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Firm Forward: A Journey From the Land of Compliance to the World of Reliance

by Edi Osborne

Firm Forward is a business fable that takes you on a journey with Bennie Stewart, a newly appointed managing partner of a CPA firm. Bennie’s promotion to managing partner comes when the firm is in crisis having just lost their two largest clients and two of their best and brightest team members. Bennie must find the answer to address these three concerns:

1) How to differentiate and grow the firm in a post-recession, new normal business environment.

2) How to attract and retain ideal clients.

3) How to attract, retain, and accelerate the professional development of his team members.

All three of these issues point to one answer: Level 5 Service. Level 5 Service is a structured approach to delivering high-value advisory services. The Level 5 Service model has generated over $100million in new, non-traditional revenues for firms across North America. Level 5 Service is the cure for Random Acts of Consulting. The practical logic embedded in the Level 5 Service continuum makes it easy for any practitioner to immediately add-value to their client relationships. This book provides a step-by-step how-to for practitioners who want to live up to the moniker of Trusted Business Advisor.

Finding Your Career Path Without Losing Your Mind

by Michal Fisher

Career change reaches deep down inside us, touching issues of self-esteem, self-image, identity, values and meaning. Along with a burning desire to contribute, make a change and develop, one indisputably encounters fears, concerns, anxieties, failures, rejections and self-doubt.

That is why this book was conceived. Whether building a new business or looking for a new job, this guide is designed to help the readers, step by step, to build up their confidence, raise their energy level, boost their motivation, and give them tools to deal with setbacks, doubts, criticism, and guilt during the career change process.

By purchasing this book, you’ve decided to make the most of your career change! * You want to make your dreams come true.

* You want a satisfying career that fills your life with joy and passion.

* You want to balance career, leisure and family.

The book Finding Your Career Path Without Losing Your Mind will guide you how to:

* Turn failures and setbacks into opportunities.

* Build up your self-esteem and professional confidence.

* Overcome fears, obstacles and self-doubt.

* Find the work-life balance you want.

* And most importantly – get up in the mornings with a big smile on your face and high motivation!

I hope this guide in front of you will be a loyal friend on your career development journey, and will help you look deep inside, dig up hidden treasures within yourself, and emerge stronger, clearer, more peaceful, more successful, and even – happier.

Michal Fisher is a group facilitator and a life coach for career-development and personal growth. For the past 10 years Michal has been accompanying people on their journeys to self-fulfillment and happiness in their personal and professional lives. Michal holds a B.A. degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in group leadership through the arts from Leslie University.

Revealed! How To Get People To Do Stuff Instantly: Your Ultimate Persuasion Guide

by Stephen Johnson

Your Ultimate Persuasion Guide

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You’re about to discover…

How to get people to do stuff instantly, once and for all. You won’t have to beg, kvetch or cajole anyone to do things. You’ll learn to do this effortlessly.

Revealed! How To Get People To Do Stuff Instantly: Your Ultimate Persuasion Guide contains proven steps and strategies on how to you can become more persuasive. This book presents many useful suggestions, tactics and strategies that you can use in developing or improving your persuasion skills and how to get people to do stuff for you now. The contents of this book shall allow you to understand the rules of persuasion and what it takes to become more persuasive from developing your personal skills to improving your voice projection, from learning negotiation skills to effective presentation methods.

The power of persuasion, you have it in you. The question is, are you ready to claim it? This book will help you conquer and win people over. Are you ready to get people to do stuff for you?

Download Now!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Rules of Persuasion
  • Learn How to Stand in Other People’s Shoes
  • Develop Personal Skills
  • Much, much more!

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How to Make Money Online with YouTube: The Ultimate Honest Guide for Making Money on YouTube (YouTube Videos, YouTube Marketing Guides, Social Media Business, Making Money Online)

by Caesar Lincoln

Discover How To Make Money On YouTube Right Now

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You’re about to discover a proven strategy on how to setup your channel and make money on YouTube. Millions of people watch YouTube every day and right now is a great opportunity to make money online through YouTube. Most people realize how much of an opportunity this is, but are unable to begin making money through YouTube because they don’t have an effective strategy.

