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Goodnight Christmas Tree

by Sharlene Alexander

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This is a fun holiday twist on the classic story, “Goodnight Moon.” On this cold Christmas Eve night, it is time for everyone to say goodnight. With beautiful illustrations and fun rhyming text, this book will surely be a favorite for any child.  This book is perfect for bedtime and young readers.  This fun story is one that children will enjoy reading over and over again.—————————————————————–
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Minecraft Pro Player’s Magazine: Volume 1 (Secret MODS, Resource Packs, Hidden Servers & Skins You Must See)

by Minecraft Stories

Minecraft News Magazine

Are you a Minecraft addict?

Do you want to stay updated on everything Minecraft?

Want to Learn the Newest Mods, Skins, and Servers?

Well, you must buy this Magazine!

In Minecraft News, Volume 1 You Will Find:

  • Secret Hidden Mods You Must Know
  • Hidden Resource Packs
  • Custom Skins You Need to Have!
  • Photos of Brand New Servers You Must See!

*Disclaimer: This eBook is an unofficial guide. It has no affiliation with Minecraft and it’s creators.

Crazy Christmas Angel Mystery, The (Cul-de-sac Kids Book #3)

by Beverly Lewis

It’s almost Christmas, and Eric Hagel is spying on the new neighbor. What’s going on next door? Why is the house always flickering with candlelight? And what about the eerie flute music every morning at 6:00?When Mr. Tressler puts up a Christmas tree, Eric’s eyes nearly pop out. The angel at the top comes to life! Soon, hundreds of angels are flying in the old man’s house.Can Eric and the Cul-de-sac Kids solve the mystery? And who will be brave enough to take a Christmas gift to the weird house at the end of Blossom Hill Lane?

Emotions and Feelings, How do you feel today ? A kids book about Emotions and Feelings

by Jenny River

“When you do something really well and your mom says, “Good job!” How do you feel? Happy? Proud? When you pet runs away, how do you feel? Sad? Angry? When you see something on TV that is scary, how do you feel? Afraid? Anxious?”

Thus opens a journey for you to take with your child, a journey exploring emotions. In easy to understand language and colorful, vibrant illustrations, Book of Emotions will help your child understand what he or she is feeling and how to express it so that YOU know what they are feeling.

“Emotions are important in your life because they help you not only understand how you feel about certain things but it also helps you understand how other people feel about things.”

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of understanding emotion. When you understand emotion in yourself, you are better able to understand it in others. Being in touch with emotions invokes empathy, compassion and sympathy; all important things that we need in order to function in society and interact with other people.

Emotions are funny things though. They can make you feel happy or sad or angry or afraid. Emotions can also be very confusing and even scary to a child. This book will take you and your child on a delightful, interesting and informative journey through emotions. You will read about what they are, what they feel like and their usefulness. Written on the level of a young child, Book of Emotions will help you teach your child how to identify various emotions and can be an invaluable tool in opening discussions about different feelings.

It can be very difficult to put certain emotions into words, to explain and describe what they are. With Book of Emotions you have emotions that are clearly defined and described in a way that children can understand and identify with them. The accompanying illustrations further help to increase understanding.

We need to be in touch with our emotions in order to interact with people and the earlier we begin learning about them, the better. Book of Emotions will lay a solid foundation for your child that will carry him or her through to adulthood. It is never too early to start talking about feelings.

Birds : A kids book about birds : Learn about many Birds like Turkey, Sparrow, Cardinal and more (20 funny illustrations of Birds)

by Jenny River

Help to teach children about birds with this “Birds : A kids book about birds” This book lists twenty different birds, telling a little description about each one along with a cute image of the bird. Spark an interest in bird watching with the little ones with this easy to understand book written in a language children will love. Each of the bird images are illustrations showing a cute friendly bird to give the child an idea of what the birds may look like in real life.

Teach children we can call a male turkey. Children will learn where sparrows live, and why they are so social. They will find out the beautiful color of the chest of a robin. They will learn why the ostrich is one of the fastest running birds. They will discover the beautiful color and markings of the cardinal. They will learn about the diet of the blue jay. They will be introduced to the lovely macaw and find how where these colorful birds love to live. They will learn about the toucans and the special way their toes grow. They will be introduced to the eagle and find out what makes them such a special large bird. They will learn about the raven the fact they mate for life.

Children can learn about what makes a penguin so unique. They will meet the vultures and learn about their odd feeding habits. They will discover storks and their super large nests. They find out about owls and their nighttime habits. They will meet another flightless bird called the kiwi bird. They will learn about the unusual talent the parrots have. They will discover the bright colored feathers that grown on the flamingos. They will learn about the beautiful swans and their graceful features. They will discover seagulls and learn about their social habits. They will get to meet ducks and learn how they swim so well.

