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Intelligent Children Story Book (& Grownups) – Motivational Stories Part 1 (81 Percent Solutions Guidebooks)

You may have seen or heard it. I have, many times. Claims that we are in prisons of our own makin. Prisons of the mind.

Even in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey the same point was made – prisons of the mind.

Some folks are imprisoned in jails, prisons, or hospitaux. Some are imprisoned in their relationships, in their jobs.

It has been said that most folks are in some kind or restraint, restriction, or, you might say, incarceration, solely on the basis of their own mental state.

As a symbolist, a student, perhaps, to some degree an expert, on the meanins of tokens, I believe that examples can impel us to change. That is why I compiled the Book of Freedom for you. To help you to be free from your restrictions.

Part 1 of The Book of Freedom shares with you 17 tales, most of them by some of the most celebrated storytellers of all time, tales of folks, who have become free, after bein confined.

My choice of such renowned and intelligent storytellers means that you, or your child, will get the most enjoyment, excitement, pleasure, glory, and learnin from their experience of readin these tales.

Here is a list, for you, of the storytellers in this volume:

‘elohiym (The Bible)

Minstrels of the Tribe of ‘Omri (Homer – Odyssey)

Sir Francis Bacon (Shakespeare’s Plays)

Sir Walter Scott

Robert Louis Stevenson (Writer of “Treasure Island” and creator of Long John Silver)

Charles Dudley Warner

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes)

James Ray (Patsy in the MLK assassination – his own tale, retold by me)

Some of the tales are true, and some are fiction. In either case, the symbolic character of the yarn inspires a real change in our conduct of our lives. This change will happen without our effort, because the stories operate positively through our unconscious mind.

I regard the online Dream Moods Dictionary to be the most accurate interpreter of the universal meanins of symbols (there can also be individual meanins, but these are theoretically innumerable and cannot be listed in such a catalog).

Here is what the Dream Moods Dictionary says about “escapin”:

“To dream that you escape from jail or some place of confinement signifies … escape from a restrictive situation or attitude.”

Dreams are compensatory and motivational messages from our unconscious. Thus, for us to read stories of escapes and rescues will impel us to escape from our own “restrictive situations or attitudes”.

Wow! What a benefit! A book that, besides bein an enjoyable read, helps us to get out of our restrictions!

There is another angle to this book – the practical side. If somebody is actually physically gripped or incarcerated, this book shows techniques and strategies that can be useful inspiration for a genuine escape.

In the book each escape, or rescue, is categorized accordin to the kind of escape that it is, for example some escapes involve physical violence, others involve a lot of teamwork, technical creativity, and so on. The actual physically imprisoned reader can “get ideas” whereby he may be able to achieve his own escape.

There is not much at risk here. The .doc file, wherefrom the Kindle book is made, is almost 600 pages, and I have deliberately kept the price at a minimum. I would actually consider givin the book away, if I could.

In fact, there is a link at the end of the book, where you can get the second volume for free, if you like this one.

One thin, though, this book requires that the reader be willin to expand their vocabulary.

Any 10 year old student of the middle 1800’s would be able to read and understand all the tales in this book, no problem.

So if you want to “dumb down” your child, and not expect them to exceed the vocabulary achievements of other children, then do not get the book.

The same is true if you want the book is for yourself – if you don’t want to expand your vocabulary, then don’t get it.

But, if you appreciate intelligent vocabulary, then you will like the book, go ahead and click the link now!


by Amity Hope

~*~Young Adult Romance~*~

Holly has her whole life mapped out. It’s simple, really. She just needs to finish her degree in journalism, marry Collinâ??her high school sweetheartâ??and live happily ever after.

Max has had a crush on his friend Holly since he moved to town four years ago. He’s been dreading her wedding since she first sent him a text telling him the news. He’s dreading it so much, in fact, that he’s decided to move back to his hometown in California immediately following the ceremony.

He never thought that a change of plan would include taking Holly with him, showing her that sometimes the happily ever after you really want, is the one you never knew you were looking for.