This book goes into how to choose a channel name, the best length for your videos, how to develop a strong subscriber list, and a step-by-step strategy that will help you to get started monetizing your YouTube channel!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Creating A Name For Yourself
  • Providing Quality Content
  • Promoting Yourself
  • How To Monetize Your Videos

Take action right away to begin making money on YouTube by downloading this book, “How to Make Money Online with YouTube: The Ultimate Honest Guide for Making Money on YouTube”, for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

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Tags: YouTube videos, YouTube marketing guides, social media business, internet marketing, self-help

Pinterest Marketing That Doesn’t Suck (Punk Rock Marketing Collection)

by Michael Rogan

Looking for some Pinterest marketing awesomeness?

Pinterest might be the hottest, newest

Pinterest marketing is more than just finding pretty pictures to put on your “pinboards.”

A good Pinterest marketing strategy involves figuring out how to tell the story about your company in a visual, compelling (photo-heavy) way…

…and then promoting the hell out of that visual story.

But most small-business folks aren’t sure what to do with Pinterest.

They figure it’s too NEW.

Or it’s just for women.

Or it’s all about yoga pants and casmere sweaters, and doesn’t offer much to marketers who aren’t selling physical, fun products.

And that’s exactly what I thought.

But then I dipped my toe into the Pinterest marketing world, and after making every Pinterest mistake in the book, I finally did the most amazing thing.

Started making money with Pinterest.

And so for small biz types looking for Pinterest marketing tips that go beyond the usual “put quotes on pictures” and wanting Pinterest marketing tools that offered more than the ability to “pin from your phone” I wrote “Pinterest Marketing That Doesn’t Suck.”

What’s in it? Well, you’ll learn:

*How to Actually Make Money With Pinterest (Even if you Don’t Sell a Physical Product)

*The 4 Steps to a Kick-Ass Pinterest Profile

* The 7 Must-Have Tools Every Pinterest Marketer Needs to Have

*Why PinBoards are a Markter’s Best Friend (and What You Can Do With Them)

*The 4 Keys to the Perfect Pin

*7 Killer Strategies for Getting More Followers

*6 Tips for Running a Killer Pinterest Contest

….and so much more!

So, if you want to take your Pinterest marketing strategy to the next level, and you want to find a new infusion of customers (for very little money) then check out Pinterest Marketing That Doesn’t Suck…

…and turn all those pins, pinboards, and likes into extra money in your bank account.

The Ultimate Guide to Branding Youself: How to create your ideal life by Developing your Personal Brand! (Branding, marketing and sales)

by Online Business Buddy

The Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding

How to create your ideal life by Developing your Personal Brand!

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Have you ever….

  • Wondered why you need to know your personal brand?
  • Wondered what your personal brand that you project actually is?
  • Are you wondering if your personal brand is holding you back from creating your ideal life?
  • Or maybe you want a change

Whatever your reasons for wanting to Develop your Personal Brand this book is for you!

This book is action packed full of great idea’s to help you get the most out of your Brand now!

In this book you will find the answers on to:

  • Why you need to know your Personal Brand
  • Identifying how Your Brand is affecting your Ideal Life
  • What your Ideal Life would be
  • How to create a brand that puts you right in front of your ideal life!
  • And much more!
    • This book also comes with a one page Action plan you can use Immediately to help you get the most out of your Brand today!

      Your about to discover all of these things and more with The Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding: How to create your ideal life by Developing your Personal Brand!

      You wont find your usual and boring old tips you’ve heard millions of times before. This guide is full of up-to date information, hot of the press and will help you reach goal of your Ideal life, buy developing your Persona Brand Today!!

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      Business life, business, time management, organization, developmental psychology, health and fitness, business and investing Branding, Personal Branding, Psychology, marketing and sales

    The 7 Essential CV Upgrades (Interview Doctor Job Seeker Series)

    by Sam Waterfall

    Created for committed job seekers who are sending CVs but getting no replies or interviews…

    If you’re job seeking, no doubt you’d rather invest your valuable time in preparing winning applications than reading long books on CV writing! That’s why you’ll find this concise action-focused “CV Repair Guide” so helpful.

    After reading just a few pages you’ll transform your understanding of what it takes to write an interview-winning CV. You’ll instantly see where your CV is working against you and you’ll be guided step-by-step through how to make the 7 highest impact changes that will immediately boost your chances of application success.

    What’s more, each of “The 7 Essential CV Upgrades” has quick tips you can apply in minutes, as well as more detailed advice you can use if you have more time. Either way, with this quick reference you’ll spend less time reading books and more time on the important task of sending best-in-class applications.