Children’s Picture Book: I Want to Pet the Ducks / Abey Goes to Washington. (Children’s Books with Good Values: Bedtime Stories) (Abey’s Adventures)

by Mark Eichler

Little Abey is a curious little guy who wants to know a lot about places and things. But more than anything, Abey loves animals and loves to pet them. In “I Want to Pet the Ducks”, the first installation of the Abey Adventures, Abey goes to Washington D.C. with his family and visits important American sites, including the Lincoln Memorial, the WWII Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and more. But after site-seeing for some time, Abey’s attention is captured by ducklings. And off Abey runs! Read on and find out how Abey’s adventure turned out. You will not be disappointed!

Parents: This is a beautifully illustrated book with the national sites accurately depicted. Your children will fall in love with Abey and enjoy his adventures as they learn about America’s treasured memorials. This book is appropriate for kids between the ages of four and eight.

I Bought a Little Kitty

by Evelyn Sue Sondag

“I Bought a Little Kitty” is a picture/poem, short story of an adorable kitten.

The little girl who bought the kitten tells of her kittens escapades soon after she brings the kitten home. Every page has an illustration, and the photographer did an excellent job of capturing the kittens personality.

The Extraordinary Adventures of the Seventh Jennifer (Escape from Middle School Series)

by Kate Larkspur

In 1985, there’s nothing unusual about being named Jennifer. But 12-year-old Jennifer Johnson longs to be different from her aerosol hair-sprayed, acid wash-clad classmates at Bayview Middle School.

Jennifer Johnson was born to lead an extraordinary lifeâ??like the lives of the guests who come to stay at the bed-and-breakfast inn where Jennifer lives with her divorced mother and annoying big sister.

As Jennifer confides to her best friend, “Didn’t you ever wish that the Earth was being invaded by aliens from outer space and it was up to you to save the world?”

But when she decides to audition for the middle school playâ??and finds herself tiptoeing through a minefield of bullies, popular kids, and drama queensâ??Jennifer may discover that an exciting life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Jack Tracy & The Priory of Chaos

by Boyd Brent

If someone, anyone, is reading this right now â?¦ then trust me, anything’s possible â?¦ listen, I don’t have much time â?¦ it’s almost midnight â?¦ and something hideous is coming for me. I’m Jack Tracy â?¦ and this is the one time I can talk to you â?¦ please, wherever you are on this messed up planet, find a way to enter my world â?¦ and watch my back â?¦ if you shout loud enough I might hear you â?¦ the place the creature is taking me to â?¦ it’s where evil began and â?¦ it’s RIGHT under your nose â?¦ all around you but in a parallel universe â?¦ you can only see it if you â?¦ did â?¦ did you hear that? â?¦ I think it’s above the house â?¦ lay still Jack! â?¦ and DON’T open your eyes â?¦

Jack Tracy & The Priory of Chaos, product description:

Children all around the world have woken up to a total nightmare. Gangs of brutal teens are hanging out in normally quiet neighbourhoods. As if that wasn’t enough, all the adults have been placed under a hex and can’t see them. For 12-year-old Jack Tracy and his friends Henry and Samantha, the school run is now all about survival. Already at his wit’s end, Jack learns he’s been chosen to embark on a perilous mission to break this hex and restore order to the entire planet. This means allowing himself to be kidnapped in the dead of night and taken to the place where evil began â?¦ The Priory of Chaos. The Priory is a fortress school located within dark matter. It’s as old as time itself and overseen by the most feared being in the universe: The First Evil. At first, Jack is terrified and refuses to accept his mission. Then Samantha, his friend and champion of animal rights is taken to the Priory’s ancient classrooms. She returns a hate-filled bully who relishes animal cruelty. In order to restore Samantha’s true nature, and prevent mankind’s final descent into wickedness, Jack must embrace his destiny and be the first child to infiltrate The Priory of Chaos â?¦

Jodi Visits The Farm – Children’s Photo Story Book

by Jean Shaw

This photo version of Jodi Visits The Farm is a delightful children’s story book, which introduces animals found on a farm to the young reader in an engaging and educational way.

Facts about the farm animals are subtly included in the story line and there is a selection of animal jokes at the end to amuse both young and old.

For those who prefer illustrations, an illustrated version of the same story is available, and if you’d like to listen to an audio version of the story please visit –

Thank you!


by Kat Brookes

Sixteen-year old Erica Marshall is about to have the summer of her life. Her best friend, Whitley, is going to be staying with her while Whitley’s parents are away doing missionary work.

One night while driving home from a party where Erica overhears other girls referring to her as a â??dog’, she and Whitley see a shooting star. Whitley tells her to make a wish. Erica, who wishes she were more like her very pretty, popular, best friend, jokingly wishes for Whitley to be the â??dog’ that summer and for her to be the â??babe’. The next thing she knows a pug is sitting in the passenger seat of her car, wearing Whitley’s clothes and talking just like her best friend!

Now Erica has to find a way to fix her wish gone wild. Only reversing the wish proves harder than expected and Erica has to come up with a plan to keep her parents and Whitley’s from finding out until she can set things right. But her biggest challenge comes in helping her best friend cope with her hopefully temporary life as a dog – fleas included!

