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The Spanish Mar

by Mike Woodruff

Dear Survivor of the New World,

The old world is gone. The Panphagius virus swept through and did a good job wiping out most everyone. Then the asteroid came crashing in from outer space to finish the job. Now we’re all that’s left, holed away in an abandoned art museum. Well, there are also a few bands of cannibals and snipers patrolling National Boulevard amidst the decaying skyscrapers of Los Angeles. We’re not all going to make it.

That’s why we’re freezing ourselves. It’s desperate, but desperate is all we have left. A few months ago I didn’t think any of this was possible. Then something changed. Something I never could have predicted or saw coming amidst all the chaos.

I fell in love with a boy named Mar.

Ever since then, tomorrow isn’t just a day I try to survive to see. It’s a day I hope to see, even if it is very far into the future. Even though everything is falling apart, we keep plugging away. Together, we just might make it. Together, we have hope that hope will return to the world. The new world.

My name is Eva Flores. I’m a survivor. I hope you are, too.

The Hilliard Contagion (Hilliard Series)

by Rainier Keyes

The country has been embroiled in a civil war for 196 years, and there is no end in sight. Winnie Hilliard lives west of the Border Wall, in Green Territory, where the laws of conscription state that one member of each family must fight at all times. There are ways to get an exemption from military service, but Winnie just watched her best chance slip through her fingers: she got a failing score on the standardized test that would have sent her to the luxurious Green Capital and kept her out of harm’s way.

Conscripts are taken according to birth order, and Winnie has two older siblings. Her older sister, Daphne, was sent to fight when their father died, and their middle brother, Fergus, is next in line. Winnie’s mom, Dr.Verna Hilliard, works for the government as a designer of biological weapons, a job that gives her permanent protection from enlistment.

When Daphne’s death notice arrives in the mailâ??with Fergus’s conscription order tucked insideâ??Winnie’s life is turned upside-down. Daphne was killed, not by the Red Army and its supporters beyond the Wall, but by a pathogen of her mother’s design: a deadly virus called Somnaria. The whole family is stricken with grief as Fergus leaves to replace his older sister in the army, and Verna hatches a plot that may help put a stop to the cycle of war.

To escape the threat of conscription, Winnie signs up for the Border Corps, a government propaganda program bent on eradicating the enemy through social conditioning. Meanwhile, Fergus reaches the front alongside a group of child soldiers raised on propaganda and fear. Both siblings must confront their enemies on the other side of the Wall as the struggle escalates, ultimately threatening to annihilate the country as they know it.

Author Rainier Keyes makes her YA debut with this explosive dystopian novelâ??the first installment of the Hilliard series, a futuristic epic of war, betrayal, lifelong secrets, tormented romance, tested friendships, and chilling political machinery.


by Chad J. Shonk

THE YEAR 2139 A.D.

Virata Das has it rough, mostly from her own doing. A traitor to her country, she is now exiled in poor and crime-ridden Roma, forced to work for gangsters in order to stay ahead of her ever-growing debt. Nothing has gone right for her in many, many years, and there are no signs of it getting better. She is a desperate and dangerous woman in a desperate and dangerous time and place.

When word comes through the underground that a rich old American is offering a ridiculous bounty for a job, Virata finds herself torn. The money on the table is more than enough to get her out from under what she owes and for her to start a new life where she’ll never need to worry about anything ever again. True freedom. A light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

But the job requires her to do something she has sworn to never do. The American’s wife has been murdered and he wants her killer hunted and treated in kind. Virata killed for country many times during World War VI but has promised herself to never do it again, especially not for money.

Worse yet, the old man wants more from her. Not satisfied with a faceless assassination, he wants Virata to feel what he feels in order to fully appreciate the revenge she is to exact. He wants to implant a chip in her brain that will give her his memories of his dead wife, filling her with the sense of love and loss that he is suffering. He wants his grief to become hers. His wrath to become hers.

He does not want a bounty hunter or an assassin.

He wants a proxy.

As crazy as it sounds, Virata has very little choice. She is out of options. One murder to salvage the rest of her once-promising life. It will be her final stand. Her last big play. She will either leave Roma a wealthy and free woman, or she will die there.

Besides, it seems simple enough:

Wear the chip. Kill the guy. Walk away rich.

Should be easy.


Proxy is a dark, sexy, mysterious, and action-packed future-noir about a woman driven to seek vengeance for a crime that has nothing to do with her. Set in a time where both society and technology have plateaued and stagnated, it is a world ravaged by war and nearly bereft of natural resources. An era of great disappointment, for the future we are promised today is nowhere to be seen.

Virata Das, in the course of trying to make her way through the world the best she can, is going to stumble into something far larger than what she expects. All she wants is to do her job and eradicate the demons that have been shoved into her brain. But the world has different plans for her.

She really wishes it didn’t.

The Secret Weapon

by Bridget Denise Bundy

In the distant future, the world’s population has decreased dramatically to less than 200,000 people. A new government has been developed. A new society has grown, and with this change, the human kind is still deceitful, manipulative, and controlling.

Coraset Prescott, a business executive once in a worldwide company before the downfall of man, has been a victim of a lie that lands her in prison. Once she’s out, she must get back to her life, but she will find that it won’t be so easy. Coraset’s stepfather will be threatened if she doesn’t complete one dangerous task. Will she be able to get her mission complete and save the life of her last living family member? Or will she be caught by the new government officials?

