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Grace, Jack & Magical Cool Cats Mysteries Boxed Set Vol I

by Mary Matthews

Grace and Jack romp through the 1920s with magical cool cats, Tatania and Zeus, who solve mysteries without missing a nap.

In Splendid Summer, when Grace Wentworth loses her last living relative and all her money, hot Detective and WWI Aviator Jack Brewster gets the case. Grace is learning to lead her own life instead of just following it around. Startled by Grace’s lack of deference to him, Jack recognizes his romantic equal.

In Emeralds, Diamonds and Amethysts, Jack, Grace, and magical white cat Tatania battle bootleggers to find a special collection of jewels. Emeralds, Diamonds, and Ametheysts is about a code known only to women who fight for the rights of all women. Magical white cat Tatania helps her humans solve mysteries wihout missing a nap.

One reviewer called A Christmas Feral a story that would do Charles Dickens proud. Judge Scrooge won’t even heat his home for Christmas in this Roaring Twenties’ short story. Judge Scrooge says that when you pay the bill, you don’t feel the cold. When Judge Scrooge rules incorrectly in a cat dispute, Tatania and her companion Zeus teach him the meaning of keeping Christmas and cats.

In Cher Ami, two people drop dead within minutes of each other. They appear unrelated. Grace, Jack, Tatania and Zeus reveal the story of Cher Ami, a WWI carrier pigeon with the heart of a lion. With his heart still beating in a badly wounded body, Cher Ami soared above bullets and saved a lost battalion.

The Hidden Murderess (The Ex Killer Series)

by B.B. Rowell

Angela Gray has arrived in Wisp, North Carolina to hide from her past in Colum, Alabama. She has left everyone behind including her best friend, Tanie Howard. She thinks she is safe, but soon she is thrust into the lives of the Jenners and the Burketts due to a horrible event that leaves Angela homeless and without a penny to her name. Both families share a deep dark secret that Angela is trying to find out, but this truth will lead her down a road she cannot turn back from. Angela will be in fear of her life and will be in fear of one innocent. What choices will she make to protect her life and the one she cares for? Will she make it out Wisp before all of her wrong doings come to light? Find out more and follow the continued journey of Angela Gray as she tells her story about her life in The Hidden Murderess.

The Ex Killer Series:

The Ex Killer

The Hidden Murderess

The Deepest of All Sacrifices*

The Killer Consequences

*The Deepest of All Sacrifices is not officially a part of The Ex Killer Series. It is highly recommended that The Deepest of All Sacrifices should be read after The Hidden Murderess and before The Killer Consequences.

Bringin’ Hell (The Tanie Howard Series)

by Bridget Denise Bundy

Tanie Howard returns from The Ex Killer Series and The Deepest of All Sacrifices in this brand new story. A couple of months have passed since Tanie has last seen her once best friend, Angela Gray, and she is still ostracized from her family. She is simply living without a plan and purpose, but her life begins an uncertain ride when Janea Lambert contacts her to come over to the home of the crime lord Roscoe Madison. Tanie learns there is trouble in Roscoe’s organization, and she is called upon to resolve it. She will discover hidden agendas and uncover lies that will not only change her life but everyone in Roscoe’s organization. In order to survive these changes, Tanie will have to bring hell, or hell will reign over her.

Dimension M

by Scott Wyatt

Alden Frost and Fatimah Ibrahim break into a school in Uzbekistan to raise a “companion flag,” a symbol of all that human beings have in common. But this is not just any school. It’s the secret repository for the Å?ahin Diary, an exposé on the Armenian genocide. Following their arrest, it’s discovered that the Å?ahin Diary is missing. If its contents are made public, the Turkish government could collapse, destabilizing the entire Middle East. Forces and interests around the globe are mobilized to find the diary, either to return it to hiding, or to publicize its contents. Alden and Fatimah find themselves in the crosshairs. The job of protecting them falls to American diplomat Len Williams and his close friend, Uzbek Abbas Ahkmedova.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The companion flag project is real. Dimension M is a dramatic story of love, friendship, loyalty, and crisis, and is not a monograph on the companion flag idea. Readers interested in learning more about the companion flag initiative are encouraged to read the optional appendix, “The Sanori Flag Debate.”

Vacationland (The Alex Nolan Series)

by Phillip Koerber

Summer in Portland, Maine kicks off with barbeques and murder as the body of a teenage girl is discovered on nearby Peaks Island.

Two detectives from Portland’s Violent Crimes Against Children Unit ferry across Casco Bay to find seventeen-year-old Lauren Wayscott’s dead body crammed inside a cooler. The gruesome crime scene leaves Detectives Alex Nolan and Ben “Gull” Gulverson wondering if big city murder had arrived to the small, coastal city.

A seasoned detective from Boston, Massachusetts, Gull applies his hardnosed ethics to the case, in order to keep rookie detective Nolan as unburdened as possible. However, the more Gull tries to protect his partner, the darker the questions become for Nolan. Even Sarah, Nolan’s wife, becomes concerned about what Nolan brings home to the table, and furthermore what sort of father he’ll be when their child is born.

Nolan and Gull learn what lurks in the dark shadows of Portland, when the victim’s drug dealing boyfriend–a pawn in the self-proclaimed King of Portland’s drug game–becomes the focus of the investigation. Was Lauren’s murder a message to her boyfriend? Or was this high honors student caught in a web of
her own?