Junked (A Paranormal Adventure/Romance)

by Boyd Brent

I’m Penny. I’m 17-years-old. And for the first time in my life I’ve met a guy who gets me. I mean really gets me. Sees through me like I’m a pane of cracked glass. And believe me, from the outside looking in, my pane is head-on-collision cracked. His name is Red. I’ve only just found him. And already some preternatural bitch wants him dead. No. She’s not a vampire. My life is nothing if not original. Come closer, I’m not safe anywhere and I need to whisper … apart from the book’s opening pages, this is the only time I get to speak to you directly … and I’m terrified that the vibe I’m giving off is too sane … you see, that preternatural bitch I just mentioned has creatures everywhere … listening. If they discover I haven’t fallen out of a crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down, they’re going to whisper junk into my head and change me forever. If that happens, who’s going to watch Red’s back? Look, wherever you are right now on this totally junked planet … find a way to enter my world and watch my back … who knows, if you close your eyes tight and SCREAM at your Kindle I might hear you … then open one eye … peer around … the way people are looking at you? … that’s how they look at me all the time …

Product Description, Junked:

No one over the age of 13 is safe. Everyone is junked eventually: made neurotic, insecure or fanatical. Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends. And they’re the lucky ones: those who resist are terminated in seemingly random accidents and killings.

Thomas Sheepsbane and Edward Wolf are teenage psychopaths. It’s their job to orchestrate these ‘accidents’. When they deviate from their list of sanctioned methods with 17-year-old Red Phoenix, they trigger something so macabre that the world believes it’s witnessing a genuine miracle.

Red is convinced he’s losing his mind … until he gets to know Penny Lane. Penny may be the town freak but she’s the only one who seems to have an inkling into the horrifying ‘event’ that keeps on happening to him. Red and Penny go on the run from the police, the media and supernatural forces that want them both dead. And the future of humanity’s sanity depends upon them surviving long enough to unravel the mystery of Penny’s grandmother Erin Bow. Erin was abducted from Stonehenge in 1969 … leaving only her tambourine behind … through which, Penny alone is able to see …

Mrs. Honey Pickle

by Lindsey Stiles

“Be careful what you wish for,” children are often warned.

In these five stories, Mrs. Honey Pickle, a fairy godmother who lives in space and uses a space ship to visit millions of children and grant their wishes, is introduced. Her sidekick is Buzzy the dog. Five different children make wishes in this group of stories that are just a little bit noir.

Reminiscent of the twists and turns of a Lemony Snicket misadventure, the children each learn lessons about what is important in life. A couple of the stories take unexpected O. Henry sort of turns at the end. This is delicious and slightly spooky reading that goes past your average fairy tale and peels back a layer of humanity to expose what is really going on with these childhood wishes that are anything but ordinary outcomes. Pleasant dreams!

The stories include:

Wish One: “I wish I never had a little brother.”

Wish Two: “I wish I didn’t have to go to school.”

Wish Three: “I wish my parents would disappear.”

Wish Four: “I wish I never had to clean my room.”

Wish Five: “I wish I never had to go to bed.”

**Acclaim for the novels of Lindsey Stiles**

“Lindsey Stiles is a rising star in gothic suspense. She is this generation’s Mary Higgins Clark.”

â??J.R. Rain, bestselling author of Moon Dance and Silent Echo

“Daddy’s Little Devil is creepy good fun!”

â??H.T. Night, bestselling author of Vampire Love Story and The Fourth Sunrise

“Read Mommy’s Little Angel with the lights on!”

â??Elaine Babich, bestselling author of You Never Called Me Princess and Intrusion

“Whispered Lies reminded me a lot of Sandra Brown and Lisa Jackson. A very fun…and very scary book. A star is born.”

â??P.J. Day, bestselling author of King’s Blood and The Sunset Prophecy

Cars & Trucks ! A Kids Book About Cars and Trucks Learn About Firetruck, Monster Trucks, Ambulance and More

by Jenny River

Everybody loves cars and trucks! These vehicles make our lives better by making it fast and easy to visit places, to transport things, and even to take vacations on the road. Just imagine a world without these vehicles and you will be sad, too.

Every car and every truck has its uses. Monster trucks, Formula One cars, and dragsters are used for racing contests. Concrete mixer trucks and dump trucks are used in construction sites to mix cement, gravel and water and to transport these materials.

Tow trucks are used to tow vehicles from the road into repair shops. Moving trucks transport home and office items including heavy furniture. Fire trucks are necessary to put out fires, perhaps even get your kitten out of the tree.

Log trucks get wooden logs from the forests to the timber mills. Tank trucks are used to transport solids, liquids and gases from the manufacturers to the stores. Garbage trucks keep your neighborhood streets clean by collecting trash.

