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Traveling the World for Less – How to Travel the World for Less (Travel Guides on Kindle, Travel Books, Travel & Leisure Magazine, Unanchor Travel, World Travel Guide)

by Drake Darko

Learn Now The Means to Travel the World in less time!

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People often say that their greatest dream is to travel the world. They would want to roam around in different cities of different countries, experience a divergence of cultures, and meet different kinds of people. But more often than not, it remains to be just that – a dream. This is because people often associate traveling with spending a hefty amount of money and splurging a large part, if not all, of one’s savings. That is why, although there are a lot of people who wish to travel and see the world, they would rather not because they fear that it might cost too much and way out of their financial capabilities.

Traveling does not have to be costly to be fun. It does not need to cost so much that it leaves someone broke after enjoying the tour. Traveling is about seeing places, experiencing things and feeling that kind of happiness that money could not buy. All it takes are willing feet, curious eyes and exploring mind.

This book will give some tips and advice on how to maximize a budget during a travel. It will be about knowing different ways of traveling anywhere in the world in a non-extravagant way. It will be showing how to cut and which expenses to cut without even feeling the cut. It will give some examples on how to save money during a trip. It will also provide useful information that can be applied when traveling.

I hope that you will find it really handy should you plan to take a trip anytime soon and see the world. Savor the book, go through the pages and find tips that may even encourage you to take that trip this weekend.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Planning is the Key
  • Get the Basics
  • Just Me and some Buddies
  • Travel Wisely
  • Unnecessary Things Create Unnecessary Expenses
  • Safekeeping is A Must
  • And Much, much more!

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Short Journeys: Ethiopia

by Andrew Boland

â??Short Journeys’ is a series of stories about my travels to different countries. Whilst they are not intended as a guide book, I have endeavoured to include information about where I stayed, what I ate, what I saw and how to go about it if you were to visit the countries in question. My previous writings – the â??Dhaka to Dakar’ books, were simply travel experiences. This time I wanted to go a little further for the reader.

I wanted to include any stories and experiences I thought were interesting, important or amusing whilst I was travelling. I want to encourage you the reader to read, think about, and then perhaps go there yourself. You will find information on the places I stayed and visited, and how I got there and around.

Ethiopia is a delight to visit as a country. This book concentrates on the north, which is beautiful, green and mountainous. Ethiopia is in the heart of the horn of Africa, but it also possesses a vibrancy, an ethos that is truly unique, that cannot be found in another country

on this amazing continent, nor the world. It offers adventure in many different forms, warm and friendly people, exhilaration and above all experience.

Read about trekking in the Simien Mountains and visiting the UNESCO Rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. Information on travelling by plane and bus.

I visit:

Addis Ababa, the vibrant capital.

Lalibela, where ancient churches were carved into rock.

Gondar – once capital of Ethiopia, a great citadel at the centre of the city.

The Simien Mountains – stretching up to 4500 metres, these stunning mountains are a highlight of any trip to north Ethiopia, and provide some wonderful and affordable trekking.

Bahir Dar – on the beautiful Lake Tana. Not too far from the Blue Nile Falls.

This book includes 35 photos taken by the author himself, accommodation suggestions and more! Written in an open and easy to read style.

This is the first of a new series which will include several other titles coming soon to kindle – Kazakhstan, Laos, Cameroon, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, and more!

Seattle Before8

by Cameron Gidari

Author Cameron Gidari believes that morning is the most magical time of day, and he’s on a quest to uncover the hidden treasures before 8 AM in cities around the world.

Join Cameron as he explores Seattle Before8, guided by the locals who wake up with the city every morning and know its secrets. More than a travel book, Seattle Before8 is Cameron’s journey into the best sights, sounds and experiences that happen while most of Seattle is still asleep.

Bask in the beautiful sunrise while on a ferry in the middle of Puget Sound, explore Pike Place Market while the vendors are still unloading giant salmon on beds of ice, and sip a hot cup of coffee while savoring the smell of bread fresh from Macrina Bakery’s ovens — all before most people are awake.

Whether you’re visiting Seattle for the first time, or have lived in the city for years, you’ll find something you’ve never seen or done before in Seattle Before8.

Dhaka to Dakar: Book 2 – Europe

by Andrew Boland

Travelling across Asia solo was one of the major challenges and achievements in my life. Braving Pakistani buses in Baluchsitan desert and going east to west across India tested my patience and endurance. After Europe Africa lay many more challenges out in front of me. Comparatively, Europe may have seemed much simpler. In many ways it was.

