put to reality of his reincarnation.

The book, â??In The World Of Eve’, is a quite extraordinary, very ambitious work of great fascination. It is a conscientious work of fabulous range that explores in depth the mysteries of mythological image of love-relationship; the surreal conundrums, the inexplicable paranormal, the daring and the peerless individuality.

In the same vein, it goes transcendent in the revelation of lust, love and passion, and of course prides underlying them.

Emmanuel Nwachukwu here has comprehensible new thoughts choosing well for the society. He of course believes in this riveting irresistible page-turner, that neglect of early missionaries in using our cultural value in the work of evangelism results to some problems of uncanny phenomena bewildering the human mind.

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The Happiest Season

by Rosemarie Naramore

Christmas time may be the happiest season of all, but Maggie Dulane and her small son Rickey equate it with loss. Maggie’s husband was killed during the holidays two years before, leaving her to raise her little boy on her own.

Losing his father during the Christmas season has caused five-year-old Rickey to lose faith in Santa Clausâ??but the bright little boy has managed to retain his faith in God. He prays to Him each night to send him a daddy.

When the small family begins receiving unexpected visitors at Christmas time that cause all sorts of unwanted complications, Police Officer John comes to the rescue. The handsome officer is truly a godsend.

Has God answered Rickey’s prayers? He thinks so. But can he convince his uncertain mother that God has a plan for all of them?

Self Esteem for Women: A Self Esteem Workbook For Women; Say Goodbye To Low Self Esteem.

by Sophie James

Did you know that it’s needless to suffer with low self-esteem? Sophie James shares some of her life’s experiences with her readers regarding issues with low self-esteem. Not only that but she outlines the many steps you can take to achieve the healthy self-esteem every woman deserves.
If you believe that you have an issue with your self-esteem then this book is for you.

From This Day Forward (Prequel to Destiny’s Dreamers)

by Kathleen Karr

Awarded the Romance Writers of America’s GOLDEN MEDALLION for Best Inspirational Novel!

What could be more precious than the gift of words – unless it was the man who brought them to her?

Young Maggie McDonald was athirst for knowledge – and books contained knowledge – but Maggie couldn’t read!

Then lively Johnny Stewart burst in to the routine of her life on a warm in Ohio, bringing excitement, and peddling the very thing she craved most in all the world – a McGuffy’s Reader!

The year Johnny taught Maggie to read was the year she fell in love with him, but it would be seven more before they would wed. Then, driven by wanderlust and a desire to share their knowledge of God, they trekked across the face of frontier America with their books and Bibles, leaving behind them strengthened spirits and a rich legacy of love.

19 Gifts of the Spirit

by Leslie R. Flynn


But perhaps not in the way the term is frequently used today. Charismata is a Greek word meaning “gifts of grace.” It refers to the gifts or special abilities given to Christians by the Holy Spiritâ??all the gifts, not just speaking in tongues or miracles or healing.

– What are the 19 gifts?
– Are they all for today?
– What is their purpose?
– How can we discover and put to use our own gifts?

All of these questions, plus a careful examination of gifts revealed in the Bible, are included in this in-depth study, first published in 1974. If you want to know what the Bible says about spiritual gifts, this book is for you.

A Couple with Common Cents: A Story About Abundant Hope in Your Finances…and Life (Copper Coin Chronicles)

by Ryan Eidson

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How Do You Go From Financial Frustration to Freedom?

Tabitha is a young mother of two who struggles with her family’s money every day. She’s tried to talk with her husband, Jack, about their money struggles, but he won’t listen. A friend of Tabitha’s invites her to a weekend women’s conference. Tabitha has to carve out the time and cash to go.

How can Tabitha take off work and go to a conference, when she doesn’t have the cash to go, and can’t miss a day of work because their money is so tight?

Find out how she overcomes those problems (and more) in this inspirational story.

Written in a style similar to Andy Andrews, Og Mandino, Patrick Lencioni, and Bob Burg, A Couple with Common Cents will take you on a journey that immediately makes an impact on your life.

You can read this fiction parable in one sitting.

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Pyramid Rising~Planetary Acupuncture to Combat Climate Change

by Zach Royer

“The planetary clock has since moved past the winter solstice of 2012, yet prophecies about “the End of the World” and the inevitable destruction of the greater part of the human race are still discussed on our TV screens, internet chat rooms, and in general throughout all of our media outlets. In the scenarios most often suggested the Earth’s future is presented as a succession of planetary-scale catastrophes, in the face of which a considerable portion of humanity helplessly awaits “the End.” But the “End of the World” is not coming and the vast majority of the Earth’s population will not perish, although serious trials and tribulations do lie ahead for humanity.”

Who is Adam? (Moments that Matter)

by Eric Owens

“Moments That Matter” is an essay series which provides short Bible-based answers to the important spiritual questions in people’s lives.

“Who is Adam?” The name “Adam” is a lightning rod for controversy. The name elicits everything from groans to laughter from the skeptics. Even Bible-believers find disagreement about Adam’s place in human history and his effect on our need for redemption.

Was he a real man? How does his sin impact us today? What lessons does his life provide for us?

In “Who is Adam?” Eric Owens provides concrete, biblical answers to those questions. You will enjoy this quick read and will find in it a firm foundation for the hope and purpose in your life.

Style Your Soul: Get Dressed From The Inside Out

by Brittany Davis

Style Your Soul is a revelation and a revolution. It’s a war cry against immodesty and its many consequences. It’s unlike anything on your bookshelf right now because it gets to the heart of the immodesty epidemic that’s plaguing our homes, church and nation.

Style Your Soul is your guide book for walking worthy and for presenting yourself as a living sacrifice to the Lord. In it you’ll:

Examine what it means to worship in spirit and in truth.

Unlock your future by examining your current friends.

Master the ten commandments of shopping.

Never wonder what to wear again.

Plus! Get the 3 point clothing inspection no one should leave the house without completing.

Join the Style Your Soul revolution and help other girls and women get dressed from the inside out

The Book of Prayer – Learn to Be at Peace through Prayer

by G.L Anderson Jr.

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How Prayer in your life can change your life forever!!

Prayer can fill the void that people feel from time to time, but Prayer is so much more. Prayer can help you become more in touch with yourself. Learn about what you really want in life, what you stand for, Prayer is the key to self awareness. There are so many benefits to Prayer and this book explains it. In this book the author is NOT keyed in on any one religion so it is beneficial to any one religion or even a non religious person.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Prayer and meditation
  • benefits of Prayer
  • Clarity of Mind
  • Acceptance
  • Learn Assurance Through Prayer
  • Learn Understanding
  • Learn Faith
  • Learn to be at Peace
  • Much, much more!

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God’s Economics (Ebook Shorts): Principles for Fixing Our Financial Crisis

by Jim Wallis

A bestselling author and leading Christian activist reveals the spiritual compass that can guide us in working together to serve the common good and create lasting change.

How Should I Pray? (Moments that Matter)

by Riley Nelson

“Moments That Matter” is an essay series which provides concise Bible-based answers to the important spiritual questions in people’s lives.

The disciples of Jesus once requested, “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1). While the desire to speak to God is a natural part of our existence, feeling comfortable and confident as we try to approach is not. There is teaching that is needed to help guide our prayers. Fortunately, Jesus did answer His disciples’ question. His word provides us powerful guidance in how to commune with God.

“How Should I Pray” is a quick, fundamental introduction to the topic of prayer. If prayer has ever been a challenge to you, this brief essay will help provide a biblical starting point for overcoming the difficulties you face in praying to your God.

What Science Can’t Discover About the Human Mind

by Herbert W. Armstrong

The publisher offers this ebook for free at

Think! Will any human person still be alive on this Earth in another five or ten years? The number one problem we all face today is that of human survival! Why has the human mind produced such awesome modern progress, yet remains helpless in the face of such appalling evils? The answer to this baffling enigma lies in the human mind. In the following pages, you will learn what psychologists and scientists do not know about the human mind!

Life…the Universe…and Ultimate Answers (Search for Truth Series)

by Brian Johnston

Brian Johnston – Missionary, Radio Broadcaster and Bible Teacher – grapples with some of the big questions of life from a Christian perspective, with the following chapter headings:

1. Can We Really Experience God?
2. Is Life Accidental Or Purposeful?
3. Does Life Have Real Value?
4. What’s The Meaning of Life?
5. A Personal Hope
6. Is There Any Evidence for God?
7. Is There Evidence For Jesus And The Resurrection?
8. Reasons To Believe: Creation
9. Reasons To Believe: Conscience
10. Reasons To Believe: Communication
11. Reasons To Believe: Christ

Brian’s trademark down to-earth and conversational style makes this book ideal for those who are searching for the real meaning of life, and for those who want to help those that are.

Today’s Devotional Thoughts (A 90 Day Devotional)

by Jason A. Ponzio

This is a 90 day inspirational devotional book. It is dedicated to help us find Christ in our lives. That God will be glorified and honored in all we do…

Believers with Benefits: Tithing Testimonies

by Jubilee Mosley

Jubilee Mosley shares scriptures and personal testimonies about faith, giving and tithing including her battle with cancer, the supernatural cancellation of over $73,000 of mortgage debt and how one promotion led to her salary being doubled in less than one year.

Who is Jesus? The Bible’s Answer (Search for Truth Series)

by Brian Johnston

Who is Jesus? This is life’s most important question! Everything God could wish for us will depend on us getting to know Jesus.

The whole of the Bible – every part of it – has many things to say about Jesus. The Jews divided the Old Testament into three sections. Jesus referred to them (in Luke 24) as the Law, the Prophets and the Writings (the Psalms). The New Testament can also be divided up in a similar way.

In this concise e-book, international Bible teacher and radio broadcaster, Brian Johnston, will take you through the Bible to answer this question: â??Who is Jesus?’

– Jesus:Predicted in the Law
– Jesus:Predicted in the Prophets
– Jesus: Predicted in the Writings
– Matthew’s Gospel: Teacher
– Mark’s Gospel: Suffering Servant
– Luke’s Gospel: Saviour
– John’s Gospel: God’s Son
– The Acts – Jesus Preached
– The Epistles – Jesus Explained
– Revelation – Jesus Expected

When the Jonquils Bloom Again, Vol 4: My God, My Church, The Love of My Life

by J G Knox

When the Jonquils Bloom Again: My God, My Church, The Love of My Life, the last volume of 1132 page book When the Jonquils Bloom Again, this is a love story of a young girl in a small college town in Pennsylvania.

From the love of God to the love of one man, a two year trip in the life of Sharon, coming from the black shadow of the hateful, wrathful, punishing god of her youth to the loving God of Ist Corinthians 13, Sharon lives as she has never lived before.

A boy, long loved, ever protecting, never speaking of his love for her, cries when she cries. Melted, she loves him. He loves her. He risks his life, almost dies to save her. She offers her virtue. He kisses her, says wait, accepts her offer on their wedding night with a passion and devotion she only dreamed she would know. A LOVE STORY, UNIQUE.

Be Still Moments: A Collection of Writings and Devotionals

by Joanne Sampl

Enjoy these reflections on Christian faith. In this collection of writings, Joanne Sampl shares her life in a refreshing easy spirit format. She reveals the humor and grace in her own everyday experiences as a young wife and mother juggling faith, family, work and life. Joanne has a knack for enabling the reader to see how God, using ordinary activities to build faith and character, reveals Himself.

Unfolded Hands: Rejecting Ritual and Returning to Prayer

by Aidan Rogers

How then should I pray?

It’s a fair question. Prayer is the one Christian discipline that doesn’t seem so clear-cut. If we go to church, there we are. If we read the Bible, here it is. If we give, love, serve, worship, we know that we have done these things. But how do we know if we’ve prayed?

To help us understand this word, pray, we have ritualized the practice of prayer. We fold our hands, bow our heads, close our eyes, and ramble for a while until we find ourselves at an amen. Then we’re left to wonder if God has heard us.

It rarely seems He has. The ritual of prayer has all but taken the relationship out of our personal time with God. Prayer is a set of standards; we’ve lost the intimacy of the Infinite. And we’re longing to get it back.

Unfolded Hands is not another set of rules. It’s not another book of guidelines for how we do this thing called pray. It is an invitation. It is an opportunity to set aside ritual and go back to the heart of prayer – talking to God. Having a conversation. Hearing Him speak. It is permission to pray the way your heart already wants to. The way God’s people have always prayed.

These are the stories of men and women praying powerful prayers, with unfolded hands ready to receive the answer. These are the stories of men and women in the Upper Room, in the lower valley, in the wilderness, in the Temple, on the streets of Jerusalem and anywhere else God would meet them who took the chance to call on His name, open their hands, and reach out to touch Him. These are the stories of a God who reaches back.

Will you open your hands and pray?

Have No False Idols (Commandments)

by Karen J. Jones

This delightful book is based on God’s Second Commandment from the Old Testament, “You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them”, and looks at its relevance in today’s society.

In ‘Have No False Idols’ the authors look at how mankind attempts to define and limit God’s likeness by the use of imagery and how we misplace our loyalty to Him by worshipping materialism and false gods; our idols. Topics include how to identify idols that take the place of God in society, and our obsession with money, food and family.

‘Have No False Idols’ is written in a non-judgemental style, and is suitable for general readership as well as for use in discussion groups within churches, schools and colleges.

If you are new to the Christian faith or are simply wishing to find out more about God’s commandments, then this book will serve as a good stepping stone for you as you embark on your journey of discovery and spiritual development.

Other titles in this series are available in Kindle and paperback formats and include: Keep the Sabbath Holy, Love your God, Sole God, Love your Neighbour, Have No False Idols, Do Not Blaspheme, Do Not Kill, Do Not Commit Adultery, Do Not Steal, Do Not Lie, Do Not Envy, Do Not Judge, Forgive Others, The Power of Prayer, and a compilation: God’s Law.

Let’s GET You Happy First: 4 Steps To Get You to Your Happy

by Jenenne Macklin

Let’s Get You Happy First: 4 Steps to Your Happy inspires, empowers and guides you beyond frustration, fear, limiting beliefs, not feeling good enough, and aimless mind chatter!

Filled with personal insights for everyday living, Jenenne Macklin draws on 20 years of clinical and spiritual experience to reveal the missing link in creating the life you want.

How did  Jenenne overcome the challenges of adoption, abuse, negative mindset and betrayal to move from fear to finding her happy?  What were her challenges?

In this book, you’ll recognize yourself and your stories and be given your personal tool kit for transformation Filled with easy, step-by-step Take Action Now exercises for empowerment and fulfillment, Let’s Get You Happy First offers a proven way to change your perspective on life.

If you’ve been through a break-up, shake-up or breakdown, get set for Let’s Get You Happy First to give you the powerful breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.
You’ll learn how to:
*    Identify hidden beliefs that actively sabotage your happy.
*    Discover the missing link that limits your efforts to create a happy life.
*    Harness the power of your thoughts.
*    Recognize the greatest power you possess to be happy today.

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WINGS: A Journey in Faith Sample B – Miracles

by Carolyn Molica

SAMPLE BOOK with 6 of the 61 chapters from the complete book. The chapters I chose for this sample book are stories about miracles.

Going Up

by Phyllis Stokes

God made the spirit of man in the image and likeness of Himself, and He desires to have fellowship with all of His children in this life. Because we are spirits as He is Spirit, our spirits cannot be confined to the body of flesh God gave us to live on earth. We don’t belong here on earth; and Jesus made it possible at Calvary for our spirits to be transported to our heavenly home in Zion by the Holy Spirit. Jesus has opened the door to the Father’s throne room so that believers may enjoy free daily access to the Father in this life. On certain occasions we may actually find ourselves inside the gates of the Holy City, speaking with dear loved ones who have entered their rest. With God all things are possible.

Going Up is a book about personal experiences. You will witness actual events as one daughter of Zion is caught up in the Spirit, enjoys an escorted tour of the banqueting hall in the Temple of God; and, while in the Spirit on other occasions, visits with loved ones and seemingly entertains heavenly visitors in her own home. You will observe how a willing spirit has the faith and courage to leave her earthly body behind and take an intergalactic trip to Zion. You will share her excitement and witness how her life is changed by her determination to enjoy life in the Spirit.

Mission (Christian)

by Artie Sparks

The past two summers were hot in the avocado fields of Sam Martin’s plantation near San Diego. Alex Ramirez, twenty-years old, worked there both of those summers. It is spring and most people wonder how hot this summer will be.
His wife, Marie, is a clerk in a real estate office near the mission. They have been married a while. They have no children as yet. However, they both work as volunteers at the Mission and school.
Alex and Marie Ramirez grew up in the inner city of Los Angeles, California. He was really a tough, strong, city kid. They both moved from there with their parents when they were in high school. Tough or not, he answers the Church’s beck and call at times as if he is a monk. He takes care of task after task for the Mission.
He works in the fields on the Martin farm and at his office next to the barn. He has learned enough in his experience at to be counted on heavily by Sam Martin as his overseer of the entire operation most of the time.

No Other Gods (Ten Commandments Study Series)

by Rachael Siebert

In this 4th book of the Ten Commandments Study Series, Rachael Siebert will take you from cover to cover in the scriptures to unearth the meaning behind the second commandment. Join her as she searches to unlock the truth about how a believer today should keep this command.

Eyes To Heaven (Your Daily Dose OF Motivation)

by Rosemarie Pineda

A 30-day motivational book that inspires you to live life each day — to the full!

The book with simple yet moving words that inspire you to live and love life as you should.

The Soul’s Crossing

by Stuart Cline

The Soul’s Crossing is a story of a burnt out counselor named Jack on the ride of his life when he taps into a calling from life times past. A calling he tries to resist with everything in his being. His destiny is calling and he cannot stop the turn of events. This journey leads him to a life he has long forgotten. The one he knew before being born on earth. He is lead to New Mexico and falls into another reality struggling with his past and resisting his destiny. With the help of his spirit guide and others he is confronted with the feeling that an emotional piece of him had always been missing. A piece that has been looking for him from the other side of the veil for generations. We learn why he needs this piece, and if he brings it back to earth or chooses to alter his destiny forever. If you are curious and want more out of life, more answers, or If you feel that the rules on earth have changed and no one has given you the new rule book, then you are not alone. This book was meant for you.

A Bible Study of Revelation Chapter 12

by Julia Audrina Carrington

A look at Satan falling from Heaven after he causes other angels to rebel against God and fights against God’s faithful angels, led by the faithful angel Michael.

A look at prophetic references to Israel and the persecution Satan will bring against Israel during the time of tribulation on earth, and a look at God’s deliverance.

A look at Christ ruling the nations with a rod of iron as He establishes His authority after the tribulation over the nations of the world for His one thousand year reign on earth.

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“Julia Carrington draws from the depth of her relationship with God to connect her readers to His heart and His voice. She knows the language of God and writes encouraging her readers to know His voice and follow Him.”–Theresa Croft, Kingdom Messenger Network

“Thanks be to God. I read one of her books, which was very good. She is a Christian first and foremost, and an awesome writer. If you have never read one of her books, let me encourage you to do so. Amen.”–R.C.

“This is a writer with whom I have the honor of reading from her works. I know personally her love of the true Word of God and particularly her love of Jesus Christ.”–K.H.

It is Julia’s desire to glorify God in all things. Julia Audrina Carrington who is a born again Christian has touched the lives of thousands of souls across the world. She has shared the message of hope with orphans and the less fortunate. She is the founder of the international mission called Mission Friends for Christ which reaches out to needy and hurting women and children. She is the author of more than five hundred Christian books and Christian novels. See many of her books at by typing her name Julia Carrington in the search box on Her books make wonderful gifts for all occasions. Get her books today for yourself and for family and friends as perfect gifts for all occasions.

f the world for His one thousand year reign on earth.

The Bone Thrower (Dreams of a Past Life) Book 1 (The Bone Seer Paranormal Romance Trilogy)

by Aishah Macgill

A thrilling paranormal romance, with a twist! Or two!

Imagine if your past life came crashing into this one?

“Remarkably intelligent storytelling of the highest calibre. Dark at times, and perfectly balanced with light and love. The author has struck a chord, deep within my psyche… she took me to a place I had forgotten existed, back to an era full of real magic.”  Alicia  Abercrombe – Passion & Purpose 4 Life

Isabella Matthews finds herself entangled in a strange little game which begins with the manifestation of bizarre poltergeist acitivity in her home. She then experiences lucid dreams of her life as a Temple Seer in an ancient Lebanese city, the megalopolous of Byblos, the real City of Libraries and from where the word ‘Bible’ originates.

The Temple Seer can see into the future at will- but not what is going on in front of her own eyes… she spectacularly falls from grace, plummeting into a life of hedonistic debauchery- that of a sex slave to sixteen barbaric brothers- and she also becomes haplessly addicted to a mystical, alchemical substance.

