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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Dummies: How To Put Your Business Prospecting Success On Steroids In Less Than 90 Minutes

by James Anambire

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Dummies: How to Put Your Business Prospecting Success on Steroids In Less Than 90 Minutes
Perhaps, you’ve read several LinkedIn books that gave you some useful LinkedIn marketing tips. However, this is a unique book. LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Dummies is a practical guide for Internet marketers, those with LinkedIn Marketing jobs, professional business development executives, consultants, and business owners. It’s a great instructional guide for every professional who has discovered the enormous gains that can be made through using LinkedIn for business prospecting.
LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Dummies:

  • Is a how-to reference for anyone who wants to obtain LinkedIn business prospecting success
  • Reveals the dos and don’ts of successful prospecting on the world’s leading professional networking site
  • Shows you how to eliminate web marketing stress while still being able to obtain premium business leads and covert these to sales fast
  • Takes you by the hand and really shows you how to get guaranteed replies from any prospect at no extra cent
  • Provides road tested tips, examples, templates, and cheat sheets that ensure you hit the road running  

This dummy-proof LinkedIn for business guide will really show you how to achieve amazing success in record time!
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How to find the BEST gigs on Craigslist: pay your bills and earn some money on the side

by Katherine Hiraldo

This e-book will show you how to search for the best gigs on Craigslist; how to “scrutinize” ads (to make sure they are legitimate), how to apply for gigs, and how to maximize your gig income.

In Search of the New America

by Lee Somerstein

Author/Blogger Lee Somerstein drives more than 10,000 miles interviewing people in small towns and cities across America to discover how The Great Recession affected their lives. Indeed, he found The New America…and much more.


by Hephzibah Asaolu

There has been a tremendous increase in the price of Bitcoin since the beginning of this year (2013). The reason is not unconnected with the fact that bitcoin, being a freely traded market cannot be affected by price manipulations either by banks or governments. Bitcoin is seen as an effective alternative to government currencies and it is a very cheap way of transferring money around the world. Bitcoins was traded around $1,000 recently for the first time. This is to show you that there is tremendous benefit in acquiring bitcoins.

There are three methods you can use to get Bitcoins. The first method is by mining bitcoin. This is a very difficult task because of the mathematical calculations involved and it is very hard to locate new bitcoin blocks. The second method is by buying bitcoin. Bitcoin is very expensive currently. A bitcoin goes for about $1,000. That is pretty high. But not to worry, you can always get bitcoin for free and that is the third method which you will be learning in this e-book.

This method is good for people who do not have enough money at hand to invest in Bitcoin and for people who do not like to take risk with their money. You can simply look for free bitcoins, gather them together and invest it. This way, you don’t have much to lose.

In this e-book, you will be learning about the various websites that offers bitcoins and how you can get them for free. All you need to do is to start earning free bitcoins immediately so that you can join the leagues of people who have bitcoin and are making money with it.

101 Investment Decisions Guaranteed to Change Your Financial Future (How To Invest)

by Paul Merriman

101 Investment Decisions Guaranteed To Change Your Financial Future is the workbook for savvy investors at all stages of life! Learn how every investment decision you make has the potential to add $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 or more to your wealth.

Together, this can mean millions of extra dollars for you and your family over the years. In his information rich, pull-no-punches style, Paul Merriman explains the decisions to be made and the impact of each on your financial future, so you can easily prioritize and make the best financial choices to meet your goals. It’s your future… choose wisely.

The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Trend Trading System

by AM Greenwich

How To Catch The Next Big Trend Trading Stock Wave

You will learn how to:
* Invest using a trend trading system
* Select the best stocks with potential for exponential growth

A Case Study On Apple, Inc.

You will see how you could have used trend trading to:
* Know when to buy Apple, Inc.
* Protect your capital using a risk management system
* Identify when to sell Apple, Inc. before the market crash

Housing Stocks And What We Can Learn

We will cover:
* The major housing stocks during the housing boom
* When you would have bought and sold these stocks using trend trading
* How you could have protected your capital before the crash

Stock Selection With A Stock Screener

We will cover:
* Identifying stocks with a stock screener
* The minimum and maximum criteria you use to identify promising stocks

From the Author
I think you will enjoy reading this book as much I loved writing it. The information presented in the book is practical and applicable to your trading system, and will help you select stocks with the potential for exponential growth. The trading methodology presented here is thorough, yet concise, including only the most relevant information to allow for faster reading.

