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Indecent Temptations: Volume 2

by Ella Price

Indecent Temptations Volume 2 begins were volume 1 left off: Emma has to deal with everyone finding out about her and Eric’s secret relationship. To make matters worse she still has a secret she has yet to tell Eric. Emma’s relationship seems to be getting more complicated by the minute as she tries to find a way to see Eric even though it is against his family’s wishes, all while trying to explore her relationship with her estranged father, Nathan, who Eric knows nothing about.

Emma’s Sexy Weekend. (The Sexual Adventures of Emma)

by J Saxburg-Jones

Emma’s Weekend in the Country in which Emma meets new friends, gets naked in front of the builders and invites five guys back to her hotel room.

Alcatraz Saga

by Treat Kanto

Gay prison erotica containing scenes of violence, BDSM, and extreme sexual situations.

The Falling of Katja: an Erotic Romance (Anam Céile Chronicles)

by Rosalind Scarlett

( It is the Year 1633 in Hungary.)  “How is it that I can experience so much pleasure even as my world is crumbling down around me?”

Katja is the stunning daughter of a peasant family. Since childhood she has been best friends with Å tefan, the dashing son of a banker. As she developed into a young voluptuous young woman, she realises she has always been in love with him, dreamed her whole life around him. She has never imagined another life than one with him.
Then one day, Å tefan comes by with some devastating news for her which drives them into one another’s arms. In one day, as all of her dreams come crashing down, Katja is familiarized with the bittersweet pleasure of passion for the first time with the only man she will ever love.

The Falling of Katja‘ is an Erotic Story focusing on an individual character from ‘Soeis’, Book II of the Anam Céile Chronicles, a series which centers around true love, soul mates, self-discovery, loss, vampires, lust, and the faith in reincarnation set in the lush backdrops of rugged Ireland, beautiful, culturally rich Florence and Venice, Italy and Morocco, amongst others.
All Books in the Anam Céile Chronicles, listed in recommended reading order :

  • Cailín, Book I
  • Donovan’s Struggle (Erotic Novella)
  • The Awakening of Celeste (Erotic Novella) 
  • The Sins of Zahrah (Erotic Novella) NOW AVAILABLE!
  • The Falling of Katja (Erotic Novelette) 
  • Soeis, Book II           
  • The Submission of Giuliana (Erotic Novella)
  • Leannán, Book III (Available December 21, 2013)
  • La Amore di Vincenzo (Erotic Novella) Available January 1, 2014
  • The Seduction of Gretchen (Erotic Novella) Available February 1, 2014

*** Warning: Contains Steamy Sexual Content.   Intended Only for Readers over the Age of Eighteen Years!

Coming Undone: Reckless Volume 2

by Ella Price

Volume 2 begins where volume 1 left off. Athena is trying to get used to her new lifestyle. Her feelings for Quinn are complicating everything. She meets Jessie, a welcome distraction. There is only one problem, he is a cop. Athena tries to balance her personal and professional life, but it seems almost impossible. As more complications arise she tries to make sense of the mess her life has become.

The Doctor’s Fantasy A Medical Fetish Tale

by Carry Cockburn

When a doctor confesses his medical fetish fantasies to a new girlfriend she gets turned on at the idea. She agrees to go to his office and the doctor gets turned on at the thought of having her strapped down to his gynecology table and under his control. Things don’t go quite how he imagined though as he finds out that his girlfriend’s fantasies go much further than just letting him use her.

Horny Gay Wrestlers

by Dallas Sketchman

Some of those college Wrestlers prefer men after a sweaty match.

Cougars Like it Dirty (MILF BBW Erotic Romance)

by Kayleen Knight

Steven loves big, sexy, voluptuous women. Too bad he’s stuck in a loveless marriage with a skinny wife who looks to be cheating on him. Then a chance encounter with a gorgeous plus size stunner sets his world on fire. She’s a sassy, sexy, curvy, full-bodied vixen who doesn’t yet realize the intense power she has over a man’s loins. Together they open the door to crazy, unbridled passion and wild, erotic, uninhibited sex. Stephen is about to be taken on the ride of his life.

This 10,000 word plus size erotic romance novella contains a steamy BBW romance, strong language, and hot, explicit sexual content between a big man and the curvy woman who drives him wild and captures his heart.

