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Work 2.0. Nowhere to hide

by Sergiusz Prokurat

Work is changing profoundly in new digital age. The whole world of work is in evolution. The old employment system of secure, lifelong jobs with predictable advancement and stable pay is dead. For some time now we’ve observed a greater focus on flexibility, mobility, and the ability of quick adaptation of workers. The new era of Work 2.0 is coming driven by: work virtualisation, nonroutine creativity, hyperspecialisation, and reduction of communication, coordination and interactions costs. This calls for a different approach to management and work. However, technology is a double-edged sword, with the power to both liberate and enslave.

The recession is said to be over, but you’ll never get your old job back – it’s disappeared and you can’t even blame the Chinese! Your job no longer exists – it’s been automated. Book “Work 2.0” isn’t just a description of what is happening to the labor market, how we’re working nowadays, it’s a complete how-to guide for successfully navigating today’s treacherous jobs environment, mitigating the risks of job loss, job insecurity, and increasing automation. Book is discussing the repercussions of automation, changes in the economic balance between East and West in terms of work, the growing importance of innovation and creativity for creating value, how companies can take advantage of the new situation and how can individuals stay competitive on the labour market.

How do you survive and thrive in the new labour market? How can workers cope in an economy which doesn’t generate stable lifelong careers? How can companies remain competitive and manage armies of dispersed hyperspecialists? You’ve become the newest victim of Work 2.0, a force you can’t possibly fight – but you can join it! If you are looking for a job – why not create one for yourself? If your company is losing its best talent – why not listen to what your workers are saying. Let them work anywhen. After all, there is nowhere to hide from the wave of creative destruction.

How I Made Over $100,000 Online Doing What I Love

by Henri Junttila

The Truth About Making a Living Online

What if you could quit your job and make money online doing what you love?

You may think it’s an unreachable dream sold by sleazy marketers, but it turns out it’s possible. You can make it happen if you’re determined enough to put in the work.

In this book Henri reveals how he’s made a living online since 2009. This is a real life case study with practical advice for beginning online entrepreneurs, without the fluff and hype.

Henri’s journey began by blowing over $10,000 on get-rich-quick programs and coaching.

He then stumbled around for several years trying to figure out how to earn a living online. In 2009 he finally hit upon success.

Within one year his earnings shot up from $0 to over $2,000 per month, all while he and his girlfriend moved to Spain for a year to enjoy tapas, sunshine, and learn the Spanish language.

Henri currently lives in northern Finland with his partner and son. His online business allows him to explore his interests (writing and cartooning), while leaving plenty of time to play silly games with his son, Vincent.

Who this book is written for:

– Those who are new to the online business space

– Those who want to get paid to do what they love

– Those who want to read an honest success story

– Those who secretly want to do what they love (but are scared to start)

Who this book is not for:

– People looking for a shortcut to success

– Experienced entrepreneurs making $1,000+ per month (although there probably are nuggets)

Here’s what you’ll learn:

– What wasting $10,000+ taught Henri (and how you can avoid the same fate)

– The essential shift that helped Henri go from $0 to $500 per month within 3 months

– How to build a 1,000 subscriber blog in 101 days

– The art of creating and selling your first digital product

– How Henri went from 1,000 to 10,000+ blog subscribers

– The pitfalls and mistakes you must avoid

– The key to selling a $297 course (without being sleazy)

– The power of a membership site (and the journey leading up to it)

Would you like to learn the truth about making money online? Grab this book.

Kickstarter Power: The Ultimate Crowdfunding Campaign Kit Also for Indiegogo

by Marty Koenig

Kindle not needed. Just download a Kindle Reader app for any device.

The four special bonuses are worth much more than the price of this book. Read onâ?¦

People all over the world try and raise money on reward-based crowdfunding such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and others. I know exactly why there’s less than 50% success rate for crowdfunding campaigns. I’ve personally reviewed hundreds of campaigns, and re-written dozens of them, which you get a handful of them in one of your bonuses!

Take action now. Increase your odds of meeting or exceeding your crowdfunding goal.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Absolutely amazing. I’ve read over a dozen free online crowdfunding guides and tips… none of them even come close to the value I’ve gotten out of this book. Thank you so very much. Highly recommended!” -Lod L.

