Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 03 Dec 13

The Vanishings: 1 (Left Behind: The Kids)

by Jerry B. Jenkins

This series is based on the best-selling adult Left Behind series. Readers will see the Rapture and Tribulation through the eyes of four kids who have been left behind.

I Love Baby Animals – Fun Children’s Picture Book with Amazing Photos of Baby Animals (Animal Books for Children)

by David Chuka

From Best Selling Author David Chuka

Here’s what other parents and grandparents are saying about David Chuka’s Animal
books for kids

While kids will probably know the names of the adult animals they will probably
not know what a baby alligator, hedgehog or llama is called. I personally
didn’t know so it was a surprise to me. This book is super cute with a drawing
of the adult animals and a photo of the baby animals. Kids will love the
surprise factor as each animal is revealed. I enjoyed this book and think it
will be a hit with kids. The Rebecca Review

Enjoyable book to look at with my little boys. Nice simple photos of baby
animals. Photos of adult animals might have been nicer than illustrations. PattiAddie

My kids loved it. They said it was really interesting and liked that it gave
them facts about each animal. Sarah

This was so very cute. My grand daughter was captivated. The baby animals are
great. Loved the book. I would recommend it. Renee Abernathy

This baby animal book was created for young children between the ages of
2 – 6. You and your loved ones will fall in love with the baby animals in this

Your children will have fun discovering the different names of baby animals
that are accompanied with an interesting fact.

In this book, children will first of all see the adult animal which is depicted
in a cartoon image and then on the next page, they will discover a cute photo
of a baby animal.

You can instantly get a copy today by clicking the orange button at the top
right hand corner of this page.

Spot the difference – Festive Season Fun

by Jen Turner

25 fun spot the difference puzzles for all ages, 5 differences per page. This is a compilation of happy holiday themes that kids will love, fun to look at and exciting to solve. This book is a great way for grown ups and kids to bond over the festive season. Not too challenging but answers are provided just in case.

Best read on a kindle device that supports full color.

The Red Mittens

by Jaime Sommers

The spirit of giving lives in a little girl who with a pair of warm, red, woolly mittens changes the lives of others with simple acts of kindness.

The Red Mittens is a holiday tale for children of all ages.

A Christmas Pageant

by Michael French

A humorous, short story, family read of small town Christmas follies.

A Magical Christmas

by Michelle Zimmerman

When Alex misses the school Christmas party, Lily knows just what to do. What she doesn’t know is… someone special is watching!

Full color pictures on every page help tell this fun and inspiring Christmas story that is sure to delight your young reader!

This book is perfect for Beginner Readers or as a magical bedtime story!

The Holidays Are Coming!

by Eduardo Micardi

The holidays are coming! In this tale, filled with dark humor, follow Theodore as he searches for the perfect place to hide from his bizarre and outrageous relatives.

Nonsense And No Sense and Somewhere in Between

by Cindi Walton

Nonsense And No Sense and Somewhere in Between is a collection of poems that will make the young reader laugh, think, reflect and pursue a little nonsense of their own. Poems that can be read to a Kindergartner and read by a Third grader. From the makings of a sandwich to a magical fairy in the palm of your hand, this book will delight both boys and girls alike as they delve headfirst into a vat of whimsical fun. A sprinkling of nonsense and no sense and somewhere in between!

The Floor

by Lee Victor

You probably didn’t know that your classroom floor is sworn to secrecy. Rule Number One: never, ever, talk to human beings!

However, when Daniel Carter gets bullied at school, one classroom floor decides to break all the rules. Loud, cheeky, rude and demanding, The Floor snorts, smirks and has an opinion on everything. Through their secret meetings, Daniel is pushed to do things he never thought possible.

It won’t be easy, but with The Floor’s crazy antics, Daniel just might have a chance to prove that there is a lot more to him than anyone realizes. One thing is for sure, school will never be the same again.