OLW-08 He Can’t Escape From These Five Older Women!

by Melanie Griffiths


Jerry Robbins is 25-years old and he is working on a space project for NASA in an isolated house in the Scottish Highlands with old Professor Logan. The program is now in its second year and Jerry is missing his girlfriend, who left him at Cambridge just before he accepted this research position. This means that he is now desperately in need of female companionship. A party of five older women tourists arrive from America and Jerry shows them around the Space Module, which is built within the cellars of the old house. The professor is jealous of Jerry and in a moment of anger, he closes the iron door to the module, locking young Jerry inside with the five older women. Jerry thinks he can hold off the sexual advances of the women for one night, but if the door does not open the next day he will remain locked up with them for six long months, and he knows he cannot hold them off that long…

This adult story contains M/F, oral sex, FEMDOM and other adult sexual activity.


This book is only suitable for adult readers. It contains graphic descriptions of sex between old men and a younger woman. All the characters in the story are aged over 18 years. The intimate acts featured in the story include M/F consensual sex, and oral sex. Sometimes the characters do not use condoms, but the author encourages all readers always to practice safe sex.


“OLW-08 He Can’t Escape From These Five Older Women” is the Eighth in the Older Women Series of erotic stories from Melanie Griffiths. This type of sex appeals to all men who enjoy sexual encounters with older women, whether they are 20 or 30 years older, or even a sexy granny. Men of all ages, whether married or single, often seek the loving arms of an older woman, looking for love, comfort and sex without the risk of a lasting affair. While some older women seek casual sex with younger men, many are looking to start a new permanent relationship.


I paused and stared at her eyes, which I saw for the first time. That sounds strange, but her face was such a mess that when I first looked at her, I did not notice her beautiful eyes, which is a great shame. They were the palest shade of blue I have ever seen on a woman’s eye and they captivated me, so that I could not move.

“What are you staring at, Jerry,” she snapped, quickly breaking the spell.

“I was admiring your eyes,” I said, tearing away my glance and looking at her mouth.

“Well admire my lips, put your mouth on them and be quick about it.”

“This is going to be great fun,” I thought, pressing my lips against hers and preparing for her viper’s tongue to invade my mouth.

One of life’s peculiarities is that events you look forward to with great enthusiasm and expectations are often a big flop, and vice versa. Events you dread usually turn out to be a great success. It was like that when I first kissed Susan on her mouth.

I dreaded the touch of the scarred lips on her crooked mouth, so in an attempt to avoid the hypnotic affect of her pale blue eyes and hide her battered face I closed my eyes.

Her mouth was soft, warm and enticing. She kept her lips slightly parted and as my lips touched hers, I felt a warm shock of pleasure sear through my body all the way down to my thighs.

She did not kiss with just her lips, but with her whole body. Her hands caressed my neck, face and shoulders, while her body swayed gently beneath me, filling me and it encouraged me to put my arms around her and hold her tight.


Melanie Griffiths is the author of the following full-length novels:

“Kate’s Nude Awakening” – an erotic romance

“Katerina & Norman” – a 625 page epic of romantic erotica

Forced Playtime

by Wendy Luce

A playful sexual encounter turns rough.

Roadside Service

by B.L. Wilde

When fate brings you face-to-face with what your heart desires, how can you ignore it?
Violet Weathers, the world’s top supermodel, is in Omaha, Nebraska for two weeks shooting a campaign for a new skincare line that she’s the fresh new face of.
When her car breaks down on the way to the hotel, she is rescued by a hot mechanic who just might make her stay in Omaha more bearable.

Contains mature content meant for 18+ years of age.

A Humiliating Lesson (Group Sex, Public Sex and Dildo Bikes) (My Taboo Bike)

by Dalia Daudelin

Talia’s let her relationship fall apart again. She’s been treating Max like crap, yelling at him and refusing to have sex with him. When he gets fed up, he calls in some friends and designs an addition for her dildo bike.

One last argument throws Max into action. Talia either has to move out or put up with some public humiliation with a motorcycle gang. In the end, Talia puts on a hot show for the men and learns to respect her boyfriend like she should.

This hot erotic short includes:

  • A cumslut being fucked by her boyfriend
  • Group sex
  • Bukkake
  • Public sex
  • Anal sex
  • A dildo bike

Collared for Christmas

by Bekkah Jordan

Newly single Samantha is about to have a very enlightening experience at her law firm’s Christmas Party.

She’s about to learn that her place is in a Master’s collar…and that a girl does not dream of an equal…she dreams of a Master.


