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Beautiful Captivity (The Club #1)

by Ashleigh Townshend

The Club is a secret world of men with money. Money to buy anything they want.

NICHOLE has been away at school for less than a full weekend. Her boyfriend dumps her and her friends take her out to a club to move on. But when she wakes up in a dark cell, she doesn’t understand how she got there.

The first time ZED sees her, he knows she’s different. He knew it from her photograph: the auction went faster than any in his experience. He cannot afford to feel the things he does for her, but when she pleads with him to take the one thing making her such a commodity, how can he resist?

This book is intended for adult readers and contains dark situations.

A Cup of Cozy

by Linda P. Kozar

Short Christmas mysteries and holiday recipes by the authors of Cozy Mystery Magazine blog

Speak Easy

by Melanie Harlow

“Hot gangsters, illegal nightclubs, a foul-mouthed daughter of a bootlegger, and scorching sex scenes…This book captured me from page one.” — Laurelin Paige, bestselling author of Fixed on You

Due to mature material, this New Adult historical novel is recommended for readers ages 17+.

The 1920s are roaring, and twenty-year-old Tiny O’Mara wants to be a part of it all. By day she works for her father’s smalltime bootlegging operation, and by night she craves the sexy roll-your-stockings-down lifestyle of a flapper–until her father is kidnapped by a mobster in Detroit’s exploding organized crime scene, and it’s Tiny who has to come up with the ten thousand dollar ransom…in one week.

Suddenly she’s thrust into an intoxicating underworld of greed, lust, lies, and betrayal.

Enzo DiFiore is the son of the mobster holding her father hostage, but his sexy screen idol looks and dangerous charm leave her breathless. When the forbidden spark between them refuses to burn out, she tried to use their powerful chemistry to buy more time. Irritatingly handsome childhood pal Joey Lupo has the street smarts she needs to make a quick ten grand, but he’s got his own agenda where gang rivalries are concerned. And deciding whom to trust isn’t easy in a world where everyone wants something–be it booze, money, power, or sex–and no one cares what it takes to get it.

Temptation is everywhere. And anything goes.

Dying For You (#6 in Rafferty & Llewellyn Cozy Mystery Series)

by Geraldine Evans




‘Evans brings wit and insight to this tale of looking for love in all the wrong places.’ KIRKUS STARRED REVIEW

Fancy some light relief after yet another serial killer book about the unspeakable doings of the latest sadist? Then DYING FOR YOU, #6 in the Rafferty series, should do it.

If you enjoy some humour with your murders, you’ll love this British detective series.

Detective Inspector Joe Rafferty manages to become chief suspect in his own double murder investigation. And all he’d been doing was looking for loveâ?¦

It had been his sergeant’s wedding that had brought home to him that, far from still being the ‘Jack the Lad’ of old, he was not only lonely, but in danger of turning into a sad old git. So, with his fortieth birthday on the horizon, he decides it’s time to take the initiative.

To this end, he signs up with the Made in Heaven dating agency. Wary of his colleagues discovering his shameful secret, he persuades his more up-market cousin to let him borrow his identity. It’s just unfortunate that the first two women with whom he strikes up a rapport should wind up murdered and with himself – or rather his alter ego – in the frame for the crimes.

Put in charge of the double murder investigation, Rafferty foresees plenty of difficulties ahead. Not least how he is to conduct the case without the witnesses pointing the finger and saying: ‘But that’s HIM. That’s Nigel Blythe. The MURDERER!’

‘It’s bad enough being suspected of a double murder, worse still when it’s your alter ego being pursued and it’s the pits when you are the policeman in charge of supposedly catching yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed Dying For You, the 6th in the series. A lot of humour is injected in Rafferty’s narrative. He’s got himself in an impossible situation and one wonders what can go wrong next. I savoured this book and I’m keen to read the rest in the series asap.’

‘A fun read for the mystery lover who enjoys tales with a twist. A cleverly plotted tale. Enjoy.’

For lovers of cozy mysteries and procedurals

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Dying For You #6
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Deadly Reunion #14
Kith and Kill #15

Up in Flames #1
A Killing Karma #2

A Thrust to the Vitals #10, Rafferty series
Death Dues #11, Rafferty series

Reluctant Queen: Tudor Historical Novel
About the Defiant Little Sister of Infamous English king, Henry VIII