However, in the present day, she soon realises that as the ordinary but well educated Isabella Matthews, she can make good on a single, far reaching, fateful decision made long ago…

Isabella grew up in Australia in a remote outback town. She moves to England, where she unexpectedly meets her soul mate. Both lawyers, they team up to battle an unscrupulous multi-national oil company who are wreaking havoc around the world with dire consequences. Who will triumph in this epic legal and spiritual battle, Isabella and her lover? Or the diabolically currupt CEO, Kaylene Lawrence?

Follow The Bone Thrower’s timeless odyssey, through lifetimes, accross continents and unravel one of the biggest mysteries of our very existence, a question we all inevitably ask ourselves, at least once, is there life- after death? Is there life beyond?

You decide.

“Somehow, we can all relate to the soulful journey of ‘The Bone Thrower’. I couldn’t put it down! And I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days after I’d finished.”  Lou Stokes – Living in Yogadise

The second and third books in The Bone Seer Parnormal Romance Trilogy are available now on Amazon:

The BONE WHISPERER, Return to Byblos, Book 2
The BONE KEEPER, Return to Edenhope, Book 3

Gods I Have Known

by Brina Katz

Seven stories set in a variety of cultural backgrounds explore human relationships as they become entangled with magical influences. Written in a range of voices, these contemporary stories move effortlessly between the realms of both romantic and erotic love.

A woman finds herself enraptured by the folk traditions of Shinto when she travels to Japan to discover the hidden meaning of a strange necklace.

A young Wiccan uses her mother’s Tarot cards to find out more about the nature of love.

A young girl realises that there is more to growing up when she discovers an unusual painting by a Jewish artist, in her local art gallery.

A chance encounter with a rune reader leads to a chaotic adventure for a young archaeologist searching for an ancient stone in the bleak fells of northern Britain.

In these and the three other stories in this collection we are left with a warning; that we must tread with care, because sometimes you can choose your Gods – but sometimes they choose you.


by Dan Watson

This book is a must-read for those confused by the arguments set forth by the pro-homosexual vanguard against the Biblical perspective of homosexuality. Using both homosexual and Biblical source materials as the basis for this study, this book addresses a number of arguments proposed by the proponents of homosexuality, and considers a number of questions, including the following:

(1) What do Biblical texts say about homosexuality? Does Biblical philosophy condone or condemn homosexual behavior?

(2) What does Jesus’ statement “[j]udge not, that ye be not judged” mean? Does it indicate his approval of homosexual behavior?

(3) What, if anything, did Jesus say about homosexuality, and what does this mean?

(4) Were some key Biblical characters homosexuals?

(5) Is the anti-homosexual rhetoric of the Bible applicable to all cases of homosexuality, or are there caveats for some homosexual relationships?

(6) Do genetic issues legitimize homosexual behavior?

(7) Does the Bible define homosexual behavior as sinful behavior?

(8) Is homosexual behavior compatible with the demands of Christianity?

(9) What is the Church to do in response to practicing homosexuals in its midst?

By contemplating and answering each of these questions, it will be possible to determine the merit of the homosexual case and to resolve the issue of whether practicing homosexuals can legitimately function as Christians, both individually and corporately.

The following excerpt comes from the chapter “ARGUMENT: THE SILENCE OF JESUS”.

Does the Silence of Jesus Justify Other Behaviors?

Undoubtedly, in spite of the evidence presented thus far, there will be some naysayers who will persist in championing homosexuality by using the argument of Jesus’ silence; however, it seems unlikely that any of these same proponents would use this argument of silence to support and promote other issues. Consider the following:

(1) The Old Testament contains statements condemning the practice of bestiality (e.g., Leviticus 20:15, 16), an act that like homosexuality appears to have been subject to a total ban by the Law, yet there is no Biblical record indicating that Jesus concurred with this and condemned bestiality; therefore, those who contend that he approved of homosexuality on the basis of his silence about it would also by the same line of reasoning have to argue that he approved of bestiality, because he said nothing about it.

(2) The Old Testament contains regulations prohibiting the practice of incest (e.g., Leviticus 20:11). While regulated by the Law of Moses, the New Testament provides no evidence that Jesus directly commented about incest; therefore, those who contend that Jesus’ silence about homosexuality indicates his approval of it would also, for the same reason, have to argue that he approved of incest, for he didn’t condemn it, or even bother to comment about it.

Just as no reasonable person would use the silence of Jesus to argue the case that he eased or lifted the restrictions regulating bestiality and incest, no reasonable person should use this argument to counter the Biblical prohibition of homosexuality; however, as has been shown, this argument is used by a number of people in just such a manner.

The Just Shall LIVE by Faith (Back to the Basics)

by Nancy A. Almodovar

The following research article will explore how Paul used Habakkuk 2:4 in Romans 1:17 and will focus upon the specific quotation of “The just shall live by faith.” Though there are some difficulties when analyzing various copies of the Habakkuk quote, which will be looked at within this paper, it nevertheless is maintained that Paul is directly quoting this verse in his letter. The position in this paper is that Paul is utilizing the quote from Habakkuk to show the eschatological fulfillment for the ultimate deliverance of God’s people throughout the ages, both Old and New Testament saints, from God’s final judgment.

The Black Bird: A Conversation with a Spiritual Seeker

by Robin Moore

The Black Bird ‘Conversation with a Spiritual Seeker’ is a short book set out in a conversation format between the author and a woman called Sara, a self confessed seeker of spiritual enlightenment. The author is a teacher of mindfulness meditation at the South East Cancer Health Centre in Purley, and also a voluntary teacher at the Royal Marsden Hospital in South East London. The author brings into the conversation the parallels between the sometimes voluntary dissolution of the self on the spiritual journey and involuntary loss of self when faced with critical illness such as cancer. The book covers a wide range of spiritual concepts such as non-duality teachings and touches on Zen and meditation practices. Even though the book is less than sixty pages long it packs a hard punch and encourages the reader to ask some serious questions about exactly what the spiritual path is about and who is the one seeking it.

End the Search for Meaning: Start living for a higher purpose

by Francis Umesiri

Stop striving for meaning, and start living for a higher purpose. Your meaning is deeply rooted in God’s immeasurable love and kindness for you. Find the keys to unlocking your inner peace and significance.

Devil Be Damned

by Chuck Alderman

This short story is about our own Demons, or is it? The Devil, a haunting, Demon’s or insanity? The lives of a small group of friends, a fallen Priest, a controlling sister, enter into a slide into a hell on earth.

Girl On Horseback – Volume I

by Eileen Tidwell

The story of a girl who travels through life with horses, beginning at age 12. A Christian novel based on real-life events of the author and geared to be an enjoyable learning experience for horse lovers of all ages, but especially pre-teen and teen girls, and others who are eager to learn about horses. Abby starts out knowing nothing about horses other than she’s nuts about them, and her journey takes her through the world of riding clubs, riding lessons, rodeo and even some dressage, as she develops into a capable rider, competitor and trainer.

Taking a Serious God Seriously

by James Perry

Reading this book reveals the current events that formulate worldviews. Then the author examines the ultimate source for Christians to develop God’s way of looking at the world. The author concludes that the “church” and the culture have turned a deaf ear and blind eye to God. It is a clarion call for Christians to return to the standards of Scripture, because God is serious about how Christians should think and live in this world. Every chapter defines what it means to have a serious relationship with a serious God.

Deacons Wives, He’s into Porn!

by Hattie Bethan-Yaad

READERS 18+: some sexual content (brief descriptions, no erotica)

Setting: Atlanta, US city in the South with church, coffee shop, and bedroom scenes

Audience: newlyweds, busy moms, women in menopause, women of faith

Reality fiction

STANDARDS PLEDGE: This book has been edited to follow content standards found in many faith-based books on sex and marriage (some detail, not erotic). Please rate me and let others know if I have met that standard!

DEACONS WIVES Book 5: Three Atlanta women get help for their husbands’ porn habits

“But Susan, I don’t want my whole marriage to be about helping a pornographic drunk. And how will I know? At least with an alcoholic you can smell his breath!” (Ch.8)

“I didn’t know whether to cry or slap him. “Roy, I’m not an inflatable doll, or whatever that is in your closet.” (Ch.11)

Did he turn to porn because you lost the romance?

Or, did your marriage lose its romance because he turned to porn?

After porn, is there ever trust?

The Deacons Wives are finding answers!



1. How Do I Compete with Women on the Web?

2. Not an Easy Fix

3. Porn Habit Damages His Wife’s Esteem

4. Life Runner Men’s Group

5. Topless Girl Sunning By the Pool

6. More Confessions of a Porn Addict

7. Sarah Finds Support from Susan

8. Eight-Week Rehab Plan for Porn Habit

9. The Selective Honesty of a Porn Addict

10. One Very Horny Bridegroom

11. Do What with the Vibrator? I’m Having My Period!

12. Newlywed Sex Coach on the Web? Or Porn?

13. Maybe It Went Away

14. Using the Work Computer for Porn

15. A Drive-By Divorce

16. My Weight is His Excuse for Porn … Really?!

17. That Zone Where He Doesn’t Know That I Know

18. I Have Him By the Balls

19. Saturday No. 3, Naked Conversation

20. Saturday No.4, My Humble Act

21. Porn, It Never Ends

God Had A Secret

by Robert William Wade

God Had A Secret is about the ‘preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revealation of the mystery’. In this book you will discover the seven sacred secrets of God that had never been revealed until the raising up of the Apostle Paul. Paul the apostle to the Gentiles would reveal to the world what God had accomplished through the death, burial and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ through the Apostle Paul would reveal what God’s plans for the heavenlies were and what His plans for The Church The Body of Christ is. My friends, this information has been a major thorn in Satin’s side; he hates the gospel of the grace of God. For some of you this will be all new information and for others it will be blessed assurance. I know beyond a shadow of dought you will enjoy this humble 243 page book. May God bless you beyond your wildest imagination.

Recognizing and Clearing Life Patterns

by Valerie Reay

When the same situation continues to repeat itself you are probably experiencing a Life Pattern. This book provided tools to help you recognize a Life Pattern and tools for clearing those patterns that no longer serve you. When patterns are recognized actions for change become clearer and desired results become easier to achieve. Recognizing Life Patterns is the beginning of an exciting and transformation process. Have you ever asked yourself: “Why does it seem that one person is blessed with constant good fortune and another person is cursed with unbelievable bad luck?” When you recognize an unconscious, unwanted Life Pattern, you can see where the barriers to what you really want come from and begin the process of changing your approach to life. Also, when you recognize a positive Life Pattern that you didn’t realize was there, you can see where you are most likely to be successful Life becomes fun even when it is challenging. New possibilities open up. Identifying a Life Pattern and making the necessary internal corrections that align with your goals can change the future for you and everyone you come into contact with.

Satan is Coming to Town (Dramatic Duets)

by Charles B. French

When it comes to making them laugh or making a point, it doesn’t have to be either-or. Sometimes humorously, often seriously, this duet piece examines and explores what it means to life a life of faith. It’s a serious moral wrapped inside a slightly silly sense of humor.

Across five short vignettes, an ordinary man matches wits with Satan. These scenes examine why the fight against evil needs more than empty gestures and feel-good symbolism. Some of the Enemy’s biggest weapons are out hubris and pride. To truly combat evil, we’re going to have to humble ourselves, have some faith, and roll up our sleeves.

This piece is part of the full script collection: Dramatic Duets

The Christian and Halloween: Biblical Principles to Consider

by S. T. Cowden

Every October 31st in the United States and elsewhere, people celebrate Halloween. Halloween celebrations often include for the sake of fear and entertainment such themes as death, evil, and even at times the demonic and the occult.

In light of the fact that Christians are called to holiness in this world, how are we as followers of Christ to relate to this cultural phenomenon? What does the mission of the Church in making disciples have to do with the choices we make regarding the observance of or abstention from activities related to Halloween? What are some categories of biblical wisdom to help us answer these difficult questions? How are we to relate to Christian brothers and sisters who make different decisions about these things than we do?

In this short read, Cowden does not argue for one particular approach. He believes in the absolute truth of Scripture and the conscience-binding force of the Word of God, but seeks to dispel attitudes that produce simplistic solutions and legalism, and to provide the reader with a few biblical tools and categories to help ask appropriate questions of his or her own situation and relationships with regard to the best way to glorify Christ and advance the mission of the Church during Halloween.

The goal is not confusion, but greater clarity and conviction, for the reader who seeks to continue growing in wisdom and maturity (as the author also must) in applying all the principles of the Bible to all of life in a God-honoring way.

Sermons of Charity

by Paul Condello

Upon bruised and aching shoulders, Christ bore the penalizing blame of faults that would have hindered humanity’s entrance into the everlasting and sublimely fulfilling nature of Paradise. The charity that bears suffering, ridicule, abasement and strife for the love of humanity is the love that is both embodied by Christ, and proclaimed by the Word as the life we are called to exemplify and preach unto our neighbors. Love that commiserates, embraces peace, discovers meaning forgives and provides generously is the charity that is written down in the sermons of this labor.

Genesis Workbook (Bible Workbooks)

by Rebecca Kidd

This is Book one of the series of the bible study. Its the Genesis Workbook. Hope you enjoy!

Hell No!

by Ray Divine

Hell No!

How the Concept of Eternal Torment Isn’t Supported by Scripture or Reason
Ray Divine uses wit, reason, and even The Bible to disprove the foul and heinous notion of Hell as it’s been widely misconstrued throughout the centuries.


Although Hell doesn’t make sense for a God of mercy, where Hell comes in handy is when you want to control a bunch of people. Let’s say, for instance, that you have an empire that rules the known world. But then, like the world-ruling empires before yours, yours starts falling apart. But you’ve had so much fun ruling the known world that you’re not ready to retire. You want your reign to keep pouring down. So as your political power fails, you find another way to rule.

What better way to rule is there than controlling the eternal destiny of others? If someone knows how to make sure you wind up in a special, happy place where the party never ends and helps you avoid the only other option, which would be, the horrid, unhappy place where the pain and sorrow never end, wouldn’t you heed their every admonition? So we only get two choices when we die: Living happily ever after or living agonizingly ever after. Non-smoking or smoking. Since God is so loving, creative, and powerful, how can Christians say our only after life options are Heaven or Hell? Why no curtain number 3? Even “Let’s Make a Deal” has a curtain number 3! Are we to think that Monty Hall is more clever and offers more options than the Divine?

Heaven and Hell are the extremist extremes ever. You can argue “Crunchy wheat” versus “Nicely sweet” all day long, but deep down, you know both sides have merit. Paper versus plastic: Both offer benefits too. But why aren’t you reusing burlap bags every week anyway? With Heaven and Hell, however, you get all that’s good versus all that’s not. Not good; that is. Celebratory times with God and His angels; or grievous, mournful, regretful times with the Devil and his demons.

Times that never end. That’s the worst part! A second in Hell would be too long for anybody, but an eternity? Ew! That’s the worst. Whereas a second in Heaven would elate anyone. And an eternity? That’s as good as it gets. Which is why they say we’ll praise God the whole time. Whereas the other group will curse God and themselves and everyone they know as they pine for a reprieve from the pain, a reprieve that never comes. The worst thing about Hell? No more snow cones or Slurpees. They evaporate as soon as you fix â??em.

Our understanding of Hell today has become corrupted from the original biblical teaching due to the persistence of mistranslations since about the 4th or 5th century, thanks to Augustine of Hippo. Funny how the party got killed by the patron saint of brewers.

If God speaks in riddles and the Bible isn’t direct either, how can God expect us to follow Him or His alleged Word? Raising such objections will get you answers like “God’s ways are higher than our ways.” “That’s what faith is for.” and “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

Since the Old Testament never really mentions Hell, why would anyone want a New Testament if having one means risking ourselves and/or our loved ones suffering forever? Must be why it’s just called the New Testament; and not the New & Improved Testament.

Click Look Inside! to see more excerpts.


The folks who prefer to preach Hell may take offense at this book. But, as the author explains, those who find themselves offended by this book should realize that their God is more offended by them and the way they misrepresent Him, falsely accusing Him of torturing billions of lost souls for eternity. Ew! What kind of Supreme Being do they think He is?

Tin-Clad Guarantee

This brief but brilliant book will entertain and amuse while informing and helping to alleviate fears of eternal torment. If not satisfied, contact Amazon within six days; and they should issue a refund. Enjoy!
Living Fine,
Ray Divine

The Monsters Within

by Corvus Winchester

When the Holloways move from their modern Los Angeles home to a decaying Victorian model, their world begins to turn upside down. The walled estate houses a dark past. Strange whispers are heard throughout the house. Supernatural forces hold them in place. Unseen hands reach for them from the dark corners of the chilling house. A menacing intruder mysteriously appears and their dead child is seen alive and well. The Holloways are being haunted by the dark inhabitants of this house, hungry for their next prey. Unknown to them a dark secret lurks just beneath the surface. A secret that may uncover the mysterious past of the nightmare they now are residents of.

The Stellar Tarot Complete

by David briaN

Are you interested in astrology or tarot? This is a new kind of tarot system that joins them both. You don’t need birth data any more.The system is the only one of its kind. There are examples in the back. I believe you will love the system.

Angels & Masters Speak

by Susan Sloane

In 2006 Susan Sloane experienced an awakening which gave her the ability to see, hear, and converse with Beings known as Guardian Angels and Spiritual Masters. Over the next few years their priceless teachings changed her life in profound ways…

In this anthology, Sloane shares the wisdom and knowledge given her by the Angels and Masters as they answer some of life’s most pressing questions, and give instruction to increase the readers inherent abilities for healing, manifestation, and personal freedom. They tell us plainly how to go beyond what we think is possible, and speak on subjects that apply to us all. Such as…

How to heal the body of any illness ~ Money, manifesting, and the $10 million dollar question ~ What it means when it is said this world is an illusion ~ Who they are and what their purpose is ~ What spiritual awakening is, and how to do it ~ What the Masters know that allows them to perform miracles ~ How we can step out of karma ~ What Twin Flames and soul mates are ~ How shape-shifting is done ~ Why every word you speak is a prayer ~ How Free Will plays a part in our evolution and End-Times prophesies ~ and much more…

” It was written, ‘God put Adam to sleep’. Where is it written, ‘God woke Adam’?
Future generations will read the book that tells the story of you, Adam. Awake.” ~ from the Introduction

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Free reference Kindle books for 31 Oct 13

Amazon Prime and Lending Library: Know It All

by Edward Johnson

This book is a know it all guide for Amazon Prime users who wish to know everything about Amazon Prime from signing up to maintaining a membership, instant streaming video abilities and free shipping to the Lending Library. With an Amazon Prime account membership worth seventy-nine dollars, you get all the advantages from streaming to cloud storage and all sorts of lending abilities. This is also used alongside the Kindle HD Fire, a device that gives you an experience that makes it all the more memorable.

Speak Easy (52 Brilliant Ideas)

by Barry Gibbons

Public speaking is something that many people struggle with and yet these days not only do lots of people want to be able to speak better in front of an audience, often their careers depend on it. In Speak easy, Fortune magazine’s ”Turnaround Champ” Barry Gibbons, draws on his vast experience of speaking in public to help you make your dread of delivering speeches a thing of the past. Who knows, you might even start to enjoy it! Barry is the first one to admit that he’s made a mistake or two along the way but these have helped him develop some brilliant ideas to avoid falling into the same trap twice.

31 Days to Become a Better Reader: Increasing your Struggling Reader’s Reading Level

by Joanne Kaminski

What if there was a tool that could guide you in helping your child become a better reader? This is a 31 day challenge to help guide you and your struggling reader in reading a book together while encouraging her to develop strategies to become a strategic reader. You will learn tips that were once only known to the reading experts. Along with these tips you will learn journaling techniques that will help you focus on the specific needs of your child. Joanne Kaminski, the author, and Renee Love, the cover artist, both struggled with reading while growing up. You will find out how Joanne struggled and how her mom helped her by simply reading with her. This book is intended to be a guide to reading success, even if you don’t know anything about teaching reading. You will learn strategies to help your child figure out words for herself and be given questions to ask for different errors your child makes. You will literally unlock the key to the code for your child. Vocabulary has been one of those areas in reading that drastically can increase a child’s reading level. You will learn what words to focus on with your child and how to get your child to magically remember each of the meanings. Fluency can get in the way of your child’s overall understanding of what she is reading. Reading too fast or reading too slow may cause areas of the brain to not process the information correctly. Also, reading in a monotone manner may get in the way of your child’s enjoyment of what she is reading, as well as her understanding. You will learn how to get your child to figure out when her voice should go up and down and how to stop appropriately at punctuation. The overall purpose of reading is to understand what you are reading. During this 31 day challenge you will learn how to help your child become metacognitive. That means to have her think about her own thinking. She will learn how to ask effective questions to aid in overall comprehension and specifically how to connect with the text. At the end of the book you will get the chance to review how this process went for you and your child. You will be able to check the areas that are still a concern for her and come up with a plan for the next book that you read together. Don’t rely on just the schools when it comes to helping your child with reading. Class sizes are getting bigger and less attention is being given to kids who struggle. By utilizing the techniques that you will learn in this book you can  be proactive about your child’s education and get her onto the path of educational success. No longer do parents have to rely solely on experts to make sure their child is reading on grade level or above. You can have access to all of the tools that you need. With the hardcopy book you will be able to take notes about the process. With the e-book version you will need a notebook to track the progress that is being made. It is pivotal to take these notes so that you can properly assess if the process is working. There will be days where this is not easy. There will be days where it is not convenient to read with your child, but if you stick with the process you will be pleased the results. You have more power than you think available at your fingertips. Whether your child is struggling just a little bit or your child has been diagnosed with dyslexia, your child will benefit from this process. Reading with your child has been the number one factor in determining test scores. The more a child reads, the more she can decode. The more she can decode, the more she can comprehend. When the process is this simple why wouldn’t you give it a try?

