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Bringing up Boys of Character: 12 Core Virtues Decoded for ages 4-9

by Joshua Kissee

What should every boy learn before he becomes a man? Within each boy, a core of character virtues must be developed. Decode these virtues while improving the relationship with your son and build his character through practical tips, lessons, activities, events, and spending time together.

Bringing up Boys of Character: 12 Core Virtues Decoded for ages 4-9 will give parents the tools needed to start building your son into a man before he enters the pre-teen and teen years. Get started today!

The Line, the Itch and the Rabbit Hole

by David Jester

The Line, the Itch and the Rabbit Hole is the memoir of David Jester: a child with Tourette’s Syndrome, a young teenager with depression and an adolescent addicted to drugs and alcohol.

A humorous autobiography charting 11 difficult years, beginning with his first tic aged 7 and spanning an adolescence of addiction, illness and self destruction. A dark and funny memoir that chronicles a wide range of difficult experiences including Tourette’s Syndrome, Borderline Personality Disorder, Dystonia, drugs (dealing and using) suicide attempts and a stay in a psychiatric hospital.

Christmas Ideas

by Wayne Evans

Christmas Ideas brings you the back story to many of the traditions we hear about and use today. The Christmas ideas you find in this book will inspire you to rejoice and celebrate in style.

Have you ever wondered how Christmas carols became popular…or indeed the Christmas tree? Christmas Ideas will tell you.

The Christmas season is about celebrating joy with family, spending time together, giving gifts and creating memories and traditions that will last for a lifetime and be passed down for generations to follow. Unfortunately, in today’s world Christmas has become synonymous with only the materialistic aspect of gift giving and food.

Christmas Ideas supports and celebrates the true values of Christmas. It is filled with Christmas ideas and highlights how fulfillment can be achieved… even on a budget.

One of the family focused Christmas ideas is the Advent Calendar and/or Advent Wreath. The Calendar and/or wreath can be one the first Christmas decoration you start with on December 1st. Both will start your holiday season with excitement and style.

Of course one the best decorating Christmas ideas is the Christmas tree. You will learn the legends and history of this extraordinarily versatile holiday symbol. No matter what your budget may be, Christmas Ideas will give you lots of Christmas tree decorating ideas. If you have ever wondered why Christmas tree decorations vary so much, you will find the Christmas tree section fascinating reading.

When it comes to Christmas ideas for decorating the home and food presentation, you will find The Holy Plants Of Christmas section extremely enlightening and educational.

The section on Christmas Carols offers enchanting glimpses of old world Christmas celebrations.

Sending and receiving Christmas cards was one of the best Christmas ideas for keeping in touch with family and friends during the holiday season. Over the years that tradition has fallen out of favor. When you read about the history of the Christmas card, you will want to go out and buy a box of cards to send this year.

One of the best Christmas ideas is for you to grab your favorite beverage and curl up on a sofa. Call the family and children to join you while you read the section on Santa Claus of the North Pole, His Elves and His Reindeer’s to them. You will find references of when Santa started living at the North Pole, his secret home, a litany of names he goes by and insight to his elves and Reindeer’s. You will even find a list of Santa’s master Elves and their duties along with an unknown list for his Reindeer’s and their unique traits and duties.

If you have a sweet tooth, you will enjoy the Christmas idea and time honored tradition of decorating with and serving candy.

The history of Christmas Legends is detailed and makes for a very interesting read. One of the most interesting legends is the history of Christingle. Christmas Ideas is about finding the real meaning of our historical Christmas celebrations and teaching us new ones.

Finally, it suggests FUN and interesting activities to do with your children, so that you make this exciting time of year…their best ever! Be sure to print out the colorful pages in the back of the book for the children in your life to use. The template for a letter to Santa is priceless. You will also find links to various websites full of Christmas ideas to share during the holiday season.

Evans decided to present the best Christmas idea last – Make a list of 31 things you find in this book or the websites mentioned, that you can do with your children and family. Cut out each item. Have the children and/or family make their own Advent Calendar by pasting one thing to do on each of the days leading up to Christmas and afterward. Don’t miss out when it comes to family and creating some of the Christmas ideas you have found in this book. You will be creating traditions that will last and life time and be handed down to generations to come. What a

Your Perfect Marriage – How to Create Happiness, Passion and Fulfillment in Your Marriage Every Day (Secrets to a Happy Marriage, Making Your Marriage Work, Marriage Counseling)

by Susan Downing

Your Perfect Marriage – How to Create Happiness, Passion and Fulfillment in Your Marriage Every Day

For a limited time only, get this ebook for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how you can have the ideal married life that a lot of couples strive to achieve. Each chapter represents and expounds on a specific strategy which can help you be happy and fulfilled in, as well as passionate about, your marriage. At the heart of this book is a simple realizationâ??that you and your partner are still different individuals who have chosen to live the rest of your lives together. Hence, you have to work on yourself and your relationship constantly to achieve the ideal marriage.

This eBook caters to and will benefit all couples, whether you are newlyweds still in the “honeymoon phase” or you have been together for years, and whether you believe that your marriage is perfect or you are having problems at the moment.

Download your copy today!

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Sating the Preta: A Memoir about Emotional Abuse and Recovery from Complex PTSD

by Lily Scot

Complex PTSD from emotional abuse is an unreported epidemic in the United States. Lily Scot’s “Sating the Preta” reveals the intricacies of this disorder through a personal account written in terms easily understood by trauma victims and their loved ones in finding recovery from its effects.

