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Travels in London: Top Sites to See (Travels in the United Kingdom)

by Kristie Dean

Wondering what to do in London? Let this short booklet help you decide. Kristie Dean, author of “How I Travel to Europe Every Year on a Teacher’s Salary,” has been to London many times. “Travels in London: Top Sites to See” is the result of her experiences. There’s no “fluff” in this booklet – it’s straight to the point.

This guide serves as a quick reference of must-see sites, with opening times and brief information. It’s something you can easily read on the plane to plan your itinerary. Why wade through large travel guides with unneeded information when you can get fast and easy-to-read information about the best sites in London?

This book is the first in the series, Travels in the United Kingdom. Also available is “Travels in Edinburgh: Top Spots to See.”

Vows of Revenge

by J. F. Ridgley

Amid pirates, godfathers, and forbidden love, vows of revenge are made in the unforgiving world of ancient Rome. Aelia Sabina, a patrician’s daughter, and Martino Lucianus Drusus- a simple plebe rise like phoenixes from the ashes of their lives. Aelia’s abusive husband vows to finally destroy this plebe in Rome’s court where patricians rule and plebeians grovel. But will Lucianus grovel? Don’t count on it.

The Gaetulian Warriors (The Forgotten Civilisations of Africa)

by Bob Idjennaden

Centuries before the birth of Christ, there were 2 main autochthonous civilisations that existed in North Africa : the Kingdom of Mauretania and the Kingdom of Numidia.

A third people existed but never really got attracted by the glow of the big cities the 2 kingdoms buit in the North of their lands. They always prefered to live in the open and were travelling across the vast pre-Saharan desert between Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

Despite their remoteness from the civilisations and conflicts of their time, they got involved in wars when Rome started to expand and made inroads into their ancestral territories… The Romans found out that they were fantastic warriors with great leaders!

Ernest Briggs & The Great War : Part Three : In Grandad’s Footsteps

by Tony Holkham

This is Part Three of a four-part series about World War 1, and one man in particular.

It is another of Tony Holkham’s many books available (sometimes FREE) from Amazon/Kindle – to see them all, visit Tony’s books range from business writing and private writing tuition to consumer advice; from the countryside to spring-cleaning; from World War 1 to fiction, verse and real-life drama.

Tony Holkham really shouldn’t be here.

The persistence with which the enemies of his country in two world wars tried to eliminate his four grandparents and two parents was astonishing. It was only his forbears’ resilience, bravery and determination to survive that meant Tony could exist at all.

As he clearly is here, he believes he owes it to these forbears, these remarkable people, to see that they are remembered. Celebrated. If there are lessons to be learned from their lives, they must be self-evident: Tony is no preacher, but a family historian and writer.

Tony’s grandfather Ernest Briggs fought on the Somme in World War 1 and was an ARP warden in Manchester during World War 2. He was no stranger to war.

In 1928, 84 years ago, Ernest and three companions toured the battlefields of France and Belgium, and Parts One and Two of this four-part book are their account of that tour, with photographs taken at the time.

This Part Three records a subsequent journey undertaken taken in 1995 by Tony and his wife in Ernest’s memory, with additional photographs. The contrast between the two tours could not be more stark.

“Ernest Briggs & The Great War” concludes in Part Four with detailed biographical, photographic and historical information.

During the compiling of this book, which has taken 15 years, Tony has been constantly reminded of what we owe to Ernest Briggs’s generation, and of the freedoms we enjoy today.

If this Part Three has been of interest – even thought-provoking – then look out for the other three parts on Amazon or visit Profits from all four parts will be donated to a charity dedicated to the relief of ex-service men and women.

Please note: If you want to view the book in colour but don’t have a colour reader you can download a free Kindle reading app from Amazon to a device that does support colour, such as a PC, Mac, pod, pad, tablet or smartphone.

Where did we go wrong again and again and again?

by E Danielson

– A short story about why, when and how humans (by all accounts) took the wrong path

A Lady in Jamaica 1879

by Martha Jefferson Trice

Less than a year and a half before her death, a young woman from Virginia – a great (x3) niece of Thomas Jefferson – took ship in New York City for an extended tour of Jamaica. What she found there was exotic to her – the plants, the topography, the customs – not least the equality of races, which was still far in the future in her homeland. Martha was a teacher and published poet, and her journal and letters home are vivid, humorous, and often moving.

She traveled in grand style in a four-in-hand carriage, visiting Kingston and Spanish Town in the south, Black River and Savannah La Mar in the west, and Lucea, Montego Bay, and Falmouth in the north. At Black River, she had her first ever experience of the seashore. She also visited some of the large sugar plantations that still flourished on the island. Martha endured several close calls on precipitous mountain roads and an ongoing struggle with a bad-tempered, unwanted suitor, the son of her hostess.

Martha Jefferson Trice died unmarried at the age of 24 in 1880, but she lives on through her writings. This book includes a brief biography by her great (x2) nephew, Jasper Burns.

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