    Have you sent CVs and not had a reply?
    You may be wondering, “Is my CV really that bad?”

    Your CV and its Cover Letter are the first interaction you have with your prospective employer. Is your CV good enough? There’s a simple test to find out. If you’re sending your CV and failing to receive invitations to interview then your CV needs an upgrade.

    In this quick-to-read, quick-to-implement guide, CV writing expert, Sam Waterfall reveals “The 7 Essential CV Upgrades” that will massively increase the strike-rate of your applications.

    Stop wasting time! Sending out a less-than-perfect CV will not get you the interview. These 7 CV upgrades are tried, tested and proven. They’ve been used to transform the success of thousands of job searches since 2003 – from Fortune 500 C-Level and FTSE 100 Board Directors to graduates and students. They can make the difference for you too.

    Inside this book you’ll…
    – Discover what key facts must be included in a door-opening CV profile.
    – Find out the secret method to simply and effectively tailor your current CV for specific roles.
    – Learn how to present your skills and areas of expertise for maximum impact.
    – Find out how to edit your CV to highlight the facts hiring managers want to see
    – Learn the simple steps you can take to make your current experience position you ahead of rival candidates.
    – Understand why many people mistakenly include inappropriate content thinking it will help.
    – Get a link to watch two free tutorial videos where the author steps you through how to apply each of “The 7 Essential CV Upgrades.”

    Beyond explaining “The 7 Essential CV Upgrades”, CV expert Sam Waterfall also explains the secret to successful applications, giving you the insider approach to tailoring your CV, Cover Letter and Interview answers.

    Most importantly, these methods work…

    “Amazing. Got the first job I applied for. Added £16,400 to my salary.”
    Brand Manager, Kraft Foods UK

    “I thought my CV was excellent. After 3 hours with Sam it was unrecognisable and got the job I wanted and increased my salary. Thank you.”
    Senior Product Manager, L’Oreal Luxury Products, UK

    If you are looking for your next role, don’t send your next application without reading and applying “The 7 Essential CV Upgrades”. Quite simply the most effective CV writing tips you will find. You can apply them in minutes but the impact and results will benefit you for a lifetime.

    The Successful Manager’s Guide

    by Surendra Sahu

    The book discusses the factors responsible for the success of the manager at the workplace. Topics discussed are motivation, Maslow’s theory of Hierarchy of Needs; leadership, decision making, anger , stress and health management, meetings, goals, interpersonal relations,productivity, presentation skills, communication and transactional analysis,managing disruptive technologies; concepts in organisaional behaviour,organisational culture, managing change , operation management, quality, productivity, Jidoka, Ishikawa Diagram, pareto Analysis, Reducing Waste; Operations Management, Toyota Production System, Conversations, Relationships with the boss, colleagues and subordinates., problems related to growth and business success.

    Telephone Interview SUCCESS – How to Prepare, Perform and Follow Up (Interview Doctor Job Seeker Series)

    by Sam Waterfall

    Do you have a telephone interview coming up?
    Are you unsure what questions you must be ready to answer?
    Do you really need to ace this telephone interview and get through to the next stage of the selection process?

    Look no further! This quick-read guide reveals exactly what telephone interviewers want to hear. Based on conversations with expert telephone interviewers, it explains exactly what you need to say and do to get to the next round.

    Beyond that, it even shows you how to prepare, how to perform and how to follow up – with detailed step-by-step guidance sections on each. As you read, you’ll discover the actions you must take to succeed in your telephone interview.

    Telephone interviews are increasingly popular with employers these days as they look to reduce their recruitment costs. They use telephone interviews as a way of screening out candidates quickly and efficiently. The question is, “Are your skills really good enough to survive the cut?”

    In this guide you’ll discover:
    – Preparation techniques
    – Performance tips
    – Follow up advice
    – The killer mistakes that cost candidates jobs – and how to avoid making them
    – Detailed guidance on how to overcome interview nerves

    And you’ll find 3 Bonus Chapters on:
    – How to answer tricky interview questions
    – 4 “Answer Enhancers” – simple techniques you can apply to improve the appeal of your answers
    – A Complete Telephone Interview Check List – covering everything you need to have ready before, during and after your phone interview.