Can Nolan ever return from the dark places he needs to dive to solve the murder of Lauren Wayscott? Moral compasses will be skewed and convictions tested as the truth comes to the surface in Vacationland.

1×02: Commencement (The Last Empire)

by Emilie Hardie

Against all odds, Emma has taken up the position of Governor of New Zealand but it was a decision make against her better judgement. Emma should be happy; it is a position that many others would kill for, a mark of prestige and trust that might finally prove that her mostly New Zealand-sourced family is Australian above all else.

Being back in the Territory that she once called home, however, brings back painful memories. Emma must learn to let go of her past if she is to build the Territory a future worth the name, and she must do it amid a cyclone of different agendas, everyone pushing and pulling in different directions.

With enemies on every side, it’s Emma against the world. But she’s not a little kid anymore; she knows how the world works and what happens if you trust anybody, even your own blood. More than that: she knows what the Resistors truly do to the Territory, and she will not be fooled again.


Commencement is a 30,000 word novella “episode”, the second in the series.

The first can be found at


Cover photograph by Marcus Ranum.

The Element Of Evil (The Element Series)

by Linda Sawicki

Four teens reunite to defeat an evil wizard who has chased them through many lifetimes in an attempt to steal a magical ring. Robinson, Cassie, Johnny, and Katie use their powers of Air, Earth, Water, and FIre against the wizard and the army of Zombies he has brought with him to fight a final battle in the “Mouth Of Hell.”

In The Barn

by Rod Boudreaux

A small town murder exposes secrets, alliances, conflicts, and rearranges lives forever.

Cocaine Castle The story of Knook Borrow

by Charles Burgess

Knook Borrow dreamed of being the first young black to make it out the projects.Everyone he knew made their money the fast and dangerous way. Knook decide to take the road less traveled in his neighborhood. But, sometimes the road less traveled is filled with traps and false pot holes. Knook made it out the hood and into college and right into the face of dirty cops who set him up. The road less traveled is also walked by those who are not willing to change paths.

Nobody’s Mother (Natalie Dvorak Mysteries)

by Geoffrey A. Feller

Vermont State Police Detective-Sergeant Natalie Dvorak is looking for a suspected killer. The trail leads to an isolated house presided over by “Mother” Frances, a woman with dark secrets. She is prepared to take ruthless action against anyone who might disrupt her home, where she has taken in a small group of senior citizens. Mother Frances and her childlike housekeeper try to hide the truth from Natalie when she visits the house. Constrained by rules of evidence and haunted by controversy from another murder case, Natalie pushes forward in her investigation, placing herself in more danger than she bargained for, including a deadly game of hide and seek.

The Journal: A Prophecy, A President & Death

by W. Leland Parker

The Journal is a spiritual-suspense-thriller that asks two simple questions: How far do you go to protect someone from a prophecy, and, does it make sense to even try. That is the dilemma facing the young Secret Service agent, Loren Coles, assigned to the case, and a grizzled veteran FBI agent, Al Hinton, seeing her through it. But neither of them is prepared for the supernatural events that surround and protect a loving Christian family in upstate New York, nor can they ignore the accuracy of its youngest member, Joseph Market’s prophecies. He has predicted that the President will die in eight days.

The thrill-packed investigation, which is infused with humor and thought-provoking arguments, has Agent Coles and her colleagues discover that a true walk of faith is possible, and that God’s love can be found even in the darkest and most painful of circumstances.

Gene Search: A Collin Carter Mystery (Collin Carter, Private Investigator)

by Kathleen Steed

Gene Search: A Collin Carter Mystery This is the first of a series of books to be written about Collin Carter, Private Investigator. He is a sweetheart with a gun and the propensity for not getting paid. 
In Gene Search, Collin Carter discovers a group of geneticists willing to experiment with human life to get very rich. The services these laboratory rats offer cost the people involved more than just the millions of dollars they are willing to pay for a perfect baby.  When the initial genetic experiment goes horribly wrong the Gene Search project moves out of the country. Collin takes Lily, his wife, on a vacation in paradise: A trip to the beautiful tropical island of Rarotonga. There he continues his investigation into Gene Search and his struggles to save the day!

No Need to Breathe

by Alan Spencer

These twelve tales of sanity shattering situations will bring you to your final breath in this morbid anthology. Imagine if the entire state of North Dakota became a giant anus. What if you were haunted by a noose? What does a woman do when her womb gives birth to the deceased? If you’re going to survive this anthology, don’t bother stifling your screams, don’t waste your time gasping in terror, and most importantly, don’t forget: there is no need to breathe. Special note, this anthology also includes the novella Wear the Flesh.

The Weight of Reason

by MG Mason

Trant is a cyborg – a human with cybernetic upgrades. Though shunned by some, his implants have allowed him to earn a living as a Private Detective on the ocean city of “Skara Brae Oceanic”.

When he is called to investigate an unusual murder, he never imagined that what should have been a routine examination of a dead body would take such a bizarre twist. Somebody is killing those genetically enhanced humans considered most vital to the city’s survival.

And it won’t be the last body.