A Muse Your Self Writing® – How to Overcome Writer’s Block

by Denise M Simpson

Whether you’re new to writing or a seasoned professional with writer’s block, this book helps release the inner nag and permit words to flow again. Change “Darn, I have to writeâ?¦” to “Yippee, I’m writing!” using 8 Principles of Success and 30 exercises to use individually or in a group. Break through blocks and bring some fun back to your writing – no matter what genre you’re interested in.

Writing groups will find the exercises useful to loosen up members of all levels, creating read-out-loud hilarious pieces which just might launch a writer on the journey to become a published author.

My Favourite Quotes Volumes 1 to 18 Combined : Art to Youth

by Pardu Ponnapalli

This book is a collection of my favourite quotes from a broad range of topics. The topics covered include:
– Chapter 1 Ability
– Chapter 2 Acting
– Chapter 3 Adversity
– Chapter 4 Advertising
– Chapter 5 Advice
– Chapter 6 Age
– Chapter 7 Agreement
– Chapter 8 Ambition
– Chapter 9 Anger
– Chapter 10 Argument
– Chapter 11 Art
– Chapter 12 Atheism
– Chapter 13 Attitude
– Chapter 14 Authority
– Chapter 15 Autumn
– Chapter 16 Balance
– Chapter 17 Banks
– Chapter 18 Beauty
– Chapter 19 Belief
– Chapter 20 Birds
– Chapter 21 Birth
– Chapter 22 Body
– Chapter 23 Books
– Chapter 24 Boredom
– Chapter 25 Brain
– Chapter 26 Bureaucracy
– Chapter 27 Business
– Chapter 28 Camping
– Chapter 29 Cats
– Chapter 30 Celebrities
– Chapter 31 Chance
– Chapter 32 Change
– Chapter 33 Character
– Chapter 34 Charity
– Chapter 35 Charm
– Chapter 36 Children
– Chapter 37 Civilization
– Chapter 38 Cliches
– Chapter 39 Committees
– Chapter 40 Common Sense
– Chapter 41 Communications
– Chapter 42 Communism
– Chapter 43 Community
– Chapter 44 Competence
– Chapter 45 Computers
– Chapter 46 Conceit
– Chapter 47 Confidence
– Chapter 48 Congress
– Chapter 49 Conscience
– Chapter 50 Conservatives
– Chapter 51 Converation
– Chapter 52 Courage
– Chapter 53 Cowardice
– Chapter 54 Creativity
– Chapter 55 Crime
– Chapter 56 Curiosity
– Chapter 57 Cynicism
– Chapter 58 Dance
– Chapter 59 Death
– Chapter 60 Decisions
– Chapter 61 Defeat
– Chapter 62 Democracy
– Chapter 63 Design
– Chapter 64 Desire
– Chapter 65 Destiny
– Chapter 66 Differences
– Chapter 67 Dignity
– Chapter 68 Discovery
– Chapter 69 Dogs
– Chapter 70 Doubt
– Chapter 71 Dreams
– Chapter 72 Drinking
– Chapter 73 Drugs
– Chapter 74 Duty
– Chapter 75 Economics
– Chapter 76 Education
– Chapter 77 Emotions
– Chapter 78 Enemies
– Chapter 79 Energy
– Chapter 80 Engineering
– Chapter 81 England
– Chapter 82 English
– Chapter 83 Environment
– Chapter 84 Equality
– Chapter 85 Etiquette
– Chapter 86 Evil
– Chapter 87 Excellence
– Chapter 88 Exercise
– Chapter 89 Experience
– Chapter 90 Experts
– Chapter 91 Exploration
– Chapter 92 Facts
– Chapter 93 Failure
– Chapter 94 Faith
– Chapter 95 Fame
– Chapter 96 Family
– Chapter 97 Fashion
– Chapter 98 Fate
– Chapter 99 Fear
– Chapter 100 Food
– Chapter 101 Love
– Chapter 102 Luck
– Chapter 103 Mankind
– Chapter 104 Marriage
– Chapter 105 Mathematics
– Chapter 106 Maturity
– Chapter 107 Medicine
– Chapter 108 Memory
– Chapter 109 Men and Women
– Chapter 110 Mercy
– Chapter 111 Mistakes
– Chapter 112 Money
– Chapter 113 Morality
– Chapter 114 Music
– Chapter 115 Nature
– Chapter 116 Necessity
– Chapter 117 Nobility
– Chapter 118 Opinions
– Chapter 119 Opportunity
– Chapter 120 Optimism
– Chapter 121 Painting
– Chapter 122 Parents
– Chapter 123 Passion
– Chapter 124 Patience
– Chapter 125 Patriotism
– Chapter 126 Peace
– Chapter 127 Perfection
– Chapter 128 Perseverance
– Chapter 129 Persistence
– Chapter 130 Pets
– Chapter 131 Philosophy
– Chapter 132 Photography
– Chapter 133 Physics
– Chapter 134 Plagiarism
– Chapter 135 Planning
– Chapter 136 Poetry
– Chapter 137 Politicians
– Chapter 138 Politics
– Chapter 139 Possessions
– Chapter 140 Poverty
– Chapter 141 Power
– Chapter 142 Praise
– Chapter 143 Prayer
– Chapter 144 Prejudice
– Chapter 145 Pride
– Chapter 146 Progress
– Chapter 147 Promises
– Chapter 148 Proverbs
– Chapter 149 Questioning
– Chapter 150 Quotations
– Chapter 151 Reality
– Chapter 152 Reason
– Chapter 153 Relaxation
– Chapter 154 Religion
– Chapter 155 Reputation
– Chapter 156 Respect
– Chapter 157 Responsibility
– Chapter 158 Revenge
– Chapter 159 Revolution
– Chapter 160 Risk
– Chapter 161 Rules
– Chapter 162 Sanity
– Chapter 163 Science
– Chapter 164 Secrets
– Chapter 165 Security
– Chapter 166 Selfishness
– Chapter 167 Service
– Chapter 168 Sex
– Chapter 169 Silence
– Chapter 170 Simplicity

And more!

The Ultimate Ben Roethlisberger Fun Fact And Trivia Book

by Mark Peters

The Ultimate Ben Roethlisberger Fun Fact and Trivia Book contains well over 175 pieces of trivia, little known information, and fun facts about this great pro football star. This is perfect for you if you are curious about your favorite player, want to impress your co-workers, need information for a trivia contest, or even if you want to win a bet or two with family or friends. There are some hard to find tidbits in here including stuff related to his pro days, college days, and even his life away from football. This is exactly what the title says it is, the Ultimate Ben Roethlisberger Fun Fact And Trivia Book.

Find out interesting facts like:

-How many rushing yards did Ben Roethlisberger gain in college?

-Ben Roethlisberger was the fifth quarterback ever drafted in the first round by the Steelers, who were the other four?

-What team would fall in defeat during Ben Roethlisberger’s rookie year when he led the team in his first career fourth quarter comeback victory?

-Who did Ben Roethlisberger throw his first NFL touchdown pass to?

-Ben Roethlisberger’s father played quarterback at what major college?

…and much more!

Chinese Mandarin Flash Cards

by Kevin Van Der Byl

These Chinese Mandarin Flash Cards by Ma Ma Chong, provides a path to pronounce Mandarin words more easily. By using these cards you will be better understood, and your confidence will grow. The cards will provide you with an effective learning method, which will also assist you remembering new words. Each card has included the traditional Chinese character, Pinyin and an easier to say English pronunciation of the Pinyin.

GRE Interactive Flash Cards + Workbook/ 1000 Absolutely Essential Words. A powerful method to learn the vocabulary you need.

by Konstantinos Mylonas

Do you need to:

– become more articulate?

– improve your vocabulary skills quickly and effectively?

– succeed in important examinations, such as the GRE?

GRE Interactive Flash Cards + Workbook/1000 Absolutely Essential Words is a Kindle e-book that can help you thoroughly master hundreds of high score words. It will enable you to capture the power of active recall and spaced repetition, which scientists say are the best principles of efficient learning.

Acquire the vocabulary you need with our powerful approach:

– Interactive Vocabulary Flash Cards

– GRE High-Frequency Word Lists

– Comprehensive definitions (powered by the Kindle/Kindle apps Built-in dictionaries)

– Audio pronunciation for every headword! ( when using the FREE Kindle Cloud Reader)

– A range of stimulating exercises and quizzes

– Synonyms at each entry

– Interactive feedback

– Specially designed for the Kindle

It enables you to:

– adapt your learning to your way of life (with Kindle Whispersync technology)

– test yourself and monitor your progress

– study anywhere/anytime

If you are preparing for the GRE, studying vocabulary is essential to get the maximum score. Knowing hundreds of “tough” words will greatly improve your comprehension skills and fluency. GRE Interactive Flash Cards + Workbook/1000 Absolutely Essential Words can help you in a way no other ordinary book can. It is ideal for self-study whenever you want, wherever you are. You answer vocabulary questions and receive feedback right away. It is as if you have a private English tutor on the spot telling you what you did right or wrong, explaining the mistakes again and again.

After studying this unique e-book, you will have mastered hundreds of must-know words quickly and easily. Our specially designed e-book enables you to make the best use of the Kindle Built-in dictionary so you can delve deeper into the meaning and usage of a word. This e-book is very convenient even if you do not own a Kindle device; you can download it simultaneously to your desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet, thanks to the FREE Kindle applications. You can save and synchronize your notes and highlights across all your devices, so you can start studying on one device, and pick up where you left off on another device.

GRE Interactive Flash Cards + Workbook/1000 Absolutely Essential Words makes it easier than ever before to maximize your study time. Our system enables you to increase your word power:

– in depth

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– on any major platform/device that you select

The more key words you know, the higher your GRE score can be. GRE Interactive Flash Cards + Workbook/1000 Absolutely Essential Words is a simple but powerful method for vocabulary expansion.

SAT Interactive Flash Cards + Workbook/1000 Absolutely Essential Words. A powerful method to learn the vocabulary you need.

by Konstantinos Mylonas

Do you need to:

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– succeed in important examinations, such as the SAT?

SAT Interactive Flash Cards + Workbook/1000 Absolutely Essential Words is a Kindle e-book that can help you thoroughly master hundreds of high score words. It will enable you to capture the power of active recall and spaced repetition, which scientists say are the best principles of efficient learning.

Acquire the vocabulary you need with our powerful approach:

– Interactive Vocabulary Flash Cards

– SAT High-Frequency Word Lists

– Comprehensive definitions (powered by the Kindle/Kindle apps Built-in dictionaries)

– Audio pronunciation for every headword! ( when using the FREE Kindle Cloud Reader)

– A range of stimulating exercises and quizzes

– Synonyms at each entry

– Interactive feedback

– Specially designed for the Kindle

It enables you to:

– adapt your learning to your way of life (with Kindle Whispersync technology)

– test yourself and monitor your progress

– study anywhere/anytime

If you are preparing for the SAT, studying vocabulary is essential to get the maximum score. Knowing hundreds of “tough” words will greatly improve your comprehension skills and fluency. SAT Interactive Flash Cards + Workbook/1000 Absolutely Essential Words can help you in a way no other ordinary book can. It is ideal for self-study whenever you want, wherever you are. You answer vocabulary questions and receive feedback right away. It is as if you have a private English tutor on the spot telling you what you did right or wrong, explaining the mistakes again and again.

After studying this unique e-book, you will have mastered hundreds of must-know words quickly and easily. Our specially designed e-book enables you to make the best use of the Kindle Built-in dictionary so you can delve deeper into the meaning and usage of a word. This e-book is very convenient even if you do not own a Kindle device; you can download it simultaneously to your desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet, thanks to the FREE Kindle applications. You can save and synchronize your notes and highlights across all your devices, so you can start studying on one device, and pick up where you left off on another device.

SAT Interactive Flash Cards + Workbook/1000 Absolutely Essential Words makes it easier than ever before to maximize your study time. Our system enables you to increase your word power:

– in depth

– whenever you want

– on any major platform/device that you select

The more key words you know, the higher your SAT score can be. SAT Interactive Flash Cards + Workbook/1000 Absolutely Essential Words is a simple but powerful method for vocabulary expansion.

English – Portuguese Dictionary of most common words

by Natalia Stepanova

English – Portuguese Dictionary of most common words

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Free politics and current events Kindle books for 31 Oct 13

Experience Angels

by Melanie Beckler

Experiencing angels is simple once you know how to make the connection.

This book consists of 7 channeled angel messages which will help you to pave the pathway so that you can directly connect with the Angelic Realms for yourself.

Simply relax, and read as Archangel Uriel, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael and the Angelic Guide Orion walk you through the process of activating and opening your chakras, lifting your vibration, connecting with your Guardian Angels, and then lifting even higher to experience your Higher Self and the realm of the Archangels.



THE HUMAN RACE by Boots LeBaron contains stories about a unique cross section of humanity; men and women who speak their minds despite the intimacy of their personal experiences. Humorous and inspirational views of Life, Death, Courage, the Workplace, Religion, Love, Heartbreak, Creativity and Showbiz, as told through interviews, essays and light poetry.

The Anglo-American Empire, Regime Change and the Ambition of Israel

by Gary Anderson

There are two smoking guns provided in this book. One describes the advantage that the UK Square Mile took in the financial fleecing of the United States. The second is the advantage Israel took in establishing a financial incentive to neocons, Rothschilds, and other UK wealth to push for regime change in the middle east.

The Anglo-American Empire has adopted a plan for dominance in the middle east. This dominance taken to its logical conclusion is dangerous and is based upon greed and power. The USA has been abused by both the UK and Israel in this process. One would hope pragmatic leaders in Israel and in the USA and in the UK would moderate these abuses. The  financial fleecing of Americans comes from UK easy money and Israeli desires for middle east dominance.

When money, power and religious zeal come together it becomes an unholy alliance. Only pragmatism will overcome the base desires seen in the unfolding of the empire’s plan.

My Heart Is African

by Dave Atkinson

African Poetry

Quotes About Time: The Past & The Present (Quote About Time)

by John Clark

Quotes with pictures compiled about time. Get inspired with quotations from famous people speaking about how we spend time past and present.

An Epistle From An Apostle

by Howard Bitterman

Commentary on:

Making Grown-Up Choices: A Republican View by Rob Portman, Senator from Ohio, New York Times Letters to the Editor, 10/29/2013

If It’s Broken Don’t Fix It

by Mr. Noriega

Our current education system is our nation s greatest tragedy. One that if not quickly remedied will have the longest lasting ill effects in these years to come.

Over the past few decades, we have seen a rapid decline in our education. The Department of Education spends tens of millions of dollars towards improvements, yet test averages continue to decline at an alarming rate. The question they will not answer is: Why our students are still failing despite all the efforts?

From inside a women s correctional facility to a small town junior high, a teacher on the inside takes you on a tour of our public education system, and exposes the hypocrisy of the philosophy: they preach, what they don t want you to teach.

Learn the incredible secrets they don t want you to know.

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Free parenting and families Kindle books for 31 Oct 13

Alzheimer’s The best Guide for Caring for a Parent or Loved One with Alzheimer’s/Dementia

by Ruby Rose

Learn How to Better Care for Your Parent or Loved One with Alzheimer’s/Dementia

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to…

This like all my books I cover the disease or problem so the reader has an understanding of the disease or problem!! So in this book you will learn about Alzheimer’s/Dementia, but Most Importantly you will learn how to care for Your parent or Loved one with Alzheimer’s/Dementia. This might be one of the hardest tests in a person’s life, to care for a Parent with Alzheimer’s. I always remember my Grandmother as a strong independent woman. That is how I think of her, but when she got this disease she was no longer that person that I remember, THAT in itself is hard, but caring for her was a mountainous problem…… I didn’t even know where to start!! I really hope this book helps you with this terrible disease. Sincerely, Ruby Rose

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • About Alzheimer’s
  • Tips on caring for Loved one
  • Patients
  • How to better Understand your Parent
  • Different stages of Disease
  • Everyday Care Tips
  • Different Activities
  • Many, Many Tips
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only


Parenting under 5s (Brilliant Little Ideas)

by Infinite Ideas

Who wouldn’t like to be the best parent in the world?! There’s a never-ending avalanche of books, magazines, websites and TV programmes to allegedly â??help’. But who’s got the time to wade through this lot to sift the stuff that works from the rubbish? Parenting under 5s cuts straight to the heart of the matter. With insider shortcuts and secrets garnered from personal and professional experience we reveal how everyone can be better parents and ensure their under 5s have the best possible start in life. Whether you need reassurance that you’re on the right track or simply want a few bright ideas to make the most of your child’s formative years, Parenting under 5s will help you bring up your children with minimum stress and maximum fun.

Raising Responsible Teens in a Digital World

by Brian Housman

Brian Housman helps parents become a greater influence in their teen’s world, revealing which values motivate teens and offering practical ideas on how families can engage the world through service and love.

Secondhand Autism

by Paul Brodie

Diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in children are happening at an increasing rate. The autism spectrum is very wide and includes many different expressions of symptoms. Regardless of the severity of autism in a child, autism isn’t an individual disorder. Autism affects everyone in the family. Secondhand Autism presents an autobiographical sketch of the author’s experience with autism. His youngest brother is diagnosed with autistic disorder, on the lower functioning end of the autism spectrum. Combining personal experience with education from Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in psychology, the author presents an easy to read description of what family members might expect when a child or sibling is diagnosed as autistic.

I Am The Woman Your Man Wants

by P.J. Grant

As the title suggests, this book paints the picture of the kind of woman men really want. People have their idea of what the perfect woman looks like, even though there is no perfect woman. However, there are certain qualities in a woman that appeal to most men. Some of those qualities are captured in this book.

The qualities include a woman who seeks to do the man good; a woman who is graceful; a woman who cares about others; a woman who is shrewd in business and a woman who fears God.

The bases for the bullet points in this book are found in Proverbs 31 of the Christian Bible. As with any other matter in life, the Bible holds truths that are ageless and therefore serves as the perfect reference point for discussing this all-important topic – the right kind of woman.

Life with Ian: The Teen Years The Journey of an Autistic Boy Through the Eyes of his Step-Dad

by Rodney Kobayakawa

Read the journey of an autistic boy through his teenage years through the eyes of his step-dad. See how he overcame challenges and dealt with change. “Life with Ian” provides some insight as to what worked and didn’t work with him. Some of these techniques may work for some families facing the same obstacles. Enjoy the short stories that attempt to show how Ian thinks. Only he really knows.

This is a collection of short stories of life experiences I have had with Ian from age 12 through age 18, his teen years. This was my first direct experience with autism and the interesting behavior that it presents, especially when it concerns parenting. As a step-dad to Ian, I had to fill in a gap that was left wide open by his biological “Father” as Ian now calls his Dad. I am his Dad now and he will tell you that. His teenager years have been full of challenges and I am glad to have played a part in his life. I have helped him learn to eat better, behave better, and improve his life to his potential. I have written this book will hopefully help others with similar situations. Ian cannot be cured of his disabilities. What we can do is to give him a life, an independent life that he can direct on his own. Ian has made great strides over the years, mostly due to his mother’s wisdom in doing early intervention. Having a great support system in place provided her with the tools needed to help Ian. Her parents, brother, oldest son, aunties, uncles, “hanai” relatives and friends, along with his teachers and professional support staff, all formed the Village that raised Ian. My part was small in the big picture. However, my viewpoint as an outsider could give others some insight as a way to try some things that may help in their particular case. What works for me may not work for you.

In summary, this is a book on Ian from his step-dad’s viewpoint. It is humorous at times and sad at the same time. I hope this will inspire others to not give up. Just keep trying and experimenting to make it work for you. The road may be long and winding but as long as you are moving forward you are making progress.

Some of the subjects covered are:


Odd behaviors

Choice of Food

Auditory Delay

Being “Stuck”

Balloons, Trains, and Fireworks

Anger Management

Staring at Girls


Personal Space

Reverse Psychology

Social Stories

Killer Bees


The Hands

The Human Alarm Clock

Taking a Bath


Making Choices


Giving Praise

The Schedule

Doing Chores

Washing Clothes

Doing Dishes

Talking Too Fast

The Rule isâ?¦



The Theory of the Full Bucket

Who is the Boss?


