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Surfing Life Waves

by Bradley Hook

We are surrounded by waves: from light, sound, electrical and micro waves through to the quantum waves that underpin our reality. Amidst all this wave activity it’s easy to draw a comparison between the physical waves we know so well and the experiential waves â?? or opportunities â?? that colour our existence.

Waves of opportunity for happiness, success, love, failure, adventure and a spectrum of enriching experiences swirl constantly around us. The approach of the surfer â?? arguably the world’s foremost experts in waves â?? provides a metaphor for embracing your life waves with passion, commitment, detachment, flow and fun.

There are waves breaking everywhere. How you choose to find and ride them is up to you.

On the Nature of Things by Lucretius

by Lucretius

On the Nature of Things by Titus Lucretius Carus (written around 60 BC) has for centuries been one of the most popular and influential works from our classical past. The poem is a long, impassioned plea for a materialistic understanding of the universe and of human life, without reference to divine creativity or benevolence or to a future life. Only such a view, Lucretius claims, can liberate human beings from religious superstitions, irrational fears, and false ambitions and thus enable us to live successfully. Long celebrated as the greatest expression of faith in Epicurean philosophy, the poem has exercised a decisive influence on the development of Western scientific thought since the Renaissance and is a vitally important part of our humanist traditions.

Ian Johnston’s new poetic translation brings out the full emotional range of this great work and captures the restless and intense urgency of the original text. The English is an accurate rendition of Lucretius in a fluent modern idiom, so that it makes this important vision of the world accessible to the modern reader.

The translation includes notes to assist the reader who is encountering Lucretius for the first time.

Newly formatted for the Kindle platform.

The Modern Heroine’s Journey of Consciousness (The Awakening Consciousness Series)

by Molly McCord

The second book in the Awakening Consciousness Series is a must-have guide for any artist, entrepreneur, writer, teacher, or contemporary seeker who is curious about their spiritual journey.

Referencing Joseph Campbell’s highly influential the hero’s journey alongside her bestselling memoir, “The Art of Trapeze: One Woman’s Journey of Soaring, Surrendering and Awakening”, Molly McCord, M.A., brings groundbreaking wisdom to a modern woman’s experiences of spiritual growth.

“The Modern Heroine’s Journey of Consciousness” offers an original exploration through 11 phases of spiritual growth, from answering the Call of her Soul and Opening Up To A Greater Power, to Surrender, Awakening to Deeper Soul Power, and Mastery of Her Consciousness.

Inspiring, original spiritual concepts include:

– Differences between spirituality and religion

– The five types of consciousness on the planet now

– The Elevator and the Spiral

– Soul Mates, Soul Contracts, Soul Agreements, Soul Groups, Karmic Relationships

– Past life connections to geographic locations

– Surrender and supreme separation from God

– Being conscious in an Unconscious World

– And more “a-ha” connections and breakthroughs for conscious living

“The Modern Heroine’s Journey of Consciousness” brilliantly explains the gifts at every phase of spiritual growth and reveals how the inner journey is an awakening to more of herself.

NET EFFECTS: The Past, Present, and Future Impact of Our Networks

by Tom Wheeler

Tom Wheeler, FCC chairman, writes in his introduction:

Throughout my professional life I have been involved with the introduction of new technologies. And though my day job was to chase the future, history has been an abiding hobby. One of the ways I have tried to understand what lies beyond the next hill in the landscape of the communications revolution is to study the advent of similar periods in the past.

Over the last several years I have been investigating the network revolutions of history. I called the project “From Gutenberg to Google: The History of Our Future.” The goal was to assemble the work into a book. When President Obama nominated me to be Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) the project was put on hold. Nevertheless, this review has taught me a lot about the present realities of our changing network environment.

Informational Comparative Space

by Marcus Wilson

This book is the complete explanation of the theory of everything called Comparative Space.

It explains and shows the relationship between physics, language, geometry, logic, the mind, spirituality, the infinite, and much more.

It contains one of the blueprints for the creation of higher level artificial intelligence.

It allows for the creation of new ideas, discoveries, and inventions within all realms of human understanding.

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