Each murder only presents more questions and as the conspiracy unravels, Trant discovers a truth more shocking than he could possibly have suspected.

Trant is finally forced to ask questions about the city, about humanity’s propensity for self-destruction and to what extent people would go to protect their assets.

Paddy Nemesis 3.0

by Phil Cone

Jake Clancy: Friend, lover, poet, wit, raconteur, autodidact, philosopher, and Government assassin. Jake is going through the motions, as much as any assassin can, living life on the edge, life through sarcasm and bar fly philosophyâ?¦

Jake has been set up and a “regular” job ends in him having to run. He ends up in the last place he wants to be, Boyle, his home town that he hasn’t been back to in eight years. A town gripped by recession and strangled by seediness, nothing is at is seems and nobody can be trusted.

The one-liners in this story will draw you in, and make you smile wryly, while the richly overlaid intelligence and humour will keep you reading. There is a poignant melancholy to the character, which will keep more romantic-minded readers hooked, and the action is delivered in a high-octane thrill-a-minute style, which will satisfy even the lustiest appetites for action.

There’s a lyrical charm to the scenic descriptions of Ireland’s lush green countryside, rolling hills and bleak small towns. The action, perfectly described drama, razor sharp humour, knowing winks to works such as Hamlet and Ulysses, add up to a sense that this story is an epic of our time.

Witch’s Weed (Patterson Brothers Mysteries)

by Linda Bartnik

As this debut psychological mystery begins, an entire family has been killed in an apparent accidental poisoning. The only family member to survive the incident is the five-year-old son, Robert Logan. Is he another victim or the murderer? This chilling novel follows Robert for twenty years of his life as he faces the demons first witnessed in the child. After the loss of his family, the young Robert is initially placed with an uncle and then with a family friend. Eventually, he is referred to a psychologist, and over the years, repeatedly falls victim to his own self-absorption and anger. Because she believes in him, his girlfriend is eventually pulled into this web. Robert’s attempt to solve his problems alone devolves into a tale of twisted revenge, frustrated sexuality, and guilt. A must-read for fans of Minette Walters. This is the first in an intended series with detectives Austin and Paul Patterson.

The Takeover (Roy Benson)

by Calvin Reedus

Fighting to survive from pay check to pay check, Roy Benson spends his days working for his cousin and his nights dealing with his less than ideal domestic situation.

Turner Contracting has been in business for three years and struggled to stay above water. When some senior members decide they have had enough of working for John Turner, they set the wheels in motion to collapse the company and pick up the pieces for themselves.

When Roy oversteps his boundaries on the job and injures a member of a rival company, Turner Contracting’s livelihood is put in jeopardy. Roy has to shoulder the burden of both the internal conflicts and the external forces when his cousin is put out of commission. Before Roy can even begin to understand the magnitude of what is happening around him, a tragedy strikes him at home when he is trying to hold his cousin’s company together. Running on his instincts and nerves, Roy must focus his efforts not just for his own safety, but the safety of everyone he cares about.

A Spy’s Nightmare

by J.R. Adams

When Al-Qaeda operatives captured Michael Crowler, one of the CIA’s top men in Baghdad, and he woke up in a dark room with a single lightbulb hanging from the ceiling, the spy thought things couldn’t get any worse.

But as Al-Khalifa, one of the most feared terrorists in the world, took charge of his interrogation, Crowler wished he could take his words back.

In this twisted game of deceit and treachery, there can be only one winner. Whose lies will prevail?

8,000 words, or 30 pages.

Trouble With Elvis (Elliot Lennox)

by Calvin Reedus

Elliot lives the life he has always wanted. For ten years, he has been able to support himself by careful gambling. From poker to sports, he makes money every day and has no complaints.

Everything is going great for him until his best friend Max calls him with a major problem. He’s gotten on the bad side of the wrong woman. He needs Elliot’s help to figure out much danger he has gotten himself into with his latest girl. She may be related to Elvis, a Chinese gangster that both Max and Elliot know and fear. A small favor quickly spirals out of control and Elliot is forced into situations he has spent his entire gambling career trying to avoid.

When a bad collection attempt takes the situation to a whole new level, Elliot is forced to deal with the consequences. He and Max are forced to deal with Elvis for much longer than they originally intended, and they quickly lose sight of why they approached Elvis in the first place. Elliot has to manage this issue and somehow keep his girlfriend out of harm’s way without compromising his own sense of morality. In a constant race against the clock, he has to find a way to stop all of the escalating craziness developing around him and keep from getting himself killed in the process.


by Sam Chase

Jack Brander – a young American lawyer in London – has always gotten what he wanted out of life by playing it by the book. But the loss of his job in the financial crisis and a chance encounter with the CIA and MI6 are about to force him out of his comfort zone. . .

When recruited by the CIA, Jack is blissfully unaware that Russian Intelligence is more active than during the Cold War, and that a new “Great Game” pitting CIA and MI6 student recruits against their Russian counterparts is taking place at prestigious St. George University, just an hour outside London.

The CIA and MI6 tell Jack about the original Great Game, a 19th century power struggle between young British and Russian spies in Central Asia, but claim to have no idea who is behind the new game in St. George. They only know that the aim of the game is to expose all of the other side’s recruiters and student recruits at the University.

