Free historical fiction Kindle books for 03 Dec 13

Victorian Beauty

by Jen Black

Damaged physically and sexually, Melanie, the Dowager Duchess of Yaxley, escapes from an abusive step-son to become a housekeeper in a remote Northumbrian village. The Master of the house, Jarrow, is a widower with a delightful daughter, but few funds. Jarrow has his scars, but he also has a secret life that unnerves Melanie when she discovers what it is that occupies his nights. This historical romance with its great sense of time and setting, leads the reader through the clash of the scarred personalities, troubles with excise men to a resolution which surprises them both. Slowly Melanie realizes that Jarrow might just be the man who can make her believe in second chances.

Quicksand Paradise

by Mary Keith

Louis Abellard, the son of a Prohibition-era bootlegger, was the epitome of evil. Wealthy and a prominent member of his Louisiana community, he was also a bully, a drunk, a rapist and a prominent member of the Ku Klux Klan. Louis’s son Charles wants nothing to do with any of this, but how do you turn your back on money, power and a father who manipulates you like a puppet? How do you escape a Quicksand Paradise?

“A thrilling family saga filled with history and riveting drama. I loved it!”

–David Bischoff, New York Times Bestselling Author

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