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Book Review and Lasting Life Lessons from: As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

by Better Book Reviews

Discover the Ultimate Book Review and Life Lessons from James Allen’s classic book: As A Man Thinketh

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Who was James Allen?

James Allen was a British philosophical writer known for his inspirational books and poetry and as a pioneer of the self-help movement. His best known work, As a Man Thinketh, has been mass-produced since its publication in 1902. It has been a source of inspiration and motivation for well over one hundred years.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to succeed in life by learning how to master your own thoughts. No matter what condition or status you are in, success and abundance are within your reach if you know how the thought process works. This book aims to bring you inspiration to become the greatest person you can be. This dream is possible as long as you believe in it.

As James Allen said, “As you think, you shall become.”

Here is a Preview of What You’ll Learn When You Download this Book Today:

*The Life of a Genius

*How Thought Creates Character

*How Thought Shapes Circumstances

*Importance of Thought and Purpose

*How Thought Leads to Achievement

*How We Are Formed by Our Visions and Ideals

*Stillness of the Mind

*And much, much more!

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Weight Loss: Weight Loss Smasher-How To Smash Fat And Lose Weight Without Diet Pills-Qucik Weight Loss Tricks That Take Less Than 1 Minute (Weight Loss, … Lose Weight, Diet Plans, Lose Weight Fast,)

by Travis Edwards

A Proven, Step-By-Step Method And Strategies On How To Lose Weight Permanently One Step At a Time Including Nutritional Tips And Simple Yet Effective Weight Loss Strategies

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

If you are looking forward to being enlightened about the dos and don’ts of weight loss, this book is definitely for you! In this book you will learn why diet fads don’t work permanently and how you can achieve permanent weight loss without resorting to diet pills. More importantly, you will learn that it is the little things you do that marks the difference between a successful weight loss attempt and a failed one.

So many people nowadays are becoming desperate in order to lose weight. They are starting to go to unhealthy lengths in order to look skinny, because they think that it is attractive. However, losing weight in an unhealthy way could certainly be very damaging to your body, and you might not turn out so attractive if you are bony. You probably hear commercials and ads all over the place trying to sell you the newest diet or the newest weight loss operation, and you should ignore these red flags. Instead, you should take the healthy and natural path towards weight loss, one step at a time.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • On Losing Weight
  • Why Diet Fads Don’t Work
  • Setting a â??Weight Loss Mindset’
  • 20 Simple Things You Could Do To Lose Weight One Minute At A Time
  • Nutritional Tips for Permanent Weight Loss
  • Keeping The Weight Off For Good
  • Much, much more!

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Crochet Dynamite: Gifts For Your Besties

by Jaime Eads Maraia

Hi Dynamos!

Crochet Dynamite: Gifts for Your Besties is a cool collection of five free patterns, one of my paid patterns, and two ebook exclusive patterns, perfect for gift giving to all of your best girlfriends! The crossbody bag alone sells for more than the 99 cent book price, so it’s a pretty amazing deal! Who needs a wi-fi connection? Now you can take these fun crochet projects with you anywhere!

In it you’ll find the complete patterns for these eight fun projects:

– The London Crochet Bag
– Striped Crossbody Bag
– Striped Wallet
– #48 Scarf
– 2 Versions (Quck & Easy or Fancy Schmancy!) of the Lip Balm Holder
– and the EBOOK EXCLUSIVE “Prim’s Hat” Pattern in two sizes: Adults and Kids!

Please note: Some of the patterns in this collection are available for free on I have formatted them for the Kindle for portability and convenience! Thank you for supporting an independent crochet designer.

Juicer Recipes: Juicing Recipes Book to Treat Common Health Ailments. 60 Juices for Detox, Immune, Cleanse, Weight Loss and More

by Jane Burton

Juicing fruits, vegetables and herbs is a fast, easy and refreshing way to get nutrients absorbed into your body quickly. Juicing has become very popular largely due to the health benefits which are great and many. I am a big believer of eating predominantly natural foods in my diet. As a #1 bestselling author for many of my Paleo diet books, I understand the link between eating natural, healthy foods and maintaining good health long term. Juicing can be easily incorporated into a diet. The range of juicing machines on the market make it easy to choose one that is just right for you. I still use my good old faithful machine that I have owned for years and it still serves me well!