Find out in this story The Secret Weapon.

The Bounty Hunter: Reckoning (Series One, Book Five)

by Joseph Anderson

The Bounty Hunter series continues with the fifth and final installment in Series One: Reckoning.

Reckoning is the series finale in the first series of the Bounty Hunter stories. Over a year after the events of The Bounty Hunter’s Revenge, Burke is ambushed by someone from his past and is forced to deal with the consequences of his actions. Jess Richmond, a woman Burke wronged a year earlier, has sought him out to exact revenge of her own.

Story length: 24,000 words.

The Bounty Hunter stories are a series of novellas following the adventures of Burke Monrow and AI Cass. A bounty hunting duo, they take contracts around the galaxy, apprehending criminals, murderers, vicious aliens, and abide by their own moral code.

The series is best read in order, as there is a larger plot arc that connects the series; however, each installment can be read and enjoyed on its own for the individual story line of each novella. Some names and references to prior events are made, but most can be understood in the context of the story.

The Find

by Christopher Tanner

A loner, miner, nearly 30 years in the future, discovers something more than gold in an abandoned Arizona mine. The discovery leads a group of four people to try to figure out what it was he stumbled upon, and just what it means. What they figure out puts them on a short timetable to stop something happening on the other side of the world that could have devastating consequences. With the U.S. government chasing them and time running out, they must do what none of them ever expected. If they aren’t successful, human existence itself may be on the brink.

Project Theta and other short stories

by Alvin Smith

This diverse collection of science fiction short stories is designed to be both fast paced and thought provoking. Ideal for coffee breaks.

Shove Off (The William’s Hunt)


Naviwerks! Bringing a piece of history to YOU!
  Laurence Kane, rejected by every personality and compatability test given by Naviwerks, sacked from every job he’s ever tried to hold and a mere middle of the road graduate at university has somehow become the desired Horotech for the chrono-engine of The William’s Hunt.
  When Captain Alexandria de Sade found out the truth about her once proud position in the Naviwerks chrono-fleet she disappeared…and so did chrono-ship #25.  Now she has gathered a loyal crew of people she can trust:  Geri Reynolds – Security; Angel Flynn – Pilot; Dr. Hennessey – Medical; Lord Nigel Wellington III – Historian; and now Laurence Kane.
  Together they have become the pirates of chrono-ship The William’s Hunt.  And together, they will stand against Naviwerks, pilfer their chronological salvages and expose the corporation’s nefarious plans to manipulate history for their own agenda.

Shove Off launches the serial stories of The William’s Hunt!  Episodes will follow monthly!

Final Rights

by Peter Welmerink

Through the view-finder Sharpshooter Clint Johnsson scanned the bridge and beyond the ground troops running to their firing posts. To the west side of the river, ravaged old buildings stood near collapse. A weed-choked motorway hung silent over a darkened neighborhood as he watched another act of survival unfold.

Rounding the street corner running underneath the expressway, pulled by five sweaty and hard-breathing pack horses, a dual “wagon” with the hand-painted numbers 616 on the driver side door came into view. The wagon was actually a badly rusted, extended cab pick-up truck with a modified flat bed. In tow, an additional four-wheeled enclosed trailer bounced and rattled behind it. As actual fuel was scarce and strictly rationed to the extent of armed guards stationed at its single distribution center inside the barricaded city proper, these wagons were literally horse-powered. In this case, the typical six-horse team had been reduced to five. Clint did not see the missing charger though, very quickly, he suspected it had fallen to the snarling and snapping massive meat-grinding monstrosities pursuing the speeding wagon train.

FINAL RIGHTS is a Military Scifi Thriller set in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2075, when the large cities are the last bastions of humanity, and hungry creatures outside, in the ruins, await.

Salt Wars (Xavier Hollands stories)

by Derek McMillan

It is not possible to travel in person through space and time. Yet, in your dreams, you can travel anywhere. Consider this paradox. I could dream of a conversation with Wolf-Dietrich von Raitenau who died in 1617. Similarly Wolf-Dietrich von Raitenau could have dreamed of the same conversation. This is the starting point for Salt Wars. Please enjoy this book.

Table of Contents

The Locked Room

Extract from the Diary of Xavier Hollands

Dark forces

Extract from the Diary of Wolf-Dietrich Von Raitenau

A journey through history

Extract from the Diary of Krix – as dictated to Kay, Sacristan of Saint Katherine’s Church.

The Salt Mines


Extract from the diary of Father Kristoff, priest of St Katherine’s Church

At the sign of the Swinging Fist

Extract from the diary of Krystyna dictated to Kay, Sacristan of Saint Katherine’s Church.

The May Fair

From the Diary of Oaff, dictated to Kay, Sacristan of St Katherine’s Church

Xavier’s First Wedding

Extract from the diary of Guda, dictated to Kay, Sacristan of St Katherine’s Church

The Militia

Extract from the diary of Kay, sacristan of St Katherine’s Church

The Night Stalker

Extract from the diary of Krystyna


Extract from the diary of Lieutenant Gruf

The Black Death

Krystyna’s Wedding

Tilly’s Story

Krystyna’s Dreams

Krystyna’s Knife

Render Unto Caesar

Janis’s story

The power of ridicule

Dux Krebb


A dream of Magus

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?


A School for Scandal


Extract from the Diary of Tilly Brandwine

The First Salt War

The new Xavier



Comments from characters in the book

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