Ambulances can save your life and the lives of your family, too. Recreational vehicles are great for on-the-road vacations.

Forklift trucks may be small like you but these are useful, too, because of their powerful lifts. Military vehicles are used by the military to keep our nation safe, too.

Taxicabs get you around the city while school buses make for safe arrival to your school. Automobiles like your family’s sedan or van gets everybody to their destinations. Jeeps are useful for driving both on city streets and country roads.

Which of these cars and trucks would you like to drive? All of them, of course, but first you should know everything about these vehicles – and get your drivers’ license, too!

Korea: Picture Book (Educational Children’s Books Collection) – Level 2 (Planet Collection)

by Planet Collection

Are you interested in expanding your child’s vocabulary?

As a part of the updated Planet Collection, “KOREA” offers facts, descriptions and thought inspiring questions alongside amazing photographs of Korea.

Toddlers and babies will love looking at the large photos, while the older children will be able to grow their minds through reading the fun fact filled passages.

Early education sets up your child for success.

We are a green company and a portion of each sale is donated to charity.

Santa’s Pipe

by Timothy Kenney

Santa’s Pipe is a children’s Christmas Story. “Brandy”, the family dog, accidentally ends up with Santa’s pipe and the magic begins.

Postman Dan’s Christmas Delivery

by Benjamin Bercom

A short Christmas story for children.

Girls and boys from all over the country have written their letters to Santa, and delivering them to the North Pole is Dan the postman’s favorite job. But this year Dan’s new boss refuses to have them sent. Why should Santa get his letters delivered for free?

With only a day to get the letters all the way up to the North Pole, Dan sets off to deliver all the children’s Christmas letters. Although, catching on to Dan’s plan already, the boss calls in an old friend from the delivery business to stop Dan in his tracks. The most wicked Stork he knows takes a day off from delivering babies to track Dan down and stop his delivery…

Text in illustrations is now included in story for easier reading and to accommodate auto read.

Tinsel The Littlest Reindeer, A Christmas Adventure Comic Book

by Raymara Barwil

Do you love Christmas stories? Tinsel the reindeer will delight you and bring Christmas alive!

Get your copy of Raymara Barwil’s magical Christmas adventure comic book for children, with full colour and captivating illustrations, where Tinsel the littlest reindeer saves Tom the handicapped boy’s Christmas.

Tinsel wants to pull Santa’s sleigh with the rest of the reindeer team. No one, including Santa, will take him seriously and they laugh at him. Tinsel sadly watches Santa go off with the presents on Christmas Eve. Suddenly, Tinsel remembers a very special present Santa has forgotten.

This book is for you if:

  • You are a child who can read on your own (5 to 9 years).
  • A parent – Read this enchanting story to your younger children.
  • Enjoy the wonder and the magic of Christmas regardless of your age. Who wants to be grown-up at Christmas anyway?

How will Tinsel get the forgotten present to Santa in time? Scroll up and grab your copy now to find out.

Sports! A Kids Book About Sports – Learn About Hockey, Baseball, Football, Golf and More

by Jenny River

This is a perfect sports book to spend time with your kid. This book shows 20 sports that are practiced worldwide. Very well illustrated, this sports book will be love by your child.

Airplanes! A Kids Book About Airplane & Airport – Find Funny Planes Pictures & Learn About Activities At The Airport

by Jenny River

If your kid loves Airplanes, it’s for you. If your family going to travel by plane in a few weeks, it’s for you.

You will find in this book, many informations and great pictures about airplanes and learn about the activities in an airport.

It’s simply, funny and your kid will love it.

Bugs! A Kids Book About Bugs and Insects – Learn About Insects Like Bee, Ladybug, Butterfly, Catterpillar and More

by Jenny River

Bugs are everywhere! No matter where you go, no matter where you live, you are going to see bugs! The cool thing about bugs is that there are tons of them! Small bugs, big bugs, and even medium sized bugs! What bugs are living near you right now? What will you see when you go out the door? This book is a great guide to identifying and understanding the bugs around you, so keep reading!

Meteorites and the Twelve Days of Christmas

by Burton Smith

It all starts with the football David Taylor receives on his twelfth birthday. With a poorly placed punt he breaks the television antennae off the roof of cranky Mr. Kerr’s house. David is torn. On the one hand he is in the biggest trouble he has ever been in. On the other hand David is excited to be right where he is, fascinated by some unique stones that Mr. Kerr has on his coffee table. For a punishment, Mr. Kerr decides to hold the football hostage until David can earn it back by providing a Twelve Days of Christmas surprise for a new family in town. He also tells David that the stones are meteorites and that he can earn one if he does a good job on the assignment. When David dives into the project he hopes to earn back his football and one of the fascinating meteorites. When the assignment is complete it is no longer about a football or even a coveted meteorite. The one-person, discreet assignment evolves into a big project that draws a community together, forever changes the lives of a family in need, teaches some boys important life lessons and forges lasting friendships.