    Even with all these tips and advice, this simple guide can be read cover-to-cover in under an hour. Then you can return to its checklists and methods and trust it as a detailed reference to shape your preparation.

    The guide is written by Interview Doctor, Sam Waterfall, the author of “HIRED! The Essential Guide To Interview Success” and “The 7 Essential CV Upgrades” – both available on Amazon for Kindle. Based on over a decade of experience guiding clients through successful interview processes, this guide packs in everything you need to put in your best performance when the phone rings for your telephone interview.

    If you have a telephone interview coming up, this is the quick-to-read guide to put your fears at ease and give you a simple route to the right preparation. It’s possible to use the guide if you’ve only got a day before your interview, but if you have longer, you can follow the detailed steps which outline how to truly stand out from your telephone interview rivals.

    If the next step in your career depends on the outcome of just one call, this book will help ensure you put in your best performance when it really counts.

    The 7 Quickest Resume Upgrades (Interview Doctor Job Seeker Series)

    by Sam Waterfall

    Created for job seekers who are sending their resume but getting no replies or no interviews.

    Writing a resume can seem tough. It can feel hard to balance promoting your qualities, skills and experience without overselling yourself.

    That’s why this quick-to-read ebook focuses on the 7 quickest resume upgrades. Even if you need to send out your resume in the next 24 hours, this guide will show you the best upgrades. It details 7 changes you can apply in minutes to get far better results when you send your resume.

    Inside, you’ll discover:
    – How to write a door-opening resume profile
    – How to custom fit your resume to the job you are applying to
    – How to edit your resume to leave exactly what the hiring manager wants to see
    – What you should never include in your resume

    Stop wasting time! Sending out a less-than-perfect resume will not get you the interview. These 7 quick upgrades are tried, tested and proven. They’ve been used to transform the success of thousands of job searches since 2003 – from Fortune 500 C-Level and FTSE 100 Board Directors to graduates and students. They can make the difference for you too.

    If you are looking for your next job, don’t send another resume until you have applied The 7 Quickest Resume Upgrades. You can apply them minutes but the impact and results will benefit you for a life time.

    HIRED! The Essential Guide To Interview Success (Interview Doctor Job Seeker Series)

    by Sam Waterfall

    This action-focused ‘Essential Guide’ was written for busy Job Seekers who are looking for the winning edge to land the job, but who don’t have the time or inclination to read long, drawn-out books on interview skills.

    If you are in the job search process, you know the emotions and the pressures that come with it. You know the moments of self doubt. You know the soul searching. You know the hope.

    So when you are invited to an interview you know just how critical it is to make it count.

    In this brief guide, Interview Success Coach and Author Sam Waterfall shares his proven methods for acing your performance when it matters most. Dividing your interview approach into three simple steps, he shows you how to Prepare, Perform and Follow Up.

    With step-by-step instruction throughout, you’ll find tips and guidance you can easily apply without having to spend hours reading long-winded books. The short text you are reading can help you the night before your interview or even if you’ve downloaded it en route.

    Read it. Apply it. And join the thousands who’ve put The Interview Doctor® tried, tested and proven methods to work to land the job.

    Milagro on 34th Street

    by Umberto Tosi

    A twist on a familiar Christmas tale: What’s a New York Santa, suffering from Miracle-on-34th-Street delusions to do when the adorable baby girl on his lap wants her missing mother for Christmas?.

    Career Tactics For Life

    by Dave Dolak

    This e-book will help you in your self-marketing and career management efforts. In this booklet, Dave shows you how to apply sound marketing strategy and tactics to your career management efforts so that you enjoy higher levels of pay, recognition, and satisfaction.

    This ebook shows you:

    – How to create a Personal Marketing Campaign

    – How and why to work on your career, as well as, work wisely in your career

    – How to understand your career marketplace and then design your own unique position within it

    – What the “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of Career Management” are and why they are critically important to your career

    – What one small group of people you can easily assemble to give your career a boost

    – How to execute a “Career upgrade”

    – The single most important “secret” that will bring you long-term career success

    Coming Back a Millionaire

    by Winston Bear

    For all those who have the desire to succeed as an Entrepreneur or those who have been there and ran into life’s brick wall. These pages contain the real life mantra of one who has been there fallen and returned. Don’t miss the explaination of mistakes and challenges that you will face in your business.