Posing as a law student in St. George, Jack sets out to unmask the Great Game’s main protagonists, but soon discovers that he is being used as bait by the CIA and MI6 who have not told him the whole story. And with the one person he cares about – Iris McKnight, an undergraduate who writes about the game in the student newspaper – even more at risk than him, Jack finds that he is prepared to bend the rules beyond recognition. . .

Stuck (Roy Benson)

by Calvin Reedus

Roy Benson is a man who is struggling to make his way in life. Reduced hours and thinning funds make each meal a question mark rather than a guarantee. He’s losing his friends, his son will barely acknowledge him, and he hasn’t spoken to the most important woman in his life in over a year. Two years after events that turned his world upside down, he’s still struggling to keep his house from being taken by the bank.

Suddenly, when Roy is attacked by a homeless man, he is put back in touch with familiar faces and set on a path that he doesn’t realized is being carved for him. Warren Davis, a man with an inexplicable vendetta, is working behind the scenes to make Roy’s life as miserable as possible. A failed attempt to sell his house leaves Roy drastic for options. An old romantic flame is rekindled for Roy, only to be dangled in front of him and kept out of reach.

Will Roy be able to stop his whole world from collapsing around him? Or will he be stopped by a deadly force that he can’t identify? Stuck is a compelling sequel to The Takeover that takes the reader on a continuing journey through the tragic life of Roy Benson, sure to capture your heart and leave you wanting more.

Holdem’s Hold: The movie Runner, Runner should have been!

by Alexandre Gosselin

Alex Dawson wants it all. After he begins attending the University of Victoria, Alex learns the pleasure of poker through games in his dorm room. After he meets a young beauty named Amber with a penchant for strip poker, he is drawn into the world of poker probabilities, and into the world of computer bots for winning online games.

A math major, Alex quickly becomes enmeshed in a scheme to develop a Texas Hold’em bot that would earn the student millions of dollars. As he gets closer to his goal, Alex is drawn into making a series of choices that threaten his values, his girlfriend and his life. Can he succeed in his quest to create the perfect bot or will his decisions jeopardize everything he holds dear?

The Stray Cats (Wicked Neighborhood)

by Randy Shaffer

Jennifer Riley is trying to pick up the shattered pieces of her life in the aftermath of an abusive husband. Despite her positive outlook, Jennifer feels an emptiness in her heart. That’s when Callie, an adorable tabby cat, appears on her doorstep seeking shelter. Jennifer allows the feline into her home, but soon another cat shows up at her doorstep … and another … and another … and another. What is causing this strange preponderance of cats? Is it Jennifer’s bizarre neighbors, each one seemingly weirder than the next? Is it her own selfish desire to fill her lonely days? Or is there something far more deadly at play? â?¦ something fiendish lurking within the woods surrounding Forest Street.

“The Stray Cats” is the first installment in an ongoing anthology series titled Wicked Neighborhood. The series is loosely inspired by/hyperbolized from my very own neighborhood in northern Ohio.

The short stories will be split over several issues, with the possibility for future “seasons” of the series if the stories prove popular. In other words, if you like what you read, spread the word to keep this series going.

Each issue of Wicked Neighborhood will focus on one particular household seated on the seemingly quiet stretch of land known as Forest Street. The upcoming stories are connected by characters, incidents and events on the street. That said, it is not necessary that you read every single tale in the series to delight in what I have in store for you â?¦ though you will be missing quite a lot of fun. Also, as future issues appear, you are welcome to read them in any order you desire.

A Party To Die For (A Julia Blake Murder Mystery)

by Gillian Larkin

A Short Murder Mystery

Julia Blake’s Third Murder Mystery

Julia Blake runs her own cleaning business and has been working for Fiona Doyle for a few years.

When Fiona’s daughter has a party Julia helps her sister to do the catering. Fiona is in a bad mood as she tries to organises everything. Julia can see that Fiona needs a rest and suggest she has a lie down.

An hour later Julia discovers that Fiona has been suffocated in her bed.

Which one of the party guests killed Fiona? Julia is determined to find the murderer.

Paint. The art of scam.

by Oscar Turner

The relationship between Seymour Capital, a talented but lazy artist, and his ambitious wife Polly, is in trouble. Polly reluctantly works to support them both, a doomed arrangement she had instigated to enable Seymour to prepare for an exhibition that never materialised.

Things change when Polly walks in on an armed hold-up masterminded by an amateur, bungling gang. Polly is taken hostage but manages to escape in the getaway car containing the stolen money.

Tapping into instincts Polly had developed in her dubious past, she finds herself making decisions that have both frightening and surprising consequences when she successfully finances a career for Seymour by bribing a failing gallery to show his work.

Farmingdale A Tex Waco Adventure Novel

by Larry Hill

Tex Waco is a Texas oil billionaire that heads up the group of rich Texas vigilantes known as the Texas Twelve. Some drug dealing criminals, with connections that reach into the highest levels of government, make the fatal mistake of killing a friend of Tex Waco. Tex and his group of men waste no time in giving the criminals a lethal dose of Forty-Five Caliber Texas Justice.

