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WARREN BUFFETT Ultimate Principles Of Success And Wealth, Best Teachings On Investment, Wealth & Wisdom. (Warren Buffett Kindle Books, Financial Education,Business Investing)

by Kathryn Sandberg

Discover The Best Teaching’s Of Warren Buffet !!!

Warren Edward Buffett is an American business investor and a philanthropist. He is considered to be the most successful investor of all time. In this book attempt has been made by the author to share one of the very best teaching’s by Warren Buffet on success, leadership and investment.

“No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.”

â?? Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett started at a young age and used the odds in his life to build an empire. And yet he has remained to be so generous in spite of his power making him a perfect example for budding entrepreneurs and investors today. This book contains a profile of his life and achievements including wisdom on leadership, investment and life in general.

Here are some of what you’ll uncover in this book:.

  • Who is Warren Buffett.
  • Education and early years.
  • Career and achievements of Warren Buffet.
  • Lessons of leadership from Warren’s life.
  • Perspectives on debt, business value and transparency in leadership role.
  • Principles of investment from the Oracle of Omaha.
  • Success mantra’s for making money in stock market.
  • Life changing lessons on wisdom from Buffett.
  • Views on loyality, charity and independent thinking.
  • Much, much more!

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Alice, The Enigma – A Biography of Queen Victoria’s Daughter

by Christina Croft

Of all Queen Victoria’s nine children, none was more intriguing than her second daughter, Alice. The contradictions in her personality are so striking that, while she has often been overshadowed by her more illustrious brother, King Edward VII, and her brilliant sister, the German Empress Frederick, she remains to this day an enigma, the depths of whose character are virtually impossible to penetrate. By the time of her premature death at the age of only thirty-five, Alice had lived through two wars, had lost two of her children, and had exhausted herself in her devotion to duty to the extent that she suffered from disillusionment almost to the point of despair. Nonetheless, in the final tragic weeks of her life, she met unimaginable grief with courage and serenity, and her last words demonstrated her ultimate redemption and the beautiful restoration of all she had loved and lost.

No Damn Contact: The No Contact Rule for Idiots (V1)

by Timiarah Camburn

Have you ever tried to do the “no contact rule” and failed miserably? Have you tried several times to let go of that one destructive relationship that almost left you emotionally dead? Are you tired of making excuses for yourself? Well, so is T. Enough is enough. No more damn contact. Set your cell phone on fire, handcuff yourself, or pluck yourself in the thigh. You’re not talking to that person anymore.

“No Damn Contact” is a hybrid diary-manual type work that provides you with a modernized version of the no contact rule guidelines from a deeply emotional and insightful first person perspective. You will travel on a long journey with the main character as she struggles against temptations, addictive patterns, and her resistance to change.

African In America

by Wenceslaus Muenyi

This is a book never talked about before, on a subject that is rarely mentioned in today’s society. When you think of Africa what comes to mind? Lions, huts, and probably starving people. Those images come from stories you have probably seen on TV about the very extremes of Africa, but just like North America, every continent has its own extreme bad and its extremely good area.

This book is not about the extremes but actually about the middle ground. I wrote this story to give people a second look at the life of a person that was actually born and raised in Africa and how life is like there. I also bridge the book to subject of how life is like being an immigrant from Africa in America. This book will show you a world you might have never seen before, and will open your eyes to just how amazing life is and why you should cherish every day you are on this planet.

This book should be read and shared so your own understanding of the world you live in. In the texts, using my knowledge and experiences I try to explain a lot of things that have taken place in Africa and exactly why they happened the way they did. I took the time to learn a lot about the history of, not only my country but, America and a few other relevant places.

This will change your life!

Have you ever wondered about Africa or had one of these questions?

1. Is Africa a country ?

2. Is always Africa dangerous and violent everywhere you go?

3. Are all African Politicians Corrupt?

4. Is Africa filled with dangerous animals like lions and zebras walking everywhere?

5. Is all of Africa poor and suffering from lack of food?

Ë?Ë?Ë? This book is unlike anything you have ever read

Written by a high school student allows this book to have a view of the world that is quite young. Written by a student that had the opportunity to grow up in both cultures and go to each country’s school systems means that the book gets to have a view of both system that no other book on the market has. Lastly being written by a person that’s family were royalty and relatives ran the country means that the book has information that comes directly from the leaders of the country, information that many others will never have the pleasure of hearing of.

Ë?Ë?Ë? This book is meant to be shared

There are so many books that everyone should read once in there life, this book should be one of them. The amount of ignorance on the topic of Africa is unnatural and if more people were to read this book, the world would be a slightly better place. The media has given Africa an image that might seem definite, but if more people were to read this book, another image, a more accurate image, would quickly replace the old one.

