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Don’t Survive, Thrive! How To Flourish When Disaster or Crisis Strikes.

by Donald Langley

Think a crisis or disaster won’t hit you? Think Again! Remember 9/11? The Greek budget crisis? Remember the London riots? What about Hurricane Sandy? The fact is that the world has become a much more unpredictable and unsafe place and a crisis can hit anytime…This book prepares you not only to survive but thrive:

– How to find food when disaster strikes
– Dealing with poison when medical help is not readily available
– Preventing heat stroke and exhaustion when ‘bugging out’
– and many more life-saving tips that could help you and your family…

A Short Introduction to Metaphysics

by Thomas Case

Focusing on the core philosophical discipline of Metaphysics, this book introduces the reader to the core concepts and problems that philosophers have tried to, and continue to try to, answer. Why is there something rather than nothing? Why is there anything at all? What is existence? How do we know?

An excellent primer for anyone interested in stepping outside of their comfort zone and trying to understand the enigma of the real.

Formatted for Kindle devices and the Kindle for iOS apps.

Contents include:


The Science of Being


The Rise of Metaphysical Idealism

Noumenal Idealism in Germany

Phenomenal Idealism in Germany

English Idealism


Our Fountains of Pleasure, Truth and Order

by Phillip R Greaves 2nd

An atheist’s view on sex, religion and politics. Includes the perfect proof against the existence of “God,” the failures of the prophets, comments on the Bible, politics, constitution and amendments, taxes, sex, masturbation, laws, marriage, gays in the military etc. This combination is your best buy, as it includes the full text of “The Power and Virtue of Lust,” “The Grand Delusion,” and “A Government of Service to All,” at a lower price than if you bought them seperately.

Revenge: A Collection of Poems

by Kelly Fisher

This is a collection of 25 rhyming poems. They range from the grief of loss and death to getting your heart broke to learning to laugh at oneself. Some of them are dark, some light. They touch on feelings we’ve all been through. Some of the titles include:

It’s Called a Panic Attack
Some of my Inner Demons
Rock, Paper, Scissors
She’s a Little off her Rocker
Question Mark

The Bible Secret

by J Strand

The hidden secret at the heart of the Bible.

To expose the simple yet powerful, non-religious encoded message revealed in the Bible, by both ‘Moses’ and ‘Jesus’.

Grow Up: A Man’s Guide to Masculine Emotional Intelligence

by Owen Marcus

Grow up. Be a man. We’ve all heard that before, and we often get defensive when we hear it. And as modern men we often live our lives on the defensive – struggling in relationships, on the job and often feeling alone to figure it out ourselves.

In the pages of this book, Owen Marcus leads us along an enlightening path toward the authentic self, one that embraces and respects gender and masculinity. Marcus reveals that men aren’t immature or broken; they just need clarity, purpose, connection and the support of other men.

Grow Up takes you through 9 stages of growing up where you will discover:

  • Why professional success alone does not fulfill
  • What may be missing and how to find it
  • How we inadvertently self-sabotage and how to stop
  • How to honor and attract women as your authentic self
  • How to earn and maintain the respect of your peers
  • How understanding your own Masculine Emotional Intelligence├ó?┬ó will lead you to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Owen Marcus has spent years studying and developing effective learning systems for men. Grow Up is the first time the lessons of his group trainings, lectures, seminars, and personal experience have been compiled into a single manuscript.

Grow Up is not a “self-help book”; it’s a playbook on how to live your own life. Imagine a life where you can dream, love, create and live in the moment with an ease you never thought possible.

Take this book home, and watch the unfolding of the remarkable man in you.

Land of Lincoln and Kennedy: My US Poems

by Ted Keith

Poems with an American theme published here for the first time, on the occasion of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address at the height of the American Civil War; and on the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, an event which shook the whole world. The content of the poems is far ranging, from reflections around the political life and the sudden death of the first Catholic president, and also the first president in the TV age; to a personal aerial view and reflection around the scene at the tip of Manhattan of the latest tragedy to affect the American nation. On the way, my poems treat of the squalour and desolation to be found in some US urban areas, of the message left by the words of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg (as etched into the American psyche and engraved in stone on his memorial), of the symbolism and reality of the Golden Gate at the entrance to San Francisco Bay, of the transforming effect of the life-threatening injury received by President Reagan during the attempt on his life, and finally — sentimental musings on love affairs, real or imagined, centred around historic Philadelphia. All this, plus a reflection on the US role in relation to its close and poorest neighbour Haiti when it was stricken by a natural disaster of enormous proportions.

These are but a small selection from my collection of some 300 poems of many varied themes and styles written over a period of over 30 years.

Or Are We 3

by Johnny Goldsmith

‘Or Are We’ covers all aspects of life with exuberance and passion. Beginning with

a humorous vacation account, Goldsmith again heads into the gun control debate.

“The refusal to act when everything is at risk,” headlines ‘Replace Them All.

This theme spill over in another political romp supporting the rights of Canadian natives.

His head is suddenly completely turned in ‘She Was Phenomenal.’ “Her legs formed curves around the earth.” ‘Stop Me’ is look back for mercy. This mercy turns into

“a magical, musical experiment,” in ‘A Surplus Of Energies.” There is so much to do!

Falling snow piles up in lonely drifts of love. Goldsmith is 100% Canadian.

‘The Sister’s Shack’ is a parody on the popular, religious novel. “It is best not to confuse them with salvation.” This series ends with a tribute to old favourites in ‘Warm and Tender.’ The ‘Or Are We’ aspect rest on husbands and wives finding a quiet place together. ****Wasaga-Star Glen-Eaton Review (14 Poems)

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