“Wow!! I cannot believe we got all of this information for this low price. What a steal. It was very professional. Great info.” -Soul C.

“Excellent- I found the information exceptionally useful- Thanks for the tips, I am confident that the campaign is going to be a great success.” -Lady D.

“Even if you have an agency that prepares your Kickstarter campaign, you must read this detailed planning checklist. I am sure that you can apply some “key points” that will open your doors to Kickstarter success! Thanks Marty” -Mark K.

It’s nearly impossible to write your own script, marketing messages and key differentiators – I found that entrepreneurs are too close to their product and their passion to do that well. Many asked me to help them be more successful.

The first thing I tell them is to read this book. That way they know what it takes to Plan, Prepare, Launch and Engage using my PPLE MethodTM.

This book is not just a “Top 10 Tips”. It’s comprehensive and based on my personal, direct experience helping over 50 entrepreneurs raise over $300K on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. One of the bonuses is a dozen “BEFORE AND AFTER” write-ups where the campaigner attempted to write their own campaign, and I SIGNIFICANTLY ENHANCED IT, so they met or exceeded their goal.

Now it’s your turn!

I’m a marketing expert with 25,000 hours of marketing experience under my belt. In this book you get my unique application of Master’s Degree Marketing. You get my successful marketing principles I’ve used over and over, now applied to crowdfunding campaigns. Not theory, but actual results. It simply works.

It works for Indiegogo, RocketHub, Kickstarter and any reward-based crowdfunding platform.

Inside this book you will get access to my Live Recorded 1.8 hour seminar: “Make Your Kickstarter Campaign Insanely Successful”. Beyond this book, you will learn even more about what to do and more importantly what NOT to do. People have told me: “It’s like a mini MBA in crowdfunding from the expert”- Mike D.

Crowd fund your start up. The Ultimate Kickstarter Checklist and Guide contains the exact details you need to get it right using my PPLE method. Get your Kickstarter Power today!


BONUS 1 – “Kickstartable Score” – Figure out if what you are planning is right for Kickstarter.

BONUS 2 – “Huge List of Crowdfunding Sites”

BONUS 3 – “Live Recorded Mini-MBA – â??Make Your Kickstarter Campaign Insanely Successful'”

BONUS 4 – “A Dozen Before and After Write-ups, My Reviews and Campaign Re-writes”

BONUS 5 – “Tactical Marketing Plan and Schedule Excel Spreadsheet to Plan, Prepare, Launch and Engage for your Campaign”

“A great starting point that is loaded with very useful information. A+++” -Jalate E.

“Amazing book! Marty is honest and thorough. Ordered a book elsewhere which was cheaper but honestly after seeing Marty’s comments – I really wasted my time and funds. If you are going to launch a crowd funding campaign- this is the one to choose. Highly recommended!” -Lady D.

The Parables of Business: How Old Wisdom Can Help You Create New Mindsets

by Danny Brown

A business ebook that’s not your “usual” business ebook, The Parables of Business offers business tips and advice through the art of storytelling.

It also shows how old mindsets can help you forge successful paths in today’s new business marketplace.

It brings together a collection of eleven stories that will help business owners build not only their business and brand loyalty, but also employee loyalty and a mindset to do business the right way.

There are stories about collaboration, entrepreneurship, social media Zen, overcoming adversity and much more.

Because of the storytelling approach, it offers something for everyone, from solo entrepreneurs to small-to-medium business owners, as well as human resource departments, internal teams and external contractors.


Praise for The Parables of Business:

“Regardless of your industry, your status, your knowledge or know-howâ?¦this eBook WILL teach you something. It WILL inspire you and make you re-think of how you’re doing things, whether online or off.” Ingrid Abboud, Owner, nittyGriddy Marcom

“Danny offers lessons about knowing your audience, creating your unique selling proposition, building your brand, determining your potential, and more. But they’re all told in stories that are easy to relate to and fun to read. This book is for you if you’re an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur, or thinking about starting your own business.” Gini Dietrich, CEO, Arment Dietrich.

