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The Importance of Walking: A Journey to Elite Performance from Dublin to Monte Carlo

by Stephen Jungmann

The Importance of Walking explores how elite athletes and world-class performers are made, not born. Based on a true story, the main character’s passion for tennis explodes into his life from a glowing television screen in the summer of 1977 as Bjorn Borg is reaching the height of his powers at Wimbledon.

The Biggest Challenge is in Your Head

With the help from a mystical and charismatic farmer named Finn, he discovers the real challenge to reaching elite performance is contained in the neurons in his brain. We follow his path from Ireland to California to Monte Carlo as he searches for his greatest performance on the tennis court.

Mastering Sport and Life

With Finn’s guidance, he learns how outside circumstances can help him or slow him down. His response to fear and failure, the refinement of skill through practice and his hard-wired desire to control the future create a fascinating mix of challenges to reaching his potential. When he masters the elements of elite athletic performance, he realizes that what’s true for sport is true for everything.

The Elements of Performance

The Importance of Walking begins with the spark of motivation and ends in the delicious but elusive Zone. He starts as an inept beginner and collects valuable lessons on his journey to his best performance:

– Motivation

– Preparation

– Compromise

– Fear

– Failure

– Delusion

– Belief

– Quest for control

The Importance of Walking is a story for anyone who dreams of greatness but doesn’t know where to start.

I Don’t Know: Running For More Than The Bus

by Jason Ewart

Former obese guy finds himself running in an unfamiliar zone.

(Exercise was not part of his weight reduction strategy)

Spurred on by a compelling why.

He would now be running for more than bus.

His cause?

Human trafficking abolition.

Read his insights on how on he went further, faster…

“The book “I Don’t Know” may seem at first to be about running and accepting that life is uncertain, but more precisely, the book is about life and possibility. Like the Nike slogan, you can “Just Do It” but first, writes Ewart, you have to find out WHY in order to find the HOW.”(as reviewed by Marcie Taylor at

Possibility is a step away.

“Jason Ewart’s next book I DON’T KNOW takes us out on a run with him along an adventure trail of possibility and potential. He encourages the reader in their next steps. Read it, share it, run!”

– MARK BATTERSON, lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, DC, USA and author of the New York Times Bestseller, The Circle Maker

“Jason Ewart is a truly incredible person. His writing is fresh, genuine, and outright inspiring. As I think about the many things that set this author apart, I am reminded of the many times I’ve experienced his tenacity, thoughtfulness, and willingness to invest in people and their causes with dogged commitment and determination–something rare in today’s world, where everyone runs around focused on themselves and their interests. This book is a reflection of the heart of this man, who’s in the minority, living opposite to selfishness, and counter to the customs of the status quo. You’ll be uplifted by his journey and poignant experiences with truth.”

– ROCHELLE VETURIS COLES, Media / Public Relations Director, and Social Media Consultant, California, USA

“Jason is the kind of writer who wouldn’t ask anything from us that he himself hasn’t already or wouldn’t ever do. His fresh and honest approach to writing make for a simultaneously entertaining and challenging experience.”

– DANA BYERS, Church Online & Minimalism Thought Leader, Oklahoma, USA

“Jason is an inspiration to all those who would love to make those lifestyle changes yet think it only ever happens to somebody else. He combines motivational gems with a strong foundational faith to take you on his own personal journey that encourages us to quite literally jump up and join him. I recommend this book to all those who have just taken their first tentative steps or who are about to embark on the incredible journey along that road we know we should be on.”

– GAVIN LLOYD, Worship Pastor, Christian Life Church, UNITED KINGDOM

“We have been in a totally uncertain situation since right after the earthquake on 11th March 2011. In this situation I have been really helped by Jason Ewart. He shared words of encouragement and wisdom with me many times. With his support we have begun to walk our new path. I believe his new book will empower your next steps.”

– REV. MAKITO MATSUDA, Senior Pastor of Oasis Chapel Rifu & Director of OasisLife CARE, Sendai, JAPAN

How To Survive Group Cycling – A Beginners Guide to Group Road Cycling Techniques and Safety (Beginners road cycling techniques)

by Peter Crump

Road cycling is getting more and more popular, particularly amongst older people. Road cycling is a fun, social and easy activity, and is the perfect exercise for anyone, young or old.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of road cycling is group cycling, where a small, or large, group of cyclists all come together to cycle as one, in a group.

But whilst group road cycling is a wonderful activity it does have it’s risks. And there are some very important techniques that every beginner should learn about group cycling before joining a group. 
In this book you will discover 

  • The advantages of group cycling over solo road cycling
  • Why group cycling can be risky
  • How to manage the risks of group cycling
  • Important principles that apply to group cycling
  • Specific group riding techniques and procedures to learn to help you ride safely and comfortably in a group
  • Things you must never do in a group cycling situation
  • What to take with you on a group ride
  • The importance of good planning for a group ride
  • Things that more experienced cyclists can do to help make the group safer and more enjoyable for everyone
  • And much much more

  • As a beginner to road cycling, and group road cycling, you owe it to both yourself as well as to others in a group you might be thinking of joining to learn some basic group riding principles and procedures BEFORE you join a group, not after.

    Find all those principles and procedures in “How To Survive Group Cycling”.

    Detroit Sports Trivia Volume 1

    by Roger Vanderlinden

    Name the players who formed the Detroit Red Wing’s famed “Russian Five”? Which Detroit Piston was nicknamed “the Microwave”? How many no-hitters did Jack Morris pitch while he was with the Detroit Tigers?

    Detroit sports fans will find the answers to these questions and more in volume one of the Detroit Sports Trivia book. It’s packed with great questions and answers that are sure to entertain (and maybe even educate) fans of Detroit’s pro teams.

    Insuring A Boat (Boating Secrets: 127 Top Tips)

    by Robin G. Coles

    In Insuring a Boat, Robin G Coles interviews Mike Smith on the importance of getting insurance. Mike talks about these key points:

    – Which boats are covered by “boat” insurance policies and which boats are covered by “true yacht” insurance policies.

    – What makes an agreed value policy unique.

    – Make sure you read and understand the exclusions and warranties on your marine insurance policy.

    – How to find an insurance company or agent that knows what they’re doing and knows about boats.

    – The value of the hull (physical damage) and liability are the two main sections of a boat insurance policy.

    – Where to get wooden boat insurance.

    – Two basic types of boat surveys.

    – Why marinas want to be added to your policy as an “additional insured” and the cost to you.

    – How to file a claim.

    – You’ve got a quote, now what?

    The Heart of a Bully

    by Shidoshi Barnes

    The Heart of a Bully illustrates the basic throws of American Jujitsu while examining the definition of a Bully. Shidoshi’s phylosophy along with the techniques gives any beginner in the Martial Arts hope.

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