In this book I have addressed common health problems that many people have, and would like to find some simple but effective solutions to try and help themselves from home. And that’s the beauty of juicingâ?¦ it not only tastes good, but can also have a variety of benefits that are specific to your common ailment. I try to cover a wide range of juicer recipes that most people will find helpful whether it be for general health or other conditions such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis, cancer, insomnia, immune deficiencies, weight loss, circulation, hemorrhoids, arthritis, cholesterol, inflammation and so on. Much of our health and a good quality of living are available to us through our foods. There are also recipes for general things like detoxification, cleanse of the blood and ingredients that generally boost our immune system. Most recipes have a balance between vegetables, fruits and herbs.

The other helpful information about juicing is that I have included is around 30 foods that are commonly used to make juice recipes which benefit our health in some way or another. Of course I have also added lots of tips about juicing that will help you get started if you are a beginner. You can also read your manufacturer’s instructions first as they will give you plenty of relevant juicing information.

The book includes juicer recipes with nutrition facts and a general guide to how each and every drink will benefit your health the most. I hope you get great benefit from reading through my favourite juicer recipes. Here is a sample of what you will find inside:

– Why Drink Juices?

– The Benefits of Homemade Juices

– Blending or Juicing – What’s the Difference?

– Be Kind to Your Stomach

– The Benefits of Leafy Greens

– Can’t Afford a Juicing Machine?

– Green Cleansing Recipes

– Beware Using Too Much Spinach!

– Variety is Key!

– Fruit & Vegetable Wash Recipe

– Over 30 Juicer Foods to Treat Common Ailments

– Foods for Specific Health Problems

– Easy Pulp Muffin Recipe

– 30 Tips for Successful Juicing

– Blended Drinks for Good Health

– Banana Blender Bender (Immune Booster)

– Berry Super Charged Smoothie (Energy Booster)

– Energy 2 Pick Me Up (Energy Booster)

– Honeybee Pollen Energy Drink (Energy Booster)

– Hot and Spicy Juice (Energy Booster)

– Body Building Health Drink (Osteoporosis)

– Crazy Kale Calcium Cocktail (Osteoporosis)

– Pineapple Power with Ginger (Arthritis)

– Glass of Salad (High Blood Pressure)

– Pressure Buster (High Blood Pressure)

– Sparkling Cherry Juice (Gout)

– Apple Cinnamon Warmer for 2 (Circulation)

– Cabbage Ulcer Blaster (Ulcers)

– Green Protein Juice? (Protein Builder)

– Coolio Cooling Soother (Hemorrhoids)

– Turmeric Tummy Tamer (Bloating)

– Cherry Sleep Bomb Juice (Insomnia)

– Apple & Celery Sleeper (Insomnia)

– Quick Soothing Turmeric Blend (Anti-inflammatory)

– Soothe the Beast (Anti-inflammatory)

– Green Mint Blast (Digestion)

– Plum Tummy Tonic (Constipation)

– The Complexion Concoction (Skin)

– Pink & Green Goddess (Skin)

– Immune Boosters – Take Control

– Carrot Immune Booster (Immune Booster)

– Easy Immune Boosting Bomb (Immune Booster)

– The Greener the Better Juice (Immune Booster)

– Ginger Healer (Immune Booster, Cancer)

– Citrus Cold Buster (Immune Booster)

– Kale

Home Cleaning Made Easy-The Clear and Simple Guide to Help Organize and Declutter your Home in Seven Days (Cleaning Tips, Declutter, Organizing, Clean House)

by Veronica Allen

Learn how to clean the home the EASY way!

Today only, get this new Amazon Kindle Book for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, Smart phone, Tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how quick and painless cleaning the home you spend relaxing and having fun can be. Just by applying a few simple but yet effective strategies, you too can make your home clean and spotless, and keep it that way in just seven days!

A lot of books about cleaning the home do not get straight to the point and make the process of house cleaning, seem complicated, tedious and more daunting than it actually is, as you find out with Home Cleaning Made Easy, not only you will actually ENJOY cleaning your house and you will become more organized and less stressed in no time.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Simple steps on how to organize and declutter your home.
  • Learn efficient time management strategies for around the house and home.
  • Letting go of items in your house that do not need to be there anymore.
  • Tips on how to decide what you should keep and what should go out.
  • What NOT to do to clean and organize your home.
  • How to keep your home clutter free forever.
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99! and enjoy the feeling of your new clean and clutter free home today!