Father versus Dad

Being Mad at Ian

Planning for Ian to Move Out

Please leave a review, good or bad as I will use the feedback to improve this book and make revisions. Life with Ian: The Teen Years

Learning to love each other again

by Toni Kay Rittenhouse

Have you ever wondered how to teach a child about respecting others? The teacher illustrates how to look at others with eyes of love. This is a good book for schools, pastors, Sunday school teachers and families.

Poems from a Broken Child

by Austin Rose

Poems from a Broken Child takes you inside the feelings that an abused child feels. It will let you into a dark world that the child feels! It is a collection of poems that the writer has written to express the world that she experienced. It also includes the writer views of the poems,

Angel Wings & S’mores (S’mores Sisters)

by G F Bell

A birthday slumber party goes wrong when six young girls disobey their parents and sneak outside to play games. Their latenight escapade lands them in trouble and just when they thought all hope was lost, a mysterious, heavenly stranger rescues them. What challenges await them when they find themselves in the Land of Angels. Many challenges have to be passed before they are able to return home. They are saddened when some of their friends are unable to pass and have to leave unexpectedly. As they learn many hard lessons, they experience several miraculous episodes such as waterfall showers, tame exotic animals and many more.

Lottery Winner: Wildest Things You Would Do If You Win The Lottery

by Mary Harris

If you win the lottery, what will you do with your winnings? Where will you splurge your millions on? How will you spend it?

“Lottery Winner: Wildest Things You Would Do If You Win The Lottery” lists the crazy, fun stuff you can buy and do with your money. These are stuffs that the uber rich indulge in and you can enjoy if ever you win the lottery.

Even if you don’t have the money wouldn’t be nice to imagine how would it be like if you have millions?

Get a copy and discover the wonderful, insane things you can have and do if you have the money!

Meet The Poops

by Rob Renee

If your child suffers from a fear of using the toilet to poop then you are not alone. We have spent a great deal of time searching for help or resources to find that there is not a lot of either available. Hopefully the story behind Meet The Poops will help your child. Instead of teaching a lesson of how or where to poop, this short story will show your child the fun and magical world that their poops live in!

Meet The Poops is a story about Peter Poop and his family. Peter is a shy Poop and wants to ride the Flush Flume in the Toilet Swimming Pool like the rest of his family. Sarah wishes he would peep out at the right time, but he is so shy he pops his head out shyly at some inconvenient times.

Meet The Poops is written to help parents of children that have a sometimes unexplained and seemingly irrational fear of passing a poop or using the toilet. It is written to take the emphasis off the child to use the toilet, instead removing pressure and blame. Peter Poop causes the accidents and needs your child’s help, an entirely different approach.

Same Heart Beating Inside: What Everyone Needs To Know About Elder Care

by E.L. Monaghan

Have you got aging parents, grandparents or other family members? Are you getting older yourself and are worried about what the future holds for you? Maybe you

work in the health care field and want to learn how you can work with the elderly, or teach others how to give the best possible care to our seniors.

Whatever the case, you need to read this book to get a look inside what many of these same elderly parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and

friends would say, if they could.

“Same Heart Beating Inside” goes into the minds of seniors who are facing losing their independance, having to move into long term care facilities, and who are

already living in these facilities requiring around the clock care.

There are many books talking about the importance of exercise to keep the body mobile, about the need for proper care – but none talk about the importance of

seeing them still as people, sometimes capable of making decisions – other times no longer able. We all know that the best medicine for getting older is to keep

moving as much as possible, to keep a smile on our faces, to still dance when the urge strikes.

But, sometimes aging has other ideas in mind. It might take away our physical abilities through disease much earlier than we had thought. Sometimes it takes our

memories, no matter how hard we fight to remain young at heart.

This book is about the ones who, while doing what they can to remain independant and young at heart, are getting to the point where they need more care.

Everyone needs to read this book, because we will be in these situations ourselves at some time – with ourselves, with our families and our loved ones.

Chapters included in the book are:

Section One: To My Family & Loved Onesâ?¦.

Chapter 1 – The Time Has Come

Chapter 2 – Needing More Help

Chapter 3 – Possessions

Chapter 4 – Let Me Share Some Wisdom of My Yearsâ?¦

Section Two: To my caregiversâ?¦.doctors, nurses, nurse’s aides and other healthcare workersâ?¦.

Chapter 5 – Get To Know Me

Chapter 6 – Need You to See the Real ME

Chapter 7 – For Those of Us Waiting in a Hospital For Long Term Placement

Chapter 8 – Communicate with Families

Chapter 9 – Am I Acting Different?

Chapter 10 – Dignity

Chapter 11 – Activities & Socializing

Chapter 12 – Sometimes, What You See Isn’t Really Meâ?¦

Chapter 13 – Thank You

Section Three: To the Governments, and Higher Authorities Who Need to be Accountableâ?¦..

Chapter 14 – The Need for Adequate Facilities

Chapter 15 – Society Needs To Step Up

Section Four: To Everyone��.

Chapter 16 – Spend a Day With Us in a Long Term Care Facilityâ?¦..

Chapter 17 -Final Thoughts

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Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 31 Oct 13

Good Tidings – A Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery (Book 2)

by Terri Reid

Black Friday – the official opening of the Holiday Shopping Season and Patrice Marcum is stuck in the middle of her local superstore with a crying infant, a near hysterical desire to just abandon the diapers and milk she desperately needs, and the snowstorm of the century dumping a half-foot of snow on the parking lot outside. She needs a miracle.
The little old lady seemed sweet, but there was no way Patrice was going to leave three-month old Jeremy with a stranger. She looked outside at the snow-covered parking lot and saw yet another distressed shopper’s cart topple over in the drifts. The old lady sensed her distress and volunteered to call a store employee to help watch over Jeremy while Patrice got her car. The older gentleman, wearing a store badge with the name “Ron,” seemed too good to be true. What could be safer?
Less than five minutes later, after brushing the snow off the van and driving across the crowded and snow-packed parking lot, Patrice pulls up in front of the store. Jeremy is not there. Pushing back panic, she rushes into the store and looks around. Jeremy is not inside either. She pushes through the line at Customer Service, the associate calls Ron on the intercom, and issues a Code Adam. When Ron appears and he’s only seventeen years old, Patrice realizes the worst. “Oh God! They’ve taken my baby!”
Mary O’Reilly, Private Investigator, is decorating her office for the holiday season when the newly installed bell over her door jingles. She looks over to see a six year-old boy standing next to her desk. His name is Joey Marcum and he wants to hire Mary to find his baby brother
Mary nodded. “Okay, Joey, but I’ll want to work with the police on this one. Do you have any problems with that?”
Joey paused. “No, I guess you can talk to them.”
“That’ll be helpful.”
“But you can’t tell my mom you’re working for me,” he said, “Promise?”
“Yes, I promise.”
Joey shrugged. “I don’t think she’d understand, seeing that I’m dead, you know.”

Lethal Confessions

by V.K. Sykes

A gripping new romantic suspense from USA Today Bestselling author V.K. Sykes

The brutal murder of her twin sister drove Amy Robitaille into a career as a homicide detective for Palm Beach County. When a serial killer targets the wives of local baseball players, Amy has more than just a professional interest at stakeâ??her only surviving sister fits the profile of the other victims. Amy’s hell-bent on catching the killer, not only to protect her sister but to destroy the demons haunting her since the death of her twin.

Baseball star and former soldier Luke Beckett has just retired from the game and is looking to move on with his life. When he’s asked to consult on the serial killer case for the local police, he finds the challenge he needsâ??despite the objections of lead detective Amy Robitaille. But Luke has no intention of backing away from the job and every intention of getting to know the intriguing detective.

Amy has no time to babysit a celebrity consultant while trying to catch a serial killer. But Luke is not the man she assumed him to be and he threatens to become a powerful distraction. That’s the last thing she needs, especially when the killer starts closing in on her family. But without Luke’s help, Amy stands to lose everything.

The Riverton Case (Book 3 Rachel Markham Mystery Series)

by PB Kolleri

From the bestselling author of Murder at Rutherford Hall and Murder at Ravenrock, comes the third book in the Rachel Markham Mystery Series.

The Riverton Case

A Rachel Markham Mystery

Book Three – In the Mystery Series

Jeremy and Rachel set sail for Indian shores at the behest of a fabulously wealthy Indian Maharajah, to solve a case unlike anything they’ve encountered before. The journey takes them through the lives of Indian Royalty, and gives them a fascinating glimpse into the charmed life of British India.

Rachel and Jeremy must travel back in time to 1945, towards the end of an Era of the British Raj to solve the baffling murder of a beautiful young English woman – Kitty Riverton who was found murdered in a marble folly, on the grounds of the magnificent Dharanpore Palace.

They must also race against time to retrieve the spectacular Royal ruby necklace, ‘The Pride of Dharanpore’, which was went missing, on the night of the murder. Their investigation takes them through the murky labyrinth of Palace intrigues and politics, where nothing is as it seems and motives abound.

Set in 1947, England and India, The Riverton Case is an intriguing sequel to PB Kolleri’s first two books, ‘Murder at Rutherford Hall’ and ‘Murder at Ravenrock’.

Star Reviews for ‘Murder at Rutherford Hall’ and ‘Murder at Ravenrock’ on Amazon.

Good enough to entertain a Christie fan!, April 23, 2013 By Walter Burgess

Lots of good characters and entertaining plot. Truly a who done it with a surprise at the end and fun to boot!

5.0 out of 5 stars A Cozy And Fun Read, February 19, 2013 By L.I. LINDA (LI NY)

This book reads like a P.B.S. television mystery series. I am an Anglophile and enjoyed every page. I highly recommend it to lovers of all things British.

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful!, August 20, 2013 By Jessica Strong

This is such a well written story. It truly is a wonderful book and I am sure that it is more than comparable to Agatha Christie. The time period is well researched and is informative of the time just after the war in England. I look forward to the next in the series.

5.0 out of 5 stars A respectable companion to Agatha Christie mysteries, September 25, 2013 By Jacqui

I have discovered this author only recently, and have now read two books in the Rachel Markham series. I am really enjoying the plots, the characterisation and the elegance of the era in which it is set. The plots are well constructed, the characters plausible and the skilful unfolding of clues and style are reminiscent of the best of the Christie novels. Rachel Markham and her husband make interesting sleuths -intelligent, ethical and methodical. I hope Kolleri will publish more of these novels.

Fantastic and well written, 19 Jan 2013 -By Forensic 321 (Amazon UK)- This is one of the better murder mysteries I have read in a while. I thoroughly enjoyed the picturesque narration.

About the Author

P.B.Kolleri is the author of the Rachel Markham Mystery Series, which is a series of entertaining whodunits set in 1940’s – 1950’s England that she considers a loving tribute to her all time favorite author in this genre – Agatha Christie.

The First three books in the series are now available on Amazon.

Book 1: Murder at Rutherford Hall, (Published on 10th Jan 2013)

Book 2: Murder at Ravenrock, (Published on 10th July 2013)

Book 3: The Riverton Case (Published on 23rd October 2013)

All Roads Lead Home (Bellingwood)

by Diane Greenwood Muir

Be sure to look for Book 2 – A Big Life in a Small Town and Book 3 – Treasure Uncovered as the Bellingwood series continues.  Book 4 – Secrets and Revelations will publish in October 2013.
Polly Giller returned to Iowa from Boston to start a new life, not that her old one was all that bad. With her inheritance, she purchased an old school building in Bellingwood and is in the middle of renovating it when the bones of two bodies are pulled out of a ceiling.

The whole town knows who those bones belong to, but when she also finds crates and crates of items from the sixties through the early nineties in the old root cellar, they wonder if the two things are connected.

A welcoming committee shows up at Polly’s front door and these women soon become her fast friends. Fortunately, the leader of the group is married to the Sheriff and he is there to make sure mysteries are solved and everyone stays safe, but when Polly’s old boyfriend from Boston shows up, that becomes a little more difficult.

The women might be a little older than Polly, but she finds out they might be even more wild than the friends she had when living back east. Lydia Merritt, the Sheriff’s wife, is a woman filled with love and passion. Beryl Watson is an artist and more than a little flamboyant. Andy Saner wants to organize and label the world, but loves with a great big heart and Sylvie Donovan, with her two young sons is trying to make it as a single mother.

The men in Polly’s world are just as interesting. Henry Sturtz is the carpenter and contractor in charge of construction and might have a little crush on his boss, while Doug Randall and Billy Endicott are her Jedi Knights in Shining Armor.

Polly’s immediate family might be gone, but her new family offers a great deal of love, fun and entertainment.

Read along as the extraordinary, yet quite ordinary, people in Bellingwood tell their stories.

Happy Valley (A Southern Country Novel)

by Diana Anderson

A year ago, Jo Preston was released and sent home from a mental institution. She has only vague memories of why she had been committed. Circumstances beyond her control will cause those memories to surface, one by one.
A tragedy, brought on by deceit, leaves her heartbroken and rejected. She is sent away to live with some rather peculiar relatives. Her fear of being institutionalized again has her desperate to keep her past hidden, but how long can she keep it a secret when her imagination begins playing tricks on her… or is it? A voice from her past resurfaces as well as the man who wants her secret to die with her.  
This is a story about a young girl’s heartbreak, rejection, fear, faith, and determination.
Happy Valley is the first in the series of A Southern Country Novel.

The Eden Project (Peter Zachary Adventure)

by John Bolin

Deep in the Amazon jungle, a mysterious virus threatens all of humanity. When an ex-Army Ranger and a beautiful anthropologist team-up to find a cure, science and faith collide in an epic struggle for survival.

Anthropologist Alex Forsythe spent three years studying a remote tribe in the Amazon jungle when they mysteriously vanished without a trace. Months later, a teenage girl from the tribe turns up babbling about a horrifying place her people had been taken. The girl’s body is ravaged by a strange malady, and blood tests reveal an unknown, lethal pathogen. Alex realizes she must find the source of the outbreak if there is to be any hope of a cure.

Nearby, former Army Ranger Peter Zachary leads a small team into the jungle to film a reality show created to explore and explain paranormal phenomena. When Alex and Peter’s paths cross and they join forces, they face the most dangerous adversary they’ve ever encounteredâ??and a technology that threatens the future of humanity. Faith and science collide as Peter and Alex discover the dark secret at the heart of The Eden Project.

Story Time

by Linell Jeppsen

In the not too distant future a young woman bears witness to the end of her world.

Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions rock the planet, reducing cities to smoking rubble, burying entire islands and coastlines beneath cataclysmic waves.

Religious fervor and human evil erupt and entwine, becoming a maelstrom of madness in the days after, bringing with it the horror of apocalyptic war.

As a population in the depths of despair struggles to overcome insurmountable odds, can a single glimmer of hope flare into a beacon for the survivors?

This is her tale…the world is ours…and now, it’s STORY TIME.


by Hanna Allen

Maggie Stewart, an accountant in her late twenties, is happily pursuing a career in an Edinburgh pharmaceutical company. When a series of brutal murders takes place at the surreal Icehotel in Sweden where she is holidaying with friends, she tries desperately to uncover both the motive and the true identity of the killer before she becomes his next victim.

It is when she returns to Edinburgh that she realises justice has not been served, and she is forced to confront a truth which leaves her life in tatters.

The Abyss Above Us Book 1: A Horror Novel

by Ryan Notch

Praise for The Abyss Above Us,

“There is almost never a moment in which the reader is not compelled to ask himself, ‘Yes, but what happens next?'”
Albert Berg’s Unsanity Files

“Effective hybrid of science & cosmic horror.”
Cameron, Good Reads

In this Kindle Horror Exclusive:

There is a place in the sky where there are no stars, no matter how deeply the astronomers gaze into it. Atop a lonely mountain stands a mighty telescope that turns towards the coordinates of this abyss nightly, as if drawn to it. Receiving its commands from a computer that hasn’t existed for twenty years.

Introverted network engineer Shaw is brought in to find out why.

To his horror he finds that while the night sky may be dark, it is not silent. A signal is coming from those coordinates. Creating a sound liquid and hypnotic with layers of data that suggest anything but randomness. A siren’s song that leads to horrific suicides in everyone who listens to it.

By the time Shaw realizes this, it’s too late to stop the signal he sent back into the night. A signal obviously received, for the abyss has begun to move.

And it’s moving towards us.

More praise for The Abyss Above Us:

“…his ideas are novel, he avoids cliche at every turn, and his technical expertise shows through in his writing. ”
-James West, Amazon Reader

For everyone who misses the early days of Stephen King and John Carpenter, The Abyss Above Us is your ticket back into great sci-fi horror!

Space Baby (The Fuller Project)

by Stan Bednarz

A top secret fertility project bears unexpected fruit in the Fuller home. Natalie and Stan soon discover they have a very unusual baby. Now a shadow government will stop at nothing to get their hands on him. Who can they trust? Where can they hide?

Vampire Slayer Murdered in Key West – Mick Murphy Short Stories (Mick Murphy Key West Mysteries)

by Michael Haskins

Short stories about Mick Murphy’s adventures in Key West, with his usual eclectic cast of friends and enemies. The stories appear in the order they were written and include the Shamus nominated Vampire Slayer Murdered in Key West. There is a footnote after each story, giving a little history of how it was written or some other interesting fact.

Deadly Betrayal (Kelly McWinter, P.I.)

by Jude Pittman

Singer Mikki Benson has just discovered she’s pregnant. Her smooth-talking music mogul boyfriend, Alex Wyatt, is rich and married, and when Mikki breaks the news over an intimate dinner for two his reaction is anything but romantic. After a public scene and a tearful departure, Mikki vows to leave Nashville and move in with her Aunt Stella in Houston.

Hours later Alex Wyatt is dead and Mikki is the number one suspect. Aunt Stella immediately calls Kelly McWinter, a cop turned private detective. If anyone can save her niece, it’s Kelly, and using all of her powers of persuasion, Stella begs him to drop everything and come to Mikki’s rescue.

Kelly’s quest to save Mikki from life in prison or maybe even death is fraught with unexpected twists and turns. Everyone he encounters seems to have something to hide, and when he reluctantly agrees to help Alex’s not so grieving widow trap a nasty blackmailer, Kelly finds his two cases headed for a fatal collision that just might put an end to his fledgling detective career – permanently.

Running Stupid (suspense thriller with humor)

by Morris Fenris

Running Stupid is an intense, slick thriller with a liberal dose of comedy and an injection of suspense. It is a roller coaster of emotions, taking the reader on a high octane journey as the hapless, apathetic protagonist encounters serial killers, sociopaths, liars and fraudsters before finding himself face to face with the ultimate test of fortitude.

Matthew Jester is a lucky man. He has cruised through life on a tide of fortune, succeeding in every aspect of his existence. Now he wants to test his good fortune, to push it to the extreme, and his luck is about to run out — his world is about to unravel. He becomes the chief suspect in a high profile murder case and discovers that he is public enemy number one. The country hates him, they want him dead, and no matter how far he runs, no matter which direction he takes, he keeps finding himself in the clutches of the darkest and most depraved elements of society. He thinks his luck has finally run out, that his life has hit rock bottom, but what he doesn’t know is that things are a lot worse than they seem.

Black Web – Book 2: The Execution (The Joe Grace Thriller Series)

by Peter Wilben

The Slickest Thriller Of The Year. Don’t Let It Slip Through Your Hands.

Black Web, Book 2: The Execution, from Peter Wilben, the Master of Pace and Plot

POWER – On Wall Street, enigmatic ex-commando Joe Grace is caught up in the frenzy of the oil futures market, the fastest game in town.

PASSION – When a new, mysterious client shows up with an order that will rock the oil market to its foundations, Joe finds himself attracted to much more than cash.

PLUNDER – But when the price of oil begins to crash and Wall Street demands its price, Joe finds himself trapped in a web of fear and intrigue as the market sucks him dry.

“Entertaining in the extreme . . . you never reach a point at which it seems sensible to stop reading.”

Watch the Series Trailer

The San Pedro Stiletto Predator

by Mark DiBernardo

A psychological thriller of intrigue, perversion, homicide and death, that will surely allow the reader to peer into the mind of a fetishistic sociopath, and serial murderer, Hans Freiger. An ex-police officer with the Rostock, German Polizei who travels the world, looking for new female victims to engage his life long fetish with, on the purse strings of his wealthy, identical twin brother, Wilhelm Freiger, who resides very comfortably in the deep, dark rainforest of Brazil. This homicidal rampage begins in the port City of Rostock, Germany while he is still an active duty police officer with the Crime Victims Sexual Assault Unit and ends up invading the unsuspecting, American shorelines of San Pedro, California in Los Angeles County, as a visa toting civilian, where The Federal Bureau of Investigation, INTERPOL, and the San Pedro Police Department’s Forensic Team are lead on a roller coaster ride of sexual deviance, intrigue and murder that takes the reader to new heights of an understanding of the Paraphilia’s, sexual perversion and serial murder. I hope you all enjoy the show!