Please read before indulging:

This is an erotic short story intended to arouse the reader. This short story should be viewed as such. The story will lead you on an adventure into a world of sex that you may or may not be familiar with. This story is not intended to win the Pulitzer Prize. Please note that these stories contain explicit erotic and sexual content. Mature readers only. Reader discretion is advised.

This work of fiction is the product of the author’s imagination. Any similarities to real life characters, places, and events are unintended and purely coincidental. Please further note that all characters depicted are of legal adult age.

Expressions Exposed

by Emerald Strachan

Formerly titled “Madness”, Expressions Exposed is a collection of short stories. This small collection of stories include erotic flash fiction, real life short stories, fiction and weird dreams which the author documented.

Drowning (TrainReads)

by Phoebe Walsh

A short story to read on your commute to work.

The ocean is in her blood and the sea-prince calls out to her. Can she find him, can she resist him or will she succumb to his wicked ways?

After Hours

by Natari Venning

When Katherine finds herself in the shopping centre after hours, will she turn to the security guard with no hygiene or the mysterious man she finds browsing the shelves at midnight?

SEXY SHORT STORYS- english version

by Terri Hart

Sexy dirty short stories, this is the english version

Sexy and hot, but also romantic

The Rap Star and the Conjugal Whore: Interracial Black on White Prison Thug Gangbang (Brutewood Conjugal Visits)

by Ursula Kinkenstein

When burgeoning rap star Cairo Degreez chooses a chick, he always gets what he wants. Few women can resist his macho strut and his sexy swagger. When he talks one of his newfound female companions into helping him smuggle drugs into prison, she doesn’t know how deep things are going to get. He talks her into a series of progressively raunchier sex acts with ever-larger groups of masculine jailhouse thugs, culminating in a hardcore orgiastic climax that you won’t soon forget.

This is a short, erotic story meant. Though it features entirely heterosexual sex, it is bursting with homoeroticism and is meant for readers who are either gay men or women who enjoy gay eroticism. It is for mature readers only. “The Rap Star and the Conjugal Whore” is also a prequel to the popular str8core erotic fiction “No Homo”.

The sweetest thing

by Mei Writes

David took his best friend baby sister Orange in a small villa in Tobago to forget the dumb bag who ditched her. The place is paradisiac: a blazing sun, a private swimming pool, ultra-modern facilities, and only bedroomâ?¦

Rewriting of SWEET PARADISE, to comply with Amazon Content Rules.

Marked (Erotica for the Thinking Man (and Woman))

by Nicola Strange

Short story of about 4500 words, or 15 – 8 x 10 pages.

This story is included in Erotica for the Thinking Man (or Woman) 1 which includes 11 other stories, making it a real bargain.

Lilly has a dark obsession, and one night while street-walking, picks up an unexpected client. After an evening of hot sex, they realize that they have a lot in common, but they also realize they can’t express their relationship publicly.

Kims Date with the Tentacles

by Oliver Ray

Kim decides to help her friend Beth out with a big science experiment, not really knowing what she’s getting into. It turns out, Beth’s little “experiment” is to get Kim to sleep with a friendly tentacle monster she just created!

Able-Bodied, Chapter Five

by Stack Dunwater

Lost in the wastelands, Able and his two lovers meet the sexy, homicidal Megan, who is not only Able’s match… she may be his soul mate. Chapter 5 in the 12-part male wish-fulfillment sci-fi serial from Stack Dunwater.

Best Webcam Wife Stories

by Rosy Best

Adults Only Erotica 18+

Sometimes a wife doesn’t have to leave her home to entertain another man’s gaze. Sometimes it can be all on show and her husband may or may not know. Would you tell if you took a peek into the secret world of the webcam wives?

Featuring the stories

1.A Webcam Affair

2.Hello Vicar

3.You’ve Got To Be Joking

4.The Web Show

5.Perking Up The Old Sex Life

6.Army Wife

Bisexual Girls Kissing Each Others (Pink Girls)

by Liberal Girls

This picture book is for ADULTS only, as it contains uncensored sexual photos and nudity.

We are specialized in publishing nude photography, and we run a successful series “Pink Girls” which loved by our readers.

All the girls and boys in our eBooks are beautiful and sexy, and the photos taken by professional photographers.

This eBook Featuring High Resolution Photographs, girls showing off their naked body for your pleasure, not for the faint hearted. This eBook can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet from Kindle store. You can enlarge the photos by double tap on the photo, and enjoy close up view.

All the models are 18 or over.

All Copyright reserved for the Pink House.