The Egg Factory
A Medical Romantic Suspense Novel


A Righteous Wind

by Janice Daugharty

Kim and Shelton are desparate to find their missing loved ones. Then gradually each comes to a secret but mutual understanding of the global mystery of the vanished millions. It is a secret that not only binds but separates them, until loneliness, danger and love force them to start over. They name their son Adam.
In acclaimed southern author Janice Daugharty’s apocalyptic Biblical thriller, the Rapture comes not with spectral flourishes or rumors of war but with unemployed former real estate agent Shelton Teasdale waking from a nap in his rural Georgia home to find the power off and his wife gone.
At first, he thinks she is out with her pet goats, but going outside their small frame house, he sees that her old Jeep isn’t parked in its usual place. Depressed about his job situation and lethargic about life in general, Shelton shrugs off the peculiar circumstance at first, but as evening arrives he grows worried. Next, he notices his cell phone is dead.
He sets out in his pickup truck with his dog beside him. Driving up the long dirt road running by his house, he begins to smell and see smoke out over the woods near the highway that Elaine takes to her job in the nearby town of Valdosta. When he reaches the highway he sees automobiles in every direction, some burning, some wrecked and others only parked, but empty.
A massive traffic accident? Terrified, Shelton searches for Elaine amidst the wreckage. He finds her Jeep with her cell phone on the front seat and, next to it, her purse with all her belongings inside. Bizarrely, she left the ignition turned on, and the Jeep has run out gas.
Shelton races to a nearby convenience store to call for help. But the frightening mystery deepens as the manager shoots at Shelton and refuses to talk to him.

By now Shelton is filled with horror. Has the United States been bombed? Has there been a massive terrorist attack? When he makes his way back to his wife’s Jeep with a can of gasoline in hand, a state patrol officer orders him out of the vehicle . . . and then scans the microchip on the top of Shelton’s right hand.
Shelton bolts, unwilling to risk being jailed for reasons he can’t comprehend. He becomes a wanted man.
In Daugharty’s A RIGHTEOUS WIND, the United States is a place of big brotherism gone out of control, where the citizenry is under the thumb of an international cabal known as the World Government System, headed by an iconic former President who was once hailed as a savior but is now revealed as the embodiment of evilâ??the Anti-Christ.
Filled with poignant religious themes, the dark secrets of the political superpowers, and the struggles of the ordinary people left behind to face the Tribulation, A RIGHTEOUS WIND is a thought-provoking suspense novel that readers of apocalyptic fiction will add to their keeper shelves.
“Janice Daugharty is a born storyteller.” – Joyce Carol Oates
“Janice Daugharty is a natural-born writer, one of those Georgia women like O’Connor, McCullers, or Siddons who are best grown in small towns, a long way from city lights. There is a lot of red clay and long nights in every line she puts on paper.” — Pat Conroy

Janice Daugharty’s 1997 novel, EARL IN THE YELLOW SHIRT, (HarperCollins) was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. She is the author of seven acclaimed novels and one short story collection. She has served as writer-in-residence at Valdosta State University, in Valdosta, Georgia, near her home, and is now writer-in-residence at Abraham Baldwin College. Visit the author at

Special thanks to Deb Smith, Belle Bridge Books, for cover design and story description.

What Evil Lurks in Monet’s Pond: A Paint an Impression of Murder Mystery #1

by Sara Barton

Maisie Carr carts her paints and easel all over the world, building her reputation as an international artist. But her real work is as an unusual CIA spy — she gathers information on some pretty dangerous people while watching the action with an artist’s eye. On a visit to her sister’s “faux” castle in CT, the Carr clan gets out of hand, speculating on Maisie’s personal life, even as she delves into a strange local art heist at the Tattinger Museum. Founded by the oddly eccentric Hermione Wells Tattinger, a woman married five times, the museum suffers from a lack of visitors and some very unusual rules. The masterpieces are only displayed four times a year, and the rest of the time, only the minor paintings are hung in its galleries. Modeled after the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the Tattinger is at a disadvantage — it’s off the beaten path. When the thief picks those minor paintings to steal in his brazen heist, questions abound. Is there a connection to what happened in Boston in 1990? Or does it have something to do with the Hungarian heirs of Hermione’s last husband, the fake count, Viktor Szabo? The CIA is worried it’s a cover for a Hungarian gang of organized criminals, but sorting this out isn’t all that easy. Things get dicey when Maisie is outed on WikiLeaks as a spy. When a stranger is murdered and left in the snow up by Monet’s Pond, there’s a killer loose. Is that corpse connected to the museum robbery or to Maisie’s work as a spy? It’s up to her to figure it out, even as the love of her life seems to be cutting her loose. Is this any way to start the New Year?

Spider Mouth (The 1st Edmonton Police Station Thriller)

by Mark Yarwood

Reader Reviews

“I couldn’t put it down. I found myself turning on the reading light for another few pages in the middle of the night if I woke up.”

“Brilliant- A must read for those who enjoy truly great books and greater writers!!”

“Another great read. Highly recommended.”

“Excellent book, a lot of suspense. Murder mystery at it’s best.”

“I recommend this thriller. It’s a really enjoyable read.”

Product Description


A series of gruesome suicides involving a cannibal, a junky, and a housewife; the sadistic murder of a gangland villain; the death of the main suspect in a young girl’s disappearance- these are the events that begin a strange investigation by the newly formed Murder Squad of Edmonton Police Station, and send them racing across North London in search of the perpetrators.