According to Scot, in our increasingly anxious society, all of us are vulnerable to Complex PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) as more of us experience psychological trauma first and second hand. For most of us, these are not shocking or violent headline-creating incidents. They are subtle moments of terror first felt by us in childhood that open us to risk and further emotional abuse in adulthood. Out of this Complex PTSD we learn reactions and behaviors we use in a psychotic merry-go-round of avoiding or confronting new terrors. Too many of us are the product of emotional abuse and Complex PTSD, and too many others its unwitting cause.

In Sating the Preta: A Memoir about Emotional Abuse and Recovery from Complex PTSD, Scot illustrates the development and characteristics of Complex PTSD through a personal story that translates the disorder into an understandable and treatable problem rather than the unrelieved craziness that victims feel and loved ones witness. Both can then more comfortably set themselves on a journey toward recovery, one perhaps similar to the transformation experienced by Scot.

This compelling memoir explores the first years of Scot’s life from 1950 to 1980 – three decades of intense cultural change during which perilous and harmful as well as gratifying and amusing personal events inspire her erratic journey and transformation. Scot evolves her story through satisfying vignettes offering vibrant impressions of a poignant early childhood, a painful and silent adolescence, a young adulthood fraught with rage and self-destruction and finally an emerging maturity of compassion, forgiveness and remarkable intuition. She writes in an emotional, but not self-involved manner, her self-deprecations often as amusing as her observations are sharp and enduring.

This story also suggests that in these troubled times we all become more accepting of each other and more insightful, forgiving and kinder in our judgment of what motivates those we meet. Their behavior may just be a reflection of the tremendous chaos fermenting in their soul from influences over which they had no control.

Author Lily Scot has been working professionally in public relations for 30 years, primarily for non-profit human service organizations. This is her first book.

“Trauma is too often labeled as rape, beatings, torture, restraint and captivity,” says Scot. “I think most trauma is far less dramatic. It’s emotional manipulation, verbal assault, sexual harassment and molestation, intimidation, workplace abuse, and other non-violent trauma too tolerated by society. I didn’t even know I’d been through emotional abuse until diagnosed with Complex PTSD. If I’d known my very painful feelings were a treatable consequence of psychological trauma that wasn’t my fault, I would have found relief and led a healthier life at a younger age than my current 63 years. I wrote Sating the Preta hoping young women and men experiencing feelings such as extreme anxiety and depression would relate to my story and seek help sooner.”

“A fascinating memoir told by a trauma survivor growing up in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s- during the era of transition and change for many women. Follow Lily’s growth from her childhood through young adulthood as she feels the effects of trauma and eventually finds her voice and her power. An inspirational story of resiliency!”

â?¦ Ellen Bressler-Wakesberg LCSW-R

Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in trauma

An Afternoon with Aunt Viv

by TK Carter

After the death of her father, Jade visits her Aunt Viv in search of any truth behind the rumors in town. Jade discovers more than she bargained for when she finds herself face-to-face with Maggie, the woman who nearly destroyed their family years earlier.

(Short Story)

Toothy Toothalamew Gives Her First Valentines Egg (Toothy Toothalamew Everyday)

by Kirk Arsenault

Toothy is excited for Valentines Day and can’t wait to go to the store with her dad to pick out the Valentines. But as so many parents with limited time, he puts it off until the Monday…the day before Valentines. To his surprise, the store is sold out and they are forced to do the unthinkable….crafts! Together Toothy and her dad overcome these hurdles in a story that might be all too common to us parents! And in the end I actually shed a tear while writing this;)

Buffalo West

by Herbert Hilliard

Buffalo West is a tale of two army scouts and the two women whom they meet accidently and take as mates. The outcome is unexpected and is sure to stimulate the reader’s imagination. The settings for the book is in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. This book by the author is imaginative and inspiring and is sure to be a treasure to anyone’s book collection.

The Ten Steps to Becoming a Successful Parent Book

by Eric Berg M.ed

Learn how to become a successful parent in less twenty minutes. You can easy memorizes these ten steps and ingrain in you mind. Really this all you need know and your children will obey you.

ANDREW’S ACHIEVEMENT (Short Stories – Social Issues)

by Audrey Austin

This short story is about elder abuse. Andrew is a widower confined to a wheelchair. His son, Tom, has forgotten how to treat his father with respect. An alcoholic, he torments his father and demands money. Andrew is his son’s victim but one day he decides enough is enough.

Surviving My Own Infidelity: Five Good Women Tell-All About Why They Had an Affair

by Evelyn Jacobs

Infidelity and affairs are certainly nothing new when it comes to problems that arise in marriage. Cheating has been a point of contention ever since the institution of marriage began centuries ago.

But if someone told you that a marriage was in trouble because an affair was involved, or because one of the spouses cheated, what would the stereotypical assumption be? …Most people would just assume that it was the man who stepped outside the marriage, right?

Well, the majority of the time that’s actually true – no surprise there.

But it may not be as BIG of a majority as some people think!

Recent studies say that men have affairs about 20% of the time, while women step out on about 15% of marriages, and that number appears to be growing.

There aren’t that many books to be found on real-life female infidelity stories and why women cheat. So the publisher of this anthology thought it would be interesting to publish an ad for female freelance writers willing to contribute their infidelity stories to this project. The following are the true stories of five separate authors (all writing under assumed pen names), giving five separate accounts as to why they stepped out on their respective marriages. Maybe a story or two will sound familiar to the lives of some readers of this book. But a story or two may also have some pretty surprising elements and outcomes to many of you.

Come along while these lady authors share their fascinating tell-all accounts. They each finish their respective stories by sharing the lessons they learned, whether or not they continued their relationship with the other man (or men) in the affair, whether or not they were likely to do it again, and finally, if they decided to go back and try (successfully or not) to save their marriages.

Our hope and expectation is that the lessons our authors learned from their own infidelity experiences will prove just as valuable to you, their reader, as they ultimately were to themselves.

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