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Crochet Dynamite: Fancy-Schmancy

by Jaime Eads Maraia

Howdy, Dynamos!
Here’s a collection of the Fancy-Schmanciest patterns from — now available as an ebook! Who needs a wi-fi connection? Now you can take these fun and fancy crochet projects with you anywhere!
In it you’ll find the complete patterns for these six fun projects:

– Dynamite Beret
– Wishing Star Earrings
– California Roll Scarf
– Surfer Girl Necklace
– Grown-Up Girl Friendship Bracelet
– and a Headband worthy of wearing to a Minor Awards Ceremony!

Please note: This is a collection of patterns that are available for free on I have formatted them for the Kindle for portability and convenience! Thank you for supporting an independent crochet designer.

Three Instant Relationship Fixes

by Astra Niedra

The three fixes in this practical and straightforward guide are the simplest, most powerful techniques for kick-starting a healing process in a relationship. They are time-honoured techniques that work, and are often suggested by relationship therapists – the problem is that many people don’t quite know how to do them. Relationship and Voice Dialogue teacher Astra Niedra explains them to you in this practical guide, with straightforward, step-by-step instructions.

So if you are tired of talking about the issues in your relationship or your partner doesn’t want to talk about them, or if it feels like you are stuck in a rut and you don’t know how to get out, then these fixes will help. A bonus about them is you don’t even need to tell your partner you are doing anything.

Now we all know relationships are complex and require work, but we also sometimes just need a quick fix, something we an easily do that will make a big difference. These fixes might seem simple, but they work on a deeper level to break any negative pattern you and your partner might be stuck in, allowing you to re-connect as you once did or to connect with each other in a new and better way.

It takes two people to keep a relationship in a negative pattern – no matter how much each person blames the other – but it only takes one person to break it. So if you want to make your relationship work, why not break the pattern now?

You Can Cure Your Depression

by Dr. Blair Masters

Do you or someone you love suffer from Depression? In “You Can Cure Your Depression” you will learn the simple, effective steps that you can take to improve your depression RIGHT NOW! When you are done with this book you will know:

-What nutritional supplements you can take to improve your brain chemistry naturally.
-The physical and mental activities that can lift your mood immediately.
-You’ll see exactly how you can put your body into action to “re-wire” your brain to be positive naturally.
-Learn habit patterns that ensure that you will break the cycle of depression that plagues you.
-How your thoughts can be your biggest ally or a fearsome enemy, and the specific things you can do to improve your thoughts and as a result your depression.
-What foods that many Americans eat every day actually tear down your brain cells’ ability to be normal and tear down your ability to be happy.
-How the way you move your body directly affects how you feel and action steps you can take to improve it, now!

When you read this book and apply the principles in it, you will see dramatic and long lasting results your Depression, Anxiety and a variety of other health problems. These are methods that anyone can use and they have helped many others already. So say “Goodbye” to your depression and read on.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter regarding the extensive care I received from Dr. Masters and his wonderful staff. I am a housewife and am 29 years old. I had my second child in May of 2005 and had tremendous bleeding for an extended period of time; I also had depression, anxiety, and anemia. I lost a considerable amount of weight, and had become a person I felt I no longer recognized. I went to every specialist, M.D., psychiatrist, psychologist, internal medicine doctors, and counselors, with no results of a diagnosis. I was at the end of my rope with no answers and no one to help me; only narcotics and psychiatric drugs which were unnecessary and of no help what so ever. When I cam to Dr. Masters with in the first visit he looked me in the eye and told me with much conviction that he knew he was going to help me without the use of drugs. I now know that I was deeply suffering from “Postpartum Psychosis.”

With his many therapies and emotional tools, dietary changes, we together as a team, worked for approximately two months and I feel stronger than even before my illness. I would recommend to any woman or person suffering from depression or anxiety to be treated by Dr. Masters. With all that I have I know he helped my family, my friends, loved ones recover and I am now using the techniques often and am in control of my emotions. I know from experience ther is not a more educated staff or a more capable, well rounded, caring doctor to treat this condition.

Depression Sufferer

The Art Of True Forgiveness: How To Forgive Anyone For Anything, Anytime You Want (Stress Relief)

by Doc Orman MD

How To Master the Art of Forgiveness

Stress and Anger Expert Doc Orman, M.D. Shares His Secrets To Forgiveness and True Inner Peace

If you want to live a happier, healthier and more peaceful life, this book is for you! You will learn:

How To Forgive Those Who Have Hurt You

The truth is life isn’t easy. And anyone who says it is doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Sometimes we get beat up, bruised and knocked down by other people in our lives, physically, emotionally, spiritually or otherwise. The truth is we all get hurt in life and must deal with suffering – it’s part of this amazing experience we call being human. Given that we all get hurt, the question must be asked:

What do we do about it?