At the scene of each horrific suicide, the team find a dead old man with a spider placed in his mouth. Detective Inspector Fred Fairservice finds the spiders particularly shocking, because it reminds him of something that happened to him when he was a boy. It cannot be just a coincidence.

With Detective Inspector Mark South in tow, Fred has to stop the killings, solve the riddle of the spiders, and help find a missing girl called Heather- All before his bosses make him take early retirement and his violent past catches up with him. But DI Fred Fairservice has other much darker demons to deal with.

Singing Sand

by David Chattaway

“Every year in early August the Nelson family leave Chicago and head to the small town of Oak Creek, Wisconsin for seven fun-filled days of fishing, hiking, hunting and camping. For the second time Jamal Lewis – the adopted son of Ruth and James Nelson – will join the family on its trip. Jamal’s dark and troubled past has been the cause of anguish and hostility since he arrived in their lives eighteen months ago.

After a devastating encounter forces the Nelson family to fight for its survival, each family member has to decide who they can trust and what they’re willing to do to make it out alive.”

If you enjoy short, action packed thrill rides than you will enjoy this one!

Singing Sand is the debut novella from Australian author David Chattaway.

Acid Sky

by Mark Anson

The exciting prequel to BELOW MERCURY …

Venus – second planet from the Sun. In the crushing depths of its atmosphere lies a hellish, dimly-lit world of baked rock and furnace-like temperatures, forever hidden beneath thick clouds of sulphuric acid.

But high above the clouds, the sky is blue and clear, and a fleet of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers circle endlessly on the high-altitude winds, providing a welcome staging post for crews on long space voyages.

For Clare Foster, a newly-promoted lieutenant in the US Astronautics Corps on her first tour of duty on board the carrier Langley, flying on Venus brings new challenges to be mastered. But the endless blue skies of Venus soon darken with an approaching menace, in which the terrifying fury of the planet will be unleashed â?¦

With spectacular vistas of imagination, original line drawings and a richly-detailed background, ACID SKY forms an exciting prequel to BELOW MERCURY, and forges new standards of realism for the SF thriller.

BEDBUGS (Can you see them?)

by L A Taylor



In 1977, an alien spaceship crashed down to earth, landing deep within the soil in a small County called â??Lemonsville’. During the night people were slaughtered, but the next day the killers disappeared.

Everything was quiet for the next 73 years, but in the year 2050 a small earthquake shook Lemonsville, leaving an opening for the new creatures of the night to attack the living.

Now, a young boy has been brutally slaughtered by someone or something? His parents are accused of his murder. There are no clues to convince the police otherwise and the parents are too shocked to speak.

The murder was committed by a black mass, a mass that consisted of many small insects, just like the household bedbug, but these bugs are not like the usual bloodsuckers we get on earth, these deadly creatures from another world are soldiers, like ants, and they’ve been ordered to find food by their queen who lies in wait inside the spaceship. She’s no strength to escape, and, after being stuck underground for 73 years is finding it hard to move around. She needs food so she can transform back into her original body, the body of a warrior back on her planet.

Daniel Boone, the local police chief, must find a way to solve the mystery of why the poor boy was torn apart in his bed and why people have gone missing from their homes. As each hour ticks by more victims are falling prey to the alien creatures, so will Daniel work out the link and save the people of Lemonsville or will he too fall down and be destroyed by the things that want to take over the WORLD…


by Nicola Thorne

John Tempest is offered a welcome job change. He is delighted: not only will the new position carry with it the chance of promotion, but it will also bring the opportunity for him and his family to escape suburban London for a better quality of life in the old Dorset village of Tip Hollow.

His wife Helen is subdued about the news. The move will mean uprooting her family from familiar surroundings and friends. But it is not only that. Despite its beauty, the remote village of Tip Hollow seems somehow desolate. And something about their future home – a large modern house on a recently developed estate – just does not feel right.

Helen’s unease increases when she learns that not only was the house repossessed from the previous owners, but that old Tip Hollow Hill is an ancient burial ground. Can houses actually feel and convey grief and sorrow? Did something tragic happen in the past that can seep into the walls? Even the odd behaviour of the family cat, Skittles, is disconcerting, so that Helen’s new home soon begins to fill her with dread…

In this chilling tale of psychic suspense Nicola Thorne explores both explicable and inexplicable events that threaten to tear a family apart.

Echoes in the Wind

by Debra Jupe

Geology instructor Darla Hennessy’s dreams are shattered when her longtime boyfriend dumps her to marry someone else. On the rebound, she lets a friend drag her to a party where she meets former teen idol Eric Boyd, the Scottish rocker she had a crush on years ago.

Eric has one goal: return to the industry as a legitimate musician and earn the respect of his peers. But his manager is missing, someone is murdering his former band mates, and he might be next on the killer’s list. The last thing he needs is a relationship.

Despite their growing chemistry, Darla is wary of getting involved too. But when the killer attacks Eric, she can’t turn her back. On the run, they have to stay one step ahead of a madman even as their attraction heats up. It may be love, but can they survive long enough to find out?