“So many books focus on technologies that change by the minute. Which then makes those books obsolete a month later. The Parables of Business is the kind of book that your kids can read 20 years from now, and the lessons will still apply.” Dino Dogan, Founder, Triberr.

“Long before social media and the world wide web for that matter, the best companies and most recognizable brands in the world were established by men and women just like you. What were their secrets? What made them so successful? How were they able to make their company/brand a household name all over the world for the better part of the last 100 years? This little book has many of the answers; however, they may surprise youâ?¦” Mark Harai, VP of Business Development, DIME Labs.

“Instead of taking a more traditional approach to business writing, Danny tells short, powerful, and timeless stories to deliver critical lessons that can help all of us become stronger professionals and more understanding human beings.” Marianne Worley, The Marketing Workshop.

“If you are feeling stuck, need a good kick in the pants, or just want to think about the big picture, The Parables of Business is a truly great read, and the kind of ebook that you could find yourself reading more than once.” Adam Toporek, Founder, IntenseFence Management Solutions.

Reflections from the C-Suite: Opinions & Advice

by Kevin Lewis

This book provides a conversational and candid discussion with 8 business leaders who have served or are currently serving at the C-Level of corporate America. Their industry backgrounds include aerospace, consumer & industrial products, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, financial services, healthcare, and information technology.

Their comments are presented in a “panel of experts” format wherein each panel member responds to a series of questions. Some of the topics addressed by this panel include: the Reality of the C-Suite, the Most Agonizing Experiences, and Advice for Future C-Suite Occupants.

Sparkplugging: Outsourcing Starts At Home (Successful Home Business Tools and Strategies)

by Kelly McCausey

Time is the one thing we can’t make more ofâ?¦ but we CAN tap into other people’s time by delegating and outsourcing.

Nicole Dean knows outsourcing. Super successful at what she does, she has artfully delegated activities that don’t require her attention or that she simply prefers not to do.

In this webinar transcript she’s sharing how outsourcing can start at home with your own family. Learn easy to implement strategies that will give you more time for the business activities that need your attention.

She outsources so well, she’s always able to put her family first. She’s always there to cheer her kids on at sports and community events. She enjoys long family vacations, even traveling overseas for weeks at a time – and her business still thrives!

Threads: One Family’s Unlikely Adventure in Business, Mission and Church Planting

by Arlene Richardson

When newlyweds Steve and Arlene Richardson arrived in Southeast Asia, they were full of hopes and dreams of befriending their neighbors and sharing the gospel in a Muslim-majority country of nearly 175 million and very few believers.

From learning a new language to making a home in a crowded city neighborhood, the cultural barriers seemed enormous. The Richardsons were often overwhelmed with the economic needs of their new neighbors, as they observed their friends struggling to provide for their families in the face of crushing poverty. Even greater were the spiritual strongholds that held them in the grip of religious tradition.

How could they even begin to help?

The unexpected answer came in the form of a cardboard box of quilts from North Carolina and a tiny village woman who became a treasured member of the family. Arlene, who had never sewed a quilt in her life, launched a business venture that brought Muslim and Christian employees under one roof, designing, cutting and sewing quilts for beds 7,000 miles away in America.

Threads recounts the Richardsons’ journeyâ??the sorrow, joy and unbelievable answers to prayer that sustained them in their labors and drew their family into a story that only God could write.

Arlene Richardson is founder of HeartCraft, an organization that helps people in need by marketing products from small and medium-sized enterprises in the developing world. She is also involved in Pioneers, a mission organization with work in 95 countries. Arlene and her husband, Steve, who is the president of Pioneers-USA, have four daughters and live in Orlando, Florida.

How to Write Bylaws for a Non-profit Organization

by Richard Bivins

This guide was designed to help create a set of bylaws for a nonprofit organization in a way that allows the founder to remain in control of the nonprofit for as long as the founder chooses. It is not uncommon for a nonprofit’s board of directors to alter the vision of the founder and take the organization on a divergent path. Bylaws, in most jurisdictions, do not need to be filed along with the articles of incorporation. They are purposely drafted to become the internal playbook for the organization and describe with detail the function of every member, committee, and every office. This guide is short and to the point and will allow the founder to solidify a vision for the organization.