That’s the exact question I’ve helped answer for thousands of my patients, clients and attendees of my various workshops, seminars and courses learn to master the art of forgiveness to live a happier, healthier and more peaceful life.

In this book, you will learn that holding on to anger, jealousy, hatred, rage, sadness, depression and other negative emotions does nothing to hurt the other person – instead it hurts you. Being angry and unforgiving can cause you massive stress, make you unhappy and even reduce your life span. The key to letting the anger and other negative emotions go is forgiveness.

In this book, you’ll learn the proven system I’ve used with thousands of people all over the world to cure negative emotions instantly through the power of forgiveness. Trust me – you will love how you feel when you finally put down that emotional baggage you’ve been carrying around for years, and might not have even known about until now.

How To Eliminate Anger Before It Eliminates You

Dr. Mort Orman has been studying irritability and the impact of anger on your health, success and life for years. In his research, he found a proven strategy that works for getting rid of anger and irritability fast, without drugs or medications.

One Simple Process For Turning Negative Thoughts Into Fuel For Growth

When you eliminate negative thoughts and energy from your life, you’ll feel a sense of calm an inner peace like you’ve never felt before. But this is the power of negative thinking – when you turn your negative thoughts around, you actually create more energy and power that moves you into the direction you want to go in your life faster than you’ve ever moved before.

Why Going For Happiness Is The Quickest Path To What You Want

So often in life we try to be right instead of being happy. We argue to protect our viewpoint when we could just as easily let the argument go and be happy. Learn how to reprogram your mind and subconscious habits and never have another unnecessary argument again!

About The Author

MORT (Doc) ORMAN, M.D. is an Internal Medicine physician, author, stress coach, and founder of the Stress Mastery Academy. He has been teaching people how to eliminate stress, without managing it, for more than 30 years. He has also conduction seminars and workshops on reducing stress for doctors, nurses, veterinarians, business executives, students, the clergy, and even the F.B.I. Dr. Orman’s award-winning book, The 14 Day Stress Cure (1991), is still one of the most helpful and innovative books on the subject of stress ever written. Dr. Orman and his wife, Christina, a veterinarian, live in Maryland.


by Lilliet Garrison

Don’t be a victim to your circumstances any longer. No one wants to fail. Everyone desires to succeed.
Success is never an accident. It must be studied, pursued, and then mastered.
Those who have mentors are much more likely to succeed. The Bible was written to mentor us. It holds the secrets to true success and prosperity, as God is the author of these concepts, not man.
Discover for yourself: 
-How You Determine Your Destiny
-How to Prosper In Everything You Do
-Why We Reap What We Sow
-Why You Are Special To God
-How God Uses Ordinary People
-Why Character Matters To God
-How To Dream Big Dreams with God
-Why You Must Pursue Excellence
-How God Rewards the Faithful
The Bible teaches us how to be balanced and increase in ALL areas of our life. Many may be successful in their work life, but fail miserably in their personal and private life. Decide today to become abundantly successful by examining what God Word says about this subject. Discovering God’s secrets to success is the believer’s most important task!

Crochet Dynamite: Argyle Crochet

by Jaime Eads Maraia

Howdy Dynamos!

In this fun new book from the Crochet Dynamite line, Jaime will show you step-by-step how to make gorgeous argyle crochet projects using variegated yarn! While this isn’t a quick-and-easy technique, it’s beginner friendly since there are only two stitches that are used to create the pattern: chain stitch and single crochet. Even very experienced crochet artists will find this technique challenging and fun because it requires a meticulous eye for detail, and playing with so many colors without having to weave in ends is just plain fun!

In this book you will find:
Step by step instructions on how to Argyle Crochet with variegated yarn
10 fun and fabulous projects to make with your Argyle Crochet pieces, including:
– The Tassel Hat
– Argyle Beanie
– The Camo-gyle Scarf
– Mad For Plaid Tote
– Wee Bonnie Blanket
– This One’s Mine Laptop Cover
And list of yarns that will, and won’t work with this technique, and instructions on how to tell if your favorite variegated yarn will work.

This book is not for the faint of heart, but if you’ve got patience and determination you’ll soon be impressing your friends and family with your fantastic Argyle Crochet!