Death Came Stalking

by Susan Clayson

A woman is murdered on Mitcham Common. When reluctant private investigator Bev Stone is hired to find a missing wife her life is turned upside down. What is the link between news of the murder and the missing wife? Hindered by the actions of her abusive, soon to be ex husband Bev herself becomes the prey. Putting her own life on the line she is determined to see the case through to its traumatic end.

Core Values (Lexington Avenue Express)

by Jess Butcher

Core Values (Lexington Avenue Express – Short Fiction)

The rotund morgue attendant grunted as he heaved the heavy metal pan from his hip. It flopped noisily on the autopsy table and he paused there for a moment, both hands resting on the edge of the cool surface.

“The cops thought SERVICE was a pipe bomb so they really botched it up,” Round-Man grinned, gazing down at the covered contents of the tray.

“What do you mean, SERVICE?” the skinny young attendant asked, his tone nervous as he averted his eyes, pretending to adjust the overhead lights in anticipation of the coroner’s arrival. The younger man had only been on the job for a few days. The tattoo on his forearm proudly displayed his affection for Metallica.

Leaning there with an air of superiority, the round, reddish attendant exhaled deeply through his nostrils, discharging a speck of dried mucus that landed on the edge of the table. He absently brushed the crusty projectile away with his pudgy fingertips before turning toward Metallica.

“The first pipe had the word SERVICE wrote on it,” Round-Man said. “After the bomb guys x-rayed the pipe, they removed one of the end caps and spilled the contents out on a table in the crime lab. Made a hell of a mess!” he snorted laughter. “I froze this one solid before I took the caps off.”

With the theatrical flair of a master magician, Round-Man whisked away the green surgical drape and proudly unveiled his masterpiece. The long stainless steel pan on the autopsy table contained two items. The first was a three-foot length of iron pipe with the single word QUALITY painted along its length by crude brush-stroke. Parallel to the pipe, shifting slightly as it floated on its own thawing essence, was an oozing, thirty-six inch cylinder of pulverized brain, flesh, and bone. Both items sweated condensation beneath the hot lights of the autopsy table.

“I used a propane torch to heat the pipe once it was froze-up real good, that way, I could push it out in one long piece. Kinda’ looks like a blood sausage, don’t it?” Round-Man grinned evilly then he barked laughter as Metallica wretched and ran from the room.


Building E-2 had once served as Carlyle Exploration Services training center. Nearly fifteen stories high, E-2 resembled a grain silo but inside, protected from the harsh Oklahoma weather, stood a full-scale drilling rig.

In the early eighties, E-2 had been state-of-the-art, the latest in casing repair and recovery technology. Carlyle’s specialty had been knuckle joint fishing equipment used to recover lost pipe and tools from deep in the bowels of an open hole. Now, empty for more than a decade, E-2 was a crumbling metal-hulk, inhabited only by the coyotes, wild-pigs, rats, and rattlesnakes hearty enough to survive the rural Oklahoma landscape.

Carlyle Exploration had prospered for nearly forty years but then Mr. Carlyle died and his sons took control of the company. The three boys did not share their father’s passion for the oil industry, preferring trips to New York or the Cayman Islands on the company’s business jet. Within months, Carlyle had a new board of directors and in less than a year, the company’s assets were sold to a Houston-based competitor and the small Oklahoma plant was closed. The seventy-four people who had devoted their lives to Carlyle were thanked for their years of loyal service and given â?¦ two-weeks of severance pay.

On a sweltering August afternoon, Michael Carlyle, former Vice-President of Carlyle Exploration sat blindfolded, tied to a tall, straight-back chair in Building E-2; his older brother and former Carlyle CFO had been seated in the very same spot five days earlier. The modified chair had been positioned carefully and anchored directly beneath the 125-foot pilot pipe that stretched from the base of the dormant oil rig to the catwalk twelve stories above.

Five-Five-Charlie-Tango (Lexington Avenue Express)

by Jess Butcher

Five-Five-Charlie-Tango (Lexington Avenue Express – Short Fiction)

“Bartlesville Tower, this is Cessna One-Five-Five Charlie Tango, student pilot requesting straight-in approach for runway One-Seven Left, over.” Wiley released the mike key hoping the controller hadn’t detected the nervous crack in his voice. He’d never felt so alive, so completely happy.

“Five-Five Charlie Tango, Bartlesville Tower; negative on that straight-in, son. We’ve got several other aircraft in the pattern. Turn left heading two-four-zero, descend and hold twelve hundred, over.”

Wiley grimaced, feeling his face flush red. He’d never landed at an airport with a control tower before and realized he shouldn’t have requested a straight-in approach. Keying the mike again, he tried to regain his composure. “Charlie Tango turning left two-four-zero, descending twelve hundred–”


The single warning tone from the FM radio interrupted Wiley’s memory. “Damn!” he cried, driving the yoke forward, plus twenty-degree dive, bank thirty, bank thirty again, listening for a second tone. Ten seconds passed; no second tone. Everyone knew if you heard three tones, the 37mm radar-guided anti-aircraft had you locked.