Reverse Mortgages: Tax-Free Retirement Payments for Life

by Thomas Berns

Retirement Income Blues?

Is your retirement income not enough to meet your daily needs? Are you struggling to make ends meet during what should be your so-called golden years?

The problems with social security and disappearing pensions have been well-documented. The retirement strategies that have helped our parents in previous generations are no longer applicable in today’s environment. In addition, there will be many more baby-boomers getting ready to retire in the upcoming years that do not have adequate savings in their retirement or 401K plans. This will certainly put extra strain on an already burdened system.

So what other options do you have?

Tax-Free Payments for Life

There may be a program that can help you derive more enjoyment from your retirement. A reverse mortgage is a loan against your primary residence that can provide you many benefits including tax-free retirement payments for life!
In this guide you will learn about:

  • How reverse mortgages work
  • The pros and cons of reverse mortgages
  • The requirements necessary for YOU to qualify
  • The requirements necessary for YOUR HOUSE to qualify
  • The various payment options that you can receive

You are just a click away from finding out if this program is right for you and your family!

This may be the program that can give you financial peace-of-mind and help alleviate your worries during your golden years.

Scroll up and click the “Buy Now” button to get the tips and practical advice you need regarding this financial product in language that is easy to understand.

Human Resources Development Programs – A Best Practice in HR Career Development

by Telaireus K. Herrin

A recent survey on job growth, pay, stress-levels and other factors rated the Human Resources Manager role as number 20 of the top 50 jobs with a 13% 10-year growth rate. Human Resources Development Programs is a quick guide on the growth of the Human Resources profession and the necessary skills to be successful. In addition, the guide contains information on contacting companies with established HR Leadership Development programs to assist you in your career.

Bitcoin For Beginners: A to Z, Step by Step Guide to Buying, Selling and Investing in Bitcoins in Plain English

by Economic Analyst Edgar K. Rockwell

– What is Bitcoin?

– How does Bitcoin work?

– Can I make money with Bitcoin?

– Is Bitcoin legal?

– Is Bitcoin secure?

– I’d like to learn more. Where can I get help?

If you ask yourself this kind of questions then this is the book you need

Most people (even those doing the reporting) understand very little about this internet phenomenon. Bitcoin is a decentralized “crypto-currency” that puts the power in the hands of the people and takes it away from the banks and government.

Learn the ins and outs of Bitcoin. This book, Bitcoin Exposed, will teach you how to quickly get set-up with a Bitcoin account and reap all the rewards of this online currency.

“Bitcoin For Beginners: A to Z, Step by Step Guide to Buying, Selling and Investing in Bitcoins in Plain English” will teach you how to:

Quickly get set-up with a Bitcoin wallet

Buy goods over the internet with the click of a mouse

Transfer money to friends

Make completely anonymous transactions

Bitcoin Mining and how to become a “Bitcoin Miner”

Profit with Bitcoins and investing secrets

The key benefits to using bitcoin are:

* There is no third party risk because people own their bitcoins directly through the secret keys.

* Transactions are irreversible (No chargebacks).

* Transactions are typically free at the present time.

* Nobody has to share sensitive financial details unlike with credit/debit card payments.

* Bitcoin creation is limited and predictable.

* Payments can be made globally over the internet.

How To Make Money Online: How To Easily Make Over $100.00 Per Day On The Internet

by William Hall

Learn How To Make Money From The Comfort of Your Own Home Even If You Have No Idea How To Make A Website”

We live in a world that is full of opportunities to make money on the internet. Some people take advantage of this. Those that do live a financially free life with various passive income streams, those that don’t continue to work their 9-5 job just hoping they will be able to pay the bills every month.

If you want to change your life, if you want to finally have a life of financial freedom, be your own boss, and finally take those vacations you have been wanting to take, you need to take advantage of the online world.

The truth is making money on the internet isn’t hard at all if you know what you are doing. This book will go into detail on ten different ways you can make money on the internet so you can choose the one that will work best for you.

