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Too Close to Home (Women of Justice Book #1): A Novel

by Lynette Eason

Samantha Cash is the FBI’s secret weapon. Her methods are invisible, and she never stops until the case is closed. When missing teens begin turning up dead in a small Southern town, Samantha is assigned to help local chief Connor Wolfe find the killer. And he has two problems with that. There’s her faith–in God and herself. And then there’s the fact that she looks exactly like his late wife.
As they get close to an answer, the case becomes personal. The killer seems to be taking an interest in Connor’s 16-year-old daughter, who thinks her dad is getting way too protective. Can’t a girl just have some fun?
Too Close to Home ratchets up the suspense with each page, and will have readers cheering for the characters they love as justice is served and love grows even in the face of danger. Read this one with the lights on!

Lana’i of the Tiger (The Islands of Aloha Mystery Series #3)

by JoAnn Bassett

In mid-November, Maui wedding planner Pali Moon is hustled into witness protection after sticking her nose in a hush-hush federal sting operation aimed at taking down a vicious drug lord. She’s sent to the private island of Lana’i, Hawaii, to hang out while the feds finish up. After a month she’s bored, homesick and WITSEC’s worst nightmare until she lands a job tending a cozy B & B in Lana’i City. Movie mogul Tyler Benson checks in and he decides on a whim to marry his long-time girlfriend on Lana’iâ??far from the stalking paparazzi. But before long, the bushes are rustling with reporters and photogs hoping to get a scoop on the wedding or a candid photo of the reclusive celeb. Then a body is found in Tyler’s fiancée’s suite and the tabloids shout, amen! Who needs a ho-hum wedding when you can have a star-studded murder?

“Living on the dole isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and neither is living on the lam.”

Mysteries to Die For (A Collection of Short Stories)

by S.D. Tooley

As an avid golfer, the author was excited when a local country club offered memberships at an unbelievably low price. Imagine her shock when she was informed she and her husband wouldn’t be able to golf together because women weren’t allowed to golf before 1:00 p.m. She vented her feelings in a short story, THE THIRTEENTH HOLE, which is about a haunted golf course. (written by Lee Driver)

SARA MORNINGSKY introduces an eighteen-year-old shapeshifter who unknowingly helps to solve the murder of a cop. She enlists the aid of P.I. Chase Dagger, a mysterious stranger with a dark past. This short story explains how Sara and Dagger first met. The Chase Dagger series combines mystery with elements of fantasy, sci-fi, and sometimes horror. There are currently five books in this series. (written by Lee Driver)

DIAMOND IN THE RUFF is one of those cases Chase Dagger manages to solve in a couple hours. It was an excerpt from the third in the Dagger series, THE UNSEEN, which was expanded and made into a short story. (written by Lee Driver)

In SOLVING LIFE’S RIDDLE, past and present collide in a story about how a recluse changes the life of a teen runaway. It gives a bit of a soft spot to a legendary Chicago figure with a questionable history. (written by S.D. Tooley)

Sand: The Colonel’s Daughter

by Lili Tufel

Dallas is a Special Forces Lieutenant who is driven by his promise to protect the Colonel’s daughter Abby from an opium drug lord. He is torn between duty and his love for her and when he discovers that the drug lord’s charmingâ??murderous son has befriended Abby, there’s no limit to how far he is willing to go to protect her.


“Written in a clear, concise, lean-and-mean style with engaging characters and non-stop action. Very enjoyable read. I’ll be watching Lili Tufel.”

Vicki Hinze, award-winning author of 4 nonfiction books and 24 novels including DEADLY TIES and FORGET ME NOT.


@PinKandACUs said:

“I LOVED LOVED LOVED the book SAND by Lili Tufel!!!

I’m an army wife also grew up in the army

I thank her for such a well written story, she sure did her research! The story was amazing I hope she writes another great book soon! You have a TRUE TREASURE in this author.

Thanks from an 18 year army wife Lili, … for publishing this great book! I have shared my opinion with many other army wives in my community! Best of Luck Lili!!!!”



“Fantastic Fast paced action filled romance! I stayed up till 4:00am to finish the story. Well worth your time and money!”

Meg Magruder


“It’s been a while since I’ve read an action adventure novel, and it was especially enjoyable to fall into a story like SAND, which from beginning to end moves along at a steady clip.

Lili Tufel is a talented author who has clearly done a thorough job of researching her story, assuring that changing scenes and foreign settings are well described and believable, effectively drawing readers into the rhelms of non-stop action.

The main characters are engaging and likable from their first appearance, and readers will find themselves rooting for the dual heroes throughout. There are some true surprises here, several plot points that when cracked wide open, reveal character nuances both startling and unexpected.

There are very few quiet moments in SAND, as this is a book where the plot moves quickly and a reader needs to keep on their toes. Not all characters are who they seem, and motivations are not always what we might surmise at first glance.”

Barbara Forte Abate, author of The Secret of Lies


“Great read. I very much enjoyed following the characters and the ending was one I was not prepared for nor did I see it coming. Great!”

Donna Dowd


“I loved this book. Finished reading in one sitting. Can’t wait for her next book. Great debut.”



“Fantastic story! You will read it in one sitting. There is no way you can walk away and not finish it.”