Captain Wiley Donovan’s O-2A Super Skymaster was at 10,000 feet above broken cloud cover headed for the north vector at A-Shau Valley. He’d made the same trip five times in the previous week. The anti-aircraft radar tone had taken him by surprise; he was still twenty kilometers from the portable ground control approach marking the valley entrance.

“Whoa there, Nellie,” Wiley whispered, relaxing his grip on the yoke, “just a random signal. They won’t lock in on us way up here, especially with this much cover.” As he spoke, he adjusted his heading and moved the throttles forward to climb back to his original altitude.

At twenty-three, Wiley was a seasoned pilot with more than eighty missions under his belt. Lately though, it had become more and more difficult for him to maintain his concentration while flying. He felt as though something inside him was fading away more each day. He couldn’t put his finger on the problem but secretly, he knew he was losing something he would never recover.

â??Lettin’ your mind wander while flyin’ is like raindrops hittin’ a spiderweb, Wiley,’ his flight instructor in Chickasaw had told him. â??One drop can vibrate the entire web; too many drops can bring the whole dang mess crashin’ down.’

Wiley’s jaw tightened thinking about the old man’s warning. The web of his world had trembled when Vicki told him she planned to attend OU instead of Chickasaw Junior College. Later, it had vibrated mightily when she told him she’d decided to attend the summer semester instead of coming home in June. If not for flying, his world might have disintegrated altogether when she confessed she couldn’t marry him. She’d met someone else â?¦

â??How many flight hours did you say you have, son?’ the recruiting Sergeant had asked.

â??Just over seven hundred,’ Wiley had answered. After Vicki’s change of heart, his job shuttling aircraft parts from Willis Engineering in nearby Ponca City to the Beech plant in Wichita had become a lot more important to Wiley than junior college.

â??Right,’ the rotund Sergeant had said. â??You get in the other line,’ he had said as he pointed toward the opposite end of the induction center. Twenty-five weeks later, Wiley had arrived at the 247th Assault Helicopter Battalion base camp at An Khe. Flying the only fixed wing aircraft in the Battalion; Wiley had completed 88 recon missions in 130 days. Due to the nature of most of his missions, he’d picked up the nickname, Smoky.

The Hummingbird Wizard (The Mystic Cafe)

by Meredith Blevins

Driving full steam ahead with her life after the unexpected death of her husband, Annie Szabo was not planning on veering off course again. But her late husband’s family, an outrageous and proud clan of Gypsies, has other plans. When Annie’s oldest friend, Jerry, turns up dead, she is plunged back into the family she tried to leave behind.

Suspecting murder, Annie is forced to form an alliance with Madame Mina, her stubborn and powerful mother-in-law, the heart of the Szabo family. Determined to catch Jerry’s killer, the two women must unlock the pattern of a tapestry wild with lawyers, criminals, kink, magic, and even more death. One thing is certain–to catch a killer with a hidden agenda, Annie and Mina must use all of their resources: ancient curses, a talent for petty theft, bizarre love magic, a Gypsy PI, and a strong sense of humor.

Cooper Collection 026 (Hit And Run)

by Bill Bernico

Matt Cooper handles two cases this time around. The first case centers around a man acused in the hit-and-run death of nightclub owner Leo Costa. Matt clears the man of any wrongdoing and then is approached by Costa’s widow, who has problems of her own that she needs Matt to solve.

The Matt Cooper series consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 024 (Paper, Rock, Scissors)

by Bill Bernico

It doesn’t pay to be seen with Matt Cooper. First his new girlfriend gets hit in the head with a rock and killed. Next a potential client ends up dead on the floor outside Matt’s offce with a pair of scissors sticking out of his back. And lastly a man Matt is questioning about the second victim gets killed with paper. Paper? That’s right…Paper, Rock, Scissors. Sounds like some stupid kids’ game, but the stakes are deadly in this case. And Matt’s on the case, to be sure.

The Matt Cooper series consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 027 (Officer Down)

by Bill Bernico

Matt is walking down Hollywood Boulevard with his friend, Officer Tim Blake, when a sniper picks off Blake, leaving Cooper wondering why. Later that day another cop is gunned down in similar fashion and now there’s a connection. Matt on the case, tracking a killer and tying up a few loose ends in the process. Here’s another 10,200 words featuring private eye Matt Cooper.

The Matt Cooper series consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

The Philodendrist Heresy

by Jed Brody

Author Jed Brody wrote the book as a prayer for the preservation and resurrection of the great forests of the earth. “Philodendrist” means “tree lover.”

In The Philodendrist Heresy, Danielle Gasket’s search for ancestral secrets is imperiled by warring factions that agree about nothing but that Danielle must die.