Zombies: Your Gentle Neighbor (1 of 3)

by Clint Snyder

Chester Buckley is down on his luck. He has no job, no girlfriend, no money and his head keeps getting knocked off. In this hilarious book, join Chester the zombie as he faces yappy dogs, designer purses and an ankle biting zombie head in his quest to gain acceptace from the human race.

The Naughty Knot

by Mary Anne Lipousky-Butikas

The Naughty Knot is a lighthearted story of one little girl’s dilemma when an audacious, knot invades her hair. This story provides a whimsical account of her encounter, playful reflection of the knot’s possible means of invasion and her final solution to deal with future hair entanglements.

Rhyming text and large, colorful illustrations throughout make The Naughty Knot a fun and quirky story, providing entertainment while simultaneously giving young readers an example of reflective thought and creating solutions.

Toby is Lost (Toby Squirrel and Friends)

by Gail Jones UK

Toby the squirrel ventures out for the first time on his own. After seeing a beautiful butterfly he follows it much further than he should and is soon lost. Can the little squirrel find his way home or will he be lost in the dark wood forever?’

Aimed at children aged five to eight years this book is fun to read at home or while travelling. With a brief Christian message at the end it is also useful for assemblies or Church groups. As the message is at the end it is easily skipped by those who prefer to do so.

Kevin The Chef and The Bedtime Stories; The Slapstick Series

by RW Farrell

These are the stories of Kevin The Chef and his friends and colleagues at Periwinkle’s, a restaurant in Belridge. These are lighthearted fun stories, ideal for bedtime reading for young children.

From troublesome gingerbread men to cakes with mobile phones in, Kevin has some fun packed adventures.

Wild n Free

Wild n Free is a collection of short stories about wild animals written and illustrated by children aged 9-16. These are the short-listed stories from the PAWS Children’s Animal Writing Competition 2011,judged by Virginia McKenna OBE and children’s writers Lauren St.John and Alan Gibbons. The stories really capture the essence of the wild animal and all royalties will be donated to the animal charity, The Born Free Foundation.

It is hoped this will be the first in a series, with the PAWS Animal Writing Competition being an annual event, offering children the chance to be published and to think about animals and how we treat our planet. It’s a great way to encourage children to write.

Alchester Vampire

by Charles Sarland

Alchester is a peaceful country town, nothing exciting ever happens there. Then the killings start. The blood soaked bodies start to pile up! Who, or what is doing it? As their college friends get slaughtered, Anne-Marie and her boyfriend Jimmy need to find out. When will it be their turn? How many more people must die before they discover the truth? Will it ever be safe to go out in the dark again?

Art & Crew

by Charles Sarland

The book they wouldn’t publish! It’s violent, it’s exciting, it’s funny, it’s rude, it’s sexy. Adults will hate it, kids will love it! When Art smashes the nose of the children’s home bully and makes it spurt blood he starts a chain of events that even he hadn’t predicted. In the meantime there’s a show to be put on for the other kids, and it needs to be a rude as possible. But when someone goes missing things start to get serious. Will Art and his mates be able to find them and to rescue them from the villains? Will he survive his encounter with a vicious circular saw or will it shred him to piecesâ?¦ Read the book to find out. (Suitable 11yrs and up.)
Readers’ comments: â??I had to keep turning the pages to find out what happened!’ â??It’s got everything!’

Mythical Magical Creatures UNICORNS & KELPIES

by Keegan O’Neil

Suitable for children ages 7-10, Mythical Magical Creatures Unicorns and Kelpies is a children’s book that focuses on the historical origins of these creatures.

Common in fairy tales, legends and folklore from many areas around the world, they have been present through out human history.

Several well known historical figures had encounters with Unicorns, find out who!

Second in the series about Mythical Magical Creatures, Unicorns and Kelpies is filled with interesting photos and stories from around the globe. It describes some of their magical abilities and powers and retells some of the legends associated with them.

Continuing the series beginning with Mythical Magical Creatures DRAGONS, Unicorns and Kelpies is another fascinating look at Mythical Magical Creatures.

The Blurs

by Julie Affleck

For fans of Goosebumps, get ready to shiver!

Life goes from strange to terrifying when Gavin sees things, things that move so quickly -they’re only a BLUR.

Sometimes Snow Falls in the Summer

by Deborah Troehler

Excitement? Worry? Ella Louise feels a little bit of both about her first solo trip to Nana’s farm. However, excitement prevails as Ella discovers how Nana’s special magic can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Join Ella and Nana on their trip into the imagination. Yes…snow can fall in the summer.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the ASPCA in memory of Ella Troehler.

For the Love of Carney

by Rick Campbell

A very short, very true children’s story about a fishy friend.