Cooper Collection 012 (Hard Bargain)

by Bill Bernico

I was washing my hands at the sink when a shadow fell across my office door. The handle twisted a half turn, the door opened and a man stepped in. He wore a gray double-breasted suit, buttoned up all the way with a white shirt beneath it. A splash of red leaked out between the lapels and a gray pork pie hat sat high on his head. His steel gray eyes scanned the room briefly before he settled in my client’s chair. He looked like he meant business. He looked like he wanted to share that business with me.

Matt Cooper’s latest client has one piece of a puzzle and he wants to hire Matt to secure the other pieces, which don’t technically belong to him. There’s big money at stake and this client will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

The Matt Cooper series consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

A String Of Numbers

by Gary Richards

With the threat of creative self-destruction looming, writer Walter Pickett enlists two characters from two novels he has written and who appear in the physical world, and an ornament of a Laughing Bronze Buddha who discovers life, to help plot the murder of a man Walter believes is behind his dying creativity – his neighbour, Dillon Lamb.

As events escalate and Walter’s creations become more desperate, he doesn’t know whom he can trust. The vital component that could lead to ultimate success might lurk in an item that Walter Pickett can’t recallâ?¦an enigmatic red box, and A String Of Numbers that are essential to unlocking itâ?¦

Cooper Collection 010 (Little Matt)

by Bill Bernico

It was going to be hot in Los Angeles during the Fourth of July festivities and I didn’t want any part of it. Last year the temperature reached up into the nineties and tempers flared. I wasn’t on a case at the moment and decided that my patriotism could be displayed just as well at my brother’s house in Chicago.

Philip was the firstborn and three years older than me. He’d left L.A. right out of high school and settled in Chicago during Prohibition. He and his wife, Betty moved into a double flat in the heart of the city where he was on the Chicago Police Department. Betty was content to be a housewife and mother to the two boys, Matthew and Troy. Troy was named after my grandfather and Matt was named after me. I always held a special place in my heart for Little Matt, as he came to be known.

Matt doesn’t want any trouble. He’s in Chicago, trying to relax when his namesake nephew is kidnapped. Matt will stop at nothing to bring Little Matt back home safely.

This is one of several stories featuring my 1940s L.A. detective, Matt Cooper.

The Matt Cooper series consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

The Serpent’s Disciple

by Deborah Stevens

In this conspiracy thriller, an ancient evil threatens to take over the Catholic Church and use it to upset the world order. Peter Romanus, the Grand Master of the secret Masonic Order known as Propaganda Due has set in motion the final stages of his plot to kill the Pope and control major world governments through the Church.

Meanwhile, Anthony and Antonella “Nelli” Andruccioli feel a sudden call to visit Pesaro, the Italian town where their father was born and where their family has long protected a deep connection to Saint Anthony himself. The siblings soon learn that they are called to protect the Church: Nelli as the Chosen One, and Anthony as one of the Guardians sworn to protect her from the false prophet. Together they must navigate the labyrinth of ancient prophecy and Vatican politics and expose the truth before it is too late.


by Calvin Reedus

Nobody knew why it happened. There was no explanation given to the public.

In a world without Internet, Logan Hopkins is struggling to fit in after building a career online. From rags to riches and back again, he moves back to his hometown of Galesburg, Illinois, after living life in the fast lane in downtown Chicago for almost ten years.

Back at his high school job, Logan returns to normalcy and misery all at once, dealing with the threats of a former colleague and finding himself unable to approach women now that his confidence has been decimated.

When Logan gets a call from an old friend in Chicago, it turns out the fast life was faster than he realized, and a big piece of unfinished business comes all the way back to Galesburg to find him.

Forced into action under the threat of extreme violence or worse, Logan must use the same wit and cunning that catapulted his career during the long lost days of the Internet. He has to find a way to make things right at all costs, or suffer losses much worse than the lifestyle he was forced to give up when the Internet ceased to exist.

Bread of Life

by Elmore Hammes

A short story (approximately 3,000 words) about a mobster who finds a naive and innocent man – a stooge – to transport his drugs. The stooge has an unexpected humanizing effect on the criminal.

Cooper Collection 019 (Surprise Package)

by Bill Bernico

“Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twiceâ??BLAM BLAM.” I’m sure that’s not how the original saying goes, but in this story we have a macho man who’s making out with a girl in his car. When he tries for third base, he finds a surprise package in the girl’s panties. Hey, wait a minute, this ain’t no woman. BLAM BLAM. Matt Cooper is working in co-operation with his old pal, Sergeant Dan Hollister on a series of murder cases connected to the gay community. Take a ride through 1947 Hollywood with L.A. master detective, Matt Cooper.

The Cooper Collection consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 008 (The Condiment Killer)

by Bill Bernico

I sat at the table across from a family of five who’d just ordered their lunch. The little girl, who must have been five or six, sat playing with her fork and knife. She banged them together until her mother took them away from her and pointed an angry finger in her face.

The waitress brought me my coffee and I tried to enjoy what was left of the morning. Even a P.I. has to eat. It was nearly noon as I sat staring out the window at the traffic rolling by on Sunset. My peaceful daydreams were shattered by the loud, high scream of an old woman. I turned and stood, facing the source of the scream. Two tables down, an old man lay on the floor, his elderly wife kneeling at his side.

Someone is poisoning the salt shakers at random restaurants around town and people are dying. Matt’s on the case to find The Condiment Killer.