Danielle’s home is a dystopian city beneath the earth’s surface. People have lived underground for so long that knowledge of the surface is preserved only in dwindling communities of persecuted heretics. According to the heretics, a prophet called “the philodendrist” led people underground to repent for their violent conquest of the natural world.

Following a string of clues while eluding pursuit, Danielle races toward the long-forgotten path of ascension to sunlight, relying upon her wits and valor to make it through. Finally, her mercy toward her fiercest persecutor convinces him to help her ascend to the pure waters of the sunlit world.

Cooper Collection 025 (The Other Matt Cooper)

by Bill Bernico

Matt has been out of town for a week and upon his return is immediately arrested for first degree murder. Naturally it’s a mix-up. While he was gone, someone had been using his name and stole his gun, which they used in the murder. Now Matt has to find the impersonator and clear his good name. However, someone hired the phony Cooper and gave him a hundred bucks before the phony skipped out with the money. Now the guy who hired the P.I. is after Matt to get his money back, so Matt has his hands full watching his back while he searches for the ringer.

The Matt Cooper series consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 034 (Til Death Do Us Part)

by Bill Bernico

Matt’s life is moving along right on track. He’s been married to Amy for ten years now and Clay is in the fourth grade already. Matt’s neighbor, Oliver comes to him to ask if he’ll come with him to another neighbor’s house. Seems Oliver hasn’t seen his other neighbors for four days and a strange smell is coming from that house. That can only mean one thing…

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 033 (Top Of The World)

by Bill Bernico

Matt and his wife, Amy and their son, Clay want to spend a peaceful day at the lake for the July Fourth weeked, but a dead body floating in the lake puts a sour spin on those plans. To make matters worse, the victim’s mother hires Matt to prove it wasn’t an accident, but murder. Follow Matt as he sifts clues to find out why the victim did not end up at the Top Of The World.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 031 (The Plunge)

by Bill Bernico

In Matt’s last mystery, “Love Finds Matt Cooper,” Matt had finally met a girl that he felt totally comfortable around. Amy Callahan shares Matt’s interests, likes and dislikes and has Matt reeling. They’ve become an item and now Matt’s ready to take this relationship to the next level…he’s ready to take the plunge and ask Amy to be his bride. It’s a match made in heaven for both of them as this story leads Matt Cooper out of the 1940s and into 1950. Find out what happens when Matt finally pops the question.

This is my most ambitious Matt Cooper story to date, consisting of more than 30,000 words. And be sure to look for the follow-up to this story coming soon. It’ll be titled “Concrete And Clay” and after you read this installment, you’ll know why.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 028 (Double Trouble)

by Bill Bernico

Matt’s latest client looks enough like Matt to be his long-lost brother. So it’s no wonder that when Matt leaves this client alone in his office for a minute or two, that a killer stalking Matt kills the wrong man when he enters Matt’s office. Sergeant Hollister let’s everyone think Matt’s dead so he can possibly find the killer easier. Matt is supposed to lay low and stay out of sight, but gets restless and goes out on the hunt anyway.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 029 (Track Record)

by Bill Bernico

L.A. police sergeant Dan Hollister dumps a case in Matt’s lap in this latest installment of my Matt Cooper, P.I. series. A woman is sure her husband is trying to kill her and has failed in his first two attempts. Matt and Dan want to make sure that his third try is not successful. Matt makes it his mission to get to know the husband by accidentally bumping into him at the racetrack at Santa Anita. They strike up a conversation that leads to an afternoon of heavy drinking where Matt finds out that the husband is planning a third attemp. Follow along with Matt as he does his best to keep his client alive.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 023 (All In The Families)

by Bill Bernico

Matt is hired by a woman who wants to know if her husband is having an affair. Well, technically, he isn’t, but I certainly wouldn’t want to be in his shoes when Matt has to tell her what he’s discovered in the course of his investigation.

The Matt Cooper series consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 021 (The Home Sweet Homeless Murders)

by Bill Bernico

In Matt Cooper’s next case, we find him scouring the streets and alleys of Hollywood searching for a homeless man who was once a prominent doctor. Meanwhile, Sergeant Dan Hollister is looking into several cases of homeless men being murdered. Dan and Matt cross paths several times in their individual quests for the truth.

The Matt Cooper series consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 022 (Guilty As Charged)

by Bill Bernico

Cletus McCormick has just gotten away with two murders–legally in a court of law. McCormick’s laywer can’t live with an unjust decision like that and hires Matt to dig up some other dirt on McCormick that can be used to send him away for a long time. One way or another, justice will be served.