John Poindexter, award-winning author and former Special Agent for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. He received training with the FBI, CIA and various other governmental agencies.

Death Will Extend Your Vacation: A Humorous New York Mystery; Bruce Kohler #3 (The Bruce Kohler Series)

by Elizabeth Zelvin

A perfect vacation book! Full of heart, full of humorâ??this honest and believable mystery put its straight-talking characters into a page-turner of a plot. Suspense plus insight plus compassionâ??equals a great read!” -Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity Winner

“The Hamptons plus a juicy murder, with the added twist of addiction and recoveryâ??what more could the intelligent reader want?” -Carolyn Hart, Malice Domestic Lifetime Achievement Honoree


A clean and sober group house might not be everyone’s idea of a dream vacation in the Hamptons, but the aptly named Deadhampton seems just about perfect for recovering alcoholic Bruce Kohler, his main man Jimmy, and BFF Barbara the World-Class co-dependent. (Meaning she simply cannot mind her own business.)

Even the neighbors seem kindred spirits. Down the road’s a big house in the dunes owned by a clean and sober playboy with a motley crew of house guests in recovery from drug, love, and sex addictions, compulsive overeating, bulimia, and anorexia, not to mention good old-fashioned alcoholism.


All goes swimmingly, so to speak, until Deadhampton lives up to its name in more ways than one way when the tide washes in the body of Clea, the trio’s beautiful housemate . “Murder?” say the cops. ” Piffle! You people are seeing pink elephants.”

But Clea was an investigative journalist whose passions included environmental issues and menâ??lots of men. Our intrepid three aren’t about to let this one go. So who needs the old addictions? Secrets, lies, and danger are the new sex, booze, and drugs!

“Interesting characters, a complex mystery with twists and turns, and a summer on the beach to remember … Another solidly good one from the talented Elizabeth Zelvin.” -Kevin Tipple on Kevin’s Corner

“Zelvin brings [her characters] to life. A good plot, and action to keep readers glued to the pages. Good reading for the summer or anytime.” –Mysterical-E

Zelvin has mastered the male voice in a series that doesn’t shy away from serious interpersonal issues. She has a natural ear for efficiently melodic prose.” -Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

“The relationships between the three friends are as complex as they are fascinating. A credible and extremely interesting glimpse into the lives of the addicted.” -Cindy Chow on DorothyL


Jimmy and I set up the chairs, dug in the pole of the umbrella, and flapped the blanket. Barbara went and paddled in the water. Cheerful screams announced the temperature: too cold for me. She splashed around till we’d done all the work. Then she trotted back to us.

“Give me another bagel,” Barbara said. “I can’t sit still. I’m going to take a little jog. See way down the beach? There.” She pointed to the left. “About halfway to where it gets misty, above the waterline. It looks like a driftwood log. It won’t take long to run up to it and back.”

Holding the bagel in her teeth, she stripped off her shorts and T-shirt. She wore a bathing suit underneath, a serviceable black tank. Jimmy and I hadn’t even taken off our sweatshirts, much less our long pants.

“Where do you plan to put the bagel?” I inquired. “You’re not going to run the whole way with it in your mouth, are you?”

Barbara shook her head. She plucked the bagel from her mouth and tucked it into her cleavage. “Back in twenty minutes or so.”

“Have fun.”

We drank our coffee and watched her skim along the hard sand with an occasional leap like an exuberant gazelle.

We had just about finished our coffee when we heard Barbara yell. She came racing toward us like a steam engine. We heard the urgency in her cries before we could make out words. We ran down the beach to meet her.

“It wasn’t a log,” she panted. She bent over from the waist, trembling on s


by Anna Murray

In this fast-paced thriller, Jane Nelson stumbles across the plot of a desperate ponzi-schemer to crash financial markets and finds herself in the crosshairs of hired killers. She turns to a stranger for help.

Jack Anderson, an expert on stock market game theory, can’t turn Jane away. He’s forced to do whatever it takes to protect Jane and expose an insidious plan that has captured government and law enforcement insiders within it’s snare.

Can Jack and Jane stop the impending market collapse before assassins find them?

The Killing Bee (A Jacob Burns Mystery)

by Matt Witten

Greetings, potential readers! The Killing Bee was previously published by Signet; it’s book #4 in the Jacob Burns mystery series. Book #1, Breakfast at Madeline’s, received the Malice Domestic Award.


Controversy abounds at the public elementary school where Jacob and Andrea Burns send their two sons. Somebody’s cheating on the standardized tests. The principal wants to fire the new fifth grade teacher. Ambitious parents are frantic to get their kids into the gifted and talent program. The school psychologist is way too eager to label kids ADD. All of these frustrations literally come to a head when the principal gets fatally bashed in the skull with a spelling bee trophy.

