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25 Major ii V I Licks for Jazz Guitar. (25 Guitar Licks for…)

by Joseph Alexander

-25 Major ii V I Licks for Jazz Guitar-
-Free Audio Examples Download-
-6 Quality Backing Tracks-

-Free Bonus Chapter with Audio from “Fundamental Changes in Jazz Guitar: An In Depth Study of Major ii V I Soloing in Bebop” Teaching you how to use the enclosed material to play modulating ‘jazz’ chord changes-

This book contains 25 new and original Major ii V I Jazz Guitar Licks, which are taken from my much more comprehensive book,’Fundamental Changes in Jazz Guitar: An In-Depth Study of Major ii V I Bebop Soloing’.

I have also included a bonus chapter from the above book as an introduction to playing the licks in this book over modulating chord changes.

Also included are six, original, high quality backing tracks at different speeds to get you playing jazz as soon as possible. Three Backing Tracks are ii V I progressions in D Major, and three are specific to the bonus chapter which features some key changes.

This book came out of a need to develop great jazz playing in many of my 40+ weekly private guitar students. Every line in this book has been tried and tested on private students who pay many multiples of the cost of this publication. It’s all â??good stuff’ and every line contained in these pages will teach you something about a different conceptual approach to ii V I soloing, whilst also giving you some great lines to play.

The Art of Christmas: 150+ Christian Reproductions

by Daniel Ankele

Celebrate the true reason for Christmas with 150+ artist reproductions of the Annunciation of Christ, The Nativity, Adoration of the Magi and The Holy Family. No fat Santas here! Only stunning images of the announcement of the King of Kings, Lord of Lords by reknowned artists; Carl Bloch and James Tissot, Bartolome Murillo and Garafalo. Beautiful reproductions of The Nativity and Adoration of the Magi by artists; Rhoden and Correggio, Burne-Jones, Botticelli and de la Tour. The Holy Family with Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Additional Holy Family themes that include; the Magi, Saints, Mary and infant Jesus, and John the Baptist. A wonderful collection of Christian images with title,date and introduction.
Book includes Table of Contents, thumbnail gallery and is formatted for all Kindle readers and Tablets (use rotate and/or zoom feature on landscape/horizontal images for optimal viewing).

Many of the images have been professionally remastered to maintain the original integrity of the painting.

XXX Ines Strips to Show her Pussy (Pink Girls)

by Emma Blackhurst

This picture book is for ADULTS only, as it contains uncensored sexual photos and nudity.

We are specialized in publishing nude photography, and we run a successful series “Pink Girls” which loved by our readers.

All the girls and boys in our eBooks are beautiful and sexy, and the photos taken by professional photographers.

This eBook Featuring High Resolution Photographs, girls showing off their naked body for your pleasure, not for the faint hearted. This eBook can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet from Kindle store. You can enlarge the photos by double tap on the photo, and enjoy close up view.

All the models are 18 or over.

All Copyright reserved for the Pink House.

Mikayla’s Suite, Op. 4 (Piano Suites and Sonatas by Alexander Kusztyk)

by Alexander Kusztyk

Includes 18 pages of beautiful and exciting upper-intermediate piano music: an Introduction, Waltz, Romance and a Tarantella. Alexander Kusztyk composed Mikayla’s Suite for piano in the spring months of 2013 for a friend. It is a collection of four pieces of upper-intermediate difficulty that are designed help improve your piano technique. The well-received Tarantella from this suite can be heard at .

All The Young Punks – Punk Rockers In Their Own Words

by George Berger

Every punk book seems to be about the bands, about the â??faces’, about the music.

Here are a few stories from the frontline, from the trenches. Stories from the foot soldiers who made punk what it was without turning it into a career. Think of it as correspondence from an unreported war. Just as generals are celebrated in wars, so only the opinions and memories of the â??stars’ are sought for punk books. This book tries to widen that out to include the thoughts and reflections of normal, everyday punk rockers. Which is, of course, a faintly ridiculous way of putting it, as

punk rock was truly an age in which every man and woman was a star, and â??normal’ was about as far away as it could be.

“On my first visit to Barbarellas I met a man in the women’s toilets sitting in the sink, yelling that he was from planet Venus.”

“How did it feel at the time? Like I was the most obnoxious shit ever”

“Thanks to punk, I managed to turn a teenage dream into a middle aged reality.”

“I felt like my brain had been restored to its factory settings; like starting all over again even at such a young age.”

“From that point on everything from exams, school, girls, teenage spots, parental disapproval, peer pressure, bullies, career, no longer mattered and from then onwards I could do anything I wanted – anything felt possible. ”

“The constant feeling of excitement over new bands, going to gigs, new records…..everything was fucking brilliant.”


“I have nothing but good memories, even of the kickings and beatings we took, of those timesâ?¦.it was, justâ?¦all worth it.”

“I’d had a heart attack the week before and it was touch and go as to whether they would let me out of hospital that day. They did and we shot down to Yorkshire for the gig the next day…”



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