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How to Earn a Hundred Dollars a Day – Easy Legitimate Ways to Earn an Extra $100 or more online now

by Caterina Christakos

Discover easy, fun, legitimate ways to earn a hundred dollars or more a day online now. Learn where legitimate companies go to online to look for writers, photographers, artists and more. These are real companies with real budgets and a need for your skills. In most cases, that I present, you will be under contract and your pay will be placed in escrow before you start working. For those looking to earn a part time or even full time income online, this book will show you numerous ways to do just that and have fun, as well.

Turn your sales force into profit heroes

by Peter Brook

There are thousands of new products and services which are launched every year. Their potential for success is massive but many simply do not succeed. The reasons for failure could be numerous – too soon to market, consumer trends changing or customer resistance, for example. People often ascribe failure to such theories, amongst many others, when every other indicator promises success. So how can businesses make their products successful? One thing’s for sure, converting failure to success does not involve investing tens of thousands of pounds in professional consulting organisations to tell the sales people what to do. The real secret lies in breeding a philosophy of mentoring where line managers learn to produce exceptional performance by getting their sales team to execute the basics brilliantly and, more importantly, be passionate about what they do. In â??Turn your sales force into profit heroes’ Peter Brook reveals a world where top performance is achieved through a motivated, passionate sales team who will stop at nothing to ensure that every product or service is given a chance to deliver its absolute potential. That true success is waiting just around the corner.

Simple eBay Selling Strategies That Work — 34 Tips and Techniques For Attracting More Bids and Making More Money From All Your eBay Listings

by Robert Boduch

Interested in simple tips for making money as a seller on eBay — starting today? Then this short, 10,750 word volume is for you.

Simple eBay Selling Strategies That Work will help you make the most of your listing efforts… so you get the biggest bang for your buck in terms of eBay fees.

Though eBay has evolved over the years, it’s still a solid opportunity for anyone to flip products fast and generate quick cash. Although eBay is arguably the easiest moneymaking opportunity online, it still involves some work (and business “smarts”) on the part of the Seller.

If you invest a little time and energy and do things the right way — you too will be singing the praises of eBay as you regularly bank your earnings.

eBay is a market of millions. So if you’re going to tap into this pool of cash-spending customers and generate some exciting profits for yourself, it makes sense to follow a proven path.

You want maximum results — at minimum effort, expense and time.

Take these tips and run with them and you will reap the rewards. Attracting more attention and triggering higher bids means more money in your pocket.

Every tip and technique included has been tested on eBay and each has proven helpful in attracting larger crowds and commanding higher bids. It doesn’t always happen this way — but you’ll come out on top more often when you put these simple tips to work in your own eBay listings.

Put Your Idea on the Shelf

by Kirk Arsenault

This book is a guide for inventors and idea people to help them get their idea from concept on to a store shelf. Everyday I listen to people with great ideas. As soon as they know my background they pepper me with questions. That is why I have developed these 7 simple stages of product development in order to answer these questions and hopefully help you streamline your idea to success. What is in this guide is not earth shattering, it is just a simple tale and the processes that one must go through in order to see their idea find success. If I had this basic information when I first started on my endeavour I would have saved thousands of dollars and years of time. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes. And YES I finally have my product on the shelves of a big box retailer. Thank you for reading.

Statements of Income, Cash Flow, & Balance Sheets – PART 3: FIFO & LIFO Inventory Valuation & Tax Savings (MBA Buster)

by Brevitext

Nobody ever said business was going to be exciting all the time. Inventory valuation is one of those things you just gotta know, but you’re unlikely to ever fall in love with.

Either way, by the end of this book, you’ll know FIFO, LIFO, specific-cost, and weighted-average cost inventory valuations, and which is the best method for income tax savings. Make sure you’ve first read the Statements of Income, Cash Flow, & Balance Sheets book.

This book is part of the MBA Buster series. Whether you’re getting your MBA from a university or have decided to go it alone, the MBA Buster series will: break a concept down into layman’s terms, explain what you need to know for a test, and demonstrate how to apply the concept to the real world.

Brevitext books aren’t like normal textbooks. Not in the slightest.

Normal textbooks are written by tenured university professors who have long forgotten how to relate to new students. Quantity, not quality, is the name of the game, and after spending hundreds of dollars on thousands of pages of awkwardly-written material, readers find themselves overwhelmed and confused.

Brevitext books, on the other hand, are written by fellow students who have recently mastered the concepts and are now applying them to the real world. They are concise, easy-to-understand, and light-hearted. Oh, and they only cost a few bucks.