Praise for The Killing Bee and the Jacob Burns Mysteries

“Witten delights with his charming characters, especially Burns himself.” – Publishers Weekly

“A success. Fast…lighthearted… Witten presents his characters and plot twists in a straightforward and believable manner.” – Albany Times-Union

“Matt Witten returns with another mystery featuring stay-at-home dad Jacob Burns. This is a delightfully refreshing series, and this installment does not disappoint. The Killing Bee is a very satisfying cozy read – good characters, good plot, well-timed action.” – Reviewing the Evidence

“Interesting characters, a substantial plot, and a subtle sense of humor.” – The Mystery News

“An enjoyable cozy with well-drawn characters.” – The Charlotte Austin Review

“The perfect escape… The Killing Bee is a fast, witty, thoroughly engrossing novel that I was sorry to see end. This one is a keeper!” – Murder Express

“Charming, witty and moving…an irresistible read. Jacob Burns is a welcome addition to crime fiction.” – Don Winslow, author of Savages

“A winner. Mystery fans are going to love this guy.” – Laura Lippman, author of The Most Dangerous Thing

“Jacob Burns is a wise-cracking, write-at-home dad with a nose for trouble. While solving mysterious deaths in Saratoga Springs, he manages to see into the heart of his community with a great deal of humor and tenderness.” — Sujata Massey, Agatha Award-winning author of the Rei Shimura mysteries


by daniel storm

America has seen Hannibal, but never the likes of Evan Felder. Without question, this book will challenge your beliefs in God and Satan, along with their respective powers of Good and Evil.

Behold, the meaning of depravity!!

Eleventh Angel

by T.D. Kaschalk

Imagine a journey into your past lives with the aid of a new medication. The FDA approved Neuron Pharmaceuticals latest synthetic “smart drug,” called Paqinol (pac-i-null), which chemically renders patients into past lives for the treatment and cure of many psychological disorders. Dr. Samantha Taylor is a young Paqinol psychiatrist who is overwhelmed after taking her new patient, Willow Rovenski, back to a gruesome life as a victim of a kidnapping. Through a series of past-life regressions, Willow witnesses the chilling details of her own abduction and months of terrifying abuse, while being locked up with another girl in a basement in some unknown location. Although her fate was sealed, with the help of Detective Wesley Simmons, the unsolved murder is about to unravel and now not only the evil one knows his dark and sinister secret.

Miracle in Madison: an Inspirational Suspense Novel

by Jane Priest Wilson

Bob and Susan have found their deepest joy while experiencing their dream of living off the land with their children. They find themselves caught up in a mountain mystery that boggles the mind and tugs at the heart. Faith in God is challenged as the questions mount up: What happened to the two little boys? Who is the mysterious mountain man? What happened to the woman in the wheelchair? And why do people keep dying? The truth is that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Having the right response to what life brings us can have an impact on other people and even the community in which we live.

From dreams coming true, to living nightmares, this inspirational suspense novel is filled with mystery and twists and turns that will keep you guessing. It is a tale of greatest joys to the deepest sorrows as it takes you on a journey from river tragedies to mountain top ecstasies. Hearts learn to find forgiveness and the unconditional love only God can give.

This novel will stir your emotions, making you laugh, making you cry. Then it will astonish you with a heart wrenching ending. So find a place to curl up and enjoy the ride.

#37 (A Picker Mystery)

by Scott Soloff


“I absolutely loved this book.  Scott Soloff has written a gem of a novel with an extraordinary protagonist, intriguing characters and an engaging plot.”
Chandni_Goodreads Librarian


Antique dealer extraordinaire Picker is koshed on the head; kidnapped; transported 90 miles and disposed of in a trash bin.

Anthony ‘Doo Wop’ DeAngelo, a world class painter and copyist is murdered.

A previously unknown priceless oil painting has gone missing!

On his way to solving the murder and retrieving the painting, Picker is pursued by the bad guys and cops alike. Assisted by
a friendly ghost, an awesome German shepherd, a long lost brother and a red headed beauty, Picker stumbles across crimes
which span two generations.

What makes this book so pleasing are the delightful characters and superb pacing. In the end, this complex tale comes together
with a very satisfying resolution along with some measure of justice.

Join Picker and company in this rollicking good romp through the world of art and antiques with forays into high finance and intrigue.


” The characters and story-line are well done. ” Carol in Berks_Amazon review

” I found myself very satisfied with the end, and, in its way, justice was indeed done.” Shoshana Hathaway_Amazon review
” Great read, couldn’t put it down.” Donna Evans_Amazon review

Cargo of Coffins (Stories from the Golden Age)

by L. Ron Hubbard

If Lars Marlin had three wishes, two have already been granted: he has escaped from Devil’s Island . . . and he has come face to face with the man who put him thereâ??Paco Corvino.  But the third wishâ??putting a bullet in Corvinoâ??will have to wait.  They’re off to sea, and not since Fletcher Christian and Captain Bligh set sail on the Bounty have two more heated enemies been in the same boat.

Corvino is a convict, con-man and killer who has schemed his way into a position as chief steward on a luxury yacht sailing out of Rio de Janeiro.  And, in a twist as devious as it is diabolical, he’s managed to install Larsâ??his hated rivalâ??as captain of the very same vessel.  And there are even darker twists to come. . . .

Lars is determined to find out what Corvino has up his sleeve . . . and what killer cargo he’s hiding on board.  But the yacht owner’s daughter proves to be a beautifulâ??and dangerousâ??distraction. Will Lars be safe in her arms . . . or is she part of Corvino’s plotâ??a deadly trap set with honey?