The Complete Matt Cooper consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 032 (Concrete And Clay)

by Bill Bernico

This 32nd entry in the “Matt Cooper, P.I.” series picks up (somewhat) where “The Plunge”, story #31 left off. Lieutenant Dan Hollister has found his perfect woman while looking into a series of deaths from a sniper with a 30-06 using hollow point bullets. And the victims all have a common thread connecting them. Meanwhile, Matt is approached by a young woman claiming to be his illegitimate daughter, as if he doesn’t have enough on his plate with his wife and new son, Clay. But Matt has one more option he hasn’t exercised yet…

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 035 (Not On Your Life)

by Bill Bernico

Matt’s single again but he’s not on the prowl for another woman. He’s mugged on his way home from the movies, stabbed, shot and left for dead. Has Amy had enough? What will become of them as a couple? The answers are all right here in this 35th installment of Matt Cooper, Private Eye.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 030 (Love Finds Matt Cooper)

by Bill Bernico

Matt and his friend, Sergeant Dan Hollister (who has just been promoted to Lieutenant) have agreed to meet to go see the latest John Wayne movie playing downtown. Dan can’t get off work for a couple more hours so Matt decides to catch an early movie by himself and see the later one with Dan. As fate would have it, Matt bumps into a woman at the early movie and they hit it off right from the start and before you know it they’re on a date and Matt has forgotten all about his scheduled meeting with Dan for the later movie.

Meanwhile, a woman comes to Matt’s office and asks him to look into the accusation that her brother may have committed another ax murder, like the one he’d been sent to the asylum for twelve years earlier.

Looks like Matt has his hands full between his latest case and his newfound girlfriend. But one thing’s for sure–Matt’s in love for the first time since his wife died nearly five years earlier.

This Matt Cooper short story runs a bit longer than my typical Cooper saga. It’s more than 16,000 words long and is sure to tug at your emotions as well as keep you on the edge of your seat. You’ll be seeing more of Matt’s new girlfriend in future Cooper stories.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Timberwolf – A Spooky Short Story

by Carol Hanrahan

It’s the full moon, and our werewolf has been invited to dinner with the local vicar by his widowed neighbor. A home-cooked meal for this bachelor sounds pretty good. He’s starting to get very hungry….

The Bloodstone Legacy

by Lesa Rossmann

The Bloodstone Legacy is the story of Michael Murray, a small-town journalist who discovers a link between demonic witchcraft and the killing of the innocents. Two thousand years ago, Moloch, the god of death, transforms his evil spirit from the dark shadows of the underworld to an immortal human body. Moloch becomes David Bloodstone and he and his wife, Lilith, create a monstrous clan of witches known as the Taninsams who own the largest abortion chain in the world. Over centuries, the female witches are given powerful and magical bloodstone cameos until three Taninsam women leave the family in pursuit of David’s destruction. Michael teams up with them to expose David’s evil sacrificing empire as they search for the Christ Stoneâ??the one, true heavenly stone and the only power that can be wielded against David. From New York to Milwaukee to San Francisco, from Mexico City to Montreal to Rome, they must combine their spiritual knowledge to ward off life-threatening demonic attacks while David’s defeat hangs in the balance. Spanning three continents and two millennia, from the deadly blood of Satan to the crucifixion of Christ, from the hideousness of witches and demons to the ethereal beauty of a timeless saint, from the unutterable horrors of the abortion holocaust to the lingering trauma of a world divided over life and death, The Bloodstone Legacy sings with life’s pain and triumph as the greatest battle of our time is fought.

The Cassander Solution

by E.J. Kaye

An agent of the Roman Empire seeks to solve a series of mysterious crimes in the city of Constantinople. His part-Greek, part-Hun background makes him the ideal instrument to combat those who seek to bring down the Emperor Justinian and his intended creation: the Church of Hagia Sophia, the largest church in Christendom.

Bandit Flame (The Bandit Series)

by Marie Herman

Zoey Aquarius D’Bandit has lived with the memory of watching her adopted parents murdered at age six years old for ten years now. She remembers every detail as if it was yesterday, but the detail that she remembers the most is the eyes, his eyes, the murderer’s eyes. A case that has never gone solved, a murderer who has never gotten justice. A case that still haunts her every night she walks the streets of New York City, looking for trouble, trouble to stop, justice to be served. Since age eleven, she has been going out at night by herself to help those like her parents who have never been helped, to stop some of the present crimes from replaying her own history. To change the lives of as many people as she can. Her wits and hard training has been enough to get her out of trouble for a number of years since then. But now, as attention of some unwanted people starts to close in on her, she has to ask the question: Is it really worth it? Is she really HELPING the people around her, or just destroying any chance at a decent future for herself? As the world around her seems to keep on crumbling, hope and some people who have her back, is all she has to hang on to, is that really enough?