For more information, visit

Cyber Monday Deals! Best Smart Phone Apps and Websites for Online Deals

by Kate Wiler

Cyber Monday Deals! Best Smart Phone Apps and Websites For Online Deals, includes:

  • Cyber Monday Tips for Staying Safe When Shopping Online
  • A must have list of the Best Smart Phone Apps for Shopping Holiday Deals and getting the best price.
  • How to Use Social Media to Search for Deals
  • A listing of popular online stores and Where to Find the Deals! (Stores and Websites are Sorted by Category)
  • Great online websites where you can get Coupons and Codes to get even better deals…on top of your sale item prices!

…and even More Resources to help you get the best deals possible when shopping on this Cyber Monday, or really any day.

These popular apps and websites will help you get the ‘Door Buster’ sales, discounts and deals before anyone else!

Don’t miss out on the best deals!…Just scroll up and click the ‘Buy Now’ button and grab the book that can give you a real advantage on all of your holiday shopping this year!

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A New Paradigm for Investing: Is Your Financial Advisor Creating Your Portfolio with a 50 Year-Old Theory?

by William Nelson

Does it seem like the daily fluctuations in the stock market are way to extreme and make it seem as though you have to watch your portfolio daily? If you watch TV or read the papers, why do different asset managers have such different views about the future direction of the stock market? How can I tell if today’s news is truly important or will go the way of the “fiscal cliff” which turned out to be a nonevent back in December 2012? Your financial firm is supposed to offer investment advice and guidance to remove that burden from you, right?

Financial Advisors and financial planners have been utilizing Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) for the past 50 years to recommend stock and bond selections for you. Are these MPT ideas still relevant today? It might surprise you how little your financial professional even knows about MPT even. Why does it even matter?

Surprisingly, you will find that, contrary to what you might think, most financial advice is not long term in nature. Usually financial results are talked about on a quarterly basis. In my opinion, that is entirely too short of a period. For example, if you have 25 years to go until retirement, why would you be so myopic to focus on the next 90 days so intently?

In this book I explain how to think long term about your portfolio. If you change your thinking about your investments in terms of one-year and five-year increments, you will have much better success. The daily price fluctuations of stocks are way to volatile to focus on anything else.

Passive Income Niche Websites – The Complete Guide to Making Money Online Easley

by Lindsey Wilson

How would you like to earn thousands from total PASSIVE INCOME??

If passive income is something that can help you, you need to read this. I wrote this book with YOU in mind, doing highly profitable passive income niche websites for years I found no reason to create a course or an e-book for extra money, I just wanted to enjoy the passive income and raising my kids.

A friend told me that she can really use the extra money so I set down with her to teach her, she made her first $1000 in less than two months, and she had been killing it ever since.

After the joy of helping her I saw how much knowledge and expertise I have after doing this for years, further to her advice I decided to put together this eBook, I want to help you make money with passive income niche websites online.

My secrets, my tools, my do’s and don’ts, my mistakes and my special tools I found after years of research, all there.

So do you want to make money online? Passive Income Niche Websites will teach you the basics of setting up a Web site that has a realistic chance of generating income day after day. Readers will learn simple tools for each step in the process of building a money-making Web site:

1. Picking a lucrative niche

2. Setting up a Web site that’s easy for people to find

3. Writing valuable content

4. Making money with Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and information products.

Whether you want to earn a little extra money or start a lucrative on-line passive income niche websites business, you will need the information in this ebook.

Don’t waste your money on expensive courses, save time and money and get this complete guide. Look if I was doing this only for the money do you really think I would be selling it so inexpensively?

Whether you are a total newbie or a seasoned veteran, you will benefit immensely from this book. A complete step by step that summarized years of courses and learning through my mistakes.

In this book I made sure to add a ton of links to secret tools I use to make you rise above your competition and make more money. Every tip, trick and secret I could think of I made sure it was all there.

So who Am I?

I am a mother of 3 who created a 6 figure salary from niche websites. I made sure to stay low key and work on my niches and not a huge blog selling how to books and courses, this is the first book I write on this subject and unless the market will change dramatically probably the last, this book is written for you, to help you!

So what will you need to start?

1. A computer

2. Internet

3. Less than 20 minutes a day to start out and less than 20$

This book will never ask you to spam other websites in order to get more traffic, I am against spamming!

So, what are you waiting for? Get this guide today, and if you’re not completely satisfied or don’t like it for any reason just request a refund within 7 days and you will receive a full refund.

Thank you so much, I hope you enjoy.


The Value of Niche Freelancing (You’re a Full-Time Writer, Now What?)

by E.M. Usborne

If your freelance business isn’t turning out the kind of profit you want, it could be because you aren’t specializing in one industry. This short, concise guide will help you understanding the true power of focusing on a specialized writing niche. You’ll also discover how you can select your specialty and how to create a portfolio that communicates your expertise.

This short, to-the-point guide is just 2700 words, roughly 11 pages.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.