Dangerous Stranger: Part 1

by Ellery Stark

Molly is in Tulsa for a few days for work. Fresh off a break up with her very vanilla ex, she heads to a local bar for a little, ahem, attention. While at the bar, she is spotted by the handsome and mysterious Jackson. Things escalate quickly and they end up back at her motel room where things go from hot and heavy to downright dangerous in the blink of an eye.

WARNING: This 5,200+ word short story contains erotic situations, sex between strangers, and explicit language. Intended for readers 18+ only.

Palm Trees & Halloween

by V.L. Zakrzewski

It’s Halloween in Miami and a stalker has come to town. Kara goes missing and Emilio is desperate to find her. Can the hot Miami Sheriff save her or will her stalker claim her forever? Find out in part 2 of the Palm Trees Tilogy.

***This erotic romance short story is for adults only! Contains one steamy hot sex scene and graphic language.***

Sin City

by Alexia Stark

Content warning: 18+

This title is PI.

When the man of the house gives Jessica a ride home from work, she takes a chance to show him the forbidden desire she’s been hiding from him.

Little does she know Boyd’s been hiding some perverse fantasies from her as well. Including the one where she gives him the ride.

Word Count: 2200+

Together and Alone

by M.R. Gott

She once wanted and needed him. He once took her passionately in his arms fulfilling all of their desires. But as their rejection of each other grows complete another figure comes to him in his dreams, and alters their reality forever.

Reviews for M.R. Gott’s work;

“â?¦one of the most disturbing and atmospheric things I’ve read in a long while.”

Dana Fredsti author of Plague Town

“â?¦exceptionally frightening and creepy, and very well written.”

Peter Schwotzer of Famous Monsters of Filmland.

“…frantic, horrific, brutal, and without doubt the darkest thing I have read in years. Maybe in my life.”

Marc Nocerino of She Never Slept

“a high-octane thriller that packs a wicked punch and a killer bite (and a surprisingly soft heart).”

Naima Haviland Author of Bloodroom

“â?¦made my skin crawlâ?¦”

Timothy McGivney author of Zombielicious and Vampalicious

“Action sequences were well written, there was gore and violence in all the right places, and there are even some scenes that kind of pull on the heart strings…was nothing sort of brilliant.”

Top of the Heap Reviews

WRONG: Adult Taboo Erotica Sex Stories

by Serena Wilder

WRONG: Adult Taboo Erotica Sex Stories

The wildest, filthiest, taboo erotica …

Warning:18+ Please see ‘Sample’ or ‘Look Inside’ for contents so wrong they can’t be described here…

Wild filthy taboo erotica sex stories …

Gangbang at the Rave: A First Anal Sex Gangbang Erotica Story

by Jael Long

I didn’t really want to go to the rave, but my friend was insistent so I finally relented. Hell, once I was there I figured I ought to enjoy it, right? Who would have thought I’d have cock after cock pushed in my direction and that would be the night I gave up my backdoor for the first time?

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of a gangbang and includes first anal sex, rough sex, and ass to mouth. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

The music was loud and the heavy electronic rhythm went straight to my soul. I counted three, no, make that four beer trucks and I knew the beer wouldn’t be sour! I saw three DJ tables and they were all in synch so to speak. People danced and the atmosphere itself was alive. I smiled and started to move through the crowd in an attempt to find Kelly. I laughed and knew she would either be by one of the many kegs, or fucking some random guy in the corn field. I spotted her, by a keg and surrounded by a group of guys and one girl. I couldn’t help but notice the look on the girls face as she looked at Kelly. Knowing my friend, she was flirting with the entire group of guys, especially with the one that had the girlfriend. She always had a sick pleasure of ruining a relationship. Her thought was simple; if the girl was doing her job right then he would want to stray. I see her point, but in all honesty it was a fucked up thing to do. I will say this about her, she was never alone on a Friday night and had a contact list full of potential partners, but she wasn’t a sex addict. See the irony there?

I walked up to the group and Kelly shoved the girl aside, grabbed my arm and pulled me next to her. I knew she was hammered by the way she talked and I just rolled my eyes. The guys looked at me from head to toe like I was up for sale.

Her Demon Lover (Book 2, Erotic Romance Stories)

by C.S. Clark

***Content warning: For adults only!***

How can a silly spell make Sandy Collin’s wish come true?

Overnight she has gone from zero attractive to super hot that men have been vying for her attention.

Is this new life going to make Sandy really happy or will her life be more complicated?

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