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The Other Baby Book: A Natural Approach to Baby’s First Year

by Megan McGrory Massaro

What if the rules of modern motherhood were turned upside down?

The Other Baby Book guides new and expecting mamas on a journey past “shoulds” and “musts,” back to the heart of true joy and connection. In this well-researched, yet conversational guide to baby’s first year, Massaro and Katz throw off the shackles of profit-driven companies and popular yet potentially harmful baby-rearing practices. Instead, they offer moms simple, frugal, and profound ways to support the mother-baby relationship.

This practical and accessible guide offers…

*compelling research to support a healthy lifestyle for the whole family

*timeless traditions to nurture close mother-baby bonds

*cutting edge commentaries by leading practitioners in each field

*encouraging stories from moms living out these practices

The 7 Fatal Mistakes Divorced & Separated Parents Make: Strategies for Raising Healthy Children of Divorce and Conflict

by Shannon R. Rios MS LMFT

This book is a crucial resource for families that are divorced, separated, considering divorce and never married who want to raise the healthiest children possible. Written by a child of divorce and conflict who is now a therapist working in this field, this book is a must-read. It provides guidelines to allow coparents to create the best environment possible during family challenges. 
Inside you will find over 30 exercises and practical strategies to assist you in being the best parent possible during this difficult time for your family. Reading this book will assist parents in raising emotionally and physically healthy children. If you love your child, this book is crucial for you to read. It will assist you in minimizing the impact of your circumstances on your child. You deserve to read this book and your child deserves a parent that reads this book. 

Yoga For Kids: The Basics (Yoga For Kidz)

by Hannah Hoobyar

Are you looking for a way to connect with your kids? Do you wish there was something you could do to get the kids in your life to try, maybe even like, yoga? Now there is. With Yoga Basics for Kidz you are introduced to the absolute best way to share yoga with the kids in your life.

Written by a teenager who has used yoga to get through the good and the bad, this book is easy to understand, non-threatening, and even a bit fun. Hailed by yoga teachers as being “easy to understand” and “a great way to write about yoga” it is a must have in your library.

Whether you work with kids in schools, day care centers, yoga studios, or at home this book is guaranteed to help you find interesting and fun ways to introduce yoga poses and postures to the kids in your life.

This book has over a dozen illustrated poses, complete with descriptions written in language even the youngest kids can understand. She even included an FAQ section, glossary, and a couple of really cool tracking sheets in the back for kids to use to see if they’re making progress.

It seems this author has thought of it all, but then again, that makes sense since she’s still a kid herself! She definitely has her finger on the pulse of her audience, writing in a style that would welcome even the most hesitant participant. She includes real life examples of when and how to practice yoga, and even includes reminders about the basics, like breathing.

It is a rare thing to find an author who can write to their audience, but this author has done something even more difficult. She has effectively written it for three audiences: parent, kids and yoga teachers. The magic about this book is that she has done it well! This is a requirement for anyone thinking about trying yoga with the kids in your life.

Parental Alienation after Divorce – Child Abuse or Hype? (Divorce Advice)

by Rick Nischalke

The book: “Parental Alienation after Divorce – Child Abuse or Hype?” was created especially for the Kindle Singles program and has been submitted.

Is Parental Alienation child abuse or just hype? It would be difficult to find a more heated or controversial debate in our culture today! This book takes a candid and informed look at both sides of this extremely relevant debate. 

As divorce rates continue to climb so do accusations of Parental Alienation (sometimes referred to as Parental Alienation Syndrome). Combine disappointment, rejection and anger with the financial pressure and the extreme changes that divorce require, and it creates a powder-keg of emotions just waiting to explode!

Is it possible that a parent would intentionally alienate their own child from the other parent? If so, what would motivate them and how would they accomplish it? Or is it possible that a parent might simply use false accusations of alienation against an innocent parent to gain leverage in a child custody battle? Who should we believe? What in the world is really going on?

This short book will help separate fact from fiction. In the end, you will be the judge of whether Parental Alienation is child abuse or just hype.

I cover this topic in much more detail at

Alphabets on a Mission

by Chinwe Anyamele

Alphabets on a Mission is a fun alphabet book for 2 – 5 year olds. It introduces kids to alphabets and words as the walking alphabets go on a mission forming words.

Joshua’s World

by Hermione Woodley

A diagnosis of autism! Unpredicted! Unexpected! Does it feel as though your world has been turned upside down? â??Joshua’s World’ is a glimpse into one family’s experience of autism. Their third child, Joshua, was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. This account is told through both their laughter and tears. Their experience has taught them that through God there is always a way ahead. This is a story of hope, offering encouragement to keep pressing onwards. The underlying message is that even in the midst of challenging situations it is still possible to find peace and joy.

The Single Parent’s Guide to Raising Godly Children

by Shae Cooke

Yes you can raise godly kids!

Break out of single parent dysfunction junction and have the family of your dreams.

Your children are destined to be more than “kids-gone-wrong” society statistics. They have infinite potential to rise far above loneliness, rejection, dejection, depression, stigmatized traits, and disadvantage.

Single-parented children can make sound choices, respect others, resist negative pressure, and create an uptrend of doing the right thing. It starts with your determination to say “no” to the status quo and your resolve to give new and significant meaning to the term “family.”

You will learn how to:

  • Pull your family out of the dysfunctional swamp and into whole living.
  • Avoid ‘morale’ decay and raise your child’s value quotient.
  • Free your child to be a child, resurrect his or her hopes and dreams.
  • Reduce the impact of negative influence.
  • Lead your children to Christ and keep them walking with Him.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and deal with the tough stuff kids are into.

As a single mom currently raising her son, author Shae Cooke experiences the parent and child struggle-as well as the possibilities-every day. With wit, humor, and honest transparency, The Single Parent’s Guide to Raising Godly Children offers practical, realistic, and proactive suggestions and resources to help relieve the analysis paralysis, worry, and guilt so often associated with the task of solo child-rearing, ultimately freeing the family into whole living.

The Single Parent’s Guide to Raising Godly Children is the first book in The Single Parent’s Guide Series.

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