Like several leading writers of the day, L. Ron Hubbard was invited to Hollywood to write scripts, where his superior talent and productivity attracted numerous lucrative offers from the studios. But, as he wrote in a letter to the editor of Argosy magazine in August 1937: “I love to tie a yarn and try to make it blaze in print. The mags will never lose me to the movies. Never, at any salary!”  And as Argosy gleefully responded in its pages: “Next to exorcise the Hollywood virus from his veins was L. Ron Hubbard. . . . he has set to work to give Argosy some more of his rousing yarns. The first, â??Cargo of Coffins,’ is due to appear in the November 13th issue, and a serial is likely to follow.”

Anna’s Hunger Games: Adult Edition

by Boyd Brent

My name is Hally Winters.

Welcome to Anna’s Hunger Games. These games can start with a few thoughtless words. For me it took just five, planted like poisonous seeds within my mind: ‘You’re too fat to model.’ That comment was responsible for bringing a killer into my life. A mass murdering bitch called Anna Rexia. Anna preys on the young mostly. Those with everything to lose. Anyway, this is the story of what happened when I went in search of the knowledge I needed to destroy her …

Author note:

Anorexia afflicts mainly teenage girls. With this in mind, I wanted teenage girls to read this book. Particularly those with eating disorders. So the novel’s opening chapters have a young adult vibe. But if you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, please don’t be put off by this. Anna’s Hunger Games is a mature journey that proposes some new and tangible ideas in the war against our inner demons.

Not affiliated with any book clubs

Hurricane (Stories from the Golden Age)

by L. Ron Hubbard

In The Great Escape and Papillon, Steve McQueen embodied the tough guy on the run from captivity and injustice. But when it comes to toughness, McQueen is following in the daring and determined footsteps of Captain Spar.

Wrongfully accused, Spar has been condemned to suffer the brutality of the guards and the conditions on Devil’s Island. But they haven’t broken his will, and now, escaping, he has one mission in life: revenge. Spar’s out to kill the man who put him into the devil’s hands. But he’ll have to take on a gallery of rogues who are as treacherous as the waters of the Caribbean.

Pressure is rising and a storm is brewing. But even in the face of a natural disaster, Spar discovers that nothing is more volatile than human natureâ??as temptation and danger are about to collide with Hurricane force.

In 1937 L. Ron Hubbard wrote to one of his editors: “You might have noticed that I am intensely wary of becoming any kind of a story specialist. I have sold the gamut of types: air war, air western, detective, love, terror. . . . My one passion is to build a name for variety. . . . I like my freedom. I fight hard for independent individualism. I love to tie into a yarn and make it blaze in print.” Hubbard’s passion for writing, creativity and individualism certainly blazes across the page in stories like Hurricane.

“Once again Hubbard has written an exciting adventure that is part high-seas and part island drama.” â??Library Journal

* An International Book Awards Finalists

The Shadows of November

by Dennis Milton Johnson

Ben Foster has been enjoying a quiet life since leaving a clandestine government agency six years earlier. He receives a cryptic request from Alexander Poe, his former boss, who request a meeting with him. Foster’s curiosity is aroused and he reluctantly agrees to meet. What events unfold next reveal what is hidden in old shadows. Shadows that lead Foster to uncover what happened fifty years earlier on an infamous grassy knoll in Dallas.

Silent Epidemic

by Jill Province

Dominex Pharmaceuticals must get their new drug, Suprame, a generic for a popularly prescribed sedative on the market, or the company will go under. As time is of the essence, and the FDA will not be bought, the company is forced to conduct one last research study. They must prove through 500 study volunteers that the drug can be terminated at any time without severe side effects. But how will they achieve this when the volunteers all begin to drop like flies? And the volunteers are not the only obstacle, as Dominex finds it has some surprising adversaries.

Carol Freeman discovers her medication prison after innocently becoming part of the drug company’s deceptive plan. As she works through her devastating reality, she uncovers the horrible truth about sedatives and one pharmaceutical company that will stop at nothing to get their new drug on the market, Carol, along with 499 other volunteers, like it or not, are in for the most frightening ride of their lives.

Silent Epidemic, inspired by too many true stories, takes the reader on a wild journey. At the end of this adventure you will know the truth about the world’s best kept secret.

Bad Intentions

by Matt Lynn

Jack Borrodin has a new job.

He thinks he is just one step away from a seat on the board of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Tara Ling has a new job.

An expert in leprosy, she has been hired by Jack’s company to work on creating a vaccine against a deadly new virus.

Outwardly a respectable conglomerate, the closer to its core Jack and Tara get, the more rotten it appears. Framed for crimes they did not commit, Jack and Tara have two weeks strike back at the company that deceived them.

Unless the company strikes them down first.

‘Bad Intentions’ is a pulsating high-concept chase thriller. It is perfect for fans of Michael Crichton and John Grisham.

Matt Lynn’s thrillers have been widely praised.

‘A rattling yarn in the best traditions of the classic thriller.’ – The Times.

‘A near-perfect thriller…he wraps a big idea inside an all action plot’ – Sunday Express.

‘Brilliant, realistic and riveting; blistering front-line action’ (Chris Ryan).

