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Haiku Reflections II (Haiku Reflections: The Four Seasons)

by Geraldine Helen Hartman

Take a break from the stress and hectic pace of everyday life to enjoy the captivating verse in: Haiku Reflections II. The Four Seasons

A new collection of 120 haiku poems in the Haiku Reflections series, that continues to explore and celebrate the wonder and unique beauty of each of the four seasons.

Each poem captures the essence of a seasonal experience or observation, written in the haiku poetry form of 3 lines and 17 syllables.

Here’s what readers are saying about:

Geraldine Helen Hartman’s, Haiku Reflections series:

“Ms. Hartman captures the essence of what our eyes and minds too often dismiss: a weathered gazebo, lemonade, a thunderstorm, rain, a mop and bucket, a bridge, or a simple act of kindness.” William Hammett, author of John Lennon and the Mercy Street Café

“Haiku Reflections is a light hearted collection of modern-style haiku. With themes that exist within seasons, alight with spirited punctuation, the language and moments of reflection are beautiful, gentle, and occasionally whimsical.” Glenn Lyvers, Haiku Journal

“Exquisitely written poetry that will wash over your inner most being with a cascade of nature’s colours. Haiku Reflections by Geraldine Hartman will nourish your spirit through every season and inspire you to live each day with purpose and gratitude. A beautiful gift.” Cam M., a reader from BC, Canada

“I confess, I don’t know much about the art of haiku, but I do know a lot about words, and Geraldine Hartman uses them in spare, but beautiful, combinations to evoke a whole host of seasonal images and emotions. You wouldn’t think a mere three lines–just 17 syllables–could say so much, but if chosen wisely, they certainly can.” Marcia Meara, author of Wake Robin Ridge

Dazed & Amazed

by Ashley Elgindy

“A Personal Journey Through Poems, Music Lyrics, Thoughts & Monologues of a Professional Dreamer “

“Character is defined by what you do when people aren’t watching”

“Dazed and Amazed ” takes us through a lifetime of observations and feelings. Wrong turns and lost loves, and a life that I was and still am desperately trying to gain control of…

Ë?Ë?Ë? The past must be dealt with in the best way possible, then you must find a way to move on without guilt…

” In a life full of Isolation and Torment, there must be no Regrets, no Complaints and no Excuses”.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Pain Carcass

by Zagraw Geist

Pain is a motivating factor in human existence. There would be no drive forward without its lingering presence. Without it, we would have no need for art. Without it we would have no need for love. Pain Carcass is a literal grimoire of verse concerning painful topics, sometimes embedded with the darkest of humor.

Please take Mr. Geist’s hand as he shows you his spiritual metamorphosis since birth, along with various other musings on life, death, sadness and hate.

Tony Holkham : The Sonnets

by Tony Holkham

This is another of Tony Holkham’s many books available (sometimes FREE) from Amazon/Kindle – to see them all, click on the author’s name below the title or visit

Tony’s books range from business writing and private writing tuition to consumer advice; from the countryside to spring-cleaning; from World War 1 to fiction, verse and real-life drama.

Tony has been writing verse for more than 30 years, and in that time has created 52 sonnets which are here in this little book.

The traditional rhyming sonnet of 14 lines of 10 syllables each is falling out of fashion despite the fact that some of Shakespeare’s sonnets are among the best-loved poems in the English language. Tony’s simple efforts are, he hopes, a way to keep the skill alive and encourage others to take up the craft. He believes the simple sonnet is a superb way of encapsulating a single, important idea into a few memorable lines.

This is Tony’s first book of poetry to be published and he is working on another. As well as his published books he has contributed numerous stories, articles, essays and letters to a wide range of periodicals.

Love and Romance (An Anthology of Poetry)

by Tom Benson

A collection of 60 poems featuring love and romance. Included are: emotional scenes, bitter-sweet, tender and intimate moments between lovers.

The rhymes in this volume examine a variety of the emotions experienced by lovers. Some are insight, based on the first-hand knowledge of the author, but they have not been highlighted.

