Free history Kindle books for 02 Dec 13

Caesar: The Gallic War in Latin + English (SPQR Study Guides)

by Gaius Julius Caesar

This new edition of Caesar’s Gallic War – Commentarii de Bello Gallico, in Latin – is the perfect study guide for students looking to tackle the text. It breaks the work up into individual chapters, then presents each chapter first in Latin, then in English.

But what makes this edition so special is that each passage is followed by the running Latin vocabulary in the order used in that chapter, with each word presented in its root form alongside a comprehensive English translation – never again will you have to struggle through unknown words or difficult conjugations. This unique feature allows readers of all levels to understand even the most complicated of texts in its original Latin.

All books in the SPQR Study Guides series also feature a multi-level table of contents, to help you navigate to any chapter of any book in just two taps.

The SPQR Study Guides series is designed to make classic works of antiquity available to a modern audience, and the complete series spans 20 great works from ancient times.

Black Horizons: One Aviator’s Experience in the Post-Tuskegee Era

by U.L. Rip Gooch

Black Horizons is the memoir of an orphan who went from the bottom to become a pioneering aviator, businessman and politician in the post-Tuskegee Airmen era. 
As a poor African-American youngster picking cotton in a 1930s Tennessee field, U.L. Rip Gooch would look to the sky as airplanes flew overhead and think about escaping to a better life. Soon after World War II, he earned his pilot’s license with “Chief” C. Alfred Anderson, but found that racist hiring practices among airlines and other companies did not allow employment of black aviators, even those who gained fame as Tuskegee Airmen. 
Rip fought back using business principles instead of violence. In time he built a million-dollar aviation business selling Mooney Aircraft in the Air Capital of the World (Wichita, Kansas), accrued 20,000 flight hours, and became one of the few black politicians in one of the most conservative states in the nation. 

A Year in Victorian Edinburgh

by Lynne Wilson

From the author of ‘Crime and Punishment in Victorian Edinburgh’, a day by day account of Edinburgh life and events in the Victorian period, giving a unique insight into the social history of this city across all classes.

Giving a snapshot into Victorian life in Edinburgh, this book will take you through all the events, both good and bad, of a typical year within this era. The year which has been chosen is 1869, a year in which Edinburgh was leading the way in scientific and medical research, greatly enhancing the lives of many; whilst poverty, crime and destitution still blighted the lives of others.

Month by month, experience what a person living at this time would have seen and experienced around them. With reports on various events, news stories, entertainment and issues affecting the public, read about the entertainment that was on offer, the new medical discoveries, the improvements to the city’s sanitation and water supply, adverts for various questionable remedies that could be purchased from pharmacies, the beginning of higher education for women, and various crimes of the day.

In this year, read about Sophia Jex-Blake, the first female student ever to be admitted to the Edinburgh medical school, velocipedes – the early bicycles which caused â??velocipede mania’ among the Edinburgh Victorians, the last public readings to be carried out in the city by Charles Dickens, the advent of spiritualists and hypnotists, the advances in anaesthetics and antiseptics in surgery, the new City Workhouse and many more.

What Egyptologists don’t want you to see! HD Color (An adventure in photojournalism, Volume 1, Part 1)

by Jerret Gardner

“A shocking compilation of photographic evidence that is sure to raise the dander of the orthodox Egyptologists.” – Larry Dean Hunter

Being a former military journalist, Jerret Gardner is accustomed to fact reporting. In August of 2009 he spent 30 days investigating many of Egypt’s pyramids and temples in order to disclose what Egyptologists would rather not let you see. He has uncovered and photographed new evidence which contradicts many aspects of Egyptology’s long standing paradigm – and Egyptologists are taking notice.

“Of course there is a ton of archaeological data showing that the Egyptians built the pyramids of Giza in the 4th Dynasty. But, the author doesn’t want you to see that!” – Egyptologist Peter J. Brand

What Egyptologists don’t want you to see – An adventure in photojournalism, is available in full color eBook or black and white paperback. Once you read and see the evidence for yourself, you will never look at the Great Pyramids of Giza the same again.

“I highly recommend this book for anyone serious about finding out about this direction of research.” – Steven Myers

The Ashen Rung (Barnaby Madden)

by Ted Bocking

Following the early days of Barnaby Madden’s adventures as told in “The Hickory Stick”, this is the continuation of his serious and hilarious antics as a young Norfolk Police Constable in the early 19th century.

“The Hickory Stick” is the first in the series of Barnaby Madden books. “The Ashen Rung” is the sequel.

Hebrew Books: × ×¢×?ר (Hebrew Novels)

by Galia Pasternak

אר×?×¢×?ם שנ×? ×?א×?ר שא×?×?×?, נת×? שר-ש×?×?ם, ×?×?×?ר×? ×?× ×¢×?ר ×?×?×?×?ת ששת ×?×?×?×?ם, ×?×?×?×? ×?×?×¢×? ש×?פצע×?ם ×?×?×?×? ×?א ×?×?×?×?×?×?, ×?×?×? ×?×?×?×? ×?ק×?×? ש×?ת×?×?×? ×¢×?×?×?×? ×?×?×?×? ש”א×?×?” ש×?×? ×?×?×?×?ר.

×?אפשר×?ת ×?ק×?×?ש×? ×?×? א×?×?×? ×¢×?×?×?×? ×?×?×?×?ם ×?×?×?א×? את ×?×?×¢×? ×?צאת ×?×?סע ×?×?פ×?ש פר×?×? ש×?×?שף ש×?×? א×?ר×? ש×?×? את ס×?פ×?ר ×?×?×?×¢×?ר×?ת ש×? ×?א×?.

×?×?ק×?×?×?, נפרס ×?פנ×? ×?ק×?רא ס×?פ×?ר×? ש×? ×?×?×?, א×?×?, ש×?×?×?×?ת×? ×?×?×?ר×? צע×?ר×? × ×?רש×? ×?×?×?×? ×?עצ×?×? ×?×?×? ק×?×?, ×?×?×?ת×?×?×?×? עם ×?שא×?×? א×?פ×? ×?×¢×?×? – ×?×?×? ×?ער×?ת ש×?א ×?×?×¢×? ×?ספק ×?×? תש×?×?×?ת.

×?×?ר×?ת שס×?פ×?ר×? ש×? נת×? שר-ש×?×?ם ×?×¢×?×?ם ×?א ×?תר×?ש, ×?×?א ש×?×?ר ×?×?×?×? ×?×?×?×?×?ם ש×? ר×?×?×?ת ×?שרא×?×?ם. א×? ×?×?×?×? ק×?ש×? ×?×?×?×?ם ×?צ×? ×?א×?×?×?×? ×?א×?-×?×?×?×?×¢×?, ×¢×?סק ×?ספר ×?ם ×?×?×?פ×? ×?×?א×?פ×?×?×?×?×?ת ש×?×?×?×?×?×? ×?×?שרא×?×?ת.

×?×?×? ספר×? ×?שנ×? ש×? ×?×?×?×? פס×?רנק, שרק×?×? את ×¢×?×?×?ת×? ×?×?שראת ×¢×?×?×?×?ת, ש×?ר×? ס×?פ×?ר×?ם ×?×?א×?ת ×?ס×?×?×?ם ×?×¢×?סק×?ם ×?א×?ר×?×¢×? × ×¢×?ר×?ם א×?×?ת×?×?ם.

×?×?א × ×?שפ×? א×?×?×?ם ×?×?ס×?רת ש×?ר×?ת×? ×?×?×?×?×?א×?ם ×?×?×?קרת ×?×?×?×?×?×? ×?א×?ת×?ר × ×¢×?ר×?ם.

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