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Minecraft: 15 Advanced Redstone Constructions

by Minecraft Books

From #1 Best-Selling Author Minecraft Books (Jason Scott)

It’s fun to lure your friends into a Minecraft death trap, but it would be more fun if that trap killed them over and over indefinitely.

Sure, hidden doorways are cool, but a fireplace that turns into a stairway is cooler.

There are a lot of redstone devices to build in Minecraft, but not all of them are very straightforward.

Come check out 15 of the more technical redstone creations that will help you out and make life a little more hectic for your enemies.


Granny Fartybutt – Granny’s Birthday Party (‘Granny Fartybutt’ Series)

by Lily Lala

BONUS – FREE AUDIO VERSION with this rhyming fart book. It’s Granny Fartybutt’s Birthday Party and you can be sure it’s filled with funny fart jokes. Everybody joins in the farting fun at Granny’s party in this hilarious kids story book.

Short Stories To Tickle Your Funnybone

by Robert Thornhill

Laughter Is The Best Medicine!

Laughter has been shown to relax muscles, increase oxygen flow, promote circulation, and reduce tension as well as lower blood pressure, ease stress and boost your immune system. (Dr. Michael Cutler)

Take a moment from your busy day to relax with your favorite beverage and this little book and read some stories from the Lady Justice mystery/comedy series that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

If you love a good mystery —-

If you love to laugh —

You WILL love the Lady Justice mystery/comedy series!

Between the Fuzzy Parts

by Larry Manch

Looking back, it seems that much of life is a blur, or at least that’s how it seems now. It turns out that life is a jumble of ‘stuff’, occasionally interrupted by moments of clarity. It is probably a good thing that most of us don’t remember every single thing that ever happened in our lives. Most of it would likely be decidedly boring. We tend to remember the significant moments and events, good or bad – the stuff that happened ‘Between the Fuzzy Parts’.

Killing Me Softly? An Examination of the Depiction of Violence in the Early Films of Jean-Luc Godard (1960-1967)

by Andrew Lawston

Jean-Luc Godard’s early films – right up to the pivotal Weekend (1967) were determined to prove the old adage that all you need to make a movie is “a girl and a gun”. Whether in crime thrillers like the era-defining A Bout de Souffle (1960) or philosophical science-fiction masterworks like Alphaville (1965), the Nouvelle Vague auteur alternates between romance, philosophy, and action.

Many of the violent acts that appear in Godard’s early films seem ‘muted’ in some way, however, prompting this exhaustive study of the director’s techniques for depicting violence. Gunshots and car crashes happen off-screen, bottles are smashed silently on victims’ skulls, and fistfights are played for comic effect.

This book explores three possible explanations for Godard’s singular approach to the depiction of violence. First, that on his notoriously tight budgets, he just couldn’t afford the special effects and shooting time needed to film action sequences in the way he might have wished. The second possibility is that he was worried about his films being censored. Third, could there have been a conscious artistic reason for understating the considerable violence in his films?

Working with close reference to films including A Bout de Souffle, Vivre Sa Vie, Alphaville, Pierrot le Fou, Weekend and Le Mépris, Killing me Softly is a challenging academic study of the early work of one of the world’s greatest living directors.

A Visual Pun Book of the Heart

by Trina Boice

This is a LOVEly book that features love as word play with pictures. It’s the perfect gift for any time you want to tell someone you love them: anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, weddings, Tuesdays…whenever!

Each page shows pictures of hearts and includes a witty interpretation with artwork. Perfect for a romantic gift or a silly one for someone you love, this book truly is a gift of love! Enjoy!

I’m Not the Asshole Tonight (Bits and Bytes)

by Beatrice Wellman

When parking space is at a premium there can be situations that call for “instruction,” or in this case can be down-right funny. See what happens when a Southern girl gets boxed in and has to resort to desperate measures to get to her vehicle.

A “recycled” note becomes notorious and humor ensues. Part of the Bits and Bytes Series, this book is perfect for a lunchtime break or perhaps to pass the time on that train ride home.

The Ads of Nibbling, Minnesota

by Dave Schneider

From the Introduction By Clifford Bean:

Dear Reader,

My name is Clifford Bean and I’m from Nibbling, Minnesota, a semi- prominent mining town just outside of the Strange Uncharted Mountains in the Lesser Minnesota area. The following ads appear in a series of documents some friends and I are in the process of publishing, which come from a special report prepared for the Central Military Commission in China by a Chinese intelligence analyst named Chow Non Phat. It’s in answer to a fascinating question they are asking:

Will the United States Survive Until 2025?

In the first volume, you’ll find the back story of how we came to publish that report here in America.

Due to heavy demand from folks in Nibbling and the surrounding Lesser Minnesota area for a kind of business and civic guide, we’ve also decided to publish some of the ads separately to help them out. We’re very grateful for their help and want to return the favor.

The Great Big Book of Christmas Jokes

by Chezza Mackenzie

Hundreds of funny and corny jokes for the kids at Christmas. One lines and puns, knock knock, doctor doctor, Dear Santa and lots more. Even the adults will get a kick out of these jokes (especially the cracker jokes) as they bring you back to your childhood.

Horace Cope: Your Stars Jan 2014

by Bernard Morris

It all began in 1960 for Horace Cope when the planet Mars had a profound effect on his life. Whilst looking at it through his telescope he fell out of the bedroom window and landed on his head. He has been seeing stars ever since. He has gained a reputation as one of the greatest astrologers in the universe. He can tell you what’s going to happen before it happens. He can even tell you what’s not going to happen before it doesn’t happen. Like most astrologers, he does occasionally get it wrong. On his bad days he can’t tell Uranus from a black hole, but when he gets it right he gets it spot on. His lucky number is 42,873.75. His lucky colour is purple with green spots.

This book contains explicit language and adult material. It should only be read by people over the age of 18.

The Secret From A to Z (Parody of Bestseller)

by Stir Ling

This is the parody of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This 2006 best-selling self-help book was written based on the law of attraction and claims that the way of thinking can bring forth life-shaking both good and bad.

If you hate reading, this book will save you from all the agony. Get the message from The Secret in one glance within few seconds from A to Z literally.

You Know You Are A Golfer… (You Know You Are…)

by Richard McChesney

The fifth book in the popular ‘You Know You Are’ series

‘You Know Are A Golfer’ highlights the unmistakable characteristics and passion of those among us who are wholly dedicated to the game of golf.

This is the fifth book in the “You Know You Are” book series, and was compiled with the help of golfers and their families.

With 40 illustrated captions, golfers, prepare to see yourselves as others do!

Other titles include:

  • You Know You Are A Runner…
  • You Know You Are A Nurse…
  • You Know You Are An Engineer…
  • You Know You Are A Dog Lover…
  • You Know You Are Getting Older… (to be published November 2013)

As well as:

  • You Know You Are A Mother…
  • You Know You Are A Triathlete…
  • You Know You Are A Teacher…

which are all planned for release in the near future.

Purchase either the Kindle or paperback editions of this book and go in the draw to win a ‘You know you are a Golfer’ t-shirt. Visit our website for further details.

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