Scroll up and grab a copy today. The more you know about your world, the more you will love it.

The Extraordinary Life and Times of Ringo Starr: The Beatles and Beyond (Beatlemania)

by Joe Bensam

Why Choose This Book

“The luckiest man on show business.”
That’s how some people would describe Ringo Starr, drummer of the Beatles who had embarked on his own solo career following the band’s breakup. If you want to find out why Ringo was the luckiest guy on show business and to familiarize yourself with the life of the Beatles’ drummer, this book will tell you the answers.

What’s Inside
This book is a rich source of Ringo Starr’s life. It tells you how a sickly child from Liverpool who was barely able to read and write rose to fame when he became the drummer for the famous band, the Beatles. Find out:
– Why Ringo was “the luckiest man on show business”
– How Ringo got his stage name
– How the Beatles gave birth to the phenomenon that was Beatlemania
– The events that led to the breakup of the band
– How Ringo made a name for himself as a solo artist
– And many more!

Table Of Content
Chapter 1 – A Boy Named Richie
Chapter 2 – Richie Joins the Hurricanes
Chapter 3 – Ringo Meets the Beatles
Chapter 4 – One Lucky Guy
Chapter 5 – The Rise to the Top
Chapter 6 – “The New Madness”
Chapter 7 – Like Gods on Earth
Chapter 8 – The Beatles on Their Own
Chapter 9 – The End for the Beatles
Chapter 10 – Ringo’s Solo Career

Why Buy Now
Beatlemania was at its peak in the 1960s, but even decades after the dissolution of the band, the music has stayed and became a part of our history. The Beatles would not be the Beatles without Ringo Starr, that Beatle seemingly less likely to succeed on his own. Read on and find out how Ringo contributed to what made the Beatles a success apart from their counterparts and from the numerous bands that exist today.

The Failed Entrepreneur

by Duncan Ridler

This is the true story of an ordinary man determined to avoid an ordinary life. His solution? To become an entrepreneur, exploiting a talent for turning almost anything into a business opportunity. However, as each new venture starts to go wrong, success slips away as fast as it arrives. He responds to misfortune with a resilient sense of humour, but is his misfortune self-inflicted? Should we admire his courage and effort or condemn his mistakes?

Narrated with a bittersweet blend of humour and honesty, The Failed Entrepreneur offers a tantalising insight into the entrepreneurial spirit. As you follow the story’s twists and turns, you are drawn into a world of unbearable frustrations and impossible decisions. And you start to realise how perceptions of business failure can influence the way we judge each other. But in a culture that often values winning ahead of trying this is also an optimistic story, and one that could completely change the way you think about success and failure.

THE EXODUS A true Story from a Child of a Forgotten People

by Muhammad Noor

Through the Eyes of a Young Man of a people cast out of their ancestral lands, the little known Rohingyas, we see the indomitable human spirit to rise against all odds to live another day that will inspire men and women of all times to reach the limitless.

This is the Story of One, born in the hills of Makkah for refugee parents, of his family and people, the treacherous world they inhabit, their will to survive, the faith that holds them together and the love they share for each other.

We See the Struggles of a boy for an education and a place in today’s world, of kindness received and given, and the magnanimity to reach out to those in need that at least others may have a home to call their own.

Ernest Briggs & The Great War : Part Four : Legacy

by Tony Holkham

This is Part Four of a four-part series about World War 1, and about one man in particular.

It is another of Tony Holkham’s many books available (sometimes FREE) from Amazon/Kindle – to see them all, visit Tony’s books range from business writing and private writing tuition to consumer advice; from the countryside to spring-cleaning; from World War 1 to fiction, verse and real-life drama.

Tony Holkham really shouldn’t be here.

The persistence with which the enemies of his country in two world wars tried to eliminate his four grandparents and two parents was astonishing. It was only his forbears’ resilience, bravery and determination to survive that meant Tony could exist at all.

As he clearly is here, he believes he owes it to these forbears, these remarkable people, to see that they are remembered. Celebrated. If there are lessons to be learned from their lives, they must be self-evident: Tony is no preacher, but a family historian and writer.

Tony’s grandfather Ernest Briggs fought on the Somme in World War 1 and was an ARP warden in Manchester during World War 2. He was no stranger to war.

In 1928, 84 years ago, Ernest and three companions toured the battlefields of France and Belgium, and Parts One and Two of this four-part book are their account of that tour, with photographs taken at the time.

Part Three records a subsequent journey undertaken taken in 1995 by Tony and his wife in Ernest’s memory, with additional photographs. The contrast between the two tours could not be more stark.

“Ernest Briggs & The Great War” concludes in this Part Four with detailed biographical, photographic and historical information.