Binge Eating: The Only Binge Eating Cure Which WORKS: By a lover of cakes, chocolates and all things bad ((Emotional Eating, binge eating, Over Eating, binge, Overeating, Food Addiction))

by Lucy Winters

For over two decades I struggled with cravings and impulses which despite my effort best always beat me to eventually caving in. Throughout that time I tried every diet, tip, trick and fad you could possibly imagine, and absolutely nothing worked. Yes it worked for a while, but nothing ever cured me so that I felt in control, or stopped the cravings and desires which were driving me crazy.

I am here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you, the way you feel or the way you eat.

Over 5000 women like you have followed my strategy and got the result they wanted. An end to the cravings and a feeling of control and balance beyond anything they had experienced before.

Although it is normal, it is not natural to be caught in a constant cycle of craving and impulses that drive us to seek food and binge eat. I am here to offer you the missing link, which will guide you to permanently take back control in a way which is balanced and realistic.

I love food especially naughty foods, but before the food was always in control and it was destroying my life. If like me you feel there is a better way to live where you can have your cake and eat it. This is the real cure you have been searching for and I promise it will work for you as it has done for thousands of people worldwide.

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Shred Diet: The Ultimate Guide to Losing Weight NOW with the Revolutionary Shred Diet

by Amber Norato

Looking for a quick and effective way to lose weight and live healthier? Look no further than the Shred Diet! This diet plan is ideal for experienced dieters and beginners alike. The Shred Diet is not a fad diet, but an effective, proven way of shedding the pounds and getting in the best shape of your life!

This guide introduces you to the Shred Diet in a easy to understand way. Learn everything you need to know to get started with this new, healthy lifestyle! All the basics are covered in this book and after reading you’ll be well on your way to improving your health in no time!

What’s Inside The Book:

  • Learn EXACTLY what the Shred Diet IS and ISN’T
  • COMPREHENSIVE lists of the BEST and WORST foods to eat!
  • DETAILED information about all 6 weeks of the diet!
  • The TOP tips and tricks for making the most of this diet!
  • How to AVOID mistakes that could RUIN your weight loss efforts!
  • How to EFFECTIVELY customize this diet for YOU needs and lifestyle!

…And More!  There’s even a FREE BONUS at the beginning of the book!

You are just a few seconds away from taking the first step towards improving your health and your LIFE!

Scroll up and click “Buy Now” to get started!

Crochet Dynamite: Fun and Games

by Jaime Eads Maraia

Hi Dynamos!

Crochet Dynamite: Fun and Games is a collection of 10 ALL NEW crochet patterns to bring your family together! Fans of Jaime’s blog, Crochet Dynamite, won’t want to miss any of these never-before-published patterns!

In it you’ll find the complete patterns for these eight fun projects:

– A Flying Disk (indoor Ultimate, anyone?)
– Juggling Balls/Hackey Sack
– A Travel Chess/Checkers Set
– Target Practice Bean Bag Game
– Family Game Night Snack Mats
– A Fantastic Flying Foxtail
– Crochet Poker Chips

Thank you for supporting an independent crochet designer.

Acne Free for Life – 28 Days to Radiant Skin in Youth and Beyond

by Dan Conroy

You will discover an exact step by step plan for achieving clear skin – eliminating all the confusion on what causes this skin condition. No boring advice that you’ve heard 100 times before either. This new program combines the best of modern knowledge and supplements with the wisdom of ancient diets of the past.

Stop wasting your time with the same old tired acne advice such as, “Drink more water!” “Eat your fruits and vegetables!” “Wash your face!” Your time won’t be wasted with such things.

Instead, you’ll receive an exact step by step plan that you can implement into your current diet immediately. You’ll have complete control over your skin as you learn the truth about exactly what causes acne and how you can solve it.

You’ll stop wasting money on creams and other topical acne products that are often harsh on your skin and you’ll get right to the source of the problem. As you remove the sources of your acne, you’ll naturally have flawless skin for life!

Winter Yoga: 20 Poses for the Bladder and Kidney Meridians (Yoga for the Seasons)

by Martine Ford

This book, Winter Yoga: 20 Poses for the Bladder and Kidney Meridians is informative & made into an easy to follow yoga class with concise instructions. Each yoga pose also has an image so you can practice with confidence, knowing that you are in correct alignment in each pose.

These yoga poses activate the energy channels of the Bladder and Kidney. When these organs become balanced it brings balance to these organs, and restores warmth and emotional courage.