The Men Who Were Hard of Listening — Rafe Velez Mystery 5 (Rafe Velez Mysteries)

by AB Stonebridge

Landscaper Billy Byrum has a money problem. Author Dennis Tinker has a writing problem. Neither man thinks he’s doing wrong by others – until things spin out of control. Billy’s brother ends up dead and Dennis’s wife thinks he has a fan turned stalker. Both situations end up in Rafe’s lap. The question is: who’s listening and who’s about to have a nasty fall from grace? 39 Kindle pages.

Rafe Velez is a fictional character, based on a real person alive today. One thing you can be sure of: you will never, ever guess who he actually is!

As a private investigator, Rafe dealt with decades of crime, divorce, death and depravity – and barely broke even. Pushing 50, he had a few extra pounds around the middle, a sprinkling of gray hair and a cynical view of life, relieved only by a deadpan sense of humor. All of that changed one day, thanks to a windfall he didn’t expect.

Enter the world of the Rafe Velez Mysteries: intrigue, suspense, mystery, crime and a cast of characters taken from real life (and changed just enough to protect their identities – at least, until the statute of limitations expires). Enter into the mind of a man whose life is an open book – that should be suppressed!

Meet his friends, frenemies and frequent locations for his adventures:

– Detectives Toole and Williams, Robbery/Homicide’s finest – said nobody, never.

– Harpo, a stray dog that wandered into his life and has a great sense of humor.

– Jean Smalls, the first woman in a long time who threatens to take his bachelor card.

– Keith Verdi, electrical contractor, who has other talents – and secrets.

– Momo Argento, the semi-retired Don of a crime family, who keeps a hand in the game.

– The Greasy Spoon restaurant, a real tribute to truth in advertising.

– The Shiny Penny, your soon-to-be-favorite dive bar.

…and a motley crew of clients and suspects. Expect surprises: not every client is on the right side of the law and not every suspect is guilty.

You won’t always know what’s going on in the minds of the supporting characters. You will always know exactly what Rafe is thinking – unless he’s not thinking at all!

Discover The Rafe Velez Mysteries. No, really, go ahead! PG Rated – no four letter words or explicit sex, but if you read between the lines…


by Bruce Jones


The thing moved through the woods.

It did not walk as walking is known, it had no legs, no feet, no true appendages. It was, to the forest about it, invisible, just another breath of wind, perhaps, on the summer breeze.

The thing reemerged, sluggish, from a long timeless sleep begun when the Earth was young, the forests and their animal life primitive and still themselves evolving.

Now, as it roamed modern meadows, consciousness rising by incremental stages, the thing began to grasp with nascent recall the significance of the wildlife life around itâ?¦began to understand these visible creatures around with a newly awakened, keenly demanding awareness.

It was the sense of hungerâ?¦and it bloomed deep, expanding quickly into a gnawing insistence that pushed all other senses aside.

The thing was ravenousâ?¦




Assumed Dead (Monika Everhardt medical mysteries)

by Eleanor Sullivan

From the shadow of the St. Louis Arch to the ashes of the World Trade Center, Assumed Dead pulses with the authentic excitement of a busy ICU as head nurse Monika Everhardt uncovers the mysterious connection between a battered wife, an unidentified car crash victim and a long-missing man while laying to rest some ghosts of her own.

A Perfect Setup (A Sami Saxton Novel)

by Douglas Wickard

~Early praise for A PERFECT SETUP
â??â??â??â??â?? A PERFECT SETUP “It is a positive relief to read a sequel where the heroine doesn’t bounce back happy & into the fray.”

A PERFECT SETUP “…the final scene left me wanting more, needing to know. And, therein lies, for me, its brilliance.”

“…Wickard delves into the sordid reality and excitement of affairs, domination, submission, & abuse.” A PERFECT SETUP

“The novel does not shrink from confronting the realities of trauma and PTSS.”

â??â??â??â??â?? “Certainly equal to and in my opinion even superior to its predecessor

“…the return of characters who’ve become old friends; the meeting of new ones we wouldn’t want as enemies.” 5* Amazon Reviewer
Sami’s back! And this time it’s personal!

The New York Times, Daily News and New York Post all hailed her a hero!

Samantha Saxton â??owned the night,’ they reported. She was the victor, the quiet champion, the anti-heroine single-handedly destroying the career of a lethal serial killer stalking the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania for six unremitting years. The disappearance of six teenage girls and the horrific details of their deaths received national, frenzied attention and Sami Saxton became the unlikely poster woman in all the coverage.

Sami’s attempt to find a quieter, less hectic life by moving to a cabin her deceased father built years ago in the remote urban township of Montague, New Jersey didn’t turn out quite the way she’d planned.

Returning to the City, Sami purchases a spacious, fifth floor, open-airy, glass-walled condominium on the Upper West Side overlooking the Hudson Riverâ?¦another new start!

But, that night continues to haunt her…in her dreams and in her life. The nightmares persist, vivid, ongoing and relentless. Posttraumatic stress syndrome paralyzes her, keeping her a prisoner in her newly renovated home. The anxiety attacks intensify and not even prescription painkillers can relieve the anguish.

Then, the unthinkable occurs. A young, female model is found brutally murdered in a midtown hotel. And, Jerry Saxton, Sami’s ex-husband, is taken into custody for the heinous crime.


Black Web – Book 1: The Order (The Joe Grace Thriller Series)

by Peter Wilben

The Slickest Thriller Of The Year. Don’t Let It Slip Through Your Hands.

Black Web, Book 1: The Order, from Peter Wilben, the Master of Pace and Plot

POWER – On Wall Street, enigmatic ex-commando Joe Grace is caught up in the frenzy of the oil futures market, the fastest game in town.

PASSION – When a new, mysterious client shows up with an order that will rock the oil market to its foundations, Joe finds himself attracted to much more than cash.

PLUNDER – But when the price of oil begins to crash and Wall Street demands its price, Joe finds himself trapped in a web of fear and intrigue as the market sucks him dry.

“Entertaining in the extreme . . . you never reach a point at which it seems sensible to stop reading.”

Watch the Series Trailer

Find Virgil (A Novel of Revenge)

by Frank Freudberg

Second-hand smoke gave Martin Muntor lung cancer…and he’s mad. Very mad.
And he’s going to do something about it.

Muntor devises an ingenious strategy to cripple the cigarette industry and put it out of business. He doesn’t care how many people he has to take with him in order to succeed.

The year is 1995, and the tobacco industry thinks it’s invincible. Powerful lobbyists pressure lawmakers to enact favorable regulations. Addicted consumers buy cigarettes despite soaring costs and proven health risks. Industry revenues reach record highs. Things are looking good for the billion-dollar corporations and their millionaire executives.

Then something happens they never see coming: Muntor, a Philadelphia-based journalist, is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and he swears he won’t go quietly. Muntor – who wants to be known as “Virgil” – is dangerous, motivated, and nothing can stop him.

He implements his scheme by spiking cigarettes with sodium cyanide and slipping them back into the retail distribution chain. Hundreds die. He manipulates the media, toys with the FBI, and promises a “grand finale” the world will never forget.

Muntor taunts tobacco company investigator Tommy Rhoads, and Rhoads takes it personally. As Rhoads closes in, Muntor puts his plot into overdrive. More people die. Helpless tobacco companies are desperate and authorities panic. Finally, Rhoads corners Muntor – but is he in time to prevent the lethal catastrophe Muntor engineered?

Read Find Virgil now, and go along for the wild ride. You’ll never forget it.

The Fifth Day

by Bernard Cookson

David Denby (an accomplished art thief), is looking forward to an amusing lunch date with an old flame: the lovely Contessa Antonella. But the meeting leads to an astonishing request – and his most ambitious theft to date.

The meticulously executed crime taxes the experience and imagination of Commissiario Pasetti, for whom the biggest mystery of all is, WHY?

Meanwhile, on the fringes of society, two people threaten Denby’s escape: Anna, a street urchin, who lives by picking the pockets of tourists – and a vagrant known as â??Radio Man’. Their evidence leads the dogged Pasetti in hot pursuit across northern Italy, to the wooded shores of Lake Como. It is only as the chase closes in, that one of the shadowy figures behind the crime finally reveals his hand, with shocking consequences.

The Fifth Day is intriguing and sophisticated. It’s a page-turner that keeps you guessing right up to the end – and leaves you wanting more. A great holiday-read!

Sleepwalking into Darkness (The James Women Trilogy Book 2)

by Eric Praschan

Sleepwalking into Darkness- Book 2 of The James Women Trilogy

Sometimes to change the future, you have to unearth the past…

Nineteen years have passed since Cindy James endured therapy and reconciled the demons of her childhood, but a new secret threatens to plunge her deeper into the twisted world of the James women. Desperate for answers, Cindy travels across the country with her husband, Tony, and her daughter, Lexi, and uncovers the real story of her mother and grandmother, a legacy 100 years in the making. When an unexpected stranger becomes hell-bent on putting a stop to her discoveries, Cindy must choose either to pursue the truth–even if it destroys her and her family–or to end her search in order to save the ones she loves. Sleepwalking into Darkness, the sequel to Therapy for Ghosts, explores the darker side of family secrets and how those secrets can either shape or shatter the lives of those closest to us.

Therapy for Ghosts- Book 1 of The James Women Trilogy
Sleepwalking into Darkness- Book 2 of The James Women Trilogy

The Reckoning- Book 3 of The James Women Trilogy

Grand Jeté (An Angela Masters Detective Novel)

by Mike Worley

The American wife of a Russian ballet master in the United States is found murdered on the property of the city’s wealthiest citizens. Was she killed because of the dashed hopes of the Russian, by the wealthy homeowners for unknown reasons, by his Russian ex-wife, by Soviet intelligence agents, or by a random killer? Will Angi Masters be able to bring the killer to justice amid the intrigue of international relations during the decline of the Soviet Union?

Dark Canvas

by Jody Summers

When artist, Kira McGovern mixes paints with the ashes of the dead, she discovers her extraordinary gift, but it also leads her to some horrifying crimes in this psychological thriller of a novel.

It seems innocent enough at
first, thought Kira McGovern–mixing her dead mother’s ashes with paint to
produce a tribute painting. What a way to personalize and immortalize her mom’s
memory! The idea so ensnares her that she forms a new business, Canvas of Life,
to do just that for others. As she begins with her first clients, something
inexplicable occurs: Kira experiences segments of the dead person’s life. In
dreams and visions she begins to receive images. Some are gratifying, some are
unpleasant and some are downright deadly.

Sean Easton is a Kansas farm boy with
a special talent he is just beginning to understand. His father, too, has
recently died, but something sinister still lingers on the farm. When he takes
his father’s ashes to Kira as a pretense to meet her, he not only falls in love
but makes some startling discoveries about his own life as well, and as Kira
begins to paint with Sean’s father’s ashes the real terror begins…

In DARK CANVAS, join Kira and Sean as
they realize they must quickly find the meaning and source of her dreams before
both their love and their lives are destroyed.

Horrible People

by M.E. Welman

Someone has it out for Gretchen Wickstrom.

The people behind three unsolved murders involving extortion, revenge, greed, lust and blackmail are closer to Gretchen than she could have ever imagined. Uncovering their plan to see her dead, Gretchen and her best friend realize that allowing the murderers to keep scheming is the best way to catch them. Horrible people, sometimes, get a horrible comeuppance.

The Nefarious: Prince of Shadow

by Keith Weaver


“The Nefarious: Prince of Shadow is perhaps one of the very few horror books I have read that has actually frightened me.”

“Just when I thought I knew, everything was turned upside down and I
found myself with my mouth hanging slightly open at the final chapter.”

“A climax you will not soon forget!”

“For anyone wanting to read a super suspenseful book that will leave you
thinking (and talking!) about it for weeks after you’ve finished it, I’d
highly recommend giving this book a read.”


What happens when a 300 year old secret, an unknown entity and isolation attack the very souls of unsuspecting people? Find out in The Nefarious. A film crew rents a castle hotel, with the intentions of shooting a movie in the caverns below. It doesn’t take long for the crew to unlock long forgotten secrets of the castle, unleashing an evil on everyone around, even the castle owners.

Several plot twists unfold over the course of the book, with a shocking conclusion that will make you question your own sanity. Suspense and horror fans, read The Nefarious: Prince of Shadow today.

Cracks in the Sky, Tales of Sci-Fi Horror : The Cellar Jar

by Ryan Notch

A short from the sci-fi horror master, now available for the first time on Kindle!

In this terrifying tale of an experiment gone wrong…

Narine Khosrovian is brilliant and beautiful and ever afraid of every little thing. To her the world is a horror, its wonders locked behind walls of anxiety. Or at least it was, until she built the thing in the basement. A thing of cold steal and quantum fields. A thing to take away her fear forever. But might the fear have plans of its own once freed from her flesh?

Praise for Ryan Notch:

“I’ve come to believe that mystery is the greatest driving force of
fiction…and it’s clear that Ryan Notch gets it.”
-Albert Berg’s Unsanity Files

I don’t usually pick up a horror book unless it has Stephen King on front
page but this author could give Stephen King a run for his money!”
-Bridget H, Goodreads


by Mesdames of Mayhem

A meeting place for deadly mindsâ?¦

Thirteen Mesdames of Mayhem bring you a thrilling cocktail of crime fiction, from dark supernatural thrillers to outrageous comedy capers. This merry band of authors includes winners and finalists for the Arthur Ellis awards, Canada’s national prize for excellence in crime fiction.

An eerie emerald skull holds the clue to a woman’s originsâ?¦and to murder. A bureaucrat stumbling home on a winter evening sees a lionâ?¦or does he? Senior citizens show their mettleâ?¦and their sinister side. And, more importantly, how do you get rid of a troublesome body and plan the perfect weddingâ?¦at the same time? Within these pages lie the answers!

We bring you an exceptional lineup of Award-winning authors:
Catherine Astolfo, Rosemary Aubert, Jane Petersen Burfield, M.H. Callway, Melodie Campbell, Donna Carrick, Vicki Delany, Catherine Dunphy, Rosemary McCracken, D.J. McIntosh, Lynne Murphy, Joan O’Callaghan, Sylvia Maultash Warsh

Blind Sight

by Marc Douglas

A young married couple takes a vacation in a remote area. They stop in an isolated pub and become the obsession of a wanna-be biker gang. A thrilling page turner with twists and turns. Inspired by Dean Koontz.

Platform 21 (Beyond the Veil)

by T.R. Patrick

Luke’s life is about to take a dangerous turn.

But first he has to die.

In the year 2052, high school sophomore Luke Gibson considers himself an average teenager in a world on the brink of monumental change. Joining his parents and sister, Laura, at the first World Energy Initiative Conference, he is among thousands gathered in a Denver arena to celebrate free renewable energy when a massive earthquake strikes killing everyone in the stadium. The last thing Luke sees before his death is a girl reaching out to himâ??a stranger whose face he remembers from his dreams.

The end, however, is not the end. Suddenly, inexplicably, Luke is back home in Ohio and everything is different. His sister is gone, the victim in an unsolved homicide years before. Angela, his mysterious dream girl, is here also, and the only person besides Luke who recalls the previous reality. And now their determination to uncover the truth about Laura’s murder and their transformed world is making them targetsâ??forced to flee for their lives from a nameless shadow organization and a government seeking vengeance for an unthinkable act of terrorâ??as they stand on the threshold of a dark conspiracy that threatens all humankind.

With Platform 21, a brilliantly inventive and unrelentingly exciting excursion to a troubled near-future, author T.R. Patrick joins the ranks of Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games), Veronica Roth (Divergent), Pittacus Lore (I Am Number Four) and other masters of YA speculative suspense fiction. The first book in the “Beyond the Veil” series, Platform 21 follows teenager Luke Gibson up to and beyond his death in a horrific terrorist attack in Denver in the year 2052. Reawakening in a world strangely transformed, Luke sets out to uncover the truth about his new realityâ??joining forces with Angela, a girl he had seen previously in his dreams, in a desperate race for survival that will propel them across the threshold of an insidious global conspiracy that threatens the future of all humanity.

Red Winter

by Drew Montgomery

Accounts of the plague are few and far between. No one knows how it started or how it spread so quickly, and even in the era of social media, little was recorded. There were, however, a few who struggled to keep hope alive, to maintain a semblance of normalcy in the face of panic. This is the blog of one such person, unaltered and unedited so that the world may know of the last days of life as we know it.

The fall of humankind told through one man’s blog in the suspenseful prologue to The Plague, now available.

Border Town Blues (Dalton’s Blues)

by Andrew Scorah


Dalton’s on the run with a gal, and a gun!

What begins as a search for missing D.E.A agents, turns into a race against

time, through the Sonoran Desert.  Jimmy Dalton & Jamie Duggan

uncover a plot to unleash a terrible Biological weapon. Suicide bombers

loaded with viral death are on their way to unleash hell, only Dalton

& Jamie stand in their way.

This is the explosive sequel to Homecoming Blues, hard hitting and action packed.
The sequel, Jericho Blues, is now available to buy from Amazon as an e-book,or in paperback.
Other books by Andrew Scorah-Dalton’s Blues, Homecoming Blues, Jericho Blues, Eastern Fury, Devlin, and Tears of the Lost.

Dalton is a bit like what Lee Child’s Jack Reacher might be like if he was from

a working class British background’


What Readers are Saying

Andrew Scorah’s down to earth style keeps the characters real and

totally believable. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who

enjoys a good thriller with unexpected twists and turns.’ Ali

 ‘I was hooked from the beginning when starting the novel and I couldn’t

leave it before the end! At a moment it reminded me Cormac Mcarthy in

his Border trilogy.’ Francis Laveaux (France)

If you ever wanted a pillow-thumping, sweat-generating read, then look no

further than,’Border Town Blues.’ Andrew Scorah’s keyboard must have

been on fire when he wrote this. With characters like ‘Jimmy the Horse’

at his local watering hole, to double dealing post-Escobar’s Medellin

Cartel, to villains with more top drawer connections than a string of

popper beads…Jimmy Doyle (the main protagonist) and his cute sidekick,

Jamie Lee, are in deep doo doo right from the off…’ Rags Raggsy Daniels

Copper Hollow

by FT Moore

Drinking ‘shine, cheering at the chicken fights, loving their women, hunting squirrels. Life in the mountains. Until the drones circled overhead, the men, women, and children of Copper Hollow didn’t know they were terrorists. Didn’t know they had something to hide. Luke Trout graduated from high school and joined the Marines. Headed to Afghanistan to fight some Taliban. Chance Kiernan, ex-Delta Force, headed to Copper Hollow to get some peace. But peace wasn’t waiting.

Copper Hollow is a hotbed of Intelligence Agency activity, and it’s not only the CIA. This isolated area in the hollows of the Blue Ridge Mountains is the hideout of Te, a rogue mercenary agency, funding the Afghan insurgents. Manufacturing heroin from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, the rogue agency conceals its activity in empty chicken houses and backwoods sheds. But can Defense Intelligence Agent Chance Kiernan and his FBI Agent sidekick, Juliette March, uncover the operation before more citizens of Copper Hollow die? Or is the rogue agency not really so rogue?


by Garrett Addison

Devlin Bennett’s life is no longer in free-fall, but only because he’s hit the bottom. What’s worse, his notoriety is such that opportunities and friends are few and far between. Until a new job lands in his lap.

Benign and well-paid, the role and his new peers are unfazed with his history. It’s the chance he’s desperate for and his life is surely on the improve. But when he is warned anonymously to not join a list of deceased past employees, the job loses some of its lustre. Unable to walk away or ignore the warnings, he needs to understand whether he’s been handed a lifeline or a death-sentence.

His concerns are shared by an ageing detective investigating the death of the latest employee. Together, they just might unravel the truth that lies amongst a newly bereaved woman, a Balkan sociopath, a battered performance artist, an elusive ex-employee and his enigmatic employer’s reference to a ‘greater good’. What they learn might benefit them both, and others.

Guilt is just a matter of how much you understand the bigger picture.


by William Louison

Silence filled the empty corridors. The metal walls were cold and dark, and shadow was everywhere…It was an edifice of placidity, eerily quiet, and creepily dark. The structure felt abandoned…He awoke to the sound of his own pounding heart, thumping tiredly inside his chest. It sounded so loud in the silence, like a giant drum beaten on in the dead of night. Instantly a rush of cold attacked his body and he shivered; the first sign of movement…
Four people awake in the darkness. Their memories are lost to them. They cannot remember their own names. They do not know where they are.
They make their way through dark corridors, searching for answers. On their search for freedom and peace of mind, they find themselves trapped. And in the dark, fingers are pointed, accusations are made, and they realize that, perhaps, what they should fear the most is each other…

SNOWFALL (Maddox novels)

by Jeffrey Parfitt

“Maddox” is a fallen angel, a tortured soul lying only just on the right side of the law. An under cover operative with the Serious Organised Crime Agency in London, he is a 21st century avenger, â??There’s a nice guy in there trying to get out’.

Maddox close friend Ryan Fletcher is also an under cover operative involved with cocaine smuggling from South America. Fletcher is found murdered on a yacht in the Caribbean. Maddox is tasked with infiltrating the drug smuggling ring responsible and bringing Fletcher’s murderers to justice.

