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Retirement Blues – Goodbye! Along Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Path

by Richard H Cowley

The book is an account of the day to day exploits of an expatriate Manxman and an Australian chum who seek to shake off the retirement blues by walking Alfred Wainwright’s Coast to Coast path.

It took18 days to walk the 191 miles from the priory village of St Bees on the Irish Sea to arrive at the former smuggler’s stronghold of Robin Hood’s Bay on the Yorkshire coast. The trail passes through some of England’s most rugged and sublime countryside. This trek was all it took for Richard to become hooked on the roving gypsy life so loved by the super-tramp poet, William Henry Davies and the busking writer, Laurie Lee. On the road, each step away from the day before so revitalized Richard’s sense of freedom that he was able to live in the moment and bask in the simple delight of being. This wonderful experience rekindled his enthusiasm for adventure, sparking a determination to commit to life with renewed vigour and vitality. This was no time for retirement!

It’s estimated that ten thousand people attempt this walk each year. Along the way Richard met backpackers who had trekked many famous trails throughout the world. They generally agreed that the Coast to Coast path is the most beautiful and enjoyable walk they’d done.

There are many books about walking pilgrimage trails or fighting nature in wild and wonderful places. This book is nothing like that; it’s about a long distance walk on a readily assessable trail which does not require superhuman effort to complete the distance.

The book will appeal to walkers in general and to those contemplating a hiking holiday. The mass of armchair ramblers may also enjoy reading about the fascinating strangers and bizarre situations Richard encountered along the way. Its is possible that there are legions of older people who, on reading about this life changing adventures, may be tempted to try hiking themselves.

From the Ladies’ Tee

by Hilary Blake

Alison, Vicky, Catherine and Evelyn set out to play in competitive golf on four stunning courses in the luxurious suburbs of London. But the competition isn’t all sporting. Cheating on the golf course and in the bedroom abound.
Tempers fly as games are won and lost, and then things become deadly serious as golf and life become inextricably entwined.

This gripping novella will entertain and enthrall anyone interested in the hitherto hidden and exclusive world of women’s golf.


by K. Marquis

Whether we want to believe it or not fellas, the war of the sexes is on and with books such as “Gold-digger Guide” and “Act like a Lady, Think like a Man” the evidence is clear that none of what’s taking shape (in regards to relationships) is a game. And when you consider every guy (including yourself) who deals with everyday challenges (and even successes) with the female persuasion it’s still clear that we all need and deserve a playbook for ourselves (that based on lady selections), especially when you consider words like division of assets, alimony and child support, just to name a few. Because like they say, defense wins championships, and to find the right woman you’ve gotta first avoid and defend against the wrong ones.

And whether you’re a young athlete, entrepreneur, trust fund baby, Wall Street executive or just heavy in the technology game, this book should be treated like the American Express Card – always on you.

So for those guys who are not that sophisticated when it comes to differentiating the good woman from the gold-digger then consider the Player’s Playbook an investment – for the game of life.

There will never be a book more practical, relatable and entertaining for guys because the same NBA (and street-ball) terms that’s used for the game is applied to identify, classify, and code most scenarios and things related to our dealings with feminine kryptonite from day to day.

Final Whistle, Issue 00: Real Football Talk (Final Whistle Magazine)

by John Robertson

Real Football Talk on the Premier League and beyond.

Final Whistle is a digital football magazine dedicated to providing engaging and thought provoking content for the serious follower of the beautiful game.

Issue 00 is our pilot offering, a chance for us to more accurately gauge what you want and for you to get a feel for what we’re trying to do.

This pilot issue includes:


The Man Who Would Not Be King – Is image preventing Cristiano Ronaldo from being seen as the world’s best player?


Los Cafeteros Rising – After 16 years in the dark, can Colombia make a successful return to the World Cup stage?


Rooney: The Best Team Player in the Premier League? – The ‘Nike Athlete’ wearing number 10


Talent Drain – A cap on foreign Premier League players is not the way to a better England team


Manchester City 6 – 0 Tottenham Hotspur: A Tactical Analysis – Thoroughly dissecting what went right and wrong


Mr. Crabtree Goes Fishing

by Bernard Venables

Mr. Crabtree Goes Digital! Welcome to the first EVER digital edition of Mr. Crabtree Goes Fishing. Optimised for Kindle Fire and Android and iPad Kindle Apps, this ebook is best viewed in colour to appreciate the true beauty of Bernard Venables’ paintings.

If you’re an angler of a â??certain age’ you’ll already know all about Mr. Crabtree. Maybe you were one of the 3 million proud owners of the original book Mr. Crabtree Goes Fishing, by legendary angler Bernard Venables? It’s very likely that you refer to â??Crabtree swims’, that you know what a â??gentle’ is and that the idea of fishing in a tweed three-piece-suit doesn’t really seem that odd to you.

Congratulations you’re a Crabtree kid!

Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr. Crabtree is what we’re all about – and our book and TV series of the same name are the first steps we’ve taken to illustrate this. We hope you’ll join us on our quest to bring Mr. Crabtree to a new generation of anglers, to share our love of fishing for all species, and to help us spread the word. We are part of a wonderfully diverse community, united by a shared passion. Let’s celebrate that together!

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