Follow the steps in this book and your life of financial freedom will be right around the corner!

Isometric No hype, BS or jargon, just YouTube Marketing that works

by Adam Bean

An Isometric is a very simple piping drawing. Simple but highly effective. There are minimal lines and a legend with only the parts you need to build that particular pipe spool. There is no hype, BS or jargon on an isometric, just the important information that you need to get your pipework from A to B.

You can literally build a pipeline that is hundreds of meters long, off of the information on one sheet of A3 paper.

To make creating your fist video easy, that is the principle I have built this book on. Just like an isometric all I give you is the exact information you need to get your YouTube Marketing Video (your pipe) built and working for your business today.

By the time you have finished reading Isometric you will know the seven key steps to creating awesome marketing videos, which I might add are the only steps you need to know when it comes to creating an awesome YouTube Marketing Video that works harder for your business than you do.

Even if you have no idea at all of how to create or edit a video, by the time you have finished this book you will be all over what you need to know.

All you need to do is follow these seven simple steps.

  • Find your happy places where you are comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Do your keyword research. (Vital for your video to show up in search results)
  • Write an awesome headline.
  • Write your sales copy/video script.
  • Record your audio.
  • Upload your audio and turn it into a video.
  • Edit and upload your video to YouTube.

Don’t want to get in front of the camera? I have an easy fix to that for you. In Isometric you will discover a highly effective tool that you can use to create mesmerising video that your audience literally can’t stop watching, and you never have to get in front of a camera to use it.

Not sure what type of camera to use? I will show you the perfect camera (that you probable already own) that will get you started today.

Enough talk, action is better. Lets get started creating your video right now!

Job & Career Change – Assess Your Equity (10 Key Strategies for Success)

by Katie Darden

10 Key Strategies for Discovering Your Dream Job

Strategy 2 – Assess Your Equity in the Workplace

In your life you’ve developed certain strengths and assets, and it’s up to you to be able to identify and quantify them. In this book we’ll do that so that you have your credentials ready when you decide to make your career move. You’ll complete a full employment and job skills assessment. Discover what you love to do, what you’re good at, and what you’re willing to do to find the job or career you really want.


What you learn in this series will ultimately help you design and/or update a better resume, which lays the foundation for securing job interviews in your preferred field. And what you learn about yourself as you go through the exercises will put you in a better position to make a great impression on any prospective employer once you get to the interview. Other books in the series will help you effectively plan for and manage the changes necessary to get you into your dream job.

Books in The 10 Key Strategies for Success series

  1. Start With Yourself
  2. Assess Your Equity
  3. Develop An Individualized Plan
  4. Keep Track of Your Successes
  5. Put Things in Order
  6. Finding Associates
  7. Be Open to Options
  8. Be Proactive
  9. Expand Your Network
  10. Believe in Yourself

What Others Say About the series:


I am SO impressed with the layout and content! Wow! Leave it to you two to go over the top!!!! In my mind, you’ve blown the lid off of the typical E-book!! The topics you cover are great and the content awesome, applicable, clear, thorough and beautifully presented!

Thought you’d like to know

~Lauren Lee
Professional Coach, Speaker, Author
President, Women’s U

“A delightful set of tools that immediately shifted MY thinking about my career path!”

For anyone who has ever asked, ‘Where do I go from here?’, these are the keys that will unlock all your best answers! [10 Key Strategies] is something that I feel genuinely enthusiastic about!

~Julia Stewart
Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach
New York

“I would like to personally thank you for your 10 Keys e-book”

I found it absolutely enlightening and helpful. It has allowed me to step back, open my eyes and take a panoramic view of my life as it is now and how I really want it to be in the near future!!

It was very informative and helped me to truly understand that I needed to conquer the obstacles and roadblocks that have been holding me back all these years.


The Career Changing Strategies are very easy to understand because they are spelled out for you loud and clear. The worksheets were extremely helpful and a brilliant idea. Thank you once again for all of your insight!!

~Heather M Bush

“10 Key Strategies is an excellent workbook”

…with great exercises for you to take stock of your circumstances, redefine yourself, and to give you the motivation and confidence to move forward in your career/life.