The White Door

by G. J. Owens

Alice Simpson is an eleven-year-old girl much like any other, except for the ever-present specter of her tragic past. Her single mother works hard to provide for Alice, which means sometimes being home alone. That is when the nightmares come.

Following just such a night, after a blizzard has left behind feet of snow, the three strangers who passed in and out of Alice’s life will be drawn into her nightmare worldâ?¦and through The White Door.

Harry Breedlove is a cop chasing a murderer seemingly more beast than man. The clues he finds all appear to lead to nothing. His frustration, and a desire for answers, will send him throughâ?¦

Katie is a young woman trapped in a nightmare of her own, that of watching her mother slowly be ravaged by cancer. Her grief will push her throughâ?¦

Arthur Dodgson is a man feeling trapped by middle-age circumstances he never dreamed would shape his life. His desire for escape will entice him throughâ?¦

They all have their own reasons, their own motivations, to enterâ?¦The White Door.

What awaits them there not even little Alice Simpson knows, but together they must find the answers that will lead them through the nightmare world and back to the one they left behind. Alice is the key, but can they unlock the mysteries in time to escape with their lives?

The Visionary – The Gift

by Kelly Griffin

Is it a gift or a curse? Sara asked.

Sara Bishop can see things. Things that no one else can. When her best friend is brutally murdered Sara uses her gift to see what happened, but fear of the unknown makes people see her as a freak. Moving to the city to “fit in” Sara finds her talents single her out no matter where she is, but the handsome Tom Grady is here to help her change that.

The Bedroom Bolero (Ed Noon Mystery)

by Michael Avallone


The Bedroom Bolero

Five murdered nude lovelies are all found in rooms painted red, with Ravel’s Bolero playing endlessly on a turntable. The Evil Evelyn, a showbiz phenomenon, is dead center of a bizarre serial killer hunt that has Captain Mike Monks completely baffled, so he enlists Noon’s aide, and Ed is knee-deep in trouble again. This story marks the first appearance of Ed Noon’s new secretary, beautiful African American Melissa Mercer, who remains with Noon for the rest of the series.

The Adventures of Ed Noon, Private Eye, spanning over 30 novels written
between 1953 and 1990. Noon starts out dirt poor with a tiny office in Midtown Manhattan (his “Mouse Auditorium”) but success moves him to better digs, a lovely secretary (Melissa Mercer) and, eventually, the most important client of all :the President of the United States. The series concludes with a daring turn towards science fiction in the last two novels. Through it all, the wisecracking Noon is consistent: a movie and baseball-obsessed romantic who always fights the good fight. And, more often than not, wins.

Angel Investigations Odd Beginings

by Ralph Henry

Angel investigations odd beginnings is the story of a dysfunctional young Man’s journey from selfishness and evil to selflessness and good. During this process he saves and in turn is saved by his family and the good friends that he makes. While creating a P.I firm of unique Individuals

Cranston Baxter and the Red Button Set

by A E Coates

In 1920’s London a set of politically motivated French criminals are discovered interfering at The Conference of London. After a jazz club is destroyed in a fire Jack James, the resident jazz pianist, works together with Cranston Baxter, the world’s first Professional Gentleman, to find out what the Red Button Set are planning.

Set in post-war Europe, Jack and Cranston travel from London to Paris and San Remo, Italy, in their search for answers.


I had always felt that one could describe how the Dodo looked in just four words: Golden pools of light. But to really do it justice you had to describe who the Dodo was.

In the corner, by the door, sat the owner. An ex-patriot Frenchman we called the Patron. His unwritten rule stated that he didn’t mind who you were, or what you were up to, so long as you paid for your drinks, danced at little and left the place as you found it.

Sometimes, after we had closed our doors against the early morning light, he would tell stories of the Duke that he had once entertained here, and how he had prevented the band from playing anything too blue. We always joked that he’d open up a royal tea shop if it would attract the upper set. But despite all our jokes, it was well known that the Patron could remember the face of everyone that walked into his club and what it was that they were after on their newest visit. Their drinks would come quickly, and the food prepared just how they liked it. There were, so it was understood, no exceptions.

In one of the darker corners I saw the Madame, the Patron’s mistress-not-wife we all supposed, whispering applesauce to a moustachioed giant of a man. He had turned raspberry on a particular word and, bristling his whiskers, was taken away behind a curtain and I saw no more. There was a place for everything in the Dodo Club, the Patron would whisper to the newest of members, if you had the money and the inclination for it.

On this evening, however, it was packed with good sorts. Some business men were charming clients by the stage. The drinks were reasonable and the mood was tempting and it was a good place to make new friends.

Some girls had come to show off their newest, shortest and flattest dresses. They were dropped in the waist and the hems rose week-on-week, which gave the boys much to look forward to in future.

And the boys had come for the girls. Groups of three or more were dotted around the place and stood up to press an elbow, dancing in pairs in fits-and-starts, which is how it usually went. Sitting back down they ordered more drinks and as the night wore on the dances became shorter and drinks more frequent.


by Edgar Edwin Rees

Edward Duardé is a man with a dual identity. A technical expert, he has an alternative agenda. Join him as his journey takes him from Hong Kong to Vancouver, from Sydney to New York on a tale of intrigue. Move over James Bond, you have new competition. And even better – he’s Welsh!

American Jihad

by Dean Malchik

When his fiancée is murdered in a secret prison, Joseph Black sets out on his own personal “jihad” to prevent those responsible from murdering others. He soon learns, however, that the culpability for his fiancée’s death goes far above the lower-level employees of the prison and actually reaches much, much higher. As Black strives against corruption and oppression, he is also being pursued by unscrupulous agents with orders to kill. With the odds overwhelmingly stacked against him and nowhere to escape, the limited options for Black seem clear: either victory, martyrdom or both.


by Lauren Coffin

Former professor Ansel Weston, retired from teaching due to an undisclosed illness, toys with the idea of unraveling his entire life. Meanwhile he works with his doctor, Henry Abbott, to begin conducting research of a morbid nature in their bizarre home.

The little girl who crawls under their porch knows nothing of any of this. She’s only looking for a safe place to hide. When Ansel notices her there and smiles rather than yell or order her out, she thinks she’s found it.

Cooper Collection 090 (Hell Is Other People)

by Bill Bernico

The serial killer in this story is convinced that ‘hell is other people’ and he’s out to thin the human herd of the dregs of society, in his opinion. This story may make you think twice about how you treat your fellow man and you might come away with a new outlook on life.

The Cooper Collection consists of 98 stories, so far. These are the stories you’ll find in The Complete Cooper Collection, also available on

01) It’s In The Bag
02) Petty Crimes
03) November Child
04) Welcome, Matt
05) The Reunion
06) Cold Cash
07) The Mother Goose Murders
08) The Condiment Killer
09) A Million To One
10) Little Matt
11) Find Her
12) Hard Bargain
13) The Case Of The Plates
14) Dead Ringer
15) The Stickup
16) You Can Bank On It
17) The Last Stop
18) Violence Is Golden
19) Surprise Package
20) The Big Sweep
21) The Home Sweet Homeless Murders
22) Guilty As Charged
23) All In The Families
24) Paper, Rock, Scissors
25) The Other Matt Cooper
26) Hit And Run
27) Officer Down
28) Double Trouble
29) Track Record
30) Love Finds Matt Cooper
31) The Plunge
32) Concrete And Clay
33) Top Of The World
34) ‘Til Death Do Us Part
35) Not On Your Life
36) One Bad Apple
37) Even In The Best Of Homes
38) Sgt. Cooper’s Lonely Hearts Club Frame
39) The Clay Cooper Cop Killer Caper
40) Beatlemaniac
41) End Of An Era
42) Cooper Generations
43) Clay Cooper, Panhandler
44) Cooper And Partner
45) Mutiny On A Bounty
46) Witness Protection
47) Diplomatic Immunity
48) Justice Delayed
49) Two For One
50) He Put The ‘ick’ In Buick
51) Revenge Never Expires
52) Head Shot
53) A Passage From The Bible
54) Come Fly With Me
55) If Dogs Could Talk
56) Trapped Like A Rat
57) Paydirt
58) Take The Money And Run
59) Fresh-Faced Kid
60) You Ought To Be In Pictures
61) Noel
62) Classified Information
63) Heart Condition
64) Reese’s Peace
65) The Best Offense
66) Jack The Stripper
67) Room For One Less
68) The Glowing Corpse
69) All The Write Moves
70) Dead Letter
71) Playing The Rolls
72) Life Is Boring
73) Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Murder
74) The Family That Preys Together
75) Next
76) Change Of Heart
77) Road To Nowhere
78) I See You
79) Single File
80) Home, Home Within Range
81) Nothing To Sneeze At
82) Your Place Or Mine
83) Stand-In For Murder
84) Auction
85) Nut Job
86) The Next Great Adventure
87) The Friendly Skies
88) The Not-So-Private Eyes
89) The Hollister Story
90) Hell Is Other People
91) By Hooker By Crook
92) Separated At Birth
93) Bleeding Heart
94) Baby Steps
95) That First Step
96) Oscar Night
97) Second Chance
98) California Or Bust

Shadowmaster II: Dancing through the Night

by Eric Safflind

Adrian Kahler is the Shadowmaster, a psychologist turned detective. He has a Sherlock Holmes intellect, extrasensory perception that rivals Doctor Stephen Strange, and an ability to manipulate computers that even Steve Jobs would envy. From his fortress-like home, high above the Chesapeake Bay, he directs his two operatives. Stanley Egor is a former Navy SEAL who presents the visual impact of a Polish Shaquille O’Neal. Barry Sandler is a young empath, unable to control his evolving gift. He is an everyman caught between two supermen, Kahler with his extrasensory perception and Egor with his lethal SEAL skills. Barry says of himself, “My only useful talent is stubbornness.” It’s 1992. Croatia and Serbia are at war. Barry rescues Croatian secret agent Helena Galian from a small private plane that has crashed into the Chesapeake Bay. She carries evidence of atrocities at Serbian concentration camps. Her goal is to convince the United States to recognize Croatia as a sovereign nation. Stefan Jankovic is the son of a martyred Serbian warlord. His mission is to intercept the documents Helena carries, but his true purpose is known only to himself. Barry becomes infatuated with Helena. He drags Kahler and Egor straight into the middle of the Yugoslavian civil war, into an unfolding story of patriotism, intrigue, terror, and revenge.

Cooper Collection 105 (No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service)

by Bill Bernico

Gloria has her baby in this episode and decides she wants to be a stay-at-home mom. Elliott needs a replacement at the investigations office, so he hires a retired cop to join him. Meanwhile, he’s hired by the daughter of a rich industrialilst to find her boyfriend who would have left her holding the bag, only he took the bag himself…and it was full of money. Let’s see how this new guy works out.

The Cooper Collection consists of 104 stories and one retrospective with index. They are all available here on Amazon. These are the stories you’ll find:

01) It’s In The Bag
02) Petty Crimes
03) November Child
04) Welcome, Matt
05) The Reunion
06) Cold Cash
07) The Mother Goose Murders
08) The Condiment Killer
09) A Million To One
10) Little Matt
11) Find Her
12) Hard Bargain
13) The Case Of The Plates
14) Dead Ringer
15) The Stickup
16) You Can Bank On It
17) The Last Stop
18) Violence Is Golden
19) Surprise Package
20) The Big Sweep
21) The Home Sweet Homeless Murders
22) Guilty As Charged
23) All In The Families
24) Paper, Rock, Scissors
25) The Other Matt Cooper
26) Hit And Run
27) Officer Down
28) Double Trouble
29) Track Record
30) Love Finds Matt Cooper
31) The Plunge
32) Concrete And Clay
33) Top Of The World
34) ‘Til Death Do Us Part
35) Not On Your Life
36) One Bad Apple
37) Even In The Best Of Homes
38) Sgt. Cooper’s Lonely Hearts Club Frame
39) The Clay Cooper Cop Killer Caper
40) Beatlemaniac
41) End Of An Era
42) Cooper Generations
43) Clay Cooper, Panhandler
44) Cooper And Partner
45) Mutiny On A Bounty
46) Witness Protection
47) Diplomatic Immunity
48) Justice Delayed
49) Two For One
50) He Put The ‘ick’ In Buick
51) Revenge Never Expires
52) Head Shot
53) A Passage From The Bible
54) Come Fly With Me
55) If Dogs Could Talk
56) Trapped Like A Rat
57) Paydirt
58) Take The Money And Run
59) Fresh-Faced Kid
60) You Ought To Be In Pictures
61) Noel
62) Classified Information
63) Heart Condition
64) Reese’s Peace
65) The Best Offense
66) Jack The Stripper
67) Room For One Less
68) The Glowing Corpse
69) All The Write Moves
70) Dead Letter
71) Playing The Rolls
72) Life Is Boring
73) Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Murder
74) The Family That Preys Together
75) Next
76) Change Of Heart
77) Road To Nowhere
78) I See You
79) Single File
80) Home, Home Within Range
81) Nothing To Sneeze At
82) Your Place Or Mine
83) Stand-In For Murder
84) Auction
85) Nut Job
86) The Next Great Adventure
87) The Friendly Skies
88) The Not-So-Private Eyes
89) The Hollister Story
90) Hell Is Other People
91) By Hooker By Crook
92) Separated By Birth
93) Bleeding Heart
94) Baby Steps
95) That First Step
96) Oscar Night
97) Second Chance
98) California Or Bust
99) It’s Worth A Shot
100) Cooper Retrospective
101) Mention My Name In Sheboygan
102) Memories Are Made Of This
103) Call 911
104) Mysterious Ways
105) No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service


by Colette Cornatzer

Entertaining Thoughts depicts the mind of a serial killer with a unique talent. After a tragedy rips Sham De Swamp from the only family he has ever known, his genius mind plummets into a dark place, from which he cannot return. Enter Sham’s mind and see just how he got to be standing in a courtroom, waiting for the verdict that may result in the extinguishing of his body, but Sham knows that no amount of punishment, not even death, could remove the blackened stain he has made on this world.

The Alchemist and the Journeyman.

by J. T. Edison

Imagine a world without religion, armies, and borders, with one language.

A world where the people lived together in harmony despite the difference in racial features, and where everybody worked for the common good.

The following is an account of life on such a planet where the written word did not exist, told through the eyes of one of its â??teachers’; a man destined to spread his DNA throughout the world. His duties include crime investigation; for instance, murder, two of them in fact, or so it seems, at first, and later, as a journeyman, he is confronted with the mysterious death of a colleague.

Just to be Safe

by John Warren Self

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Much of Just to be Safe is based on true life events. Some of it is based on what was perceived as the truth by some individuals’ bequest. It has been written more because what was presumed as the truth.
Dr. Howie Nellie invited some friends to gather together for a dinner party at his new home in San Diego. This house replaces an oceanfront one, in Laguna Beach, that he lost to foreclosure a few years ago.
They are people that have been friends since their babies were born, and their adult children are just as tight. Some of them live well in plush homes in San Diego and Laguna Beach. However, the proceeds of what Molly Domingo would bequest to them would make life better for any of them if they take her life. Half of them have an interest in her leaving them some wealth.
Steve Pratt, unlike his parents, is not interested in attending this dinner with these people that flaunt their wealth. He feels that way even he is a frat boy kind of guy that lives on a trust fund.

One Last Dance With Death. (A collection of short stories with a twist.)

by Mark Ward

A collection of short stories with a twist.

A former special forces soldier turned contract killer takes on one final job, but he comes up against more than he bargained for.

An aspiring author uses some unusual methods to research his book.

A man awakes restrained to a table in a darkened room and tries to remember how he got there.

A contestant on a game show is on the run trying to win one million dollars , when he comes across a familiar face.

An old soldier comes across a beggar with a difference while returning from a church service.

These are just some of the ten stories in this collection.

Anticipation of the Penitent

by Nancy LaRonda Johnson

Trapped by the devil, Alezea bears Satan’s son and knows her life will never be her own. She is the mother of Thomas, a man reared by Satan to be a killer of life’s most innocent - little girls. Alezea lives detached from the horrors committed by her son and from her domination by the entity who uses her as he pleases. Until she meets Martha who shows her a way out. Now Alezea will risk her very soul to free Thomas from his father. The fight to save her son will either redeem Alezea or destroy her forever.

Rachel knows Thomas’ history, yet she believes her presence can transform him. Her belief in Thomas might send her fully into the devil’s realm or provide an opening for God’s miracles in
both of their lives. In a scheme to continue his father’s line, Thomas may ruin his alliance with Rachel or rend himself from the dominion he was born to hold. The impulse to contrive his future takes Thomas to new heights in his lifework as a killer and pushes him toward maturity, while forcing him to encounter the astonishing truth of his heritage.

Anticipation of the Penitent depicts the battle between good and evil in one family until it is rendered to its destined completion. Only then will it be known whether Alezea succeeds in her struggle for a life free from Satan’s control.    

Dream Logic

by Kevin J. DuPont

A collection of seven short psychological thriller stories.
1. ‘Shadow of a Man’. A man celebrating his thirty-first birthday must come to terms with his own life-long inadequacies.
2. ‘Whatever the Case May Be’. While driving on the open highways of Texas, a man discovers a dead body on the side of the road…and a case full of cash.
3. ‘Dead Either Way’. A bank robbery forces accountant Derrick Boyd to watch as he and his colleague are harassed by a robber not merely in it for the cash.
4. ‘Morgan’. A heroin addict wakes up in the middle of the night to discover he can no longer move and a mysterious figure has visited him.
5. ‘The Wedding Bears’. A husband in a failing marriage is left home alone for a weekend from his wife and kids. When the power goes out, his daughter’s dolls suddenly come to life.
6. ‘Then Everything Was on Fire’. A grieving widower wakes up in the morning to discover everything in his house has doubled.
7. ‘Exterminating Angels’. Adventurer’s stumble upon an ancient church with a bewitching secret that could make this the last adventure for them both.

Sugar Harvest (Into the Maze)

by Fleet Selvig

BOOK DESCRIPTION: A New Orleans love triangle that is quite dysfunctional. Near the Cajun bayous in the outer reaches of the city are strategic places for smuggling pirates to occupy while they unload their boats. Papa Claude and his friends are dedicated to the pursuit of opportunism and the joys of life. He is a wealthy gentleman sugarcane planter; also known as head of the smugglers.
Leila is his self absorbed Goddaughter. She lives a carefree life, but nevertheless she is sweet. The dark and lovely woman is a princess in the bayou southeast of New Orleans. She has suitors that often visit her. However, Tim Laffitte is the one she wants.
Alice’s striking beauty drew men to her while she was hard at work. This diner waitress had an honest passion for life and love. Then there was her obsession to create love with a man with so much glitter and no substance.
Tim was a dark and handsome, wealthy bayou plantation owner’s freeloading son, who tended to dominate his women, and throw them away at, will. He played up to two particular women’s love interests in him.
Jacque, Papa Claude’s son, and smuggler, has no problem if killing his enemies to protect his father’s interest. Leila wants Papa Claude to force Laffitte to marry her. Jacque carries out his father’s will on the matter. Jake La blanche follows him into the maze to try to save Laffitte’s life.

Death in remote places

by John Hutchings

Vanessa Thompson finds a note written by her grandmother in an old
family bible. It’s disturbing enough to start her investigating a long-dead
story, only to find the truth is still being covered up by powerful people.
Determined to discover what happened, and why it still matters, she follows
a trail of clues that involve new friends, a precocious child, and unscrupulous
foes. An increasingly fast-paced adventure unfolds in the wilds of Canada’s
west coast. What Vanessa uncovers will change her life, and those around

August to Life (August to Life: A Short Story (Warren/Johnson/Bennett Series))

by Max E. Stone

Around, Around, and Around they go. Where the blood stops?…Who knows?
This is a short story and a prelude to “The Bleeding.”
Also includes a sample of the “The Bleeding,” the first novel and second work in the Warren/Johnson/Bennett Series

Heirlooms of Mildred (British Hard Boiled Detective)

by John Warren Self

They are a tight knit group of people some of them living well in plush homes in Shrewsbury, England. However, the heirloom of Mildred’s Will would make life better for any of them if they take her life, get away with it, and inherit her fortune.
Most of them gather together for a dinner party at their doctor’s home. Half of the dinner guests have an interest in being in heirloom of Mildred. Then someone murdered her and her security man.
Shrewsbury Police Inspector Stuart Bennett provides transportation to and from the dinner for his parents and Mildred home to her mansion. He also leads the investigation of the murder at that mansion the next morning.

Live and Die the Irish Way

by Robert Hrdina

Live and Die the Irish Way is a comprehensive collection of hardboiled stories featuring Harry Miller Trevis, the philosophical Irish hitman. Ports of call include Dublin, Belfast. London, the Channel Islands, Regensburg and Shanghai. Every single location has been visited by the author. Every single location keeps on haunting Harry. Local colour abounds, and so does the typical banter in pubs and bars, in remote country lanes and dark alleys. Love, death and supsense galore. In the end, Harry will haunt you! A fantastic reading experience ever since Harry saw the light of day in STAND magazine in 1998.

