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Latin Vulgate Bible: Matthew to Revelation (SPQR Study Guides)

by St Jerome

This new edition of the Latin Vulgate Bible is the perfect study guide for students looking to tackle the text. Each verse is presented individually, first in its original Vulgate Latin, then in the Douay-Rheims English translation. The Douay-Rheims was selected because it most closely mimics the Vulgate’s Latin, helping students gain a clearer understanding of how the two fit together.

But what makes this edition so special is that each passage is followed by the running Latin vocabulary in the order used in that chapter, with each word presented in its root form alongside a comprehensive English translation – never again will you have to struggle through unknown words or difficult conjugations. This unique feature allows readers of all levels to understand even the most complicated parts of the Bible in its original Latin.

This book also features a multi-level table of contents, to help you navigate to any verse in the Bible in just three taps – select a book, then a chapter, then a verse, and you’re done.

Due to the size of this work, it’s available in five parts: the Pentateuch (Genesis to Deuteronomy), the Historical Books (Joshua to 2 Maccabees), the Sapiental Books (Job to Sirach), the Prophetic Books (Isaiah to Malachi), and the New Testament (Matthew to Revelation).

The A to Zen of Writing

by Kathrin Lake

“A marvelous book that will help any writer or aspiring author.” The A to Zen of Writing includes gives a daily motivator to write. It includes inspiring reflections on writing, quotes from famous authors, and challenging brainstorm questions for the reader to answer about themselves and their writing. There are no wrong answers. From author, Kathrin Lake (Writing with Cold Feet).

Combining the inspiration of books like Walking on Alligators with the basic child’s alphabet book, The A to Zen of Writing is simple, poetic, and yet as challenging as it is inspiring. A fun, must-have book for any writer.

A is for Authenticity… (Read more)

101 Fiction Writing Tips

by Quentin Cope

Fiction writing is thought by many would be authors to be the most popular published genre and therefore perhaps the best to be aiming at when considering a writing career.

Current best estimates are that in 2016, published books will double in number from all of those in existence at the end of 2011. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get two knowledgeable individuals to agree on what that figure is in reality.

However, one reasonably sound statistic is the percentage of fiction and non-fiction publications now produced annually in the English language. The current estimates are around 30% for fiction and 70% for non-fiction.

So, the lesson to learn there then, is that you may stand a considerably better chance of success as a writer by putting together a book of your grandmother’s best apple pie secrets than attempting the possibly thankless task of coming face to face with the prospect of writing a novel â?¦ a work of fiction â?¦ a work of fantasy, a work that will need to find a particular audience.

This book is not an answer to that quandary and neither does it offer any form of guarantee to you as a potential author. What is does provide however, is a list of 101 tips of advice and reference to the writer who simply wants’ to â??get on with the job!’ These offerings are provided from personal experience of both the self-publishing and traditional publishing routes.

They are collected together in this short book format with the sole aim of supplying you, the potential writer of fantastic fiction, with a series of easy to absorb statements and explanations written in a language that is uncomplicated and to the point. Hopefully, some or much of it will afford you the help and assistance you may be looking for and therefore energize you in the pursuit of your writing projects.

Good Luck â?¦.

101 Players – 101 Facts: The Pittsburgh Steelers Edition

by Mark Peters

Looking for Pittsburgh Steelers trivia?

Want to find out info like:

-Who threw the first touchdown pass in Chiefs franchise history?

-Who was the first quarterback Chiefs’ great Neil Smith ever sacked?

-Who set the record for the most times being sacked in a season in Kansas City Chiefs history at 49 times? What quarterback then came along and came just one sack away from tying the record?

-What opposing team did Chiefs running back Herman Heard gain more yards against than any other?

-Dustin Colquitt set a Chiefs record for longest punt in team history in 2007. How far did it go? Who held the record before him?

-What team did Donnie Avery have his first 100 yard game against as a Chiefs player? How many 100 yard games did he have before joining Kansas City?

-Who did Chiefs quarterback Elvis Grback throw his first touchdown pass after joining the Chiefs?

-In between Abner Haynes and Marcus Allen, what Chiefs running back held the record for most career rushing touchdowns in team history?

-Who had the very first 1,000 yard receiving season in Kansas City Chiefs history?

Then check out: 101 Players – 101 Facts: The Pittsburgh Steelers Edition!

101 Players – 101 Facts: The Pittsburgh Steelers Edition is loaded with some great hard to find information about one of the National Football League’s great teams. The Steelers have had some great players over the years like Franco Harris, Ben Roethlisberger, Mean Joe Greene, Terry Bradshaw, Louis Lipps, Troy Polamalu, Donnie Shell, Jack Lambert, Hines Ward, John Stallworth, Gary Anderson, Ike Taylor, Tunch Ilkin, Jack Ham, Jerome Bettis, Lynn Swann, Heath Miller, and more. These players and many more, some just as famous and some you may not have thought of in a very long time, are all featured here.