I just used these strategies to be selected from 34 candidates for a position in an industry that is new to me. Katie and Gabrielle, I eagerly await the publication of your next book

~John Palmquist,
Arcata, CA

Grab your copy today

Personal Training 101 Selling Mistakes: Discover The Money That Lies Hidden In These Mistakes That Your Competitors Don’t Know About!

by Gervasio Da Gloria

In this book Gervasio Da Gloria will share with you 101 Personal Training Selling Mistakes that your competitors don’t have a clue about. This book will be such a powerful tool for you, because it gives you access to a massive library of business, and personal training sales ‘know-how’ proven numerous times to get BIG results. All you have to do is put them in practice and make them work for you.

NOT investing in yourself, your business, your future, your freedom can be one of the biggest regrets of your life. Simple because you don’t have to make all the mistakes I did in selling personal training to be successful; you simply need to find out what my mistakes were and avoid them and save your own business from certain disaster.

Once you tap into Gervasio Da Gloria experiences, you will be saving your time and money straightaway with exactly what works. He will let you see and grab his inside secrets in how to make money from personal training that’s pulled in steady profits month after month for over 10 years.

You Need Balls to Juggle

by Tobias Nergarden

This is a book on how to think like an entrepreneur. What roads to travel in life to have a successful outcome, and how to faster get to where you want to go.

THE REAL POWER OF LINKEDIN: 7 Simple Steps to Get More Leads & Make Your Prospects BEG You

by Marty Koenig

For years I’ve heard LinkedIn was a good place to get business leads. I found some hints in the online tips, and I got a little insight from quite a few LinkedIn books I consumed. What I saw out there skimmed over the subject. But nobody wrote about the detail…exactly how to do it. It became clear that if I was going to leverage LinkedIn for leads, I was going to do it by trial and error. By brute force.

I took the high-level pointers I read during my research, added my knowledge of online marketing, used my love of LinkedIn, and threw in some experience with client relationship management. Then BOOM!…I made it work!

OK, it wasn’t quite a BOOM. I took the time and energy to figure it out so you don’t have to . What worked, and more importantly, what didn’t work. I journaled the experience along my fantastic journey towards getting more leads than I know what to do with.

Hear it from others:

– “Much more than what I expected and a ridiculous bargain for the quality of information and great breakdown of how to generate leads on LinkedIn.”

– “Excellent! Info is great. Exactly what I wanted. Highly recommended.”

This book covers the topic with much detail and explanation. You can implement it with my unique step by step “How To” approach. You don’t have to guess at any of it. That’s the GroupSync Method.

Have you ever read instruction manuals when putting something together like a cabinet, stand or desk? The pictures aren’t clear and the translation to English isn’t so professional. The steps aren’t clear. Oh, and let’s not forget the missing parts. So they make you guess.

Most people get frustrated with that situation. Those product companies seem like they simply don’t care about how their product makes me feel when considering their “How To” instructions.

You will see this book is clear, concise, informative and packed full of color screen shots, graphics and unique insight.


BUSINESS IDEAS: brief stories how exploit the market now

by sebastjan videtic

Development of knowledge is the center of the future

Development of knowledge today is a locomotive , which all run on. The lighthouse , the light and the center of the future. Improve the car in perfection is the old traditional knowledge. Made telecommunications revolution , is not improve the house phone in perfection , but to step aside and developed from the very beginning , today the Internet is an innovation (new knowledge ) telecommunications, and home phone ( old knowledge ) some almost forgotten . It would be also possible revolutionize transportation ( new knowledge ) and forget cars ( old knowledge ) .

With the new law of gravity would be possible to use gravity to hover as energy. Weight to the power source , since pushing down the windmill would be maintained in a hover , and produce electricity or movement . This would be a revolution and it’s just today the development of knowledge.

Children from the schools would be able to know that their initiative begins its life . Man is not stupid , just do not know what today is the center of all happenings , or center of the future. It is necessary to change the mentality , not enough to work with your hands , it is necessary to fight to earn money , use your head to get , times are changing . The center of the future, today is the development of knowledge . We develop new knowledge today in every industry . Achieved the unthinkable.

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