Salty And The Serpent

by Robert Saltzman

A basic patrol officer, Bobby Salter and his partner Vinny Serpentino have just brought down the empire of two of the biggest coke dealers in Brooklyn. With a huge money bust in their back pocket, they are promoted to plain clothes officers and assigned to patrol the streets of Bobby’s grandfather’s old neighborhood. As his resume begins to build, Bobby’s rise will take him all the way to detective as he is thrust into solving high profile cases from Manhattan to the Bronx. Salty and The Serpent is a gripping new crime thriller that will keep readers guessing until the very last page. Using a raw tone that explores society’s underbelly, this exhilarating novel follows a basic patrol officer from a sector car to becoming a detective. A pulp fiction novel that uses strong street language and sexual overtones, this unique thriller will captivate readers with its grittiness and keep them coming back for more. Written in a real, non-sugar coated style, Salty and The Serpent shows readers how crimes are really solved, unlike television shows that briskly solve them in forty-five minutes or less. Incorporating realism and excitement into the world of police work, this action-packed story will leave readers breathless as they follow along with Bobby Salter. Twisting and turning as the characters come to life around it, this enthralling novel hooks readers from the very beginning and refuses to let go

Montana Sunsets

by Barbara Ann Kargol

Sixteen names on a mysterious list – all but two are deceased! Who is next?
Anne’s childhood friend Sarah arrives for a visit – within an hour of landing in Spokane – Sarah is dead. A streaking dark SUV hurls Sarah into the air like a bowling pin, injuring Anne as collateral damage. Or was it?
A single murder blossoms into fourteen. A tangled web of lies and deceit grows tentacles connecting facets of their lives that seemingly have no connection. Time is of the essence – Anne and Clint must solve Sarah’s murder in order to protect themselves and their new family.
Anne’s world has been safe and secure for the past five years with Clint as her full time partner. Demons had been fought and defeated (in Montana Revenge). But evil has come knocking at their door again and won’t leave peaceably. With a renewed sense of purpose, while Anne is recovering and tending the fires at home, Clint shifts the battle to engage the murderer or is it murderers?
Sunsets are beautiful with shades of red, streaking through the blue sky. Montana Sunsets close the chapter on a day, on a life and hold the promise of a new day, waiting, just around the corner – but not for everyone.
A Montana Mountain Mystery: Montana Sunsets is the sequel to Montana Revenge. Haven’t read Montana Revenge yet? Nothing to worry about – Montana Sunsets stands on its own and the reader is quickly brought up to speed on any essential information from the first novel. Once finished, you can satisfy any underlying curiosities with character history by reading the predecessor.


by Nancy-Gail Burns

Insidious brings a message. Unlock your mind or lose your life.Believe the unbelievable or perish.

A nightmare ends when you awake. The horror of the Old Hag begins when your eyes flutter open and she persists. Outside the dream sequence, she snatches you between wakefulness and sleep. She lands on your chest, wraps her boney fingers around your neck, and squeezes. Her visit is sleep paralysis with a nasty twist. The Old Hag is frightening, but dangerously real. She feeds on fear and is always sated.

When Doctor Ryan Delaney sees the Old Hag attack a man, he turns to his best friend for help. Detective Zack Brolin knows all about the crone. His Uncle Boscoe spoke of her nightly visits and woke up in an insane asylum.

Ryan hides fact behind fiction with a bogus sleep study,whichgathers the Hag’s victims. With the help of Zack and Boscoe, he tries to wrestle her prey from her talons. She only clutches them tighter. Just when the battle seems lost, pieces come together. Will Ryan, Zack, and Boscoe be too late to save the men trusting them with their lives?

Thou Shalt Kill

by Storm Stoker

Thou Shalt Kill is the story of a LGBT newspaper in a small town in the Bible belt. Riley Sinclair, the paper’s entertaining sugar and caffeine-addicted owner, becomes a target for homophobic vandals. Riley suspects the congregation from the church across the street might be responsible after their weekly protest turns violent. When members of the church begin dropping like flies, Riley and her co-workers become suspects themselves. While investigating the murders at the church, Riley meets the preacher’s attractive but celibate daughter, and finds her life has become much too complicated. Bent on discovering who has been committing the ritualistic murders, Riley is drawn into the dangerous religious community she thought she had left behind.

Love Sport

by Jackie James

Morgan Harris, Sports Writer for a Sand Diego newspaper is more than attracted to Jess O’Connell, Star WNBA player for the San Diego Diamonds. During a crucial game, Jess is pushed by an opposing team member and breaks her ankle. Her season is pretty much over and Morgan decides this is good a time to ask her out on a date when she gets out of the hospital.

The night of their first date, Morgan doesn’t arrive at her house at the appointed time and doesn’t call. Jess writes him off as a jerk.

On his way to his date with Jess, Morgan is shot in the shoulder by a stalker. When Morgan finally is able to call Jess and explain, Jess tells him she is getting threatening phone calls from a woman who claims Morgan is hers and to stay away from him or she’ll be sorry.

Morgan finds out one of Jess’ brothers is Darrin O’Connell, a one time friend of Morgan’s. He and Darrin were in Afghanistan together. There was a scandal and Morgan wrote about it for his newspaper. As a result of the story, Darrin was asked to leave the Army. They hadn’t talked since. He hopes Jess never finds out.

The stalker kidnaps Jess and Morgan and leaves them in the dangerous San Bernardino Mountains to die. With both of them hurt, they help each other to stay alive. The attraction between them sizzles and even though they can’t do anything about it, the kisses they share are hot. In the back of his mind, Morgan knows he has to deal with the secret he is withholding from her.

The power of their attraction, their good physical condition and their will to survive help keep them alive.

The questions they can’t answer are will they live long enough to be rescued or die in the mountains? If they are rescued, will Morgan’s secret keep them apart?

Oh, Deer

by Savannah Rayne

Jacob Ellis and his wife Donna live in the north woods of Wisconsin. Like most young couples, they have hobbies they enjoy. Jacob likes the outdoors, choosing four-wheeling and hunting as his forms of relaxation. Donna loves cooking, but her true passion is working in her flower garden. That is until her labor of love becomes nothing more than a colorful, tasty treat for the white-tailed deer, who share their surroundings.

One night the pair has an eerie experience with the four-legged visitors in their yard that would haunt them in the nights ahead. The evening sets the path for Jacob’s decision to go against nature. After hearing a legend passed down through generations of the Chippewa Indians, Jacob must now decide if it’s just a myth or a lesson in the balance of law and justiceâ??between people and nature.

Shit Happens

by Eileen Wharton

Rose Starling, abused wife, is living on benefits with her three children on a sink estate in a small town in the Newcastle area, keeping one step ahead of the tallyman and dancing in the shadows of various illegal dealings. She’s got problems though when bits of her ex-husband turn up in different places and the slimy DI Savage seems to be bending the evidence to link her to the death. Add the fact that she’s being pressured into taking a â??job’ by hard-nosed Vera Devlin from the estate and having to work in a topless bar to make ends meet and you can see she’s up against it. Desperate to extricate herself from the mess she breaks into her old marital home to find the diary of her dead husband, except that his mother has taken up residence and arrives back early from bingoâ?¦
  Set against a backdrop of Northern council estate life, this fast paced, humorous novel exemplifies the problems caused by poverty, piles and unruly children, think Jeremy Kyle meets the Thorn Birds and you won’t be far wrong!

From the Beatles to Blair (with some of the bad behaviour in between)

by John Rigbey

“FROM THE BEATLES TO BLAIR (and some of the bad behaviour in between)” is JOHN RIGBEY’s second Michael Gregory novel. It is story of wickedness and corruption in high places in government and in the police service and an account of whitewash and manipulation, of murder and of blackmail, both in the sixties and the present day.

Following a professional hit on a retired detective chief inspector, Gregory is deputed to find the killer, at the same time tracing the origins of a large sum of money traced to the dead man. A second murder, this time in Spain, opens up the enquiry and in coming to terms with the past lives of both victims, Gregory has a detailed insight into the gangster world of the so-called “swinging era”.

Meet “The Off Couple” and follow them to France and Spain as they go about their grisly business. Learn how they are tied into the web of blackmail enfolding a loose-living MP and prospective Blair successor, and how they come to a shocking end at the hands of the enigmatic Arthur.

Under pressure to resolve the investigation in a manner which he finds unacceptable, at the same time attempting to come to terms with his own matrimonial disharmony, Gregory seeks comfort in the arms of black solicitor Cammie Cornish. Confronted with the duplicity and double standards of “those on the opposite side of Parliament Square”, finally, he is obliged to take drastic steps to ensure that justice is done.

“BEATLES TO BLAIR” is written by a man who knows his subject: JOHN RIGBEY has truly “been there, done that and got the T shirt”……

Art Conspiracy

by John Warren Self

Arnold Becker, MD ardently detested polite Philadelphia society his entire adult life until his death at seventy-nine years old in 1951. He was killed in a car wreck not far from his home, a mansion outside the city.

He accumulated, perhaps the finest, world-class art collection ever known, valued at 35 billion dollars in the early twenty-first century. He purchased the art from the great artist when they were young. Then he masterfully arranged the pieces with furniture settings at his mansion outside of Philadelphia.

He thought of the people of the wealthy society as elitists. They never accepted him. He often refused to lend any of his paintings to the Philadelphia Art Museum throughout his life. He replied to their requests with nasty notes declining to open up his collection to the public.

His mansion was converted into an art museum over the years prior to his death. It limited viewing privileges mainly only allowing students there. His foundation continued that practice after his death. There were many court actions against his trust to end that. Then there was an action to move his art collection to Philadelphia, ignoring the terms of his outdated will.

This move was especially sensitive because the powers to be were relocating his world-class art collection to Philadelphia by court order. The replacement site was right next to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the establishment that Arnold Becker ardently detested.

Bubba Reese thought that this 35 billion dollar collection should be his as the closest surviving relative of Arnold Becker. He felt that way even though there was no confirmed proof that he and Becker were actually related. His evidence was that he recently read an article about the collection, and he kind of put two and two together. He wanted to do all that he could to stop the collections relocation as if he cared about Arnold Becker’s last wishes.

Herb Danielle loved the collection that he visited often even in violation of the trust. It was located in his town. He did not know what he should do to stop its relocation.

This local shop owner wrote a news article about Arnold Becker, MD. It read; Arnold Becker wanted to leave behind his permanent institution of art work. This art collection consists of European and Harlem Renaissance masterpiece paintings. It is the work of the masters that he housed at his mansion in suburban Philadelphia.

This art museum has evolved into a scandal over the years since his death. Now, there is a court action to relocate the collection to the City of Philadelphia, beside the art museum there.

Dr. Becker drew up will and trust near the end of his life. The trust stipulated that his collection of fine art remain as he left it. This document states that these paintings shall never be moved. So relocation of the collection violates the terms of the trust agreement.

The argument against moving it to Philadelphia is fundamental. It destroys Arnold Becker’s unique artistic vision. The paintings are in special locations that he created for them. The collection draws much of its energy from the way that the many very important works are arranged on the walls of his museum.

The individuals that were in charge of the collection failed to abide by what was said in the trust agreement over those many years of its existence. They ended up betraying the great art-lover’s inspired vision. Becker’s will stated that the paintings shall never be moved.

Then there was a plan to relocate his collection to a new public facility in Philadelphia. The argument against moving the collection to Philadelphia fundamentally destroys Arnold Becker’s unique artistic vision. It also violates the terms of the trust agreement. Then Herb met Bubba at the old museum.

They talked about the move. Bubba spoke about an explosion in Michigan, and that the new museum should have the same fate.

Case Closed

by Stephanie Campbell

A young woman is gruesomely murdered. Within days another is attacked, and then another disappears.

The Suspects Psychiatrist Robin Lenning argues with his mistress at the restaurant just moments before she is brutally attacked and murdered.

Renae Lenning has known about her husband’s affair for years, but she kept it quiet. Has jealousy pushed her over the edge?

Addict Robby Brown leaves his valet job at the restaurant early in search of drugs. Soon after, his DNA is located at the first two crimes.

Detective Tim Sheldon must unravel the knots of secrets to prevent further attacks or risk being entangled within the orchestrated chaos of this shrewd, vicious murderer.

Desecrated Ring

by Sandy Lender

Marissa thought shed seen the worst when her fey-like daughter had died in an accident a year ago. Now something stalks her, blaming her for affronts to a supernatural world; for anothers actions that she should have gotten under control. Dive in and join Marissa in a paranormal mystery that will make you wonder what the spirits hold us accountable for.

First Do No Harm

by Jeffrey McGraw

A dud of a hand grenade at a prestigious women’s clinic causes a massive rollout of emergency services’ vehicles and manpower. The grenade is removed but the robot is still checking the offices when the cause and origin team from the FDNY start their analysis. A gigantic explosion takes out the second floor of the clinic, the robot and the lives of the two fire investigators. Senior Detective Beth Kelly of NYPD’s Major Case squad gets the case.

Her partner is in court for the time being testifying so Kelly must avenge the memory of the two dead civil servants as she also must unearth a motive apart from the threats by a local anti-abortion rights group and the possible suspicions of terrorism in order to unravel the stench of murder which permeates the city. The doctors that own the clinic hold the key to the murders and don’t even know it. Beth Kelly digs deeper into their sordid connections. The path to the truth leads her back to the protestors and the ultimate killer who might not be done yet. Will it come down to a gunfight in suburbia?

If it does, Beth Kelly will be ready for anything. That’s what New York City cops do.

Found Guilty

by Jean Lauzier

What’s expected to be an evening of Halloween fun turns into unusual crime scenes and murder.

Gardening for Her Life

by Liana Olive Quinn

Margaret Saunders is a professional gardener who undertakes a personal interest in the lives of her clients. She retains knowledge of their favourite flowers, which plants trigger their allergies and what secrets they require to bury perpetually. When Ralph Burgess’ lover disappears, the citizens of East Pleasant Harbour point fingers. One however looks for a more down to earth solution.

Oak Seer (A supernatural mystery)

by Graham Higson

OAK SEER (A supernatural mystery)

Where blood from the past spills into the present

This page-turning supernatural mystery revolves around a hero cursed with a psychic ability that many others would relish.

What readers are saying about OAK SEER

I couldn’t put it down, it pulls you through to the end. ” Carol, UK

Oak Seer is exciting, thrilling and mysterious. ” S, Bradford

Oak Seer certainly is fast paced, with high tension and mystery, laced with humour and warmth. ” Goodreads reviewer

Some great moments” Julie

The story


The year is 1994. Jack Briscoe is a loner who is never alone. He has two passions: woodwork and womanizing, and despite his popularity with women he leads a solitary lifestyle, unable to hold down a steady relationship – not that he really wants one.

Working from a rented barn, sleeping in his van, and constantly short of money, his prospects are dire. He feels that his situation couldn’t get any worse. Then one night, when on one of his many casual assignations, he is stricken by a curse, and his ability to work – and his sexual prowess – are cruelly torn away.

Lost in the town’s outskirts, he is inexplicably drawn to the house of his old school friend, unaware that inside his friend’s wife is also facing a dilemma, believing she is about to die.

Far away in the Scottish Highlands, Chrissie Meikle, a modern-day High Priestess, with a coven of half-hearted pagan worshippers, has unwittingly set in play some ancient magic, with its roots stretching back hundreds of years.

In this tale of adventure, mystery, crime, witchcraft, and the occult, – where the past bleeds through into the present – Briscoe must find a way to bring an end to these visions that he feels threaten his freedom, sanity and even his very existence. Is an ancient oak carving of a monstrous face the key? Or is it his ruthless enemy determined to use its power against him?

When the paranormal malevolence attacks two of his former women friends, he must act, travelling to Scotland, where yet another adversary awaits him, along with the haunting memory of a girl in a white dress, as he attempts to exorcise the past.

But maybe it’s the past that is exorcising him.

Not recommended for readers under 18

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The Pick Up (The Case Files of Daniel Thorne)

by Daniel Thorne

My name is Daniel Thorne, and I am a private detective working in the City of Necropolis. This is a collection of my case files, retold to the best of my ability. My partner, Alex Barker and I hope that they may serve as a record of what has happened here, as well as a warning of what is to come.

May Death have mercy on us all.

Tempting Freedom

by Veronica Kingsley

Christine Banks thinks she’s seen it all, but in fact she has seen nothing yet.

At the age of 30, she feels like a prisoner of her own life; she hates her job, she’s full of emotional scars from her service in Iraq, she loses the custody battle over her daughter. Nothing seems to have a purpose anymore. Until one day she’s asked to leave it all behind, and go back to the Middle East, to spy on a man that has the power to change the game plan in the region. What follows is a story of love and courage beyond boundaries; a story of culture clashes, morals and values; a story about people trying to be loyal to their countries, to each other, and most of all- to themselves.

Boy Next Door – The First 11 Days

by Emma Clark

The First 11 Days

“I’d glimpsed the human behind the monster. Now I couldn’t go back.”

At a busy coffee shop near Houston, Mia meets tall, dark, hot Brandon Levine.

Brandon’s jade-colored eyes captivate her. His smile beguiles her. But what secrets is he hiding behind those eyes and dazzling smile?

Soon she’ll discover Brandon’s insidious motives, and truths that will shock her.

And just wait till she meets his brother Tyler.

BND: This isn’t role-play. This is the real deal.

Hero In The Hood (Things You Can’t Tell Mama)

by D T Pollard

Latron Davis was finally home after serving two enlistments as a Navy SEAL and was looking forward to starting a family with his wife of eight years, Keisha. Daniel Davis was excited that his son was home. Daniel had already prepared an office for Latron at the family business where he would serve as company President and his mother Roberta was beaming with pride. Everything seemed perfect as Latron was prepared to blend back into civilian society when tragedy struck the family. What seemed like a random act of violence took Daniel Davis from his loved ones, but when the cause of his father’s death was revealed, Latron decided that he needed to take action to bring the ultimate responsible party to justice, but would he survive the effort? In his quest to right a grievous wrong, Lavon is called the Hood Hero, although no one knew his true identity.

The Applicant

by Michael Condon

The Applicant

Palmetto Review

Michael Condon

“You will learn in time not to expect things. You must turn your expectations to another area of your mind.” – Lui, in The Applicant

In The Applicant, Michael Condon has written a thought-provoking, well plotted mystery. The reader begins by thinking it’s one thing, then decides it’s another, then gives up and simply reads with excitement to see what it will turn out to be.

Martin Anderson is a recent college grad; or is he? He is a Buddhist monk in training; or is he? He is a spy, he is an accountant, he is a former military man. One thing is clear: Anderson has lost his memory. And he is being pursued. By a man named Todd. Or Ted. Or both. The tale begins when Anderson meets Lui, an ancient monk, in Thailand. Like a stream-of-consciousness movie, the story jumps around, keeping the reader enthralled. Anderson finds himself on a mountain, meets Lui, is given the name Jin, is taught the arts of self-defense. He wakes up again as Anderson, traveling to Hong Kong; his passport indicates he has visited Thailand, and has a visa to go to China, but these are false papers. Or are they? He has been sent to do something (espionage?) but he decides not to. Throughout the story, Anderson exercises his will, though he has no reliable memories. He has basic morality, and that seems to pull him through as he tries to unravel the mystery of who he is or was. Eventually, he meets Polly, a waitress with empathy, and eventually, he and Polly will try to save each other by saving the world, or a small piece of it.

With all the twists and turns of the story, some violence and some highly varied settings, Condon shows his gifts as a teller of tales. Such passages as this, as Anderson examines the content’s of Ted’s desk drawer, show just how scary-well Condon can compose: “He seemed to have spent a great deal on money on unusual things, such as a plastic mannequins to wooden legs. No one today used wooden legs. Also on the list was vampire blood.” The Applicant is far too short for a novel, even a bit skimpy for a novelette, at a scant 16,000+ words (standard for a novelette is 20,000 or more). One feels though, that Condon could have written more, could have expanded the plot considerably, since he has the talent for constructing a thrilling, subtle story line. Perhaps in the future he will come back to the puzzling, at times shocking, always intriguing story of Martin Anderson, and will give the reader more to chew on.

Eighty Eight

by A.L. McAuley

This is an explosive story of miracles and mayhem, kidnapping and killings, affecting the entire human race.

It begins in the quiet waters of Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland when marine biologist Doctor Eva Ballantine makes an astonishing discovery while studying a unique species of algae.

A short time later, ex-priest and former member of the British Special Forces, Hugh Doggett, becomes involved in a bizarre string of events.

Three thousand miles away in Chicago, Valentine Sere is finalising his hostile takeover of BION Pharmaceuticals, his father’s multi-national drugs company.

When he promotes Kay Kane to BION vice president, no one could have imagined the horrifying consequences.