(The two drawings have been attributed to Albert Hurter, and were scanned from drawings purchased at auction from Sotheby’s in 2001)

Baby Buzzy Bee Plays Hide and Seek

by Robert C. Randolph

Robert and his three year old son Oliver were playing hide and seek from tree to tree one morning. Oliver suggested being bees and so Baby Buzzy Bee Plays Hide and Seek was imagined. Play along with Baby and Daddy Buzzy Bee as they buzz from colorful tree, to fruit tree, to an animal’s tree. The hope is you will enjoy this playful book as much as Daddy and Baby Buzzy Bee enjoyed their carefree morning.

Little Ronny

by Brunswick Bannernickel

Join Ronny, a creative and mischievous boy, in a story about brotherly love and the funniness, fright, and friendship that comes along with it.

But where is Santa Claus?

by Nathalie LERX

Disaster! A few hours before the gifts distribution, Santa Claus has disappeared. The leprechauns have looked everywhere, but he is not found. They decide to investigate …

Children’s book: My Uncle, The Champion Athlete – The tales of Peter Puppy (funny bedtime story collection)

by Yonit Werber

Do you have a hero in your family? Peter Puppy does! His Uncle Ron is a U.S. athletic champion! Peter tells us about the many championships that Ron has taken part in, through this rhyming story for children, and even has great pictures of him to show us! From tennis to free-diving, Uncle Ron is Number One in many sports and, of course, Peter wants to be just like him one day. Uncle Ron has a special secret that helps him to win every event. What do you think the special secret could be?

If your child loves dogs they will surely love this rhyming story! Younger children aged 3 to 6 years old can have it read to them, or older children can read it alone with ease. Through the funny images they can learn more about the different types of sports, which will help them to choose which sport they may one day want to excel in.

Children’s Book: Peter Puppy Wants To Play – The Tales of Peter Puppy (funny bedtime story collection)

by Yonit Werber

Peter Puppy has the whole day to himself. Through this rhyming story and some funny images, he tells us about everything his friends like to do for fun. With so many friends and so many choices of games to play, it’s difficult for him to decide which game to choose. Should he go diving? Should he go to the beach? Should he learn to play piano? Or should he go for a motorcycle ride? They all sound like fun – maybe you can help him decide?

This story for doggy-loving children aged 3 to 9 years old, is a great way for children to learn more about the numerous activities and hobbies that they can take part in, if not now then perhaps when they’re a little older. It’s a wonderful life, and hobbies keep children active and happy. Have fun reading this rhyme story to your child, laugh at the humorous images, and watch how excited your child gets about each activity!

Christmas with the Old People (Christmas is for Everyone)

by Mary Monette Barbaso-Crall

Christmas day is a very special day for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. This is meant to be shared primarily with our dear ones including our grandparents. Possibly, they are living on their own houses. Maybe, they are living with you in your houses or maybe they are left at old age homes. In this storybook, check out how our Christmas heroes bring the glad tidings with the old people at the old age homes.

Dabbit The Rog

by Dave Hopkins

Milo was woken one dark, wintry night by a voice that gave him a bit of a fright . . .

Join young Milo and a cast of his favourite toys as they help an unhappy stranger find out who and what he is.

If you like The Gruffalo and other rhyming picture books, then you’ll love Dabbit The Rog.

About The Author

Wine-taster, spy, actor, astronaut and horticultural genius. Dave Hopkins is none of these. He lives in Brighton with his wife and three children. Visit for more information.

Available on Amazon:

For adults:

A Singular Sense Of Detachment

Mrs Manson (a black comedy)

The Peculiar Case Of Nathaniel Fry (five short stories)

For children:

Harvey and Herbie (8 short stories for children)

Henry Trentor’s Robot Cleaner

Fighting Immortals (The Weather Brothers # 2)

by Julius St. Clair

A evil, secret organization wants to hire the Weather Brothers to kill their greatest enemy. But before they’ll make the offer, they have to be put to the test first, sending the mercenaries their biggest challenge yet: The Immortal Brothers!

Jodi Visits The Zoo – Children’s Illustrated Story Book

by Jean Shaw

Jodi Visits The Zoo- Children’s Illustrated Story Book

This illustrated version of Jodi Visits The Zoo is a delightful children’s story book, which introduces animals found in a zoo to the young reader in an engaging and educational way.

Facts about the zoo animals are subtly included in the story line and there is a selection of animal jokes at the end to amuse both young and old.

For those who prefer photographs, a photo version of the same story is available, PLUS if you would like to listen to a free audio of this story, please visit


Legend of Steve: A Minecraft Novel (Based on True Story)

by Gamerlife Publishing

Was Steve the First Minecraft Player Ever?

Every Minecraft Player knows about Steve. But, few players know the real story of the main character.

Who is he? Where did he come from?

This story reveals Steve’s experiences as the first player in the Minecraft world.

Follow his journey as the secrets of the Minecraft World are revealed!

