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Deranged Lovers: A Killa’s Love

by LoLa Bandz

When two people are in love they will do nothing to keep it alive. Kallista is a young free spirit who doesn’t know who she wants or what she wants out of this crazy life. She does know one thing and that’s that she is madly in love with Kyrese “Killa” Williams. Being that they were high school sweet hearts doesn’t make anything easier for her and her choices of who to love.

Kyrese is a young contracted killer. He plays the game with no rules and loves Kallista harder than life itself. Him and his infamous “Hunnid Clip Boyz.” Run the bay area streets and their women run their lives. This couple will go through hell and back to prove that the one other loves one more than the other. Through the drama, fake baby mamas, broken hearts and deaths, lets find out who will survive. It’s a jungle out in these street and its wilder when you’re in love.

Other People’s Shit

by C.V. Hunt

There’s a pandemic. People are turning into clowns. Society isn’t interested in finding a cure or treating the infected as humans. But when unconventional couriers begin to harass the contaminated, and clowns start disappearing, a band of transformed coworkers set out to find answers.

Dope Girl (prequel)

by Sa’id Salaam

In the prequel to Dope Girl we pick right up where we left off in Dope Boy 3. As Cam heads south to confront his enemies Tywanna begins her new life. Join us as we take a glimpse into the life of THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING!

What Lies Beneath the Surface (Installment II in the Pandora’s Box series)

by Perri Forrest

Brooklyn Kellogg, and Pandora’s Box is back!

In the first installment, The Color of Lies, we met Erik Warren who was wild about the women. But when his wife sought the services of Pandora’s Box to expose his secret life, his lies came crushing down around him, but not without twists and turns along the way.

In the second installment, What Lies Beneath the Surface, Brooklyn returns with a few of the old characters, and this time the theme is, “A mother’s love”.

Sherry Laguna fears that her daughter’s boyfriend is being less than honest about the relationship he has with the mother of his child. While Sherry feels bad for probing into her daughter’s life, she believes that as a mother, it is something she needs to do.

When Sherry finds herself at Pandora’s Box, seeking the services of Brooklyn Kellogg, never did she imagine what the web of lies would ultimately reveal.

What Lies Beneath the Surface, at its deepest level, is about a mother’s love, and the lengths she will go to in order to protect her child(ren).

Alice’s Summertime Adventure

by Suzanne Jenkins

We meet Alice Bradshaw when she is at a crossroad. She’s just beaten cancer and is suddenly unsure of what her next move should be. Looking back on where she’s been and what the future may hold, she knows she needs to make a big change in her life. Then her car dies on the highway after an argument with her daughter. Dave, a stranger on a motorcycle, pulls along side her and saves the day. He offers Alice a chance at adventure. She jumps on it, much to the dismay of her children. The adventure starts a chain of events that will have Alice and her children, as well as Dave questioning every aspect of their lives. There will be a few casualties along the way, a lot of anger, life changes and a few shocking surprises. Alice’s Summertime Adventure is the story of an average American family as they struggle with dilemmas we all have, and making choices that aren’t for everyone.

Adult and sexual themes.

Watery Graves

by Kelli Bradicich

Emmy is cursed to die in a watery grave. She lives by Mercy River, a river that has drowned everyone related to her. Her mother, Ingrid lives in fear that Emmy will be next. Emmy believes it will find a way to take them both.

Emmy and Ingrid share a mountain top home with Maya and Kristian, and their son Sebastian. Their life is simple and self-sufficient. Their relationships with each other deeply connected as a close-knit family. The curse that hangs over Emmy’s head keeps everyone vigilant. Her family teaches her to swim in case she needs it one day. The Mercy Falls community looks on with interest and entertains themselves with endless gossipy judgements about the family’s weird ways. All those with a memory of the deaths hold tight to a common thought that one day the river will take Emmy and Ingrid too. That belief has become a fatalistic community fact before their deaths have even happened.

Sebastian is the one who begins to think differently first. He steps out into the wider world defying the paddock fences that aim to keep them safe but hemmed in. He discovers things that he wants to share with Emmy. Emmy has no interest in change and desperately wants him to go back to the way he was.