According to the Chinese Five Element theory, the body is made up of the same five primary elements that exist in nature – Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth and Water. Each of these elements links to different organs, and affects us physically and psychologically.

In winter the water element is strongest, so activating the meridians (energy channels) of the bladder and kidneys brings balance to these organs. Bladder imbalance can cause symptoms like, fear and indecisiveness. If the imbalance is chronic, it can trigger jealousy, suspicion and resentment. Kidney imbalance can cause symptoms like, fear and paranoia.Intense fear can cause involuntary urination. It doesn’t sound very pleasant does it?

Spirit Yoga classes mostly use traditional yoga poses and some yoga therapy exercises that are based on bringing energy (chi or prana) to the meridian channels located through-out the body. Winter Yoga will bring balance to your body and life during the Winter Season, so you can function with greater ease. Imagine starting your day with a new sense of trust in your own power, courage to take on any challenge presented to you and trust knowing you had the clarity of mind to soar.

The Author Martine Ford, is a qualified yoga instructor and owner of Spirit Yoga Australia. A former professional dancer, she has an extensive background in ballet, contemporary, character, jazz as well as numerous yoga studies. Martine trained to Advanced Level in Power Yoga with Duncan Peak of Power Living Australia Yoga (P.L.A.Y). in the Baron Baptiste style of Power Yoga. She also has Certification in Advanced Kids Yoga from Zenergy Kids, Pre and Post Natal Yoga from The Yoga Institute and a Diploma in Dance from the Queensland Dance School of Excellence.

Martine is enjoying being able to share the many physical & spiritual benefits yoga offers with her varied students, and encourages them all to live from a place of peace, strength and clarity.

What Every Novelist Needs to Know about Narrators (Chicago Shorts)

by Wayne C. Booth

Wayne Booth transformed the study of fiction in the twentieth century and wrote some of the most influential and engaging criticism of our time. In What Every Novelist Needs to Know about Narrators, Booth tackles one of the most difficult issues writers of fiction face: the choice of which narrative approach to take in their work. With trademark Booth aplomb, he articulates the methods behind dramatization, character development, and point of view that are indispensable for successful writing. How far the narrator sees, how she or he thinks, and how those thoughts connect withâ??or diverge fromâ??those of the reader, writer, or other characters in the story: these are tools that are key to narration, and here Booth considers them in this worthy selection.

How to Beat Depression: 21 Quick and Easy Tips (Feeling Overwhelmed Series)

by Dr. Sarita Uhr

Do you feel down and unenthusiastic about life? Dr. Uhr’s guide on how to beat depression is a first step toward feeling motivated and more positive. It gives you an action plan for getting out of your funk. Dr. Uhr, a well-respected author and Stanford-trained psychiatrist, developed her 21 tip system based on years of treating depressed patients and learning what strategies, besides medications, are effective for getting over depression. She shares minor lifestyle changes that have a powerful impact on improving mood.
Each tip comes with a quick plan that you can implement right away. Even if you are already taking antidepressants, you will benefit from making these changes. You can read this simple guide within an hour so you can start taking the steps to feeling yourself again. 

So don’t delay and buy this simple, but powerful guide and take charge of your happiness.

The Path to Happiness: How to Slap Depression in the Face and Choose to be Happy

by Katrina Abiasi

Hello Friends!
My name is Katrina Abiasi and I’ve been a professional counselor for around 6 years now. During this time, I’ve had the amazing experience of helping hundreds of patients learn how to overcome depression and become happy again.

I wrote this book on treatments for depression because I believe that happiness is a choice and by using the natural remedies for depression in this book, you can learn how to be happy! In addition, this information is more important than ever with the rise of depression in teens.

This “happiness guide” will tell you everything you need to know about dealing with depression, depression treatment, and action steps YOU can take to beat depression once and for all!

What’s Inside The Book:

  • Find out EXACTLY what depression and anxiety are and what are the signs of depression you should look for.
  • A step-by-step guide to dealing with depression for those who are grieving, lonely, dealing with financial troubles, have low self esteem, and simply are sad for no reason.
  • The SECRETS to finding happiness!
  • The 5 depression QUICK TIPS to help you become happier today!

…And More!  There’s even a FREE BONUS at the beginning of the book!

You are just a few seconds away from being one step closer to becoming happy again!

Scroll up and click “Buy Now” to get started!

Best wishes!

Katrina Abiasi

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