The Queen’s Cat ‘A Royal Christmas’

by David Rossmaur

Albert the Queen’s Cat makes a Christmas wish to visit his family in Norway and will his wish come true? Follow his adventure in this brand new story from author David Rossmaur. You can read all about ‘The Queen’s Cat ‘ @

More information

When Queen Beatrice visits the royal family of Norway, she receives a lovely surprise gift, a cute fluffy kitten. She names the kitten Albert and brings him home to live in the palace. As Albert grows up he gets into all kinds of trouble.

Albert has many friends at the palace, including Isabelle the Chambermaid, Gerard the Butler, Angus the Chauffeur, Norman the Grenadier Guard, Princess Sophie, Prince Nicholas and his best friend Sergeant Major, the Magpie.

Albert travels to lots of lovely places with the Queen, meets lots of nice people and some not so nice. If Albert does not like you, then watch out. His favourite trick is rubbing his paws on the carpet and giving you a nasty electric shock, which can be painful.

Albert loves to roll in smelly horse poo and it’s usually left to Isabelle to bath him before the Queen finds out.

Life is good at the palace and Albert makes the most of his position as The Queen’s Cat.

The Reluctant Postman

by Malcolm Dragon

A short Christmas story for kids… and for the young at heart!

Santa’s Second String

by Charles R. Hutson

Christmas Eve is here again and the weather in the Northern Hemisphere looks to be the worst in years! Santa has been feeling ill, but that’s never stopped him before on the “Big Night” as he calls it. As he begins gearing up for the long night’s journey, he gets the terrible news…Blitzen has a bad case of Reindeer Flu and there’s no way he can make the trip! It’s one thing for Santa to pull himself together when he’s not feeling well, but his reindeer have to pull the sleigh, loaded with presents for all the children in the world…and circle the globe several times. He knows he needs a full team of eight reindeer to make the journey. What will Santa do?

Mrs. Claus knows…and so does MacDuffy, Santa’s Head Elf in Charge of Reindeer. Soon you’ll know too as you read this delightful holiday tale about the reindeer behind the reindeer….Santa’s Second String!

Sharks: Amazing Sharks Pictures And Fun Facts For Kids Book

by Kathleen Jones

Do Your Kids Love To Learn Something While Learning How To Read?

Do You Love To Accompany Your Kids To Read?

Great! This book is for you.

Why This Book?

+ This book contains fun facts about sharks and it is written with simple language that your kids with understand it easily

+ The pictures are beautiful and in a big size

+ Each picture has its own caption

+ The text is large enough to make your kids easy to read it

+ This book features so many types of sharks

After reading this book, your kids will understand:

+ what are sharks

+ what kind of foods that sharks eat

+ do sharks have bones

+ why sharks need to constantly be on the move

+ do sharks give birth to eggs or give birth to live young

+ how long do sharks live

and much more!

Scroll up and grab a copy for your child today. Your child will love it!

Snakes: Photos Fun Facts & Jokes for Kids (70+ Full Color Photos Plus Fun Facts & Jokes TOO!)

by Martin J. Walters

Snakes are fascinating creatures! Do you want a book that teaches you about them?

Martin J. Walters has packed “SNAKES: FUN FACTS & JOKES FOR KIDS” with interesting facts about snakes on every page. Each page has a photo which is accompanied by a caption for extra discussion with your child.

Here you’ll also find more than 70 large, full color photos, and all pages have large print text. The text will make it easier for little ones to read this book on their own.

This book also contains funny jokes your children can share with you.

Got a favorite Snake lover on your Christmas list? Grab a copy for them today!

You’ll enjoy reading it and sharing it with them too!

Thief (Toby Squirrel and Friends)

by Gail Jones UK

Young Toby Squirrel is gathering acorns for the winter but there is a thief about. Can Toby find out who it is in time to make sure his family have enough food for the cold months ahead?

Tino Dragon (Brilliant Kids)

by Ricardo James

A Children’s Dragon Book

Tino Dragon is a funny little rhyming dragon story for young kids. Tino Dragon is hilarious and he loves playing with his friends, but there’s one thing that always gets in the wayâ??his big tail. This memorable and beautifully illustrated kid’s story unfolds as Tino stops at nothing to get a smaller tail. Kids are amused to learn more about Tino as he becomes more and more frustrated with his big tail.

The Tiny Christmas Angel, A Christmas Adventure

by Sarah Barton

Here’s a Christmas story to warm your heart all year round

Do you love Christmas stories? Who doesn’t? Bring Christmas alive! Get your copy of Sarah Barton’s book now to join in a magical Christmas adventure, with full colour and captivating illustrations on every page.

Who is this book for? Whether you are a child or an adult you will enjoy Dusty, the Tiny Christmas Angel’s unexpected journey from the stars in Heaven to the Earth. Meet the woodland animals who befriend our sweet, tiny angel…

Find out the answers to these questions:

  • How will Dusty survive the cold in the snow?
  • Where will he find help?
  • Will Santa get Dusty back to Heaven for the Christmas celebrations?

