Free literary fiction Kindle books for 02 Dec 13

The Wanderess

by Roman Payne

A gothic mystery novel and story of passion and romance set against the backdrop of a timeless Mediterranean landscape, The Wanderess tells of the notorious adventurer Saul and his passion for the beautiful Saskia, a mysterious young orphan girl whom he meets and vows to protect as his child. When Saul’s pursuit of pleasure and fortune gets tangled with the quest of this “Wanderess” for her long-lost friend and her own fortune, the two find themselves on a picaresque path that leads them through Spain, France, Italy and beyond; their adventures weaving them deeper and deeper into a web of jealous passion, intrigue, betrayal, and finally, murder. The Wanderess is a love story, a novel of heroism, friendship and romance, portraying the lives of two unsettled vagabonds led by their own strange desires, mutual obsessions, and one single fortune. The Wanderess is the fifth novel by Roman Payne, an author who pushes the boundaries of poetic language, imagination, sexual charge, and psychological mystery-his prose bearing always a timeless quality that transports the reader to far-away lands and times. For more information about the author and his previously published novels, please visit: Please visit for more information about this novel.

The Emma Caites Way

by A.V. Walters

Empty-nester, Fiona Hedge, finds a strange and evocative painting while rummaging in a thrift store. Later she discovers that it connects her to Emma Caites, an obscure, long-dead artist whose mysterious life compels her. In her quest to unravel Emma’s story, Fiona is forced to shake free of her own circumscribed life to explore new definitions of success, as she learns to live fully.

Paintings on The Father Wall

by Ami Braverman

A collection of 3 unique short stories addressing the complex relationships between sons and neglectful fathers. The stories deal with intricate issues such as perception, anger, development, sanity and more.
The stories are:
‘A Conflict of Necessity’
A father and son battle it out in a final showdown. The story is portrayed in a special style, depicting it as an intense movie scene.

‘Benny and Jiggles’
“Bennie was 8. He was 8 and he already had ancient memories.”

‘Monkey Dynamo’
A surreal story with a twist. A second twist is that the story is prominently based on the author’s personal life.

Broken From Within

by Sam Shah

Cara struggles with personal guilt and her redemption comes at a price. In the end, will she finish what she started?

The Orchid House

by Avril Joy

Inspired by a visit tot he Lost Gardens of Heligan, The Orchid House is set within a great Cornish garden.
When her partner drowns on the beach in Sri Lanka, Roma returns to Cornwall and retreats into the arms of orchid- lover and Head Gardener on the Trescombe Estate, Will Trant. Here Roma begins work on illustrations for the 1887 Journal of another Head Gardener, the Victorian, Henry Dodson. Roma grows to love the gardens and to admire Henry and his work. But the world of Trescombe is peopled with the ghosts of the Russell family and filled with echoes of her own tragedy. A tragedy that Roma is finally, only able to confront when she embarks on a dangerous and erotic affair which culminates in betrayal and forces her to flee her self- imposed exile.

Ingredients for Interpretation

by Sam Shah

We are constantly told that the answers to our deepest questions lie within us. In this smartly constructed short, Sylar Goodwin learns that this lesson transcends figurative speech. The end will have you questioning the true state of reality.

The Bridge

by Mike Woodruff

A short story.

Thirty years after a horrible accident that changed his son’s life forever, a bitter old man comes to grips with the choices he made in the aftermath.

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