‘This is a fast-paced and well-told tale of derring-do that guarantees entertainment.’ (City AM)

‘Bad Intentions’ was first published as ‘Insecurity’.

Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent digital publisher.

the CULL

by Eric J. Gates

Amy Bree’s reckless actions result in death and her dismissal from the FBI.

A visit from a mysterious priest propels her back into the fray, as she is partnered with an ex-spy, with fearsome computer skills, and tasked to hunt down and kill the serial killer known as the Blood Sucker.

Their quarry is not what they expect: old, very old, and needs blood to survive.

The body count risesâ?¦
and the hunters become the hunted!

A Ghost

by Holly Greenfield

***From the bestselling author of Parker: The Story of an Apocalypse Survivor.***

Ethel Burrows has always been certain that her boyfriend – a young American fighter-pilot – was killed during WWII.
So that can’t be him she’s seeing on a train over fifty years later, surely…

‘…I have become a big fan of Ben Stevens. He writes extremely well…’ Lloyd Tackitt, bestselling author of A DISTANT EDEN.

Unquiet Mind

by Simon M Gray

Three UK schools are attacked by child suicide bombers. The start of a vicious terrorist campaign or something more personal?

Cayden, a successful businessman, is floundering in the wake of his girlfriend’s murder two years ago (Read Blinkered). The bombings threaten to pull him under forever.

Itchy; unable to relax, enticed to Miami by Sly Williams, a Homeland Security Agent, Cayden’s attraction for her is a weakness, which she exploits to manipulate him back into the brutal world that murdered his girlfriend. Cayden journeys into the remote Peruvian jungle, protecting a young woma,whose love might just give him the answers he so desperately needs.

Unquiet Mind is an explosive sequel to Blinkered, a hot and sweaty journey of action and drama, where each page keeps you hanging on to the bitter end for the answer.

Element 17

by Adam Pilbeam

Meet Alan Parsons and his team – experts in the field of computer security. Travel with them by air, land, and sea as they defend the world against a technological terror.

Alan shuns formality and bureaucracy. Doug works within it, and regrets it. Sarah is between them both – and all three must band together to survive and stop their formidable foe.

Cooper Collection 005 (The Reunion)

by Bill Bernico

Matt’s high school reunion is coming up and he’s not really looking forward to it. That is, until one of his classmates turns up dead–and then another, and another. There seems to be a pattern, but it’s not strictly alphabetical. If Matt doesn’t find this killer soon, he’ll be the only attendee at the reunion.

The Complete Cooper series consists of 131 stories (so far).

Last Resort

by Richard DuBois

After discovering his wife’s infidelity, mild mannered adjunct professor Phillip Crane and his wife, Gwen, try to save their marriage with a trip to an upscale resort on a remote island. The tropical isle is paradise on earth, but when an EMP blast knocks out the power Phillip realizes how easily heaven can turn to hell. The stakes for Phillip rise as the resort becomes a fortress besieged by bands of murderous islanders. Within the resort, dangers mount when one of the other guests becomes a ruthless tyrant who covets Gwen for himself. Caught between brutal dictatorship and bloody anarchy, Phillip must fight alone for the woman he loves and for the light of humanity.

Death Comes Quickly (The Inspector Harper Series)

by Alan Huckerby

Detective Inspector Raymond Harper and Sergeant Elizabeth Bryant have barely finished one complex investigation when the Chief Inspector informs them that two bodies were found when the elevator doors open in a posh hotel. This sets them off on another convoluted investigation that tested their intuitive powers to the full. Within 24 hours Harper splits their team to deal with a second murder scene that seems unrelated to the first. However, as the investigations progresses, the murders converge with a common thread in the nationwide distribution of illicit drugs. Their investigations take the team of detectives to various parts of the country before they finally identify the true perpetrators behind the series of murders.

The Cooper Omnibus (99 Stories)

by Bill Bernico

I’ve been writing Matt Cooper stories since 1989. Here are the first 99 stories in one volume, with a Table Of Contents. These stories will take you through three generations of Coopers in the private eye business. It covers the period from 1934 to 2013 and Features Matt Cooper, his son Clay, his grandson, Elliott and Elliott’s wife, Gloria. Once you get to know the characters, they’ll seem like part of the family. Within these pages you’ll find murder, mystery, suspense, humor, nostalgia and good old family values.

This Cooper Omnibus consists of 131 stories (so far). These are the stories you’ll find in this volume:

1 It’s In The Bag

2 Petty Crimes

3 November Child

4 Welcome, Matt

5 The Reunion

6 Cold Cash

7 The Mother Goose Murders

8 The Condiment Killer

9 A Million To One

10 Little Matt

11 Find Her

12 Hard Bargain

13 The Case Of The Plates

14 Dead Ringer

15 The Stickup

16 You Can Bank On It

17 The Last Stop

18 Violence Is Golden

19 Surprise Package

20 The Big Sweep

21 The Home Sweet Homeless Murders

22 Guilty As Charged

23 All In The Families

24 Paper, Rock, Scissors

25 The Other Matt Cooper

26 Hit And Run

27 Officer Down

28 Double Trouble

29 Track Record

30 Love Finds Matt Cooper

31 The Plunge

32 Concrete And Clay

33 Top Of The World

34 Til Death Do Us Part

35 Not On Your Life

36 One Bad Apple

37 Even In The Best Of Homes

38 Sgt. Cooper’s Lonely Hearts Club Frame

39 The Clay Cooper Cop Killer Caper

40 Beatlemaniac

41 End Of An Era

42 Cooper Generations

43 Clay Cooper, Panhandler

44 Cooper And Partner

45 Mutiny On A Bounty

46 Witness Protection

47 Diplomatic Immunity

48 Justice Delayed

49 Two For One

50 He Put The ‘ick’ In Buick

51 Revenge Never Expires

52 Head Shot

53 A Passage From The Bible

54 Come Fly With Me

55 If Dogs Could Talk

56 Trapped Like A Rat

57 Paydirt

58 Take The Money And Run

59 Fresh-Faced Kid

60 You Ought To Be In Pictures

61 Noel

62 Classified Information

63 Heart Condition

64 Reese’s Peace

65 The Best Offense

66 Jack The Stripper

67 Room For One Less

68 The Glowing Corpse

69 All The Write Moves

70 Dead Letter

71 Playing The Rolls

72 Life Is Boring

73 Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Murder

74 The Family That Preys Together

75 Next

76 Change Of Heart

77 Road To Nowhere

78 I See You

79 Single File

80 Home, Home Within Range

81 Nothing To Sneeze At

82 Your Place Or Mine

83 Stand-In For Murder

84 Auction

85 Nut Job

86 The Next Great Adventure

87 The Friendly Skies

88 The Not-So-Private Eye

89 The Hollister Story

90 Hell Is Other People

91 By Hooker By Crook

92 Separated At Birth

93 Bleeding Heart

94 Baby Steps

95 That First Step

96 Oscar Night

97 Second Chance

98 California Or Bust

99 It’s Worth A Shot

Cooper Collection 004 (Welcome, Matt)

by Bill Bernico

The body wasn’t even cold when I walked in and found it there, slumped over my desk. The hall light shone through the frosted glass door, filtering through the lettering as it cast an eerie shadow over the corpse. The shadows spelled out “Matt Cooperâ??Investigations” across the body. The room was dark except for the gooseneck desk lamp. It was knocked over on the desk, its bulb pointing upward, illuminating the ceiling.

I drew my .45 automatic and quickly looked around the room, closing the door behind me. The office was undisturbed except for the bottom right desk drawer. It was completely out of the desk and lying upside down on its contents.

The window to the fire escape was open and the evening breeze blew the blinds back and forth, rattling them as they swayed. Several of the slats were bent backwards. It was hot. It was August. And it was nearly midnight.

And thus begins the first Matt Cooper story in the series. There are several more stories in this series about my 1940s L.A. detective It was written first but appears 4th in line, after three prequels.

Cooper Collection 003 (November Child)

by Bill Bernico

Hollywood is a town of predator and prey. The studio heads, casting directors and agents make up the lion’s share of the predators. Their prey generally consists of the droves of naive would-be stars that arrive daily from all over the country hoping to make it big in show business. I normally don’t concern myself with either group. Today is the exception.

It was nine o’clock on a Wednesday morning in September and I’d already finished two cups of coffee and was pouring a third when the door to my outer office opened and closed again. As I sat in my swivel chair, the door to my inner office opened and a middle-aged woman stood facing me from across the desk. I didn’t bother standing. I pointed to the chair across from me with my coffee cup and invited the woman to take a seat.

Matt Cooper’s latest client is a worried mother from Wisconsin, whose daughter has come to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune–and now she’s missing.

This is one of several stories featuring my 1940s L.A. detective, Matt Cooper. I wrote this particular Matt Cooper story from my personal experience of having been an extra in a Hollywood movie called, “November Children.” That was the movie’s working title. It was eventually released with the title, “Nightmare County.” Check it out at

The Matt Cooper series consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Extraordinary Retribution

by Erec Stebbins

“STARTLINGLY DARK” -San Francisco/Sacramento Book Reviews

Sometimes evil is not born of madness, but madness of evil.

The Priest. Betrayed by church and state. The Whore. Punished for the crimes of a nation. The Wraith. Now, there will be payback, and it will shake the foundations of American democracy.

Follow CIA agent Sara Houston and Catholic priest Francisco Lopez as they pursue the killers of his brother. What they will find will uncover the darkest secrets of Washington.

But their hunt is not alone. As they uncover a conspiracy deep in the intelligence community, they discover that someone else is pursuing the same subjects: a killer bent on a revenge so terrible, it is only matched by the crimes committed against him.

In the end, no one escapes unscathed, no beliefs will go unchallenged, and no wrong will escape the terrible, final, and extraordinary retribution.



Death Is the New Sleep

by Hollis Seamon

Hollis Seamon’s story, “Death Is the New Sleep,” won the 2009 Al Blanchard Award. This is a crime story with a twist about the good neighbor who takes it upon herself to investigate what happened to a mysterious drowning victim. What dangers await at the fancy, but strange sleep-deprivation clinic by the lake where the investigation leads her? Seamon spins a chilling, spellbinding tale in this crime mystery story with a surprising twist.

Bill’s Christmas

by Michael Dority

Bill reflects on the holidays, life and various other irrelevancies.

