Free horror Kindle books for 02 Dec 13

Demon at Clear Creek

by Robert A. Powell

This work of fiction is based on the legend of the demon in the Red River Gorge of eastern Kentucky. It was conceived in the uncanny mind of Robert A. Powell, who always wanted to translate the strange and unusual tales surrounding the unexplained forces at work in the Gorge.”

The folks in a tranquil, and somewhat isolated community, in the foothills of Appalachia, make a startling discovery.

They unearth a makeshift grave filled with mummified bones, representing approximately a hundred bodies. They first believe it is an ancient Indian burial mound. However, scientific data reveals positive IDs, which link to several recent unsolved mysteries within a 20-mile radius of town.

Jeri Jacks, the editor of the local newspaper suspects Sam Pent, a local celebrity, of being a demon, disguised as a man, or possessing human form, who sucks the living energy out of the people in this area in order to survive. Through persistent investigation, she discovers that Srpent is the ancient name used by the Devil himself when he walked incognito among men. Sam signs his name SRPent – never with periods, or separating the letters. Jeri eventually shares her information with Sheriff McNeal, who already suspects Sam is involved, but cannot find definite proof.

As pieces of the puzzle fall into place, it is determined the next mass catastrophe will take place during the July 4th celebration at the golf course near Sam Pent’s house. Sam has bonded with his neighbor, Carole Jackson and her two young daughters.

Suspense mounts, as it is revealed Sam plans to accompany the innocent young family to the fireworks show, where Sheriff McNeal has determined the Demon will strike next.

What Became Of Her

by Charlie Mason

Her mother killed her.

But that didn’t stop her.

The doctor and his wife loved her.

But that didn’t stop her.

The authorities attacked her.

But that didn’t stop her.

The Living Dead Girl would notâ??could notâ??be stopped.

Not until all the world had heard the message that even she didn’t know she had been sent to deliver.

Not until all the world had been made to pay.

Not until all the world knew what became of her.

Nutty Like a Fruitcake

by Linda Hullinger

Nutty Like a Fruitcake, a quirky collection of short stories that takes place during the holidays.

1. Ho Ho Ho

Prankster Lottie gives her sister one last gag gift.

2. Frankie Stine and Myrt

A heart transplant gives Frankie a new taste for the holidays.

3. Cruising at Christmas

Grandpa knows what he â??doesn’t’ want for Christmas.

4. Holly and Yule

A young couple takes holiday superstitions a little too far.

5. Justifiable Clause

A grieving wife is determined to give her neighbors their just desserts.

6. Every Star Ain’t For Wishin’

An old woman finds herself spending Christmas Eve with an otherworldly creature.


by Liz Harrison

If you could live your life again, right from the beginning, knowing everything you had known at the time of your death, what would you change?

After caring for her disabled father for the last twelve years of her short life, Jess Morgan is given the opportunity of a lifetime. Her lifetime. The chance to do it all again, to live her whole life from scratch. To change it.

But with her parents terrified, driven half mad by their young daughters visions of the future, things begin to change in ways that Jess couldn’t have imagined and as time passes she quickly begins to realise that hindsight isn’t always twenty twenty.

The Vampire’s Women

by Hiu Wong

Two vampires, Laura and Robert have been best friends for many years. But only when Robert started dating another woman, a human; Laura finally discovered her true feelings towards Robert. Is it too late for her to tell him��and do something about her feelings?

Robert is a man with high moral principles, but he has never accepted his fate. He resents the fact that he is a vampire. He dreams to become a human again, so he can reunite with his mother in heaven. For the redemption, he was told he would need to partake the blood of his true love. So who is Robert’s true loveâ?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦.Laura, the other woman Skylar, or someone else?

Skylar has a disposition to deceptions. So what is her true motive for helping her man to fulfill his dream? For loveâ?¦â?¦.or merely an exploitation of his vulnerability to secure his love? Skylar has also many deep dark secrets. Is she willing to disclose them to win Robert’s affectionsâ?¦.or to cover them up with more deceptions?

In any case, Robert must decide, and decide quickly, before the two women have a chance to destroy each other.

Destined To Be Forgotten

by Kyrene Ko

Madison was forced to marry a stranger to repay her deceased father’s debt but she fell in love with another person, well that’s what she thought. As she tried to make her marriage worked, she came across problem after problems. When her marriage didn’t work out, her fiance got into a car accident which left him in a coma.

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