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Harvest Moon Rising

by L.M. Pruitt

Cari Gravier might have learned Selene’s big secret, but some things remain constant: the Old Town Cafe, blackberry harvesting, and the shaky relationship with her ex-husband, Mike Sullivan.

But there’s more change in the wind, the kind even half blind Old Willis can see. The seeds of the past–betrayal, violence, and heartbreak–are ready for harvest.

And some sleeping dogs just won’t stay down….

A Madness (The Darbas Cycle)

by Dan Conover

In the age of the Western Wars, The Lady of Gwynyr walks not only the Old Path, but a political tightrope. Sit safely in her highland realm while a genocidal madness sweeps across the homeland plains of her lowland Clydish cousins and miss a chance at forging a better world. Stray too fast or too far toward modernity and risk losing the highland political strength she requires to act abroad.

But while others might dither, The Lady Rialta understands better than anyone that her beloved Gwynyr can no longer hide from the outside world. Not with the covetous eyes of two rival empires probing the highlands for evidence of the precious iron reserves her Old Path line has kept hidden for centuries.

If she is to lead her people out from centuries of isolation to lay the foundation for a new global era, Rialta is going to need a little help. And the only heroes available to her at the moment are the boisterous lowland mercenaries of the 2nd Clydish Regimental Group, sworn to the service of the Gheraldic Empire, and led by the most unpredictable commander ever to serve it: General Barney Alt.

In “A Madness,” the first book of The Darbas Cycle, the key to the future of a shattered, ancient world rests on the shoulders of unlikely allies, beset by enemies who understand that the opening of old wounds is the first step toward conquest.

South of Okeechobee: A Short Story

by Daniel Powell

Somewhere in the River of Grass lives a sad and solitary creature. Once a man, this cursed monster now haunts the margins of human imagination, forever searching for his murdered love…

A rip-roaring slice of Florida Folklore, “South of Okeechobee” is an origin story of one of the American South’s great mythological creatures: the Florida Skunk Ape. Blending prohibition, cryptozoology, southern magic, and little bit of moonshinin’, “South of Okeechobee” is pure, high-octane Florida gothic…

This short story (4500 words) originally appeared in the collection The Silver Coast and Other Stories.

Tempted by Fire (Hunters Among Us, Book 1)

by M.D. Bowden

From M.D. Bowden, author of ‘Gateway to Faerie’ and ‘The Two Vampires’, comes a brand new series: Hunters Among Us.

Eighteen year old Erin Lustleigh is just starting university. She has no idea she’s about to plunge into a world with werewolves, vampires, ghosts and, of course . . . hunters.  Erin’s journey is one of heart ache, new experiences and dangerous dilemmas. She finds herself torn between sides, not knowing who to believe, or who to trust.

Join Erin, as she finds out the dark truth. . . . Download ‘Tempted by Fire’ and start reading now!

Tempted by Fire: EXTRACT
“Hi,” I mutter, trying to sidestep.
He anticipates the movement and places himself in my way.
“Would you like to dance?” he asks.
I regard him warily, yet I’m not able to stop gazing at his beautiful face, his blue eyes smouldering at me, making it pretty hard to refuse-but I still remember the fire.
“I’m going to get some water,” I say, trying to step away, again.
“Let me.”
“No, thank you.” Like I’d let someone like him buy me a drink; it’s not like I haven’t heard of the date rape drug.
Again, I try to side step him.
“Hey wait-I won’t hurt you.”
OK, that’s enough-I can’t trust someone who says something like that, however gorgeous he might happen to be. I wrench my eyes away from his annoyingly captivating gaze.
“I need to go.”
This time he grabs my hand, stopping me in my tracks. The second his hand touches mine I stop wanting to leave. I look back into his eyes-suddenly finding his presence comforting, relaxing. I look down at our entwined hands, confused-what just happened?
“Let’s dance,” he says.