Get your copy of “The Tiny Christmas Angel” now and you can be part of a sweet adventure to treasure always…

The Twelve Piggies Of Christmas

by R. W. Mitchell

We all know the traditional ‘Twelve Days Of Christmas’ but I bet you don’t know the Piggy version! ‘The Twelve Piggies Of Christmas’ is a fun new version of the classic song with wonderful piggy pictures and colourful festive illustrations.

If you love Christmas and you love piggies why not combine them both and enjoy this book with your loved ones this Christmas.

Perfect for younger readers to enjoy and count the piggy pictures!

From the popular children’s author R. W. Mitchell.

While We Sleep… the Dream Snatchers Cometh!

by Wolfren Riverstick

All you need to know about our little-understood world of dreams and nightmares is explained in this amusing fantasy tale, which revolves around the four human members of the Jackson family – together with their cat, Jackson – who all dwell in a house known as “Jacksonville”.

The story introduces you to the Dremlocks (dream releasers) and the Inkybyes (dream demons) and you will discover some astonishing facts about hamsters.

Following a visit to the International Pet Emporium, Pa Jackson and his son, Jacques, return home with a newly-acquired pet hamster of their very own. But there is more to the larger-than-life proprietor, Mister Laurie Van Rentaal, than meets the eye and this will turn out to be not their only meeting with the gigantic Dutchman.

As events unfold leading up to and beyond Fathers’ Day, find out what happens when Pa Jackson decides to celebrate his special day with The Great Jacksonville Cheesefest, whereupon his family’s ultimate dreams develop into their most horrendous nightmares everâ?¦

The Christmas Decorator

by Adam G Newton

Santa’s toy-making machines are breaking down for no good reason – it looks like someone is out to cause trouble. The Christmas Decorator has been sent to catch the culprit and save Christmas, and possibly cause small amounts of chaos on the way.

And maybe in the New Year…he’ll be back…

An illustrated short Christmas story for kids of all ages.

Eggnog The Dog – A Christmas Caper

by Adam G Newton

Eggnog the dog doesn’t believe in Santa Claus. He thinks someone else buys all the Christmas presents and hides them away. This year, he thinks he’s going to find them…but maybe he’s going to get a big surprise…

An illustrated short Christmas story for children.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

by Ifeanyi Esimai

The Twelve Days of Christmas, a favorite among children and a traditional Christmas carol for more than a hundred years, is a familiar tune for Christians during the holidays. This version of the classic takes a humorous approach with the illustrations of the gifts and depicts individuals belting out seasonal Christmas songs. Count down The 12 Days of Christmas with family and friends, enjoy a few laughs and wish each other a merry Christmas!

My Name is Moe (The Fridge Fudge Silly Stories Collection)

by Amanda Patrick

This is a story about a toe, a cat, a parrot and a bunch of other things. It has a beginning, middle and… you guessed it… end. There’s a lot of talk about hats and packing. There’s even more talk about corn.

As one reader said, “I enjoyed the book very much. It was delicious, especially when topped with mustard.”

Yet another reader said, “Wow. You wrote a book.”

His name is Moe. He is a toe. Get to know Moe to know what he knows.

Silly bones prepare to be tickled.

Ava’s Christmas Wish

by Cheyenne Baker

Ava and her mm live alone in a house buried deep within the woods. Although Ava and her mom have gone through tough times, someone very special has been taking note of their kindness through their struggles. Ava develops an understanding of what the true meaning of Christmas is and does her best to make sure her mother know how important she is.

Ava finds out at a young age that the biggest gift of giving is the giving of your heart to others and nothing in this world could replace the feeling of happiness that overflows when such kindness exists.

What Every Teenager (and Every Parent) Should Know About New York Criminal Law

by Robert Tucker

As the title suggests, in “What Every Teenager (and Every Parent) Should Know about New York Criminal Law” criminal defense attorney Robert Tucker uses plain language to explain the principles of New York criminal law to teenagers and parents. He focuses on concepts and situations that commonly apply to teenagers, and he draws upon his experience to illustrate scenarios that are particularly dangerous for teenagers and young adults. A criminal conviction can devastate a young life, and this book provides the necessary information to avoid the kind of poor choices that routinely drag young people into the criminal justice system. As the reader will discover, criminal law is sometimes confusing and counter-intuitive. Through this book, Robert Tucker removes the confusion and prepares young people to make informed choices. While the book is specific to New York criminal law, most of the basic concepts apply nation wide, and it will be a very useful resource to any family with teenagers.

Grandy the Grandfather Clock

by Leslie Jane Rieser

Grandy is a fine old grandfather clock who lives in the clock house with all the other clocks.Although all the clocks are ticking merely away and are all very happy, the old clock maker, who has made many of the clocks in the clock house, is not happy. Something very strange is going on with all the clocks and the old man is at his wits end. Then, one night he has a weird dream that is set to change everything in the clock house. The old clock maker seems to be happier but the all the clocks are in danger of disappearing forever. Who can save the clocks? Will the old man realize what is happening before it is too late?

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