The Hand of Fate

by Chris-Jean Clarke

Janie has lost both parents to Cancer and is so distraught that she will also share the same fate, that she pushes a close friend away. Can she let him know her true feelings before fate takes a hand?

Killing the Kordovas

by Kathryn Lively

WARNING: This book contains rough language, spoilers for a possible sequel to Judy Blume’s Blubber, suggested lyrics for the theme to Sanford and Son, and one very mixed-up romance author.

Words come easily to writer Danni Hewitt. If only success did the same. The news of America’s latest reality sweetheart inking a major book deal sends Danni spiraling into depression, to the point where the idea of soothing her jealousy with a murderous rampage appeals to her.

Of course, this requires getting close enough to Krystal Kordova and her family to draw blood, something Danni achieves when she manages to land a job as Krystal’s ghostwriter.

Is the pen deadlier than the sword? Stick with Danni and find out.

Buffalo Soldier: Incident at Cactus Junction

by Charles Ray

Third in the Buffalo Soldier series, historical novels for YA readers. In this story, Sergeant Ben Carter and his men are sent to protect the citizens of the West Texas town of Cactus Junction from a gang of rustlers. In the process, they also have to contend with local prejudice.


by Bernerd Park

An old white man and a young black woman share the confines of a fifth-wheel RV while running from the mob north of Las Vegas. “Fast Eddie” and Elizabeth meet by chance when Eddie defends her against a would-be rapist in the darkening hours of a late February day in North Las Vegas. To escape their peculiar circumstances by flight is the best avenue, and the matter is decided in a few seconds. As dark falls on the depressed and windswept street, the glittering lights of The Strip can be seen in the background to the south. They only know instinctively that the mobsters from whom Eddie stole the four million in cash will somehow find them. And they know the pursuit can be ended in only one way: kill or be killed.


by Melinda Field

“Magnetic characters…A plot that moves forward seamlessly…An arresting portrait of pastoral life”

~Kirkus Indie Review

When sixteen year old Cat’s mother is sent to prison in the fall of 1998, she is forced to leave the streets of Phoenix, Arizona to go live with her grandmother whom she has never met, in a remote mountain valley in Northern California. After a devastating incident, Cat is taken in by nurse/midwife Emma Cassady, and becomes an integral, yet controversial part of her circle of horsewomen friends, Midnight, Lilly, Clare and Briar. Emma’s decision to foster the troubled girl, disrupts her serene life, as do her feelings for a man who broke her heart decades ago. Lilly, blindsided by change, and her fragile sister Clare must deal with their aging mother, Dora, who is leading a secret life at the local nursing home. Midnight, culture keeper for her small tribe is forced to face the truth about her only son; while Briar, a fearless horsewoman and trainer becomes the circle’s greatest teacher. Over the course of a year, these authentic women and their ties to their families, animals, their pristine wild environment and each other, inspire an unforgettable story that will be passed from friend to friend and mother to daughter.

“The beautiful and the terrible are magically united by “True’s” honest wisdom. “

Dreams of Days Gone By

by John Ferneau-Leinen

A collection of short stories. I dreamed dreams of days gone by, from the thirties to the present. Enjoy a few lines from some of the stories, and relish in your dreams of days gone by: Just beyond the pine grove, poised to pounce like a famished wolf, laid land-devouring suburbia. – The truck hit the water with a “WHOOSH,” and skipped twice like a flat rock. – God, I despised this man. – Moving through life like a clumsy visitor – “Grandpa, ain’t you got no dirt?” – Now, beyond the boundary of familiarity without daytime rivers of sound and smell for guidance and bearing, confused, Ben momentarily ignored the touch of his cane. -The bullet in its flight penetrated the picture window of the Richter’s living room, shattered a lamp on the table inside the window, and lodged between Great Grandpa Richter’s eyes. – Lampert seemed to have the uncanny ability to belch or fart whenever he thought it would get a laugh. It was an ability that made him the envy of the neighborhood boys. – After that day I didn’t care much for God.

