Free historical fiction Kindle books for 02 Dec 13

The Dressmaker’s Son

by Abbi Sherman Schaefer

Two sisters, Rachael and Rebekah, both beautiful, both strong, and both mothers are faced with the most dreaded fear of all – the loss of a child. Rachael’s family comes to America to start a new life after fleeing the pogroms in Russia. Rebekah comes to America with her son, Samuel, fleeing his father, Misha, a Russian soldier with whom she had an affair and has threatened to take him away from her so he will not grow up as a Jew and the son of a cobbler. Set in the Lower East Side of New York and pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg, Russia, both women adjust to life in America until Misha kidnaps Samuel and returns with him to Russia. How Rebekah rises to the challenge of earning enough money as a designer of women’s gowns to return to St. Petersburg to find her son, and the difficulties she encounters while there, including murder and prison, show the reader the full extent of a mother’s ingenuity and determination when it comes to her child. Rachael also faces the possibility of losing a child to war when her son Solomon enlists in the army as America’s entry into World War I approaches.

Breaking the Line-2nd Edition (Breaking the Line Books)

by A’Mera Frieman

Breaking the Line Books is a line of fictional dramatic books. The entire series details the lives of everyday people who are trying to find their path through life against ordinary and supernatural obstacles. The first book of the line is Breaking the Line: Victoria’s Beginning gives readers insight into the dynamic characters of the series. Born different, Victoria has to face many challenges and hardships while trying to keep her faith in God. The page turning drama that unfolds in Breaking the Line: Victoria’s Beginning will keep readers on the edge of their seats!

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