Malawi: Picture Book (Educational Children’s Books Collection) – Level 2 (Planet Collection)

by Planet Collection

Are you interested in expanding your child’s vocabulary?

As a part of the updated Planet Collection, “MALAWI” offers facts, descriptions and thought inspiring questions alongside amazing photographs of Malawi.

Toddlers and babies will love looking at the large photos, while the older children will be able to grow their minds through reading the fun fact filled passages.

Early education sets up your child for success.

We are a green company and a portion of each sale is donated to charity.

Children’s Book: The Log House (The House Series of Children’s Books)

by Katarina S. Koep

Looking for a fun book to share with your child? Searching for a fun and educational story that brings new and exciting locations to mind? Want a book designed specifically for Kindle devices in a full wide-screen format?

House Children’s Books are easy to read and easy to follow with quality illustrations and fun rhyming stories. Designed for Kindle Devices in a Landscape (wide-screen) layout with crisp colorful graphics and fonts optimized for Kindle viewing.

Share stories about the many different places that people call home. Each story is narrated with playful simple rhyming and big text that is easy for you and your little one to read.

Children’s Book: The Log House is a story about a log house in a Redwood Forest where a family with three kids and a dog live. The story follows the kids on their playful adventure in the forest while being spied upon by a banana slug.

Houses are found in many different places

And come with many different types of faces.

So turn the page and read a short story

About Log House and all of it’s glory.

Love Enough To Spread Around (The Tales Of Wooffer’s Woods)

by Betty Fasig

27. A Tale Of Wooffer’s Woods – It was the beginning of spring. The breeze blew, the clouds flew, the flowers started to bloom, and the grasses grew. It was perfect weather for a field mouse (or any other body for that matter), and Old Agnes was cleaning house.

Morris Southall and the Unpublished Library

by Jo Guest

During the Christmas holiday, Morris Southall wrote the most exciting story for his school homework. It was the story of a boy spy who saved the world from an evil mastermind impersonating Santa Claus. But Rollo, Morris’ greedy dog, ate the story; and Morris’ teacher, Miss Bossyboots, didn’t believe he ever did his homework.

On a school trip to an ancient library, Morris is left behind because he uses a wheelchair. He meets a strange librarian who tells him of a secret library where all the stories every written but never published come to life along with lost books by famous authors. Somewhere in its depths is Morris’ story that Rollo ate. The library is in danger of burning down and only Morris can save it.

Morris and Rollo set out to save the library and retrieve his story. But stories have a power of their own; they want to be told. In the dark of the secret library, stories come alive. The library is home to wonderful things as well as terrifying monsters, including a mad bull, a maniacal Santa, and a murderous pirate. Can Morris recover his story? Can he stop the library from burning down? Can he escape the labyrinth alive? After all, he is just a chubby boy in a wheelchair, with a highly trained but goofy dog.

Are you brave enough to travel into the Unpublished Library with Morris and Rollo?

Great for readers aged 8-14 to adult.

Watch out for Book 2 of the Morris Southall Series, coming soon!

Can You Help Me Please? I am lost

by Marjorie Simmons

Tommy is lost in the woods and can’t find his way home. The animals in the woods that he encounters will help him to find his way back home. Come along with Tommy on his adventure.

Jokes By Kids: Volume 2

The laughter continues! “Jokes By Kids: Volume 2” volume includes 401+ clean, funny jokes submitted by kids from around the world. These jokes are great fun for long car rides, the dinner table, the classroom, scout troops, birthday parties or anywhere family is gathered. And when you have “Jokes By Kids” on your phone (or iPad or Kindle), you’ll have it handy whenever the occasion calls for a little laughter!

Beaut (Toby Squirrel and Friends)

by Gail Jones UK

Toby squirrel and Terry rabbit have been naughty and their punishment is to make friends with Beaut the peacock. That shouldn’t be so hard, should it? This picture book is aimed at children aged 5 to 7 years.