The Matt Cooper series consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 014 (Dead Ringer)

by Bill Bernico

I was with Franklin Reeger the day he died. That is, I was supposed to be with him. I was actually fifty feet away when a .44 magnum slug removed his face. My success ratio as a bodyguard was on the downswing and a dead client was never good for business.

Matt is hired to bodyguard a material witness in a mob murder case, but the job doesn’t go exactly as planned. So far, the score is Mob-1, Matt-0 but the day’s not over yet.

The Cooper Collection consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Five Days of Farkas (The Max Farkas Chronicles)

by Jake F. Simons


So there I was, sitting on a bus picking my nose with one hand and scratching my balls with the other, staring out the window at a patch of the ugliest country on God’s own earth. Once, it had been some kind of paradise with rolling hills and green trees and probably unicorns shitting rainbows on the heads of happy little bunnies. Now it was just a scabby patchwork of shotgun shacks, overgrown fields and blasted quarries full of nasty water. I was nursing a hangover and trying my hardest not to think about midgets having sex.

It wasn’t my fault. Well, the hangover was a little bit my fault, but the midget sex thing I could only blame on the couple across the aisle. Both little people, one a chubby blonde in a white party dress that almost covered her ass, the other a guy in a yellow polyester three-piece suit. He’d had on a green pimp hat when they boarded an hour before, but it had since fallen off to reveal a comb-over so epic I had to give him credit for optimism. They were making out like each other’s stomachs were full of cocaine.

Seriously, those two were going at it. They had all their clothes on, but I could see Guy Midget’s pecker bulging through the stretch fabric of his suit pants. Girl Midget’s nipples were hard enough to cut paper and pinkly visible through their flimsy covering. While I watched, Guy Midget slid a hand up the white dress. I could imagine him, despite my best efforts, making a few of his short, stubby fingers disappear inside her. Girl Midget moaned and rocked, never unlatching her mouth from the guy’s drooling gob.

So yeah, I was thinking about midgets having sex. That got me to thinking about having sex with midgets. Judging by the bulge, Guy Midget had a pecker at least the size of a normal man’s, maybe a bit bigger than average. Basic anatomy said Girl Midget couldn’t grow something on the inside to match what Guy Midget or I had dangling on the outside. Her hips weren’t really set up for the change of scale. I’d be afraid of hurting a midget I was having sex with. I wondered if Guy Midget had to take special care when it came time to slide his battleship into dock.

“For the sake of sweet fuck,” Luie said. He was coming back from the shitter and slapped me on the back of my head with a hand he probably hadn’t washed. “You look ready to slip a dollar in the slot so the wall don’t come down before you finish.” He said it too loud, like he always does when there’s even a tiny chance of pissing somebody off. He sat down, staring straight at the show.

When neither of them responded, he raised his voice even louder. “I wish this rolling bucket sold popcorn, or maybe one of those disposable cameras.”

“Come on, Luie,” I muttered. We were finishing up a weekend with more than the usual amount of trouble, even for us. I didn’t mind the trouble, but I had been looking forward to getting some rest on the way back to town.

“Maybe one of them beer helmets,” Luie was shouting now. He cocked his head to one side and continued.” A little haiku:

Two midgets shagging

In a bus seat on the road

Would one tag me in?”

It wasn’t his best work. Luie has a gift for poetry when he puts his mind to it, but high verse or not it had its desired effect. Guy midget unlatched himself above and below, slid out of his seat to stand in the aisle. With Luie still sitting down, they were just about eye to eye. “Oi! Bigjobs! You got something to say?”

The Death Box: Part 1 of 3 (Chapters 1-12)

by J. A. Kerley

This book has been serialized into 3 parts – this is PART 1 of 3. TRY THIS THRILLER FOR FREE. A nail-biting new novel featuring Detective Carson Ryder.

Carson Ryder thought he’d seen everything â?¦

A specialist in twisted crimes, Detective Carson Ryder thought he’d seen the lowest depths of human depravity. But he’s barely started his new job in Miami when called to a horrific scene: a concrete pillar built of human remains, their agony forever frozen in stone.

Finding the secret of the pillar drags him into the sordid world of human trafficking, where one terrified girl holds the key to unraveling a web of pain, prostitution and murder. There’s just one problem: Ryder’s not the only one chasing the girl.

And the others will kill to keep the secret safe.

Cooper Collection 009 (A Million To One)

by Bill Bernico

“Cooper?” the man said in a voice that had seen too much rye and not enough cough syrup. “Let’s talk. Your office?” He pointed again using the head gesture. He was pointing at my office building. He looked at me with hollow eyes, sunken into his gaunt skull. His huge body began to sway slightly.

He dropped the brief case onto the sidewalk. I looked down at it and noticed a few drops of blood on the cement. More blood dripped and I looked up at his sleeve and found the source. He swayed for a moment longer before grabbing a street sign pole and easing himself down on one knee. His coat fell open and I could see the shoulder holster holding a .38 with a bone grip. His shirt had a red stain near his stomach and his face was turning a pale white. I retrieved the briefcase, grabbed the man by one arm and helped him into the doorway. He leaned into me and threw one arm around my shoulder. It was only twenty-eight steps to the second floor but it felt more like a hundred.