They Go West Together, Book One of Three

by Ann C. Cooney

You just found the perfect trilogy to immerse yourself into. Formerly one rather large book, your author felt that it would be better received if broken into a trilogy.

This novel is about a strong family in a young land. Join Jane and Joseph in their adventure as they travel west with their family during the California gold rush. In the high desert heat, they meet robbers, local natives and defeat illness before they arrive at the site of their new home.

Book One;

Book two;

and Book Three;

This trilogy is written with the intent of it being read in order. Enjoy!


by Michele Feltman Strider

Plump, unattractive, and underachieving, Sharon Mathers isn’t the kind of girl usually found in glossy women’s magazines. She is the kind of girl found reading them, usually while drinking beer in the backroom of her friend’s double-wide trailer/beauty parlor. Born to a single mother in a small town where family ties run “deep enough to be genetically suspect,” Sharon grew up on the social fringe. Unfortunately, marrying a hometown boy and “by extension, almost half of the town,” didn’t help. Sharon’s longing for deep and authentic ties of kinship takes her farther and farther from her Alabama home town in search of a real “home.” Her journey leads her to the sweaty, boozy, sexy streets of the French Quarter and on to the golden prairies of Oklahoma where silver fighter jets pierce a perfect blue sky. Passing through the surreal, nightmarish aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, she ultimately discovers a place of acceptance she never expected.

Personality Disorders, and Maureen (A Pair of Shorts)

by Heath Buckmaster

A Pair of Shorts, by Heath Buckmaster – featuring two short stories from the collection, plus a bonus Christmas story (just for fun).

In Volume Two we present: Personality Disorders, and Maureen.

Personality Disorders: It began as an exploration into my seemingly crazy behaviour. Was there a reason for it? Could it be explained scientifically? Was there a connection between my obsession, my compulsion, my addictions, and my attempts at functioning as a normal human being during the day? This exploration took me into the wonderful world of books – because I am incredibly well bred. But the books only confirmed that I was not alone in my madness. And so I began to document some of my own patterns to see if I could get just a glimpse of the meaning behind them. And in the end I discovered that yes, I am bat sh*t crazy.

Maureen: “Maureen, don’t go. I need you.” They were the last six words Maureen Jones heard before her eyelids fluttered and closed for the last time – her final breath slipping silently into the vastness of the private room on the top floor of St. Josephine of the Sacred Shrine hospital. Angry tears poured from Tom’s bitter eyes and splashed onto the starch-white sheet that had been changed only minutes before. Now the sheets were dark grey – soaked in melancholy and morose tears from Tom, the man who waited.

Silent Kay and the Night Before Christmas (bonus story): The night before Christmas was a long, long time ago. This fact is rarely disputed even thousands of years later, despite nights being eves and having their own associated celebrations. But this is not a tale of eves and nights – it’s a tale of a child, more powerful that she could have ever realized. And so in that time of nights and Christmases there lived a young and precocious girl named Kay. She hardly ever spoke – her shyness so profound as to confuse and confound those who so desperately wanted to talk to her. So they called her Silent Kay (at least, the exceedingly naughty boys who insisted on pulling her hair after school called her that)…

For more information about the author, please visit

Be That As It May

by Rachel Morris

One summer, teenager Karen Hark finds herself immersed in a new, unknown world of science and medical technology after discovering anonymous messages meant only for her. These clues will lead her to find their sender, to fully understand the power of words, and to try to stop a killer. But when a villain can physically paralyze you with only the uttering of a few simple phrases, what can you do but lie down and take your fate as it may come?

Evelyn’s Dream

by Ken Brown

Richard Moran knows nothing of time travel, nor has the topic ever really crossed his mind. Living in a broken down cabin with his unemployed father, Richard cares only for his daily struggles to carve a future out of his seemingly hopeless situation. As Richard’s life only further unravels, he desperately turns to a lifelong family friend who gives him a gift that changes everything.