Praise for M.D. Bowden’s books

“I continue to be impressed with authors who take on the paranormal genre and insert true originality into their novels. Count M.D. Bowden among them.” –Jane Hoagland

“A Great Story………… and written by a British author. . . . This was so fluently written it kept me gripped in its thrall from beginning to end. . . . Highly recommended.” –Pyewacket (UK TOP 500 REVIEWER and VINE VOICE)

“How many different words are there for amazing? I can’t think right now. This story was fabulously written. I loved it. Plain and simple.” –ShadowsFiction

“Vampires, if u like them, this is the book for you. This book is crazy nuts…I loved it. . . . Its a must read” –Susan Montgomery

“Enthralling. Beautifully written full of action, romance and suspense.” –LUV

“Amazing ! !! . . . The reading corner gave it a strong 5 stars” –jacquelyn smith

“Great read . . . love the main characters and the story line. Just couldn’t put the book down.” –Jessica Ayers

“This book was spell binding, very difficult to put down.” –helen

Trials of Blood (Sword’s Honor Saga)

by Samy Dib

When Valious El’hart, a deserter and former Captain of the Sakin Army, tries to leave behind the horrors of his past in search of a new life with his beautiful and skilled wife Luci El’hart, he finds himself being pulled back into the military ranks to face an impending evil; Odin, a rebel god who is forcing his way back into the world of Val’era after being exiled for centuries.

The rebel god has made his plans clear: find and take control of the four Odin Talismans. Each artifact grants the wielder one-fourth the power of a god and if Odin claims all four, he will have the power to return to Val’era and control the four Dracos of Destruction. Turmoil begins when Odin takes over the mind of Valious’ wife, Luci, turning her into an enemy as she claims the first talisman towards Odin’s will.

Valious is one of the few remaining Knights who have the ability to manipulate chakra, one’s own life force, and use it to execute unnatural abilities. He no longer has any choice but to rejoin the Sakin Army and hunt down the remaining three Odin Talismans before his possessed wife finds them. On the way, Valious encounters new enemies and friends while trying to figure out what he’s going to do when he encounters his wife in battle. Will he be able to save her mind from Odin, or will he have to make the hardest decision of his life and kill her in order to save their world?

Family (Terrene Chronicles)

by R.T. Kaelin

The Terrene Chronicles are a series of short stories that explore the history of the world created by R.T. Kaelin in his critically acclaimed novel, Progeny, the first volume in The Children of the White Lion series. Key moments in the past are explored in depth in each short story, giving fans of Progeny a peek into what shaped the people, countries, and history of Terrene.

Family contains the second trio of stories from The Terrene Chronicles (No. 4, 5, and 6) and follow Thaddeus, a young man, orphaned at the age of seven, who has had a difficult turn in his life. Now, fate seems to have smiled upon him as he has secured an apprenticeship with Master Claude, the top smith in all of Fernsford. Master Claude is a fair man, but tough on his young apprentice, and has been driving Thaddeus hard for the past year with never-ending, time-consuming tasks. So much so, that Thaddeus rarely makes it out of the smithy. After sneaking out for a secret celebration for his twentieth yearday, things change when Thaddeus’ carelessness sets his life on a new path full of love, magic, and tragedy.

Follow one – or more – characters integral to the story of Progeny as their lives are shaped by events they could never have imagined.

Reviews for R.T. Kaelin’s other works:

“Anyone who enjoys adventure stories or magical and paranormal I would suggest you give [Progeny] a try. For me, Progeny is in league with both The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings and far better than Harry Potter – Progeny has a wealth of depth to it that I haven’t seen in many books.

From the first chapter I was completely hooked. Progeny has many layers of stories within its pages, and I found it totally awe inspiring as a read, with each character that is developed really coming to life and adding weight to the story telling.”
– Clover Hill Book Reviews

“Progeny is the debut novel of R.T. Kaelin and I have to say I was really impressed. Overall, I would favorably compare his writing with Brandon Sanderson, Scott Lynch, (early) Robert Jordan and even a bit of David Eddings flavor mixed in. I really enjoyed this book and my biggest disappointment is going to be waiting for the next installment.”