Devil’s Due. The Cards in the Deck #1 (A Scott Evers NSA Thriller)

by Robert Stanek

*** Optimized for Kindle and Kindle Fire.  A new thriller from award-winning best-selling author Robert Stanek! The first book in the series, The Pieces of the Puzzle, was an instant Top 10 Mystery Bestseller and a #1 Fiction Bestseller in Audio. Now former NSA agent turned rogue operative Scott Madison Evers is back in an all new action thriller.  Still a man on the outside looking in, Scott Evers is working security onboard the Sea Shepherd, an Island class vessel performing fishery protection patrols in the Mediterranean Sea. No, Scott Evers hasn’t become an environmentalist. He’s about as far from the pie-in-the-sky happy people he has sworn to protect as any person could ever be. But he’s got a job to do. Namely, to keep the yuppies from doing stupid things that will get them killed.  With tensions heating up in the Mediterranean Sea and with terrorists afoot, Scott’s an instant away from everything going as terribly wrong as he fears. When the dust clears, his world will never be the same again. About the Author Robert Stanek is a dad, husband and author. Robert Stanek finished his first novel in 1986 and has been writing several books a year ever since. Today, he has over 150 published books, which have been read by millions of people around the world. Robert Stanek’s books have received many awards for excellence and outstanding contributions to the writing community. Dubbed ‘A Face Behind the Future’ in the 1990’s by The Olympian, he’s been helping to shape the future of the written word for nearly two decades. In his fiction writing, Robert Stanek transports readers to imagined worlds, including stories that take place in Ruin Mist and a BIG little place called Bugville. When Robert Stanek brought Ruin Mist to audio in 2005, the books catapulted to #1 on Audible for FOURTEEN consecutive weeks and then stayed on the Kids & YA Top 10 for the next THREE YEARS. Robert Stanek and his books have been featured in and/or recommended by: The OlympianThe Journal of Electronic DefenseThe Publisher’s Weekly Cover StoryThe Parenting MagazineVOYABookWireChildren’s WriterChildren’s BookshelfLibrary JournalSchool Library JournalThe News Tribune Wondering where to start reading Robert Stanek’s work? Consider “The Best of Robert Stanek” list from OverDrive’s “ContentWire for Libraries”…#1 The Pieces of the Puzzle#2 Keeper Martin’s Tale#3 Bugville Collection #1: Visit Mom and Dad At Work, Go to School, Have a Sleepover, Visit Garden Box Farms#4 The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches#5 In the Service of Dragons#6 Journey Beyond the Beyond#7 Stormjammers: The Extraordinary Story of EW Operations in the Gulf War#8 Bugville Critters: Every Number Counts#9 Absolutes & Other Stories#10 Exploring Ruin Mist: Special Edition for “The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches” and “In the Service of Dragons” 

Phoenix Rising (Novelette)

by Declan Conner

Novelette of over 8,000 words. Approximately 40 pages in a printed book. Independently edited.

Includes both American and UK and Commonwealth English versions in one eBook, with internal links for you to make the choice.

Set in the backdrop of a bankrupt UK, a corrupt Federal European Union has taken control of the country. A fast paced spy thriller. Can a failed British secret service agent unravel the mystery surrounding the assassination of a leading newspaper reporter and a connection to the death of a leading British industrialist? The stakes are high. The future of the entire country depends on the outcome.

Sprenger & Kramer, Paranormal Investigators

by Adalberto Agudelo Cardona

A grey card with a simple messsage: “Save the world or die trying”. Both possibilities are anything but simple…

The Mānuka Experiments – Episode 2

by Paul J. Newell

A collection of short stories that invites you to question reality, society and yourself. Not necessarily in that order.

1. Masquerade – An obsessive prison officer seeks to uncover the final secret of a notorious criminal.

2. Art of Negotiation – A man with a niche and secretive profession teaches a girl how to negotiate.

3. Stitch in Time – An old lady with time on her hands, lends some to a flustered young mother.


by Alexander Illyich Bradrosky


BY: Alexander Illyich Bradrosky

The Coffin Ship

by Peter Tonkin

The giant supertanker Prometheus, the largest ship on Earth, sits at anchor in the Persian Gulf. In her tanks are 250,000 tons of crude oil.

Somewhere on board is a crew member determined that she never completes her voyage to Europe. Already, many of the ship’s officers have been killed in a mysterious “accident”.

The fate of Prometheus rests in the hands of Richard Mariner, the tanker’s new captain. It is his responsibility to battle human treachery and the dangers of the open sea to bring Prometheus to safe harbour.

From the Persian Gulf to the storm-tossed Atlantic, Mariner and his crew must struggle against the elements while trying to uncover the elusive – and cunning – enemy in their midst.

Can Mariner solve the mystery on board and rescue the crew?

Or is Prometheus doomed to become a Coffin Ship?

â??A master of seagoing adventure!’ Clive Cussler

â??This kind of story has built-in excitement. Engrossing.’ The New York Times

â??Tonkin is a superb storyteller who creates big, brash, swashbuckling adventures with taut suspense, fast-paced action and tough, resourceful characters.’ Booklist

‘The complex storyline commands full interest” Publishers Weekly

â??A bang-up story, which Tonkin tells with an insiders skill.’ New York Daily News.

Peter Tonkin was born in Northern Ireland, and was raised in the UK, Holland, Germany, and the Persian Gulf. He has written thirty novels including twenty-two Richard Mariner novels.

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