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Alaska Virgin Air

by Izzy Ballard

Abigail Vertuccio has three goals in life. One. Don’t let people find out about her infuriating habit of seeing the future. Two. Stop seeing the future. Three. Get as far away from Fairbanks, Alaska as she can. She thought she’d succeeded when she hopped in her ancient motor home, Big Ellie, and hit the road. Only now she’s backâ??Grandma’s ordersâ??to help run the family rural air service, Alaska Virgin Air.

Home only a week, Abbey stumbles onto a plot to destroy the family business. Never one to leave matters to the experts, she and two of her zanier friends orchestrate a counter-attack of stakeouts and spying that has even the Alaska State Troopers rolling in the aisles. Despite all her efforts, she’s batting zero on the spy front. Someone’s trying to kill her. As if that isn’t bad enough, things with her ex are alternately heating up and scaring the hell out of her.

At this point, she has only one question. What are the chances she’ll end up in someone’s bed, married again, or just plain dead? Okay. Two questions. What the hell good is being clairvoyant if it never seems to work when she really, really wants it to?


“In her debut novel, Izzy Ballard has created a heroine who not only is clairvoyant but sassy, sexy, and warmheartedâ??the kind of best friend we all wish we could have. Alaska Virgin Air is a comic romp through a northern landscape rich with quirky characters, the adventurous culture of Bush flying, and romantic intrigue. Snappy dialogue, strong characters, and plot surprises make this a compelling read for those who like their mysteries served with humor.”
Sherry Simpson, author of The Accidental Explorer

“Share intrigue, adventure and romance on the last frontier with an engaging set of quirky characters that include our Alaska born, independent-minded heroine, Abigail Vertuccio, her man-magnet mother, her airline-owning-rock-music-roadie grandmother, revenge-seeking British royalty, their spoiled man-child and enough handsome-charming-save-the-day bush pilots that add the icing on this easy to devour book. Alaska Virgin Air is a comic mystery told with wit and assurance . . . that keeps you engaged to the very end.”
Pat Walsh, co-author of Catch and Release

“To anyone who enjoys Janet Evanovich and is fascinated by Alaska, I recommend Alaska Virgin Air by Izzy Ballard.”
Juanita Helms, former Mayor, Fairbanks, Alaska

“. . . the Alaskan setting and the snappy dialog will appeal to readers . . .”
Library Journal

“Alaska Virgin Air is a fun-filled ride of humor, intrigue and romance. Readers will enjoy following its clairvoyant heroine, Abigail Vertuccio, as she tries to save the family air taxi business while navigating her way through mysteries that surround her family and friends in the Last Frontier.”
Laurel Bill, author of the Aunt Phil’s Trunk Alaska history series

Love, Sex and Tesco’s Finest Cava

by Steve Carter

The number one UK kindle smash hit. Love, Sex and Tesco’s Finest Cava reached number one in UK humour and number one in contemporary romance in March 2011.

Film fanatic Rob Smith is thirty-eight, newly single and on the wrong side of two marriages.
Rob’s looking to get back into dating but quickly discovers that in the ten years he’s been married the rules of the game have changed. After a couple of disastrous blind dates, Rob strikes it lucky when he meets the supremely confident Jenny on
As Rob blunders his way through their early dates, he begins to discover there’s a price to pay for the upturn in his sexual fortunes.
Rob has to deal with an anarchic house, three teenage boys, his own sexual inadequacies and the nagging feeling in the back of his mind that, just maybe, Jenny is not all that she seems.
If all that’s not enough his best mate Steve’s insatiable desire to be crowned ‘Halton and District over 35s Five-a-side Champions’ is adding to the pressure.
Will love, sex and Tesco’s finest cava be enough to see him through?

Steve’s other hilarious, rom-com ‘Finding Yourself in Seville’ is also available on amazon Kindle.

Thank You Notes (Part One)

by Rico Lanzo

A comical parody of Jimmy Fallon’s best selling novel. This book is simply full of comical things and not so comical things that just piss people off.

Enjoy the crazy read. Help make this a New York Times Bestseller. : o )

All the Fish in the Sea

by Ester Lighthorse

Tired of getting dumped? Tired of attracting the wrong men? Tired of long-term relationships that amount to nothing? This is a work of humorous fiction that describes the ins and outs of online dating, how to fill out dating profiles, how to read responses to your dating profile, what to expect and more.

Dumb Guy Zapped by a Shock Collar: A Short Story

by Bob Romenskip

If you could use a really great laugh, this book is for you! It’s a true short story that is sure to get a chuckle out of anyone who reads it. Over the years, it has been recounted many times and each and every time this story is told, the people who hear it end up laughing their guts out.

Not many stories are able stir up laughter over and over again like this one does. Read it and enjoy but let me warn you ahead of time, you shouldn’t be drinking anything while you’re reading this story or you may just spit a mouthful onto your eBook reader and we wouldn’t want that.

This story recounts a time when I learned a very painful lesson and I don’t mind sharing my “shocking” experience with you in the spirit of putting a smile on your face and brightening your day just a little.
Buy this book now! It’s a short story so it won’t take you long to read it and you’re sure the get a really good laugh out of it.

The Last Virgin Bonus Chapter

by TeaRon Watkins

There is one more tidbit of information that author TeaRon Watkins wishes you to have and it’s all in a chapter that didn’t make the cut in the finished publication that is “The Last Virgin”.

The laughs are continued and readers will be picking themselves up off the floor with this hidden treasure. Whether this is your first time reading TeaRon’s work or you’re a fan of his work already, one thing is for certain, you’re constantly left wanting more and more!

Sex, Secrets and Sensible Shoes.

by Mona French

Sexual tensions, dark secrets and nice shoes make for a book bursting with humour and good times. Julia has a husband who wants her dead. Her friend Natalie has a sad secret and Annie wants a baby. She goes to amazing, sexually charged lengths to get her wish. Lynn has the darkest secret you could imagine and writes best sellers in between bulemia and a dangerous love of chocolate! Other characters flit into their lives, bring hope, love, fear and mistrust. Is the vicar kosher? Has the retired Engand International got a heart? Is Kathryn a slut? Why does Bruno stalk Julia? Is Venice really that beautiful? How did Gil learn to do the waltz? Just how much damage can one half brick do to an expensive sports car? All of life is crammed into these few, hedonistic pages from the annals of The Comfortable Shoe Club’. This book should be read in a semi recumbent position, preferably with a tall drink at hand. You’ll laugh … you’ll cry … and maybe you’ll do both at once. This one is worth putting your knitting down for, girls. Mona French can read souls!

You’ve Been Cold Called

by John Wither

Martin Doyle was a normal, happy, unassuming young man. Until, that is, the day when the calls started.

What began as little more than an inconvenience soon developed into something altogether more sinister as Martin’s anxiety grew. Was he just one of many, or was he a target? Could Lewis help him find light at the end of the tunnel? What was Samantha hiding from them both? What role did Brian have to play in all this? And what secret did the riddle hold?

The pieces were all falling into place, all Martin had to was put them together.

First Embarrassment

by Michael Williams

Life is full of firsts. Some happy. Some sad. And some that just make us squirm in our seats each time we remember the cringe-inducing details we thought we’d buried deep within the recesses of our minds. This essay will be sure to leave you with a familiar smile as Michael recounts one of the less esteemed moments from his childhood.


by Arthur Laugh

Arthur Laugh brings you his collection of funny family Christmas jokes and riddles, some good old favourites and some new. Children will just love to tell you again and again. So get this ebook and your sure to Arthur Laugh.

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