“Cleverly conceived and expertly crafted, Kaelin demonstrates great talent as a writer with this work. The grand scale world-building, rarely seen in a debut novel, is on par with current greats of the genre such as Brandon Sanderson (Warbreaker) and Jim Butcher (Furies of Calderon). Though it nears seven hundred pages long, the epilogue comes far too soon; but the story holds great promise for future adventures in the series.”
– Her Book Self Book Reviews

“I found the book to immediately capture my attention since as you know I am a BIG Lord of the Rings fan. [R.T. Kaelin] carefully planned out the topography, the language, the poetry, the events and the battles just like Tolkien did and I think that is partly why I loved the book so much – the nice thing about R.T. Kaelin’s writing though is that I didn’t have to concentrate as much to keep the events straight.”
– Family Literacy and You

The Perfect Hit (A Short Story)

by Erik Boman

In a busy downtown train station, a troubled woman leaves her morning train to walk to her job.

Hunting her from the shadows is a legendary but currently fuming and frustrated hitman, who is running late for the shot of his target’s lifeâ?¦

A racing and riotous short story about love, death and the unexpected.

Ca 2,990 words

Night Work – A Short Horror Story (Nights of The Wampyrs)

by Kiti Lappi

Bad working hours. Dubious pay. Dangerous. Not to mention illegal.

But somebody has to do it.

Police do not have task forces for dealing with vampires. So when the three friends found one hunting in their neighborhood, having already killed the husband of one of them, and they knew they might very well become its victims themselves in the near future, what other choices did they have than becoming vigilantes?

This is a short story of a bit over 12 000 words, or novelette length.

Licking Walls in the Dark

by S.J. Magill

There are two types of dwarves. The fortunate and the unfortunate. Those born to the right parents, and those born to the wrong. The winners and the losers. The rulers and the workers.

Pon was born into a world of darkness and servitude. He is a miner dwarf. He began mining the day he was old enough to hold a hammer, and will be a miner until the day he dies. He lives, works, eats and sleeps deep underground in the darkness of the mine.

Pon has never seen daylight, or breathed fresh air. Each day the tunnels seem a little bit narrower, and more difficult to live in. Pon finds himself at a point in his life where, unlike his fellow miners, who are able to accept their lives underground, he feels he must take the drastic step of trying to get out of the mine. A fortuitous turn of events means Pon finds himself on the very cusp of leaving his old life behind him. However, just as he thinks he is about to get everything he ever wanted, Pon begins to learn that his lot in life is even bleaker than he realised. Pon learns secrets about the true nature of his place in dwarf society, which he could be killed for knowing.

Pon’s quest to escape the mine is complicated when a dwarf, of a type he has never seen before, comes into his life. For the first time in his life, he finds himself caring about something more than his freedom, which he would go to any lengths to protect.


by Karlton B. Douglas

When a mythological being tears Jon Stone from his world he has no idea how much his life is about to change. One of five recruits called upon to rescue the oppressed, Jon must discover if he has what it takes to be a warrior upon Griffin Island. Will his courage and faith be enough to overcome the supernatural power arrayed against him? Find out in this young adult novel of good vs. evil.

SteamPunk Salmagundi

by John Reppion

This e-edition collects all of John Reppion’s writings for the acclaimed SteamPunk Magazine from 2007 to 2013.

SteamPunk Salmagundi


Urhwerk – the Incredible Steam Band, originally published in SPM 2, 2007
Doppler and the Madness Engine part one, originally published in SPM 4, 2008
Doppler and the Madness Engine part two, originally published in SPM 5, 2009
Doppler and the Madness Engine part three, originally published in SPM 6, 2009

Baritsu, Bartitsu and the Ju-Jutsuffragettes, originally published in SPM 6, 2009
Séance Through Science – Edison’s Ghost Machine, originally published in SPM 9, 2013

The Adventures of Frio: The Devil’s in the Details

by David Scott

How did Frio come to own his magical greatsword? Where did he get his first taste of castle ownership? Did he always wear a diaper?

This is the story of Frio’s first days as a tribeless wanderer, for anyone who has contemplated how this orcish hero got his start.

15,000 word novelette.