    How to Build a Website Like a Pro! A Step by Step Building, Designing and Launching a Website with WordPress

    by Kimberly George

    WordPress is the most popular and easiest to use platforms for building websites. It is currently the system that more than 60 million companies use to host their sites.

    If you are new to WordPress and want to learn how to build your own professional small business website, this eBook is for you.

    Inside this eBook you will learn:

    – A 10 step process that you can use to build, design and launch your own professional small business website.

    – How to save money and time by leveraging freelance talent effectively for your web design, web development and content creation

    – The best places to buy affordable and professionally designed WordPress Themes

    – How to optimize your WordPress website for the search engines to attract targeted visitors

    – 15 essential plugins you should use to enhance the effectiveness and performance of your website

    – EBook also includes a WordPress pre-launch and post-launch checklist

    The Hunt for Hidden Value: Making Money in Investable India

    by Shiv Kapoor

    Markets are forward looking. Markets are in a constant state of flux. Markets are chaotic. Markets are in a constant state of disequilibrium in the journey towards equilibrium. Markets are not efficient, but they tend to efficiency. It is the path to efficiency, or the journey to equilibrium that must be followed. Time, stock selection and capital allocation help keep us from wandering too far from the path to market efficiency. And the value bias seeks to address the constant disequilibrium in markets.

    This book is about the use of stock selection and capital allocation strategies to address size, value and market risk, which are critical considerations insofar as long term returns are concerned. It is also about diversification, governance and excess leverage, be it at company or promoter level. These are equally important factors contributing to long term returns. And then there is time. It is futile to try and predict short term returns. In the short term, anything can happen. The outcome is best described as an investment thought piece about the hunt for hidden value in the ever elusive Investable India, in the jungle that is India. We hope to win by staying focused on time in market, and the long term!

    This book is primarily for self-directed investors in Indian Listed Companies with a long time horizon and a focus on value investing. It produces eighteen strategies using three capital allocation strategies and six stock selection strategies each month. Investors can select the strategy most suitable for them. Alternatively, the strategies can be used as a shortlist from which a narrower selection can be made.

    The Spirituality of Money: The Ultimate Revelation to Wealth

    by McWilton Chikwenengere

    A book that speaks how spiritual money is and being wealthy in and for the kingdom of God. Here is a book with information you were never taught at school, at any seminar or even by your pastor. It is here to reveal the truth- why God wants you wealthy. It reveals how the devil has destroyed your prosperity and wealthy and how you can recover it. See the picture in scripture recover, your future.

    Stand Out

    by JP Markey

    Stand Out is a business self-help book to help you get ahead. Everything from having a positive mental attitude (PMA) to what personal attributes (PAs) you need to develop is included. Inside this book is a handful of rules and guidelines to help you stand out from the crowd at work. It includes practical business theory as well as personal experiences so you can learn from my mistakes before making them yourself. This book is aimed at every single person who chooses to stand out from the crowd and be somebody in their career. Every person has it in them to achieve this level of self actualization but few people choose to do so.

    Improving Memory: Easy Tips for Improving Your Memory at Work

    by Ida Shessel

    Get your copy today and start improving your memory with these quick tips!

    This is a memory book unlike any others you may have picked up before. It has been written so that you can consume it in bite-sized pieces. Just pick a tip and incorporate it into your life. The main focus of the book is enhancing memory at work, and as a result many of the suggested uses refer to the business environment. Memory tips are transferable, however, so feel free to use them every day and share them with your colleagues, friends, and family.

    In Improving Memory: Easy Tips for Improving Your Memory at Work, you’ll discover

    – the secret to a great memory

    – 10 benefits that a good memory can provide on the job

    – 10 effective ways to remember names and faces

    – 16 easy techniques and games for improving memory

    – tips on choosing memory programs and online games

    – 11 more helpful tips on memory enhancement

    – 10 top memory-boosting foods

    – 6 alertness saboteurs

    Scroll up and click on the Buy Now button.

    About the Author

    Ida Shessel, B.Sc.,M.Ed., has been a professional speaker, author, and workshop leader for over 30 years helping individuals and corporate teams enhance their communication, training, and presentation skills. She has worked with leading organizations in the fields of technology, finance, pharmaceuticals, government, automotive, telecommunications, gaming, retail, higher education, and more.

    Ida has a special interest in applying memory enhancement techniques to training, business networking events, client meetings, sales situations, productivity, and to-do lists.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.