During the compiling of this book, which has taken 15 years, Tony has been constantly reminded of what we owe to Ernest Briggs’s generation, and of the freedoms we enjoy today.

If this Part Four has been of interest – even thought-provoking – then look out for the other three parts on Amazon or visit Profits from all four parts will be donated to a charity dedicated to the relief of ex-service men and women.

Please note: If you want to view the book in colour but don’t have a colour reader you can download a free Kindle reading app from Amazon to a device that does support colour, such as a PC, Mac, pod, pad, tablet or smartphone.

Return to Purdue – An Experience of a Lifetime

by Abhishek Garg

I graduated from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana in December 2003 with a degree in Industrial Management from Krannert School of Management and stayed on campus till my final departure in August 2005 for Storrs, Connecticut to join the full time two year MBA program at The University of Connecticut.

I returned to Purdue for a visit on the morning of Saturday, the 8th of May 2010 and stayed till mid day on Wednesday, the 12th of May 2010 and had a touching and emotional experience, that inspired me to write a thirty page summary of my experiences with different people and some of the memories that came back to me. I sent it in June 2010 to a select group of family and friends and it was fairly well received.

My uncle Satya Garg based in Hopkins, Minnesota inspired me to write on my entire experience at Purdue University and the prospect of writing a book appealed to me. However, I was apprehensive and kept delaying the seemingly monumental task as I just could not find the courage to start writing and felt I did not deserve to complete a comprehensive memoir, after all, I am just another alumni from this great university.

But then I read this famous book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho recommended by a close friend Sandeep Kaundal and found it to be very impressive. It talks about the story of a shepherd boy who finds his calling in life with help from the Alchemist, who encourages him to listen to his heart, saying “People are afraid to pursue their most important dreams because they think they don’t deserve them or cannot achieve them”.

I decided to make a list of the various experiences that came back to me from Purdue and expand on my short memoir. On January 31, 2011; I finally found the courage to start writing and I was able to complete the pre-edited version of the book by middle of May.

Needless to say, I am a huge Boilermaker fan and have been in love with Purdue University ever since I came to attend it in August 2000 and this book summarizes my experiences in my short trip back to Purdue and memoirs from places that I used to visit, as a student and resident of West Lafayette from August 2000 till August 2005.

I have written this book in conversational style and tried to make the readers feel as if they are experiencing my emotions themselves and not just reading a third party account.

I hope my memoirs will bring back golden college day memories for some and enable others to catch a glimpse in to a truly world class education.

Please feel free to send your comments to [email protected]

Hail Purdue!

Loyalty Lives Here!!

Boilermaker Once => Boilermaker Forever!!!

Emily Blunt Unauthorized & Uncensored (All Ages Deluxe Edition with Videos)

by R.B. Grimm

*** Deluxe Edition with Videos ***

People Love Reading Emily Blunt Unauthorized & Uncensored

“I think she’s a great actress and she’ll be better in the next few years. Good book too!” – Catherine Hackney

“Interesting book to read if you’re traveling, I give this one 4 stars out of 5!” – Michael Knight

This books one of a kind. We bring you the fun, the dirt, the back story, videos, quizzes and more. The content makes this series a best buy. You will get a great insight on your favorite entertainer that you might have thought you knew a lot about.

We have created a layout that not only educates, but also entertains the readers. This makes learning finding about your favorite star fun.

Take a journey with us as we bring you closer than ever to Emily Blunt.

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Nude at the Window

by Phil James

Phil James’ memoirs of growing up in South Wales, his varied activities as university student, firefighter, stonemason and doorman and his views on life. And it’s all true!

The Woods Before The Rest Stop

by P. J. Gerrard-Gough

Stephen and Marlee can’t make it to the rest stop so they pull over next to the trees. Another car stops and two men get out. Things get out of hand quickly and the crimes committed are punished by man and the space between Heaven and Hell.

There is brief but explosive violence in this story and it is intended for adults 18 or older. But it is also a love story.

Anatomy of a Voyage to Freedom

by Caleb Vega

Caleb Vega was forced to escape from Cuba in 2007. He tells his harrowing tale here, chapter by chapter, explaining why he had to leave or face being imprisoned. He recounts all the steps that were necessary to allow him to achieve his ultimate goal of freedom. Page after page, chapter after chapter, he tells how others risked their lives and safety to help him, the dangerous trek he was forced to take, and of his eventual arrival to the U.S., the land of freedom. Vega gives a clear picture of his incredibly dangerous journey, and also provides a rare, up-close, inside view of the Cuban regime of today. You will not be able to put this book down, as you come to see, feel, and know one brave man’s life inside communist Cuba, and his success at reaching freedom, when it seems all was stacked against him.

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