Childrens Picture Book: A to Z Animals (Alphabet Animals)

by Lilly Scrivens

A beautiful picture book for the younger age group, this book has been designed with 3-5 year olds in mind. There are two examples of animals for each letter, and for the reader there are one sentence facts to accompany each picture. You can either share these extra facts with your children or simply skip them.

This book is part of the Alphabet Animals series, which aims to showcase all the different types of animals to young children. This is a great introduction to the animal kingdom for any child.


by C.J. Holiday

The Holiday Season is here!

This beautiful story captures the theme of the Holidays, and the lessons to be learnt in this auspicious time of the year.

**Ideal for children**

Mischievous Jilly isn’t a ‘Christmassy’ young lass, and hasn’t made it onto Santa’s nice-list.

Luna and the Bad Cops (Luna books)

by Luna Challis

Luna the cat has helped the police catch criminals several times before, but this time she finds that not everyone in a police uniform can be trusted. And what happens if the crooks kidnap a police officer?

Detective Inspector Tom Lockwood and his son Roger are in deadly danger. Their survival depends on a cat, a fugitive from injustice and a lot of luck.

Ian’s attempts to win Detective Amelia Smith’s admiration could lead to serious trouble.


by Kira Freed

Mention the word shark and many people will get a look of terror on their face. Sharks are among nature’s fiercest hunters and most feared animals. However ocean scientists are helping people understand these animals better and respect their importance to ocean communities. Read this book to learn about these amazing creatures. Discover how they move, what they eat, how they camouflage themselves, smell, breathe and much more. Impress your friends with unusual facts about strange sharks such as the goblin shark, cookiecutter and ornate wobbegong. Find out about the shark lady and how she became famous. Hear about how marine biologist, Ryan Johnson, followed his childhood dream to study sharks.

This fascinating book is perfect for budding shark enthusiasts. Full of exciting photographs and facts, it is written for the 8-11 age group although it can also be enjoyed as a shared read with younger children and as an easy read for older readers. The links to six informative websites extend the enjoyment and learning even further.

Strangeway (The Peth Chronicles)

by Frank Leggett

14-year-old Joe Strangeway is catapulted into a quest to save every living thing on Earth from a choking, terrible death. He must immediately leave his home on a journey to collect seven pieces of an ancient artifact that have been scattered all around the planet. If Joe should fail, Earth will be transformed into an alien colony world. Nothing will survive.

He is joined on his journey by the tough and single-minded Mercury Sheen. She is smart, fearless, and to Joe’s eyes, the most beautiful girl to have ever walked the Earth. 

Now, obviously, saving the world is Plan A but Joe can’t see any reason not to put Plan B into operation at the same time. He intends to make Mercury his first ever proper girlfriend.

During their travels, they are assisted by druids at Stonehenge, a ballooning billionaire in Russia, a five-year-old girl with one arm in Laos, a scruffy archaeologist in Canada, unruly school kids in Texas and a buddhist monk in Thailand. 

Oh, and did I mention the shape-shifting alien assassins that follow Joe and Mercury every step of the way.

The clock is ticking, the fate of the world is at stake and Joe is eager to start this mad adventure. Don’t just sit there – start reading!

Timothy Mouse & Christmas (The Holiday Series)

by Michael James

Timothy Mouse lived in the country. He decided to move to the city and find a home that would be much warmer in the winter. He found a nice mouse house in the home of Butcher Brown. It was in the kitchen near the chimney and it would be very warm on cold winter days. Now Timothy was confused. There was unusual activity in the kitchen today. Lots of people were running back and forth preparing food dishes. The were talking about Santa Claus and Christmas Eve. Timothy had never heard of that before. See how Timothy learns about Santa Claus and Christmas Eve.

This is a whimsical story that will delight your children. As a added bonus this book has a link to three bonus items for your children. Download five black-and-white pages that your kids can color. A fun match card game is an additional bonus and finally there is a paper airplane template that will give your family hours of fun. So what are you waiting for? Click on Purchase Now and you can start enjoying this wonderful book right now.

