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The Dark Side of the Dream

by Alexander Grattan Dominguez

Historical Fiction

Two Mexican brothers, Jose Luis and Francisco Salazar, and their families migrate to the U.S. shortly after the U.S. entry into World War II. The story depicts their struggles as they come to grips with a new, often hostile environment. Later, the family prominently figures in two of the most tragic, yet stirring incidents in Mexican-American history.

The first involves the all-Hispanic rifle company that as part of the Texas Volunteer Division lost its colors at the Battle of the Rapido River in Italy during the Second World War, when 156 badly-mangled Hispanic soldiers were ordered to cross the Rapido River against a known German force of more than 3000 men. Only 23 U.S. soldiers came back, and of those, ten would later die. Yet before the war was over, that unit would win more medals for bravery than almost any other rifle company in all of American history.

The second calamity came in the early 1950’s, when some 200 Mexican-Americans, African-Americans and Filipino migrants went on strike in the harvest fields of South Texas. Though the movement was washed away by the winds of history, within the seeds of that defeat were the victories that came a generation later in the San Joaquin Valley of central California.

It is in California that “AmericaĆ¢??The Promised Land” finally begins to live up to its billing as a new generation of Salazars at last succeed in fulfilling the dreams they had fought for so long to enrich their lives in soul-satisfying ways.

Deadly Little Secrets

by Marla Miller

A lifelong friendship is tested, a son’s world collides with his father’s, a social science high school teacher is targeted and two longtime lovers find themselves at odds in this tale about the early years of the AIDS pandemic. A self professed “big mouth” school nurse tells this tale about that time in American history when the AIDS virus took root in our culture. Set in an affluent Orange County California coastal community in 1985, this story could have happened anywhere during that time when too few folks cared that homosexual men were dying.


by Bernerd Park

Coming of age novel set in Oregon in 1946

Black Peppers

by Madhu Purushothaman

Gowri’s world is jolted when her sister is subjected to smarthavicharam, a trial for adultery for Namboodiri Brahmin women, after being accused by her sister’s husband Balaraman. Her sister is convicted, deemed a sathanam (an inanimate object) and given away to the untouchables. Contact with untouchables was forbidden for a Namboodiri, yet Gowri attempts to rescue her sister from the untouchables. For that she needs to fight the Namboodiri social system despite the limitations of a Namboodiri woman – she has to wear a veil in public, has restrictions on travel outside of her home and is restricted from talking to males except her immediate relatives.

Gowri fights her battles with the help of two of her friends from a different strata of the society, who both have their own battles to fight too. When a spate of mysterious murders of teenaged girls happens in their village, the three girls find out that the murders are interconnected and their own fates are tied to them. Despite the odds being stacked heavily against them, the girls fight back even as a set of intertwining events binds their fates together.

Black Peppers is set in 1742 AD in a cluster of hamlets in the southern region of Kerala in India around the time when the then nascent kingdom of Travancore was taking shape. It also marks a period when European powers were jockeying with one another to establish a foothold in Kerala and take control of the spice trade.

Kiwi Republic

by Craig McLachlan

Fact: A New Zealander cannot become Head of State for New Zealand, and an Australian cannot become Head of State for Australia. The Head of State for both countries is the reigning British monarch.

In this novel, a group of young Kiwis set out on an intriguing mission to see their country become a republic …. so that a New Zealander can become Head of State for New Zealand.

Our heroes aim to take things a step further, demanding a new flag and a change of name for the country – after all, how many people know where old Zealand is? And historians confirm that no-one knows for certain who gave New Zealand its name! It wasn’t Abel Tasman, as most Kiwis think!

The Kiwi Republican Front uses headline-grabbing publicity stunts to convince Kiwis that getting a bold new start in the world as the Republic of Aotearoa is the way to go. They challenge the establishment, challenge the monarchists, and keep Kiwis laughing while bringing important hidden historical facts to light.

When the sitting Prime Minister decides that her best chances at re-election could well be as the country’s first President, suddenly the Kiwi Republican Front has some heavyweight support. One last publicity coup may well do it ….

For once, it’s the Australians trailing the Kiwi as some trans-Tasman rivalry sees the Aussies race to become a republic first.