Cooper Collection 001 (It’s In The Bag)

by Bill Bernico

This story takes place in 1944, two years before Matt leaves the L.A.P.D. to start his own investigations business. He and Sergeant Dan Hollister are on patrol when they get a call about a dead woman hanging by her heels from a fire escape. The murderer was easy to catch–he was asleep in that same building. Finding the murder weapon, however, proves to be a little more of a challenge for Matt and Dan.

The Matt Cooper collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Experiment 43

by Tony Raimen

This book is a novelette, perfect for forty minutes read.

“Have you ever asked yourself, 43, â??How do I know that anyone else is real?’ Look at me. Think. Do I think in the same way that you do? Is there a voice in my head that whispers my thoughts, that sees through my eyes, and lets the vibrations of the air echo through my ears and into my mind? Or are you the only one? Maybe you are special, the only person with consciousness.”

Praise for Experiment 43:

“Experiment 43 really caught my attention and made me read it all in one sitting. This is great for people that want a bite-sized novel with an actual plot and thrilling storyline.” – Amazon review.

“After reading so many books which pretty much rehash the same plot over and over again, it was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon this novelette.” – Amazon review.

Cooper Collection 002 (Petty Crimes)

by Bill Bernico

The time is 1945, the place is Hollywood. Matt Cooper is still a policeman and owning his own private eye business is still a year off. He and Dan Hollister are investigating a series of murders who’s victims were all guilty of the same thing–petty crimes. Of all the stories I’ve ever written, I like the ending of this one the best.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Broken Harmony: 1 (Charles Patterson Mysteries)

by Roz Southey

In Newcastle upon Tyne in the 1730s, life is not easy for an impoverished musician. For Charles Patterson, violinist, harpsichord player, composer and would-be church organist, it’s about to get a whole lot harder. First he is accused of stealing a valuable book. Then a cherished violin belonging to his flamboyant rival, Henri le Sac, disappears, rapidly followed by le Sac himself. And when the young apprentice he inherited from his rival is gruesomely murdered, Patterson starts to feel out of his depth. Strange goings-on at the home of capricious Lady Anne leave him in fear for his health and sanity, and the lady’s cousin, Esther Jerdoun, seems to be trying to warn him about something. The mystery deepens as the death toll mounts and it becomes clear that things are not quite as they appear â?¦

Summer Storm

by Janice Hoskins

After graduating from college, Summer Storm plans to pursue her greatest ambition, a career in Television Broadcasting. She put her social life on hold while dedicating time to her studies and is now ready to find that special love to complete her life. She wants one like her mom and sister have but isn’t sure she can make that kind of connection with anyone.
Summer has no idea her perfect, happy life thus far is about to abruptly become a nightmare. When she accidentally discovers the victim of a deranged killer, she has no way of knowing she will become his intended victim. After one failed attempt on her life, and with friends and co-eds missing, Summer must face the obviousâ?¦she is the killer’s main target. She relies on her profound inner strength and determination and vows she can protect herself. But can she? Can anyone? Who’s smart enough to find the killer and stop him? Join author, Janice Hoskins, as she takes you through the suspenseful twists and turns of her debut novel, Summer Storm.

The Faustian Equation

by Tim Neilson

The Faustian Equation is a novel about a scientist who uncovers secret research into a new energy source which has alien and religious elements. The scientist Daniel Page becomes curious about why a colleague would lie about misappropriating funds. His investigation reveals links to Russian organzed crime and this mystical new energy source. It is written in a mystery-adventure style not unlike a Dan Brown novel. It is a well written page-turner!

Death in Perspective

by Joan Lock

At first Berry Hill seemed the perfect place to house-sit. Jenny would be able to put the past behind her as she painted watercolours of the beautiful garden, while Robin sought that elusive job. But the house proves very isolated and all is not right. Why is one of the bedrooms locked? Where is the owner’s wife? And why does the aggravating Detective Sergeant Bridgeman pester Jenny about a missing schoolgirl? Bridgeman’s ever-expanding enquiries lead to a dodgy photographer, a seedy animal sanctuary, a clothes-conscious headmistress – and his old enemy, Rolls, an acid-tongued barrister on whom the tables are now turned. Jenny’s fears grow as strange and threatening events wreck her rural idyll, culminating in a heart-stopping climax.

A former nurse and policewoman, Joan Lock is the author of eleven non-fiction police/crime books, including three on Scotland Yard’s first detectives. She has also written a history of the British women police – a subject on which she is an authority – as well as radio plays and documentaries. Her crime fiction includes short stories and eight novels, one modern and seven Victorian featuring the charismatic Detective Sergeant Ernest Best.

‘This is an intriguing and puzzling mystery, with many twists and turns that hold the reader.’ Mystery Women

‘I couldn’t put it down. Highly recommended autumnal read’

London Police Pensioner

lost in the city

by stuart jones

The most vicious and sadistic killer in Chicago’s history is on the loose during the winter of 1984! Leaving no clues and seemingly killing at random, the Chicago p.d are locked in a race against time to stop him before he kills again. Set against the backdrop of one of the worst winters ever in Chicago, Lost in the city draws you into the story of a young cop, Sam Carter, and his seasoned partner, Frank Miller, as they decide to take it upon themselves to catch the killer. Little do they realise it will force them to battle not only the elements but also the entire Chicago pd as well as their own personal demons! Violent and disturbing, set in real locations and events from the time, this is a story of two men as they are pushed further than they ever thought possible.