Matt Cooper’s latest client is one of several people in line for a huge inheritance, but it seems the competition is trying to eliminate his fellow heirs.

The Matt Cooper series consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 020 (The Big Sweep)

by Bill Bernico

Matt’s been hired to look into the death of a young man who was run down on the sidewalk by a big black Lincoln sedan. The man’s fiance’ was pushed out of the way at the last second and she’s the one who wants Matt to find her boyfriend’s killer. That won’t be as easy as it sounds. There’s one cover-up after another as Matt tries to track down witnesses. Someone may be buying or intimidating witnesses into silence and Matt’s determined to find out who’s behind it.

My apologies to Raymond Chandler for spoofing his title.

The Cooper Collection consists of a total of 131 stories to date (so far)

Cooper Collection 011 (Find Her)

by Bill Bernico

The big man fell to his knees, both hands clutching his stomach where the bullets had entered. His wide-eyed expression was one of disbelief as he stared up at Maxine, and reached for her with one of his bloody hands. She leveled the gun again put one more slug between his eyes for good measure and he fell backwards, hitting the wooden floor hard. His head made a loud thump and he kicked up a little dust as he fell. Maxine returned the small automatic to her purse and ran for the door.

“So long, Johnny,” she said, stepping over her former lover.

The Matt Cooper series consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 013 (The Case Of The Plates)

by Bill Bernico

The car ahead of me tuned on its left blinker. I may not have paid any attention to it at all if it had not been for the license plate hanging by one bolt from the rear bumper. I tilted my head to the side and read, “PU-7163” and thought about the PU part of the plate. Not a very complimentary plate, I thought.

I continued south for a few more blocks before pulling up to the curb in front of my office. It was a Thursday morning in August and it was already beginning to get hot. I hated to think what high noon would bring.

Matt Cooper’s latest case involves the serial killing of single women, found alone and vulnerable–and dead–in their cars. Matt’s friend at the homicide department, Dan Hollister, has asked for Matt’s help with this one.

The Matt Cooper series consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 015 (The Stickup)

by Bill Bernico

It was the end of another boring day following a suspect for another boring client. My feet ached and my throat was dry and all I wanted was to sit quietly and wet my whistle. Mad Dog’s Bar was as good as any and I was in no mood to be particular. The bar was actually called something else; I don’t remember exactly what. It came to be known as Mad Dog’s because a friend of mine once remarked that the owner reminded him of a gangster from Chicago’s prohibition days, Mad Dog Coll. I pulled up to the curb at Western and Sunset and positioned my Olds between an older Ford and a broken down pickup truck.

It was one of those bars that made you feel like you needed a shower when you left it. It was long and narrow and poorly lit. The bar ran the entire length of the left side with booths occupying the right wall. In the far corner near the back sat one ragged pool table, its green felt looking more like the well-used welcome mat from a farmhouse. A single light bulb under a conical shade hung over the center of the table.

The Cooper Collection consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 016 (You Can Bank On It)

by Bill Bernico

Matt’s in line at the bank, trying to cash the check from his latest client. He’s carrying his .38 in the holster under his arm. The man in line ahead of him turns around and yells to the rest of the customers that this is a holdup and that everyone should hit the floor. A fast-thinking clerk hits the silent alarm, trapping the robber in the bank. Now, in order to get out, he’s gonna have to take a hostage, but who will it be?

The Matt Cooper series consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 017 (The Last Stop)

by Bill Bernico

Matt Cooper’s latest client is a woman who can’t seem to get satisfaction from the police. Seems her husband was one of seven people killed when a crazed gunman stepped aboard a Hollywood bus and sprayed the inside with a machine gun. She’s sure the other people were killed to cover up the killer’s real target–her husband. Now Matt had to sift clues and dig for suspects in this, installment of my L.A. detective, Matt Cooper.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Eternal Vigilance

by David Alexander

Eternal Vigilance is a thriller inspired by today’s global events and future technology, combining advanced super weaponry, international cloak-and-dagger maneuvers, and action sequences that are extremely cinematic and highly realistic. Aside from fast pacing and masterfully clever plotting, the often brutally frank depictions of secret military and covert paramilitary operations in Eternal Vigilance have that uncanny, telltale ring of reality disguised as fiction, or truth protected by the proverbial bodyguard of lies.

The thriller’s title, Eternal Vigilance, comes from a fictitious ultra-secret military project to develop next-generation surveillance systems capable of clandestine high-altitude and orbital operations. The Eternal Vigilance program has developed a super plane called Black Magic. But the title is also derived from Thomas Jefferson’s timeless words that “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

The innovative plot of Eternal Vigilance not only makes this thriller an exceptional work of fiction, but also makes it a powerful and insightful investigation into the benefits versus the threats offered by the omniscient digital technology that has become the main driving force of modern civilization.

The thriller’s multilevel and multilayered mega-plot is also based on an account of how the freedoms that we take for granted might be stolen from us by determined secret cabals that attempt to stage a high-tech coup to undermine the government and societal structure of the United States.

Figuring in this conspiracy is a multinational corporation which is headed by a billionaire with plans that reach far beyond the board room. The corporate magnate has succeeded in tying the far-flung outposts of his empire together into a sprawling conglomerate that has grown to the point where it can transcend national governments.