101 Players… 101 Facts!

Explore the Pittsburgh Steelers by learning interesting information about over 100 of the great players who have played for the team.

If you’re looking for Pittsburgh Steelers trivia? 101 Players – 101 Facts: The Pittsburgh Steelers Edition just may be for you!

Kids A – Z. Fun Learning New English Words…

by Natasha Lorena

Kids A – Z. Fun Learning New English Words.


It is fun to learn the English language playing with new adjectives, nouns and verbs. Learn to read with photos and have fun!

It is easy.


The large brown spotted puppy dog jumped over the high wire fence and caught the tiny fluffy white kitten.


Supplies required: one pencil and paper to fill in the blanks.

Just guess which letters are missing. ..easy…

800 Things You May Not Know About The Seattle Seahawks

by Mark Peters

Are you a fan of Seattle Seahawks trivia?

Check out 800 Things You May Not Know About The Seattle Seahawks!

Find out things like:

-What did the Seahawks trade to what other team so that they could receive eventual Hall of Fame wide receiver Steve Largent in 1976?

-Who was the first opposing team that the Seattle Seahawks would defeat a total of 20 or more times in their history?

-In what year did the Seahawks retire jersey number 12 in honor of their fans, the “12th Man”?

-Who was the first Seahawks player to catch 10 or more passes in one game?

-What college teammate did Seahawks quarterback Rick Mirer share the 1993 Offensive Rookie of the Year Award with?

-Who was the first NFL running back to pass the 10,000 career rushing yard mark while playing for the Seattle Seahawks?

-To reach Super Bowl XL, who did the Seahawks have to defeat in the playoffs?

-What Seahawks receiver was the only receiver in NFL history to catch touchdown passes from Hall of Famers John Elway and Warren Moon?

-What was the score in the very first Seattle Seahawks regular season game?

With more than 800 fun facts and trivia items found inside, 800 Things You May Not Know About The Seattle Seahawks is a great read for anyone who is a fan of the team. Covered inside are fun facts and little known information about the franchise, the coaches, their Super Bowls team, significant moments in team history, and more. There is also a section that features at least five fun facts each about more than 100 different Seahawks players and coaches. This includes big names like Steve Largent, Russell Wilson, Brian Blades, Shaun Alexander, Jacob Green, Richard Sherman, Jim Zorn, Curt Warner, Marshawn Lynch, Jeff Bryant, Cortez Kennedy, Itulu Mili, Dave Krieg, Sidney Rice, and even Jerry Rice. It also includes names that are not as familiar to some like Steve Raible, Steve Broussard, Fredd Young, Kam Chancellor, John Yarno, Robbie Tobeck, Kelly Stouffer, Jeff Kemp, David Hughes, Tommy Kane, and more too. Even current players are included with their own sections.

Nearly any Seahawks fan would love owning 800 Things You May Not Know About The Seattle Seahawks. It is perfect for leisure reading time, to use when putting together a football watching party, impressing friends, proving who the bigger fan is to a sibling, and even winning a bet or two.

Finding out trivia items and little known info about favorite players and teams can be a lot of fun. 800 Things You May Not Know About The Seattle Seahawks is more than able to pull that off too.

Get Accepted Quickly Into a PhD Program in the Sciences

by Bradley C. Christian

You want to get accepted into a PhD program in the sciences and you want to get stipends and grants. As a former program manager, I can tell you how to do it in a few, easy steps by sharing the secrets only application reviewers know. To name a few:

1. Your application is reviewed by a real person who has a voice in the selection process the moment it is submitted. The department does not wait until the application deadline, so neither should you.

2. Programs do NOT want official transcripts sent to them during the application process.

3. Forget about the notion that the highest GPA and the highest GRE scorers will fill all the slots.

4. If you take the GRE more than once, your highest scores from each section of each test are used.

5. The single most important factor in getting accepted? Your ability to intelligibly discuss your research.

6. Your application is a snapshot in time. It will never update, no matter what you add later.

7. One of the ways the federal government wants their money spent is on underrepresented minorities.

8. Write intelligibly and excitedly about your research focus.

9. Marginal and mediocre applicants can be recommended for offers even when they do not have the 3.0 GPA, GRE scores in the 50th percentile or even speak English well.

10. If all things are equal, the tiebreaker is the letters of recommendation from people who can attest to the quality of your research.

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