A Measure of Darkness

by CB Barrie

Even seasoned, soulless assassins have their weaknesses.
Not discounting isolation and an austere lifestyle they have to make contact with the world sometime and the ability to coldly pull a trigger does not absolve them from all the flaws and frailties of ordinary men. What draws them to make a kill can always be turned against them, whether through patriotism, gain, gullibility or simply revenge.
Peter Fellows, a long time government assassin, has scruples – he believes in what he does. But when, long after the event, he finds out he was tricked into carrying out a private hit by a police detective he arranges a lethal reprisal for the man responsible. Unbeknown to him he becomes responsible for murdering two husbands of the same woman and as his life unfolds a conspiracy of circumstances throws him into her company. What ensues leads him into a quagmire of circumstances, made all the more of a dilemma by the fact that for the first time in his life he could be sacrificing love and contentment; an aspiration that can only be bought by shedding more blood.

MORE SPACE MORE TIME (Contemporary Thriller Fiction)

by Ashlyn Rina

MORE SPACE MORE TIME – Contemporary Thriller Fiction

I wrote this psychological thriller fiction with the intent of presenting action on a scale that would blow readers’ minds. The idea that with a gun to your head, the thriller of the body becomes the thriller of the mind. In order to showcase the main character’s unique situation I had to create a villain who held all the power and was prepared to abuse it. In a thriller, we as readers don’t always agree with the actions of the protagonist, but we know that in a pinch, we’d want them on our side. Going on a journey with these extraordinary people who can bend time to their will, we find that the highest stakes in a thrillers are keeping the things you love from being stolen.


by Robert Fallin

Three short mystery novellas/short stories chronicling important cases by Detective Nate Bradley

The Rap(p)er

by Sofia Quintero

“You know you ain’t Rakim or Nas or nobody like that, but you can spit a little. Your last two albums did a’ight, but you’ve heard rumblings that if the next one doesn’t blow up – the last one you owe under your current contract – the label’s gonna drop you.”

And so begins THE RAP(P)ER, a choose-your-own-adventure for adults who like their fiction gritty. Inspired by the Rick Ross rape lyric controversy of April 2013, this is the first in a series of interactive ebooks by the author of EXPLICIT CONTENT, PICTURE ME ROLLIN’ and BURN. You just don’t read THE RAP(P)ER, you play it.

Get in the head of recording artist desperate for a hit, and influence the outcome of the story. Compare and discuss your choices and outcomes with those of your friends. Play it at your next dinner party or study group and let the debate begin!

THE RAP(P)ER is also a great tool for educators who like to use or examine hip-hop with their students. It’s not only entertaining, it’s provocative. Use it to spark conversations about current events, increase critical thinking and demonstrate life skills such as decision-making. The ebook is suitable for upper high school students and older.

Determined to write edgy yet intelligent novels for women who love hip hop even when hip-hop fails to love them in return, Sofía Quintero wrote her debut novel EXPLICIT CONTENT under the pen name Black Artemis. Booklist said of her debut, “Fans of Sister Souljah’s The Coldest Winter Ever will find this debut novel just as tantalizing. . .”

Since then Sofia has authored four more novels and almost twice as many short stories and novellas including her award-winning young adult debut EFRAIN’S SECRET (Knopf 2010.) She recently earned an MFA in writing and producing TV at the TV Writers Studio of Long Island University and contributed the children’s anthology WHAT YOU WISH FOR, the proceeds of which go to build libraries for Darfuri children in Chad. Her journalistic writings have been published in Urban Latino, New York Post, Ms., Cosmopolitan for Latinas and El Diario/La Prensa.

As an educator, she is a writing mentor at Urban Word NYC, a teaching artist at the National Book Foundation’s reading program BookUpNYC and the co-publisher of the hip-hop feminist curriculum Conscious Women Rock the Page. Sofia was nominated for the Women’s Media Center Social Media Award in 2010 and is completing her next young adult novel SHOW AND PROVE.

You can learn more about Sofia at or follow her on Twitter at @sofiaquintero

Uncovering Secrets

by Pam Garlick

Barbara’s life was drastically changed after he police officer husband was killed in the line of duty. Yet once the formality of a police officer’s funeral was over, she returned to life has she’d known it. She’d go to work each day at the law office where she had worked most her life, and return home again each evening. The difference was, Kent was no longer there to share it, and the dreams they’d once had of filling the home with children were lost forever.

After two years it was her pastor who suggested she make a change. He’d insisted it would be healthy for her to do something entirely different with her life. She thought little of the suggestion until Ken’s partner on the police force told her he was leaving the force and opening a security and private investigation agency. He wanted her to manage his office.

Barbara agreed, thinking that simple change might be just what she needed. Except there was nothing simple about it. For the next several months it was one chaotic mishap after another. It might have been worthy of a sit-com based on their story, if it all hadn’t been so sadly insane.

But was this craziness exactly what Barbara needed? Her life would indeed never be the same.

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