The corporate chieftain sees these traditional power centers as having become outmoded and antiquated in a world increasingly driven by advanced technology. His aim is to take total control by a process of total information awareness based on a global cloud computing network. His determination to win at any and all costs is evident from the trail of homicides he’s left behind. He has even succeeded in manipulating political movements that have destabilized global societies, overthrowing dictators and unseating maximum leaders in bloody coups. His final aim is to apply these proven tactics to engineer something similar in the United States.

Building on his major successes with other high-profile thrillers, author David Alexander has raised the bar in action thriller storytelling by setting his extensive knowledge of the US, UK, EU, CIS and other global defense and political institutions against a backdrop of global events that read as if they might have been torn straight from the headlines of breaking news reports.

Alexander has combined all of these and a very great deal more into an exceptional new work of narrative action fiction whose every page seems to build to a powerful and unforgettable climax that is bound to keep readers glued to the edge of their seats. Unveiled throughout the narrative of this exceptional book is a glittering array of dazzling superweapons whose descriptions read as if they’re more than mere author’s inventions, but are in fact derived from actual secret advanced technology military programs whose classified workings Alexander somehow knows a great deal about, and may in fact be describing under the guise of fiction.

From its first sentence to its last, this sure-fire hit flies like a precision-guided missile to strike its target with explosive accuracy and devastating power. It’s a super thriller that shows David Alexander at the top of his game. Like his other action fiction masterpieces, Eternal Vigilance will help confirm Alexander’s well-deserved place as one of the best writers in the genre.

Cooper Collection 018 (Violence Is Golden)

by Bill Bernico

Matt’s back and he’s hot on a serial killer’s trail in Hollywood. All the victims had one thing in common…they were all passing out religious pamphlets to pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard when they were killed. Someone obviously has another point of view on the subject. The murder weapon fits the crime in this case. The killer bought ten gold-plated crucifixes, sharpened the long end and is using them as daggers. They are left sticking out of the victim’s chest, almost like a calling card. So far Matt and his L.A. homicide detective friend, Dan Hollister have found four bodies. If they don’t catch this guy soon, they just may end up with another six victims.

Here are more than 13,500 word to keep you entertained and quench your thirst for murder and mystery.

The Cooper Collection consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 006 (Cold Cash)

by Bill Bernico

I figured today to be just another slow Saturday. I figured wrong. Sunlight fell across a corner of my office and slowly slid down the wall. I sat with my feet outstretched on top of my desk, leaning back in my wooden swivel chair. I had my fingers locked behind my head. My eyes were fixed on my guest across the room. He was short with brown eyes and a friendly face. He was the quiet type. He looked back at me and neither of us said a word.

Matt’s on the trail of some ruthless counterfeiters who think nothing of murdering anyone who gets in their way.

The Matt Cooper series consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

The Strong One: A Short Story

by Auburn Seal

Catherine struggles to accept friends in her life that are damaging to her well-being.

The Secret of Big Pine Key


The book is a man’s book. The story takes place in the midst of when when the Middle East is in a state of choas. Gasoline prices have risen to over $5.00 per gallon with no end in sight. Worldwide economies are in turmoil. In the midst of the turmouil, Vic Jeski decides to resign from his career as a NYC banker, and moves to the Florida Keys. There he meets a beautiful and seductive woman whom he falls in love with. He unwillingly and reluctantly becomes embroiled with a sinister plot to take over the world. He unknowingly has been given the assignment of being entrusted with a “secret” that can change the future of man kind. Sinister forces are in play that can bring on the onset of worldwide war. Vic discovers in his quest to unravel the “secret,” that he can’t trust anyone, including the woman he loves, and even the U.S. Government. The rush to the finish is terrifying, exciting and dangerous, and the outcome is seriously in doubt!
A fast and fun read.

Angel Thorns

by Paul R Lloyd

Laurie Beth Williams turns twelve tomorrow, but will her angel save her from the dread Driads? 4,700 words. Christian suspense, horror, humor. Story told from the viewpoint of a 12-year-old girl.


by Allyson A. Shepherd

This thriller puts you in the mind of a detective whose wife has committed the ultimate betrayal.

A Lesson in Dishonesty

by Ben Stevens

From the bestselling author of THE WHISTLER: A MURDERER’S TALE

Maurice Copper-White – the snobbish proprietor of a chain of junk shops – is an expert at conning people from all walks of life. But maybe Maurice is about to meet his match…

Swan Song (A Short Story)

by Josiah Morgan

A woman jumps from the top of a building.

A man watches.

But nothing is as it seems.

Not when you take your final bows, your swan song, your 5-minute-calls.

A woman jumps from a building and a man watches from below, another man watches from above, and it appears as suicide.

But did this woman really kill herself?

Or is there…. something… more?


Cooper Collection 131 (The Domino Effect)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott’s out on a case, leaving Matt in the office alone. There’s a fire and Matt can’t get out, so he breaks a window and crawls out onto the ledge three stories above a gasping crowd. A body falls past Matt to the street below before a fire truck sends a ladder and fireman up to get Matt down from his perch. But Matt falls before he reaches the ladder. Now what’s Elliott going to do?

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