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Junked (A Paranormal Adventure/Romance)

by Boyd Brent

I’m Penny. I’m 17-years-old. And for the first time in my life I’ve met a guy who gets me. I mean really gets me. Sees through me like I’m a pane of cracked glass. And believe me, from the outside looking in, my pane is head-on-collision cracked. His name is Red. I’ve only just found him. And already some preternatural bitch wants him dead. No. She’s not a vampire. My life is nothing if not original. Come closer, I’m not safe anywhere and I need to whisper … apart from the book’s opening pages, this is the only time I get to speak to you directly … and I’m terrified that the vibe I’m giving off is too sane … you see, that preternatural bitch I just mentioned has creatures everywhere … listening. If they discover I haven’t fallen out of a crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down, they’re going to whisper junk into my head and change me forever. If that happens, who’s going to watch Red’s back? Look, wherever you are right now on this totally junked planet … find a way to enter my world and watch my back … who knows, if you close your eyes tight and SCREAM at your Kindle I might hear you … then open one eye … peer around … the way people are looking at you? … that’s how they look at me all the time …

Product Description, Junked:

No one over the age of 13 is safe. Everyone is junked eventually: made neurotic, insecure or fanatical. Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends. And they’re the lucky ones: those who resist are terminated in seemingly random accidents and killings.

Thomas Sheepsbane and Edward Wolf are teenage psychopaths. It’s their job to orchestrate these ‘accidents’. When they deviate from their list of sanctioned methods with 17-year-old Red Phoenix, they trigger something so macabre that the world believes it’s witnessing a genuine miracle.

Red is convinced he’s losing his mind … until he gets to know Penny Lane. Penny may be the town freak but she’s the only one who seems to have an inkling into the horrifying ‘event’ that keeps on happening to him. Red and Penny go on the run from the police, the media and supernatural forces that want them both dead. And the future of humanity’s sanity depends upon them surviving long enough to unravel the mystery of Penny’s grandmother Erin Bow. Erin was abducted from Stonehenge in 1969 … leaving only her tambourine behind … through which, Penny alone is able to see …

Junk Mail

by Marina Bridges

A Short Story

Thank God Josh works from home. It’s bad outside. He never wants to go outside. Never. Ever. Not for any reason. Luckily, the world’s largest online retailer has risen to the challenge of a world gone to hell. Their ability to deliver life’s necessities is only thing standing between Josh and the zombie apocalypse.

Immortal Magic

by Leeann Roberts

Death cannot kill what is not measured by time.

When ANGEL dropped her bag in the University parking lot she had no idea her life was about to change. Her whole life was about her Wiccan duties and following rules, and then she met the mysterious MICHAEL. They were instantly drawn to each other, however Michael has a deadly secret, he is a vampire. He tries to stay away from her and finds it impossible, she has captured his imagination along with his heart and he goes after her regardless of the consequences. They fall in deeply love and when Angel finds out he is a vampire she does not care, despite the fact that she is a witch who fights evil. Their love for each other is all consuming, and the passion and emotion between them cross all boundaries as they attempt to deal with the enormous waves of feelings for each other and solve the problems that arise as they go along. Michael refuses to turn Angel even when she begs him to, even going so far as

to kill in front of her to show her the reality of being a vampire, the day she cuts her finger when he needs to hunt and the demon fight he gets involved in for her even though he is not supposed to, all show the deep love and special connection they share. This is a love so forbidden they can both only guess at the dire potential punishments if they get caught, but their love is unbreakable, destined and they know it is worth fighting for. The underworld figures Angel fights are afraid of the De Marcos and will gladly tell the immortal leaders and the Wiccan consul of their relationship. When Angel kills a vampire hunter to save Michael it sees the beginning of the end as they must now pay the price of breaking the rules. Michael is vampire royalty and as such cannot be killed so the immortal leaders summon Angel to die in his place. Michael didn’t want to rule all vampires but now has to, to save Angel.

Their love affair goes from hip clubs and old castles in Scotland, to passionate but dark encounters in Rome, to the final scene in New York where Michael is forced to make a choice to keep her safe.


by Timm Tayshun

It’s a bad day at work, when a murderous group has a standoff with the cops at the Lilla Animal Shelter. Facts versus files versus fiction.


by M C Maw

One man, alone in a world that has changed. Trapped and afraid, every day is a fight for his sanity.
What will he do to find out what has happened? And will he survive it?

Please note: This is a short story of approximately 4,000 words, which equates to around 20 pages.

Bunker Z: Dawn of the Droners

by Mark Lansing

This is the sequel to the smash hit “Bunker Z: The Beginning”.

Droners are the new animal at the top of the food chain. What started out as a harmless rabies outbreak has spread worldwide, attacking the very essence of being human, leaving only the most primitive desire: to feed.

Martin, Kelly and their great dane Duke find themselves in a world where every shadow holds a monster and every decision they make is between life and death.

After being drawn away from the safety of the bunker in search of allies and supplies, they find themselves on the road and confronted with their new world. But the outbreak hasn’t just changed the infected into droners, it has changed the human survivors into ruthless animals who will stop at nothing to survive.

When a tape-recorder left behind by Martin’s father – an ex-special forces soldier – reveals more about the mystery bunkers, it is a race against time to get back…

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