That gift, however, comes with a cost. Soon Richard begins to have vivid, disturbing dreams and his efforts to understand them lead him to long-hidden family secrets and a shadowy war against forces he never knew existed. New friends and new enemies arise, but he finds they are not easily distinguished. Only through his depressed father, energetic girlfriend and alcohol sodden mad scientist mentor is Richard able to resist his enemies’ efforts to bribe, coerce and seduce him into giving up what truly matters most in life.

An imaginative, highly engaging book you won’t want to put down.

One Cold Night and Other Stories

by Ellynore Seybold-Smith

A Collection of short stories and poems written over a period of time. Some are accounts of true events, others are entirely fictitious.

The Edge: Book Three of the Ved Ludo Series

by K. Austin

Two years before I set out on the road trip that would change my life, I wrote a collection of essays named “Ved’s Philosophy of Shit, Volume 1.” In it, I speculated about deep and profound things that were, of course, untested. The pages overflowed with clever things like #31: Life, as a population, will take care of life. By that I meant that if one were to subject himself to the perils of anonymity, if he left everything he “needed” behind and placed himself in the hands of strangers, their kindness would keep him alive.

Long before actually becoming that stranger awaiting a ride at the on-ramp, thumb up, I began telling people that it was undoubtedly true. I was certain that despite #7: Generational Moral Decay, the overwhelming theme remaining in strangers was kindness.

Ved’s POS #61 clearly and definitively states: Most situations are a matter of interpretation. I smile now when I read that. I remember the quaint little coffee shop I was in when I wrote it. In those memories I have of authoring such groundbreaking bullshit, I can still hear poets reading snappy little poems while stylish, late-teen, early twenty-somethings strolled through, nodding their heads in concurrence to the poet who was defining the world in iambic pentameter.

Without the expectation of a long life, I stepped into that world I’d already defined. Bravely and even optimistically, I put my feet before me and left it all behind. Maybe I thought I was enlightened, maybe I thought that the drugs would numb me â?¦

“Ved’s Philosophy of Shit, Volume 3” looks remarkably different today. Essay #100, the final entry, is titled, “Don’t Read this Garbage, Nothing Matters.”

I am Ved Ludo, and I really was beautiful once.

The Biggest Lie

by Lisbeth Foye

The Hague, Holland 1976

After a procession of hapless relationships, 23 year-old Lana Milton finds herself recklessly falling for a man who should be out of bounds, but despite fighting with her emotions the affair begins, an affair which can only cause pain and heartache; not only to Lana but – more importantly – to the innocent party.

Coming face to face with the one person she is hurting the most, Lana has to make a decision which breaks her heart. She knows that she is the only one to make the choice, something she can only do by lying, a lie which betrays the truth. Lana’s distortion of the truth closes the door on the only real love she has known.

In life’s ups and downs even her best friend Tess, is not what she seems. Tess turns on her, leaving her and their friendship in tatters.

From Holland, Lana moves on to a new start in London where she meets rich, tormented Howard Marshall. Howard is frustratingly aware that his love for Lana is not reciprocated. Slowly, over-time his attempts to control her with his furtive mind-games and calculated derisory tactics only serve to curtail the chance of her ever loving him back in return.

After nearly 20 years of manipulation, Howard’s desperate struggle to break the woman he loves finally backfires when Lana, now middle-aged and fuelled with the still-burning embers of her long-ago love, confronts Howard. She stands up to his bullying and devious malicious ways, her anger fills her with a renewed strength in which she finds the courage to leave him to start her life yet again.

Now in her late fifties and living in a calm, non-disruptive world close to her family, Lana is content and yearns for nothing more in life.

But fate has other ideas as it smashes through the door to bring her life around, full circle, lifting her up in a whirlwind to drop her on the Pacific coast in Southern California.

The Biggest Lie – a tale of love, friendship, hope and strength is set in the era of glitter-ball discos which grows to maturity in the 21st century. Proof, that it’s never too late for anything…

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