Two Stories for Children: Toby’s Christmastime Adventure and The Wicked Witch’s Lake of Werewolves

by Kathy Barnett

This delightful children’s book contains two stories with approximately 11,812 words.

In Toby’s Christmastime Adventure, a young boy learns the meaning of friendship and caring when he journeys deep into the forest to find friends for his mouse named Hamlet. His journey continues to the North Pole with the help of a flying Christmas reindeer named Bana. This is where Hamlet and he meet Santa Clause, green little elves and make a magical dancing snowman.

In The Wicked Witch’s Lake of Werewolves, a leprechaun and a creature of the forest named The Mushroom Eyes help a good witch reclaim the forest and the village from the clutches of an evil witch. These characters also learn through love and kindness that greed can harm those you care about.

Alphabet Book of Animals: Kids Books about Australian Animals – Australian Photo Books for Children (Animal Alphabet Books)

by Maggie Clarkson

This book about Australian animals is for kids of all ages as it helps younger children to learn the letters of the alphabet in large bold colourful print, as well as discover interesting animals that they may or may not have seen before.

But it also helps older children who can read by themselves to learn and engage in the interesting photos and facts about the amazing animals of the world that we live in.

Let the books in this fantastic series be a fun guide to increase your child’s learning experience in the World of Science.

The Boy Who Hated Santa Claus

by Sophe Antoine

Year after year, Timothy Preston has been writing to Santa Claus, but to no avail. He never gets any presents. Even though his mother tries to convince him that Santa isn’t real, he starts to hate Santa when he learns that all of his friends always receive presents from Santa for Christmas. When Santa hears how much Timothy hates him, he is very concerned. He sends one of his elves to take Timothy to the North Pole and to try to find out why he hates him so much. imothy then discovers the real reason that hasn’t been getting any presents at all.

Grounded For Life (Grace Erickson)

by Joan Wittler

A heart-shaped locket might keep Grace Erickson’s bubble gum out of view, but will it keep her out of trouble? The boys have the short-hair advantage for sneaking gum into school (hidden behind their earsâ??gross!), so Grace and her two besties are forced to get creative. School’s Career Week inspires this bubble-gum-chewing trio to lead by example and make the school a safer place. They form the Secret Heart Club and challenge the boys with new bubble-gum tricks. Grace is at the top of her game until she starts stretching the rules at schoolâ??and at home. The truth comes out in the washâ??literallyâ??when Grace’s mom finds pink and purple gum patches all over the latest load of laundry. Will Grace survive another life lesson or two with, well, grace? Nancy Cortelyou, Saffron Writes

The Mirror

by charlene parker

The Mirror is a fictional childrens book about kids explaining that they are happy to have a mom or dad that they can look up to.

Ruby Marvellous

by Sally Harris

Meet Ruby. She’s extremely rich and astonishingly lazy. She can’t do anything for herself. She can’t dress herself or brush her hair. She has someone to clean up after her, to do her homework and she is too lazy to even wipe her own backside after using the loo. (She calls her Nanny in to do that for her!) When her celebrity chef parents head off to attend a conference, Ruby is not impressed at being left behind yet again. Instead of staying at home with her two ponies, chocolate fountain, private rollercoasters and cinema sized plasma screen televisions to keep her occupied, Ruby is sent to stay with her cousins, the boring Bunsens. From the moment she arrives at Bunsen Cottage, however, it is clear Ruby’s visit is going to be anything but dull … A laugh out loud funny book by the author of DIARY OF A PENGUIN-NAPPER, Sally Harris.

Spark of God

by Peg Helminski

Set in post World War II NJ, Eleven-year-old Regina and her Catholic family suddenly find themselves surrounded by Jewish neighbors when her parents buy a new home. What will their differences teach her about the similarities between all human hearts, the power in forgiveness and the interconnectedness of every human life?

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