When Maya gets sick, she becomes Sebastian’s greatest ally. She too begins to think that it would be safer in the end for Sebastian and Emmy to learn to be out and free to roam the streets of Mercy Falls. She uses her wisdom to draw Ingrid around. They begin to see that being sheltered can be a danger in itself.

The river rises and falls through all the grief, loss, new love and change. With all the good Mercy Falls township brings, bad comes tumbling in with it. Emmy fights it all the way. The more that is lost, the more she realises there is to lose. The further Emmy strays from her sheltered world, the greater the chances that Mercy River will take her too. Will her survival depend on the mercy of the town people, the mercy of the river or both? As Emmy’s mountain world crumbles she tempts fate and learns the value of facing her fears.

2006/2007 Sent to Harper Collins for selections Harper Collins Varuna Awards

2012 Longlisted for Ampersand Project Hardie Grant Egmont

The Ornament

by Zeke Changuris

The Ornament is a story spun from the romantic ideals shaped by the works of Bronte, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Austen and Cervantes. In my formative years, I was glued to the screen watching old black and white tales of love as they played on television on weekend afternoons. The stories of loss and unrequited love filled my imagination leaving me with, in some ways, a warped sense of what love was. I guess the line from the Man of La Mancha “To love pure and chaste from afar” summed up my almost Victorian sense of romance. I quickly became an expert on romance, relationships and broken hearts for others but unable to find or act on that advice for myself leaving me constantly in the company old friends like Anne of Green Gables and Lizzie Bennet.

When I found myself working in a newsroom, falling for a reporter and doing all I could to make her notice me as more than a friend, I needed an outlet. That is how The Ornament was born. The story was conceived in the early hours of the morning on a dirty desk from the Rubbermaid collection in a small-market newsroom in between bouts of breaking news and chamber of commerce breakfast meetings.

I wrote and rewrote the story adding and subtracting never knowing where this more romantic world would take me. I remember truly being happy when I realized what was going to happen next, or that time I was driving to work and began to cry as I realized what tragedy was about to befall our hero. The characters may have started out as copies of people I knew, and even myself, but after countless rewrites each one became an amalgam of many people I’ve met in my career.

The Ornament is, if anything, a statement of my firm belief that a true friendship, even a chaste one, is an example of love more powerful than all the passion ever kindled.

Viper (Short Story)

by Stephen Shea

A short story about the life of Viper, the meanest man on the oil rigs. Inspired by several “you wouldn’t believe this happened” true stories.

About the Author:
Stephen Shea is the pseudonym of a semi-famous author who is experimenting with several genres. He lives next door to you. He is the author of The Not So Simple Life.

Stay off my Grass!

by Mark A McCarrell

Walter Sanders was a nice old man, just ask the neighbors. But one thing he hated was someone to touch his grass. Now strangely to a nosy detective, all the drug dealers close to Pearl street had disappeared; a mystery he curiously decided to investigate. Pearl street was a quiet stretch in a crime infested neighborhood, another reason detective Harding couldn’t keep his thoughts off the serene road; especially since Crego, a drug lord of unimaginable cruelty and terror was nowhere to be found. The whole thing just didn’t add up…

Sidoscope Fingerprints Volume 1

by Siddhesh Kabe

Assorted collection of five short stories are based on medieval world and themed around â??war’ and battle. I always loved the medieval ages of kings and queens. The time when battle were fought using the brains and soldiers. Revenge were taken at a amazing breath-taking magnitude. Although some of the characters may seem familiar, the stories are entirely fictional. My personal favorite â??A fool’s chance’ is also included in this volume.

The Silver Horn of Robin Hood

by Gary Wells


There is a juncture where fantasy and reality co-exist and sometimes the lines between the two get blurry.

This is the tale of a lonely boy who visits that place and begins developing the friendship needed to help chart the awkward path to manhood.

Set in the early 60’s, the boy has spent his life hiding behind a wall of books, movies, television and radio.

His ability to come out from behind the wall and face the harsh truths of adulthood will depend on what he has learned about the value of friends.

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