The Parable of the Doorknobs; A hilarious short story for kids of all ages…

by Alicia Beauchamp

Cleverly written with humor for all ages, a modern Dr Seuss style story set in a fantasy land of doorknobs and mythical creatures. You’ll connect with the delightful characters as you enter into another world of fantasy, fun and laughter. The parable of the doorknobs could even be considered a realistic fiction book for children, as there is a subtle message of morals and ethics underpinning the storyline. This online book for kids is crafted in the genre of a classic children’s book. Add this to you children’s book of the month clubâ?¦ this may be one of the best short stories in your collectionâ?¦

Illustrated by Courtney Anderson, Author and Illustrator of Color Me Hopeful.

To leave feedback and encouragement for Alicia and be first to know when she writes another story please visit

Phantom Data (The Hallowed)

by J. R. Martin

Out for his routine morning jog past a cemetery Darshan learns fear when an evil spirit attacks him. Alexandria comes to his rescue and defeats the spirit saving his life. Looking for answers he finds out he is a member of a group of people called the Hallowed, humans with special abilities that must use these gifts to maintain the balance between Order and Chaos.

With his new ability Darshan sets out to right a past wrong. He must face off against another of the Hallowed. Will his skills be able to save him? Will the spirits protect him or choose to destroy him? Darshan will soon know.

The Ballad of Third Gender

by A.P.U Lin Cherry

the book no one can stop talking about . . .

‘The Ballad of third gender’ is the story of a third gender prince Shikandin, who lived in iron age India. He was the only son of Amba, consort of king Drupad. Banished by Drupad, he grows up among the eunuchs who ran the palace harem of Pandero. The eunuchs groom him as warrior who has few equals. He sets about on a quest to find a land for the people of third gender.


by Heather Farthing

After years of nightmares and visitations from strange creatures, a man tells his doctor of his most recent encounter, one with a childhood imaginary friend.

Gluttony (The Spider Mushroom Quest, Book One)

by Dawn Marshallsay

I may be in search of my destiny, but I don’t believe anyone can foresee it. It’s up to me how I reach it, and who helps me along the way.

-Ivy Slaughter

Ivy’s goblin family has always treated her as a slave because she’s half-human, but now they’re sending her into the world of men to collect the stems of a mushroom that can change her into a full-blooded goblin. The closer Ivy gets to the prize, the closer she gets to losing the one thing she can call her own: her humanity.

Seven stems, seven sins and one deadly prize â?¦

While the eighth stem still holds up the Spider Mushroom like any other mushroom in the forest, the other stems must be earned by helping seven individuals overcome the seven deadly sins. With the help of a human outlaw whom she saves from drowning, Ivy sets off to earn the first stem from a wizard whose gluttony is causing his city to starve.

The Legend of Eloeen (Daughters of Agendale)

by Arnan Heyden

Very rarely is a daughter born to the King of Agendale, and each time, it heralds a perilous time, and perilous heroes. And so, when her father dies and her two brothers are scattered in a terrible event that all but shatters her kingdom, Eloeen Fairhart must join with an unlikely smattering of heroes to brave deadly forests, eerie caverns, enemy armies, and a terrifying pursuer in her quest to draw together the protectors of her land against an evil unlike any she could imagine.

Arnan Heyden has been writing since he was 13, and now seeks to enter the world of authorship with the first book in his series, The Daughters of Agendale. He is a husband, and father of 3 lovely little girls, and currently resides in southeastern Louisiana, where he and his wife seek to bring up their girls in the faith of God’s Son.

A Night Shift

by Joshua Scribner

A short story about loyalty, disloyalty, and deadly consequences.

Sustain (The Revive Series)

by SC Harrison

Book Two in the Revive Series

Cat never thought she’d let herself be caught.

But now it’s her only choice.

Mere minutes after Catriona Lindensen buries her uncle, the chase begins. The Phasmatis wastes no time hunting down their fabled Endurvakning Stelpa, but they’re not the only ones. Cat’s mind becomes a battleground as a new entity creeps ever closer promising safety and protectionâ??at a cost:

Card Thomas’ Glamour must fall.

The Darkest Days (A Supernatural Anthology (Vol. 1))

by Maxwell Zwain

A collection of all my current supernatural short stories. Good vs. Evil; Heaven against the forces of Hell and ancient evils threatening to destroy our reality. How does one hope to fight an evil that can never die?

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