A Mystery of Somber Bay Island

by John V Konior

An intriguing adventure story that begins with the discovery of a secret archives room below the City of Boston’s Record Center. A mysterious call to a brother and sister private investigator team leads them on a perilous journey to solve a mystery. Almost immediately they find themselves in mortal danger as they confront domestic and international spies, mythical pirates, a gypsy woman, a millionaire sunken treasure finder, an attractive female police detective, an investigative reporter who may not be who he says he is, and suspected supernatural goings on. Twists and turns abound. The action is steady and the suspense builds to a shocking and surprising conclusion. An enjoyable must read.

Birth of a Bully (Short story)

by j. F. Ridgley

Bullies have walked among us since the beginning of time. Why and where do they come from. Young Cassius Julius Gullus knows…up front and personal.

This short story is based from the novel, Vows of Revenge.

Black Men in Bright Blue (The Completely Abridged Series)

by David-Michael Harding

It is 1864 and Rachel Justice is ten years old. Her days are spent exploring Providence, her father’s plantation in South Carolina. Life in the mansion is a series of playtime adventures as she romps over the grounds on pretended spying missions for her special General, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. The manicured lawns and fields are tended by black hands she knows little of. But hard lessons are coming as the Civil War ravages the land only miles away and lives in her own backyard.

As Rachel discovers her mother’s role in a clandestine enterprise, conflicts with the often harsh demeanor of the plantation mistress cause a coarse split between mother and young daughter. Rachel develops a chance encounter with a young slave boy who inadvertently changes her life at the cost of his own and the story explodes. She learns of slavery in the echoes of a cracking whip as mysterious specters of Black Men in Bright Blue resurface and escort her to a special destiny. Her secret knowledge of the underground railroad pushes her family and her young mind into life and death decisions none are ready for.

This piece is part of a collection of short stories and several novellas that comprise The Cats of Savone, the initial installment in The Completely Abridged Series.


by Matt Greenberg

This is the story of Daniel Lloyd Miller born in 1832 on a small Illinois farm.By the age of 18 he has already come to the conclusion that farming is not for him, rather he has developed a Wunderlust that that will take him to the Californian Goldfields, the diggings at Ballarat in the Colony of Victoria in Australia, and finally back to America to find himself involved in the greatest adventure in his life so far – a soldier in the Union Army during the Civil War.Along the way he meets many interesting and sometimes eccentric characters and is involved in life threatening events. But together with his German friend, Otto, whom he meets at the beginning of his journey, somehow they overcome all that fate has to offer them.

This is a tale based in true history that brings the events and people of the mid 19th Century alive to modern readers, a time when the lives of people daily hung by a thread, threatened by weather, pestilence, disease, accident and the violence inherent in their fellow man. To survive in these years required more than a little gumption!

THE HICKORY STICK (Barnaby Madden)

by Ted Bocking


In less than two years Barnaby Madden’s life changes from being an apprentice boat builder on the north Norfolk coast to becoming an experienced county police constable with tales to tell of love, hate, robbery and violence.

Barnaby encounters thieves, robbers, rapists, kidnappers, smugglers, tramps and toffs. He has run the gamut of emotions and experiences from total rejection as a policeman to the arms and beds of various women, and from assaults and beatings to near drowning.
Barnaby has been drunk, violent and passionate. He has been severely reprimanded and commended for his bravery. He has been the friend or enemy of the criminal fraternity of mid 19th century Norfolk whilst at the same time being a friend or enemy of the upper classes.
Barnaby is a big handsome young man of 19 years who steps spectacularly into a world of which he knew nothing and dealing with people of whom he had never heard. He is attractive to women, and not always a reluctant lover!
Ted Bocking

“The Hickory Stick” is the first in the series of Barnaby Madden books. “The Ashen Rung” is the sequel.

Wings of Gold

by Neville Sherriff

Set in South Africa during the 1860s, the story takes place against the backdrop of the flourishing ostrich feather industry of those years. It follows the fortunes of a lowly immigrant, James Quenton, who becomes obsessed with the wealth these birds can create. Wings of Gold follows the industry – and the fate of James – through to the Anglo Boer War in the early 1900s.

Ode To Belladonna

by Brent Hightower

Ode To Belladonna is the story of Simplicious, the last surviving scholar of the Academy at Athens, whose attraction to philosophy and whose single moral failing draw him into both the major events of his age and into deadly conflict with Theodora, Empress of Byzantium. It is a tale of love and hatred, ignorance and enlightenment, and the battle between freedom and an all consuming obsession with power and domination.

Set fifteen hundred years ago in fabled Byzantium, the events yet bear a startling resemblance to those of our own time and reveal the tenuous nature of human freedom and the terrible consequences of its loss.

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