Poems in the Key E

by Bukar Gadzama

Poems in the Key E is a collection of didactic poems that focuses on a message of faith in God and self-improvement. It also contains some tribute poems.
The poems found therein seek to provide encouragement for those who are down and also seek to provide guidance through words of wisdom derived from life-lessons from the personal experience of the author.

Inertia: A poetry film sequence and other selected poems

by Daniel Paul Gilbert

Inertia is a series of poems that follow the day of a man in his seemingly monotonous and routine life. It’s a story of unrequited love and escaping mundanity. Also features selected poems from Daniel Paul Gilbert.

All about loving … you.

by Bukar Gadzama

“All about loving … you” is a collection of love poems that highlights a love relationship from inception, to marriage, to “forever after”.


by TA Poetry

How I got here is not really certain, and I wanted clarity on the passage that brought me here. I did not lose the source of joy but the jar to carry it, and life now becomes the pathway to something different, something out of the ordinary and it challenges every iota of reasoning within me. If I could persuade her to walk a mile with me, I might never have to write about how I disregarded everything that seemed prudent. It really wasn’t a tale of right or wrong, I suppose it was an allegory of passion and despair

The Confessions of a Christian. Book 5.

by Sergey Streltsov

Christian poetry by Russian author. Neoclassicism.

Diary of a tortured genius

by Bukar Gadzama

“Diary of a tortured genius” is a collection of introspective poems dealing with various themes ranging from feelings of despair to the affirmation of faith in God.

Forever Love, Tree Evergreen

by Janice Mansfield

Poems of Spring. The Springtime of the world, of life.

The mystery and the power of love, the exquisite beauty of nature.

Celebrate with me the miracle of birth, joy of motherhood.

The storyteller, life’s true colours, the joy and the pain, light and darkeness.

Identity – A Collection Of 50 Poems

by Brendan Stoneham

A short collection of poetry, written by Brendan Stoneham. There are 50 poems total, dealing with a variety of subjects including depression, love and the meaning of identity.


by Stephanie Caraballo

A original collection of poetry, written by a city girl. Born, and raised in the Bronx, New York. Living in a urban community, the author always perfered writing poetry as a hobby. Now as an adult, she has made it her mission, to fulfill her dream to became an successful writer. All poems are based on true events.

Prison of Light

by Donald Steckler

The author’s life has been partly an expatriate after its beginning in California, in New York at Columbia College and Law School and in Germany and Italy; but now it’s squeezed into a box, fittingly, as his life has been so squeezed. In his own words he has “posted â??No’ in all the stalls of heaven” and a “no trespassing” sign for those who believe that they command God’s bounty and blessing. His art has been a translation of the fugue and the arabesque; and in practice, an exercise in constant revision. He leaves it to the reader to discover in the name of what and whom are its praises and curses.

Savage Poetry No. 1 (Salvaged Poetry)

by r wesley edwards

A selection of 8 poems by r wesley edwards.

These were thought lost long ago.

The Tame Phrase At Play

by Nicolas Guy Williams

The Preludes was an attempt to follow an evolutionary direction in the thought; image and music of the style of my poetry and writing and to move into ever
deeper philosophical images and concepts , I treat the entire group of collections that I call The Preludes as an ocean of words, whereas I have often treated the entire group of collections that came before it (collectively known as The Excanto) as a city of words. So I would describe (as the writer) all of The Preludes collections as an ocean of words dotted with the occasional island or rocky outcrop, where it is quite possible that the next group of collections to come after this one will rise out of this sea like a new continent to explore, hence the collective name for the group The preludes “Both Musical & the thing that comes first before the next but gently hints at what is to come”

In the previous volume : Floating across the ocean of words one finds various small islands full of ruins, which tell of the wrestle and struggle to catch and tame the elusive flocks and herds and shoals of wild phrases which inhabit this strange ocean.

In this Volume : when the wild phrases have been caught, tamed, branded, farmed …. they like to play in the fields the inner child of every adult might find their play to sound something like this ….

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