â??88′ is no ordinary thriller. It’s not about good and evil; it is about events that may change our world forever.

Locked Within (An Emma Winberry Mystery)

by Helen Macie Osterman

Emma Winberry is in her sixties and lives with her significant other, Nate Sandler. She has a â??sixth sense’ and talks to her Guardian Angel.

Emma and Nate are extras in the opera and, when one of the singers, Delia Armanetti, suffers a stroke that affects her speech, Emma is there to help.

Delia’s daughter-in-law wants to get rid of her, but Emma thwarts her plan and inevitably puts herself in danger. Does she succeed in helping her friend?

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The Riproar

by Oliver Lewis

Oliver Lewis’ debut novel The Riproar is the story of Leopold John, a former fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force, his love affair with his artist girlfriend in Paris, and his capture and torture when he was shot down during the first Gulf War. Oliver Lewis has written a compelling and readable book about love, war, art, horror and madness.

Naomi’s Jeep Cherokee (Shorts by Cynn Chadwick)

by Cynn Chadwick

Sometimes enough just isn’t enough. Find out what’s most important to Naomi McKee on Chaucer Lane after she discovers that Santa doesn’t always give us what we want. Novelist Cynn Chadwick brings us another short story that leaves us wondering.

The Dead Guy (Shorts by Cynn Chadwick)

by Cynn Chadwick

There’s something about truckstops in the middle of the night that evoke the most urban of myths. This short story by novelist Cynn Chadwick may just keep your eye on the guy in the next booth next time you visit one.

Death of Life

by F. C. Blair

Manâ??the most abhorrent thing in existence.

And our hero is the epitome of how disgusting Earth’s most hideous inhabitants can become. Tom is such a black being, such a black abomination. Nevertheless, he is a being that deserves to have its story told.

Witness and take part in the first act of an epic journey that will take you through all levels of humanity, from the deepest abyss of foulnessâ??foulness which condones men ravishing innocents and suchlike atrocitiesâ??to the loftiest power that can take hold of us: love, but love in its purest and noblest formâ??selfless love.

“Compassion? No. Empathy? No! Love? Yuck!” said Tom.

Now, the question presents itself: is it possible for such a man to learn about the real values of life? Can he be saved? Can he be resurrected from his life of death?

A word of warning: success is not guaranteed.

Good luck!

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Awkward Moments (not found in your average) Children’s Bible – Vol. 1

by Horus Gilgamesh

NOT FOR KIDS (or iPad)!

What began as a private online joke among interfaith friends quickly skyrocketed to meet the demands of the thousands of fans and critics of the controversial work. Within hours, the book became the #1 Bestseller in’s Humor & Religion category! Combining actual Bible verses with more than 30 whimsical original illustrations, Awkward Moments uses humor to encourage people from all walks of life to think, perhaps for the first time, about how the Bible continues to shape our culture.

BEWARE – NOT FOR KIDS! This is definitely not your average children’s Bible! If you thought the bestseller “Go The F**k To Sleep” was inappropriate for story-time with kids, you haven’t seen anything yet! Leave it to the Bible! Foreskins Fetishes? Unicorn Murders? Boiled Babies? Messiah, MIA? Selling Daughters? Cannibalism Club? Genetic Breakthroughs? Demonic Bacon? Gagged Women? Jihad Jesus? You bet! And much more!

From the opening foreword by acclaimed author David G. McAffee, to the challenging commentaries and interactive games at the end, Awkward Moments Children’s Bible is much more than an irreverent book for your coffee table! Readers of all faiths will find themselves laughing out loud while being encouraged to think about the Bible in a new way.

Let’s be honest – there are some things in the Good Book that are just… awkward! There are verses we’d like to forget or that have been changed throughout the centuries. There are many verses you’ve never heard before in church, let alone seen in your average children’s Bible! Not to mention the verses that have been added over the centuries!

Most people were raised in the faith chosen by their family. Young children learn a few Bible stories taken out of context and accept them without question. (On what basis could they possibly question their parents or church leaders?) After decades of repetition and tradition, it’s understandable that we might put our beliefs on auto-pilot and just nod as a pastor repeats the verses and ideas that are already familiar and comfortable to us. It’s no wonder that recent studies show an incredible lack of Biblical knowledge among Christians – 55% unable to even name the four Gospels of the New Testament – the very foundation of Christianity!

The Goal? Awkward Moments encourages readers to really understand what is in their Bibles and think for themselves about the context of Biblical teaching. The 32 color illustrations and included commentaries will likely challenge some readers to reflect on how religion continues to shape the lives and culture of future generations. If readers happen to laugh out loud and enjoy the interactive puzzles and games in the mean time – it’s just an added bonus!

The Village Idiot Reviews (A Laugh Out Loud Comedy)

by Pete Sortwell

Join Brian, as he tries to woo the girl that works in the local shop, will passing out face down in super glue while trying to make her a gift hinder his chances of getting her to go out with him?

Will Father Frederick, an alcoholic vicar who has a slight issue with stalking be able to win back the heart of a woman he loved a long time ago?

And will Ethel, who thinks that throwing hard rice instead of confetti in a Bride Groom’s face is an acceptable form of sport, be able to catch whichever one of these two losers in love with her trick as they step out of the church on the happy day?

Written entirely in the form of product reviews, we guarantee you’ve never read a book quite like this before. Hilarious and wholly original, The Village Idiot Reviews pokes gentle fun at the more obscure corners of your favourite e-commerce sites – and introduces the most bonkers set of countryside dwellers since The Vicar of Dibley.


Every village has an idiot, we know that, but what if there was a village full of them? It wouldn’t be the best place to take a windy walk, would it?

Furthermore, what if all those idiots suddenly found the joys of online shopping and started reviewing everything they brought?

Well, â??What if’ no more. Here is The Village Idiot Reviews.

The General Store

by Wright Forbucks

THE GENERAL STORE is a wicked sex comedy about what happens when small-town folks start minding their neighbors’ funny business.

Set in Apple, Massachusetts, the laughs begins when Mayor Happy Munson betrays yet another “friend.” But this time, it’s an old man with the money and brains to get even. Helping the old man seek revenge is Jebediah Jones, the well-endowed owner of the General Store who has been arrested for, literally, hanging out. Offended parties include Luke Keegle and his mother, Doris. Luke is an Internet whiz kid, a devout Christian, and owner of, the web’s destination spot for purchasing “chastity wear.” Doris Keegle is the chairman of the town’s restoration committee. She wants to return Apple’s countryside to its original state. Her main target is the personal dump of her next door neighbor and Apple’s legendary biker bad boy, Rake Davis, who has been half-burying his old Ford pick-up trucks for decades. Bradford Bender, the town’s best and only lawyer, has been hired to fix the mess, but Sally Munson, the first lady of Apple and a registered martial arts instructor, is opposing him. And, she’s not going down without a fight. Also in the fray are the world’s most famous environmentalists, Crunchy and Macrame Montana, who are fighting to save the eeeking plover, a tiny bird whose near extinction has been carefully chronicled by the town’s historian, a socially awkward man named Bruce Pane who is living with an inflatable lover named Ms. Wheezyâ?¦

THE GENERAL STORE is Wright Forbucks’ pathetic attempt to author a mainstream comedy that will generate sufficient income to purchase a bean burrito and a small Mountain Dew.

Other works by Wright Forbucks include THE WALKING MAN, BILLY GRIST and EVEN STEVEN.

Please note: THE GENERAL STORE is Rated R due to crass language (85 F bombs) and sexual content. It contains 59,000 words.

How to Lose Your Virginity …and how not to (Real Stories about the First Time)

by Shawn Wickens

Whether stud or dud, hot dish or cold fish, you’re never the same after you first “do the deed.” But how wild, weird, or earth shattering was it for your neighbor, the person next to you on the bus, or your dentist? In How to Lose Your Virginityâ?¦ and How Not To, compiled from 1,000 face-to-face interviews across North America, Shawn Wickens makes us transfixed voyeurs in scores of others’
seminal “coming” of age moments.

From Kelsie Testa in Jerk Magazine: “A compilation of shocking yet heartwarming tales of orifices, secretions, and vulgarity that pleasantly ends in an orgasm. From condom follies to mixed-race orgies, Wickens proves that no formula exists when it comes to this seminal and ‘ground-breaking’ eventâ?¦.

One central message remains the same for all of these first-timers: losing your virginity is weird and exhilarating, whether you lost it with your middle-school bus driver named Frank at age 13 or you waited until marriage.”

Featured in the New York Daily News, The Huffington Post and Breakthru Radio calls How to Lose Your Virginity, “…an entertaining and enlightening read for virgins and non-virgins alike.”

A portion of the proceeds is donated to RAINN (Rape and Incest National Network)

As Delightful As A Carrot: How My Boys See the World

by Keris Stainton

Harry: “I knew this day would come!” Me: “What day?” Harry: “Today!”

“Kids say the funniest things.” We know this, right? And my kids do say lots of funny things. They make me laugh, they make their father laugh, they make themselves laugh. And, thanks to my blog (and Facebookâ?¦ and Twitterâ?¦) they seem to make other people laugh too. Loads of times, over the past few years, people have said I should put Harry and Joe’s quotes into a book. They were probably just saying that, but I did it anyway…

Told Harry off for being cheeky and he said, “Don’t worry. Tomorrow I will be as delightful as a carrot!”

Bow Down (Bow Down Short Story Series)

by Graceful Waters

When Halley Lujah is appointed pastor at Delmar Community Church, staff find it impossible to work with her ever-changing ideas and demands. In the first of six short stories, church secretary Sherry Austin unlocks Pandora’s box and finds that some secrets should be kept behind closed doors. This short story is approximately 5,200 words.

Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t

by Robert S Gerleman

DAMNED IF I DO, DAMNED IF I DON’T is a dark, satirical comedy that follows a morally conflicted young man whose obsession with finding a quick and permanent exit from his ill-fated life leads to a desperate search for salvation. As each of his feeble attempts at an escape goes terribly and amusingly wrong, he relies on alcoholism and apathy to tolerate his degenerate family, manic friends, and mundane career. When his boss hires an adventurous, sexually depraved young woman to work alongside him, the two make an unlikely connection that pushes each of them to explore what, if anything, is worth living for.

Funniest Jokes

by Jerry Ayers

treat yourself with the world’s funniest book of jokes. brand new jokes never heard before.


by Lizardio Four

Disclaimer: This is a work of parody/humor.


Get the full scoop on the reptilian conspiracy to enslave mankind and bring about Lizard Armageddon. THE LIZARD CODEX contains all three volumes of the Wake Up And Smell The Reptiles! trilogy, now available for the first time in one single, compact anthology :


LIZARDS RULE OUR PLANET: An Illustrated Guide to the Global Reptilian Conspiracy (2011)

Book 2

BEHOLD A PALE LIZARD: An Illustrated Companion to the Unfolding Reptilian Apocalypse (2012)

Book 3

LIZARD APOCALYPSE 2023: An Illustrated Handbook to the Impending Reptilian Armageddon (2013)

Compiled by Lizardio Four, a leading intelligence analyst and conspiracy researcher, this snappy read is a one-stop resource to get a grip on the reptilian conspiracy that everyone is talking about.

Because here’s the truth: Since the dawn of mankind, our planet has been ruled by a species of intergalactic reptilian shape shifters.

That’s right: Lizard aliens from another dimension! They feed on human blood and life energy. They control politics, the media, the world markets, and the Internet. They are hell-bent on world domination, and will bring about Lizard Armageddon, unless they can be stopped…

With tongue-in-cheek humor and full-color illustrations, THE LIZARD CODEX: AN ILLUSTRATED ANTHOLOGY EXPOSING THE GREAT REPTILIAN CONSPIRACY takes readers deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole uncovering the reptilian conspiracy to enslave mankind.

This anthology features a special foreword by UK-based conspiracy writer Graham Ellis, author of How to Stop the New World Order, The Two Minute Thought-Free Challenge and The Illuminati Kid Can Save You (published as Graham Carroll).

Read at your own discretion. And WATCH YOUR BACK!

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of humor/parody. If you are looking for “serious” works on the reptilian conspiracy, we advise you look elsewhere. If you have a sense of humor and would like to catch up with this whole Lizard phenomenon in one single book (with illustrations), please give this book a try. It’s not entirely fun and games, you know.

Energy – How I Lost Over 100 Pounds The Natural Way (Seriously!)

by Alton Bock

Have you ever wanted to lose weight WITHOUT resorting to dangerous chemicals or illicit street drugs?

In this ground-breaking weight-loss and health guide, learn how I lost over 100 pounds without feeling miserable all the time, without crippling and debilitating hunger pains, and without spending thousands of dollars on heroin!

Don’t waste your money on fancy weight-loss gadgets or nicotine. You CAN lose weight naturally and for less than the cost of a cup of fair-trade, organic coffee, I will show you how I did it.

The Politics of Space Travel

by Joshua Silver

A private corporation controls interstellar travel. They control thousands of human colonies spread across the Universe. They control a vast fleet of deadly starships. At the helm of the corporate thunderhead, a self-styled god manipulates the course of human events.

Meanwhile, on innocently ignorant Earth, David Allen Greenway awakes lost in the woods. Before he can find his way home, he stumbles unwittingly into a secret that changes the course of history. Abducted by pirates and beguiled by the magnificence of the outer worlds, David Allen Greenway embarks on a quest that will decide the fate of the Universe and shake the powers that be from their lofty heights.

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Anatomy Of A Woman

by Charles A Lewis

Anatomy Of A Woman is the story of Maurice Trout, plastic surgeon, pervert, curmudgeon, convict and self-proclaimed saviour of humanity whose erotic life becomes ever more tangled, absurd and hilarious. Charles A. Lewis has produced a funny, engaging book that will have readers wincing and laughing in turn, and, in, Maurice Trout, one of the great comic characters.


by TK Carter

When fed-up Claire Coulter leaves her alcoholic marriage of ten years, and her hot-tempered, man-hating best friend, Brenda, falls in love again, their twenty-year friendship is the only thing real in which they rely and trust. Claire’s challenges include raising her two small children, standing firm against her manipulative soon-to-be-ex-husband, and the new employee in her department, Billy, that challenges her ideas of eternal singlehood. Brenda tries to overcome her loneliness and anger toward her unfaithful ex-husband then finds herself in a relationship that challenges her morals and boundaries. Through friendship, laughter, and tests of character, both women seek freedom from their baggage and pasts as they embrace their independence.

Hong Kong 97. Drugs Sex Money Corruption.

by Gregory A. Waldron

Jake Stratton comes across as the perfect corporate citizen, but he is a rogue, a cheat, and a liar.

As the sales manager for an American publishing firm in Hong Kong during the late 1990s, Stratton has it easy. His superiors are far away in New York, the local distributor colludes with him to embezzle funds, and he spends his idle days drinking, smoking dope, and womanising.

When his company forms a global joint venture with a competitor, Stratton suddenly finds himself saddled with a vicious new boss determined to reveal his past crimes. As the auditors begin to reveal Stratton’s dubious past, he realizes that his only hope for great wealth is a final corrupt sales deal, but can he pull it off in time?

Hong Kong 97 is the definitive novel of life in this fascinating city during the years immediately following the handover to China.

Brief Anecdotes From an Amusing Life: Real Characters and Places

by Rick Williams

This book is a topical, true collection of funny and occasionally painlessly poignant Anecdotes of relatively brief lengths. Great illustrations for speeches etc., and just plain fun to read alone or to others!. Many of the Anecdotes come from the humorous sides of unlikely places like hospitals, country clubs, schools, vacation homes, funeral homes, summer camp, nursing homes, vacation homes and home, homes. Nearly all pick up on human nature and human interest! Most of the Anecdotes feature real “Characters,” including myself; people you will always remember forget! Others feature great places; and many feature people and places interacting. It runs the gamut from rural living to urban life, from laughing out loud to smug smirking. Chapters and parts can be read together or separately. Many of the anecdotes can stand alone.

The Walking Dead Season One Ultimate Unofficial Guide (Walking Dead Ultimate Unofficial Guides)

by Chris Thornes

It’s clear that The Walking Dead has captivated the minds of TV viewers all around the world. If you’re ready to gain a more nuanced understanding of AMC’s master work, the Walking Dead Season One Ultimate Unofficial Guide is for you! This guide answers all of the questions you’ve been asking about AMC’s The Walking Dead.

From a complete analysis of the plot to hidden meanings within the show, this book provides inside information and news that can’t be found anywhere else. The book includes a complete summary, interpretation, and analysis for The Walking Dead Season One. This is quite simply the Ultimate Unofficial Guide to The Walking Dead Season One.

Ajax’s Whimsical Revolution

by Paul Brodie

Ajax’s Whimsical Revolution began running as a blog in 2010. It got tired of running in 2012 so it decided to retire as an ebook compilation of the author’s 78 favorite posts. The posts compiled for this book range from a paragraph or two up to several page essays. Included are humorous stories, thought provoking questions, and mundane accounts of real life experiences. The goal is to make you laugh or think, or both, but feel free to respond to the book in any way you desire.

Activity Book of Mathematics

by Jennifer Rene

This Activity Book of Mathematics is a fun interactive book of simple math for all children of ages 6 to 8 years old. Concepts like odd and even. hogh and low, shapes, colors and much more. Your child will have so much fun and learn at the same time.

Monstrum: The Vampire in the Detective Story

by Caroline Stikkelbroeck

My approach to the vampire detective highlights its connections to the private detective’s story and reveals the monstrous investigators’ debt to early feminist forms of detection -specifically in their reformation of the’ other’ and of traditional forms of power and authority. Seen in this light the movement of horror’s imaginary ‘other’ into the rational world of detection can be seen as not an abrupt breach of detection’s realist conventions, but an almost seamless transition into symbolic spaces that point to the detective’s primary function — to make sense of the senseless. It is in this light that I explore the monster that is a detective as a symbol that is also a sense-maker, and a quintessential postmodern figure. I argue that the distinctions between monsters and ‘others’, and between popular narratives and postmodern religion have faded, culminating in a character that can not only model ‘otherness’ as an exemplary condition, but also provide strategies for modeling the form of active postmodern subjectivity that postmodern theorist Jim Collins’ (1989) conceives of as heretical activity.

Sudoku: Secret Strategies and Technique for Solving Sudoku Puzzles

by Mark Mulle

If you haven’t played Sudoku before, clueless or having trouble how to solve the puzzle, “Win at Sudoku: Secret Strategies and Technique for Solving Sudoku Puzzles” gives you the secret strategies and technique that will help you solve Sudoku puzzles. Although it is a puzzle that involves numbers, you do not need to possess mathematical skills and the puzzle can be solved by using pure logic. And this guide shows you just how to solve and win all your Sudoku puzzles.

Get a copy of this game guide and win at Sudoku with these secret strategies and technique!

Who Said That? Quiz Book

by Terry Kirwan

Can you identify the speakers of these famous quotations? Choose the correct answer from the multiple choices given.

Cool Minecraft Pocket Edition Mods

by Minecraft Books


This book is a must-have to impress your Minecraft friends! Includes step-by-step instructions to get awesome Pocket Edition Minecraft mods on your iPhone!

* 25 of the best Pocket Edition Minecraft Mods!

* Awesome mods including breakable bedrock, precooked meat, jump higher, insta destroy, and more!

* Straight to the point text without wasting time!

* Free updates!

Grand Theft Auto V – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints, Secrets & More!

by Ken A Douglas

Grand Theft Auto Five (GTA V) has set the stage not only for this generation but the next. With an impressive $800 million in retail sales on launch day, GTA V is the fastest selling game of all time.

Image Courtesy of Rockstar Games

In fact, it has surpassed opening sales of many movies such as The Dark Knight. In fact, it made twice as much as the final installation of Harry Potter in its opening weekend (the best box office opening to date).


That’s why I believe it’s important to help fellow players out more than ever. I want you to enjoy GTA V in ways that you probably never thought possible.

That’s why this book is going to teach you how to maximize your fun in the immersive world of Los Santos. So, what exactly are we going to teach you? Continue reading to find out!

Brain Giblets

by Dan Manning

Essays and rants.

Hide and go seek

by J A

A group of kids plays hide and seek and then after the uninvited guest appeared, they end up playing hide and seek involuntary

Polly Picked The Pistol Up (Karno’s Casebook)

by Peter N Bernfeld

In deepest darkest Cornishire Detective Sergeant Leon Karno of Cornishire CID has several thorny problems to grapple with in this new case. The late Jacca Bargus whose body was found in his parent’s front garden has obviously been shot but was it murder or suicide? Karno resolves that question with the help of Doc Carver and the forensics team but other questions remain.
Who is the mysterious gunman on Arthur’s Tor?
Which Cornishire beach prefers to be known as Esmeralda?
Did Wild Bill really see a shape-changing van?
Who exactly are ‘The Evil Ones’ and what were they doing that was so evil?
Finding the answer to these questions taxes Karno’s ingenuity as he relentlessly closes in on the murderer in this rib-tickling tale from Karno’s casebook.

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