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Simplify Your Homeschool Day: Shorten Your Day, Sweeten Your Time

by Tamara L. Chilver

What if you and your children could have more time pursuing your passions?

As a former elementary teacher and tutor and a veteran home educator of 15 years, Tamara Chilver has discovered over 100 simple teaching tips that have dramatically shortened her children’s homeschool day. These tips have also directly impacted her teaching to make it a much more effective process. Now her family is able to spend more time focusing on their passions.

In Simplify Your Homeschool Day, you will learn:

*Practical tips that can save you hours of teaching, planning, and grading each week;
*Effective communication techniques that can eliminate frustration and dramatically impact your child’s learning;
*When you should enlist help;
*Creative learning strategies that can be applied on the go; and
*How to pursue your own passions.

These time-saving tips will increase your child’s enjoyment of learning by reducing the time it takes him to complete school work without decreased learning. Put some extra time back into your day right away!

Learning Spanish for Beginners: How to Learn Spanish FAST and Speak Spanish With Ease!

by Amber Norato

Learning Spanish for Beginners is the ultimate guide if you’re looking to learn Spanish but don’t have time or money to take boring, expensive classes. In short, as a beginner you don’t want to learn all the nitty-gritty details of the language, you want to learn the fundamentals that will actually get you able SPEAK Spanish quickly and easily!

If this sounds like you…you NEED this book!

In this book you’ll learn:

  • The Basics of Spanish Grammar and Pronunciation
  • The Essential Words & Phrases You Absolutely NEED to Know!
  • Simple Hacks to Learn Spanish EASILY and Begin Speaking Spanish QUICKLY!

…and Much More!  There’s even a FREE BONUS at the beginning of the book!

Take the first step towards learning Spanish today! Scroll up and click the buy button to grab YOUR copy today!

Pass your exams (52 Brilliant Ideas)

by Andrew Holmes

Pass your exams offers insider information needed for exam success written by a real expert, someone who is a committed life-long learner. Andrew Holmes reveals 52 brilliant ways to motivate yourself for success and gain the confidence to ensure that your hard work pays off on the big day. You’ll find fantastic tips on improving your attitude to studying, committing information to memory and learning how to learn. The tried and tested techniques in Pass your exams will help you to turn your exam performance around.

Birds Flash Cards (Amazing Flash Cards)

by Dr. Hooelz

Amazing Flash Cards series brings Birds. In this collection, 36 Animals with great photographs have been given for learning.

The author of this book, Dr.Hooelz has vast experience in teaching young children. This book is sure to capture the full attention of the children for hours of pleasurable learning.

Give one to your Kid, now!

Colleges of Distinction 2013 – 2014

by Colleges of Distinction

There are excellent schools – maybe the perfect school for you – that no one tells you about, that you haven’t heard of, and that you may not discover by scanning the top 10 colleges in an annual numerical ranking. That’s where Colleges of Distinction comes in.

We will show you something a little different. Colleges of Distinction gives you a reliable, journalistic look at schools that may not have the biggest names in higher education, but that consistently do a great job educating undergraduate students.

Children’s Book: In A Bathroom You Will Find (In A Room You Will Find)

by Courtney Jones

Take a fun and fantastic journey with volume 4 of Courtney Jones In A Room You Will Find series In A Bathroom You Will Find.” Explore and learn shapes and colors and what is found in a bathroom! Fun and educational for children of all ages, this book is certainly a must-have in any child’s collection!
Collect the entire series! Also avaiable; In A Bedroom You Will Find, In A Living Room You Will Find, In A Kitchen You Will Find and In A Room You Will Find; The Collection, which is all 4 volumes in one fantastic book that also features a Free Bonus Volume: In A Garage You Will Find! Available on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback!

Pre-Kindergarten Gold

by Dr Joseph S. Maresca

Pre-Kindergarten Gold is about the preparation young children can undergo before the formal schooling up through the 12th grade.The author points to the positive experience in Tulsa, Oklahoma as an example of a growing trend in education.In addition, examples of pre-K activities will be provided, as well as, other dimensions which should be added to the pre-K and formal kindergarten curricula. Examples of Pre-K program supplementation include boundary setting,study space, lighting, homework, library membership, peer group relations, good health habits,household chores and social etiquette.Every parent, teacher and administrator should read this book to help students prepare for a successful elementary school experience in grades K to 12 and afterward.

The author, Dr.Joseph S Maresca is a Hall of Fame Reviewer on Amazon with well over 1500 book reviews. He has published a number of other books on Amazon including:Consumption,Savings and the Public Debt, College Vibrations, Village Pillars and now Pre-Kindergarten Gold.

ESPAÃ?O e SISTEMA SOLAR / SPACE and SOLAR SYSTEM – Bilingual Portuguese / English – An eBook for Kids (Livro Infantil – Bilíngue Inglês Português do Brasil)

by Karl Hoffmann

“ESPAÃ?O e SISTEMA SOLAR – Um e-book para crianças sobre o Universo, nossos planetas e Exploração Espacial” é um livro maravilhoso de não-ficção. Ele está cheio de fotografias coloridas e reais que parecem incríveis nos Smartphones, iPads, Kindles muitos outros dispositivos de tablets.

Com ótimos efeitos visuais esse livro informa sobre o universo e seu nascimento, galáxias, Via Láctea, nosso sistema solar e seus planetas internos e externos, assim como estrelas, a história da exploração cósmica e os austronautas.

As imagens nesse livro estão conectadas a pequenos blocos de texto que são muito fáceis de entender enquanto fornece detalhes inspiradores sobre o espaço lá fora. Portanto, esse livro é uma ferramenta perfeita de aprendizagem para crianças e adolescentes de todas as idades.

“SPACE and SOLAR SYSTEM – An eBook for Children about the Universe, our Planets and Space Exploration” is a nonfiction marvel. It is filled with colorful real photographs that look amazingly good on Smartphones, iPads, Kindles and many other tablet devices.

With great visual effects this book informs about our universe and its birth, galaxies, the milky way, our solar system and its inner and outer planets, as well as stars, the history of cosmic exploration and astronauts.

The pictures within this book are tied in with small blocks of text that are very easy to understand while also providing inspirational specifics about the outer space. Therefore this eBook is a perfect learning tool for children of all ages.

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