Free literary fiction Kindle books for 01 Dec 13

Betrayal On Maple Street

by Larry Kimmel

These 15 memoir-like stories show the progress of the protagonist from an almost idyllic, rural childhood into the angst of early manhood as experienced in both small town and city settings. Told in a spare but attractive prose style.

Shadow of a Ghost … time, truth & the Titanic

by Jenny Norris

When Patricia’s mother sailed for America she left her baby behind in Ireland with her grandmother. Fourteen years later, and Pat is on route to America to meet the mother she’s never known. It is 1912, and the ship Pat travels on is the Titanic.

Just why has her beloved granny Edith sent her away? And why did her mother leave her? The earthly Pat will never know, and it is left to her ghost to travel back in time and find the answers.

“Part literary ghost story, part historical document, this is a beguiling read. The concept is a striking one. The Titanic tragedy still holds our imagination, and while this has been used many times in film and fiction, there is always room for a new angle, which you certainly have here.” Cornerstones Literary Consultancy, London.

Stay Close, Little Ghost: A Novel

by Oliver Serang

Quirky and romantic, Stay Close, Little Ghost is an ecstatic debut novel flecked with fever dream fairy tales: a girl with no eyes scratching personal messages into the walls of the subway tunnel, a woman whose running mascara streaks over her body as she fades into a shadow on the wall, a missing child seen swimming across a lake bottom, a lost secret city where love is like tasting the real thing after tasting the fast food version for your entire life, a house whose painted landscape and sky walls erupt into a blizzard, magic glasses that translate languages and see inside people, a map of all the four-leaf clovers in the city, miraculous diamonds that hold the key to any question in the world, and a little wolf that lives inside the stomach of the narrator. Against this fantastic backdrop, a wonderfully flawed mathematician unravels as he collides with the most famous open problem in modern computer science. The result is a love story unlike anything else.

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