This meant I could see and get to more. On the other hand I found myself staying in many dorm rooms as I attempted to keep my budget under control. Each continent has its own difficulties and its own splendours. Beautiful countryside and castles in Romania, beaches in Montenegro, the history of Poland, and not to mention Slovenia with its stunning capital and postcard-perfect lake Bled with a castle looking on.

As I crossed east to west Europe transport would become cleaner, more comfortable, faster and dearer. The tourist numbers would rise. I started in Bulgaria, a country not known for much but the gateway from Asia to Europe with a fantastic capital and a monastery from a fairytale.

Romania’s capital was foreboding and big, the remnants of a tyrant’s never-completed dreams. Outside Bucharest I would find the mountains were stunning and the castles plentiful. Then to Serbia, still recovering from the conflict over Kosovo, but in Belgrade they have a pulsating capital on the Danube.

Bosnia-Herzegovina was like slipping through a crack in time to another dimension where the streets still showed the ravages of war and an uneasy peace could be felt in the air. This was the most eye-opening atmospherically challenging country I visited in Europe.

To beautiful Slovenia, an undiscovered gem on the Mediterranean Sea, Germany and the Czech Republic where I visited a haunting crypt filled with human bones. Slovakia proved to be the surprise of Europe, a beautiful rugged country with far fewer tourists than its neighbours.

North to Poland, to Auchwitz, to Krakow. Haunting and touching reminders of the past and a wonderful city, a travellers favourite. Warsaw and Wroclaw were although worth visiting. Berlin came to show me why it is a must-visit city in Europe. So much to see, to do, reminders of the Second World War, not to mention the Cold War.

Finally Budapest, Hungary, a magnificent city on the Danube, the river that followed me all around Europe. This was the longest I’d ever spent in Europe, and from Dhaka to Budapest I would never leave the ground. By this point I could say I understand the world a little better, and myself a little better too.

Please enjoy this book as I enjoyed writing it. You won’t read about France, England or Italy, most of the countries visited are not the premiere European destinations, but every single one I went to was worthwhile and rewarding. Europe is more than the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum. It is an amazing wide and diverse continent.

Features many photos taken by the author, a great place to start to get your travel inspiration. Countries travelled in this book include:



Serbia and Montenegro

Bosnia Herzegovina



Czech Republic





New Braunfels, Texas: Travel Guide to America’s Spring Water Wonderland (Great Towns of America)

by David Vokac

New Braunfels is America’s top destination for year-round water fun! The clear, pure and relatively warm Comal River provides idyllic conditions for swimming, boating, and tubing year-round. Luxuriant shorelines reward riders on all sorts of water contraptions on America’s most usable mineral-springs river. In summer, the bounty is supplemented by one of America’s top recreation destinations, the renowned Schlitterbahn Waterpark. The scope, variety and artistry of the rides and the lush riverfront setting make this enormous waterpark a fun, family-friendly destination appealing to all ages. New Braunfels is also home to other outstanding attractions including the Natural Bridge Caverns, the state’s largest and most remarkable cave formations; and Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch with its drive-through wildlife encounters. Lovely Landa Park provides an in-town attraction, along with many other desirable things to see and special events that keep this town lively year-round. Gourmet food and distinctive lodgings, all spelled out in this guidebook, will keep you coming back to this favorite great town destination.

A Guide to New York in Winter

by Andrea Zuniga

The coldest months are a time for comfort food, warm drinks and indoor pursuits. If you’re visiting New York City during the winter, you should be prepared for cold weather or even snow. Although New York City certainly isn’t the coldest destination you could visit, you’re likely to spend a lot more time outside than you might at home; so warm clothes and shoes are essential. This is your guide to winter in New York.

Discoveries in Travel 1

by Hyunjung Yim

Do we get married because of love? If so, what happens to our marriage if that love comes to an end? We say we consider many things before marriage, but have we really tried to contemplate beyond the â??conditions?’

This is a story of five people; a man and woman who reunite a year after their divorce, and the additional guys and girls entangled in love triangles with the couple. They have two things in common: they’re on a Euro trip, and they have complicated feelings towards â??marriage.’

Life cannot be without agony. However, if we cannot avoid the agony, our natural urges would want to enjoy the pain.

I hope this book will also walk you through their complicationsâ??quite romantic complications as they travel the beautiful cities of Luxembourg, Frankfurt, and Paris.

Postcards From London

Where do the locals eat in London? Where are the best places to stay? What are the hidden gems that other tourists have never heard of?

The â??Postcards From’ series is a collection of five short essays on different elements of a destination. Our travel writers look for interesting and unusual elements to a city, composing a collection of portraits that will introduce the reader to some of the least known aspects of the destination. These collections are essential reading for the would-be traveller. Each book is around 7,500 words in length.

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